Friday, January 13, 2012

11312/Obama is too wishy washy. He’ll only kill American traitors without due process

11312/just wait until we get a real hard charging liberal Nazi in the White House!
That Obama is too wishy washy. He’ll only kill American traitors without due
process that have left the country. When we get a real Socialist in there, we’ll
be able to get rid of all of those militas and anti-abortion fanatics. We’ll clean
out the radical Right Wing churches and hunt down the Glenn Becks of the world.
We’ll finally make those FEMA camps a reality/private equity powerhouse Carlyle
Group, Carlyle rival Bain Capital, took home more than $400m in compensation last
year/Cop’s Response To A Special Needs Girl Punched In The Face By A Cop: A
Perspective From Behind The Blue Wall/society grows great when old men plant trees
whose shade they know they shall never sit in.' ~ Greek proverb/Enough Already
With The Crying, Newt, no friends in capitalism—just lions, hyenas and sharks and
the bloody, red meat prize is the GOP nomination and possibly the White House/Fox
News and right-wing christofascists take time out of their hating the middle
class, poor, and gays schedules and feign outrage over a supposed sinister 'War on
Christmas' being waged by godless liberals/conservatives say the darnedest things,
and unfortunately for the connoisseurs of common sense, they actually believe in
much of their outlandishness/Perry has mysteriously developed some political
doubts about the relevance of the debates as a whole in regards to the political
well-being of the candidate, as he told Fox’s Bill O’Reilly that agreeing to
participate in the debates at all was probably a mistake/A lot of the time it's
hard to know what to believe, and the only thing you're really sure of is that
almost everyone is lying to
11212/"If you can dream it, you can do it." Walt Disney / LAPD is on the
hunt for a cyber-douchebag who threatened to attack the people at,
because they blocked the idiot from posting on their message board/Police have
told community leaders that car firebombings that rattled a Joooish neighborhood
in Brooklyn were probably an insurance scam, and not a hate crime/faked the
Yiddish accent and got them relaxed and talking. They are here to stage a fake car
accident, typical Haredi insurance scam/Atheism is - a reaction made by rational
people in the face of absurdity. Believers make extraordinary claims and
assertions without providing a shred of extraordinary proof/All xians may be close
minded, but it doesn't mean all close minded people are xians."/correct! We must
not leave out M*slims and Joos (the gold standard for closed mindedness/"creative
destruction, some people were going to get hurt in the process, wasn't talking
about him or his partners., The world needs more people such as Romney/investors
made millions and stole from the pension fund, uncle sam had to bail out the
pension fund, how conish/obstructionism at its worst, the two years that Mr. Bush
had to contend with a Democratic Senate, 740 of his 981 nominees for civilian
positions were confirmed, a rate of 75 percent. During the 112th Congress, 285 of
Mr. Obama’s 503 civilian nominees have been confirmed, or 57 percent/OBAMA tells
San Francisco He WILL BANKRUPT THE COAL INDUSTRY/ /anyone more nauseating on television than
ugly bitch Wasserman and botox corrupt whore Pelosi?/mormon corporate raider who
made billions by destroying entire communities and chopping up and selling
businesses. corporate raider is who Romney is....along with being a former
governor who ranked 47th out of 50th in job creation during his tenure. Moral
compass???because something is legal doesn't mean it's moral or ethical legal
(after being deregulated by Gramm) to gamble with cheap money and package mortgage
backed securities and create wealth out of thin air with derivatives.....creating
the real estate bubble and the financial collapse..immoral and unethical, Maybe it
is a mormon thing-Obama along the line as a mobster. The Chicago Machine is
cleaning house right now, all we can do is watch-Weak Muslim Obama sends 2
Aircraft Carriers Near Iran, 3rd On The Way Iran threatens to close key waterway.
But while there was just one carrier in the region for weeks, the Pentagon insists
that its ship movements aren’t a response to Tehran’s recent bellicosity-what
Big Oil Corps tell him to do. They run the show/Obama is launching a full-court
press to make it easier for companies to bring jobs back to the U.S., including
eliminating tax breaks that the administration says gives advantages to companies
moving jobs overseas-MarketWatch-Republicans vying to challenge Obama in November
have hammered him over his economic stewardship, contending that his regulatory
policies, including new rules for Wall Street and the overhaul of the healthcare
system, have discouraged investment and hampered job creation
/ Lets use reverse thinking, Iran
doesn't need a nuke because they can get one from Al Qaedi in Pakistan, China
controls radical wing in Pakistan, and totally controls North Korea, now since we
are financing all the armies, including all the Muslims. cut Karsai free and give
him his AK 47 to guard his army in the prison. 41 jails have emptied in Egypt,
looks like All Qaedi are all on vacation in Syria, with Kaddaffi's loot, scientist
that got Nuked in Iran, it could be Pakistani double agent wanting to sell them a
new piece of Chineese Cake made in Tibet-since we suspended the drone attacks
(which could be interpreted by them to mean they have us on the run-burning the
Constitution is what He-Who-Can-Not-Be-Named did with his warrant-less wiretapping
during the first 4 years after 9/11/Newt In refuting Limpbowow et al Newt sez he
isn't attacking capitalism. He is questioning the business practices of a
particular capitalist. He sez Romney's business practices raise a fundamental
question: What single legal thing would Romney NOT do to syphon money out of a
company? Perry sez Romney is a Vulture perched the branch waiting for the right
moment to swoop down on a weakened company. Then he picks the bones clean and
leaves the rest for the other scavengers. If only Perry knew how Vultures actually
detect their prey-Republican primary election in New Hampshire, James OKeefe and
his crew proved that you could get a ballot, without an ID, for people who were
deceased, these kinds of shenanigans go on during the 2012 Presidential election,
Obama will be in office for four more years. No wonder the Dems are fighting to
stop a photo ID requirement to vote. Theyd lose the zombies/you think Obama haters
have a franchise on twisting other peoples words and meaning, toughen up, 'cause
it is going to get real ugly/loss of 25% of the christian right will not vote for
a mormon that nearly any other republican would not lose, have an adult
explain it to you/
steinhart hedgefund send youth to israel/ vulture banksters are granted too many,
To make it worse Congress signs some form of government into action to protect it
by regulating it, This will NEVER change so we might as well accept this criminal
form of capitalism/how bout the president of the united states bailing them out
with your tax dollars after they bet against you honoring your home loan and lost.
ain't that sweet!/this bailout started under Bush with Paulson throwing billions
at them...and Obama kept it up/a mad in jehad. world's worst terrorist. ied's inc.
time to enforce the monroe doctrine and the geneva convention, buy american/The
bubble will burst any day now, This thing has sucked in almost all the sheep it
can. They are ready to drop it any day now/Socialism leads to gulags,
concentration camps and Norwegian H^tler Youth camps/Romneyism leads to mowed
lawns, happy neighbors, self reliance and commerce/There's no way for anyone to
put words in your mouth, already packed full of grunts/Cantor # 1 & traitor to his
own country “Have you left no sense of decency?” That’s the question Joseph Welch
famously asked Joseph McCarthy, as the red-baiting demagogue tried to ruin yet
another innocent citizen. And these days, it’s the question I find myself wanting
to ask Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, who has done more than anyone else
to make policy blackmail — using innocent Americans as hostages — standard
operating procedure for the G.O.P. the hard man in the confrontation over the debt
ceiling; he was willing to endanger America’s financial credibility, putting our
whole economy at risk, plenty of other J3wish lawmakers, and I don't beat up on
them. I didn't even beat up on Anthony Weiner, Liberman? He's a traitor to his
party, Repeat: Cantor is a sleazebag/Why don't you suck my d[i]ck and feel better,
you slackjawed faqqot That's let me massage your tonsils/oh larry!/Cantor
seems to cast a larger shadow than Boehner does, Both are thugs, kneeling to the
Tea-Party tho/he and his Republican colleagues showed no comparable interest in
paying for the Bush administration’s huge unfunded initiatives. In particular,
they did nothing to offset the cost of the Iraq war/he would NEVER think of
cutting aid to Isra3l for budgetary or fiscal considerations/based on what???? You
wouldn't be talking about Cantor at all if he wasn't J*wish, you slime/Ventura:
Navy SEAL 'Punch' Hoax May be Retribution For Supporting Ron Paul/
-paul.html /$61 Million Dollar Settlement for a Child Injured by a Vaccine PRWeb/\
erday-are-freaking-out-big-pharma-it-seems-1-7-2012-at-656-pm-est/ mitts
grandfather had 5 wives, his great grandfather had 12/"Here's what we can do to
change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money we spend on
weapons and defenses each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and
educating the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one
human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer,
forever, in peace." Bill Hicks (1961-1994/Republicans and Wall Street lobbyists
causing delays with Dodd-Frank Why do Republican presidential candidates hate
America? (It's not even necessary to ask the question about Wall Street because
it's so obvious.) What other industry could get away with ignoring the law and
failing to comply other than Wall Street? Imagine if you tried ignoring the law
yourself and see how long you get away with it. CNBC/Treasury spokesman said the
real uncertainty comes from those seeking to repeal the sweeping financial
regulatory reform law. “Current calls to repeal Wall Street reform are a
significant cause of the uncertainty that responsible business leaders are seeking
to avoid/O'keefe Proves How Easy Voter Fraud Is, merely asked for the ballots. He
did not cast them. He isn't a Democrat you know/he likely has broken several laws.
Giving false information and recording without permission/Disgraced repub &
Bathroom Sex Seeker Larry Craig Ran Romneys Idaho Campaign/kingofrepubfailure
makes a nambla reference/we start with the NAMBLA supporting head of education
that Obama still supports, even after we found out he did not report a CHILD in
his school having relations with a man. He did tell him to use protection.. I
guess it's ok to put men in charge of the national education system who support
gay relations with men and children, as long as they make sure to use
protection/deep fury in Tehran on Thursday against prime suspect Israel and
against the United States, which said it had nothing to do with the murder,
hardline newspapers even called for retaliatory action, in an editorial that
"assassinations of Israeli officials and military are achievable/Israel will say
or do something to provok a retailiation to end the talk. You know the whole of
middle east hate Israel in their heart as a bully backing by us/US and Israel are
trying to get them to do I meant they are trying to provoke Iran to strike first/
operation has 'Israel' written all over it/like those Isreal spies dancing in a
New Jersey apartment parking lot while watching WTC burning?/Criminal, bigot, baby
killer Israhell is too coward to face the mighty Iranian navy when they go by
israhell shores on their way to Syria but they kill innocent people in the streets
by deceptive actions like this one and that is because pig master Natanayaboo is
an inbreed just like his father, the beast of the middle east, Arial Sharon who is
worm infested/we were lied to about Iraq and their plans, I feel we have been lied
to by the ATF about the Fast and Furious project. I feel the medial lies or
distorts the news every day. I simple do not trust who's telling the truth any
more/when we are told that we were fired upon in the Strait of Hormuz we are
supposed to believe them. Then in 20 years after more of our troops die we will be
told that we were not fired upon and there will be an old man crying like
MacNamara saying he is sorry and that was his orders. Will there be a war? Yes
they are already pointing out incidents daily to get the sheeple behind them. Of
course if the sheeple knew the truth they would be very upset so that is why the
bought and paid for media must dish out the proper propaganda. Once a liar always
a liar!/40-year-old MS patient spoke at the meeting about how marijuana eases his
symptoms better than any combination of the 27 prescription painkillers, muscle
relaxers and other drugs he has tried over the years/Between crooked elected
officials and these "free enterprise" CEO's, I'm surprised this whole country
isn't more broke than we already are. You don't need teacher's unions and old
folks getting social security to overspend our budgets. Watch out for the guys in
3 piece suits on Wall Street and on Main Street - they are the ones stealing the
really big bucks/ Krugman & Co.: "Joe Nocera gets mad. And it's a beautiful thing
to see. In a December 23 column in The New York Times, Joe once again went after
the Big Lie - the claim that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac caused the financial
crisis - and drove home the point that the people advancing this story aren't just
wrong but are acting with intent, engaging in deliberate deception
11112/nuclear scientist was killed in a blast in a Tehran neighborhood Wednesday
morning, Iran has blamed on Israel/Snoop Dogg faces a drug charge after border
agents searched his tour bus along the same stretch of a west Texas highway where
singer Willie Nelson was busted/a modern prison complex virtually
indistinguishable from a typical jail, keeping most men in communal blocks with
amenities such as video games and cable TV.Guantanamo holds 171 prisoners and it's
an odd mix. Thirty-six await trial on war crimes charges, including the alleged
mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks. There are 46 in indefinite detention as men
the U.S. considers dangerous but who cannot be charged for lack of evidence or
other reasons. The U.S. wants to release 32 but hasn't, largely because of
congressional restrictions, and 57 men from Yemen/Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour
pardoned four men convicted of murder, David Gatlin, Joseph Ozment, Charles Hooker
and Anthony McCray received full pardons and were released, Gatlin walked into the
trailer where his estranged wife, Tammy Ellis Gatlin, lived and shot her in the
head. Gatlin's sister, Tiffany Ellis Brewer, said David Gatlin served less time
than her sister lived, he's in jail for 18 years. She was 20 years old when she
died and had her child laying in her arms when he shot her in the head. And he's
pardoned/iran has convicted Amir Mirzaei Hekmati of "working for an enemy
country," as well as membership in the CIA and "efforts to accuse Iran of
involvement in terrorism, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , Hugo Chavez working together to
stop the "imperial insanity"/Both parties are rotten - how could they not be,
given the complete infestation of the political system by corporate money on a
scale that now requires a presidential candidate to raise upwards of a billion
dollars to be competitive in the general election? Both parties are captives to
corporate loot. The main reason the Democrats' health care bill will be a budget
buster once it fully phases in is the Democrats' rank capitulation to corporate
interests - no single-payer system, in order to mollify the insurers; and no
negotiation of drug prices, a craven surrender to Big Pharma. parties are not
rotten in quite the same way. The Democrats have their share of machine
politicians, careerists, corporate bagmen, egomaniacs and kooks. Nothing, however,
quite matches the modern GOP, Mike Lofgren retired on June 17 after 28 years as a
Congressional staffer. He served 16 years as a professional staff member on the
Republican side of both the House and Senate Budget Committees/Candidates' Tax
Cuts for the Rich Are Up to 270 Times Larger Than Their Tax Cuts for the Middle
Class-Candidates' Tax Cuts for the Rich Are Up to 270 Times Larger Than Their Tax
Cuts for the Middle Hampshire, Right Wing Offers Economic
Ideas That Were Instrumental in Creating the Nation's Current Economic Problems
New York Times/The chief regulator of the commodities markets under George
Bush has just been named head of the top lobbying arm of futures investors
Taibbi/Military public affairs officials in WikiLeaks case use software that
specializes in tracking Twitter reading your Bradley Manning tweets/Obama Issue an
Order Exposing Big Corporate Political Spenders in Citizens United
Era?/    Scott Brown raised $3.2 million in the last three months of the year,
boosting his campaign war chest to $12.8 million, the most that any Massachusetts
candidate has accumulated at this stage of a statewide race, Elizabeth Warren
showed that people power is greater than Wall Street power. Her small donors
nearly doubled Brown's total/ Super Bowl viewers in 40 cities across the country
will see graphic ads featuring images of bloody, aborted fetuses. The ads are
being paid for by fringe anti-abortion candidateRandall Terry
e_Religion_Down_Your_Throat_This_Year_/ People in 40 cities across the country may
be subjected to a graphic anti-abortion ad while watching the Super Bowl/Blue Ivy
spelled backwards is Eulb Yvi, which means either A) “Lucifer’s daughter” in Latin
or B) was the name of Lucifer’s daughter in
Latin/ /

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

11012/O'bomb-mob-bama is a war criminal

11012/Greed is Good Andrew Leonard: It is no surprise to see Mitt Romney attacked
as a caricature of Gordon Gekko, the corporate raider immortalized in Oliver
Stone’s 1987 film “Wall Street.”/op 5 Reasons Obama Must Be Removed as
Commander-in-Chiefand LightSquared’s new wireless project is that it could disrupt
all military communications and GPS. But what worth has the entire capacity of the
military’s communication system against the pleadings of LightSquared’s biggest
investor, Philip Falcone, who shovels cash to Obama?/ he drinks the blood of
infants, birth certificate is a forgery/elected with LARGER dumbocrat majorities,
i didn't realize how bad, he's exceeded my WORST expectations. He's a racist,
anti-American, wannabe dictator/Chief of Staff is a Jooish Sabbath Observer
He is a Democrat which means he isn't a real Jooo. ~~~~~~~~~~~ his mother was
jooooish you know what that means, if he were a dem and an atheist, there's
something to talk about/Bill Clinton, who once left a message on his answering
machine. "Jack, I know you can't pick up the phone today, but this is important.
God will understand." Classic Clinton arrogance/Obama will stop the State's
affairs on Shabbos, There is now no separation between the State and religion at
Obama's administration/
The stamp was used to identify baked products and probably belonged to a bakery
that supplied kosher bread to the J e w s of Akko in the Byzantine period, Just
two weeks after a Temple era seal was displayed to the public, archeologists
continue to dig up breathtaking proofs of the ancient and never-severed connection
between J e w s and the Land of Israel. This time, the find is a 1,500 year old
tiny stamp discovered near the city of Akko, bearing the image of the
seven-branched Temple Menorah/a rare coin from the Second Temple era. The
cartouche – or seal – never seen by the public before, is the size of the modern
New Israeli Shekel coin and bears the Aramaic inscriptions “it is pure” and a
two-letter abbreviation for the name of God/Israel Antiquities Authority, “This is
a bathhouse that measures 20 x 20 m and dates to the fourth-fifth centuries CE.
The remains visible in the field include the frigidarium (cold room), tepidarium
(warm room) and caldarium (hot room), as well as a courtyard attached northeast of
the bathhouse rooms. Two steps led up to a small cold-water pool located in one of
the corners of the courtyard. "It is possible the bathhouse was used by an inn
situated on an ancient road that ran along Nahal Harel through the southern Ayalon
Valley, and it might also have been part of a wealthy country estate – just like
the pools in the gardens of villas in Caesarea today”/WS JOURNAL GOES AFTER THE
FED! Karl Denninger:The Fed was largely complicit in causing the housing bubble.
In fact, Greenspan intentionally stoked this speculative orgy and further, both he
and Bernanke intentionally averted their eyes from the monstrous credit expansion
that "maintained" economic output and which was utterly unsustainable. Just one
example is the hundreds of billions of dollars of second lines (Home Equity and
"Silent Second" mortgages) that are behind underwater, non-performing first line
mortgages. These have an actual net present value in a foreclosure of zero, The
reason that The Fed and our Government are desperate to hide these losses, praying
for a miracle to somehow keep them from being recognized, is quite simple -- these
long-duration investments are typically held by insurance companies and pension
funds. Recognition of these losses will cause the allegedly "healthy" firms and
funds that hold this paper to be shown to be severely impaired or worse. Yet there
is no evading these losses. The idea that The Fed would propose that "taxpayers"
eat these embedded losses is both an outrage and a circular argument. Either way
you're bust!/Segregation Todd Palin Endorses Newt/SatanistBush pretended to be a
Christian for the votes but killed thousands/SATAN CHEARING THE EVANGELICALS
catholics aren't christians either/Show me where Jesus said we were to worship
only on Saturday, you have no explanation of why you believe that not all those
that live a Christian life will be admitted into Heaven nor did you explain why
you don't believe in Holy Communion. Of course that's why you are a member of a
cult/rather have a Romney who goes to the other God than Obama who's an atheist
and doesn't go to any God/Romney and members of his cult believe their 'jesus' was
created through the sexual union of their 'god' who was once a man, and Mary,
meaning their 'jesus' is NOT a deity, is the brother of Lucifer, and once visited
the United States/ conservative (not liberal) Christians teach/Democrat Party that
fought on the side of the South. Abe Lincoln, father of the Republican Party,
raised an army to fight the slave owning Democrats. yes, Democrat Controlled Media
lynched Herman Cain because he wandered off the plantation/Press Scty Gibbs Yelled
Obscenities At Michelle Obama/Racists can take comfort in the fact that it is
still "white." /fraud Europe crisis. markets sold off on absolutely
is one giant criminal racketeering organization/MSNBC fires Pat Buchanon..says
he's RACIST Al Shapton agrees/ about time. He is an anti Semite and anti Israel/
now exceeds the annual GDP by 100%+ ,with the annual GDP being 15.1 trillion. What
is it Von Mises said about when Debt reaches 70% or greater, there is no turning
things around?/MSNBC always fires Christian whites before a major election to push
their liberal platform. If you don't believe in their crap, then you are a racist.
The term is losing its lustre/Pedophiles receive disability payments in Greece. So
do sado- masochists, kleptomaniacs and fire bugs. No wonder they're bankrupt, the
government administration has no morals
tml peer-reviewed journal International Journal of Health Services says an
estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the United States are linked to the radioactive
fallout from the fukushima disaster PRNewswire-USNewswire/EPA reacted to Fukushima
by raising "acceptable" radiation levels.) Reminds me of the Gulf oil spill… no
problem eating the shrimp, look, we are feeding it to our troops. Same story as
told to the troops in Viet Nam that Agent Orange was perfectly safe/turns out that
there was a pretty good reason for razing the North Palm Beach, Fla., estate:
termites. A report in People magazine indicated that the 1920s-era mansion fell
short of current hurricane safety codes, and combined with a termite infestation,
that was enough to warrant blasting it down to the sand I've got Elin Nordegren's
curious-at-the-time decision to knock down a $12 million mansion. It seemed, at
first glance, a rather conspicuous display of wealth, so much money I can demolish
a mansion and build a new one! A divorce from Tiger Woods, it seemed, was the gift
that kept on giving/woman can't seem to find good "wood" anywhere/Good for her for
donating any recoverable materials/items to Habitat/New Hampshire, Occupiers Live
Free or "Die-In"-Ten Years of Guantanamo: One of the Prison's First Detainees
Breaks His Silence-Ten Years Too Many-Threat Reduction Act of 2011. At the Hill's
Congress Blog, Jamir Abdi explains that (as you may have heard) it contains 'a
provision - inserted without debate in committee after garnering the majority of
its cosponsors - that would outlaw contact between US government employees and
certain Iranian officials-Arpaio, the self-proclaimed 'toughest sheriff in
America,' will cooperate with the federal government's demands to clean up his
department after a three-year investigation found rampant racial profiling and
widespread discriminatory policing under his Plan: No High
School Diploma? No Unemployment Check MSNBC/Democrats Love Gingrich for His Bain
Capital Attacks/
1912/Pedophile Rabbi David Kaye On NBC To Catch A Predator/two thousand nukes
which is enuff to wipe out the entire universe many times over.Repeat: WIPE OUT
THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE MANY TIMES OVER/to say iran is a threat is nothing but a
propaganda for is rael. We now know iraq has no nuke and bush 43 had killed one
million iraqis and displaced two million for NOTHING. Of course, we all know bush
43 is an fervant pro is raeli/picked worthless ronmeny and santorum who are for
more war instead of focusing on America's ecnomy. it's over America. you have no
more chance/lots of is raelis including kissenger, the same is raelis
are gunning ..for whoever is not for is rael/Is rawlis and its minions in the DC
aka recipients of political donations from is raeli lobbysts are gunning for more
wars against is rael's desert adversaries, americans die for is raeli cause
because of is raeli propaanda in the USA thru congress and the media? don't
lecture me on defending America on arab land. Hey, they have nothing to attack
america execpt on juu media/BoBo has the libs panties in a ruffle every time he
speaks they jump.Has a lib ever done any thing wrong?They say the chosen one is
perfect.They seem to dismiss the ONE MILLION DOLLARs A MINUTE HE IS BORROWING FROM
CHINA!How is that going to add up for you libs after 4 more?30 trillion?/.Bobo is
the third world subversives best chance to seize USA....a criminal take over more
accurate.....these people are the scum of he earth...very violent
too/O'bomb-mob-bama is a war criminal/will be packaged and sold to the American
public as an effort in liberation of globally oppressed peoples, and our gift of
democracy to them. Prepare to see much more of this "liberation" as we stare down
the barrel (no pun intended) of global peak oil. Our nation was built upon access
to cheap oil. It is the lifeblood of industrialism that brought us to interstate
highways,cheap air travel, suburban lifestyles, and abject plastic bargains from
Wal-Mart, withdrawal symptoms from cheap petroleum crack will become even uglier.
/He is also a homophobic gay/Isn't that synonymous to Roman Catholic?/Psychopaths
have extremely inflated self-esteem. Their egocentricity is comparable to that of
narcissists, and indeed it is occasionally hard to distinguish the two conditions
from each other.[60] They think they are the center of the universe and see
themselves as superior beings. They often appear arrogant, opinionated,
domineering, and cocky. A psychopath always thinks he is the smartest person in
the room and has no respect for the differing opinions of others. Psychopaths have
an exaggerated sense of entitlement. They expect large rewards for mediocre
efforts, apply for important jobs despite lacking qualifications, demand authority
and privileges above their rank, and are ungrateful. It is not uncommon for
psychopaths to describe their victims as weak, inferior beings who deserve to be
taken advantage of. Psychopaths often claim to have grand goals in life and
believe they can be anything they want to be. These claims are often unrealistic,
given their track record for irresponsibility, but are sometimes achieved. They
often show little appreciation for the hard work, discipline, devotion, and talent
required to achieve their ambitions and will often take short cuts to achieve
success. As an example, Hare wrote of one psychopathic inmate who planned to
become a professional swimmer after release, despite the fact he was in his late
30s and overweight[54], although this goal can be achieved through hard work and
luck, it is unrealistic. These grand goals often change as psychopaths are
notoriously fickle, abandoning projects when they become frustrating or boring.
Psychopaths are unashamed and dismissive of the legal, financial, or personal
problems in their lives. They blame everyone and everything but themselves for
their failures - bad luck, an unfair system, unsupportive colleagues, etc. - or
they might dismiss their old projects as wastes of time. They may even portray
their bad qualities as virtues: many psychopaths brag about their criminal
versatility, the number of crimes they got away with, and their talent for
deception/Giuice is envied/devout one at that/loves going to confession so/
moneychanger tables get turned?Oh well/What's a little insider Trading between
Husband and wife? Surprised they got caught. Perhaps there is a little Justice in
the World? Still, it will be very difficult to convict. No wonder there is no
trust among Lenders; the top Executives are indicted criminals. No honor among the
thieves? Should cause another wave of Euro/World Markets crises-- l what this cop did. ALso check out
/ I'm a democrat having
problems with the President's Islamic faith. I've decided to vote republican this
year because Obama may try to implement Sharia Law into my our Christian
society/Obama will try to implement Sharia Law into our courts! A WORTHLESS
BACKSTABBING TRAITOR! Do everything you can to remove him from Government,
folks!/I S L A M is Obama's CULT. anti-Christ! AMERICAS ENEMy/why he demanded the
ndaa bill include indefinite detentions for americans without trial/texas * the
queer from the state of idiots, look up your family tree but i laughed when your
cousin was listed as your daddy. f u anti semitic jerk/Harry Truman When offered
corporate positions at large salaries, he declined, stating, "You don't want me.
You want the office of the President, and that doesn't belong to me. It belongs to
the American people and it's not for sale "My choices in life were either to be a
piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's
hardly any difference/Unicredit bank DOWN 65 pct within a week! BAC underwriter of
Unicredit and guaranteed them to take the shares. Now BAC is sitting on blns of
toxic bank shares/Bloodbath in Europe, Unicredit down another 14 pct! And the
world knows it, worst and most dangerous banks are in the US, for e.g. BAC - a
toxic time bomb/a day in the life of a vile "Lowlife N*G" "Hello2BushDepression"
...and, a cast of 10,000 more, Hysterical that any human being would get-off being
scum/Choose the Vagina You Come Out Of Wisely krugman failure starts early: in
America, the holes in the social safety net mean that both low-income mothers and
their children are all too likely to suffer from poor nutrition and receive
inadequate health care. It continues once children reach school age, where they
encounter a system in which the affluent send their kids to good, well-financed
public schools or, if they choose, to private schools, while less-advantaged
children get a far worse education/Which brings me back to those, like Mr. Romney,
who claim to believe in equality of opportunity. Where is the evidence for that
claim?/Liberals always start name-calling when they cannot win the debate/Is OBama
going to attack in Iran in September, , or is he going to get it done yesterday,
like he should have? the media and Administration start to ramp up for their
"October Surprise", "Wag the Dog", and other useful terms in the coming months/
typical con filth trick... complain if he starts a war, complain if he doesn't,
anything he does, up to and including killing Bin Laden, is a bad thing. real
Americans see through it, and will cause a landslide victory over the richest man
ever to run for president/Ricky Bobby says that he would re-invade and occupy Iraq
again. True story/Clown Posse/Moron con filth Hilarious, poor as church mice,
defending a guy who is richer than most every single American. Claiming that it
doesn't matter how rich he is, but not even able to convince anyone, because he
won't allow his records made public/Be prepared to see lots of small town American
working men and women on TV detailing the hard times they went through when Mitt
Romney closed down the town factory/AmeriScam discovered:the plot thickens
AIG has a new scam, which will again defraud American Taxpayers through two
separate lawsuits filed against Bank of America (BAC) and the US with the blessing
of US Government. new scam: AIG files a lawsuit against Bank of America after
former AIG Executive Cassano bets on risky Credit Default Swaps (CDS) and then
loses everything, a “Sweet Deal” indeed, except for the Middle Class and American
Taxpayers who get scammed again! FOR THE 99% TO FIGHT
BACK/bribes AIG has made over the years to politicians. In the last 20
years American International Group (AIG) has contributed more than $9 million to
federal candidates and parties through PAC and individual contributions, Geithner
and Bernanke have the political backing and corrupt judicial contacts influencing
the outcome of AIG’s phony lawsuits. Contact 1-800-578-2586/to the
99% then sending to noncorruptible news media like 10x Stronger
Than Vicodin Under Development
got theist conventions all night and day and complain how atheist are wrong/new
opiate of the masses parislemon • "Clopen"/at least people in Alabama don't
pretend they're not idiot bigot fucks/margaret thatcher put  a lot of people out
of their jobs in the 70's/80's, miners specifically/Taibbi: How Credit Card
Companies Screw Small Businesses, Park City, Utah, restaurant grappling with
draconian measures imposed by its credit card companies over unproven security
concerns,  just one more example of our financial institutions violating the
public trust/Ten Years of Guantanamo: What Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld KnewJason
Leopold,  To mark the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Guantanamo Bay
prison to house "war on terror" detainees-Truthout:
1812/Hugo Chavez has tapped a leading general accused by the United States of
being a drug "kingpin" to be the country's new defense minister/2008, Israel spent
$16.2 billion on its armed forces, making it the country with the biggest ratio of
defense spending/

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Obama's communist agenda has killed all profits so he can take over business

1812/Obama's communist agenda has killed all profits so he can take over business.
Once he gets the market to zero, which shouldn't be much longer the way he is
killing it/Coitus interruptus, Republicans do not believe in premature withdrawal
in Iraq or during sex/people suffer from republican amnesia, only president to
shrink the government,Bill Clinton Democrat/A RIGHT WING 3rd PARTY/When liberal
progressivism fails, which it most assuredly will, our little experiment in
representative government will fail with it. There won't be any more elections/ It'll eventually bring the entire country to the right after the leftist
program fails and collapses/Is there anything a right wing racist isn't scared of?/The truth is out cult followers? Limpballs, have the trailer trash of the Bible Belt trembling in suspense for the next bit of propaganda/NAZI, Fascist Party And you GOPIG are real close/Republican Party would like nothing more than to have the United States declared a “Christian nation”. They push for allowing prayer into the classrooms. They dismiss science and seek to install Creationism in its place. They want an end to collective bargaining and the outlaw of unions. They have already begun a campaign in many states to rewrite our history in school
textbooks/"little experiment in republican democracy"/paul's gospel of liberty/how
much money you figure cheney has made off of the dead civies?/Democrats are
killing America, boy/Obama's parents unorthodox history gave "birth" to the
Birther movement. Race has nothing to do with it; they just latched onto something
they thought they could exploit against a candidate they politically did not like.
If Obama had been born to two American black parents without a history traipsing
all over the Far East and Africa, they would have had to find something else to
exploit/one thing to lie. But when you lie to yourself, you have a problem. You're
trying to rationalise/Santorum attacks Iran because they are a Theocracy
Yet Rick and his right wing Christian nuts want to turn the US into a Theocracy/
Perry wants to put troops back into Iraq/anything illegal at Bain?/No more or less
cheny are lowlife cowards/add Uncle Newtie to your list.........I was speechless
over his "I wasn't eligible for the draft" tap dance/Marian Reforms opened the
military up to NON-property owners, so it isn't like the country needed to drag
these clergymen away to fight/yahoo/ /OBAMA propoganda
front tries to smear RON PAUL, further reveals that both parties are controlled by
z.ionist creeps/you relish the destruction of the constitution, that is plain to
see/you must be kidding. we control everything. we have complete control. you have
no hope/I find it very interesting that both these stories are being spread by Fox
news sniper hero story is all a big lie, his fairytale they get the fake sniper on
opie and anthony show where he makes up a story about sucker punching jesse
ventura, I have always opposed the war in Iraq but I have never spoken or wished
any ill will towards the soldiers. My heart aches that soldiers have died or been
wounded because this war should never have taken place. I am perplexed over the
agenda this man has and why a fellow Navy Seal would tell a lie about an event
student traced the 19 year old hacker after an 8 hour search. This Arab is going
to be so busted. Hope we can extradite him to Ysrael for a fair trial and perhaps
execution,7340 /Four people, including Conlin’s niece,
came forward last month and accused him of molesting them when they were children
more than three decades ago. Their detailed stories were recounted in an article
in thereafter, three more people emerged with similar allegations Philadelphia
Inquirer/THE NEW UNITED STATES OF EUROPE?-Catholic Church is becoming more active
in promoting reforms to restore confidence in the global economy, suggesting the
need for a single global reserve bank/Worst Offshore Oil Spill for Over 10 Years
in Nigeria /Perlitz was
sentenced in 2010 to nearly 20 years in prison for sexually abusing children at
Project Pierre Toussaint, A school board member, Hope Carter, flew to Haiti in
2008 and removed Perlitz's computer/Zhang Zhaozhong, a professor from the Chinese
National Defense University, said China will not hesitate to protect Iran even
with a third world war. And Russia, which recently said it is preparing to
retaliate against any attack on Iran.... Congress Unexplainable, Inexcusable/
Col. Amos wrote, No one has been able to explain to me why young men and women
serve in the U.S. Military for 20 years, risking their lives protecting freedom,
and only get 50% of their pay/: "On June 15, the African Union
(AU) informed the United Nations Security Council that 'ignoring the AU for three
months and going on with the bombings of the sacred land of Africa has been
high-handed, arrogant and provocative. Africans are 'unpeople,' to adapt George
Orwell's term for those unfit Chomsky-ColorLines: "Immigration detention centers
claim their share of criminal abuses … and rampant sexual assault by guards…. But
for many detainees, the worst part of awaiting expulsion is not the acute trauma
inflicted inside the jails. Most carry with them the unhealed wounds of violence
from life on the outside-Asia-Pacific Journal: Worldwatch Institute. What is less
well understood is the nature of the 'evidence'"'The media are saturated with a
skilled … effective advocacy campaign by the nuclear industry, resulting in
disinformation', with its reassurances about low-dose radiation risk, is being
used to quiet alarms about Fukushima-New Hampshire took an early lead this year in
the effort to dumb down school students and erode the separation of church and
state in the education system by introducing two anti-evolution bills to its state
legislature … The most troubling and ridiculous part of the comments from the
legislators introducing these bills is not only the anti science nature of them,
but the idea that atheism is on par with murder, totalitarianism, and other
'criminal ideas-Suppose I were to tell you that for the past two years the federal
government has been spending nearly $1.5 million to create one job.... The
trillion dollar question is this: where is it all going, when the annual average
wage is no higher than $50,000? Obviously, it must be going to the so-called 1
percent group or what the Republican Party calls the job creatorsRomney spent over
$3 million relentlessly torpedoing Newt Gingrich with negative ads-Romney is
clearly a problem for you, he approved of the TARP bank bailout, the abomination
that ignited the Tea Party uprising in the first place."-"It's quite difficult for
a president to change the nation's culture. It's quite easy for a president to
start a war. Yes, the GOP's clown-car nomination battle is a source of amusement.
The prospect of a Santorum presidency, though, is a source of alarm-5,000 Janitors
in the US with Phds Gizmodo/Angry Elderly Women Close San Francisco Bank of
America Branch CBS/ Romney Demonstrated in Favor of the Vietnam War Draft Daily
Mail UK-Linguists Name "Occupy" as 2012 Word of the Year CNN-Truthout/ "Repeal
Obamacare" Demagogues Eat Away at Our National Greatness Like a Cancer BuzzFlash/
modest recovery is in place. Accepting this kind of reporting may temporarily make
you feel better, but in the real economy, the prospects for a rebound are mere
fiction. Prosperity only exists for the chums of the insider financial system, who
are immune from actual market conditions. Under the privileged and favoritism
model, political subsidies and bailouts are more important than creative industry
or innovative execution tasers, which the guide
helpfully reminds us “can penetrate 2 inches of clothing” in order to “totally
disable an individual,” laser beam that 'steers enemy planes' and guns that
shoot 600 rubber pellets filled with pepper spray to keep rowdy crowds — already
used by law enforcement officials, sometimes with very lethal results/ Building
the next generation torture tools. We'll taze Jr but we won't spend a dime on his
health care/save our money and just use snipers to control unruly crowds, like the
Syrians/Remote viewing is nothing new in Tibetan monasteries. For thousands of
years remote viewing in the middle of other spiritual activities have dominated
Tibetan culture 2012, the world will start plunging into a total destructive
nuclear war, something remarkable will happen, says, Buddhist monk of Tibet.
Supernatural divine powers will intervene. The destiny of the world is not to
self-destruct at this time.
4 Illinois / Afghan government
has shut down the operations of one of the largest foreign security mercenary
companies operating in the country after detaining two of its contractors on
suspicion of gun smuggling-Navy destroyer rescued 13 Iranian fishermen held
hostage by Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea only days after Tehran warned the
United States to keep its ships out of the nearby Persian Gulf-National Open
Source Intelligence Centre, a private intelligence company, works under contract
for the Australian Federal Police and Federal Attorney-General's Department to
monitor activist websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter to provide warning and
analysis of protest activity. It aims to provide law enforcement agencies and
other private clients-/Rising Debt Will Lead to $10,000 Gold/hard to have a
conversation about Politics or Economics or the Law, definitions of all
operational words, are 180 degrees from the original meanings. the most
psychopathic things in the Universe, because in ACTION, we repeatedly vote in
Psychopaths to lead us, allowing a Government system controlled by Psychopathic
Economic Principals, while chanting we want something different. When in fact, our
actions show, we support FASCISM Conservative/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/ message from former (C.I.A. Agent) to all
irm-barack-obama-traveled-to-mars-1.html /U.S. Troops Going To Israel/Herbs can
fight inflammation and cleanse toxins from the joints. Devil's claw root,
gingerroot, meadowsweet leaves and flowertops, and white willow bark all act as
anti-inflammatory agents that can relieve pain. (In fact, aspirin contains a
chemical that is the synthesized version of a substance found in meadowsweet and
willow.) Other helpful herbs include boswellia (frankincense), capsicum (cayenne),
feverfew, and licorice/Ayn Rand's cult is laughable in that it was dominated by
group think and follow the leader/
LEADING SCAMMERS/J00S ARE FILTH AND SCUM/Unwillingness to live among Arabs (or
succumb to shariah) does not amount to racism/Not too many people like Muslimes.
/vioce refuses to speak waht it thinks/crazy. dont know what to say maybe you need
to pray for a miracle/Have We Crossed The Rubicon? "i wonder if lions feel bad
after they kill and eat a gazelle/They know damned well they don't want to go
where all the bellowing and thrashing sounds are coming from/Bellowing and
Thrashing as you Shat for Daddy/National Defense Appropriations Act, with
Amendment 1031, which allows for the military detention of American citizens. The
amendment is so loosely worded that any American citizen could be held without due
process. The language of this bill can be read to assure Americans that they can
challenge their detention — but most people do not realize what this means: at
Guantanamo and in other military prisons, one’s lawyer’s calls are monitored,
witnesses for one’s defense are not allowed to testify, and one can be forced into
nudity and isolation. Incredibly, ninety-three Senators voted to support this bill
and now most of Congress: a roster of names that will live in infamy in the
history of our nation, and never be expunged from the dark column of the history
books, any shyster lawyer for the government will be able to draw up a memorandum
at some point in the near future equating, say, criticism of the federal
government’s policies in the Middle East with “substantially supporting” the
enemies of the United States/McCain, it’s unraveling, because he refused to try to
keep a residential force in Iraq, because we needed the second fighting season.
“This is all leading from behind, and in my view it places this country in the
greatest peril since the presidency of James Earl Carter./Congress just signed
their own warrants Ben Franklin exited the Constitutional Convention he was asked,
what form of government had you given us. His response reflected the delicate
nature of their genius experiment. “A Republic, he said; If You Can Keep It!”
Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved
press, and a disarmed populace. James Madison. History can teach us a lot if we
choose to understand it/Asspimple Listeners Know Even Less Then Faux News Viewers
/Study prove: Anyone who listens to the draft dodging junkie and professional liar
Douche Limbitch is a clueless ignorant moron/University of Maryland found that Fox
News viewers were more likely to believe false information about politics/under
hypnosis and I remembered going to the bank, the next thing I knew there was a
roll of quarters rammed up my butt! Maybe it was just a dream, maybe it never
happened, but that's what I know about banks. They will give it to you up the
1612/Supreme Court of Montana has held that Citizens United does not apply to
Montana campaign finance law. The Court upheld the constitutionality of a 1912
voter initiative - the Corrupt Practices Act - that prohibits corporations from
making contributions to or expenditures on behalf of state political candidates
and political parties/"Missoula, Montana; Boulder, Colorado; and South
Miami, Florida, have all done it, but you know it's really catching on when the
Big Apple jumps on board. The New York City Council voted Wednesday to get rid of
corporate personhood-Consumer Financial Protection Bureau serves as America's beat
cop against deceptive, abusive and predatory loan products-Occupy activists in
Iowa are wrapping up a week of direct actions aimed at letting both political
parties know that none of their corporate-sponsored candidates represent the 99
percent. At least 62 arrests were made during nonviolent actions since Occupy Des
Moines held a 'Peoples Caucus'-Pipeline Inspector Mike Klink-Turned-Whistleblower
Calls Keystone XL a Potential "Disaster", raised numerous concerns about shoddy
materials and poor craftsmanship during construction of the pipeline, which brings
tar sands crude from Canada to Midwestern refineries in the U.S. Instead of
actually addressing the problems, Klink claims he was fired by Bechtel in
retaliation."-for-profit insurance companies are failing in their mission. In
fact, they are doing a very good job of exactly what their mission demands,
maximizing the wealth of shareholders. The problem is that their mission
fundamentally conflicts with the mission of a decent health care
system-Penn State pulls in tens of millions of dollars in football revenue, but
nothing has been said of the fact that it also receives millions from Defense
Department contracts and grants, ranking sixth among universities and colleges
receiving funds for military research-The Pentagon's Biggest Overrun: Way Too Many
Generals-Empowered by his 'success' in the bombing of Libya and consequent
assassination of Muammar Qaddafi, Obama is now seeking to use the exact same
strategy against Syria-Florida state Rep. Charles Van Zant (R) is starting 2012
with yet another radical effort to ban all abortions-SOPA - the most notable
feature of the debate turned out to be the sheer ignorance of the elected
officials discussing it."-Kill the Journalist, Kill the Story, Kill the
Truth-slavery has been only one component in the white superiority
complex that runs like a vein through United States history. Remember how we took
this "divinely" given land away from Native Americans - by massacring the
"savages.-Fallujah Babies: Birth Defects Blamed on US Weapons "'The environment
could be contaminated by chemical weapons and depleted uranium from the aftermath
of the war on Iraq-Until the DoD can get control of its money and reform the
military and contractor love affair, the administration may just be pushing and
pulling on imaginary levers while thinking they are making real
change-expansive 'John Doe' corruption investigation targeting employees and
former employees of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has led to its first arrests
today, nabbing three people, including two former aides to Walker-"Truthout://
Mysterious Disappearance of Keith Olbermann From Iowa Current TV Coverage New York
Times/ Real Winner of the 2012 Iowa Caucuses: The Big-Money Super PAC AlterNet/
Lockheed Martin Goes to Bat for Bahrain's Oppressive Regime Salon/Tennessee Bill
Would Give Anti-Bullying Laws a "Religious and Political Beliefs" Loophole Talking
Points Memo/EPA Regulations for Chesapeake Bay Will Create 35 Times as Many Jobs
as Keystone XL Pipeline ThinkProgress/Oil Industry Warns Obama: "Huge Political
Consequences" if Pipeline Rejected The Hill/Occupy: "Wild Old Women" Close San
Francisco Bank of America Branch CBS San Francisco/Walmart Blacklisted by Major
Pension Fund Over Poor Labor Practices Huffington Post/FBI Targeting Political
Activists as Terrorists RT/ Republicans Plan to Permanently Cripple EPA
Grist/2008, Ron Paul did not endorse Republican nominee John McCain, but rather
Paul endorsed Constitutional Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin.  Baldwin is a
neo-Confederate New World Order conspiracy theorist who praises the confederacy
and its leaders/For the second time in recent weeks, C-SPAN’s video on Friday
morning cut away from high drama in the U.S. Congress as Democrats demanded to be
heard, only to see their session immediately shut down by Republicans/Even Repubs
are beginning to recognize the downside of the Citizens United decision rendered
by their own handpicked Supreme Court/one issue that everybody can agree upon, not
only in 'Occupy Wall Street' but also on the other side of the isle, among some of
the Ron Paul people, among some of the tea party people, is this problem of money
in politics
t-of-something/ /Cenk Uygur introduced a new segment, Establishment Media Watch,
and took aim at his first target: CNN's lax coverage of the National Defense
Authorization Act-Do they believe that once again they can convince their Repo
voters to vote against their own economic self interest and promote a party that
CLEARLY has the agenda of corporations and the rich/Repubs are finally starting
recognize that the destroy Obama strategy has become an IED that blew up in their
own faces, especially if you look at the motley collection of certified clowns the
Repubs are considering for their presidential candidate/