Sunday, October 6, 2013

10613/suicide caucus

10613/Because Boerhner is usually in a coma induced by alcohol, From a Jew woman to Jew boy CANTOR, we can afford HC & food stamps if we stop giving Billions $ to Israel Sincerely-Boehner Loses It When He's Caught In Several Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Lies-nebraska-republican Lee Terry asshole of the day for saying he wouldn't defer his pay because he has "a nice house to pay for"? forwardprogressives-tw/Miley Cyrus SNS gov shutdown still twerking. fb/Johnny Walker Red, not Black. Gotta keep up with republiscum standards-not funny America deserves leaders of clear eye and sharp brain.that can stand to deal with all their faculties, including their conscience, not addicted to drugs, money or power, real leaders whose goal is a better America for all, to me, sad for Boehner and for us-Good one! Cruz Insists That he has 'Not Remotely' Hurt the Republican Party Brand-We'll be queuing at the soup kitchen later, wanna come along?-Fox Pundits Admit Republicans Have No 'Exit Strategy' Following Shutdown-Right, he didn't want to hold the father hostage, he wanted the kids-Because Democrats have a sense of shame. Boehner: 'I'm a Reasonable Guy' but GOP Debt Limit Demands Mean U.S. on 'Path' to Default-Hopelessly addicted to ethanol. Seriously, if you deprived this man of ethanol for a day he would most likely go through a series of life threatening seizures. So? Oh yeah, ethanol seriously lowers sensitivity to social cueing, severely impairs memory, imparts an inflated sense of's bad news for anyone, let alone a world leader. What a joke. -cnl/Devolution on Health Care, reflexive rants that Obamacare is part of a godless, socialist plot, forgotten are the origins of the Clinton and Obama proposals, members still refuse to accept their defeat in 2012. The voters were simply wrong, ideologically intoxicated Republicans who believe that Democrats are not merely mistaken but sinful, they were totally right and the other side was totally wrong, Yet Republicans’ madness over Obamacare knows no bounds. After 42 votes to repeal got them nowhere, Republicans now are willing to hold the nation hostage just to kill or simply delay the program- bk/michell admits she's a right wing nutjob, on fauxsnooze/Cyrus was the host-not much to look at but the part that I liked was the 'Boehner part', it captured him exactly-saw that. It was very unflattering. Quite embarrassing for any American-All politicians are fair game and if they don't want to placed in an unflattering position, they should conduct themselves in such a way they can't be used. Boehner is such a politician that deserves what he gets. BTW, caught him this morning, forget what the station was, but, he looked and sounded particularly angry, and looked more orange than usual-care to tell me how these people are going to pay for their insurance, without telling me what MIGHT happen in the future? Obamacare will never be a success, and he will be blamed. You think positively about it because of your own socialized healthcare. But we are not Canada-Mark Meadow's (R-N.C.) letter, 81 members of the 233 GOP caucus support this hardcore strategy. They're called the "suicide caucus" by Ryan Lizza nyt, even giving the "suicide caucus" the benefit of the doubt, that there are truly 81 members of Congress unwilling to budge on this, they really represent a negligible portion of the American people. a deep minority of Americans might be pretty happy that the government is shut down, but it's just stunning that such few people, a group slightly larger than the population of Illinois, look at the number of votes each of them recieved in the 2012 congressional election. 11.7% of the people who voted in a congressional election in 2012, and an absolutely pathetic 4.3% of the U.S. population, only 13.8 million Americans actually voted for the suicide caucus, if only 30-40 members really care, this is a huge overestimation.-utopia devolved into Ted Cruz’s dystopia. Law and order broke down as police, who were not getting paid, eventually decided to stay home. The fanatics barricaded in the Capitol dug in, determined to tear down what their idols, the founding fathers, had built. Darkness soon devoured the rest of the country. Unlike Suzanne Collins’s “The Hunger Games,” where the capital thrived as the nation withered, here, the capital withered first, as the federal city shriveled without federal funds. But, in other ways, it mirrors the fantasy dystopias depicted by Hollywood and Cormac McCarthy in his novel “The Road,” bloodcults consuming one another in an ashen scabland, a cold illucid world, 2084, there’s little sign of life in the godless and barren lost world. The insurance exchanges are open and the kinks are almost ironed out. But there is no one to sign up. Koch brother drones patrol the skies. A Mad Max motorcycle gang wielding hacksaws roars through the C.I.A, a field of dead cornstalks, and the fetid hole that was once Michelle Obama’s organic vegetable garden. Will Smith and Brad Pitt are here, hunting aliens and monsters. The Navy Air Force game goes on, somehow, and there are annual CrossFit games on the Mall, led by flesh eating Dark Seeker Paul Ryan, now 114 years old. CrossFit is still fighting the Department of Agriculture’s food pyramid, even though there’s no Department of Agriculture and no food, A gaunt man and sickly boy, wrapped in blue tarps, trudge toward the blighted spot that was once the World War II monument, scene of the first shutdown skirmishes. They know they may not survive the winter nyt-Park officials said property owners can visit only to retrieve belongings; lake mead sent Action News a statement, Unfortunately overnight stays are not permitted until a budget is passed and the park can reopen. Sorry, you can’t sleep in your home until a budget is passed. This is cheap blackmail. There’s no justification or excuse for it. This same gang of thugs, which claims not to have the resources to keep anything running, was able to send a bunch of park cops to blockade a private restaurant. There’s no reason why an elderly couple can’t live in their private cabin because the government is shut down. One has nothing to do with the other. Obama is going Full Mugabe here. It’s just an attempt to hurt as many people as possible and then blame it on Republicans. And yes, any park employees associated with kicking people in their 70s out of their homes should be ashamed of themselves. And then fired-We never had thousands of Americans on fire jumping out of buildings on American soil under GWB. Oh wait, yes we did-the results of appointing an incompetent douchebag as leader. We'll be paying for that mistake for a long, long time, You are very familiar with that feeling, I'm sure-run deep in many of the Left Wing Stooges who hung their hat on Obama and have found themselves hanging over the fire with him. They seem to think if they yell loud enough, use vile enough language and change history it will all work out. They are wrong-The HATE is strong with this one, must be a democrap-talking to 'Israeli Arabs Palestinians who visit the US, I'm afraid I got it from the horse's mouth so to speak and also consortiumnews israel alienates arab citizens-David Stockman: no honest pricing left at all anywhere in the world because central banks everywhere manipulate and rig the price of all financial assets. We can't even analyze the economy in the traditional sense anymore because so much of it depends not on market forces, but on the whims of people at the Fed-Burning Platform: Despite the frantic efforts, financial elite, their politician puppets, and their media propaganda outlets, collapse of this aristocracy of the moneyed is a mathematical certainty. Faith in the system is rapidly diminishing, as the issuance of debt to create the appearance of growth has reached the point of diminishing returns-What else can Warren Buffet and his kindred corporate raiders do? Any move by him or his ilk to get out of the market would set off an immediate run and collapse. In any event, you are babbling on about exactly what happened right up to the 2008 collapse. Does this make you all warm and fuzzy feeling to see it happening again?-netti addressing kettle, Why Is Israel "Negotiating" With Today's Nazis?-iapb/
10513/Afghan warlord who trained Bali bombers nominates Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, Man who brought al Qaeda to Afghanistan, to now run for country's president-National Park Service informed charter boat captains in Florida that the Florida Bay was "closed" due to the shutdown. Until government funding is restored, the fishing boats are prohibited from taking anglers into 1,100 square-miles of open ocean-Saudi Black Op Team Behind Damascus Chemical Weapons Attack, Russian diplomatic sources Based on data from a number of sources a picture can be pieced together. The criminal provocation in Eastern Ghouta was done by a black op team that the Saudi’s sent through Jordan and which acted with support of the Liwa Al-Islam group,” a source in the diplomatic circles told Interfax. The attack and its consequences had a huge impact on the Syrian situation, how his claims of the number of deaths, rapes, wounded, and missing could be documented, Bouchuiguir replied, “there is no way.” He added that he got the numbers he used from the Libyan rebels themselves, a fact which was never pointed out when the numbers were first cited. The UN Security Council took up his claims, passing the fateful UNSC Resolution 1973 authorizing force against Libya, without investigating them. Pressed one last time in the film for evidence of his claims, Bouchuiguir answered there is no evidence!- iapb/part of the financial showdown, Republicans tried to give a $29 billion tax break to some of the biggest corporate tax dodgers -- and they will likely try again as soon as they can-caused a stir when it launched a federal lawsuit to deny employees access to contraception. But when a Hobby Lobby clerk reportedly told a Jewish customer, "We don't cater to you people," the larger story took an ugly turn- refused to allow women to have contraception while apparently finding it just fine and dandy for men to get Viagra through insurance. Hypocrisy reigns fb/What do right wingers have against National Parks anyway?-They seem so passionate in their hatred of National Parks. But why-Last year the Republicans in the House spent a day on selling National Parks and make them private, said they can use the money for better things-I'd rather give my money to a private enterprise than to the government that will waste it as they do with all of the other money that they collect steal-In the words of the WH, shut down those things that will bring the most pain to the citizens. They have shut down things that would cost nothing to stay open-another example of failed liberal social engineering schemes. The best thing to do now is to vacate and leave the land pristine. You know, the thing you hollow head liberals always say you want but never do. The problem with National Parks is that environmentalists with Ivy League PhD's run them from Washington DC- What do right-wingers have against National Parks anyway?-more and more people, complaining about our participatory fascist State on this board for a long time, Once they cast off their stereotypes of black shirts and jack boots, and understand what fascism is they begin to see it more each day. It is metastasizing into an incurable Totalitarian cancer, and all, of course, in the name of the "collective good, "fairness", "collective freedom," etc. etc. Borgs from the "collective hive", the "village", the "community" is what we are becoming. Individualism supplanted in favor of collectivism will be our downfall. Individuals create and produce. The State produces nothing. But when they continually grow (non-essential jobs), coercively plunder, and propagandize (you didn't build that) in a manner that leaves the sheeple believing that without the almighty state we would all be lost and helpless yC/ Kamikazee "Tea Party" Caucus Is Even Willing to Sacrifice John Boehner's Tan to Keep America White BuzzFlash/testing out a new system of national governance in which they get their way, or else. But is this the beginning of a new Jim Crow era of imposed white supremacy or just the white man’s last tantrum? consortium/Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio to be overseen by independent monitor- the 14th amendment to the constitution, which was introduced to control southern states after the civil war, would allow the president to unilaterally borrow money if there was such a threat to the credit-worthiness of the US guardian/Congress Gives Standing Ovation to DC Cops For Executing Unarmed Mother zerohedge/ christiannews smoke meth hail satan vandals deface tennessee church satanic messages/
10413/Half the Republicans You Know Are Insane, are energetic voters, and they throw enormous weight in American politics; that's why the government is shut down and a disastrous default looms, in case you were wondering-Battle Lines Are Drawn on Climate Change, As the consequences of climate change become more apparent and the window to act closes, an unprecedented battle is growing in ferocity. Energy and fossil fuel interests and their supporters now face opponents including a sizable chunk of the remaining world power brokers-The Interstate of the Future: Privatization or Innovation? A recent report from the Reason Foundation touting privatization of the interstate as the new cool solution to crumbling transportation infrastructure represents a failure of reason as well as imagination. Truthout-Campaign for America's Future: The shutdown bill already has come to roughly $1 billion as of Thursday, and it is growing. The worst time to play fiscal games is when the economy already is in danger, and that's exactly what Republicans are doing-GOP's Shutdown Tab: $1 Billion and Counting-Hartmann Obamacare: The GOP's Waterloo The "me society" billionaires fear that once Americans understand that Obamacare isn't some evil socialist scheme, they'll start to see through the Republicans' other lies about the dangers of government regulation of the pharmaceutical industry, the oil industry and Wall Street-How the Pentagon Is Using Your Tax Dollars to Turn Italy Into a Launching Pad for the Wars of Today and Tomorrow, Krugman- In the US, a Political Showdown Over Health Care The cause for which most of the GOP is willing to threaten the chaos of a shutdown is the noble endeavor of ensuring that tens of millions of Americans continue to lack essential health care-Rebelling Against Massive Use of Pesticides, Brazilians Shift to Organic Foods, Many Brazilians are switching to organic because Brazil is the biggest user of pesticides per capita in the world. Chemicals banned in most other countries get dumped in Brazil because of lax legislation and intense lobbying from chemical companies Occupy-Hartmann new data from PayScale, the largest salary profile database in the world, wages have gone down almost 7 percent since the recession, Congress appears no closer to a resolution; Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi introduced a new comprehensive immigration plan based on bipartisan policy/Women Under 50, Only 11 Percent Think GOP Is Moving in Their Direction/Cruz: The Despoiler. The Impaler. The President? Looking beyond the current political crisis, the long term trending, does not look good for the GOP and the women's vote- Although it strains the memory, there were days when Texas used to be a pretty Democratic state. It may become one again, as State Sen. Wendy Davis seeks the governorship-Extremists are Shredding Every Principle the GOP Claims to Uphold-BuzzFlash/NSA Chief Admits Testing US Cellphone Tracking ap/Cruz Blasted by Angry GOP Colleagues in Closed Door Meeting tpm/ Restaurants DC Area Charging Congress Members More for Their Meals Gawker/ medication-induced zombies, Woman shot by Capitol police after ramming barricades was on psychiatric drugs, antidepressa-I know a woman who was having problems with depression and they put her on prozac a week later she killed herself-antidepressants are only minimumly more effective than a placebo and way overprescribed-The conservative posters are completely duped. You'll get nothing but shallow talking points, the REAL reason. Obamacare limits the profits of insurance companies. It outlaws all the ways they've been hosing us. They can't drop you because you're too sick and no longer profitable. They can't raise rates without proving need. ACA represents HUGE competition which will lower everyone's rates and their profits. They must cover preventative medicine without charge. ACA is packed FULL of limits on insurance company abuses, it cut's the extraordinary profits and abusive monopolies of Big Pharma. It supplies cheaper drugs to all Americans by giving generic drugs equal access and allows the government to open bids on medications. Believe it or not, during Bush, forbidden BY LAW to seek the best deal on meds. The GOP simply representing the people who pay for their elections ... and that ain't you and me-rbg/Coats (R-IN) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) joined in, blasting the first-year Texas senator for championing the effort that helped lead to the government shutdown. McConnell (R-KY) piled on after Cruz failed to offer an explanation of his strategy. “It just started a lynch mob Fox News poll, disapproval of the nrp has jumped from 46% in September of 2012 to 59% today, American Family Association Sandy Rios, wished Boehner had the courage of a terrorist-rbn/theblaze more chaos in washington man sets himself on fire national mall fb/

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