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21512/Obama has failed to fulfill his promise to lead America out of our economic recession. Obama’s broken promises, irresponsible spending, and mountains of debt

21512/financial theft will be covered over by WWIII     15-Feb-12 07:48 am
It worked last time!  USS Liberty, "the director of the NSA, told Congress
that the attack "couldn't be anything else but deliberate.“By deception,
thou shalt make war” " /Bobo as our President
is the only wild cardthree players..US...Russia...China....moose limbs are
on the march but uncoordinated, they are theives in essence and there is no
trust among cannot have too many players in the nuclear club
or we are all take out Iran...some kind of war...they are
eliminated and everybody makes money.....there is no other solution,
.everybody involved one way or the other...wanna really complain? on
the losing side/You really do drink the right-winger koolaid don't you,Wars
are coverups is the POINT!!! The Iraq war was a coverup for the fact that
Hussein was steering away from the U$D to trade oil!!! It's called
imperialism!!! Being on the losing side is no justification for starting or
supporting war... Everybody being involved one way or the other is a
problem as it creates advocacy by default, WHY I support Ron Paul/Obama’s
abysmal record on job creation and its devastating effects on the American
economy. President Obama has failed to fulfill his promise to lead America
out of our economic recession. Obama’s broken promises, irresponsible
spending, and mountains of debt have devastated Colorado’s working families
and job creators, we understand the importance of living within our means
and balancing our own budgets. Unfortunately for future generations,
President Obama’s irresponsible spending has left our great nation $15
trillion in debt, individual share of the national debt is almost $50,000.
To make matters worse, the national unemployment rate has remained above 8%
for 36 consecutive months despite Obama’s promise that it would stay below
8% if his $830 billion stimulus bill passed. Obama broke his promise and
his stimulus bill failed to create private sector jobs. T.Q. Houlton,
president of the free-market, grassroots advocacy group Compass Colorado,
took aim at Udall this week, accusing the first-term Democrat of hypocrisy.
Holton accused Udall of “symbolically voicing his support for corrupt Wall
Street institutions,” and admonished him to “return Corzine’s corrupt
donations immediately and start siding with his Colorado constituents
instead of New York City bankers TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras
(AP) - Trapped inmates screamed from their cells as a fire swept through a
Honduran prison, killing at least 300 inmates in one of the world's
deadliest fires in decades/U.S. plans to spend $40 million helping Libya
secure and recover its stockpiles of portable anti-aircraft weapons,
Shapiro said. The U.S. also will conduct an inventory of all Libyan weapons
storage areas and has two mobile teams assigned to respond to the discovery
of new portable missile caches, Royce and other Republican lawmakers said
that if Syria's arsenals are threatened, the Obama administration should
move faster than it did in Libya to secure unconventional weapons-The first
10 states to be declared free from the education law are Colorado, Florida,
Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma
and Tennessee. The only state that applied for the flexibility and did not
get it, New Mexico, is working with the administration to get approval.
Twenty-eight other states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have
signaled that they, too, plan to flee the law in favor of their own plans.
one of President George W. Bush's most touted domestic accomplishments-(AP
Boehner took to the House floor to give a rare speech today pledging that
House Republicans will do everything possible to reverse the new mandate
the Obama administration put in place forcing coverage of birth control and
abortion-causing drugs. boehner-pledges-congress-will-overturn-
“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Albert Einstein/Bishop of
Sioux City calls on Christians to 'violently oppose' birth control, that
part of the Bible where Jesus says, "Blessed are the people who use
violence to oppose health care policies they don't like"? No? Well,
obviously, you haven't being paying attention may have
given supporters too much information about his sexy Valentine’s Day plan
to “reconnect” with his wife, Callista/guest on “The 700 Club” and author
of the book Get Motivated, and her husband Peter are in the midst of an
acrimonious divorce that just got uglier: in court documents, Peter accused
Tamara and her new boyfriend of stealing his porn/Catholic bishops take
hard stance on Viagra, all about making babies. According to the Catholic
Church, birth control is ["intrinsically evil"/
If there's one thing Jon Stewart can't stand, it's public figures making
unfair comparisons to Hitler. he was presented with yet another Nazi
analogy courtesy of Fox News (her brain trying to escape)-- this time in
reference to President Obama's birth control on
tape: 'I'm going to make stuff up' Missing footage from a controversial
arrest in Seattle raises questions about police dash cams. 5th
Amend wrongful takings clause of Life, Liberty n property to vioaltining
Your 6th Amend Rights in their form driven fraud by create a crime
legislation, WHY We the Ppl r stuck footing the bill to protect dirty
judges in the corrupt halls of Just This with Fibberty for all-except Wall
St, AIPAC, zionistsssss, isreal, ADL, PNAC, bush crime family, clinton
trail of dead, cia drug running, the massive # of "missing" American
Children to zionistssss sayanim sleeper cells in
Senators Unveil Cybersecurity Bill to Empower Homeland Security, years of
deliberations and several false starts, a bipartisan group of lawmakers
introduce cybersecurity overhaul /
Syrian opposition activists are not waiting for President Bashar al-Assad’s
regime to fall before they seek to wipe his name off the map
protests-new-york-city_n_1277445.html / /Announcing
Operation Hilarity: Let's keep the GOP clown show going! time for us to
take an active role in the GOP nomination process. That's right, it's time
for those of us who live in open primary and caucus states /no
one is thrilled with the Iranian regime, and it's clear that tough
diplomacy will be necessary. But the saber-rattling and reckless boasting
from the GOP presidential candidates about who would be most willing to
attack Iran does NOT help/
/Obama IS a Machiavellian monster, because this issue is actually about: 1)
Destroying our freedom of religion 2) Forcing the Insurance companies to
cover whatever he tells them they have to cover/"Right-wingers
have occasioned much recent comment.... Who are these people and what
motivates them? leave the field of conventional political theory and enter
the realm of psychopathology.... There are tens of millions of Americans
who, although personally lacking the self-confidence, ambition and
leadership qualities of authoritarian dominators like Gingrich or Sarah
Palin, nevertheless empower the latter to achieve their goals while finding
psychological fulfillment in subordination to a cause."-Wisconsin Gov.
Scott Walker Implicated in Criminal Complaint Against Aides-Bahrain's
Protests, Now in Their Second Spring, Hamstrung by US Oil, Iran
Interest-Truthout/Pentagon Wants $3 Billion for the War in Iraq We Thought
Was Over Demands Koch Industries Return Profits From Madoff
Ponzi Scheme Investments ThinkProgress/US Newscorp Prosecutions Loom After
Bribery Arrests Daily Kos/
21412/The judge will explain to the american people their government is
intentionally making FnF’s foreclosure prevention actions go unnoticed, to
continue its harassment campaign to later use them as a tool to backdoor
stimulus programs. The shareholders will seek a just compensation if FnF
are excluded from the payments approved by Congress, because it’s the Law.
Full explanation of the payments under MHA on the comment of October 26.
the trial will be very funny. GSEs SCANDAL is worst than the Watergate
Scandal and Obama and Geithner still don't know it /"dont
gain the world and lose your soul wisdom is better than silver and gold"
(Bob Marley)/ looking for 5 million/so-called
christians that have been making hateful, cruel comments need to chill.
Whitney was a human being who had many struggles in life. How would you
feel if this was your family member and people were trashing your loved
one. We need to PRAY for her Family and her Daughter for extra protection
from the Evils that may come their way/224 dogs lost on airlines-imus/movie
opens with a news montage explaining that it is set in a dystopic
near-future in which George W. Bush has been elected to a fourth term. The
United States Congress has been disbanded; public nudity is banned; the
United States is embroiled in wars with France, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran,
Pakistan, Syria, Venezuela, Canada, and Alaska
nothing says i love u, like a superfical and overvalued rock, clawd from
the guts of the earth by african slave labor-the goverment a part of it-
how bloody romantic, no pun intended-Devil's glimmer-The diamond trade is a
false market. It is rigged. There are PLENTY of diamonds in the world. They
are not rare. They are all bought out by De Beers who then hide them from
the market artificially forcing prices up. Diamonds are the source of wars,
death and destruction. That is what they represent. Happy Valentines
Day-Bahrain so far today 600 people were arrested after attempts of
entering lulu and 166 people are in a critical condition-where there is no
place for law ! .. They kill, arrest, run-over, shoot over houses, and
torture. And the world keep being silent about it- /rumors swirled that Simon was
considering Whitney Houston as a new mentor on the US version of the 'X
Factor/"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love,
grace and gratitude."/Infographic Showcase – America the Incarcerated
Deficit Scorecard – GWB $5.1TR – BO’b $0.9 TR “states spent more than $44
billion on incarceration and related expenses, a 127% jump from 1987″ and
then states the spend on higher education has rose only by 21%.  These
statistics are taken from a report by The PEW Charitable trusts, which is
supposed to be a non-partisan, objective, and non-ideological organization Note Ever Left On
a Dented Car Dear Car Owner, You may have noticed the dent on the left side
of your car. If not, allow me to draw your attention to it now. As you can
see, it is there, and so is this note as is commitment to
ignorance and vagrancy to perpetuate itself in power-se apuesta a la
ignorancia y vagancia para perpetuarse en el poder/cada vez que hacen algo
me parece mas ridiculo y como se justifican que clarin nos llena la cabeza,
POR FAVOR-every time you do something seems more ridiculous and as
justified that clarin fills us with the head, please!/Santorum: Wasting
energy makes a nation great, Health insurance shouldn't pay for things that
are inexpensive, Gingrich: Undocumented workers should be tracked through
FedEx, Unemployment insurance a violation of the Declaration of
Independence/Chairman Obama's 2-million person Truth Team, Desperate to win
re-election, President Obama is taking inspiration"If we believe
absurdities, we shall commit atrocities." [Voltaire] from a tactic used by
China’s Chairman Mao during so-called "Cultural Revolution."In order to
spread his ideology, he creates his own army of brainwashed propagandists
who are supposed to popularize talking points sent to them directly from
the White House/NYPD 'Stop and Frisks' Hit All-Time High
Civil-Rights-139275573.html /not all that bad for the republicans. The
people with webs between their fingers and 6 toes still support them/ /30 years
people have been waiting for the GOP to self-destruct, to fracture and it
now looks as thought that is occurring. Praise doG. Repos have successfully
ostracized, Blacks, Latino, Gays, Women/Canada's government Tuesday
introduced a bill to give law enforcement authorities sweeping powers to
probe online communications, but the move sparked criticism about threats
to privacy /private prison company Corrections Corporation of
America (CCA) has sent a letter to 48 states offering to manage their
prisons for the low price of $250 million per year. for-profit prisons have
been accused of heightened levels of violence toward prisoners and have
limited incentives to reduce future crimes by current inmates, through
education and training programs, counseling or drug and alcohol
rehabilitation, according to a report from the American Civil Liberties
Union. the CCA became the first for-profit prison company to buy outright a
state-owned prison, under the auspices of the Administration of Ohio
Governor John Kasich (R)
Nov 14, 2009 – New research is pointing to a new perspective on religion,
one that seeks to explain why religious behavior/
Nov 14, 2004 – LONDON -- An American molecular geneticist has concluded
after comparing more than 2000 DNA samples that a person's capacity to
believe/ 12, 2011 - 4 min - Uploaded
by PremierLegend Pentagon Briefing on Vaccine Designed to Disconnect Human
Soul from Spirituality?/
Sep 16, 2011 – Psychologists Laura Koenig (Kutztown University) and Matt
McGue (University of Minnesota) argue that “there is no God
Is there a God-gene? Well, strictly speaking the answer is an unequivocal,
NO! There is no inheritable DNA sequence that codes for belief,338103,339042
Is there a God-gene? Well, strictly speaking the answer is an unequivocal,
NO! There is no inheritable DNA sequence that codes for belief

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