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41412/mitt: marijuana is the entry drug for people trying to get kids hooked on drugs

41412/People like you, who use such expressions as "mumbo jumbo," to refer
to matters that they do not understand, are the very ones who exploit
"misunderstanding" at the time of making contracts with others. In other
words, your deceivers, liars, cheaters, usurpers -- dishonest snakes, in a
two word expression. You say and/or write, and sign one thing, yet do
something very different when the time comes for performance of contract,
like many other snakes who on a daily basis slither on this MB, "build"
your statements of lies upon impartial negations of unrelated observations.
True snakes. Truths eventually float to the surface, like a dead body. You
should not fear the truth, unless you have something to hide, You're
boring, offensive, deceitful, pompous, and arrogant./September 6 and 7, the
CBOE saw purchases of 4,744 put options on United Airlines, but only 396
call options. Assuming that 4,000 of the options were bought by people with
advance knowledge of the imminent attacks, these "insiders" would have
profited by almost $5 million, they would represent a gain of about
$4 million. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co, which occupied 22 floors of
the World Trade Center, saw 2,157 of its October $45 put options bought in
the three trading days before Black Tuesday; this compares to an average of
27 contracts per day before September 6. Morgan Stanley's share price fell
from $48.90 to $42.50 in the aftermath of the attacks. Assuming that 2,000
of these options contracts were bought based upon knowledge of the
approaching attacks, their purchasers could have profited by at least $1.2
million. Merrill Lynch & Co, with headquarters near the Twin Towers, saw
12,215 October $45 put options bought in the four trading days before the
attacks; the previous average volume in those shares had been 252 contracts
per day (a 1200% increase). When trading resumed, Merrill's shares fell
from $46.88 to $41.50; assuming that 11,000 option contracts were bought by
"insiders", their profit would have been about $5.5 million/secret service
agents sent home from summit over claims of misconduct. Officials say 12
agents accompanying Barack Obama to leaders' meeting in Colombia have been
relieved of duties ap-Dozen Obama Agents Caught With Putas In Colombia easy
it is to manipulate the goyim, the (Jewish?) tribe ... can control you like
a robot-to do your dirty work ,to fulfill the talmudic scriptures/why are
they funneling cash to super PACs aimed at bringing down Barack Obama, who
many of them supported four years ago? Because, writes Alec MacGillis in
The New Republic - the president wants to raise their taxes. That's right -
while ordinary Americans are taxed at a top rate of 35 percent on their
income, Congress allows hedge fund and private equity tycoons to pay only
15 percent of their compensation-Eight Major Corporations Divest From ALEC
"ALEC's claim to be working toward, 'a more transparent, accountable
government' is also at odds with how the council function in reality, the
reason why ALEC has been so successful is because it does its work behind
the scenes; it's not really a public-facing company,' said Robinson. 'To
the extent that these companies benefit from having a relationship with a
behind-the-scenes vehicle, it's important that corporations that want to
associate are no longer able to do it behind the scenes-Chicago Activists
Occupy to Save Mental Health Services "In the latest of a series of small
but powerful overnight occupations, activists in Chicago barricaded
themselves inside Woodlawn Clinic in the Englewood neighborhood late on
Thursday afternoon in protest at its closure along with five other mental
health clinics. The closures are part of  2012 budget, and will cut the
number of mental health clinics in the city by half-War on Iran: America's
Next Catastrophe in the Middle East? "Little has been said about how a war
with Iran - at present seemingly urged into near outbreak by Binyamin
Netanyahu and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) We can
thank the architects of the Iraq war for rejecting this wasted opportunity
Also underreported have been statements made by former senior figures at
the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) alleging 'pro-western bias,
over-reliance on unverified intelligence' at the organization-waits a
potential death sentence. Al-Nashiri is the alleged al-Qaeda operative said
to be responsible for the bombing of the USS Cole in October 2000. He is
also one of fourteen high-value detainees currently being held in the
detention facility in Guantanamo Bay-a Tijuana Cop for 21 years the last
time we drove through downtown together. He was a member of the Grupo Beta,
and says, when he started, he believed that those crossing the border
without papers were just criminals. 'I thought they deserved to be caught
and punished because they were breaking the law,' he says. 'But after a
while, I began to understand that immigration and undocumented people exist
in many countries - that it's a global phenomenon. After that, I began to
look at myself as their protector, rather than as their enemy-GOP
Presidential Contenders' Goofy Greed, who needs actual voters to be a
presidential player these days? Gingrich's entire campaign consists of six
men: Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Alito, Kennedy, Scalia and Thomas
of the Supreme Court, and Sheldon Adelson of the Sands Casino empire in Las
Vegas. The five Supremes are the ones who unleashed the plague of
democracy-destroying corporate cash on our elections, and Adelson is the
multibillionaire Republican extremist who has taken rich advantage of the
Court's 2010 ruling and foisted Newt upon us- Truthout:
41312/US to pay Native Americans $1bn US authorities will pay $1bn to 41
Native American tribes who complained their land had been mismanaged Million Americans Now Live In Poverty The share of all
people in the U.S. who fell below the poverty line rose to 15.1% last year
from 14.3% in 2009/NH a cheif and four officers shot cheif died others
fighting for lives the gun man killed himself/War is always good for a few.
..the Halliburtons, war mongers and the party that gets richer. The poor
and those who want to get student aid end up doing the dirty, bloody work
.. We are the mules, the wealthy and powerful get the glory/Arctic oil rush
will ruin ecosystem, warns Lloyd's of London Insurance market joins
environmentalists in highlighting risks of drilling in fragile region as
$100bn investment is predicted, on marijuana: In '07
"People talk about medicinal marijuana. And you know, you hear that story
that people who are sick need medicinal marijuana. But marijuana is the
entry drug for people trying to get kids hooked on drugs. I don't want
medicinal marijuana; there are synthetic forms of marijuana that are
available for people who need it for prescription. Don't open the doorway
to medicinal marijuana/morman sez: that the privilege of mortal existence
is so great that spirits were willing to come to earth even though they
would not be able to possess the priesthood. It concludes by stating,
"Under this principle there is no injustice whatsoever involved in this
deprivation as to the holding of the priesthood by the Negroes/10-episode
series features Assange in conversation with "iconoclasts, visionaries and
power insiders", will coincide with the 500th day of financial blockade on
Wikileaks-Stick it to the ones that want to incarserate you, You can change
the world millions and millions are behind you, Run for the top seat in
Aussi, make the changes, shame  the political murderers and their puppet
sheep Julian your a hero in the real meaning of the word.You have the
b.... of a elephant. RT and Putin support him-not been a peep about this
from their State Controlled Dis-Information Media....good to see RT step up
and let the world see the world for what it truly is not through the US
Dis-Information Networks! Good job all at RT!-us news the western Govts low
life errand boys the news media and broadcasters were not permitted to
voice or write.News in the west is giving to you by the white scum on our
planet Broadcasters and Media.If I was a   Dictator, these would be the
first people to get rid of permanentely.Knowledgeable information is
dangerous ,it enlightens people ,they would rather have you ignorant and be
used a dispensable fodder-AlJaz once upon a time, these days it is little
more than a mouthpiece for the Omani govt. their coverage of Syria and
Libya is manipulative warmongering garbage. thank heavens for RT - you are
a beacon! (i cannot believe i'm writing that about a news service from
Russia: we live in interesting times-
d=1665239? / Obama failed the American people. Everyone is feeling the pain
of a horrific president/Trayvon and George are VICTIMS of the stand your
ground legislation and liberal gun laws. Those items are the foundation
for, TROUBLE AND TRAGEDY./Oklahoma, where a proposed amendment to its
"personhood" bill would effectively outlaw male masturbation tds/Unclear if
UN council will vote on observers Friday Draft resolution authorizes up
to 30 truce observers Russia's UN envoy on Friday criticized a US-drafted
Security Council resolution  (Reuters)/Syrian protesters
test fragile truce; 5 killed-Obamas pay $162K in taxes USA TODAY/Paid 20.5%
in Income Taxes, 2011 Returns Show nyt/More than 10000 Egyptians marched
from mosques and protested in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday in a show of
strength by Islamists, demanding the country's ruling generals bar Hosni
Mubarak's former spy candidates-Security forces 'fire at protesters
BBC News-Advance UN observer team for Syria on standby ap/mitt trys to
reassure NRA that he will aggressively defend gun rights wp  he will face a
tough crowd.BusinessWeek- to woo key conservative group at NRA event San
Francisco Chronicle-Varmint-Hunting Tales Aimed at Gun-Owning Skeptics
Bloomberg-Missouri:Mayor Blasts NRA Leadership at Start of St. Louis
Convention Riverfront Timesblog/Somebody needs to take care of the kids,
and the Ann Romney working mom debate is evidence that child care is mostly
invisible in economic and political discussion - until someone misspeaks
Christian Science Monitor/Opinion:Hilary Rosen's remarks against Ann Romney
betray freedoms fought long and hard for Fox News/Dems run away from Hilary
Rosen want to adopt 6 puppies found in a suitcase wanted
wp/abandoner gets attorney, arraignment scheduled
equivalent of 2,000 comets, each a half-mile (1 kilometer) wide, would have
to have been obliterated every day to create the icy dust belt seen today,
researchers say. In an announcement of the discovery, European Space Agency
officials dubbed the demolition derby, there could be between 260 billion
and 83 trillion comets in the dust belt around the star, the researchers
found. If you combined the amount of material in Fomalhaut's dust belt, the
mass would be the equivalent of 110 Earths-Mt. Etna erupts for sixth time
this year-Meteor spotted in four states msnbc/Ancient antibiotic-resistant
bacteria found in isolated cave, samples were collected from a part of
Lechuguilla Cave in Carlsbad Cavern National Park in New Mexico that has
been cut off from any input from the surface for four million to seven
million years. To Settle $3 Billion Reimbursement Tab With
Hospitals RTT News-Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has
settled its years long dispute with over the rate of pay cuts and offsets
for hospitals in rural areas/Elon Musk -- co-founder of PayPal, Tesla
Motors and SpaceX tds/
se-South-Africa-U-S.html /Ayn Rand when we need her! Not really a question
since she is dead. The older generation that elected Reagan has forgotten
her. Gen X,Y,& Z don't know her. She was sublimely logical and often in
touch with reality. Greenspan didn't mess w/her that's for sure... . Gold
is money. As money it is absolute. You can file the edges off or paint a
brick yellow but people know. We all know what can be done with fiat
currency. Someone figured all this out a long time ago. Generationally we
keep forgetting and paying the price. In part that's because religion makes
us feel guilty when we reject helping others. Attila and the Hun (she wrote
a book with this title) 2 manipulators screwing the working class again /
republican governors and legislators for disparate impact on women, We know
that Republican state Senator Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin stated that "You
could argue that money is more important for men" and we believe that this
idea has been the driving force behind the republican
Reagan Was A Freeloading Hippie Socialist Traitor? So get this. THE Ronald
Reagan was a fan of PROGRESSIVE taxation. And there's video to prove it.
And it's basically the same as what Obama argues every day-When A Poor
Person Does This It's Called Abusing The System. When An Oil Company Does
This It's Called Thursday, interesting how if you pay a Senator enough
money, they will do anything you want- /
US cancels food aid to North Korea after missile launch, warns of more
sanctions /How come there aren't more
whistleblowers? It's a vexing question for anyone who'd like to see
corporate crime reduced Whistleblower Finds Death-Threat Note On Office
Chair /Most of Iran's tanker fleet is now operating in
"off-radar" mode. Tehran has ordered the captains of its 39-strong oil
fleet to turn off the tracking devices aboard the tankers in order to
disguise the destination of its oil shipments
falling-from-sky/ Obama paid higher rate than Mitt Romney, 2011 tax returns
reveal Republican agenda of fear: McCarthyism 2k12,
often accuse President Obama and Democrats of being too "liberal", going as
far as calling them "socialists" and even "communists". This week, Florida
congressman, Republican Allen West, was asked how many members of congress
were members of the Communist Party and West replied that nearly 80 members
were "card carrying members, West is the perfect example of the new
Republican, the Tea Party Republican, the type of conservative that puts
rhetoric and fear ahead of facts. With the insurgence of new Republicans
into federal and state governments in 2010, the agenda of fear and false
rhetoric is at a high that we haven't seen in the United States in over 50
r-mccarthyism-2k12#ixzz1rxMjAgdg / reports a study from the New
Jersey Office of Legislative Services that Christie's recent proposed tax
cuts would benefit the state's wealthiest citizens the most and would be
paid for by cutting spending drastically, including education. "A family
earning $50,000 a year would save $80.50, and those making $100,000 would
save $275. Families who make $1 million would save $7,265"-Christie is as
corrupt as they come. All his crap will catch up with him, it always does
with people like this. How many other tea party guvs have we seen elected
in, then once their true colors show, voters have buyer's remorse. His Koch
connections, his ALEC connections, his lies to his own constituents, his
corruption, his incredibly FAT mouth and bully attitude. I'll just bide my
time and wait for the fail.
ting-on-a-couch-waiting-for-a-government-check /Saudi-backed Bahraini
security forces have attacked anti-regime protesters with tear gas and
sound grenades outside Bahrain's capital Manama. hundreds of regime thugs
wielding knives and sticks attacked a number of villages overnight, beating
residents and damaging their properties. reports suggest that the attackers
were responding to messages posted online to avenge a bomb attack that
injured seven policemen in the area two days earlier. orchestrated by the
regime itself to justify its brutality against protest areas/Vacaciones del
terror…  regreso de vacacionistas, vale la pena enumerar vacaciones
trĂ¡gicas. F#@king News Team Ever reports from the
Gingrich, Romney and Obama camps; Al Madrigal investigates "personhood" in
Oklahoma; and Ricky Gervais talks Karl Pilkington. tds/Mitt Romney Lies His
Ass Off To get elected tour took the stage at the NRA's annual meeting and
uttered a barrage of falsehoods about President Obama and guns, so extreme
that most of them had no relationship to any facts. /Palin weighs in on the latest twists in the “war on
women” debacle.reads texts and emails she had received from her sister and
“apolitical girlfriends” “We don’t look to the president to speak for us,”
Palin said, adding that she and her fellow “mama grizzlies” are turned off
by the “divisiveness represented by Barack Obama and the people he
surrounds himself with-They will stand behind her till she quits again?
tpm/ Oklahoma State Senator Justifies Need For ‘Open Carry’ Gun Law Due To
Threat From Wild Turkeys, lawmakers are poised to enact an “open carry” law
which would allow residents with a permit to display their guns in grocery
stores, libraries, and anywhere else in public /"To
communicate anything to a goy about our religious relations would be equal
to the killing of all Jews, for if the goyim knew what we teach about them
they would kill us openly." -Libbre David 37 "The Talmud"./Rachel Aliene
Corrie (April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003) was an American member of the
International Solidarity Movement (ISM). She was ran over and killed in the
Gaza Strip by an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Caterpillar bulldozer when she
was trying to prevent the demolition of the home of a Palestinian family-
October 25, 2010 Caterpillar to delay supply of D9 bulldozers to IDF
Report: Caterpillar to delay supply of D9 bulldozers to IDF -
Israeli military Colonel states, “There are no civilians in war zones.”
Haifa, Israel – Several State witnesses testified in Haifa District Court
on Monday, September 6, 2010/a day after Republicans attacked CNN
contributor Hilary Rosen for her comments about Ann Romney, an Iowa
Republican proposed an amendment to a bill that would allow those who pay
child support to force the recipients of that support to take a drug test
as frequently as every six months/sees thousands of small businesses of all
kinds — independent shoe stores, book stores, small manufacturers,
restaurants, etc. At the same time, there is also socialized medicine,
which is partially by consumption taxes, just like their education system.
The sick are cared for, not pilfered by a medical system that exists first
and foremost to maximize annual profits." Healthy Middle Class Keys Asian
Economic Success We can learn from one of the greatest keys to the new
economic success of nations like Japan and Taiwan, which is that they not
only have a middle class, but they value it / 100 stupid vids
in 3 min/imus, icecant (can) cop on duty masterbation in santafe via
41212/Rush On Obama Backers: "Angry, Hostile, No Manners, Reprobates, Rude,
Crude, Thoughtless, Selfish, Mean/citizens and the residents of Dubai, men
& women, adults & children, people from different walks of life Dubai
International Peace Convention 2012/Corrections Corporation of America
(CCA), owner of the largest private prison system in the United States,
sent a letter this winter to 48 states offering up to $250 million to
manage government-owned detention centers. The letter lists the criteria of
eligible purchases and includes an assurance that state corrections
agencies “have sufficient inmate population to maintain a minimum 90
percent occupancy over the term of the contract.” The guarantee isn’t
difficult to rationalize from CCA’s point of view: they are paid by the
government for each prisoner they house, so they want to house as many
prisoners as possible to maximize their revenue. But what if there aren’t
enough prisoners to fill CCA’s quota? Private prisons have faced this
dilemma before, and they’ve responded by buying prisoners through
legislation, government infiltration and old-fashioned bribery./calls tax
on tanning beds ‘racist’ Florida Congressman Allen West (R-Ft. Lauderdale)
can’t seem to open his mouth lately without saying something provocative,
controversial and, some would say, ill-considered /Hannity and
Romney's off-camera conversation exposed by Gawker mole; Romney seems
remarkably at ease, some of the conversation - about, for instance, the
horses he owns with his wife - may not help him combat his wealthy,
out-of-touch imageboth men say how they hope conversation never goes public
Though Mitt- if one out of every eighty
eight people in this country had an incurable disease. Do you think someone
in Congress might take notice? Why No Action From Congress On Autism? /Tell Facebook: Withdraw Your Support For
CISPA, Facebook has signed onto a bill that obliterates privacy and hands
the Internet over to the military /Though I walk
through the aisles of walmart, I will fear no people. Even though people
are dressed weird, and that woman has a beard/letterman 65/

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