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5512/Kissinger_Promises_China 'Jeb Bush Will Be Next President

5512/Yeh, um, let's not go to far to the Left, lest we sound like the
radical extremists on the right we are trying to combat. I see nothing
wrong with this's a matter of perception...for those who do
believe in God, and we have been screaming for our rights of religious
freedom as well as civil rights, it is a message of hope. I happen to
believe the dark times are what The REPs are trying to do...prayer for me
is an option against their mindless evil. So let's not GO THERE' and
insult and demean others beliefs....that's what THEY do/W was not a bad
guy. But it was Cheney who was pulling his strings. I think Cheney is the
devil incarnate. You should have HIS photo up there!! Or preferably his
face on a bullseye!-FUCK YOU PRESIDENT BUSH! <^>..Sent our people to war
to fight over YOUR oil THAT YOU WANTED SO BADLY..costed American people
their lives..shit..your old fart dust..your penis probably
doesn't even work no more & it reminds people of your fuckin' what you got to SHOULD'VE fought your own war
against Iraq..See if your old ass wins-Worst. President. Ever. He let New
Orleans drown, doubled our national debt, let 9/11 happen because he was
too busy vacationing, started two wars for profit, and he still can't
pronounce "nuclear" or string together a coherent sentence. Why would I
ever miss his dumbass?/A Few Good Democrats Are Not Enough The Occupied
Wall Street Journal The Occupied Wall Street J. As long as there has been
a thing called Occupy Wall Street, there have been people who’ve
suggested it should become the left’s version of the Tea Party Birther Candidate Suffers Big Embarrassment For one
Republican congressional candidate, having Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio as
a surrogate may do more harm than good. /Former
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said millions of dollars from the
"extreme right wing" in the United States helped oust him cnn/Truthout:
"Charles Bowden dubbed Ciudad Juarez 'Murder City' published in 2010, the
same year the city suffered 3,110 murders. 'You have come on a very busy
day today,' Sandra Rodriguez tells me ... 'There have already been eight
murders. It is just 4 PM/The Difference Between What Liberals Believe,
What Libertarians Believe, And What Ron Paul Believesthe deal breakers
with Ron Paul, and as anti-war as we are, we cannot support this
candidate for President. Sad. But we do admire his staunch unwavering
pursuit of a total corporate controlled government in America. 4.
Corporations and Regulations Liberals believe: It’s the government’s job
to regulate corporations, to protect the people from predatory practices.
Libertarians believe: The Government shouldn’t have the right to regulate
businesses. Ron Paul believes: Telling businesses to do anything is
unconstitutional, and so is investigating them. After the BP oil spill in
2010 Ron Paul was the ONLY congressman, out of over 400, that voted
AGAINST giving subpoena power to the independent committee responsible
for investigating BP. 5. Discrimination Liberals believe: Discriminating
against anyone for any reason is unconstitutional, and the Government’s
job is to protect the minorities from bigotry from the majority.
Libertarians believe: People are entitled to their own beliefs as long as
they’re not hurting anyone else. Ron Paul believes: Businesses should
have the right to discriminate against anyone for any reason, and that
it’s unconstitutional for the Government to tell businesses they can’t
discriminate against people. Ron Paul has said repeatedly that he would
vote against the portion of the Civil Rights Act which prohibits
businesses from discriminating and segregating their customers. We’re a nation whose leaders are pursuing policies
that amount to economic “suicide”. But there are glimmers of possibility.
Noam Chomsky on America's Economic Suicide /
Medical Error "Well, we did our best. These things happen." At least
100,000 hospital patients dying each year due to medical malpractice in
the U.S. "Substandard or negligent care have been swept under the rug" by
the medical profession for too long. It’s a wonder any of us makes it out
of the doctor’s office or hospital alive, estimated that medical errors
are estimated to result in about between 44,000 and 98,000 preventable
deaths and 1,000,000 excess injuries each year in U.S. hospitals. (2008).
"Medical error: Is the solution medical or cognitive?". Journal of the
American Medical Informatics Association 6 /IIRC, MOST Delegates are, so
far, Ron Paul Supporters, AND they demand that Rule 38 be applied, THEN,
RON PAUL may be the FIRST ROUND  NOMINEE, maybe by the minimum 10 point
spread LANDSLIDE VICTORY.  I'd LOVE to see at least a 20 point DOUBLE
LANDSLIDE.  MAN, that'll embarass the media, AND scae the S*** outa
maobamessiah.  Unfortunately, it is at this point, that Ron Paul becomes
very likely, an assassination target.  If elected as POTUS, much more so.
 Everyone, PLEASE PRAY for his protection, PART DEUX  !!!!!  Predicted
media spin "In a stunning upset, in a first round vote, Ron Paul, was
elected as the Party Nominee at the Republican National Convention."  My
desired further report: "The Republican National Convention gaveled
closure after its first hour.  Ron Paul supporters adjourned to local
hotels for their celebration.  twit rummy and his LOSERS were seen
swilling champis, expensive wine, gulping caviar, shrimp, Kobe and Angus
beef steaks.  Several arrests for public disturbences, drunkeness, lewd
behavior, assault and battery, and more, were conducted against rummy
supporters."   "In a related report, Utah has seceeded from the United
States of America." Birther, CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLICAN- 'Jeb Bush Will
Be Next President/You should never pray for a miracle, but you should
always expect them — in great abundance. Angels are everywhere, mostly in
human form/May 2nd at 3662 Wellhaun Road in Decatur, Georgia resembled
that of a major drug bust with officers sneaking around in the middle of
the night. Instead of a bust however, 50 officers stormed the property of
62 year old Christine Frazer’s house at 3 AM to serve her with an
eviction notice. Chris’ house was foreclosed on fraudulently (short video
on her story by Investors One Corporation in
October 2011, and she has been fighting it in court ever since. In March,
activists with Occupy Atlanta set up camp on her lawn and committed to
stay to defend Chris’ home from eviction. Using what sheriff Thomas Brown
himself referred to as “intelligence,” Dekalb County law enforcement
waited until activists were not present at the home, and the neighbors
would be asleep, to serve an unprecedented eviction after hours, putting
4 generations including her 85 year old mother, and 3 year old grandson
out on the curb. They refused to allow Chris to shower or for her mother
to get dressed; they told Chris to behave as if it were a fire drill.
They even rounded up her dogs and took them to the pound.The police
blockaded the neighborhood and wouldn’t allow anyone to help secure the
family’s valuable personal belongings from the side of the road. Once
again, it is clear that the government and our law enforcement officials
are being used to serve and protect the interest of the 1%/
5412/What killed Lenin? Stress didn't help, poison eyed99 min. ago -A
doctor says stress, family medical history or possibly even poison led to
the death of Vladimir Lenin, contradicting a popular theory that a
sexually-transmitted disease debilitated the former Soviet Union leader-
Kofi AnnanUN: Syria peace plan is 'on track's six-point
peace plan for Syria remains "on track," his spokesman insisted Friday,
despite skepticism from the U.S. and others about the cease-fire that has
been largely ignored by President Bashar Assad-so it is bad and to be
punished keeping a song in your heart these days... I guess they can take
that away too, All in all your just a... another brick in the wall ♫-  
This world today is changing and not for the better. We, the people need
to step up and take back our country. I have to agree with some of the
other posters I do not like what is happening and unless we come together
nothing will change. We can no longer sit back and let some one else
fight the battle we have to get in there as well. Only we, the people can
make the difference be in education or government-Nothing to see here
folks, just keep moving along. It's just another slow day at the Denver
Pest where the slogan is; "All the 'news' that fits, we print". Where are
the important, late-breaking, earth shattering stories such as the
results of the Paraguayan marble championships? Just like millions of
other kids that play "violent" video games, the Michelle Obama sugary
soft drinks and cereals and eats at McDonalds!!!!!! Let's also blame a
pathetic, PC society being driven by a bunch of tree hugging
LOSERS!!!!!!!! Let's all hug now!!!! Sheesh      -Too bad we can't
suspend parents for bad parenting. I bet this kid is also well versed in
violent video games, sugary soft drinks and cereals, and knows the entire
menu at McDonalds. A sad story and hopefully this kid gets aimed back in
the right direction before it's too late for him to become a successful
contributing tax paying American- Aurora first-grader suspended for
sexual harassment- Who is this "public" demanding that teachers and
administrators develop and carry out brainless "zero tolerance" laws and
policies? I could be mistaken, but I see those laws and policies as
nothing more than CYA tactics, implemented by spineless education zombies
and leftie legislators. Look right on this forum and notice what sort of
commentary is coming from the "public". Not much agreement that
suspending a kid for quoting a song title is rational. It is NOT
rational. When we end up with the DUMBEST people in the population
educating our kids, which we have, I'll have to agree with half the
posters here -- we are doomed. The teachers/administrators responsible
for this action should be expelled from the educational system and seek
the jobs they are actually qualified for -- at McDonald's. Zero tolerance
= zero brains, and this happening proves it yet again
-sexual-harassment /DENVER—More than 8.5 tons
of prescriptions drugs collected in Colo, during the Drug Enforcement
Administration's drug take-back event. The DEA this week said 17,646
pounds of prescription drugs were collected at drop-off points across the
state during the event on Saturday. In Montana, the DEA collected 1,741
pounds and 1,224 pounds in Wyoming. The DEA started the take-back program
in 2010 following studies that indicate that more people abuse
prescription drugs than cocaine, heroin, and hallucinogens combined. A
majority of the abused prescription drugs come from home medicine
cabinets. Nationwide, the DEA collected 276 tons of unwanted or expired
medications for disposal-Perfect example of everything that is wrong
with government. Give patents to certain groups, jack up the price,
subsidize purchase with Medicare, fund disposal via taxes-Let me see
if I understand correctly, you are against the concept of patents - which
reward rugged individualists who are the source of all innovation, and
you are against the ban on Medicare to use their purchasing power to
demand lower prices. Is that right?-job well done. It's great to bring
some visibility to the insidious nature of these meekly packaged and
marketed killers-conveniently overlooked in all the brouhaha about
impairment limits for Rolling Stoned. "In 2009, the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration reported that two times as many Coloradans
died from prescription drug abuse than from drunk-driving-related
-drugs-collected-colo /. Two senior al-Qaida leaders wrote a letter to
Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud in December 2010 criticizing
the group for carrying out attacks in markets, mosques and other places
that kill innocent Muslims. It accused the group of making "clear legal
and religious mistakes which might result in a negative deviation from
the set path of the jihadists' movement in Pakistan." 17 letters seized
from the compound of al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden by American commandos
after they had killed him one year ago. Many of them addressed bombings
in which civilians were killed, these kinds of attacks "distort the
picture of the pious and loyal mujahideen." "Now many regular people are
looking at the mujahideen as a group that does not hesitate to take
people's money by falsehood, blowing up mosques, spilling the blood of
dozens of people in the way to kill one or two who were labeled as
enemies," said Gadahn. One of the incidents highlighted by Gadahn was a
2010 suicide bombing of a mosque in the northwest town of Darra Adam Khel
targeting anti-Taliban tribal elders that killed nearly 70 people. He
expressed skepticism at attempts by the Pakistani Taliban to blame the
attack on the private U.S. security firm formerly known as Blackwater
ani-market-kills-16 /Communists Lose Bid for Pro Bass Shops, Taxpayer
Incentive-laden deal for Bass Pro Shops store in Brandon dead-Communists
make push for new stadium at taxpayer expense, Hillsborough commissioners
seek legal advice about talking to Tampa Bay Rays-edu Budgets Drained,
Communists Want Taxpayer Money To Replace A 20-Year-Old Atlanta Falcons
Stadium/Controversy is nothing new to Lanzo, who seems to bask in the
negative attention each time he posts a new inflammatory message. the
Georgia Peach Oyster Bar. "I say just because you're offended by it
doesn't mean you don't have the right to say something just the opposite,
Lanzo said, according to a report from Atlanta's Fox 5. don't feel bad
about anything whatsoever. Therefore, they can go out and put their own
sign in their own yard and I will not be offended Lanzo's latest message
reads, "I do not support the n!gger in the White House." He recently told
a local reporter that the offensive wording was not meant to be racist.
2009, Lanzo drew outrage with a sign that read, "Obama's plan for
health-care: n!gger rig it." Again Lanzo maintained it was just a simple
health care protest and not racist, a strange claim considering he
advertises his establishment as a "Klan Bar" and has a rich history of
catering to some of the nation's most notorious racist groups. Asked why
he had chosen those words to express his feelings on the matter, Lanzo
replied, "Well, I've used it most of my life. There are different ways to
put your opinion up, but that's just the words I choose/Obama's
Perception As 'Dictator' Cost GOP Lobby Shop Cash, Says Founder
WASHINGTON -- A top Republican lobbying shop lost major business over the
past few years because clients thought "Obama was going to be dictator,"
and only firms closely aligned with the administration would have access,
Ed Rogers, the head of BGR Group, said in a deposition taken in January.
BGR Group, founded by top Republican players Haley Barbour, Lanny
Griffith and Rogers, peaked in 2007 with more than $20 million in
revenue. In three years of the Obama administration, revenue has been
down roughly 25 percent, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Barbour returned to the firm in 2012 after two terms as Mississippi
governor. "There was a spike in people thinking that Obama was going to
be dictator and to get a fair hearing, which is all you're ever really
going to get or all you literally want, you had to be close to the Obama
administration. We were not," Rogers testified. "Well, was that just a
perception or is that reality?" he was asked. "It's a perception more
than anything. Washington is becoming a town of what you know, not who
you know," Rogers said. Jeffrey Birnbaum, a spokesman for BGR Group,
declined to comment/Ain’t Nobody Gonna Like This, What you think you know
about Christianity is a lie. The gospels we use now are "rehashed" Roman
Empire propaganda, not the pure word of Christ. As much of Christ's real
words as possible were destroyed. The real Gospels, Nag Hammadi, Thomas,
Magdalene, some from the Dead Sea Scrolls, /Ex Pharma
Sales Rep speaks the truth Pharma doesn't want to cure you Ex pharma Rep
speaks out about Pharma and their real motivations and lack there of to
cure , heal and care for you or your best interest Tanks
in Egypt. Military dictatorshop attacks peaceful protesters... supplied
by Hillary Clinton and President Hopey Changey. Wall Photos اخبار #مصر |
اكتر من 20 مدرعة متجهة إلي العباسية الان #ENN #MOD #Abasseya #Egypt
#Tahrir /Happy Star Wars day!/Paul Ryan's moral conflict between
compassionate Christ and the guiltless greed of Ayn Rand.-It's hard to
choose between lust and love and ambition-Ayn Rand denounced religion,
Christianity and Christian why are so many Christians also
followers of Ayn Rand??!!-God I like rich people and look how much they
pay me to do this stuff. Do I have to go to hell just for depriving
millions of people of food, health care and jobs./majority of
"Christians" pray for the slaughter of millions so christ can return and
they rejoice!!! I wonder why they don't see the road to a warm toasty
place they are on? Nor can I understand their rationale...I can say
this... they are not actually christans./Homeschoolers Portrayed as
"Terrorists" HSLDA assists members in Michigan falsely accused of child
abuse Centers for Disease Control and Prevention experts
are seeking to confirm what they already suspect: that Richard Din, 25,
died Saturday young research associate killed by a highly virulent strain
of meningococcal disease is believed to have contracted the bacteria from
the San Francisco lab where he was working on a vaccine against it,
scientists in the San Francisco lab have spent more than 20 years trying
unsuccessfully to develop a vaccine against serogroup B, the strain that
killed Din, like the Holy Grail to develop the vaccine against B, Din
died of multiple organ failure caused by meningococcal infection and
septic shock, said Eileen Shields, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco
Department of Public Health. He died less than a day after becoming ill/
Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says his main suspect for the architect
of the attack is Vice President Dick Cheney.
Diana was going to start campaigning for Palestine/New Police Strategy in
New York - Sexual Assault Against Peaceful Protesters, apparently
systematic use of sexual assault against women protestors is new. Most of
the women who have been victims of such assaults have been hesitant to
come forward. Suing the city is a miserable and time-consuming task and
if a woman brings any charge involving sexual misconduct, they can expect
to have their own history and reputations ... raked over the coals,
usually causing immense damage to their personal and professional life-
Goldman Sachs Political Contributions Tainted by Money From Swindled
Veterans and Other Misdeeds-University of California President Mark Yudof
has launched a campaign targeting human rights activists and others
challenging the Israeli occupation and colonization of the West Bank and
other policies of the right-wing US-backed Israeli government- reveals that 23.3 million (56.7%) of the 41.1 million
dollars was spent on '19 ads containing deceptive or misleading claims-
truthout/GOP Convention to Welcome Loaded Guns buzzflash/Arrests Exceed
7,000 as Occupy's Movement's Spring Plans Unfold Across the Nation hp/
5312/after a Secret Service investigation, a canceled nugget's Army
concert and an outpouring of criticism, said presumptive GOP nominee Mitt
Romney's camp "expressed support" for the controversial comments/Bin
Laden worried about legacy and sought to kill Obama In his final months
padding around the dark third-floor room in his cinder-block Pakistan
hide-out/Supermoon Saturday: It's also called the 'Flower Moon,' and
'Milk Moon.' The 'supermoon' will be only 221802 miles from Earth, the
closest to our planet this year csm/

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5312/Marxist Obama Trickle down economics

5312/The Truth Behind the Official Story, "It is now clear that CIA
officials were blatantly misrepresenting both bin Laden's role in
al-Qaeda when he was killed and how the agency came to focus on his
compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. In fact, during his six years in
Abbottabad, bin Laden was not the functioning head of al-Qaeda at all,
but an isolated figurehead who had become irrelevant to the actual
operations of the organization. The real story, told here for the first
time, is that bin Laden was in the compound in Abbottabad because he had
been forced into exile by the al-Qaeda leadershipDepartment of Homeland
Security (DHS) turned over another batch of documents to Truthout Monday
morning in response to our wide-ranging Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
request pertaining to the agency's role in monitoring the Occupy Wall
Street (OWS) protest movement. We've just started to scrutinize the files
and we intend to publish a series of reports later today highlighting our
America's Top Prison Corporation: A Study in Predatory Capitalism and
Cronyism  "This week, I will tackle the largest private
prison company, the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and its
unprecedented proposal to buy prisons from money-strapped states, as well
as how CCA has gamed the system with trips through the revolving door,
self-dealing and influence peddling. Just to set the stage as to how
large the prison population is in the United States: our prison
population is the highest in the world; one out of 100 US residents are
in prison-Seventy-Five Thousand People Demand Bank of America End Its
Political Donations, North Carolina, on May 9th. A group of
shareholders led by Trillium Asset Management will be introducing a
resolution calling on the megabank to cease all political donations, as
these 'contributions can backfire on a corporation's reputation and
bottom line.' For example, retail giant Target took a hit in the stock
market for spending cash on anti-gay politicians-Department of Homeland
Security's (DHS) involvement in law enforcement's response to Occupy Wall
Street (OWS) shows considerable coordination between various agencies
regarding the December 12, 2011, West Coast-wide OWS protest aimed at
shutting down seaports in Anchorage, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland,
Portland, Houston, Seattle and Tacoma. A request from DHS's Network
Operations Center (NOC) went out on December 6 to Customs and Border
Patrol (CPB), the US Coast Guard and Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE)-Though sidelined by the Secret Service scandal, last month's Summit
of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, was an event of considerable
significance. There are three major reasons: Cuba, the drug war, and the
isolation of the United States-new questions are being raised about the
source of certain provisions in Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's
controversial collective bargaining legislation. Some of those provisions
may be adopted by ALEC for introduction in other states."-Krugman  The
Rise of Orwellian Economics Krugman & Co.: "These past few years have
been lean times in many respects - but they've been boom years for
agonizingly dumb, pound-your-head-on-the-table economic fallacies. The
latest fad - illustrated by a recent commentary article in The Wall
Street Journal - is that expansionary monetary policy is a giveaway to
banks and plutocrats generally. Indeed, that screed, titled 'How the Fed
Favors the 1 Percent' and written by the hedge-fund founder Mark
Spitznagel, actually claims that the whole 1 versus 99 thing should
really be about reining in or maybe abolishing the Federal Reserve-CUNY
Brooklyn College Students Roughed Up by Police for Demanding Fairer
Treatment "Every gate at the City University of New York's Brooklyn
College had doubled security - no one was getting in without a student
ID. That and the rain might have dampened turnout for a mass student day
of action calling for increased access to higher education and supported
by the likes of Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky, but it didn't dampen the
spirits of the student activists who rallied on the quad and then marched
into Boylan Hall, chanting, '1, 2, 3, 4, tuition fees are class war! 5,
6, 7, 8, students will retaliate-Occupy Wall Street is rightly credited
with helping to shift the economic debate in America from a fixation on
deficits to issues of income inequality, corporate greed and the
centralization of wealth among the richest 1 percent. The movement has
chalked up other victories as well, from altering New York Gov. Andrew
Cuomo's tax plan to re-energizing activists and unions, but bringing some
discussion of class into the mainstream dialogue has been one of its
crowning achievements- Battle between grassroots organizing and big
corporate funding heats up in Wisconsin, new study from the Commonwealth
Fund shows why the nation needs comprehensive health reform, the US Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that former Bush legal adviser John Yoo
can't be sued by victims of torture, and more-New data released last
month by researchers at Yale and George Mason universities show that a
lot of Americans are growing far more concerned about climate change,
precisely because they're drawing the links between freaky weather, a
climate kicked off-kilter by a fossil-fuel guzzling civilization, and
their own lives. After a year with a record number of multi-billion
dollar weather disasters, seven in ten Americans now believe that 'global
warming is affecting the weather-Murdoch in "Unprecedented Firestorm" as
UK Panel Finds Him Unfit to Run Global Media Empire The panel's finding
has prompted a U.S. watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and
Ethics in Washington, to call on the Federal Communications Commission to
revoke News Corp.'s 27 Fox broadcast licenses in the United
States-Truthout/It is that the LOVE of money becomes the root of much
evil, especially the great evils of vanity(which consume the elites at
all times and in all places) and envy(which is so grossly apparent in so
much of the world, When money stops being an asset and an enabler but
becomes a dominating idol, it demands and receives endless blood
sacrifices. Of course money did not turn itself into an idol or usurp the
place of the Divine: vain and envious people did that-if your going to be
filthy rich...I think you should give away your money quietly and
anonymously. If you make a big deal out of giving your money away, then
your doing it for your own gain. I have zero respect for big noise making
charity givers/Obama did break his silent shame to make a joke about his
health care takeover being overturned in the Supreme Court. At  White
House Correspondents’ Dinner, he did a riff on what to expect in a second
Obama administration. “In my first term, we passed health care reform. In
my second term, I guess I’ll pass it again.” The crowd chortled and
applauded, but it’s no laughing matter to those who could lose their
employer-provided coverage in less than two years wt/Rumsfield says
Obamas OBL call easy, "A secret military operation in early 2005 to
capture senior members of Al Qaeda in Pakistan’s tribal areas was aborted
at the last minute after top Bush administration officials decided it was
too risky and could jeopardize relations with Pakistan, called off after
Donald H. Rumsfeld, then the defense secretary, rejected an 11th-hour
appeal by Porter J. Goss, then the director of the Central Intelligence
Agency, officials said. Members of a Navy Seals unit in parachute gear
had already boarded C-130 cargo planes in Afghanistan when the mission
was canceled,  had ballooned from a small number of military personnel
and C.I.A. operatives to several hundred, was cumbersome and put too many
American lives at risk, the current and former officials said. He was
also concerned that it could cause a rift with Pakistan, an often
reluctant ally that has barred the American military from operating in
its tribal areas,  the planned “snatch and grab” operation frustrated
some top intelligence officials and members of the military’s secret
Special Operations units-Wow! Da chimp LYING KNEEGROW -> Foodstamp Obama
said a word and now credits himself for fast roping into enemy compounds
singlehandedly and killing Usama with a razor!!-Mitt said it was a no
brainer, even Carter would have. It was nothing only because it was Obama
and it was successful.If it had failed and lives and foreign relations
lost the same people would be saying it was a terrible call, and should
never have been made because it was too risky.And still be obsessed over
it/If it was so "easy" why did they fail to do it in 8 years?-I'll take a
shot at answering that for you FAUX boy. IMNSHpo it was because they
didn't care about getting bin Laden as evidenced by the fiasco that is
the Wrongful War in Iraq-Thanks so much for your opinion- Well since *
didn't seem to want to answer, Since my nic was here first, my nic by
definition cannot be a Faux. WHereas your nic is clearly a faux of */Law
was Passed in 2010 & just waiting to be ENFORCED! >>> IF YOU HAVE KIDS
<<< or KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES You need to see this. The STATE HAS already
passed a Law that will allow a "LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER" not a "CERTIFIED
MEDICAL ATTENDANT" to give vaccinations by FORCE if needed!!!/Jews
protest against Israel and Zionism. Rabbi Yisroel Weiss and fellow Jews
peacefully protest against Israel and Zionism-awesome, let us evolve and
embody the concepts of humanism and love for a species-the reason the
world is the way it is.... Hitler- the modern day messiah!-A true
hero-bees against honey- fuck all religions there all fake fuckin
waste-israel and zionism shud b washed our completely-YES. Some Truth!
Down with the fascists, in America, and abroad!- It's ironic that there's
a feud between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Three religions that come
from the same place and tell the same story-I agree with him till he says
atheists..such a lie-Legend!-These are Heredi.They are loyal to the king
of Jordan and deny that Any Jewish State may exit until the coming of the
Messiah in their sole. Opinion. By saying you love this I reluctantly
conclude that um you may be an Anti Semite. I hope I an Mistaken. They
Are the unwashed ugly image of the Jew so many love to hate. Salaam
Shalom. SUFFER NO FOOLS GLADLY-please look deep into your heart and I
hope you can gibmve me a reason to apologize for my direct response to
you-They actually appear to be real Jews, Torah observing Jews, to me. I
don't hate them. I hate ZIONISM.-Did a Jewish guy steal your girlfriend?
Liberal discussions without bigotry
difference between "antisioniste" and "antisemite" !(antizionmite)/men
always need some…fiction in the name of which they can hate one another.
Once it was religion. Now it is the State-Einstein to Hendrik A. Lorentz,
1915/ Smartypants: President Obama's long game strategy with the neocons problem with criticisms of any Country.
The United States is far and away better than North Korea or Saudi
Arabia, but it still is backwards, the same for Israel. It has a long way
to go too. Criticizing them for being run by Hawks is certainly
legitimate/look upon Palestine with the same instinctive love and true
fervor that any Aztec looked upon his Mexico or any Sioux looked upon his
prairie. To think that the Arabs will voluntarily consent to the
realization of Zionism in return for the cultural and economic benefits
we can bestow on them is infantile, History of Zionism and the Creation
of Israel - Zionism in Jewish thought, the Holocaust, the Conflict and
the claims of anti-Zionists /
Texas Freedom Network is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization of
religious and community leaders who support religious freedom, individual
liberties and strong public schools." Texas Freedom Network Founded in
1995 and with headquarters in Austin, the Texas Freedom Network is the
nation's leading state-based organization countering the religious right
and monitoring far-right issues, organizations, money and leaders/House
Leadership to Act Quickly on Postal Reform Legislation-agree, but
regardless it should not be required to make a profit anyway. It's a
Public service, not a business. With that type of reasoning, why don't
they completely privatize the Military? I bet you could do it a lot
Frisch Art the last part is the problem. Fed-Ex and UPS are pushing the
whole idea to destroy the postal service. It has nothing to do with
balencing the US budget. It has everything to do with huge donations to
congressmens super PACs/Roubini's latest reason he thinks the global
economy will come close to collapse next year: a likely military
confrontation involving Israel, the U.S. and Iran. The pressure from oil
sanctions against Iran and concern about its weapons will trigger the
action work and pensions secretary, expressed
his concern over those who have been unemployed for at least a year: "The
number of people long-term unemployed is now up about 50% on the year."
despite Central Banks throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it &
those with jobs are struggling to keep up with the general rise in prices
each year. Perversely while the working & middle classes struggle,
investors have done pretty well in the last year with the Nasdaq share
index up 8.5% as corporate profits continue to soar/the bar low enough
that 8% unemployment is considered something to celebrate over and brag
about-.Bush DID double the unemployment rate AND the debt. Not to mention
record deficits, failing to catch OBL, a housing bubble he created,
inflated and protected and could barely speak a complete sentence without
drooling all over himself Low bar indeed--Unemployment Rate that was
rising half a percent per month, 8% and FALLING would be a heck of a turn
around. Capische?a journey of a million miles starts with but a single
step ....and obama has made many steps should appreciate all hes
done bringing us back from your pub mess/no bank will loan on residential
real estate unless there a guarantee - that's Freddie and Fannie or
USgubmint. If they do they will want at least several points up front and
rates in the stratosphere..., I think his interview is republican
posturing/Republicans side with al Qaeda Both hate America.-$1,000 shirt
is off the shelf On Worth Avenue, $1000 is on the close out rack- Obama
returned GM to No.1 in the Auto Industry A masterful management
job-Romney would run from Tora Bora and Abbottabad Even Cons know Romney
would run from both situations. It bothers them- Bush ran from Tora Bora,
Obama attacked 2 Presidents, 2 decisions. And to the winner go the
spoils! Nothing will change-Romney wanted to kill GM and 1 million jobs I
recognize some of the same alibis they give Bush for running from Tora
Bora-Yahoo Dems side with Al-Quaida Osama got tired of hearing on FOX
what a b4st4rd he was. That's why he hated FOX/ASK ROMNEY ABOUT PLANET
KOLOB & HIS CULT-Does non-christian, mormon cult leader, Romney, ever
plan on explaining how planet KOLOB factors into his deluded cult
beliefs? get him on record about his cult's bizarre beliefs. NO ONE
would EVER vote for such a loon-Maybe you can bring him his sacred mormon
protective undies to ward off the "bad" stuff coming his way about his
non-christian, mormon cult beliefs!-sycophants to the Wall St bankers are
just too easily made suckers of. They are like the groupies who chase
rock stars-Klatu, barrata nikto-/Globalization has unlocked a huge supply
of workers while technology has reduced demand. Those in charge of these
phenomena have benefited. Ordinary workers face extreme competition for
the remaining jobs. That's why the income numbers have done what they've
done. A good flu that knocked off 20% of the world population,
preferentially the old, would solve a lot of problems/GOVERNMENT looking
out for you, and your families "BEST INTEREST"... WHAT A JOKE, dedicated
to the IGNORANT SCHOOL nurses at your child School". They sure try to
make one feel stupid when asking for the "Vaccine Exemption Form". Yes
they have this form AT YOUR KIDS SCHOOL, you just have to ask. THE SCHOOL
Become fully aware of the Dangers of Vaccination The Dangers of Vaccines
Part 2 (Autism SIDS MMR HPV Gardasil H1N1 Thimerosal) Health authorities
claim vaccines are safe and that they prevent infectious diseases. Yet
these claims are contradicted /a mixture of 55% Coconut
Water & 45% Chlorophyll (plant blood) is an instant blood transfusion? In
WWII Coconut Water was used for blood transfusions in soldiers & saved
many lives. Drink this concoction to re-build your blood! This is helpful
to know when suffering from blood diseases/issues. Then be sure to follow
delicious & health-building recies from The Earth Diet!/FUKUSHIMA PRIMED
FOR WORLD WIDE DISASTER- keep filling the news with entertainment, and
hiding what is really happening in the world
Missouri Republican Rep. Zachary Wyatt told his colleagues He’s Gay
And Refuses To Vote For Suppressing His Own Existence
‎"Gay Republican, = Nazi Jew. Shame on him for his years of being in the
closet and for being a republiscum but good for him for finally standing
up for how he was born.-if not an oxymoron, is at least indicative of
masked fatalism and, or deep-rooted self-hatred- I say, It's about time!
Can't even believe he's a republican-amazes me that there are GLBT people
that continue to support a political party that has no interest in
protecting their civil rights and, in fact, encourages their continued
existence as second-class citizens-like Ghandi joining the NRA: this
guy's in the wrong party. There may be a very few decent Repubs left on
state govt. levels, but on the national level the entire party has become
nothing more than a dangerous mob-doubly rare person! He's gay, he can
think for himself...and yet, he's a republican-Another self loathing gay
Republican heard from. How could any self respecting person belong to a
political party that defines itself (as in has as a central plank in it's
party platform) with the goal of destroying the families of everyone /omWelcome to, home of the
National Radiation Map, depicting environmental radiation levels across
the USA, updated every minute/Alleged US Army doc: re-education camps and
psy-op missions aimed at activists If one day I should just stop showing
up at protests and the like.An American military document just uncovered
appears to detail an US Army plan that calls for detaining “political
activists” at re-education camps staffed by military-hired “PSYOP
officers” in both America and wary. Question everything
Gates Foundation is financially backing and publicly endorsing mass polio
virus vaccinations in India. In case you didn't hear him yourself, Bill
Gates publicly announced that vaccines could help reduce the world
population by 15%. wild polio virus stats have been traded for polio from
vaccines and non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP). >>>In India, over
47,000 cases of NPAFP were reported in 2011 just gets more
mysterious. Medical examiners in Los Angeles are now investigating the
possible poisoning death of one of their own officials who may have
worked on the case of Andrew Breitbart, the conservative activist who
died March 1, the same day Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced probable cause
for forgery/US police state gone wild: Federal agents to begin 'Operation
Red Zone' in Chicago, next week, expect to see a showing of federal law
enforcement in "battle" gear, weapons slung, in a highly visible effort
to protect a perimeter that encompasses the federally operated buildings
in the Loop intimidate protesters. Law enforcement has dubbed their
efforts "Operation Red Zone." It's headed by the Federal Protective
Service, which is working with state, federal and local law enforcement
in anticipation of the NATO Summit in Chicago, Federal Protective Service
will deploy additional personnel beginning May 1, bringing in more people
from out of town and outfitting them in "battle dress uniform." >To
Joliet Jail for NATO offenders? Mothballed for a decade, the
Joliet Correctional Center could be temporarily reopened to serve as a
detention facility for those arrested for serious offenses during the May
20-21 NATO media in the U.S.A. is nothing but
the lying, propaganda and brainwashing arm of the turncoat U.S.
Government as ell as the UnAmerican corporations, globalists, banks and
elite, who are working both right in front of your eyes as well as behind
the scenes to your detriment. They and others like them are working to
destroy the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and this very country
itself!/Water Guns Banned, Handguns Allowed at GOP Convention ABC News-
Federal Judge Threatens Sanctions Against Oakland Police for "Military
Type Response" to Occupy Protests ThinkProgress-Ron Paul's Delegate
Antics Could Spell Trouble for GOP Convention Talking Points Memo-
Walmart to Pay More Than $4.8 Million in Back Wages for Overtime Wage
Theft  DailyKos/ the moral education that I found so dissatisfying in my
youth, as it trickled down to medium-sized Midwestern burgs – a
disingenous muddle of a irrationalism, intellectual double standards, and
whiny special pleading. I learned that because Israel was a "democracy,"
with Arab citizens and political parties, discrimination against those
Arabs was not a problem – but also that it was appropriate for the
Israeli Defense Forces to harass Arabs at random because, I remember
hearing, "they don't wear signs around their neck saying 'good Arab' and
'bad Arab, the dangers of circling the wagons. He wrote about his
grandmother, who said "Jews are like rats," fleeing sinking ships. In The
Crisis of Zionism he lists the ships his own family has been forced to
abandon over the generations: first escaping “a Spanish town cleansed of
Jews five hundred years ago”; then now-defunct Jewish communities in
Greece and Turkey; then the war-torn Belgian Congo, whence they fled to
South Africa. In South Africa, Jews found "rich soil," Beinart writes —
"and poisoned soil as well-"God gave us this land" argument is
unacceptable if people have a different view of God.  Remember, in
Exodus, the Holy Land was not empty.  Re-read that book to see what the
Angel of Death and the Israelites did to the occupants.  Even more,
recent study and DNA testing suggests that the Israelites were not a
separate people but came together from various local
tribes-Zionists and many if not most Jews support the victimhood myth and
the state of Israel.The Arabs have much larger and more diverse
population which does not act together. Israel likes to call Palestinians
"Arabs" to give the idea they are like undifferentiated rich oil sheiks,
with no rights to the land Isael has absorbed-
zionism-and-ours-20120502/ Al-Qaida letter seized at Bin Laden compound:
‘As for Fox News, let her die in anger, a letter outlining Al-Qaida's
media strategy ahead of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, the terror group's
top spokesman expressed disdain for Fox News. "From the professional
point of view, they are all on one level--except [Fox News] channel which
falls into the abyss rael is filthy with corruption
high time we cut off the welfare to this blood sucker-its time your
mother scrubbed the tuna smell near her lower body-anti spitic too?
the way i see it, the FOREIGNERS in the homeland printing money in the
u.s., wanting the u.s. to fight their wars, pay for their wars, die in
their wars, go bankrupt in their wars, get foreclosed on for their wars,
lose lands and homes to the thieves like NAKBA 1948 in their fraud, lose
heritances for sons and daughters .... so with friends like IZZIES WHO
NEEDS ENEMIES!/Stock Market nearly doubled under Marxist Obama. Can't say
the same for Trickle down economics Bush and the GOP./Lunatic right-wing
spin turning into a vortex Do you guys live in an alternate universe? The
war on reality is the left's campaign. You cannot say the things you say
with a straight face, unless you are completely unhinged. Obama has yet
to tell an unvarnished truth, he's been the most divisive, polarizing,
attacking, name-calling pResident in history. He's the least qualified
guy in every room he enters. And morons like you believe every word he
says, you will wake up and realize you've been wasting your life and your
mind with the communist party hacks who label themselves Democrats. Then
it's "welcome to the real world-do more pointing and grunting so as not
to abuse words. Try not to make the same gesture or sounds twice as it
may appear to be forming a vocabulary. Be creative, people will kill to
defend their own ego's long before killing to defend God. It seems the
good ppeople would characterise as evil those who kill all the first born
to avoid a competing power but not hesitate to kill in private just to
avoid embarassment. Yes, the sociophiles had life all figured out. Utopia
it seems is right around the coroner. Free expression has always been
hard to defend against feel good brats and barts/mick gilly, jim
swaggart, jerry lee lewis cousins, dad morgaged the house to buy piano,
jd davis (unconqored)fat repulsive pill popping limbaugh, imus
5212/Rupert received a strong endorsement from the board of
directors of his News Corp cnn

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5212/obama bribes karzi for 2billion$ per year

5212/German Dr. Siegwart-Horst Gunther, Depleted Uranium and the Dying
Children 1/6:
list=PL62A2C9A6164E9B83 The Doctor the Depleted Uranium and the Dying
Children 1/6 An award winning documentary film produced for German
television ‎"I'm signing because he's a murderer and a war criminal. The
man should be in jail for the rest of his life"
-of-george-w-bush United Nations: Commence Murder Indictment of George W.
Bush Launching a War of Aggression is the Supreme Crime
Against Humanity as established at Nuremberg-Let's not forget that israel
is using depleted uranium on the people of Palestine as we speak. The
United States Of israel spends more on killing people in other countries
than they do feeding the poor in their own country. This is a crime
against the world & humanity & needs to be prosecuted-I am a US Army
veteran. And I want the world to know that NOT all soldiers support the
methods used by our government to MURDER people and our govt is murdering
its own SOLDIERS as well. I was experimented on by the govt while in the
Army and I almost died from what they did to me and I still suffer from
it today. PLEASE know that the U.S. GOVT is NOT the U.S. PEOPLE! The
people hate this as much as the victims of it do! This is NOT what
America is supposed to stand for. And yes....our country will pay the
price for this evil. -Your enemy
is not Bush or Uranium Depleted Shells it is the media. The media like
MSNBC.everyday they are spinning lies like this about you and us so we
are at each others throats. Look at you throwing stones and judging us as
we do the same to you-poor children-the curse of islam is all over them-
Oh Lord. The curse of islam? Really lady-satanic NWO is INHUMAN/INSANE!!
FU** WESTERN POLICE STATES!! Divide and Conquer is their strategy!! We
have to find other ways!! Knowledge is EVERLASTING!! Here some
inspiration…just BOYCOTT!!
set=a.270843696274987.86380.225767467449277&type=3&theater The Consumer
controls the Markets! Humble yourselves to SAVE US! THE NWO IS A MUCH
Government seizure of the internet has begun; DHS takes over 76 websites FBI Busted In Ohio Bomb Plot, wouldn't you know
it, the FBI was involved in the organization and planning/"Mankind must
put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind, War will exist
until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same
reputation and prestige that the warrior does today!" jfk-We are the
warriors.....yes now who is the Joker??-It depends, Perhaps the banksters
laughing all the way to the bank at cannon-fodder killing and being
killed, wrecking carnage to line their wallets?/1968 the Rockefeller
Foundation released their yearly report. This report mentioned the
funding and creation of “anti-fertility vaccines,” and how to implement
them throughout the world. 20 years later, in the foundation’s 1988
report,... they declared that they were happy with the progress that had
been made within the population division’s “anti-fertility vaccines.”
Population is a major concern of the Illuminati. Things like medical
advances are viewed as a problem not a solution. In their eyes there are
several billion too many people. Population is a political problem
because the elite want it drastically trimmed down to a more manageable
and more easily controlled number. War, famine, and disease are desired
necessities to accomplish this goal/Albuquerque, NM, 32nd largest US
city, ends water fluoridation /For decades, most
Americans believed that the Federal Reserve banking system was some type
of financial sector of the US government. Now that we know the Federal
Reserve is a privately owned, for-profit corporation, a natural question
would be: who OWNS this company? Listed below are the ten primary
shareholders in the Federal Reserve banking system. 1) The Rothschild
Family - London 2) The Rothschild Family - Berlin 3) The Lazard Brothers
- Paris 4) Israel Seiff - Italy 5) Kuhn-Loeb Company - Germany 6) The
Warburgs - Amsterdam 7) The Warburgs - Hamburg 8) Lehman Brothers - New
York 9) Goldman & Sachs - New York 10) The Rockefeller Family - New York
Take note that seven of the 10 are not located within our borders-your
country, my country... most of them are run by the NWO... Gadaffi was
going to stop accepting payments with dollars/euros for his oil, he
wanted gold or Libyan currency, and thats why they killed him-fighting
for Gold, Oil, Drugs/a collection of people, media, politicians,
advertisers, corp goons, lobbisty and stars, everythihng wrong in america
jk/US military suicide rate EXCEEDS combat fatalities!more died from
suicide than from combat wounds over the past two years
/referring to a substance called thermite, It is an explosive used in
controlled charges for building demolition. Not only traces, but large
amounts of thermite were found in the rubble of all 3 buildings-melting
steel is a red herring. i try to get my science from peer reviewed
sources, as that is what science requires. no doubt the neo-cons used
this event to further their own goals. it is even possible they knew it
was coming and allowed it to happen. but they did not engineer it. and it
is totally possible for a building with a central core to collapse from
that sort of impact and fire-why you should push to learn the real truth,
and not just accept what mainstream media has dished out. I may not live
in NY, but I was one of millions of Americans who were glued to the
television that fateful morning, and watched the events unfold. You do
not have an exclusive on personal pain regarding this terrible disaster.
I was distraught for weeks afterward, and asked myself over and over
again how such a thing could have happened. Every answer raised 10 more
questions. Finding the truth in a mountain of lies can be disheartening,
but it must be done. If you truly want to honor your friends who perished
on that day, never stop asking questions, and learn what really happened,
for them and for yourself as well-the assumption of ignorance or lack of
diligence because of disagreement amuses me. my point was just the
opposite, because of my personal stake i did look hard deep and long.
there are many unanswered questions from that day, but nonsense about
melting steel and puffs of smoke, that are easily explained with simple
science do not further the truth. they only make those asking the
questions look idiotic because they cannot distinguish between hard
science and belief. Every credible engineer and physicist has shown that
the planes could easily make a building with that construction pancake
down. to deny that only undercuts any legitimate questions you may have
to ask/M16 genetically modified corn showed that when fed to pregnant
mice, all the offspring in one generation, had alterations of ALL the
cells in ALL their organs! Can you see why I am worried about our
precious placentas? I did not make this connection until I began to see
an increase in abnormalities and pathology due to placenta and cord
troubles. The fact that so many Indonesian women depend upon genetically
modified soy products (tempe and tofu) for their day-to-day protein, we
have three combined potential ways in which the placentas are being
affected in Indonesia; Malnutrition, Pollution (including Roundup) and
GMO soy
1mOwPnyPt /EUROPE–WORST DROUGHT IN A CENTURY Europe prays for Easter rain
in worst drought for a century The Dutch have banned barbecues, camp
fires and outdoor smoking this Easter, while the Swiss are forecasting
potentially the worst drought in Europe for more than a century. Rainfall
is at 40 percent of normal levels, and England and Wales had the driest
March in more than a century. Beware the ides, as they say. Soon, if the
hot, dry spell continues, water use restrictions will be forced on
residents and companies there. Six out of 10 French reservoirs are
holding water levels far below what is normal, meaning similar irrigation
controls are likely there. March was already extremely volatile for
grains, largely due to growing economic uncertainties and the turmoil in
North Africa and parts of the Near East — as well as the Japanese
earthquake and tsunami, the Food and Agriculture Organization said after
logging a first, slight drop in raw food prices for eight months. Prices
hit record highs at the beginning of the year, and while the main focus
for specialist traders is in the United States, a deteriorating drought
in Europe could yet spark deep concern. While European Commission
agriculture spokesman Roger Waite acknowledges a “slight” rise in the
prices of maize and wheat, he maintained that winter crops remain
“generally in good condition.” A spokeswoman for European farmers
federation Copa-Cogeca said it was too soon to draw conclusions, but
Belgian farmer Guy Franck, who heads a dairy collective in
French-speaking Wallonia, says gut instinct tells him worse is yet to
come. “I’ve been in this game for 30 years, I’ve never seen a month of
April like this one, Dr. Sanford Pinna/Fauxsnooze Admits  bigger
threat to Obama than Mitt, Ron Paul Is Obama's Biggest Threat Top Five Special Interest Groups
Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal dead in twenty
days.... 2008. That was just one incident. If you at once claim god gave
it to you then cannot discuss what god wants of you... do you believe in
god? I get curious... It is curious how you justify and stand behind the
killingZ. Do you also support our usatsa warZ?-the wall around the west
bank meant to stop infiltrations of suicide bombers-amused at how quickly
anti-Israelis resort to lying.-Bashir killing his ex own people in Sud
Sudan, Bashar killing his own people in Syria, Gheddafi killed his own
peole in Libia, Pakistani Talibans killing people in Afganistan and they
are all Muslims-"israel has all the legitimacy in the world! 1) a
Biblical one 2) an international one (the UN plan for israel's
partitioning) 3) a mandatorial one (Balfur's statement) 4) an ideal one
(the Zionism - a homeland for the jewish people) 5) and an ethical one
(the only humanitarian liberal democracy in the middle east)" Aviv Broit-
1. The fact that you have a "bible" that tells you ok is a laughable
excuse if it weren't so disturbing. The Jewish bible also says non-jewish
infants should be slaughtered, do you follow that practice as well? 2.
The UN is a joke at this point, even if they disagreed with western
terrorism, they don't do a lot to stop it. I'm not sure why their word
should mean anything. 3. Yes, yes, some BRITISH politician was kind
enough to grant some place in the middle east to some Jews. Now if only
this made one lick of sense. By your logic, could a Canadian politician
turn around right now and grant Israel to palestinians? What right did
they have to make this declaration in the first place? 4. I like the idea
of a people having a homeland, but this normally happens by people
peacefully moving somewhere. New York has a large Jewish population by
means of natural immigration, I seen no reason to do it through violent
racial cleansing. 5. I don't even know where to begin. Israel is a
theocracy, "liberal" doesn't quite apply. Considering how their military
is trained and used, "humanitarian" is flat out Orwellian.-Israel/yisrael
means to STRUGGLE with God. Yacoub was renamed Yisrael after spending the
night physically struggling with the angel. The 12 tribes of Yisrael or
the Children of Yisrael. Moreover, it took the offspring of Yisrael over
800 years to finally grasp monotheism and adhere to the covenant.-It is
the "Anglo-American Zionists Colony of Israel-The pool of people who
still believe the fallacy of israel being special or chosen is dwindling.
You still have a hard core minority and of course the lying mainstream
media which works to make it look like a majority of people in the world
support their apartheid stated of torture and racism. Yet the facts are
what they are and the facade is crumbling-/In regards to chemtrails and
increase in death rate after inhaling small particles. MEDICAL DOCTORS
eye (intuition / guidance system) v ("God's dust; key to supernatural
abilities, and setting your soul free"): "Melanin enhances intelligence
and emotional, psychic and spiritual sensitivity and physical prowess." By: Jeff Andrews/Crookston, MN
from the front porch of her suburban home. US troops In Neighborhood
Streets Fully Armed! ”When asked what they were doing the reply was:
“Just training Ma’am." “Oh, ok. What are you training on the streets of
town for exactly?” At that the young soldier replied, “To be honest
ma’am, I don’t know.
mobile=nc /anti cia torture in church /Violence, USA: The
Warfare State and the Brutalizing of Everyday Life, "Since 9/11, the war
on terror and the campaign for homeland security have increasingly
mimicked the tactics of the enemies they sought to crush. Violence and
punishment as both a media spectacle and a bone-crushing reality have
become prominent and influential forces shaping American society-The
Stench of Bentonville Spreads to Mexico "Wal-Mart has long boasted of its
'Always Low Prices,' but now it has confirmed that it also has 'Always
low morals.' The bottom line has always been THE line for Wal-Mart
executives, and sinking to the ethical bottom to enhance that line has
not only been tolerated, but legitimized as a proven path to executive
promotion and riches.... Now, we can add bribery to the list of accepted
practice-Last year, over 850,000 people in America were arrested for
marijuana-related crimes. Despite public opinion, the medical community,
and human rights experts all moving in favor of relaxing marijuana
prohibition laws, there are entrenched interest groups that are spending
large sums of money to keep our broken drug laws on the books."-United
States Military ... a Crusader Force?- "Countless armed forces members
have reached out to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) to
express their dire concern regarding the proliferation of literature,
imagery, insignia, and much more which indicates that, indeed, some do
see themselves as the Christian extremist counterparts of their Islamic
fundamentalist, Salafi-Jihadist foes, inextricably intertwined into the
very fabric of the US armed forces, has reached such a dire level of
toxicity that it caused America's highest-ranking soldier to actually DO
something about it just last week-What Did We Get for 381 US Dead Since
the Death of Bin Laden? "No US official has explained to us yet what we
won in Afghanistan since May 2, 2011, that justified the additional
sacrifice that we have made in Afghanistan since Osama bin Laden's death-
Obama Says Wars of 9/11 Nearing an End after a decade of post-September
11th wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, 'we can see the light of a new day' -
hours after signing an agreement that extended the U.S. commitment to
Afghanistan-Current Business Paradigm Is Toxic to Business and Society.
Here's How We Change It Reformation that cracked the centralized control
of the Catholic Church right down the middle and ended its dominance as
the unchallenged organizer and controller of western civilization ... A
similar global mind change awaits us. In the Second Renaissance, we value
the subjective experience of every human being and return the human to
the center of our world, but in harmony with the planet and all its other
living inhabitants-Constitution of the United States of America was
created to enable the founding ideals and principles of the Declaration
of Independence. Yet something went terribly wrong. It failed to
recognize, defend and enable those ideals. The tragedy of such a
gargantuan failure is still with us today in the form of
institutionalized and systemic racism and a deeply embedded exploitation
of labor-Supreme Court is currently considering whether to hear a case
that will enable it to correct its error in Citizens United and overrule
its indefensible decision to allow unlimited corporate and other wealthy
donor money to influence elections. Neither the corporate lobby nor the
Senate's top Republican are eager to see this occur, however. Both of
them filed briefs in the Supreme Court yesterday urging the justices to
not only reaffirm Citizens United, but to do so without even hearing
argument in the case-Truthout/mikebaker doing the fauxsnooze
14yrsundercovercia, wots he up to now? for other reasons, woterror, 911,
enhanced interrogation, not torture, significant info used sparingly,
legal wrangling, detainees, in afgan speech campaign, thank gwthb, romney
smart as carter, dangerous columbian hookers, nievaty public, the
godfather would rater be tortured by alciada then trapped with fat ocean
tourist fighting over pastry, beckel fbombs, stewart spiking the ball
before the touchdown, reversed, b on b, the best appearance yet, upset
about obama blessing karzi(2bpy) bush deal, all the gold in dagen larry
gatlin bd, 86 world nlb champ on crack, bernie sez columbian hooker in
playboy spread? seacrest 50m peryr,-imus
5112/CISPA Might Be Another Example of Bought and Paid-For Legislation-
Martyrs for Justice: The Haymarket Affair and the Origins of May Day
celebrated in at least 80 countries worldwide, from Argentina to Vietnam,
but not in the United States. Here, our 'Labor Day' was carefully put
into September – by President Grover Cleveland in 1894 – specifically so
that we would not observe May Day, with all of its radical roots in
syndicalist labor history. This is deeply ironic, for the event that gave
rise to May Day observances the world over occurred right here in the
United States: the bombing at Haymarket Square, Chicago, on May 4, 1886,
during a labor rally- The 2012 Hunger Games: Sending Debt Peonage,
Poverty, and Freaky Weather Into the Arena/Four New York City Lawmakers
Sued the City Over its Handling of the Occupy Wall Street Protests ap/
Some Israelis Resist Netanyahu Consortium News/Four Medical Implants That
Escaped FDA Scrutiny ProPublica/

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5112/obama is evil

5112/08 in bad economic situation. A law proposes paying back the debt to
Great Britain and Holland through the payment of 3,500 million euros,
which will be paid by the people of Iceland monthly during the next 15
years, with a 5.5% interest. 2010. March the referendum and the denial of
payment is voted in by 93%. Meanwhile the government has initiated an
investigation to bring to justice those responsible for the crisis, and
many high level executives and bankers are arrested./Experts Agree: War
On Terror Is A Racket, CIA And Wall Street Are Financed By Global Drug
Trade /Romney the draft dodger-of course you do not
understand, your a queer Democrat. Always wanted to know...your smart
enough to know your a loser...What is it like to go through life being a
spineless queer?- Anybody but this commie!! I'd vote got the dead sex
pervert, murdering kennedy before this guy- It seems the American Flag
Waving Voter prefers Draft Dodgers. After Kennedy, & Bush Sr. who was a
real veteran. I would like to see Bush Jr. land an aircraft on a carrier
solo. Then it would be mission accomplished. Clinton, you all know
better. Reagan was actually a drug store cowboy. It seems Obama won the
presidency despising the military, but now has genuine respect for them.
Silver Spoon in mouth Romney + Family do you need an explanation about
them ? When we have an honest battle wounded veteran like Dole the public
seems to be offended by the wounds they got protecting us. The public
will always vote for Glitz and deceit provided by PAC money, just as the
Supreme Court says they should- The greatest draft dodger was Lardass
Cheney - a 5 time draft dodger, but a great flag waver-Elizabeth Warren’s
embattled campaign: Cherokee tie found 5 generations ago Cherokee tie
found 5 generations ago, She would be 1⁄32nd of Elizabeth Warren’s total
ancestry, Desperately scrambling to validate Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s
Native American heritage amid questions about whether she used her
minority status to further her career, the Harvard Law professor’s
campaign last night finally came up with what they claim is a Cherokee
connection, her great-great-great-grandmother/ The Illuminati (plural of
Latin illuminatus, "enlightened") is a name given to several groups, both
real (historical) and fictitious. Historically the name refers to the
Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May
1, 1776 /The Vatican: Modern Day Pharisees Mark Dice,
media analyst, trouble maker, and author of the new book 'Big Brother:
The Orwellian Nightmare Come True' Necessity of
Disillusionment Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion. ~
Arthur Koestler Our greatest illusion is to believe that we are what we
think ourselves to be. ~ H.F. Amiel If we only knew what Illusion is, we
would then know the opposite to do a little research and
find the truth!/the REAL point: Sanders is speaking truth, and is not a
member of "either" political party. i.e. does anyone with a brain really
think "either" party has our interests in mind?-a fiery beacon of light
in the rather murky atmosphere swirling around Washington/Coming soon to
a government near you: 1984: The New World Order. Starring: an oppressive
government, terrified citizens, and the big brother police force. Unless
we stand up and take our world back from the government. People need to
wake up and see for themselves what is truly going on behind closed
doors! If we do nothing, then that is just as bad as helping them oppress
more innocent people!-people only help them, sure we all know people will
get hurt or killed but with everything there is sacrifice, they can't and
won't arrest us or kill us all because if they did they would have nobody
to fund their precious "perfect world", but the fact is if people do get
hurt or killed they won't go down in vain and that is what we all want is
to be remembered but they will be for giving up their time, energy and
their lives for all of us to be free once and for all. Nobody said it
would be easy nor did anyone say it would be all rainbow and unicorns, it
will get messy but people are afraid to do it./Fukushima still spewing
massive radiation plumes; America in 'huge trouble,'
bama's new slogan. The way I see it is that it's either this or
backward teabonics-Forward? Yeah, straight to the unemployment line.
Goodbye, you lying jackhole/5 arrested, some of whom describe themselves
as anarchists, in alleged plot to blow up Cleveland-area
Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest “Citizens may resist unlawful
arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer's life if necessary.”
Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme
Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S.
529. The Court stated: “Where the officer is killed in the course of the
disorder which naturally accompanies an attempted arrest that is
resisted, the law looks with very different eyes upon the transaction,
when the officer had the right to make the arrest, from what it does if
the officer had no right. What may be murder in the first case might be
nothing more than manslaughter in the other, or the facts might show that
no offense had been committed.-“An arrest made with a defective warrant,
or one issued without affidavit, or one that fails to allege a crime is
within jurisdiction, and one who is being arrested, may resist arrest and
break away. lf the arresting officer is killed by one who is so
resisting, the killing will be no more than an involuntary manslaughter.”
Housh v. People, 75 111. 491; reaffirmed and quoted in State v. Leach, 7
Conn. 452; State v. Gleason, 32 Kan. 245; Ballard v. State, 43 Ohio 349;
State v Rousseau, 241 P. 2d 447; State v. Spaulding, 34 Minn. 3621-“When
a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has a right to be,
is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel by force, and
if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self defense, his
assailant is killed, he is justified.” Runyan v. State, 57 Ind. 80;
Miller v. State, 74 Ind. 1-“These principles apply as well to an officer
attempting to make an arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends the
bounds thereof by the use of unnecessary force and violence, as they do
to a private individual who unlawfully uses such force and violence.”
Jones v. State, 26 Tex. App. I; Beaverts v. State, 4 Tex. App. 1 75;
Skidmore v. State, 43 Tex. 93, 903-“An illegal arrest is an assault and
battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the
same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any
other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL.
260)-“Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a
case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a
wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self- defense.”
(State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100)/‎*points to Washington
DC* generally a good investigator goes to the scene of the crime, he
doesn't stand thousands of miles away and lob insults and implore
juvinile tactics. He goes straight to the culprit and gets shit done!-do
you think Bain paid any of their bailout money back? I think Mittens and
Bain should be put under the scope, since they took bailout money. They
may not be a bank, but they're nasty corporate sh*theads. And you are
definitely correct about finding out who hasn't paid their bailout money
back, and foreclosing on them./Confront the Israel Bashers Israel is not
the cause of anti-Western sentiments; at best, it is a convenient excuse
and meeting place for anti-West and anti-Semitic persons who pose as
liberals and human rights enthusiasts. The suffering of the people in
Syria, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Egypt has nothing to do with
the light rail in Jerusalem, or with the number of J[e]ws who live in
Judea and Samaria /Why is the FED bent on
punishing the responsible, And rewarding the very people and institutions
who caused the mess. The FED are masters of MORAL HAZARD-
Destroying the Saver's and Seniors and anybody that uses gasoline or eats
food, Main Street getting Killed, Wall Street partying like it's 1999-
Because poor people don't have lobbyists on K-Street, who have the
corrupt Congress in their back pocket FUKALLPUKES son of filthy maggot-
Fannie Mae Studied Loan Writedowns With Wells, Citi Regulators Mortgage
giant Fannie Mae (FNMA) explored pilot loan-writedown programs in 2009
and 2010 with Citigroup Inc. (C) and Wells Fargo & Co. wsj-Depository
Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) reported today that in the first
settlement cycle run by its new central counterparty for mortgage-backed
securities (MBS), which began operation April 2-Finra Fines Citigroup,
Morgan Stanley Over Leveraged ETF Sales Citigroup Inc. (C), Morgan
Stanley, UBS AG (UBSN) and Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) agreed to pay a
combined $9.1 million to settle regulatory claims they failed to
adequately supervise the sale of leveraged and inverse exchange-traded
funds Bloomberg/it's cool to take away Health Care from woman's to fight
CANCER No WAR on Woman's sez the Republicans/AnonymousLegionOps AntiSec
Steal 40 GB of Data from Lake County Sheriff’s Office /“A society that loses the capacity for
the sacred, that lacks the power of human imagination, that cannot
practice empathy, ultimately ensures its own destruction.” “War is grim
work and we shouldn’t play up the glory of it.”-There is no glory in WAR.
Killing ruins families, and when we've killed enough of our own Americans /Al-Qaeda master plan to terrorize Europe News has
emerged of a German police seizure of a large cache of Al-Qaeda’s
internal documents disguised as pornography. They outline the terrorist
network’s plans for possible attacks in Europe, including hijacking a
cruise liner. past the completely insulting headline, Study Of
Compassion In Atheists, Faithful Yields Big Surprise, on LiveScience
Atheists and agnostics are more driven by compassion to help others than
are highly religious people, a new study finds
Marine Scott Olsen was in fact run over by an Oakland PD golf cart,
they drove it up on the sidewalk and ran over his foot, Scott is 100% OK
and is still actively striking/We hear these claims often, even though
they're entirely false. An analysis of the facts should make that clear.
Five Tax Fallacies Invented by the One Percent. They Are Entirely False-
bullshit math that the 1% love, The reality is the wealthy do not even
pay close to 25%. The working class is screwed-
Tepco  has apparently gone on vacation for Golden Week from Fukushima for
week-long holiday? Grenell, a veteran Republican
foreign-policy expert who is openly gay, abruptly resigned from the
Romney campaign under mounting pressure fromconservative bloggers and
social conservative groups who cited his support for gay wsj  Gay Romney
spokesman quits over "hyper-partisan discussion of personal issues"CBS/
Women who receive a type of partial-breast radiation called brachytherapy
may go on to have higher rates of breast cancer recurrence and side
effects HealthDay/Number of Babies Born Suffering from Drug Withdrawal
Triples, mothers who use prescription painkillers during pregnancy has
risen sharply over the last decade. Though the long-term effects of such
drug exposure are uncertain, true harm can come of labeling these babies
as "addicts" TIME/Seattle erupted in chaos Tuesday as black-clad May Day
demonstrators marauded through the downtown shopping district, smashing
plate glass windows at banks and retail outlets, spray-painting cars and
slashing tires/April 25: Rupert Murdoch tells the inquiry that his
globe-spanning TV and newspaper empire doesn't carry as much political
sway as is often believed-April 26: The elder Murdoch returns to the
inquiry. He seeks to portray himself as the victim, not perpetrator, of a
cover-up over phone hacking-5112 A committee of British lawmakers calls
Rupert Murdoch unfit to run his global media empire    this
guy is just plain creepy. let's see, am I admitting to war crimes?? heck
yeah! in fact, I'm gonna write about it. Hubris,     this guy needs to be
prosecuted along with his buddies getting off on torturing prisoners-How
did we become afraid enough to turn our national values over to
small-minded career stooges like Jose Rodriguez. His pathetic attempt to
seek attention for his role and sell his book puts at risk everything he
supposedly worked to build. The world is full of people willing to give
away their values for opportunities like this. The Nation should choose
more wisely next time. Like G Gordon Liddy and Oliver North before him he
wraps himself in the flag of protecting the homeland while shredding the
tapes showing the actual results of his work. It is so easy to give
yourself an "A" for "D" work when no one can see what you are up to. Even
the FBI thinks he is a clown-What kind of self-serving clown talks about
his methods after the fact? Maybe the kind that allows himself to be
taped driving to CIA HQ in a convertible vette (over-compensating
anyone?). His main reason for the interview is to sell his book-Leslie
Stahl had the nerve to say that things changed in our country due to how
we have had to deal with lying murders-try living in the dozens of
countries attacked by the US & their lap dogs. Just google countries
invaded by the US-wants us to believe that he destroyed the 92 video
tapes not to cover up CIA torture acts but to protect his CIA employees'
families from Al Qaeda, The real terrorist are the agents of our
privately controlled money system: the Federal Reserve(American arm of
the international bankers who set the cost of our money via their control
of interest rates). They're not the Feds and there isn't a reserve just a
counterfeit scam of our country's money which has lost 98% of its value
through inflation(hidden tax) since the 1913 Federal Reserve Act was
t-9-11-tactics/?tag=re1.discussed /Obama on his worst day is still better
than any Republican on their best day. The Republics need to be blocked
at every turn. If they think unemployment is no big deal, then they
deserve to be unemployed toohasn't addressed if w really believed the
drug lords would deliver bin laden-now you have gone stupid. I condemned
Obama's policies I disagree with and you disagree with Obama's policies
only because it is Obama. you won't even condemn when team w sent an
innocent man to syria to be tortured. I bet, you are going to pretend you
never saw that paragraph from your own link that showed dubya pulling
back at tora bora aren't you? so predictable. no one in the gop except
McCain on rare occasions votes as if he has in own mind -- the rest of
you are like a colony of insects with an overmind running your every
thought. /FBI Busted Yet again the FBI busted a terror plot and wouldn't
you know it, the FBI was involved in the organization and planning/
43012/Tea Party Congressmen Accept Cash From Bailed-Out Bankers favorites
such as Stephen Fincher of Tennessee were swept into Congress on a wave
of anger over government-funded bailouts of bank -Now that
they’re in Washington, however, their campaigns are drowning in campaign
cash provided by the very banks that benefited from the Troubled Asset
Relief Program takes months to get a final
determination on the cause of death of Michael Cormier, the Los Angeles
coroner working on Andrew Breitbart's autopsy, who officials said appears
to have died from poisoning. According to sources, arsenic was one poison
being examined as a potential cause but stressed that no final
determination has been made. "At this point we haven't ruled out foul
play, Possible arsenic poisoning a mystery in coroner official's death will be ringed by six missile sites to
guard against a 9/11-style suicide jet attack during the Olympics. One
battery could be positioned near a playground in Waltham Forest with the
others providing round-the-clock cover from Blackheath Common,

Monday, April 30, 2012


43012/John Edwards - sleaziest Dem of them all?He has stiff competition - - Corzine, Rangel, Weiner, Cold Cash Jefferson,
Waters, Fat Bastid Kennedy and a host of others...but yes....Shyster John
Edwards may well be....THE SLEAZIEST DEM OF THEM ALL!-You must eliminate
Bobo.....Bobo is an out and out subversive.....then Edwards and fat Teddy
first for network television, NBC News has been granted unprecedented
access to the most secret and secure part of the White House, the Situation
Room. In a “Rock Center with Brian Williams” exclusive airing on Wednesday,
May 2 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time, President Barack Obama and his national
security and military teams, relive the pivotal moments of the raid
targeting Osama bin Laden, strategy underscores the fact that the Obama who
ordered the raid as commander in chief is now seeking a second term as
president. The risk is the political blow-back that can come if he is seen
as crossing a line into politicizing national security. "Sad," said a
Romney spokeswoman. "Shameless," said 2008 Obama election foe John
McCain-he simply has FAILED at every single other thing he's done and is
hated by a large portion of the electorate-should have used an aircraft
carrier and a Mission Accomplished sign?- Embattled Environmental
Protection Agency official Al Armendariz, under fire for 2010 comments
bragging that he would “crucify” oil and gas companies in order to send a
message to the industry, has resigned-Newsmax/life has no intrinsic value.
The extinguishing of 'primitive' societies, those that were defined by
animism and mysticism, those that celebrated ambiguity and mystery, those
that respected the centrality of the human imagination, removed the only
ideological counterweight to a self-devouring capitalist ideology.... The
war on the Native Americans ... was waged to eradicate not only a people
but a competing ethic-Chicago to Welcome a Militarized May Day? "If there
is going to be a dress rehearsal for the coming NATO summit in Chicago, May
Day is it.... It will also, coincidentally or not, be the first day that
police in 'battle' dress hit the streets to prepare for the summit.
Operation Red Zone, a security perimeter patrolled by federal law
enforcement carrying 'non-lethal' guns-The Obama Contradiction He has few
constraints (except those he's internalized). No one can stop him or
countermand his orders.... And if he cares to, he can send a robot assassin
to kill you ... He sounds like a typical villain from a James Bond
novel.... As it happens, though, he's the president of the United State, a
nice guy with a charismatic wife and two lovely kids. How could this
be?-Chomsky, People seem to know about May Day everywhere except where it
began, here in the United States of America. That's because those in power
have done everything they can to erase its real meaning. For example,
Ronald Reagan designated what he called 'Law Day' - a day of jingoist
fanaticism, like an extra twist of the knife in the labor movement. Today,
there is a renewed awareness, energized by the Occupy movement's
organizing, around May Day, and its relevance for reform and perhaps
eventual revolution-Details Urban Uprisings From Occupy Wall Street to the
Paris Commune, Tuesday, May 1st, known as May Day or International Workers'
Day, Occupy Wall Street protesters hope to mobilize tens of thousands of
people across the country under the slogan, 'General Strike. No Work. No
Shopping. Occupy Everywhere.' Events are planned in 125 cities. We speak
with leading social theorist David Harvey, distinguished professor of
anthropology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York,
about how Occupy Wall Street compares to other large-scale grassroots
movements throughout modern history-many eyes are on the flashpoint of
Occupy Oakland, where organizers say 'traditional labor and precarious
workers will strike together for the first time' at Occupy's call. 'It's an
interesting convergence of unorganized labor and the Occupy movement
creating this pressure and momentum that encourages the rank and file to
plan strikes on this day,' said Steven Angell, an organizer with Occupy
Oakland-Field workers for President Obama's campaign fanned out across the
country over the weekend in an effort to confront a barrage of new voter
identification laws that strategists say threaten the campaign's hopes for
registering new voters ahead of the November election. Many of the laws in
question - including the ones in Florida and Wisconsin are the subject of
legal challenges by Democratic groups-sponsors rapidly jumping ship, ALEC
has tried to do some damage control. Last week it announced that it would
be 'eliminating [its] Public Safety and Elections task force that dealt
with non-economic issues' such as Stand Your Ground and Voter ID. The
purpose of the move, the organization said, is to focus more keenly on
'free-market, limited government, pro-growth priorities, destroying unions,
eliminating environmental regulation, reducing taxes for the top 1 percent,
and so forth-beating up on the Republicans is pretty easy these days; you
mostly just have to repeat what they say.... The Democrats rely on their
great myth: Bill Clinton made the hard choices, cutting spending and
raising taxes-There are now 17 states without capital punishment, Illinois
having joined the ranks last year. What happened in Connecticut brings home
the flaw in seeing everything that has happened in the states since the
midterm vote as embodying a steady shift rightward-administration inherited
from the Bush administration, ignores the accumulated evidence that Iran's
diplomacy strategy is to accumulate centrifuges, not in order to support a
weapons program, but rather to negotiate a larger bargain with the United
States-How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes "With a handful of employees
in a small office in Reno, [Nevada], Apple has done something central to
its corporate strategy: it has avoided millions of dollars in taxes in
California and 20 other states. Apple's headquarters are in Cupertino,
California. By putting an office in Reno, just 200 miles away, to collect
and invest the company's profits, Apple sidesteps state income taxes on
some of those gains-South Carolina Republicans Step in Line Behind Romney
In a classic political case of better late than never, South Carolina
Republicans who earlier spurned Mitt Romney are belatedly embracing him as
he closes in on their party's presidential nomination. But in South
Carolina, one of the hotbeds of the nation's tea party movement and where
Republican activists spent long months taking an anyone-but-Romney stance,
the embrace feels reluctant - more weak handshake than hearty hug-Cigarette
Companies and Their Underhanded Tactics, The world's biggest cigarette
companies made their case in the [Australian] High Court, battling the
Federal Government's attempts to impose plain packaging on their product,
fearful it may set a worldwide precedent. One of their arguments is that
since the Government stands to save money in the public health budget from
people not dying or needing to go to hospital as a result of smoking,
tobacco companies should to be compensated. David Donovan, a former tobacco
company employee, gives an inside view about just how far big tobacco will
go in their efforts to preserve their noxious trade-The growth rate mostly
slowed as millions of Americans lost insurance coverage along with their
jobs. Worried about job security, others may have feared taking time off
work for doctor's visits or surgical procedures, or skipped non-urgent care
when money was tight.... Of course, health care experts caution that there
have been times when health care spending had slowed, only to start
tracking back up again-Undergrads May Fail Critical-Thinking Test, claim is
sustained by the failure of a putatively representative sample of 2,362
students at 24 four-year institutions to increase their average score on
standardized tests of critical thinking, and that this failure in critical
thinking is affecting them negatively in the labor market and in civil
society (as indicated by the percentage with full-time employment or
graduate or professional school status, and by self-reported newspaper
reading habits-The Vision Thing: Keeping Union Reform on Track, Reformers
take over at the union hall. They're sick of seeing management run
roughshod over the local, so they put together a slate and a plan to
mobilize the members. When it works, reformers can make remarkable changes,
transforming dormant locals into ones with proud members who put management
on notice. But some reformers fail ... Too many don't know how to step off
the path of least resistance, and they slide into the ways of their
predecessors-Obama's Climate Change Promise: A Feeble Charm Offensive
President Obama simply refuses to throw any red meat to the Republicans,
though they always manage to find some to devour anyway-Labor Leaders
Question Contractor's Hiring Practices I think there needs to be some
serious oversight over companies who come into a community and bring their
outside work forces in on labor visas, or bring in right-to-work state
workers who lower our wages. These corporations are building facilities
paid for partly with our taxpayers' money-A Dog's Life, Archie, our black
lab mix, He never asks who built or bought that couch he's made his own.
Nor does he ask who pays the vet bill. Surely, Archie never wonders whose
labor produces the food that magically keeps appearing in his bowl twice a
day. In Archie's case the obliviousness is innate. The sadness is that we
humans can go through life no less oblivious-If You - and the Yes Men -
Owned Bank of America, a project of Occupy Wall Street meant to infuse the
movement with renewed creativity in the streets." -Truthout/the 'felon
purge' that allegedly included the purge of more than 55,000 eligible
voters had not been carried out by Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush, Gore
would have likely won the Florida election by so many votes that the
Supreme Court couldn't have stolen it from him. So, for eight years, we had
a president who had not been elected by the majority of Americans (Gore won
the national election by approximately 550,000 votes), and had been
appointed to the office as a result of the machinations of premeditated
voter suppression BuzzFlash/More on the Possibility of a Double-Dip
Recession The European/Murdoch's News Corp Has Sought to Undermine
Governments Guardian UK/GOP Slogan Is "You Didn't Clean Up Our Mess Fast
Enough" dailykos/Crowd-Working 101: Romney Struggles to Hold College
Students' Attention tpm/Demographics Favor Obama Over Romney in November
Election Daily Beast/Obama Roasts Romney at White House Correspondents'
Dinner Raw Story/diedl making sense veterins, willy nelson 79./
42912/OBAMA CAMPAIGNED ON TAXPAYER MONEY House Speaker John A. Boehner said President Obama misused taxpayer money this week when he
visited three college campuses and demanded Congress extend student loan
subsidies. "His campaign ought to be reimbursing the Treasury for the costs
of this trip," Mr. Boehner said. Mr. Obama has been urging Congress to pass
an extension of subsidies enacted in 2007 that keep student loan interest
rates at 3.4 percent. Without action the rates will double this summer to
6.8 percent. But lowering the rates will cost $6 billion for one year. Now
Mr. Obama and lawmakers are sparring over how to come up with that money.
Mr. Boehner said the president is manufacturing a political issue by
telling students their rates could go up, because Mr Boehner said both
Democrats and Republicans were already working to keep loan rates low. Mr.
Obama visited college campuses in North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa this
week to press for lower student loan rates, and he had sharp criticism for
Republicans who he said oppose student loans. Mr. Boehner, though, said the
trip was a manufactured political event and said Mr. Obama's campaign, not
taxpayers, should pay for it "at a cost of $179,000 an hour" — the amount
it costs to keep Air Force One aloft. "This is the biggest job in the
world, and I've never seen a president make it smaller," Mr. Boehner said.
"The president keeps attempting to invent these fake fights because he
doesn't have a record of success or a positive agenda for our country- What
did weeper boehner say about GW's 77 flight's to his Crawford ranch at
$179,00 an hour?- I'm pretty certain that most american know that Crawford
Ranch is much cheaper than Spain- How much did Bush pay a night to live on
his private owned ranch? It was not the thousands of dollars a night rate
the Obamas require on their 'lifestyles of the rich and famous' vacations,
they ARE the Obamas.. we can't expect them to stay in regular places like
NORMAL people.. they are better-In the real world, the Obama White House
would reply to a foolish statement like Boehner's with a suggestion that he
perform a sexual act on himself- Luckily for Boerange, this President is
classier than that-obama said he would spend a billion on his re-election,
now we're finding out the money is coming from the taxpayer, we need to
throw this bum out!- George W Bush, Ron Reagan, HW Bush, never campaigned
for 2nd terms. They never used taxpayer money.
26_Politics/By_Country_or_Region/United_States/Politics/threadview? /How
are you going to celebra  te Bin Laden's 1 year deathaversary?, Me and my
friends are going to throw a big party celebrating the one year anniversary
of President Obama's killing of Bin Laden. It's going to be a joyous event.
Plenty of booze and food. Thank God President Obama is in charge to keep
America safe. He did in three years what Bush Jr and Cheney failed to do in
eight./A delusional cult that believes in imaginary sky gods, has as its
interpreter to translate  god's "messages" an elderly man that speaks a
language no one used in hundreds of years, has never been laid, wears a
laughable clown outfit, and "proves' the existence of imaginary gods with a
book of fables written in the Iron Age by people who believed lightening
was a sign of anger from the sky people.... ...and this group's "leaders"
have dysfunctional sex lives including the molestation of countless
children and gay porn? Shocking.-Faith isn't an act of logic. But I do
agree with you that churches of all religions are responsible for all kinds
of social ills. Its generally because most people use their faith to
justify their prejudices instead of using their faith to act on behalf of a
kind and loving God-Priests are human, too.  So what if he had gay porn on
his computer? Priests have sexual urges as well, they are just not allowed
to get married or have sexual relations with another person-Today,w ar is
mostly an attempt at resource, money, or land grabbing from one side and a
religous reaction from another side. Either way you look at it though,
money was always the reason to push country A into a conflict with country
B. The international banking cartel loans money to pay for your war and
collect enough interest on it to buy your entire country. The little people
fight for religion or land. The big fish sit back and watch you kill each
other as your economoy spirals out of control into their greedy fingers-so
he forgot to delete brokeback moutain off his stick before the communion-
That's not porn. Where do you live Mayberry?-