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10713/Holodomor genocide

10713/Denial of the Holodomor is the assertion that the 1932–1933 Holodomor, a famine in Soviet Ukraine, did not occur. This denial and suppression was made wikipedia Genocide debate/The Holodomor genocide question consists of the attempts to determine whether the Holodomor, the disastrous famine in 1933 that claimed millions of lives in Ukraine/default on their massive debt, right, that $7 trillion debt your dear leader was forced to add in 4 short years would not be there were it not for all of those pesky Tea Partiers forging dear leader's name on all of those executive orders expanding spending 30% in 4 years-Bush put this country 11 Trillion dollars in debt, republicans never said a word while Bush was destroying this country. Look up another Bush fact? There $800 Billion in President Obama's budget because of things passed under Bush, Dumb republicans don't talk about that-yc/King Obama might benefit from reading up on history, 1786, the inept French King Louis XVI even compromised ! (Can you believe it?) constitutional monarchy was formed in 1791, 1793, the King was executed-Tea party has had its day in the sun just like the Nazis. Got a lot of support in the first few years, then were executed as traitors throughout Europe-debt was run up by the last three republican presidents. Under Reagan the debt ceiling was raised 18 times, in real dollars at the time. If you adjust to todays currency values it is worse. Ronald Reagan ran up the debt 1.873 trillion or 3.29 trillion in todays dollars. GHW Bush ran it up 1.483 trillion or 2.3 trillion in todays dollars. His son "W" ran up 6.1 trillion in debt or if you bring that forward to todays dollars it would be 6.51 trillion. 12.1 trillion total debt in todays dollars-Bush ran up almost $11 Trillion himself, that is with the $840 Billion Stimulus plan, that is not added to Obama. Bush passed things that added $800 Billion to our budget, Drug plan gave Healthcare companies an extra $200 Billion per year, $200 Billion extra to Defense and $400 Billion in tax cuts, Pres. Obama had nothing to do with those things that were in his budget from the first day in office. Tax cuts are gone now, that is why Obama was able to make huge cuts over this year-Ten's of Billions of dollars LOST every day since our Nation has been shut down by Terrorists. American lives are being lost because of this shut down, American's wealth being lost because of this shut down, American jobs are being lost because of this shut down, American Businesses are being lost because of this shut down. Still Think This is Political? The Republican Party is being destroyed because of this shut down, Still Think This is Political? Better think againRemove These Terrorists, Rush Limbaugh, Fox and Grover Norquist, they Would be Happy to start the next Civil war in our country, they will be the first to run and hide under rocks when it starts. Save America. That would put an end to the terrorist tea party, They have done more damage to our country than 1,000 Osama bin Ladens. President Obama should charge they all with Treason and issue Wanted, Dead or Alive, This attack on our country is not over Political, this attack is Terrorism hiding behind Politics, nobody destroys our country over Politics. proud of President, can multitask better than any president before him, he will continue to put the people of the U.S., before corporations. Food, Energy and Healthcare, there is a limit of what people can spend. The "needs" of the people are not the same as the "wants" of people-good idea. Let's screw free speech and trash the 1st amendment. Let's round up all the dissenters and ship them off, and if there is another outbreak by these terrorists advocating balanced budgets, less government intrusion and indvidual freedom, let's eliminate them by sending them of to gas chambers in neighboring countries. A fanatic is one who doubles his efforts while losing sight of his purpose- Our President could never give in to demands, every president after President Obama will be held hostage by radical groups, terrorists only use that ploy, does not have to do anything to destroy Republicans, Republicans do a much better job of destroying themselves. Censorship is all over this country, CNN works under censorship every day, just ask them why some thing are never put in their news casts? When most of the people distort the facts and sometimes outright lie on Fox, that is much worse than Censorship- ybac/JIMMY CARTER CALLED ISRAEL APARTHEID, TOLD THE TRUTH AND THEN CALLED ANTI SEMITE-Viktor Yushchenko has thrown the Jews a curve by dedicating 2008 as “Ukrainian Holocaust Remembrance Year Holodomor” which means “Famine Genocide, Zionist Jews deny it. Just like they deny all of their numerous crimes against humanity, Bolshevik Jews were the chief architects of the Ukrainian forced famine which eliminated Ukrainian clergy and 6 million Ukrainian Orthodox Christians! About 20 million Russians also perished during this Jewish purge morse-Matthews called Cruz (R-) a demagogue and "Princeton cowboy" who needs to be put in his place labeled Cruz's marathon Senate speech on ObamaCare a publicity stunt and compared Cruz to a character in the movie "Dr. Strangelove" who rode a missile all the way down until it crashed and burned-The debt USA owes Israel, We allowed the slaughter as part of our national policy In particular the always anti semetic state dept, adamant in letting every J including children be thrown into the ovens of Auschwitz Treblinka sobibor gross- Rosen Why they even turned down a request to bomb the railway tracks leading to the death camps Us planes flying back from bombing missions flew right over Auschwitz and in error dropped a bomb from time to time-#$%$ if they bombed the tracks no food at all would have gotten to those remote locations, always always the ingrates-ygs/Whew...You can easily see that Democrats would love to see the concentration camps pop up-GOP Rep Blames Cruz For Shutdown: 'He Took A Lot Of Folks Into The Ditch-White House: Obama Will Never Negotiate On The Debt Limit Again-DO NOT NEGOTIATE with TERRORISTS PRESIDENT OBAMA- Hold the line!-Southern Regional Pukes still angry over the Civil War, still angry over the New Deal-gop gets a one two punch-Tea Klux Puke D.C. Stephenson Is Telly Savalas Or archer maggot-When Raygun Stumped For Goldwater in 1964 The Majority Thought Him Crazy-Wasn't John Beohner Great on SNL?-Raygun Divided The Country Forever!, His Message Of Hate & Klan Revival-Dr. OBAMA is here to kill this WEIRD republican FEVER because he knows (we all know) they plan to use the same tactic again in the near term and again after that. It will NEVER END unless the DR. OBAMA applies his strong medicine NOW and shake it out of these crazies forever-Cruz (R-TX) is largely responsible for the first government shutdown since 1996 Charlie Dent (R-PA) believes many individuals are at fault, including Obama, he said Cruz and others who bought into the quixotic campaign to defund the Affordable Care Act "took a lot of folks into the ditchtold CNN-TEAM O'BAMA JUST SO DARN GOOD AT SNOOKERING THOSE BRAINDEAD REPUBLICAN DARWINISM?- there's not a game of trading for political priorities or agenda items that Republicans have not been able to achieve through legislation or the ballot box Carney-yhal/ bomb that exploded near a polio vaccination team in the volatile northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawa yn/Zimbabwe, where their 1980 dollar was worth US$1.47. Here's the latest. Population below poverty line: 80% earn below poverty line of ZWD 13 Trillion per month (USD $41.00) (July 2008). However, the average wage is only ZWD 100 Billion (30c) per month- JINO compared "delegitimizing" ObamaCareNOT being the same as "delegitimizing" Israel, not a lion. It is a mouse with nuclear and other sophisticated weaponry-The politics of hate. since the great uniter was elected is a steady slide into hate, particularly from the left towards the right, Obama is largely to blame. Just listen to his rhetoric of the last week. He and other democrats now categorize any opposition as "terrorists, some other wacko dem representative was at the podium on capitol hill calling the GOP "jihadists, utterly insane-iapb/Way to absolve Clinton STILL impeached, STILL fined for perjury, STILL lost his law license. warned, had TWO full years, and did nothing. of any wrongdoing, fuckbag. Claim that Clinton "warned" Bush. Clinton was warned December 4th 1998 911 was ALLOWED to be planned and plotted under Bush's nose (read the 911 Commission report azzwhole) Clinton was- aibafs/ They have insulted him, reviled him, disrespected him and pushed him and he has maintained his dignity. He has taken more garbage from them than any other man could and yet he maintains his grace and dignity. He maintains his concern for the American people, for our health and our economy even though they have fought him at every turn. He still stands up for what is right. Never has a President faced such disrespect and opposition. And yet, he maintains his dignity-Busted! Leaked Emails Reveal How Slimy John Boehner Really IsIt doesn't get any better than watching the loons eating their own... Here Glenn Beck decides to take Boner to task progressivepopulist-gawker gop congressman makes park ranger apologize for shutdow-This shutdown is all about Barack Obama's despicable strategy to avoid losing the Senate in 2014-keep on watching Faux,and listening to the liars like, becky beck, rusty limburger ,, Thank god we all dont hate like you-get your head out of CRUZ , RANDS ASS ALREADY.. COME OUT FOR A BREATHER ALREADY-jnolte breitbart The GOP have agreed to a compromise by funding part of the government, including the National Institutes of Health, which offers children with cancer last chance experimental treatment. Obama has threatened to veto this funding-quite a puzzle, why Republicans (largely House Republi-crazies) crushed, humiliated and the big losers in the last two elections, think they can bully, threaten and harass in order to dictate, direct and determine the course of our economy.-fb/ann hoping for wavers stinks up the joint humping new book, barrio to capital hill guiterez the need to get things done words of wisdom, 8M hits on aca site last week, shows network tv has nothing on twitter, mississippi hayseed assures people not all are as stupid as republicans, rangel elequently killing the golden goose a fools errand teabag addicts in wonderland, on ed/put jessy in charge, honest broker kudlow ounce of flesh, finkel free drinks military suicide problems, barton hickly shows promise while stating obvious wingnut points, on geraldo correctly guessing lobbist run the country when cruz greatness emerges? thinking compromise is getting something/orange may be the new black, 16k in kentucky apply for aca, hurrican bohner strikes, jen kirkman 300m$ interest every bionce day visits, on stephanie/ porn czar meese runs billionair fight vs aca, worried about big money hold on mass media, stark paralelles fighting social laws, sedition instead of treason, texas unable to find fault of explosion due to recent shutdown, on hartmann (should'vbe opened the congress to anyone who wanted to visit their reps)/
10613/TSA is on duty during the government shutdown, but they’re no match for a 9-year-old. The boy bypassed security at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, boarded a plane without a ticket, and flew to Las Vegas-Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world. Vladimir Barack Lenin-calm, clear analysis Essay: On the Sabotage of Democracy Moyers g+/meet-lying leftest liberal Chad Henderson, who became a Democratic sensation yesterday when he became "the first person" to sign up for Obamacare, turns out to be a six year volunteer for Obama's main propaganda arm, Organizing For America. Not a crime by any means, but if he were a young Republican who had a horror story of his Obamacare signup process (of which there are many) and that story became widespread, he would be denounced as untrustworthy and agenda-driven, at minimum, got famous when he wrote on Twitter, "[E]nrolled in #Obamacare just now! Looking forward to having affordable healthcare for the first time!" He addressed this tweet to three different news organizations, two of which, so far, have interviewed him. In one of those interviews, Henderson said, "I'm happy that I could help out with the cause politicaloutcast qualifies for private health insurance via for only $44.72 a month, according to research done by the Cato Institute, willing to burden himself (not to mention the health care system for the entire country) by paying 300 percent more than that. All in the name of propaganda- clashdaily going gets whacko, get to dc, Tractor Man, irate tobacco farmer Nc Dwight Johnson, decided to show his displeasure and distress over federal policies regarding the tobacco industry and veterans’ affairs by driving his big green John Deere tractor (towing a couple of small vehicles) into the shallow pond at Constitution Gardens, near the reflecting pool on the National Mall. He communicated to authorities that he had explosives, and threatened to detonate them-Cher ~> Who The F*ck Do These T-Bag Devil Incarnate Members Think They Are? ~> “We Should Deep Six Their Weak Asses tw/in Tractor Man’s case, a SWAT force of over 200 FBI and U.S. Park Police personnel merely laid siege to Johnson, evacuating nearby buildings and forming a wide perimeter around him as he drove around in circles, dug up part of the small island in the pond, talked with police negotiators via cell phone, and even slept inside the cab of his tractor. After two days, he eventually surrendered without violence on anyone’s part,Unlike the police response to dental hygienist Miriam Carey’s vehicular rampage from the White House to Capitol Hill two days ago, lived, revealing that he had no actual explosives. Representing himself during his trial, he unsuccessfully tried to subpoena Bill Clinton and Jesse Ventura to testify. the unidentified man dumped some sort of fluid over his body and set himself ablaze. It’s now Saturday morning, and I’m typing this in Alexandria, Virginia, just across the river from where not only those events, but also the recent Navy Yard massacre, took place. We’re in the fourth day of standoff over the continuing resolution to fund the federal government, and tempers are being stretched, One wonders what’s coming next-America isn't perfect, and if we want to become a better country, we need to know what our issues are so we can become a better country. The fact is, there was some truth behind what bo was saying. Just because it's your country doesn't mean it's perfect. Ignoring the fact that America doesn't have problems is like is ignoring the fact that your friend is a dangerous drunk rather than telling him he needs to man up and change-aibafs/here’s what the Tea Party and the GOP don’t want you to hear. first day of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act. I called Blue Shield, my current provider, to see what my options were– although I must admit I was very skeptical, $811 monthly premiums would be reduced to $85 per month, $2400 annual medical deductible would be reduced to $500, current maximum out-of-pocket expenses are determined by a complicated multitude of factors and would be reduced from a minimum of $4800 per year to a maximum of $2250 per year, regular primary care physician visits are going to be reduced from $150 to $15, lab work, x rays, mammograms, etc. will be reduced to a maximum of $15 each many preventative visits are INCLUDED in the monthly premiums! Essentially, I will be able to pay for actual health care and not just health insurance premiums. I will be saving at least $11,262 per year thanks to President Obama and the Affordable Care Act-How sad to only be motivated by money, instead of elevating the common good. No matter what Ayn Rand said, you cannot harness greed for the greater good. I believe greed steals a lot our best and brightest to that pseudo science, economics, to get their BS MBA's which contribute zero to society on the whole everlasting gopstoppers/ GOP is the FETUS hugger party and has nothing total 100% HATRED for all life outside the womb fb/Why don't retardlicans and their tea-billie masters continue with the shutdown, and then let the debt ceiling issue go unnoticed. It will guarantee the end of RETARDLICANS FOREVER!!! What could be better for this country? I don't know of anything. The last five years of being ascholes will culminate in the end of your moronic party!-complaining about the Federal ACA exchange website- your disability leeching ways were exposed on 60 minutes- POOR HANNITY TOSSED ONTP THE FOX NEWS TIME SLOT DUNG HEAP FOR MEHGAN & GRETTA?-Why do you care?-doubt that anybody cares, although it is hilarious! Uneducated nitwits like hannity, slimebaugh and beck should care-Because it's HILARIOUS?-Chris spitting Matthews had Gov. Beshear (D) of Kentucky on to defend Obamacare-Road Monkeys gone wild- Liberal Loons Losing It Today! The Tea Party Is In Charge And Tards Know It-Imagine Boehner's reaction if Obama sez I'll veto any debt limit hike unless you nix the Bush tax cuts and add the public option back in to he ACA-I love the Pathetic Desperation of mindless right wing losers-Your self indulging delusion is duly noted, a statement of Fact-60 MINUTES SAYS RED STATES HAVE BIGGEST DISABILITY FRAUD, WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED yhal/

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