Monday, February 20, 2012

22012/Without Obama, they will be crushed under the corporate boot of the GOPIG party

22012/472k iraq pst/Ghandi's seven dangers to human virtue 1) Wealth
without work, 2) Pleasure without conscience, 3) Knowledge without
character, 4) Business without ethics, 5) Science without humanity,
6) Religion without sacrifice, and 7) Politics without principle/DEFICIT
CHARTS what Bush left us Note what happens during Ronnie and Dumbya's
catastrophes If the Supreme Court were to
accept the government’s argument, other disconcerting legislation could
easily follow. Congress could enact a law that criminalized false claims by
political candidates about their qualifications for office, or false claims
about their opponents. Surely the government has an “important” interest in
preventing voter deception. But as much as we want to encourage factual
accuracy in our politicians, do we really want the government to prosecute,
who falsely states lies? Who among us has not said things about ourselves
that are untrue? Who has not exaggerated or embellished details to tell a
better story? public humiliation that follows such exposure is punishment
enough. The recognized constitutional remedy for false speech, as Justice
Louis D. Brandeis famously said, is not suppression but “more speech.” The
court should reject Congress’s attempt to police what we are allowed to say
about ourselves. William Bennett Turner teaches a course on freedom of
speech at the University of California, Berkeley, and is the author of
“Figures of Speech: First Amendment Heroes and Villains.”/Police Use
Predator Drone to Bust Local Cattle Rustlers /  We the Ppl donut consent to any form of
assoCIAtion with isreal, AIPAC, MOSSAD, ADL, AZL, PNAC, AMDOCS, ICTS et al,
inter alia-start by DUmping paypal, Boycott bar code #729 those in on the
chain of command to start WW3 should be removed with all options on the
table   Tis a proven FACT - 911 wars on Iraq, Afgan, Pakistan, Yemen,
Libya, Syria r all false flag ops by the CFR/MIC, FTG.   n of course I
expect more Able Danger to me n my property for my writing-wait till You
read my appeals brief to the ND S Ct-gonna be exposing some serious chit
:D big grin They have poisoned my body, chemically poisoned my lands,
ruined what forms of work I am able todo, run off my cows, killed my cows
right in my yard, broke in my Home, burned down my beautiful greenhouse & r
now irradaiting me to try n silence me by microwave irradation, killed my
Dogs, broke in n stole my meds, poisoned the water in my cystern-I can't
afford to hook up to rural water lines, cept I am free of the Effects of
floridation, they even have Drs lying aboot me, giving me labels that fit
their form driven/4pres santorum/is a rascist. he is a homophobic. he is a
corporate lobbyist. he is a christian version of the taliban. he is a
horrible person. they all are. Ron Paul I agree about a 1/3 of his views.
everyone else. -5/Even the most rabid partisans cannot say with a
straight face that memorable government came during their last four years.
Now the nation suffers from the Obama malaise that rivals the Jimmy Carter
debacle. The dependency culture, especially in the post 911 incarnations,
adjusted to the heavy hand of government omnipotence to accept the next
level of political excess. Recent polls suggest that the enlightened voters
of the nanny state are prepared to cast their ballot to give Barry Soetoro
another term. Their answer to the proverbial question, are you better off
today than four years ago, indicates just how far the collective mentality
of the electorate has fallen mob burned
alive a 40-year-old woman Friday after accusing her of casting black
magic spells in a remote village in southern Nepal, Hundreds of
lower-caste women are thought to suffer abuse at the hands of ‘witch
hunters’ every year in Nepal Dengani Mahato died after she was severely
beaten, doused in kerosene and set alight for allegedly practising
witchcraft, “Nine people started to beat her after a local shaman pointed
the finger at her over the death of a boy a year ago,” the officer said.
“They accused her of having hands in the death of the boy, who had drowned
in a river.”/Obama’s decision to destroy 80% of our nuclear arsenal, a
payoff to an Iranian Muslim judge/ The attacks took place in countries that
have cordial relations with Tehran. That Iran would risk diplomatic dustups
with such countries was evidence of just how determined it was to attack
Israeli targets, the counterterrorism official claimed,” did not mention
another, more reality-based probability – the attacks were the work of the
Mossad and the CIA-Former CIA boss James Woolsey told WABC Radio in New
York that Iran will retaliate against the United States by taking out the
Statue of Liberty/
campaign/ young turks are like bear cubs, They don’t make a pimple on you
or Drudge’s *ss, they don’t amount to tits on a boar hog. Even God Himself
took Saturday off
Abdulaziz al-Hijji and his wife Anoud left three cars at their luxurious
home in a gated community in Sarasota, Florida — one of them new — and flew
to Saudi Arabia in August 2001. The refrigerator was full of food;
furniture and clothing were left behind; and the swimming pool water was
still circulating. Security records of cars passing through a checkpoint at
the Prestancia gated community, had been visited a number of times by
"The citizens of America must push the servants of oligarchy out
of office, the very people who made a killing with their 2008 financial
disaster. Americans must return to the Greek-inspired path of Thomas
Jefferson: reinvigorate democracy while bringing the military-industrial
complex under control-mutual funds like Fidelity as well as hedge funds —
in riding a wave of interest in the same complex loan pools that nearly
washed away the financial system-a small glimpse into a much larger,
secretive world of disaster deals. We're grateful to our investigative
journalist colleagues who, alongside us, have kept heavy on the scent of
these corporations and brought buried information to light-US Eyes Tariffs
on Chinese Solar Panels, But What Gets Protected?-Punishing Protest,
Policing Dissent: What Is the Justice System For?-Apple Supplier and Human
Rights Abuser FoxConn to Raise Wages-why does the trickle-down myth hang
on? President Obama recently suggested it's because this fairy tale 'speaks
to our rugged individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much
government-Let John Boehner be the first to show Americans that he is drug
free, and let the rest of Congress - every member of the House and Senate -
be forced by law to grab the plastic cup and head for a washroom stall,
they must be required to be accompanied by a "watcher." We wouldn't want
any cheating involved on the part of our elected officials in the nation's
capital, would we?-Truthout /Lieberman Edges US to War With Iran Consortium
News/Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Military Veterans Mother
Jones/Fracking Debate Divides New York Landowners as the State Prepares to
Lift a Moratorium on Fracking LA Times/Iran Stops Exporting Crude Oil to
Britsh and French Companies Bloomberg/Definition of Insanity: Deregulating
Over and Over and Expecting Different Results BuzzFlash/Billionaire Romney
Donor Uses Threats to Silence Critics Salon/
sex-incest-images-on-computer/_   Some 1/2 oz of meth was just rescently
distrubted thru Walsh Co, so I expect the crime rate togo UP, DUI's,
burglaries, domestic troubles, thefts, accidents/
21912/Reality check for liberals, Our country was indeed founded on
the principles and laws to the Bible. The Ten Commandments are etched in
both that Halls of Congress and the Supreme Court, "seperation of church
and state" does not appear in the US Constitution anywhere. The
constitution says our govt will not sanction and force people to believe in
one religeon over another/Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Bible
stand in the way of liberals and they are out to destroy all three/ we are
strong supporters of Israel and their religious belief is Judism. So you
see you know very little about Conservatives. My advice to you is just shut
up/Cons think it is wrong for other countries to base their legislation on
religious beliefs . Unless of course they match their own/SPEAKING OF
WHORES: Palin rumored as VP candidate/That would be the last nail in the
coffin/Coulter says Dems will take it all She's a very smart whore, who
just happens to have an adams apple/Darrell Issa asked to resign, could
have called Sarah Palin - as a poster child for putting an aspirin between
her knees/OBAMA celebrates payroll tax cut win for 160 million Americans!
With Congress about to go on recess, and with Republicans fearing a voter
backlash, negotiators on Wednesday were putting the finishing touches on a
deal to extend the payroll tax cut and federal jobless benefits through
2012, A political win for President Obama/The agreement is imperfect but
sound. It will help struggling Americans and the struggling economy. It is
also a political win for Democrats and President Obama, who had made
extending the payroll tax cut and the jobless benefits a centerpiece of his
jobs agenda, Obama’s coveted renewal of the payroll tax cut for 160 million
workers and jobless benefits for millions more caps a five-month
campaign-style drive against reluctant Republicans/With Obama, the American
middle class survive and prosper. Without Obama, they will be crushed under
the corporate boot of the GOPIG party/Obama is underfunding Social Security
at the same time. throwing Granny off the cliff/The less that is paid from
payroll taxes toward the funds Bush stole from the Fund, the more the
Government must cover/Another step backwards in their quest, Republicans
are committed to trashing Social Security/Bush spent $12 trillion he didn't
have and Republicans loved every penny of it/ alberta's Rat Patrol
"What has been happening in American politics of late is entirely
familiar, but I have never experienced such a barrage of unrestrained
hatred, filth and nonsense to compare with this. It's as if The Bastards
took 100 years worth of anti-woman sentiment, condensed it into a dense
nugget of hate-crack, and hit the pipe…. Now is the time to rise up, point
at this mess, and say in a voice too loud to ignore, 'This is why these
people are not to be trusted with power. This is why they must go-US House
OKs Opening Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Oil Drilling-an extreme
makeover in the corporate mass media. Yes, Hamas, the ‘terrorist’
Palestinian party supposedly sworn to the destruction of Israel. At least,
that's what you'd believe if you get all your news from America's mass
media, where virtually every article about Hamas has included that ominous
description as if it were indisputable fact. To keep up the fiction, real
facts had to be ignored ... For years, Hamas has been offering Israel a
ten-year truce, and peace negotiations during that truce-Florida GOP Wants
to Block Local Government from Enforcing Wage and Hour Laws-as unemployment
surges and the European Union dithers, nationalist conservative and far
right parties are on the march. Emboldened right-wing leaders are
resurrecting debates around abortion and other reproductive services, even
in countries like Hungary, one of the first European countries to
explicitly legalize abortion-Honduras has become a human rights disaster.
The country now has the world’s highest murder rate. And impunity for
political violence is the norm. For all this, the United States deserves a
good deal of the blame…. Lest anyone in this country think that things in
Honduras have settled into a peaceable, post-coup normality, [due to a]
chain of events - a coup that the United States didn’t stop, a fraudulent
election that it accepted - [that] has now allowed corruption to mushroom-
Florida State Senate has defeated a measure to privatize at least 27
prisons, which would have created the largest corporate-run prison system
in the country. Despite the vote, Republican Gov. Rick Scott could still
privatize the prisons through executive authority. the number of prisoners
being added to privately run jails is outpacing the overall prison
population by 17 percent compared to 4 percent-two choices: seek
conscientious objector (CO) status, or flee to Canada…. There is the fate
of service people who are denied CO status and who face a second, third or
fourth deployment - with the possibility of having their legs blown off by
an improvised explosive device or a bullet hole courtesy of our allies in
the Afghan Army, whom we are training in weaponry. If you don't want to
give up your legs or your life, you may determine your only choice is
Canada-Russia’s increasingly diverse opposition movement … the longevity of
the movement, and its ability to weather the strength and pressure of the
state, has been doubted from the moment it emerged. Once the novelty of the
protests had worn off, the reasoning went, the apolitical post-Soviet
generation would go back to their cubicles, Putin and the Kremlin elite
could get back to the business of running the country-Russia’s increasingly
diverse opposition movement … the longevity of the movement, and its
ability to weather the strength and pressure of the state, has been doubted
from the moment it emerged. Once the novelty of the protests had worn off,
the reasoning went, the apolitical post-Soviet generation would go back to
their cubicles, Putin and the Kremlin elite could get back to the business
of running the country-saturated with deceptive political advertising -
aided and abetted now with spending by citizens, corporations and super
PACs that seems to know no bounds Truthout/Economists Shoot Down the Wall
Street Journal's Claim That Extending Unemployment Harms the Unemployed
Media Matters for America/How Citibank Dumped Lousy Mortgages on the
Government ProPublica/Santorum Excommunicates 45 Million Christians:
Mainline Protestants Are "Gone from the World of Christianity"
ThinkProgress/people in the top 1% paid no taxes but that's nothing
compared to Corporate America, where half of the NYSE listed companies did
not pay a dime and, despite declaring over $2,000,000,0000,0000 in profits
in 2010, US Corporations paid just $192Bn in taxes, not even 10%, the US,
with 1/25th of the World's population and less than 1/10th of the land has
a military budget that is over 50% of the entire Planet's spending/a video
on the Reichstag Fire and other false flag examples you can wrap yourself
in next time you need to make a point that makes no sense - it gets a
little crazy with the conspiracy theories, but I figure you'll love the
part where it blames Clinton. How They Fake Terrorism -- Manufactured Fear
I - Final Draft
YXsOr__WHd8&v=VG5XApyQGHs /Delta Force was not allowed to kill bin
Laden(audio 2001) not crying in cornflakes/ / valentines day az / /$13 million
embezzled from the 9/11 investigation /
I think the turd is an arab...or a crazy s.h.i.i.t.e iranian My first death
CAN/51% of Americans (just over half)     19-Feb-12 07:00 am
say US should remain neutral if Isr ael attacks Iran. Lots of nuances,
here, depending on who makes what decision and who tries to drag who into
unwanted action/Izr├ž3l shall bring to fruition its own doom. It is the very
nature of her leaders/Republicans: The Facts Are Clear, Obama 'No Friend of
Israel. The RJC released an ad highlighting discrepancy between President
Obama's rhetoric regarding support for Israel's security and his actions. /Re: A huffpoop reader ISRAEL IS THE BIGGEST THREAT
"They know. There are hundreds like that over at huffpoop. It's a lot like
Stormfront/Typical left-wing BS. They make me sick. I don't know how you
can stand it/If Judaizm is the 'Religion Of Peace' why can't Izrael make
Peace?/Iranian warships entered the Mediterranean after crossing the Suez
Canal on Saturday to show Tehran's "might" to regional states, the navy
commander said, at a time of simmering tensions with I srael, He did not
say how many vessels had crossed the canal, or what missions they were
planning to carry out in the Mediterranean, but said the flotilla had
previously docked in the Saudi port city of Jeddah. fuelled by a
longstanding dispute over Tehran's nuclear programme and rising speculation
that I srael might launch pre-emptive strikes against Iranian facilities.
I sraeli officials are also accusing Tehran of orchestrating anti-I sraeli
bombings in India and Georgia as well as blasts in Thailand. Iran denies
the allegations./Interesting Statistics 69% of joos will, at some point in
their lives....make a meal out of feces, Of that 69%, 2 out of 3 joos will
attempt to snort said feces like cocaine. 5 out of 6 joos will lick the
balls of their male offspring.8 of ten joos will perform some deviant act
of bestiality during their first 10 years of life. For even more vile
disgusting facts pertaining to the depraved, sub-human joo baboons's
nature /David Duke must be your bastar.d

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