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21612/Iran has teamed up with Al-Qaeda to carry out attacks in the United States

21612/what a bunch of bigotsThey hounded the guy into Suicide and killing
his kids. Killing the kids assures them becoming GODS in the mormon
Celestial Kingdom as they were younger than 8 years of age. In Mormon
belief he actually did them a favor. The woman may not even be dead, she
might be enjoying life with a gigolo in Cancun-praising this guy for
killing his kids with a hatchet? I suggest you seek psychological help-
youre nuts. i hardly believe he was thinking of his kids afterlife when he
took a hatchet to them and then burned them alive-Hitler to Josh Powell:
"Jesus! You killed your wife, hacked up your kids and then burned them!
Even for me, that's really sick."-RIP Josh and boys....your life was cut
too short by nagging grandparents, the media, police, social services etc.
I'm sorry your father cracked under the pressure...and believe me, I have
first hand experience on how much pressure social services puts on you and
your family-
-abc-news.html /DON'T believe a thing in this article because its Bullox!
Last time the Pole shifted it caused the Great Flood during the time of
NOAH-are you insane .... look, man religion is a dead deal, you have to
realize that SCIENCE will eventually disprove "god" but one can always
believe in the tooth fairy i suppose.....or rather you dont suscribe to the
theory of "magnetic fields"-the Ark itself would have been miles and miles
long. What happened when animals started fighting and killing eachother? Or
when diseases started spreading? The logistics are ludicrous. Anyone who
really believes that story is retarded, or a brainwashed child. No other
explanation-if you truly believe in a creator God, you would believe that
he created the laws of science as well. But Believers are so scared of
their beliefs being challenged, that they don't even realize that God and
Science shouldn't be separated. It only reveals that deep down, they know
their own beliefs make no sense, faith is the antithesis (opposite) of
reason. When something exists despite all reason, you can't use reason to
disprove it-"religious crazies", very clearly ignore mountains of
scientific evidence solely because they were told something to believe on
"blind faith-Mormons will have to wear their magic underwear backwards?-
let's focus on livng until we don;t live anymore. Deep huh?-my toilet with
flush the opposite way-republicans developed intelligence?-someone will
blame this on Bush and someone else will blame it on Obama- /Every cop I have
ever known (and I've been fairly close friends with FIVE of 'em!) were guys
who had a grudge against the world in general. They were bullied as kids,
or rejected and ridiculed, and decided that a career as a cop would be just
the ticket (pun intended) to "even the score"-They are nightmare neighbors
that believe they are above the law and teach their kids the same. One on
one they are just a bunch of scared #$%$ but they are big men with a gun,
their buddies or their big pickup trucks-They are nightmare neighbors that
believe they are above the law and teach their kids the same. One on one
they are just a bunch of scared #$%$ but they are big men with a gun, their
buddies or their big pickup trucks-My moms hole side of her family are
cops. I use the word cops,because they were more corrupt then the people
they arrested-some of the comments on here about cops being power hungry
dirtbags is a huge generalization...yes, a generalization, that is, oh my
gosh, not allowed when made about the young black men in this story, but,
gasp, it's okay when made about the police. What a joke. Big city cops
spend their careers picking up the pieces after low life animals who don't
know how to handle living in a country where they have so many rights and
opportunities to make it and feel they have the right to steal, rob, beat,
murder, and cripple their neighborhoods with drugs and crime-What's a good
reason to NOT use the dashcam? It's there for the protection of EVERYBODY,
including the officer?-
html /
Islam is a caustic blend of regurgitated paganism and twisted Bible
stories. Muhammad, its lone prophet, conceived his religion solely to
satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a terrorist
melissa dean sending cards to convicts-apple worth more than ibm,
coke, and? stewart varney-imus/We live in difficult times. Employees work
harder than ever and have fewer
opportunities. That’s what the market research firm, Harris Interactive,
found, questioning over 1,500 American workers, thirty-six percent of
American workers are stressed out. “Employees … cite lack of opportunities
for growth and advancement (43 percent), heavy workload (43 percent),
unrealistic job expectations (40 percent) and long hours (39 percent) as
significant sources of stressHarris published these findings in a survey
American Psychological Association/testing for pyroluria? Vitamin
Diagnostics/European Laboratories of Nutrients/a sign of eating the
young/Man suffers heart attack while eating at Heart Attack Grill
(Video)advertises 350 lbs eats free/took four years to finish, in part
because Cavalin, whose mother is Chinese, decided to publish it in
Mandarin, doing the translation himself was laborious. Han Shian Culture
Publishing of Taiwan put the book "We Can Do." in Taiwan, Singapore and
Malaysia, as well as in several bookstores in Southern California's Asian
communities. He then brought it out in English for the U.S. market. Because
of his heavy study load, Cavalin has had little opportunity to promote the
book, other than a signing at UCLA, where he also lives in student housing
with his parents and attends the school on a scholarship. After earning his
bachelor's degree, the math major plans to enroll in graduate school with
hopes of eventually earning a degree. "Who knows?" he says, chuckling at
the thought of what lies ahead in adulthood. "That's a very distant future,
and I'm pretty much planning for just the next few years. That's too far
into the future for me to see."After that, he's not so sure. He points out
that he's still just barely a teenager/i have been wrong before, reverse
splits are used when a company is contracting....expanding is a different
story, the hayday of the wall st is when a stock splits, much like
haliburton did during the war, and possibly f&f should....a gov that
doesn't care for it citizens, simply ceases to govern/Leftist Media Resorts
To 'Conspiracy Theories' To Sell Syria Invasion Desperate to sell another
"humanitarian" invasion, the leftist media in the United Kingdom has
resorted to inventing conspiracy theories about events in Syria as part of
a campaign to depict President Bashar Assad's government as genocidal,
while completely failing to acknowledge that the country is in a state of
civil war Despite Arab League confirming opposition rebels are committing
violence, Guardian blames Assad for terror attack-Daily Caller has
confirmed that the leftist organization Media Matters, which routinely
attacks Alex Jones and Infowars, is an Obama administration front that
strategizes with the White House on a weekly basis-Nikolai Makarov says
that a decision by the U.S. and Israel on whether or not to launch a
military attack on Iran will be taken before the summer-Iran Teams Up With
Al-Qaeda, Claims Dubious Telegraph Report, While Israel openly directs
US-backed Al-Qaeda linked terror group to carry out attacks in Iran, it’s
an open secret that Israel is funding US-backed terror groups with links to
Al-Qaeda to carry out attacks in Iran, the London Telegraph now claims in a
dubious report that Iran has teamed up with Al-Qaeda to carry out attacks
in the United States, in a repeat of the lurid propaganda that preceded the
2003 invasion of Iraq when Saddam Hussein was falsely linked with Al-Qaeda
-Prison XL: Five Stories Not Told, Even their claims
about jobs has been shown to be greatly exageratted/distressed hail
despairs the conscience inside the abnormal exposure as the waved violin
shifts throughout the mythology/Greek deal almost there, huge pop tomorrow,
/ease concerns? lmfao. they have set the country on fire/Illiterates don't
bother to read but this is not just Govt. propaganda:José Manuel Barroso,
the president of the European commission, sought to ease concerns in Athens
that attempts were being made to manoeuvre the country out of the single
currency. "I would like to salute the courage of the Greek government and
the Greek people in these challenging times/Cyrus Tongues Her Sister
I know that the title to this post is way more exciting than the actual
, I needed something to get some asses in the seats so to speak. hamming it
up for the camera with her sister hollywoodtuna/Romance is dead:
Consumerism (chaos) Reigns!/there is enough time between now and the
election day giving women the chance to think this through and see what
kind of treatment they're likely to to get in the future from the hands of
republicans . I really do believe the republicans have shot themselves in
the foot on this issue, November women voters are going to send Repos a
message. it will be a cold day in hell before we let a bunch misogynistic
holier than thou males take away our right to make our own healthcare
decisions/I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world. I am; in the words of Nizar 'a drop of
water... Ambivalent, remaining in the notebook of October!"Sometimes I
think so much, that my brains feel like they are going to explode!/A fool
thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. Be
not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and
some have greatness thrust upon them. (William Shakespeare)/Obama promised
he wouldn't enlist Justice Department resources to pursue medical marijuana
growers and distributors complying with state laws. Yet his administration
is on pace to exceed George Bush's for medical marijuana busts/Democratic
Women Boycott House Contraception Hearing After Republicans Prevent Women
From Testifying-Face Masks, Snipers and Aerial Surveillance: Chicago's
Newest Anti-Protest Measures Revealed, "Each time a new measure that the
city of Chicago is preparing for the coming NATO and G8 summits is
unveiled, the tension in the city ratchets up a notch-audit by San
Francisco county officials of about 400 recent foreclosures there
determined that almost all involved either legal violations or suspicious
documentation ... Anecdotal evidence indicating foreclosure abuse has been
plentiful since the mortgage boom turned to bust in 2008. But the detailed
and comprehensive nature of the San Francisco findings suggest how
pervasive foreclosure irregularities may be across the nation-Kabuki
theater of British parliamentary politics, great crimes do not happen and
criminals go free.... The farewell speech of one of the most artful, Tony
Blair, had 'a sense of moral conviction running through it,' effused the
television presenter Jon Snow, as if Blair's appeal to Kabuki devotees was
mystical. That he was a war criminal was irrelevant-Virginia is poised to
send two of the most abhorrent anti-choice bills to Governor Bob McDonnell
to sign.... The first is a bill requiring the use of trans-vaginal
ultrasound prior to a woman obtaining an abortion, the other is an
egg-as-person bill.... Although the Governor has said he will consider the
personhood bill he has been clear he would sign the forced ultrasound bill.
But let's start calling this what it really is: state sanctioned
rape-Electoral politics and the 2012 presidential election have become
almost exclusively defined by the 1%. Or, to be more precise, the
.0000063%. Those are the 196 individual donors who have provided nearly 80%
of the money raised by super PACs in 2011 by giving $100,000 or more each-
Michael Grimm's attempt to eviscerate hard-fought whistleblower reforms
included in the Dodd-Frank Act is gaining steam. This news should be
seriously troubling to anyone hoping to stop wrongdoing on Wall Street -
the kind that led to the 2008 financial meltdown. Grimm's bill ... guts the
whistleblower provisions included in the Dodd-Frank financial reform
legislation and puts whistleblowers at grave risk-the situation we find
ourselves in today: how the rich got so rich, how the poor got so poor and
how all the various fixes and proposed solutions are based on the illusion
that capitalism can somehow be made to meet the needs of the majority of
people and still be capitalism-Truthout:/Mitch Daniels, a Bush
administration honcho and possible GOP presidential nominee if the
convention is brokered - like Walker - seems to have forgotten the
"God-given" rights Reagan bestowed upon the Solidarity Union. Of course,
Reagan himself appeared to apply his admiration for unions only to those
abroad, since one of his infamous acts was crushing the air traffic
controllers union buzzflash/Climate-Denial Scientists Caught Taking Money
From Corporations Sydney Morning Herald/Joseph Kennedy III Announces
Congressional Campaign to Win Rep. Barney Frank's Seat Boston Globe/NEW
DELHI (Reuters) - Three Indian politicians from a morally conservative
party, including a women's affairs minister, resigned on Wednesday after
being caught watching pornography on a mobile phone during a session of
state parliament/Iowa House of Representatives on Wednesday would
completely outlaw abortion and mandate up to life in prison for those who
purposefully terminate a pregnancy, House File 2298, was introduced by
state Rep. Kim Pearson (R). It would outlaw all abortions, even cases of
rape or incest, or to save the life of a mother/The Westboro Baptist Church
said Wednesday that it would picket the funeral of Grammy-winning singer
Whitney Houston because she engaged in sorceries, Christian Sickness:
Picket Whitney Houston funeral/fukishima... brought to you by the same
conservative mindset that gave us the bp gulf oil spill disaster/the CIA
works with Echelon to search stringe of words flowing through servers. They
also work with Akamai. They admit it, but *more importantly, they do claim
the ability to do this effectivly on a large scale is impracticle. Instead
they focus on monitoring specific servers, people, and search engines/25
million tons of tsunami debris floating toward US shores
via pepper1024 26 Comments 5613 Views/Overwhelming Majority want the
Catholic Church to STFU about birth control/
21512/"September 22, 2012, will mark the 150th anniversary of the
emancipation proclamation, President Lincoln's decisive move to abolish
slavery nationwide. President Obama echoed this decisive call by declaring
January 'National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.' On
January 1, 2013, the FBI Unified Crime Reports will at last feature a
'trafficking' category to allow police departments to begin quantifying the
size of the problem-Now, according to reports from DC, come Joe
Lieberman and Lindsay Graham with a new bill some people in Washington
would very much like for the US to have a policy toward Iran, the endgame
of which is war or externally induced regime change-Chomsky, TomDispatch:
"In the years of conscious, self-inflicted decline at home, 'losses'
continued to mount elsewhere.... A look at the studies of public opinion
undertaken by U.S. polling agencies in the MENA countries easily explains
the western fear of authentic democracy-climate-change-denying think tank
The Heartland Institute pays monthly stipends to vocal global warming
skeptics, received $200,000 from the Charles G. Koch Foundation in 2011 and
received a total of $3.4 million from corporations in 2010 and 2011,
according to internal documents released last night-new reforms being
launched by the Department of Defense (DoD). This public airing of the
military's heart of darkness - sexual crime in its ranks - came on the
heels of an estimated 19,000 military sexual assaults in the previous year,
by DoD calculations-Fifty organizations presented letters to the House and
Senate Judiciary Committees on Tuesday requesting hearings this year on the
need to amend the Constitution to overturn Citizens United v. Federal
Elections Commission, the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that opened the
floodgates for unlimited independent campaign spending and gave rise to the
infamous Super PAC-Members of a House-Senate committee charged with writing
a measure to extend a payroll tax reduction and provide added unemployment
benefits reached a tentative agreement Tuesday evening, with Republicans
and Democrats claiming a degree of political victory in a fight with
significant election-year implications-anti-Iran campaign has a great deal
to do with the fortunes of the world's largest oil companies, rather than
with nuclear threats to either Israel or the United States-Why Did Petraeus
Fire the Auditor Charged With Stopping Flow of Pentagon Funds to Taliban?
Ralph Lopez, War Is a Crime: "The story which reared its head then dropped
off the radar in summer of 2010 is still alive: that the major source of
funding for the Taliban is likely the Department of Defense itself,
estimated around $400 million per year, which is funneled to Afghan
'security' companies as 'protection payments-GOP aspirants for the
presidency are duking it out with variations on dog-whistle appeals to the
logically challenged, racially charged Tea Party and the religious
extremist wing of the GOP, seems to be a last stand contingent for
returning to 19th-century America-Truthout:/Katrina vanden Heuvel: Obama's
Super PAC Decision Was a Make-or-Break Moment for Democracy Washington
Post/Although "it is said that psychology and sociology show that
[masturbation] is a normal phenomenon, The official Catholic Church still
teaches that "Masturbation constitutes a grave moral disorder" and that
"both the Magisterium of the Church—in the course of a constant
tradition—and the moral sense of the faithful have declared without
hesitation that masturbation is an intrinsically and seriously disordered
act/skims federal funds money meant to go to help homeowners pay down
their mortgage debt and uses it to balance the budget Scott Walker is pond
scum/Prescription painkillers outpace heroin, cocaine in OD deaths /While Pharma Companies Get Rich Prescription drugs taken as
directed kill 100,000 Americans a year. That's one person every five
minutes/Conservatives are frauds and should be publicly ridiculed,
criticized F&F for NOT buying subprimes, now same Conservatives are blaming
them for it/North Carolina preschooler was fed cafeteria chicken nuggets
after a state employee decided that her homemade lunch was not nutritious
enough, The kid's homemade lunch was SUPPLEMENTED with chicken nuggets.
Nothing was confiscated. West Hoke Elementary School student's lunch box --
which contained a turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips and
apple juice, girl came home from the Raeford, N.C., school afterward with a
note for her mom and a bill for $1.25 to cover the cost of the chicken
nuggets she ate/Start finding a remedy for wave after wave of hydrofluoric
acid when the chemical mists descend over lovely Tehran from the melting
nuke plantsElders of Z.i.o.n won't let me reveal the plans of the inner
council until it is firmly in motion. Suffice it to say, Stan, that you had
best bring sunblock with you of at least SPF 50,000,000,000,000 and you
might want to have a couple tons of iodine tabs with you in lovely Tehran/
rob furlong (born 1976), is a former corporal of the Canadian Forces, who
held the record for the longest confirmed sniper kill in combat, at 2,430
metres (2,657 yd, 12.08 furlongs, or 1.51 miles). Furlong's shot exceeded
the previous record of Arron Perry set in 2001 just before Furlong's record
by 120 m or 130 yd  british guy has the record now this canadian is a
member of edmonton police forces

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