Friday, October 11, 2013

101113/Obamacare worse than slavery

101113/Any shmoe can go to a hospital emergency room and get free care if they can't afford it. With Obama care you get in line-Pity poor John Boehner, Be Careful What You Ask For: CBO Tells Boehner Repeal Would Cost More Then bocare Saves-Aren't current affairs solidly confirming our contention? we tea PARTY members, have been advocating all along for SMALLER, LESS INTRUSIVE central government, whether it be democrat OR republican-Why send self teahadists bent on destruction. It will only cripple the best nation on earth. Why send people to work in government who are only hell bent on destroying and bastadizing government and common purpose. rbg/about the time I left. And now, thanks to the RWNJs, I'm a yella dog!-Ted,” said the card on the fruit and snack basket sent by the group’s president, Brad Woodhouse. “A Texas sized thank you!! Thanks to you, Obamacare is more popular and the GOP is less so. Keep up the Good Work!! Yours, Americans United for Change fb/-Jon Stewart: Republican States Hate Obama More Than They Hate Poverty Alternet-Missing #Nuclear #Weapons Alert: Generals Fired-funding cowboy poetry or treatments for kids with cancer? Tough choice if you’re Harry Reid-Republicans want to talk after the fact. Kind of like an alcoholic wanting to quit after he loses his job, family, cars and freedom- tw/Let the nation which bans hugging on the street, and canes offenders for not flushing a public toilet, have him. beastly insider trading comes right before Facebook goes public, a move more indicative of Savarin’s naivete than his business savvy. Greedy billionaire Facebook co founder Eduardo Saverin net worth of $2 billion, lives in one of Singapore’s priciest penthouses, drives a Bentley, revels the night away at Singaporean nightclubs, and slurps Cristal champagne and Belvedere vodka whileditched the world’s best nation for one of its worst by renouncing his American citizenship reportedly to live in Singapore, to avoid paying the kind of taxes that helped to birth his social networking service and website in the first place-cartoons/ teaparty galaxy voyage to the center of delusion markfioreblog/ rome Erich Priebke, a former Nazi official convicted of carrying out the retaliatory massacre of 335 Italian civilians in wartime Rome, died at 100, retried in Italy and in 1998 sentenced to life imprisonment, commuted to house arrest-nj news obamacare forces insurance companies scrap plans create new-House offering to pass legislation to avert a default and end the partial government shutdown as part of a package that includes cuts in benefit programs-Koch brothers can make money in their refineries in Texas , they're happy, and Alberta does not pollute the north of the province & they can apply pressure on the nutty party-iapb/Ben Carson didn’t mince words: Obamacare is the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery, because it aims to make all of us subservient to the government, It was never about health care. It was about control.Socialized medicine is the keystone in the establishment of a socialist state, further compared the new health care reform to policies envisioned by Vladimir Lenin, during a speech at the Values Voter Summit- If the Repubs wanted to negotiate, they should have mentioned it the 21 times they rejected negotiations-People are completely losing it over Obamacare, more than they should be. There's a difference between disagreeing with something and then just losing your shit over it. It appears that this is a religious problem, or at least it's being driven by religious belief, Coburn, who celebrated the possibility of default back in January by saying it would be a “wonderful experiment”. Being able to blow past all the advice of experts just to make stuff up you want to believe isn’t a quality that is unique to fundamentalists, but as these budget negotiations are making clear, they do have a uniquely strong ability to lie to themselves about what is and isn’t a real danger to themselves and to the world salon aibafs/ another failure, republicans give themselfs another raise when they cut your social security?-Obama highest stock market in US history, Most oil produced in US history, Are you teabagsonscrotum-Socialist Red States need the goverment the most, Corporate welfare and the insane military budget which is more corporate welfare, when Reagan was in corporations paid 40% of the budget now 13% and you know who makes up the difference. California the state that pays more in federal taxes than all the red states combined ! Remember when your driving down that road California built, Shut down hurts them the most , stupid a--es Look up red state blue state socialism , I dare you-ybac/This Idiot is a Member of Congress- a provision to hire accountants & IRS agent, but no a nurse or doctor, stupid as pass it to see what's in it fat blubber-gopisforfools-Ted Cruz & The White Power Rangers!, Tea Klux Pukes 28% Favorable & Falling!-Jeebus invented by Romans in first century as a way to control rebellion?-plausible. Certainly more believable than the book of mythology that "the faithful" cling to-that idea should make many people angry-Not everybody believes Obama is the messiah and worships Joseph Stalin like you Tard-zimm still free and traygone is worm food- put through hell because the Dims wouldn't recognize a self defense shooting. They focused on Skittles and Iced Tea.-Conn. (WTNH)-- In the midst of major changes in health care, UnitedHealthCare has sent thousands of pink slips to Connecticut doctors, GOP Intends to Gut Medicare and Medicaid, hope they can find new employment somewhere-good lesson for Conservative sheep, ask for details, look beyond the spoon FOX is feeding you with-I just signed up for Obamacare and I thought my premiums would go down, My progressive friends told me it was free.They lied to me-why didn't you keep the health insurance you had?-You never really wanted a new car, did you? Having a Blue Cross card in your wallet is a great chick magnet-8 ball of coke will get you a lot of lovin, ask w-You're an idiot! No one said it was going to be "free". Your attempt to insult Obamacare only makes you look like a clueless twit- I have always worked and bought insurance, taking a break from rubbing privates on younger boys today-Did the GOP create this healthcare mess?-conservative moron speaking of mess, nurse changed you out today? yhal/-Cruz the view from his corner of the universe spoke to the Values Voters Summit, there is a massive outpouring of public support for a government shutdown over Obamacare and it's scaring the hell out of Democrat not listening to America. And what happens? This fight on Obamacare, we went and made the case to the American people, launched a national website: dontfundit. In a matter of just a few weeks, over 2 million Americans signed that petition. The nice thing is the left will always, always, always tell you who they fear. And they fear you. They fear the American people-weird. It's like he's living on another planet-how do you know your a real tea billy? when you brag about the 1%ers trickling down on you- their form of idol worship- important to understand, they are not miserable because they are poor or failed to achieve something in their lives. They just MISERABLE. They probably have done well in life, should be thankful for all the blessings they have. But they're not. The misery is deep inside, a spiritual sickness they cannot heal. So, they spread their misery as far and wide as they can- psychology behind Teabaggers is that they really don't enjoy life, so they hope to make others miserably. In some perverse way, they believe that makes their own miserable lives better-yhal/JPM BLOWS MY MIND $9.5 BILLIONS LOSS, GOOD NEWS! CRAZY MAN CRAZY-Why don't you short SPY, Your favorite TV channel CNBc, welching Kiernan and Welch on the same screen, All we need is Cruz to make it a 'Cozy Threesome Turn it off!-GET YOUR FILTHY GENERATIONAL INTERNATIONAL BANKER HANDS OUT OF THE U.S. TREASURY! ygs/U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a bid by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to re establish the ban on oral and anal sex in his state-Blackmail and embezzlement is now the new form of US democracy being shown as an example to the rest of the world by the Republican Party, way to go! This nation goes around the world claiming it is the defender of democracy then it MOCKS the very concept of what democracy means and how it is supposed to work through following the will of the people and compromise, instead, now, The GOP desires to shape US democracy by resorting to extortion-More Evidence of the Repo ALTERNATE REALITY World, Florida tea party Rep. Ted Yoho has a novel theory of what failing to raise the debt limit, forcing the United States into default, would accomplish. Where economists are in agreement that it would be catastrophic-Understanding the Culture of White Right-Wing Rage That Produced the Govt. Shutdown 1985, when police dropped an incendiary device (a bomb, in plain English) on a rowhouse in West Philadelphia, igniting a massive fire that killed 11 people, five of them children, destroyed 61 homes in a working class neighborhood-tandard buck-passing and ass-covering, much of it either misinformed, misleading or flat out false: Members of MOVE, the radical group inside the house, had started the violence; the six adults in the house were dangerous terrorists with automatic weapons (not true) and we had to proceed with caution; in dropping the bomb and letting the fire burn unchecked, we were simply doing what we were told, operatives will tell you, way off the record, that the Republican base is crazy.) Now those white insurrectionists have risen up and taken their former leaders prisoner, which carries a certain poetic justice. They “want their country back.” Failing that, they want to let the fire burn-Fox News Got GOP Into Shutdown Mess, But It Can't Get The GOP Out, Like a little kid counting down the days until Christmas, Sean Hannity was giddy with anticipation in recent weeks and months. As the threat of a federal government shutdown drew closer, he casually dismissed any concern about its impact and welcomed its arrival, stumbling from one ready talking point to the next, while moving farther and farther from actually having any idea of what, specifically, they believe is worth shutting the government down over, It's hard to see how Fox's messaging effort could have gone any worse-pn/CRUZ CALLS BIRTH CONTROL 'ABORTIFACIENTS'-House GOP rigged house rules to prevent reopening gov, You can't make this stuff up. Pure treason-TeaBaggers on this forum have hooted and cheered every single time the stock market dropped or for any bad economic news. Besides, people who invested in Beck gold are NOT American investors, they are American traitors who were betting on and trying their hardest to encourage America to fail economically-if they are are Teahadist watch out-rbg/Cruz Shrugs Off Hecklers, Gets Big Ovation at Values Voter Summit-McCain Blasts Cruz, House GOP: They Shut Down Gov't on a 'Fool's Errand-O'Reilly Goes After Carney, Hagel: 'These Weasels Need to Knock It Off!- fni/castro auto eurotic episode in prison, ussc squalla defends gods faults devil winning, waking from the matrix cruz defending naked impotent death panel insurance paracites, weiner destroys hannity, wingnut warlords running shutdown after koch pulls out, not enough wingnuts to attempt effective dos attack, gop insider neo confederate insurectionist fight countdown clock still trying suck seeding, saving 1b$ for aca to spend 2T$ for war, hitler will see those who paint his mustash on bocare, gateisms matrix, involking instantly loses debate law, black heart replacment pats availabilty becomes possible, chenny roast, liz rinosis diagnosis not conservative enough prolife not promarriage, adrianna arnold debate, beer stealing drunken ferel pig metaphore political road kill, travel trailer gpsmixup, old rush lecturing about winning election or shut up, vatican misspells jesus, christian values paradox, on stephanie< 3 /iowa oregon trains buffet forgot he owns jh/my piramid automatic evolve ad? ford?-neb judge batalia requires parental concent with notary for girl16 needing abortion or support for fosterhome pregancy should pay for it-joiner prayed for martial law to remove bo pv/weighing mj on the view/knowing cruz is the key to euradacate ofs obama fear syndrome, baldwin hug makes him feel funny?-cruz stand strong, on ed/afraid of terrorist with bad hearst cost 400k$ refused babboon heart replacement treatment calif law requiring employeers to consider qualifications befor asking felon record, on geraldo jonphilips paranoid towtruck driver will tbone him, dmv will steal id or being raped by librarian but happy with noncosiqnial banking and warehouse suit dealers, takes caller from mens bathroom, cruzer don't let hippies shower, tami bruce sez bo hates parks and old guys that go see their own memorials, dogpoo rating higher than congress, on wkok/ harikaritage mystery essay bocare destroying business, 2005 law outlawing bankruptsy for homeowners needs repealed/
101013/Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. plans to cut about 5,000 employees and make it more efficient- Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced Thursday to 28 years in prison for corruption-Some at Guantanamo jail too sick to keep locked up Tarek El-Sawah is in terrible shape after 11 years as a prisoner-Iraq has hanged 42 prisoners convicted of terrorism-related charges, including a woman ap/Two Saudis have died in Riyadh after they contracted the MERS virus, health authorities announced Thursday, as the kingdom prepares to host some two million Muslim pilgrims for the annual hajj-700 Australian police swooped on the Hells Angels Thursday in a series of heavily armed raids, seizing guns, drugs and cash, as authorities intensify a crackdown on biker gangs linked to organised crime afp/billboard showing a tattooed Jesus Christ has stirred up quite a bit of buzz in the heart of the Bible Belt abc/Chelsea Manning, the soldier imprisoned for the biggest leak of classified data in U.S. history, says she is unhappy about being presented as a conscientious objector and pacifist after winning a peace award r/Peace is not a Palestinian interest, it's an international interest, and the interest of the world is to put an end to this struggle. Hamas has to take a long hard look at itself, They are responsible for the crisis they are going through, they lost their compass. They have placed to great a weight on their relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood: they should work on untying that connection. They should act from the vantage point of being a Palestinian liberation movement, it's also an Israeli interest Israelis should decide whether they are part of the Middle East, Israelis should decide whether they are part of the Middle East or an alien body. If Israel is an alien body it should be removed israelnationalnews-Making her point, Norton spoke over the president and refused to yield the microphone, strident, self absorbed and parochial confronts obama on dc budget bill-ispb/ODS syndrome? Obama deranged syndrome?-Sen. Ted Cruz Vows Not To Raise Nation’s Debt Ceiling Until Union Admits To Losing Civil War citizenschwartz- fb/investigative reporter he also heard LaBerge's statements about helping the governor and that her relationship with the governor's office seemed "cozy. ethics scandal with alleged ties to Gov. Nathan Deal's office is now under federal investigation. I noticed some irregularities," Murray-Obertein said of the Deal case. LaBerge bragged about making the governor's ethics problems go away, and that he owed her. I killed myself working that case and it was for nothing, because she was meeting behind closed doors with the governor's people and apparently everything I did was meaningless, They asked me to alter some of Gov. Deal's documents, asking me to manipulate records. Plain and simple. altered documents dozens of times, removing certain paragraphs and merging sections of spreadsheets together to replace certain information, He said he initially did what LaBerge and her secretary, Lisa Dentler, directed

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