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43012/John Edwards - sleaziest Dem of them all?He has stiff competition - - Corzine, Rangel, Weiner, Cold Cash Jefferson,
Waters, Fat Bastid Kennedy and a host of others...but yes....Shyster John
Edwards may well be....THE SLEAZIEST DEM OF THEM ALL!-You must eliminate
Bobo.....Bobo is an out and out subversive.....then Edwards and fat Teddy
first for network television, NBC News has been granted unprecedented
access to the most secret and secure part of the White House, the Situation
Room. In a “Rock Center with Brian Williams” exclusive airing on Wednesday,
May 2 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time, President Barack Obama and his national
security and military teams, relive the pivotal moments of the raid
targeting Osama bin Laden, strategy underscores the fact that the Obama who
ordered the raid as commander in chief is now seeking a second term as
president. The risk is the political blow-back that can come if he is seen
as crossing a line into politicizing national security. "Sad," said a
Romney spokeswoman. "Shameless," said 2008 Obama election foe John
McCain-he simply has FAILED at every single other thing he's done and is
hated by a large portion of the electorate-should have used an aircraft
carrier and a Mission Accomplished sign?- Embattled Environmental
Protection Agency official Al Armendariz, under fire for 2010 comments
bragging that he would “crucify” oil and gas companies in order to send a
message to the industry, has resigned-Newsmax/life has no intrinsic value.
The extinguishing of 'primitive' societies, those that were defined by
animism and mysticism, those that celebrated ambiguity and mystery, those
that respected the centrality of the human imagination, removed the only
ideological counterweight to a self-devouring capitalist ideology.... The
war on the Native Americans ... was waged to eradicate not only a people
but a competing ethic-Chicago to Welcome a Militarized May Day? "If there
is going to be a dress rehearsal for the coming NATO summit in Chicago, May
Day is it.... It will also, coincidentally or not, be the first day that
police in 'battle' dress hit the streets to prepare for the summit.
Operation Red Zone, a security perimeter patrolled by federal law
enforcement carrying 'non-lethal' guns-The Obama Contradiction He has few
constraints (except those he's internalized). No one can stop him or
countermand his orders.... And if he cares to, he can send a robot assassin
to kill you ... He sounds like a typical villain from a James Bond
novel.... As it happens, though, he's the president of the United State, a
nice guy with a charismatic wife and two lovely kids. How could this
be?-Chomsky, People seem to know about May Day everywhere except where it
began, here in the United States of America. That's because those in power
have done everything they can to erase its real meaning. For example,
Ronald Reagan designated what he called 'Law Day' - a day of jingoist
fanaticism, like an extra twist of the knife in the labor movement. Today,
there is a renewed awareness, energized by the Occupy movement's
organizing, around May Day, and its relevance for reform and perhaps
eventual revolution-Details Urban Uprisings From Occupy Wall Street to the
Paris Commune, Tuesday, May 1st, known as May Day or International Workers'
Day, Occupy Wall Street protesters hope to mobilize tens of thousands of
people across the country under the slogan, 'General Strike. No Work. No
Shopping. Occupy Everywhere.' Events are planned in 125 cities. We speak
with leading social theorist David Harvey, distinguished professor of
anthropology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York,
about how Occupy Wall Street compares to other large-scale grassroots
movements throughout modern history-many eyes are on the flashpoint of
Occupy Oakland, where organizers say 'traditional labor and precarious
workers will strike together for the first time' at Occupy's call. 'It's an
interesting convergence of unorganized labor and the Occupy movement
creating this pressure and momentum that encourages the rank and file to
plan strikes on this day,' said Steven Angell, an organizer with Occupy
Oakland-Field workers for President Obama's campaign fanned out across the
country over the weekend in an effort to confront a barrage of new voter
identification laws that strategists say threaten the campaign's hopes for
registering new voters ahead of the November election. Many of the laws in
question - including the ones in Florida and Wisconsin are the subject of
legal challenges by Democratic groups-sponsors rapidly jumping ship, ALEC
has tried to do some damage control. Last week it announced that it would
be 'eliminating [its] Public Safety and Elections task force that dealt
with non-economic issues' such as Stand Your Ground and Voter ID. The
purpose of the move, the organization said, is to focus more keenly on
'free-market, limited government, pro-growth priorities, destroying unions,
eliminating environmental regulation, reducing taxes for the top 1 percent,
and so forth-beating up on the Republicans is pretty easy these days; you
mostly just have to repeat what they say.... The Democrats rely on their
great myth: Bill Clinton made the hard choices, cutting spending and
raising taxes-There are now 17 states without capital punishment, Illinois
having joined the ranks last year. What happened in Connecticut brings home
the flaw in seeing everything that has happened in the states since the
midterm vote as embodying a steady shift rightward-administration inherited
from the Bush administration, ignores the accumulated evidence that Iran's
diplomacy strategy is to accumulate centrifuges, not in order to support a
weapons program, but rather to negotiate a larger bargain with the United
States-How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes "With a handful of employees
in a small office in Reno, [Nevada], Apple has done something central to
its corporate strategy: it has avoided millions of dollars in taxes in
California and 20 other states. Apple's headquarters are in Cupertino,
California. By putting an office in Reno, just 200 miles away, to collect
and invest the company's profits, Apple sidesteps state income taxes on
some of those gains-South Carolina Republicans Step in Line Behind Romney
In a classic political case of better late than never, South Carolina
Republicans who earlier spurned Mitt Romney are belatedly embracing him as
he closes in on their party's presidential nomination. But in South
Carolina, one of the hotbeds of the nation's tea party movement and where
Republican activists spent long months taking an anyone-but-Romney stance,
the embrace feels reluctant - more weak handshake than hearty hug-Cigarette
Companies and Their Underhanded Tactics, The world's biggest cigarette
companies made their case in the [Australian] High Court, battling the
Federal Government's attempts to impose plain packaging on their product,
fearful it may set a worldwide precedent. One of their arguments is that
since the Government stands to save money in the public health budget from
people not dying or needing to go to hospital as a result of smoking,
tobacco companies should to be compensated. David Donovan, a former tobacco
company employee, gives an inside view about just how far big tobacco will
go in their efforts to preserve their noxious trade-The growth rate mostly
slowed as millions of Americans lost insurance coverage along with their
jobs. Worried about job security, others may have feared taking time off
work for doctor's visits or surgical procedures, or skipped non-urgent care
when money was tight.... Of course, health care experts caution that there
have been times when health care spending had slowed, only to start
tracking back up again-Undergrads May Fail Critical-Thinking Test, claim is
sustained by the failure of a putatively representative sample of 2,362
students at 24 four-year institutions to increase their average score on
standardized tests of critical thinking, and that this failure in critical
thinking is affecting them negatively in the labor market and in civil
society (as indicated by the percentage with full-time employment or
graduate or professional school status, and by self-reported newspaper
reading habits-The Vision Thing: Keeping Union Reform on Track, Reformers
take over at the union hall. They're sick of seeing management run
roughshod over the local, so they put together a slate and a plan to
mobilize the members. When it works, reformers can make remarkable changes,
transforming dormant locals into ones with proud members who put management
on notice. But some reformers fail ... Too many don't know how to step off
the path of least resistance, and they slide into the ways of their
predecessors-Obama's Climate Change Promise: A Feeble Charm Offensive
President Obama simply refuses to throw any red meat to the Republicans,
though they always manage to find some to devour anyway-Labor Leaders
Question Contractor's Hiring Practices I think there needs to be some
serious oversight over companies who come into a community and bring their
outside work forces in on labor visas, or bring in right-to-work state
workers who lower our wages. These corporations are building facilities
paid for partly with our taxpayers' money-A Dog's Life, Archie, our black
lab mix, He never asks who built or bought that couch he's made his own.
Nor does he ask who pays the vet bill. Surely, Archie never wonders whose
labor produces the food that magically keeps appearing in his bowl twice a
day. In Archie's case the obliviousness is innate. The sadness is that we
humans can go through life no less oblivious-If You - and the Yes Men -
Owned Bank of America, a project of Occupy Wall Street meant to infuse the
movement with renewed creativity in the streets." -Truthout/the 'felon
purge' that allegedly included the purge of more than 55,000 eligible
voters had not been carried out by Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush, Gore
would have likely won the Florida election by so many votes that the
Supreme Court couldn't have stolen it from him. So, for eight years, we had
a president who had not been elected by the majority of Americans (Gore won
the national election by approximately 550,000 votes), and had been
appointed to the office as a result of the machinations of premeditated
voter suppression BuzzFlash/More on the Possibility of a Double-Dip
Recession The European/Murdoch's News Corp Has Sought to Undermine
Governments Guardian UK/GOP Slogan Is "You Didn't Clean Up Our Mess Fast
Enough" dailykos/Crowd-Working 101: Romney Struggles to Hold College
Students' Attention tpm/Demographics Favor Obama Over Romney in November
Election Daily Beast/Obama Roasts Romney at White House Correspondents'
Dinner Raw Story/diedl making sense veterins, willy nelson 79./
42912/OBAMA CAMPAIGNED ON TAXPAYER MONEY House Speaker John A. Boehner said President Obama misused taxpayer money this week when he
visited three college campuses and demanded Congress extend student loan
subsidies. "His campaign ought to be reimbursing the Treasury for the costs
of this trip," Mr. Boehner said. Mr. Obama has been urging Congress to pass
an extension of subsidies enacted in 2007 that keep student loan interest
rates at 3.4 percent. Without action the rates will double this summer to
6.8 percent. But lowering the rates will cost $6 billion for one year. Now
Mr. Obama and lawmakers are sparring over how to come up with that money.
Mr. Boehner said the president is manufacturing a political issue by
telling students their rates could go up, because Mr Boehner said both
Democrats and Republicans were already working to keep loan rates low. Mr.
Obama visited college campuses in North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa this
week to press for lower student loan rates, and he had sharp criticism for
Republicans who he said oppose student loans. Mr. Boehner, though, said the
trip was a manufactured political event and said Mr. Obama's campaign, not
taxpayers, should pay for it "at a cost of $179,000 an hour" — the amount
it costs to keep Air Force One aloft. "This is the biggest job in the
world, and I've never seen a president make it smaller," Mr. Boehner said.
"The president keeps attempting to invent these fake fights because he
doesn't have a record of success or a positive agenda for our country- What
did weeper boehner say about GW's 77 flight's to his Crawford ranch at
$179,00 an hour?- I'm pretty certain that most american know that Crawford
Ranch is much cheaper than Spain- How much did Bush pay a night to live on
his private owned ranch? It was not the thousands of dollars a night rate
the Obamas require on their 'lifestyles of the rich and famous' vacations,
they ARE the Obamas.. we can't expect them to stay in regular places like
NORMAL people.. they are better-In the real world, the Obama White House
would reply to a foolish statement like Boehner's with a suggestion that he
perform a sexual act on himself- Luckily for Boerange, this President is
classier than that-obama said he would spend a billion on his re-election,
now we're finding out the money is coming from the taxpayer, we need to
throw this bum out!- George W Bush, Ron Reagan, HW Bush, never campaigned
for 2nd terms. They never used taxpayer money.
26_Politics/By_Country_or_Region/United_States/Politics/threadview? /How
are you going to celebra  te Bin Laden's 1 year deathaversary?, Me and my
friends are going to throw a big party celebrating the one year anniversary
of President Obama's killing of Bin Laden. It's going to be a joyous event.
Plenty of booze and food. Thank God President Obama is in charge to keep
America safe. He did in three years what Bush Jr and Cheney failed to do in
eight./A delusional cult that believes in imaginary sky gods, has as its
interpreter to translate  god's "messages" an elderly man that speaks a
language no one used in hundreds of years, has never been laid, wears a
laughable clown outfit, and "proves' the existence of imaginary gods with a
book of fables written in the Iron Age by people who believed lightening
was a sign of anger from the sky people.... ...and this group's "leaders"
have dysfunctional sex lives including the molestation of countless
children and gay porn? Shocking.-Faith isn't an act of logic. But I do
agree with you that churches of all religions are responsible for all kinds
of social ills. Its generally because most people use their faith to
justify their prejudices instead of using their faith to act on behalf of a
kind and loving God-Priests are human, too.  So what if he had gay porn on
his computer? Priests have sexual urges as well, they are just not allowed
to get married or have sexual relations with another person-Today,w ar is
mostly an attempt at resource, money, or land grabbing from one side and a
religous reaction from another side. Either way you look at it though,
money was always the reason to push country A into a conflict with country
B. The international banking cartel loans money to pay for your war and
collect enough interest on it to buy your entire country. The little people
fight for religion or land. The big fish sit back and watch you kill each
other as your economoy spirals out of control into their greedy fingers-so
he forgot to delete brokeback moutain off his stick before the communion-
That's not porn. Where do you live Mayberry?-

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