Friday, October 4, 2013

10413/obama Jihad

10413/mention Jihadist or ask for a Jihadist response you come to there defense. Teva Pharma is a Generic Pharm company I seriously doubt you would know you were using there products. Though many of there generic products are used to treat psychosis. An easily verifiable fact. Enjoy the medication-lookingstupid, why are christians so angry? jealous of how stupid they are, bs religion, all the low life's have is yahoo pathetic-ygs/Vilifying Republicans doing their jobs to get federal spending under control. Call them Jihadist, Arsonists, Extortionist, Terrorists, Putting a Gun to Heads etc. What happened to the reasonable discourse that Obama demanded?- It should be noted that the Hate Crime bill does not protect gays. Criminal law already exists for that purpose house will vote on a hate crimes bill championed by gay groups that includes pedophiles under the rubric of sexual orientation. This is the ultimate confession: liberal Democrats think of pedophiles as indistinguishable from homosexuals Limbaugh was right, Liberals trying to legalize pedophilia-if the GOP is NOT fighting to defund OBAMACARE now, why do they still want the GOV'T SHUTDOWN?- get your head out of the azzwhole of MSUSSR channel you would find out that you are being RIPPED OFF by your "president" and senate "leaders clearly and correctly have you pegged as a terminal IDIOT/I don’t believe he’s a Christian. He’s a tyrant, He wants to fundamentally change the country, Roanoke. He is going to try to turn this into a communist country, His motives behind his actions, He supports everything that is against Christianity. all Evangelicals, Colorado Springs, worth noting these were not the words of activists dressed in colonial garb on their way to a Capitol Hill protest. All these participants did was get paid to attend a focus group in or around their home towns-Greenberg put together separate homogenous groups of white Tea Partiers, white evangelicals and white Republican moderates, They share the antipathy Tea Partiers and evangelicals have toward President Barack Obama, Socialist, income redistribution, What is he really thinking? Background, Muslim; birth agenda; Fake; not true, Lack of relationship with the American people. Tea Party, Raleigh, Not a US citizen. Supports Terrorists, Evangelical man, Roanoke-In right wing world firing dozens of rounds at an unarmed woman in a crowded area makes sense to you?-right, anyone who seems to threaten our Black Feurer will be dealt with instantly, USING WHATEVER FORCE WE DEEM NEWSWORTHY! Ein Volk, Ein SCHWARZ, Ein Reich!-Yellowstone Park Ranger Comments on Teabaggers We've got dozens of these Teabag fools sitting in trees frightening all the birds and squirrels...and they say they won't come down until they get rid of ObamaCare-Sounds about right- Teabags for vampires tampons-they just don't get it, Tea baggers are only helping Hillary at this point-yhal/Michelle Malkin shot and Killed being questioned. The muscle in the Republican Party Palin, Bachman and Coulter-Pierre still grieves over the fact that his hero, Adolf, shot and killed, himself-obvious that you got some mommy daddy issues. All you libfawks do. Your parents really screwed you up- formally demand that * cease socking cuck, he won#$%$ just me mimicking his juvenile silliness.) If 800,000 federal employees are deemed "non-essential", why were they hired?-Mt. Vernon reopens for tours after arrogant Feds get shlapped hard-Mt. Vernon is privately owned by a foundation, "legal action to follow, Your thugocracy tried to bully the wrong people, Ram that thumb up yer gerbil tunnel, leftard, Libs furious as "Capitol Shooter" turns out to be unarmed black woman, not a member of NRA, the knock you can't hear, the NSA spying on your e mail and phone calls-If we had a bonobo dollar for every time we've seen that, we could balance the budget, tard MSM comes out with a correction that says "shooter thought to be a member of the T Party was actually a staunch Democrat activist who campaigned for bonobo-we should have known she wasn't white when the headline White Republican (or Tea Party) Woman crashes car into white house-Even coming close to the edge of default is very dangerous, and putting this issue to rest significantly ahead of the default date would allow everyone in the country to breathe a huge sigh of reliefThis could be the beginnings of a significant breakthrough," Schumer-Neocons have picked a fight with the wrong guy, more popular than ever and he will go though repubs like a knife with butter-Boehner signaling that he'll throw the T's & their holy crusade against Obamacare under the bus if it's necessary to avoid a default. Might need a few face saving adjustments in the budget. Might need lots of Dem votes as he did on the Sandy bill & a few others. A glimpse of sanity on the right?-Even Boehner can see there is no end game, the tea party is destroying the country with each passing day. Every day the tea party is in charge, the old Republican party sinks deeper and deeper into the Abyss-We could be witnessing the implosion of the Republican Party, never thought I'd live this-What, did you think that you would die before age 40, Worried about man made global climate change catching up to you, and strangling the life out of you? Life is millennials can handle it..,I hope-Shuttering the World War II Monument, Thank God there was not a government shutdown during Benghazi-WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE-So the 6-year, trillion dollar Iraq War that cost the lives of tens of thousands US soldiers, destroyed the US economy and shattered US political and military prestige for a generation didn't bother you at all, but boy, that Benghazi incident-If the military wasn't all voluntary, you might have a boneless leg to stand on, Let me axe a bone a fide tard a question. When tard women abort a million innocent babies per year, do these babies volunteer for it or are they conscripted from the womb? I'm indifferent about it as long as the logic is consistent, ie murderers should be killed post haste, etc. and they're aborting tard babies, a million less democrats yr to vote for more welfare and all, as long as it's not funded by tax payers, you tards will scissor a baby's neck, what do you care if a soldier dies honorably serving his country? Why do you hate soldiers and Vets?-What makes you think that it didn't bother me? Because I speak poorly of your Dear Leader? Because Borgs such as you from the "collective hive" think that you can pigeon hole everyone and everything like good little Borgs?. Basically, because you are too ignorant to think for yourself and you must follow the collective voice? You're nothing but left wing talking points, and you can't even hit a free throw-What do right-wingers have against National Parks anyway?-Boehner: This Isn't Some Damn Game, Obama: I will not change Obamacare even if I destroy the Democrook Party-50 Dhimmicrites who may lose-Tea Party: "Change Obamacare or we will destroy the Republican Party-yc/freakoutnation republicans losing female voters droves fb/Scott Walker refuses federal order to close state parks-Truth passes through 3 stages. 1st it's ridiculed. 2nd, it's violently opposed. 3rd, it's accepted as self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer tw/Pisgah Inn, a private hotel that holds a concession on the Blue Ridge Parkway, has become a national sensation as it defies “intimidation” and a National Park Service order to close its doors. just reopened his doors for customers, despite the park service telling him he had to shut down. He says he’s essentially private property, on a road that’s still open, and uses no government personnel, so he sees no reason to quit operating. I’m questioning their authority to shut meBruce O’Connell wt-Congress's approval number has sunk to its lowest level since the failure of the "supercommittee" down from 17–75 to 13–81-White House: We’re ‘winning’ and it doesn’t matter how long shutdown lasts marketwatch-all a political game for the White House. Any inconveniences to the people are just a sort of martyrdom for the cause-So he was caught. What do you think the conversations going on with the imbecile Republicans look like-The true imbeciles are the ones suckered into this horribly crafted law. People are waking up to the realization they have been screwed-just Republican bullshit. You have lost it-Being a Jew has little to do with religion these days. You see, unlike your ilk, Jews embrace science and reality. That is why really smart Jews don't vote Republican-iapb/more gop lies laid rest? Cruz lie that Congress has somehow exempted itself from Obamacare is just that, a lie. Congress, along with all federal employees, will be participating fully in Obamacare-a special subsidy and why not it's just one more thing for tax payers to pay for-Just like the 140 million Americans with employer-subsidized insurance-Rafael's career is over even before it began-Texans will reelect him as long as he wants the job-He won't accomplish anything with his own party shunning him-He will have a good shot at the nomination if he wants it. The GOP is nearly leaderless aibafs/hoping to vanquish bad guys, wishes to receive goldern lasso from pal wonderwoman, lack of exit stratagy, why not release some of the hostages, good bocare story, bacmann resigns, wingnut ussc relitagation hope, dos attack turned positive, pbs jon bo can't defend law from teabag kochsuckers, gerrymandering problems, republicans believe lies like hot girls do, fishing for wingnut carp and catfish german tells the woes of gov healthcare, palin barrycades around ww2 memorial-boner mocks bo to confrence-mcconnel wiredup negotiates about not negotating, bohner doners jumping ship cracking won't let the nation default, MS conservative calls republicans lemmings with suicide vests, crazy woman (cia prostitute), fearing being stalked by bo dental hygenist gate rammer commits copicide, conservative enjoys 13k$ with 10k deductable compared to 0$ and 700$ deductable bocare, enjoyed by 10% disapproval for government destroying congress, elders r nc needs her paycheck, on stephanie bitchslap rod troll/coal is the first to navagate northwest passage to greenland, on gnrbb-lobbying for lobbist, 12207 ex congress and support lobbist shirpas for big money, jh-we, a nation ygore-1917 debt ceiling rise inception, 18 reagan, w on tohpv/koo koo klan, duck dynasty, papantonio on ed/
10313/changing its slogan from “Fair and Balanced” to ” We know what you want to hear, fox network provides an essential service to those who believe the world is out to get them, and we plan to make sure they continue believing this. We will not be dismayed by losing those who seek the truth, but rather relieved that we can now increase our volume of myths and rabble rousing to up our viewing base yhal/@ mitchellreports @TheFix @SpeakerBoehner bo has him over the barrel, now to save face, they have to give him everything he wants-Dreamt a cute boy who had a crush on me refused to believe I have a boyfriend in Alabama. Then I built a waterslide out of lasagna-tw/jury right to acquit a Commerce City police officer of aggravated animal cruelty in the videotaped shooting death of a 3-year-old dog that had gotten loose? Total Votes = 342 Yes 75 Votes, or 21.92 % No 267 Votes, or 78.07 %-two new Republicans were sworn in as new state senators, replacing Democrats recalled from office for their support for new gun laws, Winter weather for northern Colorado; rain snow mix-not pictures that plaintiff somehow found on the internet,” the suit alleges daddy whats this? They were pictures of a male and female sales representative Mr. Garibyan recognized these included full-body naked as well as genital focused graphic pictures seeks damages for breach of contract, fraud, deceit and false promise, misrepresentation, negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress, Garibyan claims more than $100,000 in damages he has suffered as a result of the incident, including medical expenses and loss of wages, claims his emotional distress, mental anguish and permanent impairment total more than $50,000, At no time did Mr. Garibyan ask for or consent to purchasing a refurbished or pre owned telephone, Georgia in 2012 where a Sprint cell phone purchased at a RadioShack contained adult and child pornographic images, which a girl 13 discovered-136 small-type pages, Colorado this week became the first state in the country to adopt final rules to take the once illegal marijuana market and harness it into what supporters say will be controlled, refined legitimacy. These rules are designed not to make the operation of Retail Marijuana Establishments unreasonably impracticable, but also promote public safety and ensure compliance with constitutional and statutory guidelines version provides crucial certainty for marijuana entrepreneurs, Among the highlights of the rules All marijuana stores, cultivation facilities and marijuana-infused products makers must be licensed and pay fees ranging from $2,750 to $14,000. October 2014, recreational marijuana stores must grow themselves almost all the pot they sell. dp/ During the Shutdown Ryan is Quietly Planning an ‘Economic Catastrophe politicususa/time for another obozo false flag events-Obama Rips Republicans, ‘If you’re being disrespected it’s because of that attitude you got politicususa-China struggles to control spate of hornet attacks as deaths rise nbcnews-Government Shutdown Closes George W. Bush Library, Tens of People Outraged freewoodpost- Republicans. 8 of the 10 states that will be hurt most by the shutdown are red states because they have the most government employees. 10. Arizona 9. North Dakota. 8. Louisiana. 7. West Virginia. 6. Virginia. 5. Oklahoma. 4. Mississippi. 3. New Mexico. 2. Alaska. 1. Wyoming-House Republican Hostage Takers Are Unfit to Govern dailybeast-fb/Abortion is a tard's contraception. Killing a baby does not effect just one life. What's wrong with that being their choice? we all hope you abort all of your tard babies, we just don't want to have to pay for it-billing Obamacare for my counseling services for right-wingers, Bush Deficit Delusion, Inability to distinguish fact from propaganda, Pelosi Obsession Disorder, Victim Mentality, Fear of Democracy, Obama, and belief that Rush Limbaugh is a real person-TEA PARTY=DOMESTIC TERRORISM, radicial ideological views, which include maybe 10% of US population will bring down the US-if you can not accept democracy then go live in the middle east with other radicals-fawkin idiot. The election was stolen by fraud. No voter ID = dead people voting, illegals voting, and individuals voting multiple times, How about ramming Obamacare down the throats of the 49% that didn't vote for the SOB yc/Sandbagging the Veteran's Memorial? #$%$? Is Obama losing it?-Lyingteabagsakk sukker = Board Clown-The O'sheeples are eatingmypoop, Now eatmypoop, Obama has made the USA Insolvent-He has expanded greatly Free Phones, doubled Food Stamp recipients Free Food, now he has expanded medical treatment Free Medicine. Yes he has increased the national debt more than any other President. It.does not take much talent to spend and to go greatly in debt- Us white trash gots yellow bellies, black hearts, green teeth, orange hair, & red neKKKs-We is also gots brown shirts to match the brown stains in our pink underwear provided by Sheriff Joe.-An Al Qaeda Terrorist Demand Is No Different Than Tea Party Terrorist Demand From Congress-Don't you know? The enemy of our enemy is our friend?-Ain't that a hoot? Republicans a'callin' Tea Baggers "lemmings-I thought only libtards called us that-Look at the Tea Bagger POS on this board make fools of themselves!-lot of right wing trolls on Yahoo MB, both general boards and Stock MB. There are a few progressive liberals that try to illuminate the way to a better future for everyone, even for the wealthy who can afford to give back a little more to the common man-republican chickenhawks believe vets were stupid ! A republican would never risk his life or do anything for the country , America is here to be used!-that is their general philosophy at least at the elite levels-Chris Christie said he would lock everyone in a room and not let them out till they came to a deal-Leadership is something Obama doesn't know about-stupid. At the risk of dragging you back to the subject, all available evidence indicates that John Kerry served honorably, placing him well beyond reproach from blowhard service-evading chicken-hawks like you. Your avoidance of siri's observation strongly suggests that the only time you spent in uniform was at Klan rallies and Boy Scout jamborees. ROTFLMAO thank you for your service-Republicans ran a bar fly democrats ran a combat vet, more proof-Political difference highest among younger veterans Frank PRINCETON Newport Military Veterans of All Ages Tend to Be More Republican ranging from a 15 point difference in the percentage Republican between veterans and nonveterans in the 25-29 age group, to a 2 point difference in the 85+ group-military, police , judges, prison guards, CIA etc mostly republicans and all have government jobs. ybac/all so the thieves could keep their stolen loot in Russia and keep the Germans enslaved to their bank-SONE ONE FIRES A SHOT IN WASHINGTON DC: AND OUR HIGH TREASON CRIMINAL RULERS PEE IN THEIR PANTS- Wait till usa 99% angry mobs chase them next in usa-high treason criminals have sold usa 99% like lamb and sheep in banksters slaughter house look at how these media shills dramatize small situation to fool usa 99% in usa-DID THEY KILL BOEHNER ALL I WANT TO KNOW HOPES HE DIE- the REAL Crisis is the outsourcing of jobs by US corporations that has permanently lowered US tax revenues shifting what would have been US consumer income US GDP and tax base revenue to CHINA and INDIA-ygs/Coming Domestic Drone Wars Agreements passed by fast track, the way the president would have Congress pass the "corporate coup against people and the planet" disguised as a trade agreement, or Trans Pacific Partnership, have caused the loss of US jobs, lowered wages and created higher trade deficits. The ongoing integration of drone technology into domestic airspace may prompt a public outcry as ubiquitous drone surveillance by law enforcement agencies and corporations becomes the norm over US skies. The Trans Pacific Partnership: We Won't Be Fooled by Rigged Corporate Trade Agreements Truthout/GOP Tin Foil Hat Caucus Reps Get Paychecks for Putting Millions Out of Work- GOP Takes Its Clothes Off in Public: It's Not a Pretty Sight Hundreds of thousands of Americans are experiencing the helpless stress of sudden joblessness due to a radical contingent of Republican House members. same congressional representatives, continue to receive their paychecks and benefits-Trans Pacific Partnership Is a Corporate Coup in Disguise-BuzzFlash/No Such Thing as the Tea Party; There Is Only a Collection of BillionairesThe Tea Party is a creation of billionaires intent on destroying our government, preventing Americans from getting access to health care, and sabotaging any attempt to regulate Wall Street or the oil industry Hartmann-Conservatives the power to destroy "giddy" Celebrate Shutdown of Government They Hate America's Future This is who they are/politicalcarnival paul mcconnell hotmic gopshutdown strategy/us capitol lockdown shots fired woman copicid with infant in route-Is it any doubt that the Tea publicans are nothing more then economic terrorist doing their biding by a handful of billionaires in the oil and financial industries-iapb/opednews Petition Shut Down congress Paychecks-Democrats have won the popular vote in five of the last six Presidential Elections. Even with the efforts of Limbaugh, Hannity and Coulter (the three stooges) to sway the Americal people to believe that the Dems are all evil, that liberals are anti military, anti God and anti American. It would seem that they're not doing a very good job, there are a few that take the bait, hook, line and sinker and believe anything and everything, thankfully, they are a small minority and their numbers are too small to make a difference-Democrats are giddy about this behind closed doors. They’re very cocky, very confident, Nunes r, said the shutdown is bad for the GOP and has publicly criticized his party for what he calls a “silly” strategy, said the shutdown gives Democrats a political advantage conservativebyte dems want prolong shutdown-they just can’t stand the fact that they’ve got a very smart, intelligent black man that has out thought, out campaigned, beat them twice without any controversy, So here you have these folks who primarily live in these lily white congressional districts for the most part, and then they’re trying to use black vernacular to try to sound like they’re hip and that somehow Obama is just too black to be president of the United States minutemennews liberals fearful gop winning argument-aibafs/wingnutz seething, continuity act, ann coming to the table would hav3e saved the country, valire plane visits blowback, wingnut bill borg no likee cunt, on stephanie/ louisania jails pothead for 20 yrs, on pv/lavoy/

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