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5512/Kissinger_Promises_China 'Jeb Bush Will Be Next President

5512/Yeh, um, let's not go to far to the Left, lest we sound like the
radical extremists on the right we are trying to combat. I see nothing
wrong with this's a matter of perception...for those who do
believe in God, and we have been screaming for our rights of religious
freedom as well as civil rights, it is a message of hope. I happen to
believe the dark times are what The REPs are trying to do...prayer for me
is an option against their mindless evil. So let's not GO THERE' and
insult and demean others beliefs....that's what THEY do/W was not a bad
guy. But it was Cheney who was pulling his strings. I think Cheney is the
devil incarnate. You should have HIS photo up there!! Or preferably his
face on a bullseye!-FUCK YOU PRESIDENT BUSH! <^>..Sent our people to war
to fight over YOUR oil THAT YOU WANTED SO BADLY..costed American people
their lives..shit..your old fart dust..your penis probably
doesn't even work no more & it reminds people of your fuckin' what you got to SHOULD'VE fought your own war
against Iraq..See if your old ass wins-Worst. President. Ever. He let New
Orleans drown, doubled our national debt, let 9/11 happen because he was
too busy vacationing, started two wars for profit, and he still can't
pronounce "nuclear" or string together a coherent sentence. Why would I
ever miss his dumbass?/A Few Good Democrats Are Not Enough The Occupied
Wall Street Journal The Occupied Wall Street J. As long as there has been
a thing called Occupy Wall Street, there have been people who’ve
suggested it should become the left’s version of the Tea Party Birther Candidate Suffers Big Embarrassment For one
Republican congressional candidate, having Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio as
a surrogate may do more harm than good. /Former
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said millions of dollars from the
"extreme right wing" in the United States helped oust him cnn/Truthout:
"Charles Bowden dubbed Ciudad Juarez 'Murder City' published in 2010, the
same year the city suffered 3,110 murders. 'You have come on a very busy
day today,' Sandra Rodriguez tells me ... 'There have already been eight
murders. It is just 4 PM/The Difference Between What Liberals Believe,
What Libertarians Believe, And What Ron Paul Believesthe deal breakers
with Ron Paul, and as anti-war as we are, we cannot support this
candidate for President. Sad. But we do admire his staunch unwavering
pursuit of a total corporate controlled government in America. 4.
Corporations and Regulations Liberals believe: It’s the government’s job
to regulate corporations, to protect the people from predatory practices.
Libertarians believe: The Government shouldn’t have the right to regulate
businesses. Ron Paul believes: Telling businesses to do anything is
unconstitutional, and so is investigating them. After the BP oil spill in
2010 Ron Paul was the ONLY congressman, out of over 400, that voted
AGAINST giving subpoena power to the independent committee responsible
for investigating BP. 5. Discrimination Liberals believe: Discriminating
against anyone for any reason is unconstitutional, and the Government’s
job is to protect the minorities from bigotry from the majority.
Libertarians believe: People are entitled to their own beliefs as long as
they’re not hurting anyone else. Ron Paul believes: Businesses should
have the right to discriminate against anyone for any reason, and that
it’s unconstitutional for the Government to tell businesses they can’t
discriminate against people. Ron Paul has said repeatedly that he would
vote against the portion of the Civil Rights Act which prohibits
businesses from discriminating and segregating their customers. We’re a nation whose leaders are pursuing policies
that amount to economic “suicide”. But there are glimmers of possibility.
Noam Chomsky on America's Economic Suicide /
Medical Error "Well, we did our best. These things happen." At least
100,000 hospital patients dying each year due to medical malpractice in
the U.S. "Substandard or negligent care have been swept under the rug" by
the medical profession for too long. It’s a wonder any of us makes it out
of the doctor’s office or hospital alive, estimated that medical errors
are estimated to result in about between 44,000 and 98,000 preventable
deaths and 1,000,000 excess injuries each year in U.S. hospitals. (2008).
"Medical error: Is the solution medical or cognitive?". Journal of the
American Medical Informatics Association 6 /IIRC, MOST Delegates are, so
far, Ron Paul Supporters, AND they demand that Rule 38 be applied, THEN,
RON PAUL may be the FIRST ROUND  NOMINEE, maybe by the minimum 10 point
spread LANDSLIDE VICTORY.  I'd LOVE to see at least a 20 point DOUBLE
LANDSLIDE.  MAN, that'll embarass the media, AND scae the S*** outa
maobamessiah.  Unfortunately, it is at this point, that Ron Paul becomes
very likely, an assassination target.  If elected as POTUS, much more so.
 Everyone, PLEASE PRAY for his protection, PART DEUX  !!!!!  Predicted
media spin "In a stunning upset, in a first round vote, Ron Paul, was
elected as the Party Nominee at the Republican National Convention."  My
desired further report: "The Republican National Convention gaveled
closure after its first hour.  Ron Paul supporters adjourned to local
hotels for their celebration.  twit rummy and his LOSERS were seen
swilling champis, expensive wine, gulping caviar, shrimp, Kobe and Angus
beef steaks.  Several arrests for public disturbences, drunkeness, lewd
behavior, assault and battery, and more, were conducted against rummy
supporters."   "In a related report, Utah has seceeded from the United
States of America." Birther, CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLICAN- 'Jeb Bush Will
Be Next President/You should never pray for a miracle, but you should
always expect them — in great abundance. Angels are everywhere, mostly in
human form/May 2nd at 3662 Wellhaun Road in Decatur, Georgia resembled
that of a major drug bust with officers sneaking around in the middle of
the night. Instead of a bust however, 50 officers stormed the property of
62 year old Christine Frazer’s house at 3 AM to serve her with an
eviction notice. Chris’ house was foreclosed on fraudulently (short video
on her story by Investors One Corporation in
October 2011, and she has been fighting it in court ever since. In March,
activists with Occupy Atlanta set up camp on her lawn and committed to
stay to defend Chris’ home from eviction. Using what sheriff Thomas Brown
himself referred to as “intelligence,” Dekalb County law enforcement
waited until activists were not present at the home, and the neighbors
would be asleep, to serve an unprecedented eviction after hours, putting
4 generations including her 85 year old mother, and 3 year old grandson
out on the curb. They refused to allow Chris to shower or for her mother
to get dressed; they told Chris to behave as if it were a fire drill.
They even rounded up her dogs and took them to the pound.The police
blockaded the neighborhood and wouldn’t allow anyone to help secure the
family’s valuable personal belongings from the side of the road. Once
again, it is clear that the government and our law enforcement officials
are being used to serve and protect the interest of the 1%/
5412/What killed Lenin? Stress didn't help, poison eyed99 min. ago -A
doctor says stress, family medical history or possibly even poison led to
the death of Vladimir Lenin, contradicting a popular theory that a
sexually-transmitted disease debilitated the former Soviet Union leader-
Kofi AnnanUN: Syria peace plan is 'on track's six-point
peace plan for Syria remains "on track," his spokesman insisted Friday,
despite skepticism from the U.S. and others about the cease-fire that has
been largely ignored by President Bashar Assad-so it is bad and to be
punished keeping a song in your heart these days... I guess they can take
that away too, All in all your just a... another brick in the wall ♫-  
This world today is changing and not for the better. We, the people need
to step up and take back our country. I have to agree with some of the
other posters I do not like what is happening and unless we come together
nothing will change. We can no longer sit back and let some one else
fight the battle we have to get in there as well. Only we, the people can
make the difference be in education or government-Nothing to see here
folks, just keep moving along. It's just another slow day at the Denver
Pest where the slogan is; "All the 'news' that fits, we print". Where are
the important, late-breaking, earth shattering stories such as the
results of the Paraguayan marble championships? Just like millions of
other kids that play "violent" video games, the Michelle Obama sugary
soft drinks and cereals and eats at McDonalds!!!!!! Let's also blame a
pathetic, PC society being driven by a bunch of tree hugging
LOSERS!!!!!!!! Let's all hug now!!!! Sheesh      -Too bad we can't
suspend parents for bad parenting. I bet this kid is also well versed in
violent video games, sugary soft drinks and cereals, and knows the entire
menu at McDonalds. A sad story and hopefully this kid gets aimed back in
the right direction before it's too late for him to become a successful
contributing tax paying American- Aurora first-grader suspended for
sexual harassment- Who is this "public" demanding that teachers and
administrators develop and carry out brainless "zero tolerance" laws and
policies? I could be mistaken, but I see those laws and policies as
nothing more than CYA tactics, implemented by spineless education zombies
and leftie legislators. Look right on this forum and notice what sort of
commentary is coming from the "public". Not much agreement that
suspending a kid for quoting a song title is rational. It is NOT
rational. When we end up with the DUMBEST people in the population
educating our kids, which we have, I'll have to agree with half the
posters here -- we are doomed. The teachers/administrators responsible
for this action should be expelled from the educational system and seek
the jobs they are actually qualified for -- at McDonald's. Zero tolerance
= zero brains, and this happening proves it yet again
-sexual-harassment /DENVER—More than 8.5 tons
of prescriptions drugs collected in Colo, during the Drug Enforcement
Administration's drug take-back event. The DEA this week said 17,646
pounds of prescription drugs were collected at drop-off points across the
state during the event on Saturday. In Montana, the DEA collected 1,741
pounds and 1,224 pounds in Wyoming. The DEA started the take-back program
in 2010 following studies that indicate that more people abuse
prescription drugs than cocaine, heroin, and hallucinogens combined. A
majority of the abused prescription drugs come from home medicine
cabinets. Nationwide, the DEA collected 276 tons of unwanted or expired
medications for disposal-Perfect example of everything that is wrong
with government. Give patents to certain groups, jack up the price,
subsidize purchase with Medicare, fund disposal via taxes-Let me see
if I understand correctly, you are against the concept of patents - which
reward rugged individualists who are the source of all innovation, and
you are against the ban on Medicare to use their purchasing power to
demand lower prices. Is that right?-job well done. It's great to bring
some visibility to the insidious nature of these meekly packaged and
marketed killers-conveniently overlooked in all the brouhaha about
impairment limits for Rolling Stoned. "In 2009, the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration reported that two times as many Coloradans
died from prescription drug abuse than from drunk-driving-related
-drugs-collected-colo /. Two senior al-Qaida leaders wrote a letter to
Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud in December 2010 criticizing
the group for carrying out attacks in markets, mosques and other places
that kill innocent Muslims. It accused the group of making "clear legal
and religious mistakes which might result in a negative deviation from
the set path of the jihadists' movement in Pakistan." 17 letters seized
from the compound of al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden by American commandos
after they had killed him one year ago. Many of them addressed bombings
in which civilians were killed, these kinds of attacks "distort the
picture of the pious and loyal mujahideen." "Now many regular people are
looking at the mujahideen as a group that does not hesitate to take
people's money by falsehood, blowing up mosques, spilling the blood of
dozens of people in the way to kill one or two who were labeled as
enemies," said Gadahn. One of the incidents highlighted by Gadahn was a
2010 suicide bombing of a mosque in the northwest town of Darra Adam Khel
targeting anti-Taliban tribal elders that killed nearly 70 people. He
expressed skepticism at attempts by the Pakistani Taliban to blame the
attack on the private U.S. security firm formerly known as Blackwater
ani-market-kills-16 /Communists Lose Bid for Pro Bass Shops, Taxpayer
Incentive-laden deal for Bass Pro Shops store in Brandon dead-Communists
make push for new stadium at taxpayer expense, Hillsborough commissioners
seek legal advice about talking to Tampa Bay Rays-edu Budgets Drained,
Communists Want Taxpayer Money To Replace A 20-Year-Old Atlanta Falcons
Stadium/Controversy is nothing new to Lanzo, who seems to bask in the
negative attention each time he posts a new inflammatory message. the
Georgia Peach Oyster Bar. "I say just because you're offended by it
doesn't mean you don't have the right to say something just the opposite,
Lanzo said, according to a report from Atlanta's Fox 5. don't feel bad
about anything whatsoever. Therefore, they can go out and put their own
sign in their own yard and I will not be offended Lanzo's latest message
reads, "I do not support the n!gger in the White House." He recently told
a local reporter that the offensive wording was not meant to be racist.
2009, Lanzo drew outrage with a sign that read, "Obama's plan for
health-care: n!gger rig it." Again Lanzo maintained it was just a simple
health care protest and not racist, a strange claim considering he
advertises his establishment as a "Klan Bar" and has a rich history of
catering to some of the nation's most notorious racist groups. Asked why
he had chosen those words to express his feelings on the matter, Lanzo
replied, "Well, I've used it most of my life. There are different ways to
put your opinion up, but that's just the words I choose/Obama's
Perception As 'Dictator' Cost GOP Lobby Shop Cash, Says Founder
WASHINGTON -- A top Republican lobbying shop lost major business over the
past few years because clients thought "Obama was going to be dictator,"
and only firms closely aligned with the administration would have access,
Ed Rogers, the head of BGR Group, said in a deposition taken in January.
BGR Group, founded by top Republican players Haley Barbour, Lanny
Griffith and Rogers, peaked in 2007 with more than $20 million in
revenue. In three years of the Obama administration, revenue has been
down roughly 25 percent, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Barbour returned to the firm in 2012 after two terms as Mississippi
governor. "There was a spike in people thinking that Obama was going to
be dictator and to get a fair hearing, which is all you're ever really
going to get or all you literally want, you had to be close to the Obama
administration. We were not," Rogers testified. "Well, was that just a
perception or is that reality?" he was asked. "It's a perception more
than anything. Washington is becoming a town of what you know, not who
you know," Rogers said. Jeffrey Birnbaum, a spokesman for BGR Group,
declined to comment/Ain’t Nobody Gonna Like This, What you think you know
about Christianity is a lie. The gospels we use now are "rehashed" Roman
Empire propaganda, not the pure word of Christ. As much of Christ's real
words as possible were destroyed. The real Gospels, Nag Hammadi, Thomas,
Magdalene, some from the Dead Sea Scrolls, /Ex Pharma
Sales Rep speaks the truth Pharma doesn't want to cure you Ex pharma Rep
speaks out about Pharma and their real motivations and lack there of to
cure , heal and care for you or your best interest Tanks
in Egypt. Military dictatorshop attacks peaceful protesters... supplied
by Hillary Clinton and President Hopey Changey. Wall Photos اخبار #مصر |
اكتر من 20 مدرعة متجهة إلي العباسية الان #ENN #MOD #Abasseya #Egypt
#Tahrir /Happy Star Wars day!/Paul Ryan's moral conflict between
compassionate Christ and the guiltless greed of Ayn Rand.-It's hard to
choose between lust and love and ambition-Ayn Rand denounced religion,
Christianity and Christian why are so many Christians also
followers of Ayn Rand??!!-God I like rich people and look how much they
pay me to do this stuff. Do I have to go to hell just for depriving
millions of people of food, health care and jobs./majority of
"Christians" pray for the slaughter of millions so christ can return and
they rejoice!!! I wonder why they don't see the road to a warm toasty
place they are on? Nor can I understand their rationale...I can say
this... they are not actually christans./Homeschoolers Portrayed as
"Terrorists" HSLDA assists members in Michigan falsely accused of child
abuse Centers for Disease Control and Prevention experts
are seeking to confirm what they already suspect: that Richard Din, 25,
died Saturday young research associate killed by a highly virulent strain
of meningococcal disease is believed to have contracted the bacteria from
the San Francisco lab where he was working on a vaccine against it,
scientists in the San Francisco lab have spent more than 20 years trying
unsuccessfully to develop a vaccine against serogroup B, the strain that
killed Din, like the Holy Grail to develop the vaccine against B, Din
died of multiple organ failure caused by meningococcal infection and
septic shock, said Eileen Shields, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco
Department of Public Health. He died less than a day after becoming ill/
Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says his main suspect for the architect
of the attack is Vice President Dick Cheney.
Diana was going to start campaigning for Palestine/New Police Strategy in
New York - Sexual Assault Against Peaceful Protesters, apparently
systematic use of sexual assault against women protestors is new. Most of
the women who have been victims of such assaults have been hesitant to
come forward. Suing the city is a miserable and time-consuming task and
if a woman brings any charge involving sexual misconduct, they can expect
to have their own history and reputations ... raked over the coals,
usually causing immense damage to their personal and professional life-
Goldman Sachs Political Contributions Tainted by Money From Swindled
Veterans and Other Misdeeds-University of California President Mark Yudof
has launched a campaign targeting human rights activists and others
challenging the Israeli occupation and colonization of the West Bank and
other policies of the right-wing US-backed Israeli government- reveals that 23.3 million (56.7%) of the 41.1 million
dollars was spent on '19 ads containing deceptive or misleading claims-
truthout/GOP Convention to Welcome Loaded Guns buzzflash/Arrests Exceed
7,000 as Occupy's Movement's Spring Plans Unfold Across the Nation hp/
5312/after a Secret Service investigation, a canceled nugget's Army
concert and an outpouring of criticism, said presumptive GOP nominee Mitt
Romney's camp "expressed support" for the controversial comments/Bin
Laden worried about legacy and sought to kill Obama In his final months
padding around the dark third-floor room in his cinder-block Pakistan
hide-out/Supermoon Saturday: It's also called the 'Flower Moon,' and
'Milk Moon.' The 'supermoon' will be only 221802 miles from Earth, the
closest to our planet this year csm/

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