Sunday, February 12, 2012

21212/Obama is going "henry VIII" on the RnC and looking to impose his own dogmas on birth control

21212/Whitney was killed by racism CIA invented crack and introduced it
into the Afro-Americans/When Junkies Die, I Don't Cry/if bloated
draftdodging pimpled butted lying hypocritical 'drug users should be sent
up' oxy laden viagra popping dominican republic hopping rush limbaugh
stroked out- i would dance on his grave/Republicans propose bill to allow
employers to deny coverage, Roy Blunt of seven republican co sponsers
allowing employers to deny coverage for any health service-an insurer or an
employer would be able to claim a moral or religious objection to covering
HIV/AIDS screenings, Type 2 Diabetes treatments, cancer tests or anything
else they deem inappropriate or the result of an “unhealthy” or “immoral”
lifestyle,if you're one of those people who lost at genetic Russian
Roulette and end up susceptible to Type 2 diabetes, or if you're on of the
10 to 15 percent of lung cancer victims who isn't a smoker, or are among
the 50 percent of victims who is a former smoker, you're out of luck.
Sexually active? You won't even be able to be screened for HIV/AIDS. Is
this insane and extreme? Of course. Would it be a public health disaster?
Absolutely. Do Republicans care? Absolutely not-When will Republicans
finally do that one thing that is so insanely over-the-top that even the
most brainwashed right winger finally says to themselves, "these people do
not have my best interests or the best interests of average American people
in mind-right wingers are inveterate liars,greedy,amoral and without
compassion for anything but their What is being
denied by this Oppressive Regime is religious freedom, and the rights of
the taxpayers to not fund services they oppose-I didn't want my tax monies
going to pay for the Iraq war. But, that's different?-Obama is going "henry
VIII" on the RCC and looking to impose his own dogmas on birth control-
Krauthammer: Republican Voters Will Stay Home in 2012-libs are ONLY
pro-choice when it come to abortions. Not when it comes to choosing what
kind of coverage you will purchase, or any number of other aspects of our
lives they're trying to control on a federal level, unconstitutional
overreaches every day from this radical Regime-gop war on contraception
and women-you are happy with the idea that government can tell us what we
can buy, what business have to offer and how much they can charge?-
braindeadred wants to be buy toxic toys for his children, feed them
pesticide laden foods, have them drink poisoned water and breathe polluted
air, in his idiocracy utopia where the govt is replaced by corporations-
federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that failure to
provide such coverage violates the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act. That
law is, in turn, an amendment to Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act,
which outlaws, among other things, discrimination based on gender-half
those taxpayers are women and 98% of them use contraceptives at one time or
another, why should non-smoking taxpayers help pay for lung cancer therapy
or Jehovah's Witnesses help pay for blood transfusions for accident victims
or skinny taxpayers help pay for heart surgery for fat people? That's what
an insurance pool IS. dolt!-"your right to contraceptives are being
attacked, How is any medicine a "right"?-The general welfare clause of the
constitution/It introduces the specific powers of Congress that follow,
some that contribute to the common defense, and some that contribute to the
general welfare. Secondly, there is a huge difference between general
welfare, and individual welfare. The federal government has no legal
authority to provide for individual welfare-Blue states should stop sending
money To the red jesus states/Remember what happened the last time the
Democrats tried to secede?/OBAMA SWAMPS GOP Candidates by 10-20 points,
Look at the cast of has-beens and never-was making up the Republican
presidential candidates-going to REALLY enjoy the @ss kicking Obama is
going to deal out to whoever is unfortunate enough to become the
gopig/bagger presidential nominee-a lot of reppuker support, they love it
when we bomb other countries for oil-2010 gopig Mandate! LMFAO! NOTHING
accomplished-even Republicans think they are a sad sack of nobodies, Still,
the Dwarfs are the cream of the GOP crop-McCain says his grandmother could
beat the current Dwarfs-the sewer slime ran, Teabaggers gunned down Gabby
Giffords and killed 6 other people-Go count your Government pension check
you two-bit hypocrite, Maybe the Government short-changed you, you
spineless piece of dirt-You're not against pensions, are you?-a Government
employee and take a Government pension and Social Security, and use
Medicare, Typical of the two-faced scum in the teaparty-MAObama was
pReisdent when HE caused that to happen, you stupid ape-one of them
anti-racist coons, Check out the obsession with J(e)ws raid Murdoch Media HQ
Murdoch will be dead and Roger Ailes will be fired-Does that mean Obama
will go down when they find your girl Pelosi guilty of insider trading?/ a
serving police officer and a member of the armed forces among a total of
eight people arrested on Saturday and later released on bail, London police
said 40 people had been arrested in connection with three police
investigations into illegal news gathering practices-in the U.S. should be
ok since they don't actually do any journalism or reporting. They just cry,
whine, scream , slobber and lie-an entertainment channel, Fear and Biased.
We retort, you deride-should change its name to the Saudi Arabian
terrorist channel-bill sean and mark are nasty evil right wing nazi,s in
the 1%party-Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is the #2 shareholder of
Newscorp. his personal charity, the Kingdom Foundation, donated $305,000 to
Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow-stupid Obama sheep, that wear rings in their
nose because they are to stupid to think for themsevles, the need a
socialists #$%$ like Obama to it for them-zionist nazis trying to destroy
us here in the US of A-propaganda network, pulling on simple minded
emotional strings-free speech requires responsibility not criminal acts by
News Corp-Pull your Hillbilly Arab Fox! microhead out of Mohammed Murdoch's
camel's aszszs, go back to Saudi Arabia and stop wasting American air-2003,
Fox went to court and won their "freedom" to misinform, mislead and lie.
THEN went to court to keep the word "news" in its title. Call it GOP tv-by
far the worst out of the steaming pile we call our media-should have
Murdoch tried for treason against the British government-aware that Reagan
abolished the "Fairness Doctrine" in 1987. Since then honesty and civility
has disappeared from our news. Canadian right wing Stephen Harper tried to
get Canada's Radio Act repealed but the regulators and voters rejected it-
Obama trying to defy the Constitution, returning $200k in donations to
Mexican drug lords-Whenever conservatards get caught, they always use the
defense that "everyone else is doing it.-much of a problem if their slogan
was "lean right" or "take the country back to the 18th century"-You don't
like him, but you lick his boots anyway? you just hooked on the taste of
cheap polish-    trying to shove Socialism down our throats! DONALD
on the platform "tin foil hats for everyone!-y'all wanted the South to
Raise Again? The Donald would just raze it and sell it to Romney to
cannibalize-Media Matters, funded by Soros, swore to start a "Guerrilla
warfare" against Fox News, and all of Murdoch's employees and holdings.
Glenn Beck gave up his television program to protect his employees-they are
also # 1 in Receiving Corporate Welfare more than GE,like $8.1 billion from
the back's of the Middle-Class they are pretty quiet about that-had a good
life at bottom feeding and hate making. He is probably too old to care.
Just another crooked Jew, so what's new?-
21112/When Clint Eastwood Mocks You, You're Officially Screwed "I have said
this so many times that I have lost count, and it has been proven correct
yet again: the greatest strength enjoyed by the Republican right is their
complete, total, and utter lack of shame. They will say anything -
literally anything - to gain the rhetorical advantage, even when it flies
in the face of twelve dozen statements on the record or forty years of
established party doctrine-Obama Bypasses Congress on No Child Left Behind,
"Instead of hammering students to meet the NCLB standardized reading and
math test requirements by 2014, the ten states will implement broader plans
to prepare students for college and careers. The plans can rely on science,
social studies, and other subjects to measure student achievement. Schools
can be exempted from federal penalties for failing to meet NCLB standards,
but must work toward improving low-performing schools-White House Amends
Birth Control Mandate, Insurers will create policy not including
contraceptive coverage in the contract for religious organizations that
object. Second, the same insurance company must simultaneously offer
contraceptive coverage to all employees, and cannot charge an additional
premium. This provides free contraceptive coverage to women-Why will
Charles and David Koch produce a video about their position on the Keystone
XL oil pipeline and not testify before Congress about it?... The Koch
brothers refuse to testify in Congress about their interest in the
pipeline, but they'll make a web video asserting their innocence. Whitfield
$15,000 is the tip of the iceberg. The Koch brothers and their employees
were the single largest oil and gas donors to the committee with
jurisdiction over the Keystone XL pipeline. They’ve contributed $279,500 to
22 of the 31 Republicans and $32,000 to five Democrats on the House Energy
and Commerce Committee. Trans Canada itself "guessed" it would suffer a
spill every seven years...but their own pipeline experience is a dozen
spills in a year, thievery by TransCanada and the state legislators who
bent to money. Some of the states have a modicum of private protection, but
in Texas, if TransCanada wants your land, it's theirs-Boehner (R-Ohio) had
“folks from Keystone management as his guests at the State of the Union
speech. The pipeline has the appearance of a political boondoggle at the
behest of big oil-COCK brothers "contributed" to cancer research......My
ass! They are already responsible for several deaths by cancer in a small
American city due to their "kindness" and all "worry" about ecological
safeties/Money for cancer research goes towards destroying the many
successful non-drug cancer researchers and clinics so as to protect their
Big Pharma friends. Cancer research is largely a smokescreen and a huge
money-spinner-their donation is the equivalent of me giving less than $25
to cancer research. It represents less than 0.25% of their combined net
worth (In excess of $50 billion as of Sept. 2011 according to
Forbes-Congress is filled with Koch-suckers-wondering why the MSM is so
mute about their activities on trading with Iran? It's considered
TREASON-'F**k those putz-peasant-goy 99%ers-Republicans should for
Missouri. In their zeal to oust Senatoer Mc Caskle,they say;"Tell Caskle
Missouri doesn't care for Obama Care," and then speaking for their party
they should add, we would prefere you die, implied in the ad-ASSHOLES ELECT
that it goes down, is when some traders "sell short". They make money by
the price dropping. The game is fixed/
1328906640-How to Occupy the Economy,Amherst emeritus economics professor
Richard Wolff speaks about some of the roots of, and solutions to, the
economic inequality that's finally being acknowledged-Republican chairman
of the House Financial Services Committee is under investigation for
breaking insider-trading laws-One Activist's Global Reach, From
Pennsylvania to Bucharest-Greek People Start 48-Hour National Strike-a few
trickle-up measures: modest individual income tax cuts, repeated but very
ineffective efforts to help those subjected to foreclosure, and extensions
of unemployment compensation benefits. However, they were utterly dwarfed
by what the Treasury and the Fed poured out in trickle-down
bailouts-Producers vs. Losers: The Cruel Pro-Rich Propaganda of the Right
Dave Johnson, Campaign for America's Future: "It is the Romneys, getting 
their $20-million-plus checks for doing nothing - the 'gains' from
stripping our economy and sending our jobs to China - who are dependent.
Not the people that the Romneys threw out of work or cut their pay in half.
Not the people working two jobs yet not making enough to pay rent and get
enough to eat-Nader - who's really steamed that for a flight Saturday to
Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, the only way for a non-frequent flyer to get an
aisle seat was to pay full-fare $2,680 instead of the $700 price he'd
already paid. Price of American Airlines ticket: $700. Cost of aisle seat:
$2,680. Potential price for alienating Ralph Nader priceless-leading cable
news channels - Fox, Fox Business, MSNBC, and CNN - invited almost twice as
many men as women onto their shows to discuss contraceptive
coverage-honestly quite strange when you consider we're talking about the
politics of the world's oldest democracy and largest economy. They believed
that sex was destroying America-Fifty-State, $25 Billion Mortgage
Settlement: Relief for Struggling Homeowners or Bailout for Big Banks?-
Truthout/Making zygotes into people is just another way of putting women in
a cage, while allowing men to roam freeAbsurd? Not really. Senator Johnson
is justifiably disgusted at the efforts of male legislators to make the
biology of being a woman illegal: "My amendment seeks to draw attention to
the absurdity, duplicity and lack of balance inherent in the policies of
this state in regard to women. Oklahoma already incarcerates more women
than any other place in the world."buzzflash/if we want to direct our
lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do
once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently."Tony
Robbins/It feels an awful lot like what happened here is the nation's
criminal justice honchos collectively realized that a thorough
investigation of the problem would require resources they simply do not
have, or are reluctant to deploy, and decided to accept a superficially
face-saving peace offer rather than fight it out, this deal not only
doesn't end robosigning, it officially makes getting caught for it
inexpensive. Shame on me for ever thinking that might be a good thing/the
real powers in this country are the banks, the corporations, the oil
companies and anyone related to anyone who is part of those powers so
nothing surprises me anymore. Matt is one writer who does a lot of research
and tells us the truth which in turn depresses the hell out of many of
us/Everything will be done to protect and preserve the power and wealth of
the elite. One of the most glaring signs of this is the militarization of
local police forces and passage of new laws such as the Home Battleield and
Patriot Acts/The deal that should have been made was for the government to
refinance all existing mortgages at 2%. The FED could do it so you would
not even need the do absolutely nothing Congress-If the homeowners fought
for nothing but the cancellation of the contracts & foreclosure would make
an exponential difference in the way the banks operated/the entire relevant
portions of the federal government willing to settle blatant & egregious,
felonious fraud for pennies on billions without investigation and no
criminal prosecutions-Money Master Mafia will continue to have its way. The
above-quoted comment is like saying, "It isn't 'two plus two is four'; it's
dos y dos es cuatro.", "It’s going to take punishing the b*stards on a
daily basis, even when we have to end up voting for them, That oughta learn
'em! Just remember: Vaseline might just be your best friend/NY Times, "SEAL
HEADQUARTERS" He had apparently been held hostage and forced to write cheer
leading pieces for the banks/hard to overstate how bad this is - not the
specifics ($, term, etc) but the very principle that banks could buy
retroactive immunity for industrialized forgery/perjury. these aren't
subjective "intent" crimes (like fraud) - these are black letter questions
of fact re: felonies that the only question is how many zeros are there in
the number of offenses. I'd like to know what a bank executive would have
to do actually get prosecuted? throw homeless people off their building to
use as skeet targets?" (a la Mel Brooks)"only if they're white, protestant
virgins-"the banks agreed to"=you KNOWinstantly it is a bad deal for
everyone else-if I fraudulently obtained a loan from a bank to buy a house
and cheated the bank out of their money, I'd be looking at hard time. In
reverse? We are now officially a two-tiered society-BHO's way of being a
good little boy and avoiding an end like Presidents Garfield, Lincoln,
Kennedy, and many others who strayed too far from the Money Master Mafia's
script-No prosecution for tainted elections. Too divisive and costly.
No prosecution for a war based on lies, secret detention and torture,
operating a rigged casino economy. Too divisive and costly. Why? Because
crime is something only poor people do. Rich people have careers/British
authorities arrested eight people, five employees of Rupert Murdoch’s
tabloid The Sun, as part of an investigation of illegal news-gathering
techniques like intercepting voice-mail messages, hacking computers and
bribing public officials
be-so -hot-after-all-20120209 /The corporate media literally makes a
business out of limiting and controlling the public discussion - people
exposed to real information and truth-telling make bad consumers. But they
make great protesters. We need your support to help cultivate the powerful
ideas that fuel protests and inspire action. We need your support today to
continue to elevate a new and different moral vision. The plutocrats have
the money on their side, but we have the truth (
I was made in God's image, so dont insult him by telling me that using my
intellect is wrong/genetic delusion/its called indoctrination/the root :
Bow or die. Repent or burn, Everything else is just gloss and packaging,
before revealing the true agenda, Much like every cult, religion and
'church" (ala Scientology) wont reveal the real goods until you're
committed, God is sovereign, he can do what he likes", you believe or
burn"Its morbid and macabre. by the way, Xenu"  or "Oh by the way, we
worship Satan and believe in an esoteric one world government" Saved from
what? hee hee, I'm fine with burning for my sins, Within reason, Nothing
wrong with atonement or some unknown cleansing process. if all we need is a
'symbol' or token, there's not much practicality in that you need to take 4
years of Bible Apologetics to understand, or read Hebrew/Greek texts, or
'believe'/do ppl just want to believe in something? &feature=
audience gave her standing ovation after standing ovation and some even
yelled "Run Sarah run!" -- more telling of the GOP field's inability to
connect with voters than any poll. zeroed in on President Obama. The
current state of the economy "is not a failure of the American people," she
said. "It is the failure of leadership. We know how to change that, oh yes
we do. Oh yes we can," she said, echoing Obama's campaign line. yeah, you
gotta hope things change "He says he has a jobs plan to win the future.
WTF, I know, For the sake of our country we must stand united, whoever our
nominee is/Houston was pronounced dead at 15:55 pm (23:55 GMT) in her room
on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. attempting to resuscitate,
their efforts were unsuccessful/Jesus was a Philosopher, so was Hitler,
david Koresh and manson, Sinead Ocaonner/the thought of removing ones hand
would get the message across/I like my eyes and hands/not in control of my
visions/Today it can be looked as a wise lesson/7 yr j00 wash/any wonder
why it was an easy transition from Roman belief systems to christian ones?
Except now, people had the added guilt and threat of eternal punishment?
Wonderful religion for Rome To control the people who might die for their
antiquated Gods Who preaches 'turn the other cheek' rather than revolt
against Caeaser religion tailior built for slaves, Romans loved
Christianity for its blood sacrifice rituals and preacing of pacificity,
WHen they added eternal punishment and torment in addition to losing your
life here, you dont think that increased fear in people? To some death was
a good escape And if you died with honor, even better Now this causes
people to second guess/find a christian please call me Christiandom died a
long time ago. We have recieved the truth if you really search./claim being
attacked/who said the 72 vigins were chicks?/lottery ticket has better
odds/i smell commie/Both sides are to blame/WTF was Haliburton. Was given
billions because of Vice President Cheney. Lies were told to all of us
concerning weapons of mass destruction so we could go to war. Bush/Cheney's
buddies took billions of tax payers money. Oh yeh, Sarah's an idiot/narrow
minded obama zealots spew venom at Sarah Palin just like they're programmed
too. They bitterly cling to the insipid idea their moonbat messiah will be
the guy who finally makes socialism work without killing millions of
people. People connect with Sarah because she's a down to earth regular
American, while they're acolytes for a plastic elitist pig puppet and deep
down even they know what a shallow and pathetic existence their lives
really are. Conservatives exalt our leaders because they promote individual
responsibility, libtards wet their beds at night because they know they
would starve to death if they were responsible for their own sustenance and
had too actually produce something valueable/all the hateful neocons like
you. Hang out there. Fringe right wing nut. I'm not even a fan of Obama's
but God Damn it ENOUGH! You can't stand the fact that a black man is
President. Especially YOU Pete. Classic southern BIGOT. DEAL WITH IT. Did
you ever go to school?/gratifying to be hated by ignorant parasites like
you. Thanks for making me smile/ Do you have any more ad hominem attacks up
your sleeve? When will you liberals stop seeing people's skin color and
start thinking about ideas? Blaming everything on racism is getting
old...socialism has no color/falin palin, media whore. ex half term quitter
governor. Why doesn't she run against Obama? WHY? Oh yes, that nasty
liberal're all neocons blindly believing this excuse for a

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