Friday, February 17, 2012


Napolitano Disrespects And Disarms Pilots at 15 dollar per flight last life
line of defense to deter a plane being pirated or brought down and
Napolitano Holder and Muzbama want to strike it out? Napolitano Disrespects
And Disarms Pilots. This administration is truly Americas Enemy and I will
fight them until I am DEAD! diaster of
obama has just begun/Colbert cancelled the production for a family
emergency, will continue the libtard asault on the American Family in a few
days. He is currently attacking the role religion plays in keeping families
together/right-wingers who think the best way to reduce the deficits is to
increase defense spending. Come back after you've mastered the concept of
basic arithmetic. Until then- do your country a favor and stay away from
the ballot box. 2001-2008 did so much economic damage to the country that
it will take several more years to repair, and you would just as soon have
Obama keep cleaning up your mess/Sun most loyal to Murdoch, has turned
against Rupert ,"He has put in place things he cannot stop. He's doing what
he had to do to save his corporation in the U.S. but he's launched a
witch-hunt to protect himself losing trust/    Faux News is targeted for an
8th grade level. Something you morons can understand well that and the fact
it it not new it is propaganda commentary/Republicon Idiotology....if the
facts don't work falsify them and pass them off as truths! WE SEE THROUGH
YOU!/Good thing the constitution protects individuals so folks like you
can't rule the country the way christians and Taliban rule by religious
dogma/Murdochs media empire is corrupt from the top down/Roger Ailes who
must be investigated. This organization has corrupted our political and
democratic institutions for their own interests/What if Burger King sent
that guy over to McDonolds to spit into that burger??? .. You Liberals are
some self rightous idiots! Just like this economy that YOU liberals
sabotaged/liberals have been bent about fox news for over a decade, the
libs want their version of the truth only, they don't want anything
openminded or another opinion/that is funny!!! Next you will say they
are fair and balanced!They have you believing there is no such thing as
anthropogenic climate change, that our president is a radical black
Christian Muslim socialist, communist from Africa, that social security is
a ponzi scheme, that teacher unions are full of thugs, health care for all
Americans is a bad thing, and that raising taxes on the top earners is
class warfare (instead of economic equity). Our country is so divided
because you conservatives get a different version of the facts. No wonder
you all are so angry/okay to misinform public, court ruling; Appellate
Court Rules Media Can Legally Lie. On February 14, a Florida Appeals court
ruled there is absolutely nothing illegal about lying, concealing or
distorting information by a major press organization. The court reversed
the $425,000 jury verdict in favor of journalist Jane Akre who charged she
was pressured by Fox Television management and lawyers to air what she knew
and documented to be false information. The ruling basically declares it is
technically not against any law, rule, or regulation to deliberately lie or
distort the news on a television broadcast/Foxfascistnews?/being attacked
by the media out of jealousy and competition. Is there substantive matter
here. Probably. It is like one liar calling another liar a liar. You guys
are good at that. The elite media is stirring the pot to get all the
simpletons in a frenzy/TRUTH. Eric Holder is busy at work trying to bring
down Fox News...Hey's that Fast & Furious investigation going?/
I don't hate Faux News I actually pity the morons that listen to it/sounds
like the Obama administration has a LOT more in common with the Reagan
administration than I'd thought. I hope I don't have to explain my point
here (hint: Ollie North/Contras/weapons/tons of cocaine/a view that NOBODY
else is providing. And that view is SO intriguing to those who hunger for
more than manipulated spin, that they flock to it, warts and all. The real
questions that need to be asked and answered are these/stockholm syndrom?/
Reads like a Rupert Murdoch and his Cartel plan to me. Spread Islamic
internet Propaganda and play both sides like Iran& Israel Corporate winner
take All. Bribe Parliament Buy the London police and Buy the Republican
Party so you don't have to Pay Taxes etc.Google Rupert Murdoch Muslim and
Grover- Norquist American Muslin council (AMC) and his Muslim wife/We are
witness to the biggest cover up in history, as the remains are swept under
the carpet. USA and UK have a failing when it comes to justice for the
wealthy as the cream rises to the top/we see exactly what is wrong with our
country. Corporated contollled news and politicans, published and
transmitted lies, and much worse. Influence peddling and lobbying beyond
anything we could ever imagine. Murdoch will never be investigated in this
country because certain parties and politicans will not allow it. Let's
just have another all male investigation of "birth control" in this country of his
/megadeath endorses santorum leno/Fox News' Eric Bolling Tells Maxine
Waters To 'Step Away From The Crack Pipe,' Later Says He Was 'Kidding'/
Time knows its reading audience. Americans are are less informed and
educated than most Europeans. Birthers, Truthers, and Climate change
deniers are proof/wow TIME that is messed up. Then I looked over to the
right under the "Most Popular on HuffPost" and see this as the top item:
"LOOK: Amazing Underwater Photos Of Dogs /A
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent shot and wounded a colleague
in the agency's office in a Los Angeles suburb on Thursday before a third
agent opened fire, killing the gunman/    cops are pigs they get the job
cause they want to feel power over others.....could you take a father away
from his family for smoking pot ?cops are #$%$ !/put the pot-meth-crack
-icehouse down and turn off the porn and msnbc/    retards! If you choose
to help enforce the rules and laws made by a corrupt, greedy government,
your not much better than they are. Cops are bad....Farmland Security is
worse. Pull your cop-loving heads out of your !@@#$#@!/without law
enforcement of any kind, chaos would rule in America. Anybody could just
shoot someone for looking the wrong way at them. I can take a father away
from his children for smoking pot. He is breaking the law/id rather smoke
pot in my kids face than have a drink in there face. you f-in sack of #$%$
pig/tell me it's in the name of law enforcement. See who gets a bullet in
them first, Crawl back under your rock and make sure you close those shades
realllllly tight. Wouldn't want the big bad terrorists to get you/cops ARE
the chaos which rules this country. Give a bully a gun and a badge, and the
"right" to kill whenever he feels "endangered"... and guess what happens/
democrats like THOSE CRACKHEADS PELOSI, REID, AND OBAMA/Sad thing is,most
of these racists also call themselves Christians/where are the racists?
Mexicans are a nationality, and illegal aliens are criminals. That would be
like considering Americans a race/If you people didn't breed like rabbits,
maybe we wouldn't have to have 'ICE' agents at the border to try to control
the overflow from your country. All the problems we have with illegals here
begain where you live/    a woman was involved in this somehow. i can
guarantee it/In California it could have been any combination from the
LGBT community. You are so heterosexually biased/maybe they were gay
lovers..... and had a jealous spat. hahahahaha who cares what it was about?
they never tell the truth about anything anyway/I bet on cash/    maybe the
three cops were gay, and the one found out about the other having an affair
with the other/you know there are queer cops about 99% are/love how he's
referred to as the shooter, instead of their fellow agent/People are
getting crazier by the day its getting so that one can't trust anyone not
even people in law enforcement and it u can't trust them who do u trust?/
brought upon them by the present regime in Washington. It's going to get
much worse too and I totally believe that is what Obama wants. Now he can
use the military against this countries own citizens you know/selfish
egotistical low life's. They are destroying the earth, killing Innocent
animals, killing and beating innocent human beings. If you're down in this
world there is another human or many of them that want to kick you around,
they are waging war on other groups of people because of ego, money and
hatred. I mean I can't even go to the local Walmart which is one mile away
with out someone cutting me off while driving or just trying to walk around
Walmart is a treat. It seems that everyone is out to hurt you if you let
them. I personally would love to kick the shtt out of so many people I
encounter but because I value my freedom and try very hard not to cross the
law I don't do it. It's very frustrating/humans have been that way ever
since they rebelled against their Creator. No one is immune from it; "ALL
an unknown hitman assasinated a hero agent, which of course turned out to
be false. a very strange story/The devil is in the details/Federal Agents
have more and broader authority than Cops/probably not as well trained/
Officers do not shoot other officers... they shoot "bad guys", especially
those armed with a stick or knife, since they can't shoot back/    love how
he's referred to as ,,,the shooter,,,instead of their fellow agent/thats
how it all starts...alienate the "bad" guy/supervisor probably provoked
him. Maybe he is the one who needs to be looked upon with scrutiny. Agents
don't just start shooting at their supervisors, do they?/You can bet it has
everything to do with fast and furious gun smuggling debockel/
Republicans love their guns/These people protect you, but of course you're
a Lefty and don't care, just like you don't care about our troops pig/
lefttys love there/working as Homeland Security, but they ended up shooting
each other! Some homeland security. At least they kept it confined to the
Federal Building/Criminals with badges, who lord over people and bully
their way around/Department of Homeland Security was created it
consolidated a number of federal agencies under one management structure.
Some of those agencies include the Secret Service, Coast Guard, FEMA, TSA,
CBP, and ICE/affair ? what kind drugs payola sex what?/Obama had better get
ready for the FOX news hammering as it will all be his fault/DOCTORS KILL
MORE PEOPLE THAN GUNS DO , 5x MORE/One bad officer against two or the other
way around?/
html /Matthew Schindler, 39, a 14-year veteran cop married father of three
kids, shot himself under the chin, killed himself yesterday on his way home
after finishing his shift in Queens, becoming the fourth NYPD officer to
die by his own hand in less than a month, Super Bowl Sunday, Brian Saar, a
20-year veteran with twin 5-year-old daughters, shot himself at his Suffolk
County home after arguing with his wife at a party, Terrence Dean, shot
himself in the head with his service weapon while at the scene of a Queens
car burglary in front of both his partner and the car’s owner, 28, of the
111th Precinct in Queens, killed himself while on duty after getting a
phone call from his fiancée, who told him she had called his precinct about
his worsening depression, rookie cop Patrick Werner, 23, shot himself in
his parents’ home in suburban Yorktown Heights after getting into an car
accident and fleeing, he had been on his cell arguing with his girlfriend
when he crashed/A 23-year-old computer gamer sat dead in his chair for at
least nine hours at Internet cafe in New Taipei City and nobody noticed,
the Taipei Times reported.after paying for 23 hours of web access to play
League of Legend/ Pennsylvania man who admitted having sex with 10 horses
and a cow must spend a weekend in jail after having his probation revoked
because he told a counselor he’d done it again. Prosecutors say 44-year-old
Paul Ganter was nearly finished with court supervision/Michigan pastor has
opened a tattoo parlor inside his church. Rev. Steve Bentley says he’s
doing everything he can to reach out to people who have never felt
comfortable at a traditional house of worship happy that people
have to pass drug tests in-order to receive their government assistance?
Maybe the fucking banking industry should have had to pass a psychological
evaluation and a drug test before they stole trillions of dollars/Claimed
Buchanan: Jerry Sandusky's atrocities are because of Homosexual marriage.
 appeared on a right-wing radio show our political icons have
marched in that parade right behind that NAMBLA float. Said the Jewish
population in the United States dropped in the 90s because Jews aborted all
their babies.  Jewish women have led the battle for abortion rights.
Breivik, who murdered 77 people including 69 teens in Norway, may have
been right. Buchanan called Breivik a coward, evil, and cold-blooded,
and then proceeded to defend his twisted rationale for the
killings-Christian Sickness: Pat Buchanan shitcanned at MSNBC following the
publication of his latest book, "Suicide of a Superpower" contained
chapters titled "The End of White America" and "The Death of Christian
America." Critics called the book racist, anti-Semitic and
homophobic/Christian Sickness: Conservative TX radio host accused of hit
and run at gay bar Michael Berry, video shows a man who looks like Berry
entering the bar while men in drag performed nearby. He ordered a beer and
went to the bathroom on at least two occasions, leaving the bar at around
11 p.m, Clear Channel, which owns KPRC-AM, had to apologize in 2010 after
he suggested that someone should bomb the so-called Ground Zero Mosque/

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