Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10913/cruz's Impressive Cleavage

10913/100 year history of the FED the criminal cabal banking swindle continues it's march, inbred rat thieves who diabollically seized the United States through fraud and misery of the masses, who are due vengence for the hundreds of million of lives they cut short or ruined through their wars and swindling activities. You horned devil worshipers got your power here but the greatest pleasure of Heavan will be seeing you kicked over the edge into the abyss by the Son of God , stolen gold won't get you out of that one. There's only one name in Heavan and earth of which a man will be saved from damnation, so your eventually journey to hell makes it all worth it. Like Lazarus found out.even if someone were to rise from the dead you won't believe. Thanks for making Satan reality for us now we all know-Blankfein is a criminal through and through. He and his criminally operated GS created the 2008 recession, for their own profit, and he and other Wall Street bankers OWN the black President, referring to Obama as their own slave. Blankfein should be terminated. When are the OWS protestors going to do the right thing?-ygs/Boehner To Close House Members Only Gym The decision not to lock Members out was made because they keep personal items there, but Members have been made aware that the facility will be unstaffed until the government reopens, as its employees are paid with appropriated funds, which are unavailable during the shutdown, the gym is being cleaned daily by maintenance staff and, of course, it costs money to heat the pool and keep the lights on-wouldnt want to inconvience this bassturds, single mothers who cant get milk for their children can relate fake christians are like that-Proud Of Clogging Up The Obamacare Help Lines With Fraudulent Applicants!, thinking DOS attack yesterday as I heard about the servers being overwhelmed on the news yesterday. It seems that the servers were designed to handle 50k users all at once. Numbers have been five times that much. Also, the service is run by contractors, whome are the best at getting through the bidding process, not by the best in the business. Supposedly, new servers are being installed-Since the shutdown, Republicans have advanced at least six piecemeal nondefense appropriations bills, with another eight on the docket. Together, these 14 measures would allocate approximately $83.1 billion in funding, or less than 18 percent of the total amount of nondefense funding-boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted but he still walked away. Looks like with republican, my way or the highway, party first and screw the rest again-Obozo thinks negotiate means everybody has to agree with his destructive policies-Obozo never negotiated with republicans. He bribed rats to pass his idiot care. Not one republican voted for this fiasco-wow what a success Pukes will just have to get used to losing elections and being a fringe rural Southern party the world will move on without gopscumoftheearth-Tea Klux Puke!-do not negotate with TERRORIST, TEA LOONS ARE TERRORIST-most rediculous puke proposal to date: lets have another super congress of partisan hacks solve the problem god help us-The Tea Party caucus, a minority of the GOP caucus, a minority of the House, and supported by tiny minority among the electorate, can veto any deal he negotiates. He can't even get a Farm bill passed without their approval. Time and time again he's brought legislation to the floor only having to pull it at the last minute because he can't get his own caucus to follow him. We also saw this during the infamous Grand Bargain negotiations in 2011. bo gave just about everything in the house to Boehner except one vase and couple of beat up barkaloungers. Even with all that Boehner still couldn't close the deal. The track record indicates he can't. In which case, what is the point of negotiating with him? Apparently its cruz?-right wingers END is Near, can you put Humpty Dumpty back together again? broadcasting from a BUNKER in Florida Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey revenue was down $5.6 million, blaming one man for the precipitous decline of right wing talk radio profitability: Rush Limbaugh-watching the end of right wing radio, Inside Music Media. The genre is dying among ratings and dying among advertisers, His constituency is all wearing Depends, Rush is at the end of his career.-yhal/drilling for oil within 1000 ft legal in fla, breaking all records in SD extreme blizzard kills 4, bradblog-cumberbatch visit, on stephanie/
10813/Palestinians have been neutralized, and because the total collapse of the Arab world has proven that the I P conflict is the least important conflict in the middle east-Republicans and their constituents are furious with the manner in which Obama pushed through transformative healthcare legislation with allowing their opinions to be part of the process, should've listened to his advisors who warned him about retribution-Americans want healthcare and now they have a chance to have it (for those who never had healhcare). Obama was elected on the issue. Your arguement is not tenable. The tea party just wants to stop the govt for their own selfish reasons; in other words, they want to take over the 'power' and are hurting the people they claim to support. Boehner is the one held hostage because the vote would be to open the govt-ignorant Democrats seeing the impact on their insurance premiums and are starting to realize they've been duped, he wouldn't have so blatantly stated that you can keep your existing policy if you liked it, nor would he have claimed that the average family would save $2,500 annually. To think that Republicans are acting this way just to hurt Obama is nonsense-everything Obama is for, the GOP is against, nothing but a hinderance and this govt shutdown is showing it. The GOP is going to suffer big time for their fucking around!-expected 50,000 to 60,000 simultaneous users. It got 250,000. Compare that with the similarly rocky debut seven years ago of exchanges to obtain Medicare drug coverage. The Bush administration projected 20,000 simultaneous users and built capacity for 150,000-Every Israeli citizen is entitled to health care services under the National Health Insurance Law. Every resident has a right to register as a member of an HMO of his/her choice, free of any preconditions or limitations stemming from his/her age or the state of his/her health. Every resident has a right to receive, via the HMO of which she or he is a member, all of the services included in the medical services basket, subject to medical discretion, and at a reasonable quality level, within a reasonable period of time and at a reasonable distance from his/her home. Each member has a right to receive the health services while preserving the member’s dignity, privacy and medical confidentiality. Every Israeli resident has the right to transfer from one HMO to another. Each member has a right to select the service providers, such as doctors, caregivers, therapists, hospitals and institutes, from within a list of service providers who have entered into an agreement with the HMO to which the member belongs, and within the arrangements in place for the selection of the service providers, and which the HMO publishes from time to time. Each member has a right to know which hospitals and institutes, and other service providers, are included in the agreement with the HMO, and what are the selection processes at the HMO. Each member has a right to see and to receive a copy of the HMO regulations. Each resident has a right to receive from the HMO complete information concerning the payment arrangements in place in the HMO for health services as well as the HMO’s plans offered for additional health services (CIP). Each member has a right to complain with the Public Inquiries commissioner at the medical institute that treated the member, to the person in charge of investigating member complaints at the HMO of which s/he is a member, or to the complaints commissioner for the national health insurance law in the Ministry of Health. Each member has a right to file suit at the district labor court mfa-Republicans Go To Hell, the power of the President to invoke the 14th amendment, he can sit there are he wants while POS republicans can't even give their demands to the public. Only a few more days before the total republican party is destroyed. Terrorists get nothing-gop is only a headstone now, last face of KKK-was a Democrat.organization, and Senator Robert "Sheets" Byrd, a former Grand Kleagle, was revered by Democrats as their elder statesman until his body died a couple of years ago, his brain having died many years prior, Try again, leftard, what are you whining about? But good luck on him being able to spend whatever he wants without Congressional approval. Not only is it illegal, it would collapse the currency and tank the markets, Dream on, pothead-default, that is off the table. He knows the time limit, before crashing the tea party-yc/Noble Prize in Medicine goes to investigators at Stanford, Berkeley, and Yale Again, no winner at a backward redstate university ? This seems to be a trend-smellmykrapwagon all those physicians are Democrats because they go to Stanford and Yale ? Dude. You're as dumb as fly sh**- Funny! Over half of San Fran's economy is based on 2 inventions from TX, the IC and software. The other half is based on migrant slaves, hippies, and bu#phuggers. Cali has a lot to be proud of-The only things worthwhile that come out of Texas are from the liberal enclaves. UT Austin is good school. The guy from Stanford who just got the Noble was originally in TX. He had the good sense to get out of the state and move somewhere civilized. BTW: All of these things in he computer industry that you mentioned wouldn't exist without the generous funding from the government, which I would guess you hate yhal/ Truthout: With another cruel cutback in food stamps approaching November 1, we're reminded that many states ban stamps for ex prisoners, who face a 50 percent unemployment rate, making prison the only sure place they won't starve/Krugman Wealthy individuals bought themselves a radical right party, believing, correctly, that it would cut their taxes and remove regulations. But they failed to realize that eventually the craziness would take on a life of its own/Mom With Stage IV Cancer Denied Promising Treatment Due to GOP Shutdown caucus has become a death panel. This Is a Matter of Life or Death Lives are at stake because of the GOP House federal shutdown. The Republican- EndTimes of President Obama, as Staged and Orchestrated by Larry Klayman BuzzFlash/Air Force Times Shutdown: Veterans Benefits Offices Closing/Chemical weapons being destroyed as agreed upon. The above two nations praised Syria for moving forwards as planned. Obama's diplomacy, another resounding victor to consider the next election versus the invasions and wars of the Repo approach-described as the “kidnapping” of one of its citizens after U.S. Specia Forces captured al Qaeda senior leader Nazih Abdul Hamed al Ruqai. The Libyan military indicated it was not privy to the U.S. operation. Libya does not have a functioning central government, except in name, and U.S. efforts to shore up the weak and demoralized Libyan security services and train them in counterterrorism have yet to bear fruit. Other problems with Libyan security services are corruption-Grayson. “I think there’s three Republican parties. There’s the corporate shills, there’s the religious fanatics and then there are the freedom fiends, the one that want to make sure that you have the right to sleep under a bridge.a division on the right between the “grassroots” tea party and Wall Street bankers, So, Jesus freaks, generic obese suburbanites, and let me add the super rich,” added Maher-they are quite happy at the shut down would like to see more of it and for it to be permanent, this isn't surprising in the least-What shutdown? Its a good start, but I doubt Republican Party has enough spine to really make a difference and shut this down-The sentiment that there is no positive good that comes from government involvement and governance. Likely they have cocked up some concept that believing in any value of government for society is limiting to personal freedom or some such crap-Creationists are a blemish on the common sense of America, Texas Pushing Public Schools to Teach That Garden of Eden Is Science, and the equivalent of the theory of evolution, fundamentalists can force textbook publishers to rewrite entire portions of the books kids read in school, the Supreme Court banned creation science, a misleading euphemism for teaching that woman brought all sin into the world through her disobedience. in 1987, students will inevitably find, however, is that what they thought were awesome arguments against evolutionary theory are, in fact, paper thin and easy to dismiss-if only the creationist could dig up a fossil snake with human like vocal chords-REALITY, is why the RePOS have adopted a strategy of cheating at election time in trying to disenfranchise voters etc, they KNOW they can never win legally with the way they manage to shoot themselves in the foot again-Democrats were not open to “negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chests. Oh, that he did have the kind of courage of some terrorist oh, that’s kind of a dangerous statement I just made, many of us are praying that he will have more courage rios sez-Boehner is a coward IMO. Unlike the terrorists who sacrificed EVERYTHING, sacrificed the ultimate for their cause. Boehner won't even sacrifice his leadership for the good of the nation let alone his life, If only John Boehner had the courage, this country would be better off-rbn/a key Iranian scientist was gunned down last week, many observers figured Israeli spy agency Mossad had struck again. But new signs point to deadly intrigue within the rogue nation’s fractious leadership. Mojtaba Ahmadi, who worked on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ secretive cyberwarfare unit, turned up in a wooded area north of Tehran, the mystery behind his death has only deepened. As with five previous hits on top scientists, witnesses reported black clad gunmen seen speeding away on motorcycles. But this time, the regime did not immediately point the finger at Israel. In fact, it hasn’t pointed the finger anywhere, despite an exiled group’s claim of responsibility-the "right" to self determination, more radical liberal progressive nonsense. If the godforsaken "palestinians" ever really did have such a right, it was forfeited long ago through their many crimes against humanity and the callous disregard for human life which they have displayed proudly many times over the last 40+ years-Not all coups are created equal, but a coup is still a coup,” the two recently wrote in the Washington Post. “Morsi was elected by a majority of voters, and U.S. law requires the suspension of our foreign assistance to ‘any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by military coup d’état or decree, in which the military plays a decisive role: McCain and Graham have called on the administration to cut off the aid the U.S. provides to Egypt, but if we expect Egypt and other countries to abide by their laws, then we must abide by ours israelnationalnews-The Tea Party has spoken,” said Georgetown professor of political science Richard Drape. “The deal has been wrought. All bear witness to the fruits of the Great Compromise, for it is with us.It must be Malia,” stated Mick Mulvaney (R-SC). “First of birth. First of blood. First of the reckoning. Experts added that in addition to limiting the damage of the current government shutdown, the deal could also avoid a protracted and dangerous battle over raising the nation’s debt ceiling in the coming weeks if members of the Tea Party determine Malia has fulfilled the prophecy, At press time, a teary eyed Michelle Obama was informing Malia that she will always love her clickthisyoufrigginmoron-complaint to UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon, Prosor states that “it is inconceivable that a state under Security Council sanctions for suspected WMD proliferation activities would be allowed to hold this position Iranian Threat UN's Ban, Israeli envoy condemns Iran's appointment to be rapporteur for Disarmament and International Security C'tee like making drug lord pharmaceutical company CEO- evolution book burnings. Take your GOP and stick it where the sun don't shine-such bigotry-As if bigotry was bad., go to your State to celebrate bigotry and revel in it-iapb/ democracy has been bought, Obviously, the Teabaggers are threatening *his* job unless he knuckles under, and he's been so safe in his gerrymandered district for so long that he can't face the prospect of a primary challenge. Especially one where the Kochsuckers promise to fund a Teabag opponent with millions. negotiate* with a flipflopper like that? Shit, he can't decide to take a leak without changing his mind-so damn snot nosed and arrogant. and runs from questions like a coward. Hasn't bragged once about it and it's lover einstein's president-aibafs/h61b valdimur dl w cottonmouth/If you have to ask me if I missed you then the answer is I did not-A two minute warning but for when someone's never ending story is getting on your last nerve. fb/The Kelly File Hidden Agenda, how one conservative group plans to oust liberally biased journalists fni/jon Stewart: Blaming GOP For Shutdown Like 'Blaming Floods On Water-Boehner's loyalties lie with extremists-cruz's Cleavage Is Impressive, I've NotSeen Any1Use That Much Of His Own Spittle As HairLubricant Since Paul Wolfowitz, Let's Be Honest. Most #GOP'rs Look Like They Exist On A Diet Of Grease Biscuits, NoWay @sentedcruz Does Not Wear A Bra tw/ack Roberson's fiancée says she called 911 for medical help, He didn't say nothing, the police didn't say nothing but instead of an ambulance, cops showed up. Then, without explanation, they opened fire-Why should Obama blink? He has no intention of blinking. He's going on offense completely a tactical meeting. Costa has been giving straight reporting on the Tea Party faction in the House, because he thinks they are irrational, others were there to hear first about the simple fact of default, as matters now stand, and the dangers of parroting the idea that "there is no debt ceiling" in their columns and TV appearances, Lots of meetings are going to be off the record now. That is how you build lowest common denominator issue some kind of consensus throwing a rope around this thing-amazing how much hate there is out there for our President, who is a reasonable and thoughtful guy. He is always open for an honest and frank discussion of issues and yet the right continues to castigate him with their lies that he won't compromise. I hate to say it, but if it takes the crash of our economy to finally expose and destroy the rabid right wing of the Republican party, I'd embrace a temporary default hpaol/

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