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12912/Oakland protesters burn an American flag found inside Oakland City Hall

12912/intent was to take over the vacant building in order to continue their
peaceful protests, feed people and provide much needed services,The occupy
movement shows just how few of our civil liberties - such as our freedom to
peacefully assemble - we actually have left. The our democracy is founded on our
freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Dissent is essential for a strong
democracy. Occupy has shown us how much danger our freedoms are in-NO dispersal
order was given, no warning at all before the police surrounded and entrapped
these peaceful marchers-the acting president disappeared for 2 weeks after his
election win, Obama is now a Pentagon puppet. Who did you think writes his
teleprompter?-The 1% are PEOPLE too, We the 99% are pretentious, lazy, and
ignorant. As long as we 99% have access to purchases which the 1% allow us: flat
screen TVs, video games, shopping sprees, sport stadiums, music venues, SUVs, and
alcohol/drugs -we really could care less about the difference between our
‘capitalist democracy’ and being a ‘democratic republic’. WE the 99% should show
some gratitude. The 1% should hire a bunch of Indians and Mexicans to occupy the
‘Occupy Movement’, that’ll teach us!/those pesky people with pepper spray cant get
your eyes... Built in gasmask, helmet, jacket leather, with pockets and metal
padded plates that stylishly cascade down over our spinal column ... Are you
love'n it, get'n all comfortable in your new anti-swat gear stylish jacket you
could just roll up into a little occupy ball and sleep while those men and beat
you with a baton-
arrest-at-least-19/?iid=tl-main-mostpop2 /1984, Robert
Sorensen was a Connecticut state representative running for reelection. "My
patriotism should not be questioned by anyone because . . . when my country called
me into service, I fought in Vietnam. Except that he didn't, as his opponent
quickly discovered.  employing an excuse. "For the first time ever, the American
public had before them a war in their living rooms," he explained. "Every single
person in this United States fought in that war in Vietnam. We all felt the
anguish that those people felt. So in a sense I was there."-David Duke also ran
on his Vietnam "war record," claiming he'd participated in rice drops behind enemy
lines for the CIA. Real Vietnam veterans exposed him. Duke's only military
"service," it turned out, consisted of brief membership in the ROTC at Louisiana
State University-Joseph Ellis apologized (sort of) for his imaginary service in
Vietnam, where he claimed to have been the commander of a platoon of combat
paratroopers from the famed 101st Airborne and a member of General William
Westmoreland's staff. (When Ellis returned home from his make-believe trip to
Vietnam, he went on to perform imaginary civil rights work in Mississippi-1990,
Major Gary Probst, a popular chaplain with the 1st Special Forces Group at Fort
Lewis in Tacoma, Washington, claimed he'd served in Vietnam as a Green Beret and
an Army Ranger. A chest full of medals, including the Special Forced Badge, the
Vietnam Campaign Ribbon, and the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal, backed up
Probst's claims. When it was discovered that his entire résumé was a fantasy,
Probst claimed he'd lied for the Lord: His phony heroics, he explained, allowed
him to gain the trust of his flock — which made his fibs a good and helpful thing.
His superiors disagreed. Probst was court-martialed and dishonorably discharged-a
CBS News Rather has been known to brag about his "career" in the as
a particularly onerous example of left-wing bias. To Goldberg's amazement,
"Rather's voice started quivering, and he told me how in his young days, he had
signed up with the Marines, not once, but twice, yet, only once, and "never got
through Marine recruit training because he couldn't do the physical activity,"
"discharged less than four months later on May 11, 1954 for being medically
unfit." Sam Houston University in the early 1950s, Rather joined the Army Reserve,
"thus avoiding the possibility of being drafted-Phony Vietnam vets typically tell
tales of Vietnam horrors to explain and excuse their failed lives, Burkett says,
and naive journalists uncritically lap them up. Much research proves that — far
from being homeless, alcohol-drenched failures — most Vietnam vets are healthy,
mentally stable, successful men who deserve their country's respect-and the fakes,
such as and HomeOfHeros-at his drug-possession trial in Rockport,
Texas in August of 2004, neatly clad in his Army uniform, he told jurors that he
had recently earned two Bronze Stars in Iraq, plus a Purple Heart for the bullet
wound in his shoulder. Jurors were sympathetic to the fact that Isbell, an
infantryman, was on medical leave from his dangerous job patrolling the streets of
Baghdad, and acquitted him. Subsequent investigation proved that Isbell had seen
no combat, suffered no wounds, and earned no decorations. He wasn't even a
sergeant. He had instead worked in food service as a private, and had been
discharged from the Army after being AWOL for two months. For his lies in court,
Isbell was charged with aggravated perjury-Staff Sgt. Jimmy Massey served with the
3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, in Iraq for nearly a year during 2003. During that
time, he claims, he and other Marines (whom he labeled "psychopathic killers")
deliberately gunned down innocent Iraqi civilians, fired on peaceful protesters,
and shot a 4-year-old child through the head at a checkpoint. Or was it a
6-year-old? "How is a 6-year-old child with a bullet in his head at an American
checkpoint,"a terrorist, because that is the youngest I killed," Massey told an
audience at Cornell University. Or was it a girl? "That's war: a 6-year old girl
with a bullet hole in her head /Occupy
Oakland protesters burn an American flag found inside Oakland City Hall during a
protest on the steps of City Hall, Saturday, January 28, 2012, in Oakland-/The
poop on cop car..people, neet to go home and get a job. The rich will never give
them a check anyway the Whitehouse named Barrack Hussein Obama!!!! This clown is
your problem!-Yes , Obama is a complete and total failure.-protesrers have the
gone the government is broke because of it-----AND the 1% want to controll the
world.i can assure you i am 100% right on this one. keep flapping your lips and
make excuses and reality will come to visit you......BACK THESE PEOPLE UP-
/parent company of an electric car battery maker that received a $118 million
grant from the Obama administration filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on
Thursday, affected by competition from China and other countries. Ener1 subsidiary
EnerDel received a $118 million stimulus grant from the Energy Department in
2009-parent company of an electric car battery maker that received a $118 million
grant from the Obama administration filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on
Thursday affected by competition from China and other countries.EnerDel received a
$118 million stimulus grant from the Energy Department in 2009 subcommittee that
is investigating Solyndra said the latest bankruptcy showed that the
administration's clean energy program has failed. "Our investigation continues,
and we are working to ensure taxpayers are never again stuck paying hundreds of
millions of dollars because of the administration's risky bets." EnerDel had
received $55 million so far under a program in which EnerDel matches federal
investment dollar-for-dollar. Ener1 said in a statement that the restructuring
would not affect EnerDel's operations. The company makes lithium-ion batteries for
electric cars such as the Chevrolet Volt.subcommittee that is investigating
Solyndra said the latest bankruptcy showed that the administration's clean energy
program has failed. "Unfortunately, you can now add Ener1 to the growing list of
failed companies that went belly up after hundreds of millions of dollars in
administration backing," said Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla."One bankruptcy may be a
fluke, two could be coincidence, but three is a trend," Stearns said. "Our
investigation continues, and we are working to ensure taxpayers are never again
stuck, EnerDel had received $55 million so far under a program in which EnerDel
matches federal investment dollar-for-dollar. Ener1 said in a statement that the
restructuring would not affect EnerDel's operations. The company makes lithium-ion
batteries for electric cars such as the Chevrolet Volt.
bankrupt/?tag=re1.discussed / Bernanke to Income-Starved Retirees: Tough Luck
By Dan Kadlec /
Spanish oil company Repsol YPF, which keeps regional headquarters in Trinidad,
ferried it to the Caribbean to perform deep-ocean drilling off Cuba — whose
communist government believes as much as 20 billion barrels of crude may lie near
the island's northwest coast.: officials from the U.S. Coast Guard and
Interior Department did-Cuba hasn't the technology, infrastructure or means, like
a clean-up fund similar to the $1 billion the U.S. keeps on reserve, to confront
such an emergency. And there is another big economic anxiety: Cuba's $2 billion
tourism industry. "The dilemma for Cuba is that as much as they want the oil, they
care as much if not more about their ocean resources," says Billy Causey,
southeast regional director for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration's marine sanctuary program But it wasn't Cuban authorities who came
aboard the Scarabeo 9 to give it the once-over-Straits, an equally vital body of
water that's home to some of the world's most precious coral reefs, separates
Havana and Key West, Florida, by a mere 90 miles. As a result, the U.S. has
tacitly loosened its embargo against Cuba to give firms like Repsol easier access
to the U.S. equipment-some are also petitioning Washington to fund AUVs
(autonomous underwater vehicles) that marine biologists use to detect red tides,
and which could also be used to sniff out oil spills in the Straits,8599,2105598,00.html
/convicted three members of a family of Afghan immigrants of the "honor" murders
of four female relatives whose bodies were found in an Ontario canal/OAKLAND,
Calif (Reuters) - More than 400 anti-Wall Street protesters were arrested in
Oakland during a night/Unions Killed the Twinkie Fox Business/Socialist
millionaires meeting at a ski resort coming to the conclusion that Chinese
Communism Chrony Capitalism is the best system for the U.S.? And how long are you
people out there going to put up with this nonsense?/ funny how that works
out, Florida, rush hooked on Oxy-brain-dead pills, was pinched for oxy use?
btw.... oxycontin IS a legal drugh/LiveScience "Prejudice is extremely complex and
multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are
uncovered and understood, 254 people with the same amount of education but
different levels of ability in abstract reasoning. They found that what applies to
racism may also apply to homophobia. People who were poorer at abstract reasoning
were more likely to exhibit prejudice against gays. As in the U.K. citizens, a
lack of contact with gays and more acceptance of right-wing authoritarianism,
people who hold these attitudes are also less bright. In other words, it might not
be a particular ideology that is linked to stupidity, but extremist views in
general- Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative
ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and
resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice" Bless their poor
little black hearts-Prejudiced people with low IQs are neither elite nor liberal,
but they are trash-What about the people who are prejudiced against christians or
people with southern accents?-liberal ideology to make any sense, you must use
their "facts" and their reasoning-if the christians don't want persecution, then
they shouldn't persecute others-claiming people are intolerant to southern dialect
and Christians. It's not that. People are just sick of stupid people expounding
their bigoted ideologies (mostly in the name of the Bible)-It isn't bigotry to be
a bigot against the bigots. All southerners are inbred uneducated retards-tired of
so-called "Christians" showing their beliefs down my throat. Keep it for Sunday,
in your church, with the rest of the drones-    "proper" use of the bible leads to
slayings of unbelievers and the stoning of women-had to deal with christians long
enough. I've decided to arm myself with lions-thanks to corporate media and its
advanced brainwashing techniques it is possible for a person to get older and
stupider with every passing day-
Occupy protest resurfaces in Oakland-Mayor Jean Quan personally inspected damage
caused by dozens of people who broke into City Hall. She said she wants a court
order to keep Occupy protesters who have been arrested several times out of
Oakland, which has been hit repeatedly by demonstrations that have cost the
financially troubled city about $5 million. also called on the loosely organized
movement to "stop using Oakland as its playground."-Deputy Police Chief Jeff
Israel protesters gathered unlawfully and police gave them multiple verbal
warnings to disband. "These people gathered with the intent of unlawfully entering
into a building that does not belong to them and assaulting the police," not a
peaceful group."
12812/near Dimock, Pennsylvania, to determine if residents are 'being exposed to
hazardous substances.' Cabot Oil and Gas, a company that was fined $120,000 in
2009 for fracking mishaps and contaminating water in the area, sent a letter to
EPA administrator complaining that the water testing 'undercut the president's
commitment to this important resource/Obama is proposing to end tax deductions
for outsourcing, create a new tax credit for bringing jobs home, and lower tax
rates for companies that manufacture and create jobs in the United States/women
who are in prison have histories of abuse, either childhood and/or adult abuse,
which means they might not have the same connections and trust in their families
that men who end up in prison do. So their children are actually five times more
likely to end up in foster care than [those of] men in prison/From the beginning,
the Oakland Commune set Oakland's occupation apart in its acceptance of the local
homeless population. The camp was consistently referred to as not only a political
meeting ground and organizing space, but also a replacement for the city's
failures in its everyday existence. Some people were living there to make a point,
but others were living there because they needed to, and all were welcomed/
Maneuvering to dupe schoolchildren is about as cynical as it gets. The
corporations behind the writing and dissemination of this ALEC model bill, who are
among the largest polluters in the world, would benefit handsomely from a
legislative mandate to sow the seeds of confusion/Kaplan College Closes North
Carolina Dental Program After Fraud Exposed/When conservatives talk about
'focusing on the family,' what they really mean is they want you to worry about
your family to deflect the economic issues that they are not solving and in fact
are making worse/Bank of America,  its current form, it is a 'grave threat' by any
reasonable definition of that phrase. On Wednesday, Public Citizen filed a
petition with financial regulators, calling on them to break up the bank and
reform it/both major U.S. political parties remain unmoved by the opinions of
their constituents and unresponsive to their needs. To vote for either a
Democratic or Republican candidate (i.e., the well vetted stooges of the 1%) is to
cast a vote in favor of the only political party allowed in the rigged process -
The Big Money, Perpetual War Party/Big Oil in the Amazon "The Keystone XL pipeline
isn't the only controversial oil project that consultancy Cardno ENTRIX, caught up
in a conflict-of-interest scandal/French and British special forces trainers are
on the ground, assisting the Syrian rebels while the CIA and U.S. Spec Ops are
providing communications equipment and intelligence to assist the rebel cause/
When New Obama Chief of Staff Was NYU Executive, School Ceased Recognizing Union
NYU campaigned against GSOC with 'classic techniques such as interference from
supervisors and the threat, and fulfillment, of firings/NYPD Commissioner Ray
Kelly Urged to Resign After Police Conceal Role in Anti-Muslim
Documentary/Thanks to Occupy Arrests, US Falls 27 Places in Worldwide Press
Freedom Rankings/ a Catastrophic War With Iran BuzzFlash/
One Hundred Brooklyn Community Members and Occupiers Peacefully Disrupt
Foreclosure Auction Occupy Wall Street/The Self-Destruction of Newt Gingrich
Salon/Romney's Tax Return Nightmare Worsens After Errors Found in Financial
Disclosure Statements Talking Points Memo/Tired and Broke, Santorum Heads Home to
Do Taxes Associated Press/Google and the End of Privacy Mother Jones/Mint Rawmoney
and Goldman Slacks, Goldman Sachs, which manages Mitt Romney's family's fortune,
is also his largest source of campaign contributions, pumping $$$$$ not only into
his campaign but also into his 2 SuperPacs. One implication is that Goldman on
behalf of the entire financial sector hopes to gain a reversal of Obama era
attempts to reign in the highly questionable practices of Wall Street
"The Twist" has been prohibited at all parish, school and Catholic youth
organization events in the entire eight county diocese of Buffalo/you should wite
that down somewhere. send it in a letter/We can easily scientifically quantify my
social life to get the results women are like sea sirens/You mean they lure you
in, and dash you agaisnt the rocks?/FORGET THE LEGALITY ILLEGALITY of this issue
for once, I can guarantee you that a Dr. that has smoked three joints the night
before will be in better shape to operate on you than someone that has had 8
drinks of whiskey or equivalent. What is good for the marihuana goose should be
good for the performance reducing alcohol gander. Test your staff for residual
alcohol....same difference to me and I should know. I am sick an ditred of this
duplicity and lack of commonsense that you now even YOU seem to be part of/Obama
may talk a good populist game and even kick some corporate butt when he goes on
the attack against Wall Street 'fat cats.' Yet he still enjoys the company of
bankers ... and for all their grumbling about his policies, the investment
community is coming up with significant cash for his re-election/Romney Collects
More in Donations From the Five Biggest Banks Than All Other Candidates Combined/
LA this week. One Black Hawk ... and four OH-6 choppers ... flew over the city
during the exercise.... Joint military exercises have also been conducted over
Boston, Massachusetts and Little Rock, Arkansas over the past six months/Twitter]
became a bullhorn for millions of people worldwide, especially vital in nations
that tend to muzzle their own people. But this week ... Twitter announced that
upon request, it would block certain messages in countries where they were deemed
illegal. The move immediately prompted outcry/Arab League again decided to extend
its 'monitoring mission' in Syria. However, some Arab League nations under U.S.
diplomatic control are clamoring for blood. These countries - virtual sock puppets
of U.S. foreign policy - want to declare the Arab League monitoring mission 'a
failure,' so that military intervention ... can be used for regime change.... This
is the strategy that the U.S. is using to channel the Arab Spring into the bloody
dead end of foreign military intervention/ "Unions? Organized
labor? ... Those words were nowhere to be heard in President Obama's State of the
Union address Truthout/Economist Who Foresaw 2008 Crash Warns Conflict with Iran
Could Cause Global Recession MSNBC/Secrets of the Billionaire Bankrolling
Gingrich's Shot at the White House Guardian UK/Before he promised moon colonies,
Newt suggested that private space flight would open up space tourism—especially
for honeymooning couples looking to get astronaughty-Newt in 1995: "Why not aspire
to build a real Jurassic Park?-1982, Gingrich penned a letter to the editor of the
Journal of the American Medical Association calling for medical pot to be
legalized. Yet in 1996, the then-House Speaker was the lead sponsor of the Drug
Importer Death Penalty Act, which, as its name suggests, would have made
importation of even a small amount of marijuana punishable by life imprisonment
(for the first offense) and death for the second-1995, Newt insisted that being
elected president was not "one of the three highest items" on his life's
checklist. Instead, he said, "I would really love to spend six months to a year in
the Amazon basin, just being able to spend the day watching tree sloths-2008 about
the war in terror, Gingrich expressed frustration that the public wasn't
sufficiently concerned about terrorists on a day-to-day basis. His suggestion for
how the government could end Americans' complacency? "It's almost like they should
every once in a while have allowed an attack to go through just to remind us-To
not see the difference and not understand the difference is to be willfully blind,
willfully ignorant and intellectually inept. You should shorten your name to G.W.
Bush /consistently amused and befuddled by
the constant claim that Newt is some kind of a genius/The descending order of UCR
violent crimes are , followed by the property crimes of burglary,
larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft. Although arson is also a property crime/
12712/NEWT tried to ride along on Santorums rant, but FAILED FAILED BIG TIME... he
looked over at Santorum like "help me, please" and he just looked at him and
smirked. That whole bit about "well, I said a bunch of crap on TV during the
month, but THIS IS A NATIONAL DEBATE...YOU should be above that nasty crap"/.the
American public is in turn with him. Remember the media is twisting this against
Newt, because he will take the fight to HOBO........the rest are pacifists/Obama
is to blame for allowing the fascists the freedom of speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech. Shame
on her. Karma in the end will resolve this. Rupert will face her too (also). Buy!
(anything made in China or irradiated in Japonia/BET YOU HATE BLACK GUYS..CAN'T
you bought the GOP Koolade. Theyt set him up- he had noc choice but to reject it/
Two thirds of independents and 63% of all respondents say “REDUCING THE INFLUENCE
OF MONEY IS A VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR IN THEIR VOTE, 81% believe that there should
be limits on campaign spending, Seven in ten oppose the Citizens United decision
giving human constitutional free speech rights to unlimited spending by
corporations and unions/Hello Newt World Order, or Romney with his dirty mitts,
Ron Paul, the Criminal Plutocracy owns ALL the horses in this rigged race! why
their mainstream media propoganda apparatus is so desperately stressing that you
should ignore him! was a novelty to elect Obana once-An Amerikan
Devolution-Criminal Plutocracy (CP) absolutely controls the "electoral process"
through their multi-ring mainstream media propoganda circus. The Criminal
Plutocracy S-elects the Prez well in advance, only to have their Barnum & Bailey
inspired Presidential Campaign create the illusion the people had something to do
with it!!!Amerikans will never learn!-"Peanuts, popcorn, Cracker jackasses!!!"
Step right up and drop your drawers...we have a really bung hole smokin shafting
in store for you-Obama was elected was because most Americans found the thought
of McCain/Palin at the helm frighetening
Unions and bureaucrat bankrupt a nation Greece has bloated government
bureaucracies where unionized employees were accustomed to being paid for 14
months’ work every 12 months. For decades, Greek politicians pacified disgruntled
citizens by adding people to the government payroll, and now about 1 out of every
4 Greeks work for the government. In an unsuccessful effort to pay for all the
spending, taxes were raised so high that more and more Greeks did business
tax-free on the black market. An estimated one‑third of the economy is
“off-the-books.” The Greek government put about 6,000 sun-kissed islands up for
sale, looking for millionaires and billionaires who might want a very special
place to call their own. /"Religion is regarded by the common
people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as USEFUL." Lucius Annaeus
Seneca/You, of course, are referring to the pastors of 501 c3 Sputum of Christ
Churchianity who have sworn allegiance to Chertoff's (literally "of the devil")
Homeland Security! Your cynicism is certainly NOT without basis/theologically we
would be considered as being in the times of trials and trbualtions and all we are
doing now is waiting to see the lake of fire thing...LOL Churches are the false
prophets and the Governments as a whole the anti-christ according to ones
view/Amerikans are gluttons for punishment and will do as their TeeVee tells
them/Santorum he would make the U.S. the laughing stock of the world, Four years
of anal sex jokes from the comedians, Plus he is a warmonger/who should replace
him who got Nancy Pelosi boyfriend and got convicted for ethic violations or The
father of Obamacare who hides money offshore and pays a lower tax rate then most
of the middle class*low income/Right-wingers hysterical with panic after Gingrich
debate implosion!!! you can only trot out hollow buzz-words like "fundamental" and
"transformation" so many times before people realize that you're really just full
of hot air/What's Mittens full of? /Mitt made $1.8 Million/Month paid 13.9% rate
That works out to over $57,000.00 an hour/what a panicking rightwing coward looks
like? a great example of what happens when you put too many cold, hard facts in
front of a yahoo rightwinger (they issue physical threats and decide to ignore/
beat it punk. hope we meet face to face someday. You will be going to a hospital
and me off to jail with a smile the size of Texas all over my face. I hope you
kill yourself on November 7th. Jamie Gorlick did not go to court to prevent law
inforcement from sharing pre-9/11 information about the suspects who killed 3,000
Americans, never worked at Fannie and Freddie and was telling the truth when
she told Congress both institutions were solid. Yeah...that same year they loast 9
billion and sold frauduelent mortgages to Wall Street, was appointed by Bill
Clinton and then she served on the 9/11 commision to cover up poor Billy Boys
little dirty secrets to the events of 9/11/ /how's the battle with the "liberals"
in your pinhead going? maybe if you win, you'll be ready to take on a real
person. one simple fact, you are rendered helpless, the easiest punk of all/Sam
Walton encouraged associates to take this pledge with him: "I promise that
whenever I come within 10 feet of a customer, I will look him in the eye, greet
him, and ask if I can help him/it is about humiliating the helpless because that
makes a republican feel... it is the only thing that can make them feel because
they are not humans/the lowest grade steel in WTC 7 was a 36ksi steel. Meaning it
had to be atleast a570. A570 is a low alloy carbide steel. Meaning. It does not
reach its' eutictoid point until 1600°. Meaning, it will not approach 50% strength
until it had reached 90% of melting temp, upwards of 2400°. We're back to the same
argument. How could an office fire metal a column, or cause enough expansion to
deaseat a column with 40 floors of pressure on it?/didjas see the sunspot

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