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12712/Obama’s approval rating has fallen back to its all-time low among blacks

12712/Obama spent a great deal of time on Tuesday night underscoring many of
Occupy's most central themes: income inequality, tax fairness and the need to rein
in the illegal and immoral behavior of the nation's largest financial
institutions. Talk is cheap, of course; despite all of Mr. Obama's high-flown
rhetoric, his administration is reportedly prepared to cut a disgracefully easy
deal with the five banks most directly responsible for the financial meltdown,
giving his so-pretty words a hollow ring/Gulf Reopens for Drilling as Obama
Administration Accused of Low-Balling Effects of Spill/"Five Democratic State
Senators in Missouri discovered large, orange crosshair stickers over their office
nameplates on Tuesday in the Capitol Building in Jefferson/Paul Krugman | Romney's
Anti-Obama Rhetoric: A Demonstration of Moral Cowardice/a banner year for
anti-choice activists who succeeded in pushing through a record number of abortion
restrictions. But it's a new year, and it appears the GOP is dead set on outdoing
itself/California Democratic Rep. Jane Harman that her 'jaw dropped' when she
learned from military doctors that four of ten women in a local veterans hospital
had been raped by fellow soldiers/enthusiasm in Congress for this high-tech fix
for border security. Neither the high price tag for the Predator and Reaper drones
$20 million apiece/Out of the Arab Spring revolutions, the importance of food has
not only lent credence to realities of inequality, corruption, and desperation,
but has also provided an emblematic demarcation for what kinds of abuse people
will no longer endure/mid-90's merger of Citicorp and Travelers Group - and a
friendly presidential pen - brought down the Glass-Steagall Act, a crucial
firewall between banks and investment firms which had protected consumers from
financial calamity since the aftermath of the Great Depression. In effect, says
Moyers, they put the watchdog to sleep/corporate paymasters are now global
corporations that don't really give a hoot about creating jobs in the US. As
BuzzFlash has noted, the goal of a corporation - by its very capitalistic
structure - is to increase profits, not increase jobs in America, Wal-Mart hires
workers in the US at the lowest possible wages, many of them forced to go on
Medicaid and food stamps to survive/Truthout /( - President Barack
Obama’s approval rating has fallen back to its all-time low among blacks, dropping
below 80 percent for only the second time in his presidency/ron paul challenges his fellow candidates to a 25 mile bike race
12612/Obama promised a fresh investigation into mortgage abuses that led to the
financial meltdown. The goal is to “hold accountable those who broke the law,
speed assistance to homeowners and help turn the page on an era of recklessness
that hurt so many Americans.” took what is politely called 'subprime' mortgages,
and cut, diced, and chopped this garbage into $400 TRILLION of worthless
derivatives and credit swaps/no criminal prosecutions against major players.
Justice Department officials say that it reflects the difficulty of proving fraud
— and not a lack of prosecutorial zeal. hard to swallow, given the scale of the
crisis and the evidence of wrongdoing from private litigation, academic research
and other sources is just good sense--it has nothing to do
with liberal or conservative politics. Please, before you call yourself a
conservative, middle class family--follow the money trail. Most of the things you
say are "liberal" are simply not/two teens chose the wrong senior to mess with,
assaulted the man, who drew his gun and shot them what they deserved/Sounds like a
clean shot to me. As a 65 year old who rides a bicycle I do have my predjuices
here, but they aren't quite as bloodthirsty as all the brave armchair generals who
show their ignorance with comments like 'kill them all' and the like. It sounds
like this man was in fear for his safety and protected himself. If he is any kind
of human being, he is now sick inside with having taken a 16 year old life. The
whole thing is tragic for everyone involved. I neither think this man should be
subjected to bullying by three teens nor do I think the penalty for assault should
be death/assualted him afterward they dropped him from the bike, three againist
one, im sure you know math right, not good oods in surving something like that,
old guy ante the playing field with his gun, and evened the score/not an automatic
death sentence. One is taught to aim for the center of body mass, and still most
shots fired in an encounter miss or only wound the assailant/Bernhard Goetz, the
"Subway Vigilante," was approached by four (4) adult males but was not physically
assaulted before he started shooting/Typical baby boomer, out looking for trouble/
You're being funny or sarcastic right?/it's no secret that some are just itching
for someone to give them an excuse to use their gun no matter how poor the excuse
is/A rare instance where bullies got their comeuppance -- generally speaking I'm
opposed to gun violence, but this just seems (correctly) like the trail version of
the "make my day" laws/Have to wonder how many people who think they got what they
deserve also call themselves Christians? I can call myself a Martian all day long
but it doesn't make it so/I will call you an idiot because you are making it so/
no sympathy for young thugs who think it is "funny" to beat up or kill people/
what planet did u come from anyway?/one lil b@st@rd that won't grow up to be a
burden to the taxpayers when he finally ends up in prison. Too bad the other two
probably will. Oh well. Can't kill 'em all/Beware those Grey Panthers/If he REALLY
had proper training, he would have shot only once, in a non-lethal area on the
body, which would have triggered the appropriate response, Without more
forthcoming evidence and information, how can anyone say anything one way or
another? Does anyone know what actually happened? Seems like the majority here
recently purchased a spiffy, brand new "Jump to Conclusions" format/In a life or
death situation you don't have time to pick and choose. The punks did have time
and they were wrong. Don't blame the old man. He chose life. His/until all the
evidence comes out, I'll side with the bike rider/Luby's Cafeteria massacre in
Killeen TX in 1992. Her legally-owned handgun was in the car because Texas didn't
allow concealed-carry then. Texas passed a concealed-carry law shortly after/
These teenthugs are the vermin that infests good people's space everywhere/if he
is too old to fight he'll just kill you/nothing convenient about a 357 with a 6
inch barrel. Very poor choice of weapon/Friggin brats!, who knows what the
delinquents would of done next!/Two turds" as in "two thirds" of the group? Ha
ha!/not saying either side is wrong, but fact need to come out before making
statements yeah or nay/article DIDN'T report was that about 45 minutes earlier and
about 6 blocks away, three teens entered the back yard of a 70+ year old man,
puched him in the face, and knocked him to the ground. I'm not saying it was the
same three kids, but I also wouldn't bet against it. What goes around, comes
around. The kids should have been in school/66 years young and a licensed gun
carrier that doesn't leave home w/o his S&M 9mm, parents tell your punk kids don't
F--K with old people, with not much to lose/odds are the two juvenile witnesses
will win. 2 to 1 in my long as they both get their story straight.
unless a warning shot was fired, this elderly man's @$$ will spend time in a jail
cell/'pity the old man' defense. he fired a gun and killed a juvenile. this is
some serious stuff/Recently in Dallas, Tx. a man approached some teens who had
been driving recklessly in his neighborhood. He merely asked them to slow down and
be careful as there were usually children playing in the street. They beat him to
death/elderly man on his bike as an easy target. That is the typical coward's
strategy. Whoops, their bad. But no longer/Stupidity kills more people than any
illness, There are consequences for your actions so buy the ticket and take the
ride/15 trillion in debt , backed by pieces of paper , Jobs whats that ? Let the
games begin. Think things are bad now - wait til Uncle Sam goes belly up - coast
to coast them cities are gonna burn - crime you ain't seen nothing yet , But no
worries the Chinese Red Army will be here protecting their investments/He shot my
friend who was standing by his car door. The first shot in the gut, the second in
the arm. My friend, in a state of panic no doubt managed to get the gun, struck
the gun man in the head and killed him. The man that shot him was over 70 years
old, a bitter old man, a well known author who stated that 87% of the people in
the world are of "Low Energy", meaning ego driven, meaning they cannot choose
right from wrong. Their perspective is tarnished by their experiences, and
typically responding from fear. Produced from their minds associate "Teens" with
"Thugs", "Punks", and "death to them all. Perhaps you would have responded like
Lt. Calley in My Lai Vietnam. Authority and power given to such men can be traced
throughout history. Calley, Hitler, or any of the Taliban leaders, for those who
agree with such primitive methodology, these men are your leaders if you take such
a position. Its all the same, whether teens, or race, religion, sexuality,
whatever, its all hate, its all fear based, all low energy. And it will not, EVER,
make this world a better place/my state says I cant carry because of an alleged
event like this? The thinking is flawed I truly wonder if law enforcement in my
state is actually competent enough to ever uphold their oath of office/anti-second
amendment laws, is to create a monopoly of force! Unarmed slaves are so much
easier to control! But what can you do about it? If I open carry, or carry
concealed without my government hall pass I might be shot, electrocuted, have
chemical weapons used against me, beaten, kidnapped, and held against my will in a
cold dark solitary confinement cell for months or possibly years (as just broke
recently out of new mexico), if lucky enough to live through the events that would
unfold! All for exercising a natural right!/jerks like you that think they are
always right and you think only your opinion matters.Why is it that a small person
like you has to call people names. I think you have some serious mental issues
that you should go get help for you left wing nut. Mata Harry, Save up the mula to
go to Amsterdam. And smoke the cat piss/friend once had a stalker, he set fire to
her house right after she left one night. For burning down a house, the guy got
five months in county jail on work-release, the guy owned a business. He went to
work as usual by day, slept in the jail every night. He didn't even take his meals
in jail. I don't think arson is taken seriously unless someone is killed/
Statistically, we know that if this 24-year old racist was black, he would have
gotten a sentence 10 years minimum/Arsonists jailed, 'sentenced to four-and-a-half
years in federal prison, for torching black church only hours after Obama's
election victory 24-year-old must also pay $1.7 million in restitution after
pleading guilty to what prosecutors branded a racially motivated arson/Atlanta
Jewish Times publisher resigns over Obama 'assassination' column: Andrew
Adler suggested Israel should assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama to counter
Iran's nuclear weapons program/Rupert Murdoch firm pays Jude Law, $200,000 in
tabloid scandal/2 million or 2 hundred million would be better. Those tabloid
POS should not have a penny and should be begging for state supported welfare.
should a "free press" be allowed to do the things these scum did. Printing
pictures of famous people trying to just be people led to the Paparazzi chase that
caused Princes Diana's death, the list goes on/
123% approve of president terrorists proposals!/Obama Defends Bailouts, Handouts
and Cop-Outs, didn’t disappoint/Congress voted on Dec. 23 to fund a temporary
extension of the payroll-tax holiday in part by requiring Fannie Mae and Freddie
Mac to increase their fees, it effectively ended the fiction that the two
mortgage-financing giants are part of the private sector/ we like to think of
ourselves as being a nation able to apprehend (and to judge, and to deter) the
likes of Bradley Manning: individuals who do what they do *for free*, on
principle, nothing in those settlements that would discourage a real
Murdoch/"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can
change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead
/Afghan soldier who shot dead four French troops has said he did it because of a
recent video showing US Marines urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban
insurgents, security sources told AFP. The attack on the soldiers, who were
unarmed, came on Friday at a base in eastern Afghanistan and left 15 other French
troops wounded, eight of them seriously/Outgoing dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh
apologized for "any shortcoming" in his 33-year rule before leaving Thousands of
Yemenis protested Sunday against Saleh's immunity and demanded he be put on trial
for the killing of hundreds of demonstrators U.S. State Department confirmed it
had given him a visa/Five Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza warplanes targeted "an
arms factory" in the center of the Palestinian territory and also three tunnels
allegedly used for smuggling contraband/last March, a Health Canada monitoring
station in Calgary detected an average of 8.18 becquerels per litre of radioactive
iodine (an isotope released by the nuclear accident) in rainwater, the data show.
The level easily exceeded the Canadian guideline of six becquerels of iodine per
litre for drinking water, Canadian authorities didn't disclose the high radiation
reading at the time/Scalia has a simple solution for people who don't like all the
political advertisements unleashed by the court's decision two years ago that
ended limits on corporate contributions in political campaigns - change the
channel or turn off the TV/CIA Chief Endorses Ron Paul, "Mrs Clinton is a bigger
warmonger than Bush"/Fluoride causes that illness they use as a catch phrase for
all the deaths. The fluoride put in parts per billion accumulate in any part of
the body create an illness that the human body can not create anti bodies for.
Because that illness is not organic nor is it natural. It is acid which causes
what they call cancer. CODEX ALIMENTARIOUS, world depopulation ugenics agenda by
The World Health organization of the United Nations and other agencies program,
Only those that seek truth will find it, The rest will die/radioactive materials
released from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant has risen this month
compared with December, Tepco said. The amount so far has come to 70 million
becquerels per hour, compared with 60 million becquerels in December/63 people are
believed to have been executed since mid-November in Iraq, where the death penalty
can be imposed for some 48 crimes including a number related to non-fatal crimes
such as damage to public property/Anthrax scare stirs panic in Israeli missions
--Several Israeli embassies, consulates in US, Europe receive suspicious envelopes
marked 'Anthrax/Israel jails Palestinian parliament speaker without trial --More
than 300 Palestinians are held in 'administrative detention' under the Israeli
military system, without charge or trial, on security grounds/US has imposed
sanctions on Tehran's third-largest bank and an affiliate for allegedly helping
the Islamic republic develop its [alleged] nuclear programme. state-owned Bank
Tejarat and its affiliate, Belarus-based Trade Capital Bank, won't be able to
access the US financial system/injection of 1 trillion yen ($12.8 billion) in
public funds into Tokyo Electric Power Co would effectively nationalise the firm,
supplier of power to almost 45 million people, in one of the world's biggest
bailouts outside the banking sector. [Gee, looky here! The same corpora-terrorists
who made a killing on the bank bailouts are poised to make a killing on killing us
w. their radioactive nuclear power plants. Isn't *that* convenient!/Morgellons
disease - a creepy illness that leaves patients with painful lesions, gives them a
feeling that bugs are crawling all over their body, and has them seeing colorful,
threadlike fibers poking through their skin - isn't infectious and probably isn't
caused by anything in the environment, according to the first government 'study'
of the condition. Rather, [chemtrail-spawned] Morgellons is likely to be a mental
illness and should probably be treated with the same drug and psychiatric care
that works for people who suffer delusions/in the face of supreme laws
which maintain the contrary. Federal judges are also heavy investors in the United
States Prison Industries, now the fifth largest enterprise of the whole American
economy. Need we say any more? Yes, we need to say more, because the incarceration
rate in the land of the free is now the highest in the world/Over 1000 inmates
DENIED tobe released on parole at $101.36 per day + CHANGE n this DOC created
overcrowding caused the necessity of building the Rush City prison that just
'happen" to hold 1000 of We the Ppl n cost +$220,000,000DOC violated the judges
sentencing order causing DOC prison overcrowding to the tune of +$300,000,000 n if
this SOP thru the 50 states this is why the advance of the police state &
incarcerationNATION/ Act of
1986,  prohibited for any person --(1) to provide, attempt to provide, or offer to
provide any kickback; (2) to solicit, accept, or attempt to accept any kickback;
or (3) to include, directly or indirectly, the amount of any kickback prohibited
by clause (1) or (2) in the contract price charged by a subcontractor to a prime
contractor or a higher tier subcontractor or in the contract price charged by a
prime contractor to the United States. /'Israel will
indeed strike Iran in 2012' The Guardian (blog) journalistic animut (opacity):
Operating in Iran ... is impossible for the Mossad's sabotage-and-assassination
unit, known as Caesarea, so the assassins must come from elsewhere/Foxconn
Technology, China’s largest exporter and one of the nation’s biggest employers,
with 1.2 million workers. The company has plants throughout China, and assembles
an estimated 40 percent of the world’s consumer electronics, including for
customers like Amazon, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Nintendo, Nokia and Samsung-Banners
on the walls warned the 120,000 employees: “Work hard on the job today or work
hard to find a job tomorrow.” Apple’s supplier code of conduct dictates that,
except in unusual circumstances, employees are not supposed to work more than 60
hours a week. But at Foxconn, some worked more, according to interviews, workers’
pay stubs and surveys by outside groups. Mr. Lai was soon spending 12 hours a day,
six days a week- $13.06 billion in profits on $46.3 billion in sales-customers
care more about a new iPhone than working conditions in China-four dead, 18
injured-90 percent of his body had been seared.“He was very tough,” she said. “He
held on for two days. After Mr. Lai died, Foxconn workers drove to Mr. Lai’s
hometown and delivered a box of ashes. The company later wired a check for about
$150,000-Lai’s college degree enabled him to earn a salary of around $22 a day,
including overtime — more than many others-within 93 facilities, at least half of
workers exceeded the 60-hours-a-week work limit. At a similar number, employees
worked more than six days a week. There were incidents of discrimination, improper
safety precautions, failure to pay required overtime rates and other violations.
That year, four employees were killed and 77 injured in workplace explosions-after
auditors insisted on interviewing low-level factory employees, they discovered
that some had been forced to pay onerous “recruitment fees” — which Apple
classifies as involuntary labor. As of last year, the company had forced suppliers
to reimburse more than $6.7 million in such charges
-for-workers-in-china.html?_r=2&ncid=webmail18 /a knock-down, drag-out fight is
exactly what the White House wants and that President Barack Obama would use
such a battle to ratchet up his campaign against a dysfunctional and gridlocked
Congress-deliberating whether they can do more than give angry speeches attacking
the president. He's not the king, he's the president, and people elect a Congress
to put restraints on the executive. W. Bush made 61 recess appointments by this
point in his term, compared with 28 for Obama- /Fifty Years Ago Today JFK Throws 1-2
Punch at GOP On Civil Rights/Porsche uses over 100 robots in the fusing of the
frame alone/WSJ: "As for the current GOP field, it's like confronting a terminal
diagnosis. There may be an apparent range of treatments: conventional (Romney),
experimental (Gingrich), homeopathic (Paul) or prayerful (Santorum). But none will
avail you in the end. Just try to exit laughing GOP Deserves to Lose, Candiates
Are Losers/Perry's approval rating in Texas has fallen to a 10-year low since his
failed presidential bid, putting him on a par with President Barack Obama in his
own home state/the scandal hit a new low when his campaign revealed that the
candidate misspoke about having several character witnesses ready to speak on his
behalf. Gingrich lashed out at the anchor, accusing him and CNN of journalistic
malpractice/Mitch Daniels gave the Republican response to President Barack Obama's
2012 State of the Union address.  The late Steve Jobs -- what a fitting name
he had -- created more of them than all those stimulus dollars the president
borrowed and blew."  started in 1973. According to its 2011 SEC filing, Apple now
employs about 60,000 people, 43,000 of whom work in the United States. Its
contractors add another 700,000 to its overall workforce, but few of them work in
the U.S/Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice /80% of
the Christian right allegedly voted for him in SC, he might have a point
there...unbelievably. "Gingrich has said he would consider Palin for a cabinet
level position in his potential administration/The source cited is a report by the
Tax Foundation, a business-backed group, The data is seven years old the creator
of the graphic, Jesse Erlbaum. Erlbaum said he was inspired to create the graphic
after watching a presidential debate scene from the television show The West Wing,
said he created the graphic "for fun" in October 2008, just before Obama won the
presidency. "Based on that, I selected the most recent previous presidential
election cycle, namely 2004." That explains it been updated/2007 footage of how
Bain Capital lobbied hard to keep the tax on certain investments at 15 percent
with Romney, once heading Bain Capital, backing that rate the same year. That
lobbying effort clearly succeeded and Mitt kept his low tax bill, leading Stewart
to conclude: "Poor people have sh-tty lobbyists/most of the time with her head up
her arse perhaps she could be Secretary of Uranus?/another tweedledee vs
tweedledumb republican debate tonight. mitt's going to explain the ins and outs of
offshore bank accounts and newt's going to try to sell fannie mae mortages for
properties on the darkside of the Moon/I'll take Newts vision for America over
obahamabots stinkin commie azz nazi's...stfu..I'll kick your azz from here to
fuchun timbuktoo/Everything newt says about mitt is true and everything mitt says
about newt is likewise true. So don't say they always lie/ /Obama has finally gotten
religion about addressing Wall Street corruption, Matt Taibbi.

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