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2312/Roseanne Barr is seeking the Green Party's nomination for President/Steve
Cohen from Tennessee is another House Democrat who needs to be released from his
job in November. He is part of the Left that tries to paint the Tea Party movement
as some kind of racist, anti-gay, intolerant movement, the KKK "without robes and
hoods"/ / NEWT thank you for supporting the Catholic Church vs OBAMACARE. Catholic
voters repesent 27% of national voters. Obamcare blurs the line between Church And
State 48% of Catholics consider themselves Democrats. Yet, 54% of Catholics voted
for obama/
being-punching-bags-thats-over /NEWTER OBAMA /I know full well you are going to be re
elected. But that doesn't mean people should vote for you. Jobs are not being
created at this rate. Keep the 7.00 hr job. I would rather have my civil rights
back!I will trade my job for the repeal of NDAA, Stop lying/Amazing that this
President has accomplished as much as he has in spite of the totally unAmerican
gratuitous, purely politic obstructionism of the Republicans/ 2012-fastfurious-/
handling the truth
Abortion.jpg a Born Again Christian who believes in the Total Only Authority of
the Bible… for those that call the Name of Christ Jesus! Those that do not hold to
this… Are Not… “Real Christians!
2212/"Many people in Iraq are outraged as the legal books close on the
Haditha Massacre. They are also perturbed at the US drones flying over Iraqi skies
in Baghdad to protect the largest US embassy in the world, which, even after the
United States 'pulled out' of Iraq, still houses 11,000 Americans protected by
5,000 mercenaries-US's Largest Cancer Charity Caves to Right-Wing Pressure, Ends
Partnership With Planned Parenthood-Republicans ordered Capitol police to arrest
Josh Fox, director of the Academy Award-nominated documentary 'Gasland,' along
with his crew. The group was attempting to film a meeting of the House
Subcommittee on Energy and Environment that was to discuss hydraulic
fracturing-Republicans Start to Unite Around Call to Allow Billionaires and
Corporations to Directly Fund Campaigns "Eight in 10 Americans believe that there
is too much money in American politics, and only 17 percent agree with the Supreme
Court that corporations should be allowed to spend unlimited money to try to
influence elections-'International Journal of Cancer' has published a scientific
study establishing a correlation between childhood leukemia and proximity to
nuclear power stations-Military and the Church: Bedfellows in Sexual Assault
"The US military's response to reports of sexual abuse echoes that of another
closed, rigidly hierarchal male institution, the Catholic Church: first silence
and cover-up; then blame the victim and reassign the perpetrator; and, finally,
lay the fault on a 'few bad apples.' Like the church's historic, internal handling
of sexual abuse by priests-Mitt Romney bluntly cold comment: 'I'm not concerned
about the very poor. We have a safety net there.' This is not a slip of the
tongue. This is what he believes. We know, because he said it before.... He tries
to drive a wedge between the middle class and the poor, goading the middle class
into being resentful of the poor for coasting on a golden 'safety net' while the
rest of us scrape to get by-F-35 Joint Strike Fighter ... is billions over budget
and years behind schedule. Here's part of the problem: axing the F-35 would
eliminate tens of thousands of jobs in 47 states-15 percent of U.S. households are
'food insecure,' meaning that they'll be forced to miss meals throughout the month
because they lack the resources to pay for them-Century Aluminum smelter in
Ravenswood, W.Va. In tents and under tarps, a small group stays overnight, despite
hypertension, arthritis and other old age ailments. One has suffered a stroke.
These vulnerable people expose themselves to weather extremes although some have
no health insurance at all. Century cancelled it-Glass-Steagall Act, a crucial
firewall between banks and investment firms which had protected consumers from
financial calamity since the aftermath of the Great Depression. In effect, says
Moyers, they put the watchdog to sleep-We [Apple] don't have an obligation to
solve America's problems." That was in response to Apple shipping so many
potential US jobs overseas to these slave-wage sweatshops; e.g., "90 percent of
the parts of an iPhone are made outside the U.S.-Obama offered that industry
leaders have told him that there aren't enough of certain kinds of high-tech
engineers in America to meet their needs-Truthout/The Tea Party Plan to Save Scott
Walker Mother Jones/On the Upswing in Ohio, Poll Shows Obama Taking Control in Key
Swing State Talking Points Memo/Ringo Starr called his grandmother "the voodoo
queen of Liverpool" and said he's learned to embrace the digital era. "In my day,
we used to have a donkey turning the wheel/angelo dundee dead at 90/Hitler claimed
to have gotten his inspiration for the "final solution" from the extermination of
Native Americans in the U.S./1976*, just as the so-called "SWINE FLU" inoculation
program was getting under way, elderly people began dying of heart attacks shortly
after taking swine flu shots, causing widespread alarm at first. But the
Government quickly assured us that their deaths didn't really matter at all, that
they would have died anyway; and the swine flu inoculation program went right back
into high gear/Aspartame was invented by the G D Searle Co. acquired by Monsanto
in 1985. For 16 years FDA refused to approve it until 1981 when objections and the
protests of the American Soft Drink Association and blessed it, the case expired
when the statute of limitations ran out. Aspartame/Nutrasweet, a toxin that
blinds, drops intelligence, eradicates memory, grows brain tumors and other
cancers, brings fatigue. Depression, ADD, panic, rage, paranoia, diabetes,
seizures, suicide and death /mitt telling American that
he is not concerned with the poor in this country, if you gave god 10% of your
money you would be blessed also, like me, to pet lovers, stick your pets on the
roof of your car when travelling and if the pet gets sick just hose them off in a
car wash, as long as he is allowed to speak without the direction or script from
his handlers, he is doomed. everytime he opens his mouth garbage come out/Why
aren't teachers allowed to earn more money according to Alabama state Senator/
evil leprechaun Shadrack McGill?  Uh, because it is against the Bible to trick
people who are not supposed to be teachers according to God's will into wanting to
be teachers just for the sweet, sweet salary.   It's a Biblical principle. If you
double a teacher's pay scale, you'll attract people who aren't called to teach,
McGill argues alarmingly earnestly for an adult human. That's cool, so teachers
should all think of themselves as wise, poor socialists doing the Lord's work,
like Jesus? teachers that are called to teach, regardless of the pay scale, they
would teach. It's just in them to do. It's the ability that God gave them, some
teachers, it wouldn't matter how much you would pay them, they would still perform
to the same capacity/shouldn't it actually be against the Bible for Alabama
Republicans to talk about education?/political Right Wing "used social issues to
hoodwink many Americans into voting against their economic interests. It was a
classic bait-and-switch – they voted for politicians who promised to overturn
Roe v. Wade, and got tax breaks for the ultra-rich, deregulation for Wall Street
and trade deals that took down barriers to corporate offshoring/Boy pulls out nine
bags of marijuana 'to share with other students' during snack time
/Obamacare is a monstrosity that seems to combine all the inefficiencies and high
costs of socialized systems but without much of the benefits. At a certain point,
the political need to "just pass something" overwhelmed making the law a good
one, there has been a lot of fumbling in foreign policy (not that Bush was a huge
winner), and I also think political considerations took precedence over prudent
decisions.if you cons get the police state you want, you can put cameras
everywhere like in England. a video that shows he was in fact, "struck by flying
spittle".  my hyper-partisan friend/most of them probably just try to live their
lives and take care of their families just as most non-Liberals do/Fla. - With his
poll numbers lagging in Florida, Newt Gingrich returned Monday to his
tried-and-true offensive against the media, declaring won't debate Obama if media
moderates /Newt Gingrich's most ardent critics are conservative
pundits and columnists/power brokers of the Republican party have got their shills
in the right wing media broadcasting their directives. Do you suppose any of the
party's rank-and-file will recognize the behavior from their ilk that they
constantly accuse democrats and the left wing media of engaging in?/No one thought
Hilter could come into power in a democratic country. We all know how that turned
out though, don't we. Maybe Newt being a historian knows this all to well too?
Just them what they want to hear, and tell it often enough, and they are yours/
republicans are actually not voting in droves, record numbers, florida was down
250,000 GOPers from 2008 primary/28 different forms of medication tylenol,
antidepressants-chlorine-lithium being found in our water supply. terrorism wasnt
even a problem before the creation of israel/ “Each assassin should have the right
to a rope in his cell to make a decision about his or her life,” Boisvenu said
senator-suggests-supplying-criminals-rope-jail /
2112/1943, last of Nazi forces from the Battle of Stalingrad surrendered/U.S. to
Begin Large-Scale Emergency Preparedness Drills for New Madrid Seismic Zone -
midwest Washington’s emergency management director is encouraging individuals,
businesses, schools and service groups to participate in a regional earthquake
preparedness drill.The Great Central U.S. ShakeOut will take place Tuesday, Feb.
7, at 10:15 a.m.Those taking part are asked to practice “Drop, Cover and Hold On”
— drop to the ground, take cover under a table or desk and hold on to it. People
in an earthquake should not get in doorways or run outside.Municipalities,
businesses, schools, service organizations and individuals in Missouri along with
eight other states are being asked to take part.As of Friday, more than 1.6
million participants from the region have agreed to take part in the drill in some
form. Of those, more than 366,000 are from Missouri so far /"When I despair, I
remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won.There
have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they seem invincible, but in the
end, they always fall — think of it, always." - Mahatma Gandhi/You can enroll
online at . To apply you will need your address and social
security number. If you exceed the free airtime (68 minutes in Florida), you can
purchase additional minutes/July 22nd, the longest solar eclipse of the 21st
century will take place in Asia. more than two-million people are
expected to ShakeOut in 9 states! Are you registered to participate yet? Help us
get over the hump! To aid in the development of self-led earthquake drills, we
have created several earthquake scenarios for your use. These scenarios are
briefly described in the ShakeOut Drill Manuals located on the ShakeOut Resources
page. They are intended to give you a brief look at what a damaging earthquake
might look like in this part of the country. three scenarios available for your
use M6.5 earthquake occurring in the New Madrid Seismic Zone M6.5 earthquake
occurring in the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone M6.5 earthquake scenario that is
generic to any state, These scenarios are provided for planning purposes only and
are not intended to be representative of what may or may not happen in a real
earthquake, which is impossible to predict with certainty. Earthquake damage and
shaking intensity is dependant on a variety of factors. In as much, these
scenarios are supplied to help you think through a planning process of how you
might react in an earthquake /
$4.5 million federal HUD grant to Cuyahoga County to "conduct a wide range of
activities intended to protect children and families from potentially dangerous
lead-based paint and other home health and safety hazards/goverment Will
Temporarily Cut Off All TV and Radio Broadcasts at 2 pm on Nov. 9, 2011 ? / first
time in 73 years, lawmakers have introduced legislation in congress (HR 2306) to
end the federal criminalization of the personal use of marijuana. This
legislation, The Ending FederalMarijuana Prohibition Act of 2011-
Less people have died from marijuana than ASPIRIN, PLANE CRASHES, and GUNS...yet
aspirin, planes, and guns...are all legal Give the debate a chance-considering
nearly every other legalized drug is more detrimental to a person's health. As you
are well aware, many popular prescription drugs have dangerous side effects, cause
depression and suicidal tendencies, and can be deadly if used in an overdose/The
very legislators that hypocritically put minorities and poor people and anyone
they conceive might be a Democrat voter, in jail for long sentences for "drugs" --
themselves {and their own kids' drug use} a FREE PASS. Yes, marijuana {Cannabis}
and even hard drugs, are perfectly okay to use IF YOU'RE RICH AND REPUKELICAN./
Fox News Dumbest Anti-Atheist Question of the Month?
proposed $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline that would run 1,700 miles from Canada to
Texas-4,063,853 registered Republicans in Florida-Krugman "It goes as follows: to
be a good Republican right now, you have to affirm your belief in things that any
halfway intelligent politician can see are plainly false. This leaves room for
only two kinds of candidates: those who just aren't smart and/or rational enough
to understand the problem, and those who are completely cynical, willing to say
anything to get ahead/Truthout/French President Nicholas Sarkozy requiring
banksters to pay their fair share for the damage they caused to the
economy/"Scorpions for Breakfast," in which she characterized an Oval Office
meeting with Obama as "condescending, professorial, and patronizing." (Yes, it
does sound like an "uppity black man" dog-whistle description, true of the
racially coded attacks on him from the right wing since he assumed office, wasted
no time in fundraising off of the photo and nationwide media coverage of the
incident, and further pouring fuel on the racial flames. Social Security
Administration were investigating whether Brewer had improperly handled $75,000 in
Social Security payments on behalf of her eldest son, who has a serious mental
illness. An anti-federal government, anti-entitlement program, right-wing governor
accepting such a large handout on behalf of her son and his care? You bet, that
didn't stop her from putting a match to America's racial tinderbox./Virginia
Officials Confirm Criminal Election Fraud Investigation of Gingrich Campaign Brad
Blog/Irked by Abortion Bill, Virginia State Senator Adds Rectal Exams for Men
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2112/mitt: obama, no leader, should get out of the way

2112/The pastor that died must have known that he would be with Christ soon, that
is why he kept driving in the smoke, even though he could not see a thing. His
faith was great in Christ. That is why Christ killed him and brought him to
Paradise. The other pastor had no faith at all, he stayed behind because he had
little faith in the Lord. His destiny shall be in Hell when he dies. He will not
be with Christ-Only God knows the heart, and you are not God/wow, you are an
extreme example of how christianity can warp your mind into a heartless drone who
only values the spiritual world and not the real world or human life/Have faith in
the Lord, and you will be delivered to Paradise. Deny him, be a coward, like the
2nd pastor and you will burn in the ETERNAL LAKE OF FIRE! It is important to
accept Christ as the Savior/pastor kept driving in the smoke because he didn't
have the God-given sense to stop/Just to let you know in revelations it said there
is a war going on in heaven between dragons and angels. So have fun in your
"paradise". You wont go there anyways, you will die a terrible death which you
Don had a stroke and a series of major health problems in the past few years. He
wasn't distraught...he was saving himself from a slow, agonizing death. RIP to the
great Don Cornelius
Secret Behind Move To Cut Military Expenditures/Truth is CONTAGIOUS in an epidemic
of DECEPTION! "At a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary
act." George Orwell/"UNcle Scam and his New World Order partners in crime have
fleets of massive SPACE BASED PARTICLE BEAM PLATFORMS that render conventional
warfare OBSOLETE!"/Secret Behind Move To Cut Military Expenditures/SDI aka STAR
WARS! Or have you already forgotten, seeing how the average Amerikan's attention
span is only fifteen minutes! This also explains the retirement of our space
program. ELECTROGRAVITIC PROPULSION!!! The Unified Field has been discovered and
IMPLEMENTED while you slumbered! INVESTIGATION is all that separates the sentient
from the dictatorship fodder unit!
13112/Obama Offers $75,000 Grants to Sign Up More Food Stamp Recipients. The job
market, in the big picture, isn't something they like to talk about. Sour grapes
about being so direly wrong about that trickle down/Bush the number of recipients
rose by nearly 14.7 million. Nothing before comes close to that, so far has been
14.2 million. To be exact, the program has so far grown by 444,574 fewer
recipients during Obama/each year in speaking fees is "not very much." Romney's
idea of "not very much" turns out to be $374,327.62 – a microscopic portion of his
total earnings,"I'm not from Washington, I'm an outsider like you" "If we want
people who spent their life and their career, most of their career in Washington,"
he said, indicating his opponents, "we have three people on the stage-Gingrich, in
a thrilling demonstration of sheer balls, moved on to insist that he'd won the
race not just because he was a peerlessly brilliant television presence, but
because – get this – he represented good values, Sheldon Adelson, a Vegas casino
magnate and hardcore Zionist who handed Gingrich two $5 million checks – two of
the biggest political contributions in American history, Paul supporters have
literally been forced to party-crash other candidates' events in order to get
their message out, supporters crouched in the rain at a Hardee's parking lot
across the street, seething over the latest slight to their candidate's dignity.
"The machine would rather have Huey or Dewey or Louie, despite the fact that Paul
is the only Republican candidate with consistent, insoluble support across the
country. Polls also show that Paul tends to fare much better against Obama than
any candidate besides Romney-Thank goodness for Rolling Stone and Democracy Now;
otherwise we would have no source for truth and outlet for rage-give them the
Oscar and call it a night! The baboon, bananas and fork lift thing still has me
howling. How exactly right - I didnt quite realize how surreal this circus is
until he puts it out on the table-Four more years of Obama are likely and then
it'll be the Democrats' turn to eat their own-You've kept me from crying about the
sad state of current politics--by keeping me laughing about it-like reading a play
by play of the Three Stooges meet The Odd Couple on Wet T Shirt night at the
Masonic Lodge Annual Spaghetti Fund Raiser-Is the USA truly like Rome as the
empire crumbles? "Bread & Circus" to keep the masses distracted and entertained -
but, thankfully via Occupy Wall Street", some light of truth from below is
beginning to bubble upwards and change the conversation at the top- /pat
paulsen Mock the Vote: How Pat Paulsen Paved the Way for Colbert/Newt and
Callista's Affair 'Was Common Knowledge' on the Hill/ No nuclear weapons. No huge
military-industrial complex. Universal health care. Funding for the arts. A good
record on the environment. But that was the old Canada. I was in Montreal on
Friday and Saturday and saw the familiar and disturbing tentacles of the security
and surveillance state-"The last three decades have witnessed a carefully
calculated heist worthy of Robert Redford and Paul Newman in 'The Sting' - but on
a massive scale. It was an inside job, politically engineered by Wall Street and
Washington working hand-in-hand, sticky fingers with sticky fingers, to turn the
legend of Robin Hood on its head, giving to the rich and taking from everybody
else. Don't take our word for it - it's all on the record-South Bronx Community
Rallies to End "Stop and Frisk"-UK Panel: Executive Compensation Is a "Market
Failure"-oakland police said some of the protesters broke into City Hall. However,
demonstrators claim they found the door to City Hall already ajar-Reverse the
Corporate Coup d'Etat Chris Hedges and professor Lawrence Lessig, longtime critics
of the corrupting influence of big money in our political system, discuss the
goals of the protests - and the options that we have for real reform/Georgia state
Judge Michael Malihi issued a subpoena for President Obama to defend himself
against the Taitz suit, assisted by a Republican state representative and others
from the "Alice in Wonderland" alternative birther universe. Obama's legal team
ignored the subpoena, Peach State fined her $20,000 last year for filing frivolous
lawsuits challenging Obama's eligibility to be
Vow to Stand Their Ground at Occupy DC Camp, Defend Their Free Speech CNN/GOP's
Plan to Corner Obama on the Keystone Pipeline Talking Points Memo/Monsanto's Next
Generation of Seeds Is Out of the Lab and Poised for Approval by the USDA/Typical
right-wing neocon/religious-whacko hypocrisy. Nutty Garbage has no problem with
aid to Israel before aid to US citizens/How DARE you speak to me in such a way you
disgusting welfare slut, I spit on you, get on your knees and thank GOD every day
that people like me are willing to pay taxes to support human filth like you/They
would have called the founding fathers a "bunch of filthy OWS maggots".
"Everything Hitler did was legal." - Martin Luther King Jr. "They must find it
difficult ... those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as
the authority." - Gerald Massey/park police have used a stun gun on an Occupy
protester, whose only crime was tearing down fliers warning demonstrators about a
ban on camping in Washington’s McPherson/contempt for the rule of law./The
Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science--and Reality [Hardcover]
Chris Mooney/Science and intellectualism are to be avoided and treated with scorn,
according to con rhetoric/TEAPARTY TO BUSINESS:QUIT HIRING/I will do my part and
boycott any corporation that hires people/Obysmal: Most Polarizing President Ever,
YOUR lie that anyone opposing Obysmal is simply a "racist/Repulsivcans are really
innocent of any wrong doing/False statement. Why must you lie Bill-O/obama's cure
for $224,000 gobment debt per family/If we whip up enough fear of WMD we can get
Republican rule and war with Iran and permanet state of war. With Obama ending the
Iraq war, we are in danger of entering an era of peace/Defense contractors arethe
backbone of our country and we can not let them down.They need us/bomb Iraq again
we will all come together again as a country. Come on. The oil will pay for the
occupation/Extreme Cold/Snow Kills 36 In Europe - Global Warming Anyone? Facts do not treat liberal lies very well. Your average moron liberal
will claim that this story was cooked up by the vast right wing conspiracy/"Global
warming causes extreme warming and extreme cooling. So no matter what the weather
is like it is proof of man caused global warming to this religious cult/no matter
what extremes we see it is all proof of the non-existence of climate change to the
religious cult of partisan denial/"Occupier" accused of killing his parents, must
have taken Bill Ayers a little too much to heart. Remember he wrote, "Kill your
parents and take their stuff."  having some arguments with
their son, some of it having to do with him spending too much time in the Occupy
Oakland/therefore he's a full fledged member of OWS? great logic/It would seem
that they were not paying attention when the Jesus camp folks said that you can
take a toddler and make them belive anything you wish/ Washington Times OCCUPY
D.C. DEADLINE PASSES WITH RANCOR, NO ARRESTS/Where is Monica Lewinsky just for old
time sake.....kind of take the Country back to a better time?/funny, if someone
brings up the troop-slaughtering Cheney/Bush......or bring up Newt's indiscretions
and the stooges cry "foul" or "old news."/so very Republicanesque/JUST SAY NO TO
BIRTHCONTROL Tell Obama to take his contraceptives and stick them where the sun
don't shine!/We all have a "horse in the race" in the fight between right and
wrong, when you mandate things that are in opposition to an institution's
religious affiliation's belief you are violating the separation of church and
state principle. That is wrong/Romney is a Morman and is no friend. Santorum backs
overturning Griswold v Connecticut, which will gave states the right to ban
contraceptives . Libs war on religion is getting the attention it deserves/Drudge
is out to bring down gingrich... Drudge insiders work for romney/It's a good thing
that the GOP has decided to do nothing to help the country. In fact the GOP hasn't
done enough to crash the economy. Only by destroying our country can we save it/
Mitch that you?/Republican big government efforts cover/Why do
liberals think they can run our lives?/GOP Bill Would Force IRS to Conduct
Abortion Audits/they are the only ones who are intelligent enough to know what's
best, and even though that isn't true they have the media on their side/ /MILLONS OF HOME FORCLOSED HOMES
DOLLARS FUNNELED TO THE UNIONS.Ever drive by any of those construction sites in a
large city ?Park and ride parking structures.New bridges.New on or off
ramps.Widening of freeways.More gubmint buildings.Non union cost. crews would save
the tax payers aprox 1/3 of cost !!!Then the demoncrats skim $ off union pay for
donation money/Establishment ordering right-wingers to back of bus, ATTENTION,
Which Behaviors Are ‘Sleazy’ And Which Are Normal? Miley
Cyrus' 'sleazy and disgusting behaviour' makes her unfit as a role model,
according to the Culture and Media Institute, a right-wing watchdog group/1950's
where scientists put gas masks on 20 monkeys and pumped 20 columbian joints per
monkey into the masks over the span of 5 minutes... the brain damage came from the
lack of oxygen... false facts are false/you could strike a match on my chizzled bod, im the alpha-male You are my submissive servant, a conformist, a feeble minded fool, hung up his boots to join the Zionist rule! His time will come like every traitor’s will just another number on our list of ones to kill, outcry for Gentile blood will be silenced WPWW The Aryan front will soon be sharpening their teeth with j3w bones, With a stomp of my boot and a right arm salute I declare war, the hammerskins are real 40,000 strong the new dawn is upon us, all around the globe, Hail our brothers on the west coast from So. Cal to portland we propose a toast, hail or brothers out on the east from baltimore, jersey, and D.C, VICTORY We need to unite & act as one against the anti-white racism which is on the rise in the world. Our community again needs the solidarity, group identity, & exclusivity that it wrongfully relinquished The disenfranchised youth will continue to take arms in D.C we teach them the truth their race is their nation, tofu eating, hybrid driving, Beck listening tree hugging pacifist. He berates me because I unmitigatedly stand for justice... I wish to liberate my people from the Zionist hold/where are they exactly?/sieg heil wota h8r/leave kenny aloooone/all of that shit is just fake no such thing as organized nazism in the modern era/omg, he killed kenny/Nothing more effective then a weak self Righteous character to come in and levy judgement on all by forcing capitulation on all when they are down on the mat or down on their knees (never mind the fact that they caused the failures by betraying their sole license to manage the monetary system of America) and thus accomplish the final act of plunder by Goldman Sachs and the Wall Street Bankers of the Wealth and Treasury of the United States of America and 99% of its citizens. Americans are being turned into slaves! Then the big culling begins. Concentration c camps guillotines, forced evacuation of rural America into refugee camps. Why? Because they feel that there just is no other way to manage the crises! Think of it as creative destruction. Some people embrace that. Goldman Sachs Republicans prefer Creative Destruction! Because they are Cowards, and they are greedy and insecure and never have enough...they Betray humanity! They Betray We The People. They would kill us all in their desperate quest for safety and security mobile. /
legitgov.orgWhat a shame!] 30 Jan 2012 The Israeli military says a drone that can
fly as far as Iran has crashed in central Israel on a routine experimental
flight/Saudi-brokered meeting, Afghan government will hold talks with the Taliban
in Saudi Arabia, opening up an alternative avenue to peace negotiations between
the insurgent group and the United States, Taliban, which was ousted from power
after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks
[inside job], has previously refused to talk to the Afghan President Hamid Karzai,
branding him as an American stooge/National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area
Chapter (NLGSF) condemns Oakland Police (OPD) and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office
(ACSO) violence, mass arrests and abuses against Occupy demonstrators at
Saturday's demonstration. Police violently attacked activists with chemical
weapons, so called Less-Lethal munitions, and physical assaults. Hundreds were
arrested unlawfully, without opportunity to disperse, and then detained for many
hours on the street and then in buses, in stress positions, and without bathrooms,
food or water. Once in jail, protesters faced inhumanely crowded conditions,
abusive treatment and were denied access to legal counsel/Occupy DC demonstrators
in the nation's capital. The service notified protesters on Friday that they "may
be subject to arrest and their property subject to seizure as evidence" if there
are evident "camping violations/northern Illinois nuclear power plant believe a
failed piece of equipment at a switchyard caused it to shut down. Exelon Nuclear
officials say the switchyard is similar to a large substation that delivers power
from the plant to the electrical grid. Unit 2 at Byron Generating Station shut
down around 10:18 a.m. Monday after losing power. Operators began releasing
[radioactive] steam to reduce pressure/fourth-quarter profit rose 2% to $9.4
billion, or $1.97 a share, from $9.25 billion, or $1.85 a share, in the year-ago
period. The oil major earned $41.1 billion in 2011, up 35%, reflecting higher
crude oil prices. In the fourth quarter, capital spending remained about flat at
$10 billion. [Exxon Mobil - and other oil corpora-terrorists - gets huge tax
subsidies - thanks to Obusha and his GOP overlords. And, after USociopaths/Israel
attacks Iran, Exxon Mobil will make a greater killing on the killing/taxpayers are
still owed $132.9 billion that companies haven't repaid from the financial
bailout, and some of that will never be recovered. The bailout launched at the
height of the financial crisis in September 2008 will continue to exist for years,
says a report issued Thursday by Christy Romero, the acting special inspector
general for the $700 billion bailout. Some bailout programs, such as the effort to
help homeowners avoid foreclosure by reducing mortgage payments, will last as late
as 2017, costing the government an additional $51 billion or so/FDA secretly
surveilled e-mail of scientists and doctors, intercepted communications with
congressional staff 29 Jan 2012 The Food and Drug Administration secretly
monitored the personal e-mail of a group of its own scientists and doctors after
they warned Congress that the agency was approving medical devices that they
believed posed unacceptable risks to patients, government documents show/War is a
truly cynical death gameBritain understood how to manufacture the necessary
"insurgence" in Iraq. They kidnapped two exiled moderate opposition leaders within
the armed struggle against Qaddafi, rendered them back to him in Tripoli, and thus
made it a whole lot easier for hard-line Al-Qaeda, who first and foremost wanted
to fight in Iraq, to consolidate their fighting groups aimed at American and
British troops. MI6 role in Libyan rebels' rendition 'helped to strengthen
al-Qaida/300 contractors involved in civil and criminal fraud cases that resulted
in judgments of $1 million or more during the last decade were paid a total of
$573.7 billion by the US military, including $398 billion that was paid to
contractors after judgments for fraud. When awards to parent companies are
included, the Pentagon awarded $1.1 trillion to the top 37 companies that
defrauded the US military since 2000. Raytheon, spent nearly $4 million to settle
a civil case with the government in 2002 and $2.5 million to settle a case in
2000. Since the cases were settled, the Pentagon has awarded Raytheon's aircraft
and engineering divisions a total of $1.8 billion. Lockheed Martin paid $10.5
million in 2008 to settle charges that the company submitted false invoices on a
multibillion dollar contract connected to a space vehicle program. Despite the
fraud, the Department of Defense awarded Lockheed $30.2 billion in contracts in
2009. $33 million was paid to 54 companies after they were convicted of criminal
fraud against the government. Companies found guilty of criminal fraud received a
total of $255 million during the ten-year period. ugly truth is that virtually all
of the major defense contractors in this country for years have been engaged in
systemic fraudulent behavior, while receiving hundreds of billions of dollars of
taxpayer money," Social Theme: This Facebook IPO is very
exciting and shows that young people can create incredible value in a short period
of time. Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. in his later twenties. Did you ever meet
anyone who'd built a US$100 billion company in a single decade, much less at a
time when most young men and women are still deciding on career choices?
It strikes us as a dominant social theme of sorts, The media is full of
breathless adulation regarding Facebook and Zuckerberg/The Fed wants to keep the
price of money at essentially zero – in other words "free" – to boost the
economy. But the boost they are attempting won't get here for another three years.
That's not a recovery. And we've already tried this tactic. That's how we got into
this mess in the first place. .1% zionistssss CONtrol of America by Income
tax/Where r the "missing" 1918 Flu Samples stolen from FEDEX Desmona Isreal A WMD
Complex with NO oversight/
13012/never saw any tea party people destroy anyones property. Guess thats a
liberal thing-all that tea they threw into Boston harbor and the ships that got
trashed and burned, in the millions in dollars by todays prices. Or are you
not speaking of the REAL tea party-
police officer under investigation for sexual misconduct with a teenage minor was
shot and killed while on duty by fellow officers Saturday as they tried to arrest
him on California's central coast/: "Ever since the Garden of Eden, Hawaii draws
about seven million tourists a year as well as thousands of transplants, many
wealthy, who relocate to the Pacific island chain for the relentlessly balmy
weather. At the same time, the tropical Shangri-La barely conceals teeming tent
cities, droves of poverty-wage workers and the legacy of the conquest of native
Hawaiians-(APA) ... concluded that psychologists play a critical role in keeping
such interrogations 'safe, legal, ethical and effective'....With this stance, the
APA, the largest association of psychologists worldwide, became the sole major
professional health care organization to support practices contrary to the
international human rights standards that ought to be the benchmark against
ethics-the president's SOTU speech, especially with regard to jobs, were contrary
to the facts-Iran has the right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and the
interests of world peace demand that these issues be resolved without military
action-making sure big banks play by rules that protect consumers from financial
calamity, and how those big banks continue to leverage power and influence to
avoid responsibility while maximizing profits. Dorgan was a nearly-lone voice in
Congress in 1999 when he predicted economic calamity-extrajudicial killing of
civilians, surrendering soldiers and dissident journalists under the direction of
the Sri Lankan government has been alleged by a former general in the Army who was
extremely well-placed to comment on military activity during the island nation's
bloody civil war, representatives of the United States have spoken to the source
and hold a rich collection of testimonies and other evidence regarding alleged
crimes-We can't guarantee that top lobbyists like Dodd, who have gone through the
revolving door in D.C., will become more ethical. But we can demand that our
elected officials make it clear to K Street who they are supposed to be
representing in Washington-Truthout/2010, 1,949 law enforcement agencies reported
6,628 hate crime incidents involving 7,699 offences." Almost 50 per cent of hate
crimes are motivated by racial bias, and another 20 per cent each are motivated by
religion and sexual orientation. Almost 70 per cent of racial bias and hate crimes
are /Ron
Paul and the liberty of bullies the most damnable lie that Ron Paul tells about
race in the US is his claim that Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are amongst his
greatest heroes. not an ounce of truth in either claim. For one thing, he voted
against honouring either of themas far as Paul's libertarian philosophy is
concerned, the Memphis sanitation workers were receiving a market wage and that
was all they were entitled to. If their children starved, that was just too bad.
Any attempt they made outside the marketplace to try to raise themselves up from
poverty was an act of bullying on their part. That's just the way the world looks
when the liberty of bullies is the highest value that you know. King, however,
knew that all the libertarian talk about free markets was just so much rubbish:
"We all too often have socialism for the rich," he once said, "and rugged free
market capitalism for the poor." Paul Rosenberg Random Lengths News Adelson
later said he had feared that a Jewish-owned casino on Arab land “would have been
blown to smithereens.” But his impromptu pitch to the Jordanian king highlights
the boldness, if not audacity, that has propelled Mr. Adelson into the ranks of
the world’s richest men and transformed him into a powerful behind-the-scenes
player in American and international politics. may also help explain why Mr.
Adelson, 78, has decided to throw his wealth behind what had once seemed to be the
unlikely presidential aspirations of Newt Gingrich. Now, in no small measure
because of Mr. Adelson’s deep pockets, Mr. Gingrich is locked in a struggle. from
a devotion to Israel as well as loyalty to a friend. A fervent Zionist who opposes
any territorial compromise to make way for a Palestinian state, Mr. Adelson has
long been enamored of Mr. Gingrich’s full-throated defense of Israel-Justice
Department is investigating accusations by a former casino executive that Mr.
Adelson’s operations in Macao may have violated federal laws banning corrupt
payments to foreign officials. Also, a Chinese businessman accused Mr. Adelson of
reneging on an agreement to share profits from the Macao project/CannaBiz:
Cardholder's son questioned in school in the town of Meriden,
Connecticut, went to Hanover Elementary School yesterday after a four-year-old
special needs student displayed nine baggies of pot/
Sacerdote asesor del Papa mantenía relaciones sexuales con niños y les daba
cocaina, El último caso de abuso sexual de la Iglesia Católica se está
desarrollando en la archidiócesis de un influyente cardenal italiano que ha estado
trabajando con el Papa Benedicto XVI sobre las reformas para responder a los
escándalos ante los sacerdotes pedófilos
antiguedad-encontrada-en-africa/ ufo-nwo
huesos-escuela-de-numerosos-presidentes-de-los-estados-unidos-a-quien-obedecen/ 40min petro cantamination in reproduction meditation music and other kewl stuff Sayanim is a Je_wish person, that can be
called on to assist another J_ew in any cause. Since birth, the Je_wish people
have been taught of their superiority and need for cohesion. The Sephardic J_ews
are the upper level of the network, and the Ashkenazim, which constitute 95% of
all J_ews, are the worker ants. Since the Sephardics first converted the
Ashkenazim, they brainwashed them into the idea that the world is their enemy, but
their fellow J_ew is a "Quiet Guardian/YAHOOs, err libs/progressives, i mean
fascists, serve to protect garbage peddling jihadists n leftist cohorts, by
blocking and or penalizing all who would oppose, just as our public schools and
the lazy lap dog statist media/Sad Republicans try filibuster, mud slinging -
nothing works/Senate clears way for vote on insider-trading banGood job, House!
"We must play by the same rules every other American plays WASHINGTON -- Sen.
Harry Reid said Thursday that he is awaiting a ruling from the Senate ethics
committee on his handling of a 2001 land transaction, should have sought guidance
at the time, did not report transaction on his annual personal finance report to
Congress. The property was sold three years later, netting the senator a $700,000
profit-. In the 70s, the government passed a law or wrote a rule outlawing TV
stations from turning up the volume during the ads. A few years back I noticed the
ads were louder again. Recently I read that the government was looking at a law
(or rule) that prevented sound being turned up during ads. So, did they forget or
is it some technical provision that TV stations used to get around the earlier law
(rule) /

Sunday, January 29, 2012

12912/Oakland protesters burn an American flag found inside Oakland City Hall

12912/intent was to take over the vacant building in order to continue their
peaceful protests, feed people and provide much needed services,The occupy
movement shows just how few of our civil liberties - such as our freedom to
peacefully assemble - we actually have left. The our democracy is founded on our
freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Dissent is essential for a strong
democracy. Occupy has shown us how much danger our freedoms are in-NO dispersal
order was given, no warning at all before the police surrounded and entrapped
these peaceful marchers-the acting president disappeared for 2 weeks after his
election win, Obama is now a Pentagon puppet. Who did you think writes his
teleprompter?-The 1% are PEOPLE too, We the 99% are pretentious, lazy, and
ignorant. As long as we 99% have access to purchases which the 1% allow us: flat
screen TVs, video games, shopping sprees, sport stadiums, music venues, SUVs, and
alcohol/drugs -we really could care less about the difference between our
‘capitalist democracy’ and being a ‘democratic republic’. WE the 99% should show
some gratitude. The 1% should hire a bunch of Indians and Mexicans to occupy the
‘Occupy Movement’, that’ll teach us!/those pesky people with pepper spray cant get
your eyes... Built in gasmask, helmet, jacket leather, with pockets and metal
padded plates that stylishly cascade down over our spinal column ... Are you
love'n it, get'n all comfortable in your new anti-swat gear stylish jacket you
could just roll up into a little occupy ball and sleep while those men and beat
you with a baton-
arrest-at-least-19/?iid=tl-main-mostpop2 /1984, Robert
Sorensen was a Connecticut state representative running for reelection. "My
patriotism should not be questioned by anyone because . . . when my country called
me into service, I fought in Vietnam. Except that he didn't, as his opponent
quickly discovered.  employing an excuse. "For the first time ever, the American
public had before them a war in their living rooms," he explained. "Every single
person in this United States fought in that war in Vietnam. We all felt the
anguish that those people felt. So in a sense I was there."-David Duke also ran
on his Vietnam "war record," claiming he'd participated in rice drops behind enemy
lines for the CIA. Real Vietnam veterans exposed him. Duke's only military
"service," it turned out, consisted of brief membership in the ROTC at Louisiana
State University-Joseph Ellis apologized (sort of) for his imaginary service in
Vietnam, where he claimed to have been the commander of a platoon of combat
paratroopers from the famed 101st Airborne and a member of General William
Westmoreland's staff. (When Ellis returned home from his make-believe trip to
Vietnam, he went on to perform imaginary civil rights work in Mississippi-1990,
Major Gary Probst, a popular chaplain with the 1st Special Forces Group at Fort
Lewis in Tacoma, Washington, claimed he'd served in Vietnam as a Green Beret and
an Army Ranger. A chest full of medals, including the Special Forced Badge, the
Vietnam Campaign Ribbon, and the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal, backed up
Probst's claims. When it was discovered that his entire résumé was a fantasy,
Probst claimed he'd lied for the Lord: His phony heroics, he explained, allowed
him to gain the trust of his flock — which made his fibs a good and helpful thing.
His superiors disagreed. Probst was court-martialed and dishonorably discharged-a
CBS News Rather has been known to brag about his "career" in the as
a particularly onerous example of left-wing bias. To Goldberg's amazement,
"Rather's voice started quivering, and he told me how in his young days, he had
signed up with the Marines, not once, but twice, yet, only once, and "never got
through Marine recruit training because he couldn't do the physical activity,"
"discharged less than four months later on May 11, 1954 for being medically
unfit." Sam Houston University in the early 1950s, Rather joined the Army Reserve,
"thus avoiding the possibility of being drafted-Phony Vietnam vets typically tell
tales of Vietnam horrors to explain and excuse their failed lives, Burkett says,
and naive journalists uncritically lap them up. Much research proves that — far
from being homeless, alcohol-drenched failures — most Vietnam vets are healthy,
mentally stable, successful men who deserve their country's respect-and the fakes,
such as and HomeOfHeros-at his drug-possession trial in Rockport,
Texas in August of 2004, neatly clad in his Army uniform, he told jurors that he
had recently earned two Bronze Stars in Iraq, plus a Purple Heart for the bullet
wound in his shoulder. Jurors were sympathetic to the fact that Isbell, an
infantryman, was on medical leave from his dangerous job patrolling the streets of
Baghdad, and acquitted him. Subsequent investigation proved that Isbell had seen
no combat, suffered no wounds, and earned no decorations. He wasn't even a
sergeant. He had instead worked in food service as a private, and had been
discharged from the Army after being AWOL for two months. For his lies in court,
Isbell was charged with aggravated perjury-Staff Sgt. Jimmy Massey served with the
3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, in Iraq for nearly a year during 2003. During that
time, he claims, he and other Marines (whom he labeled "psychopathic killers")
deliberately gunned down innocent Iraqi civilians, fired on peaceful protesters,
and shot a 4-year-old child through the head at a checkpoint. Or was it a
6-year-old? "How is a 6-year-old child with a bullet in his head at an American
checkpoint,"a terrorist, because that is the youngest I killed," Massey told an
audience at Cornell University. Or was it a girl? "That's war: a 6-year old girl
with a bullet hole in her head /Occupy
Oakland protesters burn an American flag found inside Oakland City Hall during a
protest on the steps of City Hall, Saturday, January 28, 2012, in Oakland-/The
poop on cop car..people, neet to go home and get a job. The rich will never give
them a check anyway the Whitehouse named Barrack Hussein Obama!!!! This clown is
your problem!-Yes , Obama is a complete and total failure.-protesrers have the
gone the government is broke because of it-----AND the 1% want to controll the
world.i can assure you i am 100% right on this one. keep flapping your lips and
make excuses and reality will come to visit you......BACK THESE PEOPLE UP-
/parent company of an electric car battery maker that received a $118 million
grant from the Obama administration filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on
Thursday, affected by competition from China and other countries. Ener1 subsidiary
EnerDel received a $118 million stimulus grant from the Energy Department in
2009-parent company of an electric car battery maker that received a $118 million
grant from the Obama administration filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on
Thursday affected by competition from China and other countries.EnerDel received a
$118 million stimulus grant from the Energy Department in 2009 subcommittee that
is investigating Solyndra said the latest bankruptcy showed that the
administration's clean energy program has failed. "Our investigation continues,
and we are working to ensure taxpayers are never again stuck paying hundreds of
millions of dollars because of the administration's risky bets." EnerDel had
received $55 million so far under a program in which EnerDel matches federal
investment dollar-for-dollar. Ener1 said in a statement that the restructuring
would not affect EnerDel's operations. The company makes lithium-ion batteries for
electric cars such as the Chevrolet Volt.subcommittee that is investigating
Solyndra said the latest bankruptcy showed that the administration's clean energy
program has failed. "Unfortunately, you can now add Ener1 to the growing list of
failed companies that went belly up after hundreds of millions of dollars in
administration backing," said Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla."One bankruptcy may be a
fluke, two could be coincidence, but three is a trend," Stearns said. "Our
investigation continues, and we are working to ensure taxpayers are never again
stuck, EnerDel had received $55 million so far under a program in which EnerDel
matches federal investment dollar-for-dollar. Ener1 said in a statement that the
restructuring would not affect EnerDel's operations. The company makes lithium-ion
batteries for electric cars such as the Chevrolet Volt.
bankrupt/?tag=re1.discussed / Bernanke to Income-Starved Retirees: Tough Luck
By Dan Kadlec /
Spanish oil company Repsol YPF, which keeps regional headquarters in Trinidad,
ferried it to the Caribbean to perform deep-ocean drilling off Cuba — whose
communist government believes as much as 20 billion barrels of crude may lie near
the island's northwest coast.: officials from the U.S. Coast Guard and
Interior Department did-Cuba hasn't the technology, infrastructure or means, like
a clean-up fund similar to the $1 billion the U.S. keeps on reserve, to confront
such an emergency. And there is another big economic anxiety: Cuba's $2 billion
tourism industry. "The dilemma for Cuba is that as much as they want the oil, they
care as much if not more about their ocean resources," says Billy Causey,
southeast regional director for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration's marine sanctuary program But it wasn't Cuban authorities who came
aboard the Scarabeo 9 to give it the once-over-Straits, an equally vital body of
water that's home to some of the world's most precious coral reefs, separates
Havana and Key West, Florida, by a mere 90 miles. As a result, the U.S. has
tacitly loosened its embargo against Cuba to give firms like Repsol easier access
to the U.S. equipment-some are also petitioning Washington to fund AUVs
(autonomous underwater vehicles) that marine biologists use to detect red tides,
and which could also be used to sniff out oil spills in the Straits,8599,2105598,00.html
/convicted three members of a family of Afghan immigrants of the "honor" murders
of four female relatives whose bodies were found in an Ontario canal/OAKLAND,
Calif (Reuters) - More than 400 anti-Wall Street protesters were arrested in
Oakland during a night/Unions Killed the Twinkie Fox Business/Socialist
millionaires meeting at a ski resort coming to the conclusion that Chinese
Communism Chrony Capitalism is the best system for the U.S.? And how long are you
people out there going to put up with this nonsense?/ funny how that works
out, Florida, rush hooked on Oxy-brain-dead pills, was pinched for oxy use?
btw.... oxycontin IS a legal drugh/LiveScience "Prejudice is extremely complex and
multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are
uncovered and understood, 254 people with the same amount of education but
different levels of ability in abstract reasoning. They found that what applies to
racism may also apply to homophobia. People who were poorer at abstract reasoning
were more likely to exhibit prejudice against gays. As in the U.K. citizens, a
lack of contact with gays and more acceptance of right-wing authoritarianism,
people who hold these attitudes are also less bright. In other words, it might not
be a particular ideology that is linked to stupidity, but extremist views in
general- Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative
ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and
resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice" Bless their poor
little black hearts-Prejudiced people with low IQs are neither elite nor liberal,
but they are trash-What about the people who are prejudiced against christians or
people with southern accents?-liberal ideology to make any sense, you must use
their "facts" and their reasoning-if the christians don't want persecution, then
they shouldn't persecute others-claiming people are intolerant to southern dialect
and Christians. It's not that. People are just sick of stupid people expounding
their bigoted ideologies (mostly in the name of the Bible)-It isn't bigotry to be
a bigot against the bigots. All southerners are inbred uneducated retards-tired of
so-called "Christians" showing their beliefs down my throat. Keep it for Sunday,
in your church, with the rest of the drones-    "proper" use of the bible leads to
slayings of unbelievers and the stoning of women-had to deal with christians long
enough. I've decided to arm myself with lions-thanks to corporate media and its
advanced brainwashing techniques it is possible for a person to get older and
stupider with every passing day-
Occupy protest resurfaces in Oakland-Mayor Jean Quan personally inspected damage
caused by dozens of people who broke into City Hall. She said she wants a court
order to keep Occupy protesters who have been arrested several times out of
Oakland, which has been hit repeatedly by demonstrations that have cost the
financially troubled city about $5 million. also called on the loosely organized
movement to "stop using Oakland as its playground."-Deputy Police Chief Jeff
Israel protesters gathered unlawfully and police gave them multiple verbal
warnings to disband. "These people gathered with the intent of unlawfully entering
into a building that does not belong to them and assaulting the police," not a
peaceful group."
12812/near Dimock, Pennsylvania, to determine if residents are 'being exposed to
hazardous substances.' Cabot Oil and Gas, a company that was fined $120,000 in
2009 for fracking mishaps and contaminating water in the area, sent a letter to
EPA administrator complaining that the water testing 'undercut the president's
commitment to this important resource/Obama is proposing to end tax deductions
for outsourcing, create a new tax credit for bringing jobs home, and lower tax
rates for companies that manufacture and create jobs in the United States/women
who are in prison have histories of abuse, either childhood and/or adult abuse,
which means they might not have the same connections and trust in their families
that men who end up in prison do. So their children are actually five times more
likely to end up in foster care than [those of] men in prison/From the beginning,
the Oakland Commune set Oakland's occupation apart in its acceptance of the local
homeless population. The camp was consistently referred to as not only a political
meeting ground and organizing space, but also a replacement for the city's
failures in its everyday existence. Some people were living there to make a point,
but others were living there because they needed to, and all were welcomed/
Maneuvering to dupe schoolchildren is about as cynical as it gets. The
corporations behind the writing and dissemination of this ALEC model bill, who are
among the largest polluters in the world, would benefit handsomely from a
legislative mandate to sow the seeds of confusion/Kaplan College Closes North
Carolina Dental Program After Fraud Exposed/When conservatives talk about
'focusing on the family,' what they really mean is they want you to worry about
your family to deflect the economic issues that they are not solving and in fact
are making worse/Bank of America,  its current form, it is a 'grave threat' by any
reasonable definition of that phrase. On Wednesday, Public Citizen filed a
petition with financial regulators, calling on them to break up the bank and
reform it/both major U.S. political parties remain unmoved by the opinions of
their constituents and unresponsive to their needs. To vote for either a
Democratic or Republican candidate (i.e., the well vetted stooges of the 1%) is to
cast a vote in favor of the only political party allowed in the rigged process -
The Big Money, Perpetual War Party/Big Oil in the Amazon "The Keystone XL pipeline
isn't the only controversial oil project that consultancy Cardno ENTRIX, caught up
in a conflict-of-interest scandal/French and British special forces trainers are
on the ground, assisting the Syrian rebels while the CIA and U.S. Spec Ops are
providing communications equipment and intelligence to assist the rebel cause/
When New Obama Chief of Staff Was NYU Executive, School Ceased Recognizing Union
NYU campaigned against GSOC with 'classic techniques such as interference from
supervisors and the threat, and fulfillment, of firings/NYPD Commissioner Ray
Kelly Urged to Resign After Police Conceal Role in Anti-Muslim
Documentary/Thanks to Occupy Arrests, US Falls 27 Places in Worldwide Press
Freedom Rankings/ a Catastrophic War With Iran BuzzFlash/
One Hundred Brooklyn Community Members and Occupiers Peacefully Disrupt
Foreclosure Auction Occupy Wall Street/The Self-Destruction of Newt Gingrich
Salon/Romney's Tax Return Nightmare Worsens After Errors Found in Financial
Disclosure Statements Talking Points Memo/Tired and Broke, Santorum Heads Home to
Do Taxes Associated Press/Google and the End of Privacy Mother Jones/Mint Rawmoney
and Goldman Slacks, Goldman Sachs, which manages Mitt Romney's family's fortune,
is also his largest source of campaign contributions, pumping $$$$$ not only into
his campaign but also into his 2 SuperPacs. One implication is that Goldman on
behalf of the entire financial sector hopes to gain a reversal of Obama era
attempts to reign in the highly questionable practices of Wall Street
"The Twist" has been prohibited at all parish, school and Catholic youth
organization events in the entire eight county diocese of Buffalo/you should wite
that down somewhere. send it in a letter/We can easily scientifically quantify my
social life to get the results women are like sea sirens/You mean they lure you
in, and dash you agaisnt the rocks?/FORGET THE LEGALITY ILLEGALITY of this issue
for once, I can guarantee you that a Dr. that has smoked three joints the night
before will be in better shape to operate on you than someone that has had 8
drinks of whiskey or equivalent. What is good for the marihuana goose should be
good for the performance reducing alcohol gander. Test your staff for residual
alcohol....same difference to me and I should know. I am sick an ditred of this
duplicity and lack of commonsense that you now even YOU seem to be part of/Obama
may talk a good populist game and even kick some corporate butt when he goes on
the attack against Wall Street 'fat cats.' Yet he still enjoys the company of
bankers ... and for all their grumbling about his policies, the investment
community is coming up with significant cash for his re-election/Romney Collects
More in Donations From the Five Biggest Banks Than All Other Candidates Combined/
LA this week. One Black Hawk ... and four OH-6 choppers ... flew over the city
during the exercise.... Joint military exercises have also been conducted over
Boston, Massachusetts and Little Rock, Arkansas over the past six months/Twitter]
became a bullhorn for millions of people worldwide, especially vital in nations
that tend to muzzle their own people. But this week ... Twitter announced that
upon request, it would block certain messages in countries where they were deemed
illegal. The move immediately prompted outcry/Arab League again decided to extend
its 'monitoring mission' in Syria. However, some Arab League nations under U.S.
diplomatic control are clamoring for blood. These countries - virtual sock puppets
of U.S. foreign policy - want to declare the Arab League monitoring mission 'a
failure,' so that military intervention ... can be used for regime change.... This
is the strategy that the U.S. is using to channel the Arab Spring into the bloody
dead end of foreign military intervention/ "Unions? Organized
labor? ... Those words were nowhere to be heard in President Obama's State of the
Union address Truthout/Economist Who Foresaw 2008 Crash Warns Conflict with Iran
Could Cause Global Recession MSNBC/Secrets of the Billionaire Bankrolling
Gingrich's Shot at the White House Guardian UK/Before he promised moon colonies,
Newt suggested that private space flight would open up space tourism—especially
for honeymooning couples looking to get astronaughty-Newt in 1995: "Why not aspire
to build a real Jurassic Park?-1982, Gingrich penned a letter to the editor of the
Journal of the American Medical Association calling for medical pot to be
legalized. Yet in 1996, the then-House Speaker was the lead sponsor of the Drug
Importer Death Penalty Act, which, as its name suggests, would have made
importation of even a small amount of marijuana punishable by life imprisonment
(for the first offense) and death for the second-1995, Newt insisted that being
elected president was not "one of the three highest items" on his life's
checklist. Instead, he said, "I would really love to spend six months to a year in
the Amazon basin, just being able to spend the day watching tree sloths-2008 about
the war in terror, Gingrich expressed frustration that the public wasn't
sufficiently concerned about terrorists on a day-to-day basis. His suggestion for
how the government could end Americans' complacency? "It's almost like they should
every once in a while have allowed an attack to go through just to remind us-To
not see the difference and not understand the difference is to be willfully blind,
willfully ignorant and intellectually inept. You should shorten your name to G.W.
Bush /consistently amused and befuddled by
the constant claim that Newt is some kind of a genius/The descending order of UCR
violent crimes are , followed by the property crimes of burglary,
larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft. Although arson is also a property crime/
12712/NEWT tried to ride along on Santorums rant, but FAILED FAILED BIG TIME... he
looked over at Santorum like "help me, please" and he just looked at him and
smirked. That whole bit about "well, I said a bunch of crap on TV during the
month, but THIS IS A NATIONAL DEBATE...YOU should be above that nasty crap"/.the
American public is in turn with him. Remember the media is twisting this against
Newt, because he will take the fight to HOBO........the rest are pacifists/Obama
is to blame for allowing the fascists the freedom of speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech. Shame
on her. Karma in the end will resolve this. Rupert will face her too (also). Buy!
(anything made in China or irradiated in Japonia/BET YOU HATE BLACK GUYS..CAN'T
you bought the GOP Koolade. Theyt set him up- he had noc choice but to reject it/
Two thirds of independents and 63% of all respondents say “REDUCING THE INFLUENCE
OF MONEY IS A VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR IN THEIR VOTE, 81% believe that there should
be limits on campaign spending, Seven in ten oppose the Citizens United decision
giving human constitutional free speech rights to unlimited spending by
corporations and unions/Hello Newt World Order, or Romney with his dirty mitts,
Ron Paul, the Criminal Plutocracy owns ALL the horses in this rigged race! why
their mainstream media propoganda apparatus is so desperately stressing that you
should ignore him! was a novelty to elect Obana once-An Amerikan
Devolution-Criminal Plutocracy (CP) absolutely controls the "electoral process"
through their multi-ring mainstream media propoganda circus. The Criminal
Plutocracy S-elects the Prez well in advance, only to have their Barnum & Bailey
inspired Presidential Campaign create the illusion the people had something to do
with it!!!Amerikans will never learn!-"Peanuts, popcorn, Cracker jackasses!!!"
Step right up and drop your drawers...we have a really bung hole smokin shafting
in store for you-Obama was elected was because most Americans found the thought
of McCain/Palin at the helm frighetening
Unions and bureaucrat bankrupt a nation Greece has bloated government
bureaucracies where unionized employees were accustomed to being paid for 14
months’ work every 12 months. For decades, Greek politicians pacified disgruntled
citizens by adding people to the government payroll, and now about 1 out of every
4 Greeks work for the government. In an unsuccessful effort to pay for all the
spending, taxes were raised so high that more and more Greeks did business
tax-free on the black market. An estimated one‑third of the economy is
“off-the-books.” The Greek government put about 6,000 sun-kissed islands up for
sale, looking for millionaires and billionaires who might want a very special
place to call their own. /"Religion is regarded by the common
people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as USEFUL." Lucius Annaeus
Seneca/You, of course, are referring to the pastors of 501 c3 Sputum of Christ
Churchianity who have sworn allegiance to Chertoff's (literally "of the devil")
Homeland Security! Your cynicism is certainly NOT without basis/theologically we
would be considered as being in the times of trials and trbualtions and all we are
doing now is waiting to see the lake of fire thing...LOL Churches are the false
prophets and the Governments as a whole the anti-christ according to ones
view/Amerikans are gluttons for punishment and will do as their TeeVee tells
them/Santorum he would make the U.S. the laughing stock of the world, Four years
of anal sex jokes from the comedians, Plus he is a warmonger/who should replace
him who got Nancy Pelosi boyfriend and got convicted for ethic violations or The
father of Obamacare who hides money offshore and pays a lower tax rate then most
of the middle class*low income/Right-wingers hysterical with panic after Gingrich
debate implosion!!! you can only trot out hollow buzz-words like "fundamental" and
"transformation" so many times before people realize that you're really just full
of hot air/What's Mittens full of? /Mitt made $1.8 Million/Month paid 13.9% rate
That works out to over $57,000.00 an hour/what a panicking rightwing coward looks
like? a great example of what happens when you put too many cold, hard facts in
front of a yahoo rightwinger (they issue physical threats and decide to ignore/
beat it punk. hope we meet face to face someday. You will be going to a hospital
and me off to jail with a smile the size of Texas all over my face. I hope you
kill yourself on November 7th. Jamie Gorlick did not go to court to prevent law
inforcement from sharing pre-9/11 information about the suspects who killed 3,000
Americans, never worked at Fannie and Freddie and was telling the truth when
she told Congress both institutions were solid. Yeah...that same year they loast 9
billion and sold frauduelent mortgages to Wall Street, was appointed by Bill
Clinton and then she served on the 9/11 commision to cover up poor Billy Boys
little dirty secrets to the events of 9/11/ /how's the battle with the "liberals"
in your pinhead going? maybe if you win, you'll be ready to take on a real
person. one simple fact, you are rendered helpless, the easiest punk of all/Sam
Walton encouraged associates to take this pledge with him: "I promise that
whenever I come within 10 feet of a customer, I will look him in the eye, greet
him, and ask if I can help him/it is about humiliating the helpless because that
makes a republican feel... it is the only thing that can make them feel because
they are not humans/the lowest grade steel in WTC 7 was a 36ksi steel. Meaning it
had to be atleast a570. A570 is a low alloy carbide steel. Meaning. It does not
reach its' eutictoid point until 1600°. Meaning, it will not approach 50% strength
until it had reached 90% of melting temp, upwards of 2400°. We're back to the same
argument. How could an office fire metal a column, or cause enough expansion to
deaseat a column with 40 floors of pressure on it?/didjas see the sunspot