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4212/Sex traffickers using schoolyards to find young sex slaves

4212/Even though Georgia Republicans are trying to force mandatory drug testing
on the state's moms, they refuse to be tested themselves
CIA ‘should pay for Nazi-like Poland prison’ smoldering scandal around an
alleged CIA secret prison in Poland has exploded again, as charges have
been brought against the country's former intelligence chief for allowing
the site. /Shockingly Craven Behavior in Vaccine Experiment on
Babies, now being drugged with powerful medications to reduce potential
pain and fever before being vaccinated with multiple vaccinations. This is
said to aid sleep which according to experts maximizes the vaccines
response /
pert-says/2012/04/01/gIQAGHNupS_story.html /
cunt dress
Weather here is normal, and many folks were killed-in America, and other
nations, this week, and each day.-Carry on with your memes, you ODDBALL
partisan loons-Re: Weather here is normal, and many folks were killed-
Weather here is record heat, and we just wrapped up the driest March on
record-Carry on with your memes, you ODDBALL partisan loon.-You realize the
world temp has been quite steady for the last ten years? Just odd shifts in
the jet stream. /Caffeine Might Keep Moms Awake, But Not Their Babies/
Bin Laden's Wives, Daughters Sentenced To 45 Days Detention, Deportation/
McDonald’s employee reportedly Mirlande Wilson claims she holds the winning
ticket,she wasn’t certain she won, She was part of a group of employees who
played, but insisted her alleged winning ticket was one she bought
separately so won’t share the
millions-share-winnings-co-workers-article-1.1054379#ixzz1qtZCycrq /Woman
Crosses Runway & Gets Sliced in Two by Plane (The Stir By CafeMom)
McDonald's McRib Sandwich Angering Humane Society (ThirdAge)/Mom faces jail
for baptizing her 2 kids without husband’s consent Baptism, Mom is
Presbyterian, but father is a member of the United Methodist Church./
Caution! You’re being arrested  mug shot with caution tape around neck, You
don't need to be a celebrity for your mug shot to be newsworthy/
u.S. won’t let Mexican dad in to bury 10-year-old son Flowers
hang on the railing of 117 East Coal Street in Shenandoah, Pa., after fire
consumed the home early Tuesday morning claiming four lives./
10-year-old son, a U.S. citizen, died Tuesday in a house fire in
Pennsylvania /Sex traffickers using schoolyards to find young sex slaves
Prosecutors have started training NYC educators on how to spot kids in
peril./nyt/'Scared the Hell Out of Me. It Was a Great Wake-Up Call
(Although I Wasn't Really Asleep)'Over 10 Million Americans Have United to
View This Powerful Warning to Prepare for a 2012 Economic Crisis! /a year in which
the company's stock fell nearly 60%. But the company indicated that it's
likely to curtail Moynihan's pay this year, reflecting the company's rocky
performance in 2011. For CEO pay, it appears, the carrot. The quirk in when
Moynihan will take his lumps has to do with how Bank of America structures
its pay.  Bank of America said it paid its CEO nearly $8.1 million in 2011.
That was up from $1.9 million in the year before. That makes it look like
Moyniham got a huge pay raise. down $3 million from the $10 million he
earned in 2010.-That is what is wrong with America these days, in our banks
and government-this guy gets $6 million for working a year and people go
nuts; Buffet makes $656 Million on BOA deal in 6 Months. Hmmmm. Who took
who for a ride??-Worse than even both of these guys, there are people
living the good life off of welfare and they DON'T WORK AT ALL! End all
entitlements, they are true reason our country is being bankrupted.-They
are able to act like this because people continue to use their services.
This will keep happening until everyone drops them for a better company.
The reason that he gets a 6 million dollar raise (which is ridiculous by
the way) is because people keep giving the banks money. Quit using their
services then see what happens/
y-raise/Motorcycle Wreck at Charlotte Motor Speedway Kills Two  Saturday's
veterans celebration at Charlotte Motor Speedway killed two people and
injured another person. /Martin Sheen Calls Out The Fear
Mongers In Under Two Minutes, GOP’s plan? Martin Sheen is not impressed./
BUSTED: Easy Jet Airlines Caught Spraying Europe. Asia & Africa
chemtrails,"global warming",trimethylaluminum,"Day Jet",Stelios/ Juicing
cannabis miraculously saves lives after physicians declare the battle lost /Film 'Koch Brothers Exposed' -- the 1% at Its Very Worst | /'It’s worse than indentured servitude,' says NYU Professor
Andrew Ross, who helped organize the Occupy Student Debt movement last
fall. 'With indentured servitude, you had to pay in order to work, but then
at least you got to work. When universities withhold these transcripts,
students who have been indentured by loans are being denied even the
ability to work or to finish their education so they can repay their
-loan-default /Oakland's Oaksterdam University was taken over by federal
officials Monday morning. /The Supreme Court refused to
limit strip searches of new jail inmates, even those arrested for minor
traffic offenses.  lat/Colbert Report: Barack Obama-Gun Control Conspiracy
The fear of not being able to buy guns during a second Obama term leads to
Americans buying so many guns that now they can't buy any guns, just like
they feared, Florida's Stand Your Ground law leads to the shooting death of
teen Trayvon Martin, but top legal minds have other ideas about where to
place blame.-Ashes to Bullets win win Alabama company Holy Smoke turns
loved ones' ashes into real bullets that can be used to hunt turkeys on
Thanksgiving./should wear a cup because women are prepared to hit him where
it hurts: at the voting booth./A Brother And Sister Get Married (And Later,
Their Son Tweets It, at age 6, John Fugelsang noticed an odd motif in some“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel
that has crushed it.” — Mark Twain/jackie chan 58/If Colorado is concerned
about cost savings AND preserving jobs, it should rethink its plan to shut
down CSP-II. The state pays over $60 million per year just on contract
terms, not including undocumented expenses to monitor the contract, pay for
medical services, and transport offenders to all corners of the state to
these crapholes. With the prison population trend reversing course, it is
time for the state to rethink these contracts and get of the the industry
of selling the incarceration of individuals. If the trend continues,
Colorado took advantage of this opportunity, they could eliminate the use
of private prisons completely within 2 years, saving taxpayers tens of
millions of dollars. It's time for taxpayers to speak up and demand that
these immoral and deceptive companies to be held accountable for their lies
over the past three decades!-Roxie further states that the $4.5 million
wouldn't be enough to 'satisfy' the private prison corporations? That they
would 'need' $10 -$15 million to keep 'em all going?/
Occupy Wall Street" protests against corporate greed. I offered to anyone
willing to change their profile pic to support this protest to submit their
favorite cartoon character and post your request on my wall. To see the
first 200 paintings,
set=a.224543904270870.58433.100001457865597&type=1&l=d489211245 /Trump
chose the fifth annual World Autism Awareness Day to reveal on
Fox News that he strongly believes that autism is linked to childhood
vaccines (video below).In a Monday interview on Fox News, Trump said: “I’ve
seen people where they have a perfectly healthy child  Claims Autism is
Caused by Vaccines /rhetoric in the south is crazy. I
have been called strange things as well. The people down there are so dumb
ANY unsubstantiated rumour becomes a common belief. Although. generally,
people tend to form around various unsubstantiated rumors as truth and
fight each other over which rumor is true or more true. The neocons have
brought these toxic rumors to new levels! - "Newt Gingrich's Rhetoric Makes
People Fear Black People More (Applies To His Allies As Well)
e-fear-black-people-more-applies-to-his-allies-as-well/ Dozens of Tibetans
have set themselves on fire over the past year to protest Chinese rule,
sometimes drinking kerosene to make the flames explode from within, in one
of the biggest waves of political self-immolations in recent history./
Morocco’s penal code allows a rapist to avoid prosecution by marrying his
victim. Sign the petition urging the PM and other ministers for a
comprehensive law to stop violence against women in Morocco./UCC principles
include the Barmen Declaration that in 1934 identified that Hitler (or any
charismatic leader) is NOT God, that God (an unpolluted, uncensored truth)
is the head of the church-that congregants and ministers are not polluted
into complicit silence by their allegiance to party politics (which,
Democrat and Republican, has mutually condoned torture, defiance of the
Constitution, defiance of international law, murder of innocents abroad,
police brutality here etc)-if UCC churches (or any churches) continue to
align themselves with left/right partisan politics over God , that their
status as a church be removed and they be called a social club and their
ministers be identified only as well paid CEO's of a partisan social club.-
my former church completely disinterested in acknowledging it, even when I
brought it to their attention./"During Wednesday morning rush hour, signs
hung in at least eight New York subway stations, inviting straphangers to
ride for free. In Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, service gates were
chained open and turnstiles taped up 'in a coordinated response ... to
escalating service cuts, fare hikes, racist policing, assaults on transit
workers' working conditions and livelihoods - and the profiteering of the
super-rich by way of a system they've rigged in their favor-security and
surveillance state does not deal in nuance or ambiguity. Its millions of
agents, intelligence gatherers, spies, clandestine operatives, analysts and
armed paramilitary units live in a binary world of opposites ... You either
embrace the crusade to physically eradicate evildoers from the face of the
Earth or you are an Islamic terrorist, a collaborator or an unwitting tool
of terrorists. And now that we have created this monster it will be
difficult, perhaps impossible, to free ourselves from it-Daw Aung San Suu
Kyi, the democracy advocate silenced for two decadesy winning a seat in
Parliament to make the remarkable shift from dissident to lawmaker-a newly
energized public that will demand that their representatives in Congress
... give us universal Medicare.  we aren't going to win by going through
the front door, we will have to go around the back door. That means
undermining the base of power of the health care industry by taking away
their money-The World Wonders" Why SEC Missed Deadline on Choosing Between
Protecting US Investors or Foreign Corporate Wrongdoers-completely clear
from this week's oral argument, however, is that one member of the Supreme
Court is far more concerned with reciting political talking points than he
is with actually upholding the law-L'Humanite Staff, l'Humanite: "After the
retaking of the Bastille on 18 March by a mass of 120,000 people, 'The
river has broken its banks and no matter what happens, the flood isn't
going to recede any time soon,' announced the Left Front candidate to a sea
of red flags chanting 'Resistance! Resistance! With
Governor Walker in Union Fight Could Cost Romney in November The Hill/ diedra, imus disses oberman and billy, bill mahr genius writers,
 bo deitl top cop  covuto pal, laura  ingram former thomas page, sez, onstitional absurd, ,power, rights, eat, permitted to ngage in commererce, 4k 1 hr hospital, passed on to the taxpayer-otherwise, interstate insurance commerece twisted
family tree, asking question trolls, unusual, uncle arrested dui deported in 92, biggest loser in the whitehouse, kentucky won by ten last game with ks, jr takes 3rd martinsville, tiger wins, racist golf clubs, hooty jjohnson, nance kissass, huntville rodeo results, daygen attemtps longest tanning session, creepy clowns, mimes,
pegions, downplays how important rodeo clowns are, for 10 whole minutes...
stupid and not funny...emmy lou harris, heaven only knows, , bernie santorum backing walker
4112/Current TV has let go Keith Olbermann, and will replace him starting
tonight with Eliot Spitzer. A source familiar with the decision-making
process at Current said the choice to terminate Olbermann was based on what
the network felt were violations of three tenets of his contract … 'It goes
almost without saying that the claims against me implied in Current's
statement are untrue and will be proved so in the legal actions I will be
filing against them presently' [Olbermann- Cesar Chavez Day … Like another
American hero, Martin Luther King Jr., Chavez inspired and energized
millions of people worldwide to seek and win basic human rights that had
long been denied them, and inspired millions of others to join the
struggle-Corporate Media Crisis: Everything Old Is New Again, Mainstream
journalists are failing. In common parlance, most everyone 'hates the
media-Obama was sworn in. We did not have to leave millions of
once-inspired people feeling lost, deceived, and abandoned. We did not have
to let our movement die down to the level that it did. The simple truth is
this: we overestimated our achievement in 2008, and we underestimated our
opponents in 2009-n the lead up to war in Iraq, misinformation about
weapons of mass destruction went virtually unchallenged by the mainstream
media. But three reporters for Knight Ridder newspapers (now McClatchy)
were skeptical, and their probing investigation of the Bush
administration's justifications on the current standoff with Iran-osama bin
Laden spent nine years on the run in Pakistan after the September 11
attacks, during which time he moved among five safe houses and fathered
four children, at least two of whom were born in a government hospital-One
of the curious realities of modern America is how many people - especially
white males - have been propagandized into siding with a 'free-market'
power structure that treats them like tissue paper-house Majority Leader
Tim Jones Missouri Legislator: Qualified to Legislate Women's Health
Because "My Father Was a Veterinarian"(R-Eureka) was on the defensive I
grew up in operating rooms,' Jones said, referring to how crowded operating
rooms can be-Who Benefits From the Organized Violence of War?
Ed Kinane, Truthout: "Can't we see our complicity in our own oppression?
Don't we contribute to militarism through the federal taxes we pay - about
half of which goes to the Pentagon? The Pentagon, of course, then funnels
much of this swag to its corporate cronies. Are we so caught up in personal
debt, are our lifestyles too snared in addiction, distraction and
co-optation, that we can't think straight? Are we so snared that our hearts
have gone AWOL? Don't we give a damn that our children are inheriting an
increasingly depleted and dangerous world?-United States Moves Closer to
Direct Intervention in Syria and more than 60 other countries moved closer
on Sunday to direct intervention in the fighting in Syria, with Arab
nations pledging $100 million to pay opposition fighters and the Obama
administration agreeing to send communications equipment to help rebels
organize and evade Syria's military, Kofi Annan, were failing to halt
the violence in Syria and that more forceful action was needed-Luxury
retailers are smiling. So are the owners of high-end restaurants, sellers
of upscale cars, vacation planners, financial advisors, and personal
coaches. For them and their customers and clients the recession is over.
Over a third of the gains went to 15,600 super-rich households in the top
one-tenth of one percent-Israel's Assassination of Gazan Leader Lays
Groundwork for Iran Attack, Gaza is a punching bag or escape valve that
Israeli generals and politicians can use when they need to show their
public that they're tough on terror, whether or not an attack serves any
real purpose. To kill people as a matter of state policy and lie about the
reasons for doing so is the height of cynicism. It turns Gaza into a
sacrificial victim of Israel's regional war strategy. If what Netanyahu has
done twice in Gaza over the past year doesn't qualify as a war crime, it
should- Aung San Suu Kyi, a global icon of democracy and a 1991 Nobel Peace
laureate, will make the transition from dissident to lawmaker, joining a
Parliament overwhelmingly controlled by the military-backed ruling party-
"Most discussion about the 'costs of war' focuses on two numbers: dollars
spent and American troops who gave their lives. A decade into the war on
terror, those official costs are over a trillion dollars and more than
6,000 dead, researchers in the Eisenhower Study Group at Brown University's
Watson Institute for International Studies looked at the human, economic,
social and political costs of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as
our military actions in Pakistan-Fighting Fire in Haiti Camp Kozbami is
the fifth camp to be arsoned in two months, a reported 94,632 individuals
are facing forced eviction-U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Much Lower Than Most
Other Developed Nations "Republicans have been kvetching about the fact
that, as of Sunday, the U.S. will have the highest statutory corporate tax
rate in the world following a scheduled cut in Japan's corporate tax. 'The
United States is a world leader in countless ways. 'World's Highest Taxes'
is a title we should give up as soon as possible, John Barrasso (R-WY-
Police Tracking of Cell Phones May Be Coming to a Phone Near You, "Law
enforcement tracking of cellphones, once the province mainly of federal
agents, has become a powerful and widely used surveillance tool for local
police officials, with hundreds of departments, large and small, often
using it aggressively with little or no court oversight, The practice has
become big business for cellphone companies, too, with a handful of
carriers marketing a catalog of "surveillance fees" to police departments
to determine a suspect's location, trace phone calls and texts, for both
emergencies and routine investigations." Right-Wing
Bullies Blame and Attack the Victims of Violence and Oppression
AlterNet/Federal Judge Throws Out FEC Ruling That Shields Funders of
Political Attack Ads Daily Kos-Rush Limbaugh: My Enemies Are Lying About My
Financial Health Daily Beast/Goldman Sachs Had 16% Stake in Biggest Forum
for Under-Age Sex Trafficking nyt-Problem With Obamacare is That It's Not a
Government Takeover of Healthcaret ThinkProgress-Beyond Robo-Signing: 3
Other Ways Bank of America Is Screwing Americans AlterNet/500 gram bar
(16.0755 troy ounces) received from an unidentified bank.  The bar had the
right physical dimensions to be an authentic gold bar, but one of the
Heraeus employees suspected something funny.  After the bar was cut in
half, you can see that the inside is tungsten, with only a coating of gold
on the outside /
laissez capitalism is compeltely fucked up, facilitates  crony capitalism/
When the Liar-In-Chief speaks without his teleprompter, there's no telling
what insanity is going to drip from his vile lips. Satan has always been
the father of lies/What is wrong with you people? I guess if we aren't
following the Bush years with 3more wars, sneaky constitution taking laws
hidden under "National Security" and oh my just the thought of helping
uninsured people have a chance at healthcare is socialist, hold on I want
to get this right to make sure I don't misunderstand. It = socialist,
Hitler, faithless, Satan, and one more I know I'm missing one...oh
Communist,  borderline if not full fledged crazy talk. Seriously, Obama may
suck, you may not like him, but really? This is your argument? Buckle up
for your 4 more years, I will take Obama you can have Bush all day. Tell
you guys what, you righties reimburse me for the iraq war and the obamacare
bill is on me/rip earl scruggs/

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