Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10113/FBI Informant Fishing

10113/and in-spite of all odds from a few traitors and hacks in the Congress he has done a remarkable job. BAC which you are trading and many others would have been extinct by now and so, possibly would be the stock market which has hovered back from oblivion since he took office. This country and the middle class could have been so much further ahead with some cooperation Clinton was able to negotiate with a Republican congress. Things are worse now with a Democrat Senate and Republican House at odds but a president has to bring both sides together to reach a compromise. We have a clear dereliction of duty by Obama-you should be impeached for your notorious propaganda-wait till your "GOD" Obamn is out of office and see what happens-Who sad that he was my God...and for the record he has 3 more years. What you knuckleheads have refused to acknowledge is that he was duly elected president of the USA twice-Bank of America fined $32 million for 'robocalls-WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT THE USA TOLERATING AN ERIC CANTOR?-RESPECTING THE FLAG OF THE USA AND BEING LOYAL IS SIMPLY NOT ANTI SEMITIC-ALL I KNOW IS WE GOING DOWN. NO REASON TO CELEBRATE THE SHUT DOWN-UGLY FACT IS MANY OF THE WEALTY ELITES ARE LOYAL TO AN FOREIGN ENTITY-ERIC CANTOR IS NOT AN AMERICAN FIRSTER-THE REAL ERIC CANTOR, no problems of cutting aids and funding to US and Virginia tax payers, and he sees no problem cutting funding and aids to US and Virginia schools and universities, even to American Veterans, and see no problem cutting aids to the poor and the unemployed Americans, he does not see a problem denying help for the millions who lost their homes and the millions more waiting their turn. He and his Republican Party do not see a problem with spending billions down the drain on wasteful wars they started, but he does see the urgent need to continue funding Israel, its military and its armed thugs and squatters to the tunes of tens of billions of US tax dollars. He even went further by proposing to include funding for Israel as part of the national defense budget, part of the Pentagon budget as if Israel is already part of the Defense Department and in a way, it is ygs/ I like to pretend I'm Canadian when obviously I'm a real dumb American welfare queen who has always been your basic parasite. Oopsie ! A moment of truth!-ObamaCare website in my state is getting many people to sign up, promising-Dumb and Dumber resort to comedy to soothe their failures. How predictable, pathetic-IRS can't file criminal case against you if you don't buy insurance or pay the fine-BRILLIANT STRATEGY BY THE HOUSE TEA PARTY MEMBERS TO FLUSH OUT THE RHINOS BEFORE 2014-ObamaCare website in my state is getting many people to sign up....They're already promising-Obozo is offering groids a coupon for a free six-pack of 40's-Guess what State has the worst un employment rate N. Dakota is best with 3% and a Republican Gov. and Senator and Rep-What is ND percentage of groids?--Nevada's largest employers are the Casinos which are 100% republican owned-pointing out what Failures the republicans of Nevada-Protecting us from Marxist Democrats, this country is to be FREE from an overbearing government, PIGS like you want, tragically. "IGNORE-God Bless the Teabagger Republicans Ensuring a Democrat in the WH from 2008 until 2024...AT LEAST!-Goofy wing of the GOP is helping Hillary to ge elected in 2016-How old is she? She looks ancient-looks like the markets don't care-No free money for the markets today,no wonder were up!-The Tea Party which is Owned and Controlled by right wing big business funding is responsible for the shut down. Big business right wingers know that a government shut down has historically shown an Increase in Equity prices-punks on this board think they will never get old-You drama queen.. You can do better than that.. cant ya?-and the republicans won more seats in the following election....too bad librats-Goofy wing of the GOP is helping Hillary to ge elected in 2016-Excellent.....You drooling racist hicks will have black guy for 8 years, followed by a lesbian for another 8, and there's NOTHING you dopes can do about it-ObamaCare is all the A.HOLE can call his own-WHEN was the LAST TIME Reps did ANYTHING GOOD for America? Just Curious-It was the Democrats who started the housing mortgage woes by making banks give loans to those who were not qualified and hence starting the wild west in creative mortgage lending, sits squarely with them and the idiots who believed the lenders when they were told they could afford that 450K home on a janitor salary. The Republicans are being idiots today with the shutdown no doubt, but lets spread the fault to all those who are to blame, including the American people for not having the common sense to get a loan they could not afford and the shady mortgage lenders who hunted the weak minded-GOP? Is the GOP the ones that give the TAKERS of this Country FREE rent, FREE food, FREE medical, Give Illegals FREE EVERYTHING? Just an Honest Question without any nasty intentions ! I get up at 4 am 6 days a week to provide for my family and I hope you do the same ! Not the GOP my friend !!! Look at the other parties policies! Respectfully just sayin-yhal/ Federal Reserve has admitted the stunning defeat, truly freedom of press in US, revised down the projected real GDP growth, after massive run up in equity market and housing market is simply pathetic. If people at the Federal Reserve FOMC are truly smart ones, then they should have realized that their PONZI game will collapse someday when the deflationary pressure roars back-i run a diabetes clinic in illinois..i own it..an M.D.....we pay all our insurance bills..i have 3 children in college 2 are private one grad school..and am expecting my 2nd grandchild,,,we all have insurance and pay our bills..we like the german system where people all have insurance in a successful economy, i have 5 children...17 to 33 years old. The 23 year old girl is beautiful and in great shape.She has had juvenile diabetes since 8..Prior to Obamacare she faced a life with possibly no health insurance, due to her pre-existing condition..Thanks to Obama, she can buy insurance and they can't refuse her due to to her condition, try and create an america where my kid can be refused health insurance cause of her diabetes and you'll have a fight on your hands-pre-reverse split prices, CitiHYPE on the news that Wachovia Bank was granted permission to be acquired by Wells Fargo (Wachovia did NOT want to be acquired by the LOSER, CitiHYPE). When all the news was digested AND the financial crisis worsening, CitiHYPE began to PLUNGE even further. It has NEVER recovered 5 years later, This company today is still a disaster, a LOSER and any past and current bagholders-Leftist media tried to scare you to death-Wanted you to think the world would end at midnight. Truth is, most working Americans wouldn't even know there is a government shutdown if they didn't hear about it in the news. Of course, if you're Democrite parasite, you're in a panic-We Need A Drug Test For Every Member Of Congress these idiots are on something, If they pass the test, we know they are terrorists for sure and should be treated as terrorists-Also a psychological test, many of our reps are not normal-How about an IQ test? That alone would eliminate 90% of the Black Caucus-How would YOU fare on a drug test, smoke? Not so well, judging from what you spew here, why are you on the Finance board? If you do, you're a greedy capitalist pig, by your own nonsensical definition-That would explain why you're such a gubnent dependent tard. don't get us wrong, we applaud your family members working, even as janitors at the NYSE. You might get off your axe and grab a mop too-on a path to destroy everything President Obama has done or what he wants to do for this country. Republicans relive their loss to President Obama every day, they will destroy this country just to make people feel they made a mistake electing Pres. Obama. Obama and the Fed along have helped give us this record high market, If Congress voted for an Infrastructure spending or Farm bill, millions more Americans would have good paying jobs, Since Jan 1 This year, Republicans have destroyed over 750,000 American jobs, they will continue to destroy any gains President Obama makes-they refuse to kill the medical device tax that even they don't like. All to protect and save face for King Obapuko-the people who were going to guide the low information voters through the maze aren't even trained yet and have no idea what the 2,700 pages of the bill say, much less the 16,000 pages of regulations. most of the applicants are ILLITERATE? All the ingredients of a gigantic FUSTERCLUCK-FN Obamacare went into effect, the entire medical field began collapsing. Some hospitals imploded into vast piles of rubble, while those few remaining were stormed by Obamacare stormtroopers, who drove innocent right wing patients out into the snow. Doctors rounded up wholesale and placed into concentration camps, wile desperate right wingers huddling in underground bunkers unleashing furious barrages on internet message boards. heroic wingers in Congress unleashed their brilliant and powerful counterattack by shutting down the National Park system. Already, liberals, desperate to reopen the National Parks, are begging Obama to do anything, anything at all, including defunding Obamcare, At press time, there were no plans by the heroic Congressmen to shut down the 88% of the government that provides subsidies to their constituents, i.e. Social Security, Medicare and the Defense Department-Unfortunately, you catch more catfish and carp with the doughball of Socialism on your hook than you do with the Rapala of Capitalism, but then, Capitalists don't fish for bottom feeders-yc/Iraq gunmen storm police station violence kills nearly 900 in September r- In move to transparency, Vatican bank issues first report-South Korea shows off new missiles designed to hit North yn/They are killing Arabs who work with Israel and throwing people from roofs. They also use fellow Arabs as human shields. Hamas is the real enemy of the Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank.-Their enemies are the Jews who covet the land and conspire to expel its people-Your buddies turned Jews into the enemies. It didn't have to be that way. Now your people are just the biggest babies on the planet, even the GOP is trying to catch up-iapb/just like they did when it came to the sequester. You don't have to be a genius to see that in the future. Bachmann is "very excited" over the prospect of a government shutdown. It's exactly what we wanted, she isn't alone-Negotiate what, how far down his ankles he should grab for the thugs? The right is not negotiating anything until it is a crisis. In any negotiation both sides have to work with the aspects of the other. No just stomp in like they own the place. 40+ votes against the ACA, NOTHING else done and Obama should expect them to negotiate? Their spokes people are the likes of Koch, Ailes, Rush and Obama should expect them to negotiate? That's a hoot-fb/full blown revolution, on ed/ass backward justice htpv/alabama and other wingnutz gone wild, nome helps with dos attack, norquist regular bs, on geraldo/bo asks if adults can compromise/ the house fails 44th time, america experiences black america, on stephanie/
93013/Web giants demand more transparency on government spy inquiries-2022 host is clearest admission about serious problems it has in its handling of 1.2 million migrant labourers, at least 4,000 workers could die before a ball is kicked at the World Cup. Qatar promises crackdown over deaths of World Cup construction workers, at least $100bn spent on up to nine football stadiums, a new airport complete with a separate terminal for the Emir, a highway to Bahrain, a railway and metro network, and 29 new hotels-What about the "deaths" and destruction deliberately CAUSED by Qatar by providing arms, money and mercenaries (for Jihad) to places OUTSIDE of Qatar?-The world is watching to see if these are just empty words ukg/War of Northern Aggression just a little bit will see that it wasn’t about slavery but about States’ Rights vs Federal control. Guess where we are today with the out of control federal government-Today The Foundation Of Our Great Mansion Is Under Attack By Termites Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory began a line in the famous hymn Amazing Grace:”I once was lost, but now I’m found, calling out critics of his ideology, the public are quick to label members of the GOP CAN O’ WHOOP ASS, two days ago said Republicans must act with a sense of URGENCY-aibafs/Obama and Netanyahu have had strained relations in the past, they appeared relatively comfortable with one another in their latest Oval Office encounter. Each followed the other's words carefully as they spoke in turn and they occasionally exchanged smiles, from Twitter. I stopped watching Fox and their anti science anti atheist nonsense years ago- Did everyone think Obama would take a smile from Iran and turn into a quivering idiot? No-NBC NSA reviewed intelligence of a “credible” threat. warned kenya mall attack, arrested nine suspects tied to the attack. Al Shabaab, a Somali terror group tied to al Qaeda, had claimed credit for the attack-torontosun woman killed, man loses leg having sex on train tracks-Senate rejects Republican House’s conditions for spending bill, government shutdown near certain-At some point I predict the word “affordable” will also be removed from the “Affordable Care Act,” which then become the “‘Ok So It’s Expensive and You Can’t Keep Your Old Plan or Doctor But Shut Up Because We Know What’s Best’ Care Act-republicans- wobbly on shutdown nj-good cure for the wobblies is to throw a few teabaggers out of 12 or 13 story buildings-Your ignorance is duly noted, My ignorance to use as most Jews do, means that I agree with my country and not some two bit naysayer like you. You're not here but if you were you'd fit right in with the conservative red neck states-The real enemy in America is its new acceptance of totalitarian thinking. You are a perfect example-problem with God, What’s the biggest problem for an atheist?-No talk during orgasm!† If the equipment still works, he can always proclaim: «Barak, Barak. oy vey‼-Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) sharply criticized his fellow House Republicans it's "moronic" for them to let the government shut down over their opposition to Obamacare, calling them "lemmings with suicide vests, Because jumping to your death is not enough-iapb/smithsonianmag a former trainer reveals, the U.S. government deployed nonhuman operatives, ravens, pigeons, even cats, to spy on cold war adversaries.digg/all debt to any corporation is null and void, any contract to a specific person valid/David beat Goliath. $60 million libel lawsuit Democratic group spread a false accusation that he had condoned prostitution in his casinos in Macau presidential candidate Mitt Romney and other Republicans from accepting Adelson's allegedly "dirty" and "tainted" money Judge J. Paul Oetken in Manhattan constituted protected speech and was not libelous, Steven Jacobs, a fired Las Vegas Sands executive. The allegedly libelous material hyperlink ap Adelson, 80, is worth $28.5 billion and the 11th-richest American, Forbes, donated tens of millions of dollars to Republican candidates and organizations in the 2012 election cycle, claimed that the NJDC article was intended to advance the group's political interests by "assassinating" his character-Stanley said he was pleased with the decision. "You just can't bully people with your money, and Adelson was trying to bully us with a lawsuit to suppress our speech during the election yn/Government by autoerotic asphyxiation Republicans get a rush from pushing us to brink of collapse bmfb-Survivor or Big Brother and seen the people standing around in a prayer circle praying to beat each other, by lying and backstabbing to winning the "grand prize". Sounds like the GOP to me fb/Goverment workers? RICH, poor, Or MIDDLE CLASS that Repubs are hurting?-Dear American Express, Yes, a line. We are drawing it at the October statement of charges. Do not expect my payment I Have Reached My Personal Debt Ceiling, it is true that I used my credit card to buy dinner at the Sushi Buffet All Day in Marysville. And, yes, we did take our annual Goplin family trip to Old Testament Town. But that’s not the point! If we pay this month’s American Express bill, what will happen next month? Next year? What will happen to future generations of Goplins with American Express cards?-You Think That The Underemployed, Unemployed & Destitute Will Remain That Way-Millions of Tea Party loyalists fled the United States today, searching for what one of them called "the American dream of liberty from healthcare-Bill Clinton p(*nis really has nothing to do with you. Never has-beaten gop goes back to giving rim jobs at the bathouse-pleasing their own constituents-, I just love it when dipchit Puke wingers cut their own throats!-reminds me, I never got my boot back. I assume you managed to get it out, or your proctologist yhal/Stewart exposes Ted Cruz's real reason, So repeal, defund, information blackout, misinform, appeal to fear of anal puppet finger banging. What if none of these constructive solutions to improve Obamacare work? js-SANJAY GUPTA threatening to shut down the government unless strip out funding for Obamacare-Threatening? Threatening to shut down the government? To Republicans, that's not a threat, that's the goal! Wasn't that one of the themes at last year's Republican Convention? Yeah, that's right! I remember that night. How....? (audience laughter) Filthy. How do you....? I'll let you read it at your own pace. How do you justify a government shutdown?-CRUZ, I believe nothing is hurting the American people more, nothing is hurting the economy more, nothing is damaging jobs more, than Obamacare-js Nothing makes food taste worse! Nothing makes it harder to get an erection! Nothing spoils Breaking Bad! Nothing sews you into a human centipede like Obamacare!! Obamacare will murder your hope! Still, if Ted Cruz's problem with Obamacare is that it's hurting jobs, I'm curious, what would a government shutdown do? forced to get around on Air Force 3. The Washington Monument's fluffer will be furloughed. (audience laughter) Why is that... we couldn't have pointed that in the other direction? (more audience laughter)-Oh, and Colbert won a couple more Emmys. Funny and informative. Why aren't there any funny republicans?? I mean really. They're just all sour pusses all the time-bipartisan means constitutional someone give him a dictionary-Won't do a bit of good. They make up definitions to words to fit the occasion-scarecare 2 percent of income, in 2015, or 2.5 percent of income, in 2016, with future hikes tied to cost of living-NY Post?? That hack Murdoch rag? stay in your wingnut bubble, everyone outside the bubble is blaming the idiotic intransigent republicans and their record breaking filibuster use and total lack of legislating skill to do the work of the nation. They're a laughable joke. GOP has no clue how to govern, only whine. hostage taking will be what 2014 is all about and the 4 year old healthcare law will be 5 years old, gullible halfwits stuck inside your misinformation bubble, many Americans view the GOP as acting like "spoiled children, shirking their sworn duty by threatening to both shut down the government and default on its bills, People With Disabilities Storm House Building, Demand Boehner Leave Obamacare Alone-Medicare for ALL is single payer. We can only hope that ALL US citizens will some day be able to tell their middleman big insurance dope to step aside and take their profit motive with them. We don't need no stinkin' middlemen insurance standing between us and our doctor-rbg/The Scandal of Medical Waste Incineration When large studies have shown that waste incinerators are serious public health hazards, linked with higher rates of adult and childhood cancers and birth defects among people who live nearby, why does the US continue to incinerate particularly toxic medical waste?-The Only Way to Get to Full Employment? While the impending government shutdown has sparked fears that the US dollar will lose it status as the world’s reserve currency, it might actually be good news for Americans, as the lower value might increase employment-The Immigrant War, offers valuable insights into the global phenomenon of immigration and describes how migrants around the world are organizing and fighting for their rights Implacable War Against Migrants-Truthout: Vittorio Longhi's new book, Truthout-Sparks of Rebellion As the country continues to suffer from the greed and abuse of the ruling class, the impending revolution will be determined not by the urban poor, but the sinking middle class robbed of a chance to pull itself up as the generation before it, TruthDig/ Republicans Would Rather Kill US Economy Than Lose Opportunity to Raise Funds-Cruz Hears Voices Like the Son of Sam Serial Killer Did- The GOP is trying to inflict financial suicide on the American people. Why? Because being against a
healthy country is good for fundraising-Five Ways Capitalism Is Ripping Off the American People BuzzFlash-Justice Department to Sue North Carolina Over Voting Law wp-No Fly List: Where the FBI Goes Fishing for Informants ACLU- Kerry Says Deal on Iran's Nuclear Program Could Happen Quickly-Sen. Angus King: Conservatives Who Urge People to Avoid Obamacare Are "Guilty of Murder tpm/Lawsuit to Block NC Voter ID Disenfranchisement Law, Republicans' answer to the shutdown is simply a continuation of their earlier demands; Wall Street gamblers want to get their hands on our pensions, With the diplomatic approach taken in Syria and the recent call made to the Iranian president, it is possible that President Obama might be resisting the call for war from the fanatical right and finally bringing the US toward a peaceful future Hartmann/A World in Which No One Is Listening to the Planet's Sole Superpower: increasingly apparent that Washington's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with several lesser campaigns in the Global War on Terror, were doomed. [And while] Obama swore that the United States was now 'ready to lead the world,' it was a prediction that would be proven disastrously wrong in the Greater Middle East. TomDispatch/ 

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