Thursday, January 26, 2012

12612/Obama Radical Tactic Sparks Outrage, Alienating Republicans By Using Facts

12612/critics are calling the most radial tactic ever employed in a State of the
Union Address, Obama Risks Alienating Republicans By Using Facts Radical Tactic
Sparks Outrage last night by repeatedly using facts. relentless references, all
long considered the third rail of American politics.sixteen separate mentions of
Osama bin Laden, congressional Republicans’ blood began to boil. Mitch McConnell
told reporters, “It’s been a longstanding tradition in our politics not to use
facts in a State of the Union Address, I won’t stand for it and the American
people won’t stand for it.” Boehner. “But he’s going to have to take facts off the
table. That’s a deal-breaker for us/Gingrich, You have constant pressure by
secular judges and by religious bigots to drive Christianity out of public life
and to establish a secular state except when it comes to radical Islam/must have
bought test answers from his frat bros. He failed to get tenure at a a rural
directional school that churned out Jr High football coaches and cow birthers.
Newt was a FAILED historian /hailed by RWers as smart, he sure is all confused
about reality. an insane sociopath. He's certainly got a majority of these
symptoms/maybe he is intending to unabashedly play up to the religious and other
bigotries within the far-right wing of the Republicans because of a completely
out-of-control ego and mercenary instincts/Oklahoma, the people passed a state law
prohibiting Sharia Law within the state. Leftist, supposedly secular groups like
the ACLU are challenging the law to try and force Sharia back in/gecko says he
wants to help the 99% to help himself to the tender parts for parboiling and
soufles and sell the rest to cat food companies! Romney has helped a lot of
businesses that way - helped them all the way to the graveyard after harvesting
all their organs/far beyond the simple minded proposition you offer, only a ghoul
would buy up companies that are TEMPORARILY distressed to raid the pension funds,
sell the assets to any buyer and eventually fire the employees. Mitt is just such
a ghoul - most people wouldn't be in that line of work - most would prefer simple
thievery like bank robbery or horse thieving. Arson for hire is about as honorable
as Mitts trade/Blingrich or The Gecko - mad Paul or Indie Sanitoreum, fairly
apparently morally bankrupt and physically exhausted. If it were a horse on a race
track it would be getting a mercy shot right about now, santorum says people
shouldnt go to college, shut all the lefty universities down leaving only those
fine institutions like Bob Jones University, Liberty college and Beck U to educate
the 100 or so most elite families that will decide things from now on/if higher
education institutions "taught Judeo-Christian principles" "they would be stripped
of every dollar." "If they teach radical secular ideology, they get all the
government support that they can possibly give them," . "Because, you know, 62
percent of children who enter college with a faith conviction leave without it.I
actually don't believe everyone should go to college. The porcine land-whales of
the right-wing who populate this message board certainly have no place in higher
education. And reducing the number of people going to liberal arts colleges will
put out of business those for-profit scam schools like Liberty University and Bob
Jones University, which produced some of the worst people and policies the planet
has ever seen. Santorum/Faculty at colleges and universities of all kinds in
America are overwhelmingly liberal in their political ideology, creating a
strong campus political culture. Categorized according to both selfidentification
and voting patterns, faculty are heavily weighted towards the Left. Indeed, those
who identify as independents and moderates actually vote more like liberals and
Democrats." /if Liberty University shuttered its doors for
good, the country would be better off
12512/Obama is whipping republicanass panic stricken about the President getting
his message across Eric Cantor looks like he pissedhis pants and Johnny Boner is
licking his chapped lips continually/McConnell (R-KY) said Obama’s “goal isn’t to
conquer the nation’s problems. It’s to conquer Republicans.”/gingrich has already
been thrown out by his own party, romney is on record as saying let all homeowners
suffer and lose their homes and money, let GM and Chrysler fail republican dog
race has been more disgusting than a pro-wrestling set-up sketch, bunch of
sophomoric, arrogant, divisive, low-life, never-worked-an-honest-day-in-their-life
hypocrite criminals/“The defining issue of our time is how to keep that promise
alive. No challenge is more urgent. No debate is more important. We can either
settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well, while a
growing number of Americans barely get by. Or we can restore an economy where
everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by
the same set of rules. What’s at stake are not Democratic values or Republican
values, but American values. We have to reclaim them.”/Two men, so-called "straw
buyers" who acknowledged purchasing guns that they knew were headed to Mexico have
pleaded guilty to buying guns that were destined to be smuggled into Mexico, in
the federal government's botched Operation Fast and Furious/Mitch Daniels and
Marcus Bachman go on the road singing Show Tunes with GOProud and the Log Cabin
Republicans?/a fascist, commie, my favorite oxymoronic phrase (popularized by
oxycontin moron followers, Better than "growing smaller" or "found to be missing"/
Mitt Romney's presidential campaign show that despite reporting income of $21.7
million, the couple paid only $20,603 in taxable wages divided among four women:
Rosania Costa ($4,808), Kelli Harrison ($8,667), Susan Moore ($2,238) and Valerie
Cravens Anae ($4,890). Boston-based domestic staffing agencies, the salary range
for a housekeeper is between $20 and $30 an hour, which adds up to an annual
salary of $40,000 to $50,000 based on forty-hour weeks/Mitts middle name is Gyges
written of the first tyrant of Lydia - the last tyrant was Croeseus/Christian
Newswire/ -- A public policy group dedicated to exposing the role of hedge fund
billionaire George Soros in Obama's radical transformation of America is launching
a "Bring Back Beck" campaign on behalf of the former Fox News Channel star. a
popular global source of conservative news and information, and advertises a new
website called, a project of America's Survival, Inc. "Fox
should stand up to Soros," "not buckle under to his financial pressure." together
with the reports that Rupert Murdoch, head of the Fox News parent company, News
Corporation, is turning the media giant over to his liberal son/India is producing
power from solar cells more cheaply than by burning diesel for the first time,
spurring billionaire Sunil Mittal and Coca-Cola Co. (KO)’s mango supplier to
jettison the fuel in favor of photovoltaic panels/national debt went up during the
four years Gingrich was speaker. In January 1995, when he assumed the leadership
position, the gross national debt was $4.8 trillion. When he left four years
later, it was $5.6 trillion/American Family Association, heads up a boycott
against Home Depot homosexual activists/had a fresh Ham for the passover with
welch's grape juice! and had made Sunday the real sabbath!! And he and the holy
family celebrated his Birthday Christmas with a real Christmas tree like the bible
says! why Real washed in the blood holy ghost anointed Christians will vote for
a Godly man in Newt! You see Jesus forgave him already rev_thumper_t_bag
/semi-literate fundamentalist preachers are like ignorant parrots, ignorant
buffoons who feed on the uneducated. That's why they are in and support the once
great republican party. The republican party has descended into lunatic land where
the inmates run the asylum and where ignorance and superstition rules and anything
that smacks of education, logic and reason is denigrated/To many people, it seems
absolutely incredible that any reasonable person could maintain this belief in the
face of our current scientific knowledge and the contemporary understanding of
history, religion and mythology. To outsiders, the phenomenon of Christian belief
is a puzzlement. Christian faith's invisible attributes are now clearly to be
seen. Behind all the sacraments and the rituals, the organ music and the angelic
choirs, the praying lips and the arms thrust heavenward, behind all this, propping
it all up, is the monstrous doctrine that gullibility and ignorance are
divine/taken from other earlier pagan religions. And there was no concept or
teaching of original "sin" in j'sim, that concept was first surfaced by Paul to
sell the need for a supernatural savior/Obama delivered his third, and hopefully
final, State of the Union Address tonight in the House of Representatives. It was
a laundry list of minor programs and legislative tweaks, with plenty of
conspicuous campaign rhetoric mixed in. The president strained to sound peppy and
upbeat, painting a rosy national picture that the 16 percent of Americans who are
unemployed, underemployed, or have ceased even looking for a job likely found
unrecognizable. On the areas that still require improvement (namely, everything),
he urged Congress to work together to pass -- surprise -- his agenda.He called on
Washington to lower the "temperature" of its discourse -- just a few months after
the man over his right shoulder explicitly said that Republicans were aiding and
abetting "rape and murder" by opposing an unpaid-for second stimulus, and weeks
after his hand-picked DNC Chair suggested that Tea Party rhetoric contributed to
the Tucson shooting.He also suggested that Congress should emulate SEAL Team Six's
example and act as a single unit working toward a common end. This pablum might
sound pleasant, but it's unrealistic and undemocratic. A free, individual-oriented
society does not act as one monolithic beast, and Congress is not a military
outfit that carries out a commander's orders."Mediocre Stump Speech /Obama walked into the chamber last night Special
Forces rescused hostages in Somalia minutes before the State of the Union/Will he
be raked over the coals for it? Why are we getting involved? He murdered 9 men
without a trial...bla bla bla/Cantor on TV this morning/lolol, a very "bold"
waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh/Obama really had you rightwingers filling your diapers tonight/
Time/and truth/ the kryptonite to all teabagger superheroes/nation building right
here at home conservative principles used to be about a future for their kids to
have a better life/a better memory than I have. So long ago the politicians
decided that they couldn't impress the rest of the world with their wealth and
power by doing such a thing/US Navy SEALs pulled
off the dramatic daring nighttime helicopter raid, rescue two hostages held by
Somali pirates since October/
/Hello to the "Jihad Generation" Leaders in all three of America's biggest Middle
East allied countries — Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia — claim the epic
Sunni-Shia showdown is in the cards, Saudi Arabia home to Mecca, Islam's holiest
place... but it's also home to the corrupt and U.S.-allied Royal House of Saud,
considered an insult to all Islam. a country where they'll cut off your hand for
stealing and whip you for holding a glass of whiskey... Saudi princes gorge on
cocaine and prostitutes, gambling, palaces, while the vast Saudi underclass
starves on just $6,000 per year and 30% unemployment. And as many as two million
of that underclass is Shia. With a 1,354-year-old ax to grind and billions of
dollars in oil revenues as the prize, a near-perfect formula for a FULL-ON war
/Biden: No Difference between Gingrich and Romney/Republican Party,hell bent on
Destroying USA,Alquedas Secret Weapon/People who voted for Obama are defiant
atheists and Union loyalists and still will sell America down the river for $! I
look forward to the CIVIL WAR!/Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, delivering the
Republican Party's response to Mr Obama's speech, called it "pro-poverty". "No
feature of the Obama presidency has been sadder than its constant efforts to
divide us, to curry favour with some Americans by castigating others."/gwTFb SAID
Laissez les bons temps rouler"/Bernack kno dat him shuld giva me predatori loan
zeropercen, If the Bernack forgiva me mortgag, den the Bernack do x-cellent job,
But I pray daylee fa THE ARMMAGGEDDION, AMEN... ;-) I pray mor fa THE
ARMMAGGEDDION dan I do fa me stck to go ta $100/sh...and hypocrites everywhere/
"An untold number of patients using the drug in question (marketed under
the names Epogen, Aranesp and Procrit) died as a result of its side effects....
Regulators repeatedly asked the two companies to perform safety trials, but the
firms never quite got around to it... Independent research showed that the drug
not only killed people, it multiplied tumor cells-Mitt Romney is definitely Wall
Street's favorite guy, 83 percent of Americans approve of Obama's economic plan
laid out in his State of the Union speech-intelligence and military agencies of
the United States - and Israel - that Iran has NOT made a decision to build a
nuclear weapon.... You might think that you would have heard more about that,
wouldn't you? ... However, this joint assessment that Iran has NOT decided to
build a nuclear bomb-USDA and EPA knew why a series of 'mysterious' downfalls were
occurring with crops, birds, and bees. Although technological products like cell
phone towers and cell phones are hurting the bee population, it was actually the
pesticide brought to you by Bayer which was causing the damage, and the USDA knew
of it all along-Kaplan University engaged in a scheme to raise tuition on poor
students ... for the sole purpose of avoiding a violation of the Department of
Education's '90/10' rule and to assure Kaplan's profits' successful and continual
reliance on subsidies from the pockets of publicly funded, federal student loan
money-corporate media and a lobbyist-run federal government have created a false
image of the US and its problems, leading to "solutions" that only worsen our
economy (just think of the GOP notion that "tax cuts" solve every national
financial ill-increasing opposition to tax breaks for the wealthy (although most
Americans already were against them) - and increasing support for rebuilding the
manufacturing base. Wall Street firms and global corporations that didn't even pay
taxes in the US started to be exposed in the mass media-ads that trashed Romney as
a plutocratic, heartless job cutter. Those ads (ironically financed by $5 million
from one of the richest men in America, Sheldon Adelson) propelled Gingrich -
along with Romney's cold-hearted response that working class and poor people just
"envied" him - to a decisive victory among Tea Partiers and evangelicals in South
Carolina (SC). There were, of course, other issues at work, including Newt's use
of racist code words, but the anti-1 percent message played a decisive role in
Gingrich's SC win-Truthout:/Gingrich Is a Master Magician of the Dark Arts: His
Blathering Can Explode a Sane Person's Brain BuzzFlash/Executives at Bailed-Out
Banks Convinced Government They Couldn't Survive on $500,000 Gothamist/Monsanto
Says It Won't Sell Genetically Modified Maize in France in 2012 Reuters/Gingrich
is promising to establish a permanent base on the moon by 2020 if he's elected/
awarded $22 million to a New Mexico man who spent two years in solitary
confinement and says he was forced to pull his own tooth because jail officials
wouldn't let him see a dentist/DEA and local corrupt law enforcement in my
opinion. 1000 plants divided by 25 houses comes out to 40 per house. Big deal.
There's more damage being done by white collar crimes on a daily basis than this
was causing. I just watched this story on 9News, it was followed up by a story of
cops not giving any attention to complaints of rape etc. So where's the justice
here? For me, it's safer to assume all cops in Colorado are on the take or
corrupt. That's the only safe way to live around here. I could care less about
some pot growing next door that I don't even know about, but if any of my friends
or family were raped and the cops did nothing about it? I think I'd be forced to
take the law into my own hands. I'm done trusting the badges around here. The
so-called "good cops" don't speak up or do anything about the bad ones, so they're
all dirty in my opinion/the Constitution itself is written on hemp parchment
Hypocrisy, and hubris, is the stock in trade of Pot Nazis/the difference between
the meaning of the word "harmless" and the meaning of the word "dangerous". He
thinks that they have the same meaning. He also thinks that scientific studies
that come to a conclusion with which he disagrees must be "flawed/money easily
buys weak minds/
12412/DHS, CIA, FBI, IRS, FDA, DEQ, Israel are the enemy, not the people of this
nation. not Iran I support the US Constitution, its rules, its laws. and not the
fascist amendments that you think are necessarily. I WILL NOT OBEY
IF YOU WERE REALLY PROTECTING THIS NATION. on the other hand, your really doing
NOTHING more than robbing the treasury for a paycheck, and supporting the US
Government Regime spreading fascism.... arent ya? //Del Rio,
Texas – Border Patrol agents discovered a hidden compartment on the floor of a
trailer containing more than 436.3 pounds of marijuana/this must be one of the
unsanctioned non-ATF sponsored drug runners... How dare him compete with the U.S.
mafia run drug cartel. That'll teach him to compete with Uncle Sam's
monopoly/"tragically linked to thousands of deaths via traffic and turf wars" that....uh, hey Einstein, there wouldn't be traffic and turf wars if it
wasn't illegal/DEA's war on drugs is a joke. Too many banksters been making too
much money before it even hits the borders for it to EVER stop/
online-248513/ David Novak (YUM CEO) to make $30M a year when his average employee
makes $20,000? Is he really worth 1,500 people? Is it possible that one day of
David Novak's time has the value of 5 years worth of one of his employees? The
whole company only has 53,000 employees and makes $1.2Bn in profits, even after
paying Novac's salary, which is enough to give each employee a $22,641 bonus-
United States of Fear": "How often does an empire end?" Tom Engelhardt asks in
this fascinating chronicle of the decline of America as a unilateral superpower-
"What this illustrates is that drug companies can create entire cultures of
over-prescribers for untested, even fatal indications, and that doctors can be
easily corrupted. In light of a flurry of recent federal settlements for off-label
marketing crimes, it also underlines how you, dear taxpayer, foot the bill-youth
in Egypt believe they have a grim future as long as the Supreme Council of the
Armed Forces (SCAF) is in power. They're right, and that's why they're willing to
risk death in order to live real change in their lifetime. Waiting another 30
years isn't an option-Krugman, Krugman & Co.: "So now the austerity isn't
market-driven - it's political, the pound of flesh official lenders are demanding
for maintaining the trickle of cash-Gretchen Morgenson won the Pulitzer Prize for
her fearless exposes of Wall Street's dirty secrets and reckless behavior. In her
'Fair Game' column for The New York Times she digs into some of the most
disturbing and complex scandals of our time. Her recent book with Joshua Rosner on
crony capitalism at Fannie Mae is called Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized
Ambition, Greed and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon-Truthout:Republican
Debate Winner in Florida? Nobody Who Watched It Washington Post/

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