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102713/bo's lies

102713/never presume malice when incompetence is an adequate explanation-Vindicated 9,9, 2009, Joe Wilson, Congressman from South Carolina, shouted You lie!, the only truth that Obama has ever uttered is that He would fundamentally change America, doing just that with lies and deceit americanthinker-Some of us believed him from day one-Jack Straw says in parliament debate 'unlimited' funds available to Jewish groups in US used to control America's Mideast policy; adds Germany's 'obsession' with defending Israel another obstacle for peace, made harsh anti-Semitics Tony Blair's government in 2001-2006, accused Israel of cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing, recently expressed favorability towards the new Iranian president Hassan Rohani. “You could do business with him, and we were able to do business with him,” Straw told CNN's Christiane Amanpour. “I very profoundly believe that (this) is a new chance for proper negotiations, Rohani is an Iranian and he represents Iran’s national interest, so people have got to factor that in, and it’s entirely right that he should do that ynetnews-Danny Danon (Likud) is continuing his campaign to stop the release of terrorist prisoners from Israeli jails as a gesture to the Palestinian Authority. Releasing prisoners means encouraging terrorists, making them stronger, boosting their spirit, I can’t imagine that any sane country, including the United States of America, would free terrorists after attacks, The US wouldn’t consider releasing one terrorist. Any sane country would do the same, we don’t need to be embarrassed. When you see that your compassion is being used against you, it’s logical to stop, it is not too late, I believe we can still prevent it. dismissing claims from sources close to Hatnua head Tzipi Livni that the government was forced to release terrorists because the political right refused to allow it to freeze construction, That’s nonsense. This alternative was never presented to anyone I know, and the attempt to connect construction in Jerusalem and the land of Israel to the release of terrorists is twisted, What needs to happen? Only if Jews are murdered, we can build? It’s an outrage to draw that parallel, blaming Livni alone for Israeli concessions to the PA, simply because she heads the negotiation team, I’ve openly criticized Livni for her behavior in negotiations, both in the past and today, but I agree that today the general. We can’t blame Tzipi Livni alone for terrorist release, responsibility is on the shoulders of the Prime Minister and the government ministers israelnationalnews-The Perfect Storm, 14 million people will be receiving health insurance cancellation letters over the next month, Otherwise they won't know if they are entitled to a subsidy, They will have to make the decision to go directly to the insurance company and pay the asking price. Which will be more than what they are currently paying, we know that they will be cramming 6 months of work into 1 month, Tech Surge is not possible. The people who were doing the work are the people who will continue to do the work. There is simply not enough time to train new people. QSSI will be doing the work nbcnews government pledges aca will work-Those who refuse to acknowledge reality and the facts-unrealistic" (like Don Quixote, perhaps) rather than the enigmatic lesser intellect persuasion. The reason I bother to take exception is that your post smacks of an insinuation that the Jewish persuasion is a mark of a lesser intellect. The reality and the facts, however, testify to the contrary, there is something in Judaism, whether the millennia of cultural tradition, or genetic endowment, or the nature of their religion, that is conductive of superior intellectual achievement- I will grant that they are the exception to the rule-Johnny Mandel his more famous numbers: "Suicide Is Painless, later television series) M*A*S*H-Bibi Doesn't Have The Cojones To Bitch Slap Tzipi, or she's doing his bidding. Either way, somebody needs to bitch slap HIM!-iapb/juan tries, brit accuses bo of being lazy wiggles neck held up by chris reassuring saud, stringing words together, kerralthammer accuses libs of being nieve and that all enemies are inheirtly evil, on fns/end of the day ohio douchebag on mtp/ mancia tries to calm the fearful, barasso keeps the pressure up, dick out of the loop claims secrets are secret blaming snowden insisting iran be contained to secure oil adversaries are un afraid should have attacked syria 7 yrs ago, asserts gov hc may damage the nations health, since it didn't work out for him, cokie asks bo's spiritual advisor being not clear on feed the poor and love thy enemy, on abc/
102613/commentarymag loving us to death, as Jews face the prospect of their own declining numbers in the United States, the vital necessity of the State of Israel is more evident than ever. If this tiny tribe that has remained on this earth for thousands of years, carrying out the dictates of its ageless scrolls and following the rulings of its millennia old sages is to survive and thrive into the unknowable future, it will only be able to do so primarily in its own land with its own language, a land in which Jews live with Jews, marry Jews, and bear Jewish children who bear Jewish children of their own. Where outreach has failed, Zionism has succeeded large partisan divide in the U.S. over Israel," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. 63% of Republicans call Israel an ally of the U.S, 33% of Democrats politicalticker-Not 33% of the Jews who vote Democrat. Pulling out stats like that is like saying 90% of Republicans like dogs, just like Hitler, only 37% of women surveyed said Israel is an ally-He leaves out that independents also see them as friendly more than being an ally. It's more about other nations you take joint ventures with. It doesn't mean they consider them a 'foe, The only reason for the surge of overemphasising support from the right is about fundies and religious significance that ends in horror as an angry jesus descends from the clouds and destroys all the unbelievers with lightning bolts from his fingertips- Yeah, I get all warm and cozy knowing that the majority of Republicans who consider Israel an ally are anticipating the day when Zombie Jesus comes back to earth during an earth ending fight that requires a very large number of Jews to die-Well, he's not a "zombie." But yes, lots of Jews may have to die. It is written-opinions like "Israel would be no worse off today or better of today if McCain or Romney won elections" are pure speculation. You have absolutely zero evidence to support such a theory since neither was ever in a position to test it. My opinion is that today's Democrat party is bad for Israel, and Jews in general, if they care about the survival of Judaism. I will acknowledge that many American Jews are nicely positioned in American culture and want to be socially progressive citizens because that is the nature of the religion (no matter what sfb and the Protocols of Zion might say). It is a dangerous path that has been taken before with ruinous results-opinion are yours too, southie, but facts aren't, tactical and financial support has climbed. Major issues like iron dome and a joint attack on iranian computer networks stick out like glaring thumbs, the stink about the nsa recently? Info being released that we are massively spying on allies and everyone else throughout the world? You know what the israeli revelation has been? It was that we have been openly and without question sharing captured data with israeli intelligence-iapb/ h66b hillary-the Army knows the Tea Party is a terrorist group. Now watch the teabaggers attack our soldiers-The American public should be outraged that the U.S. Army is teaching our troops that evangelical Christians and tea party members are enemies of America and that they can be punished for supporting or participating in those groups, Don’t donate to the tea party or to evangelical Christian groups, the message soldiers at a pre deployment briefing at Fort Hood said they received from a counter intelligence agent If you do, you could face punishment, that was the other half of the message, members who donate to these groups would be subject to disciplineas reported by Fox News. These statements about evangelicals being domestic enemies are a serious charge. The solider said he was worried about getting in trouble for speaking of the incident to the press. But he also wondered how that advisement would play out Can I tithe? Can I donate to Christian charities? What if I donate to a politician who is a part of the tea party movement? Another soldier confirmed the threat of punishment, Breitbart claims weren’t true-Half a milllion Californians could lose their health care under Obamacare next year If you like your can fuck yourself sfgate-Malkin bOcare’s Patient Dumping, Privacy Meddling Scheme, Anyone who isn’t concerned about the privacy implications of this government funded records sharing network hasn’t been paying attention are digging for dirt on private citizens who donate to GOP campaigns. Nothing to see or smell here? Discerning eyes and nostrils beg to differ-dailycaller michelle princeton classmate xo bocare website- Obongo's Buddies Are Profiting from his policies people live better by providing health care-When it's Repugs, Halliburton, half a million people die and just as many maimed, extremely comical to watch as a drooler clumsily trys to excuse their own hypocrisy-have some dignity. watch your soaps or whatever-How many years will it take for Barrack's buddies to catch up with the Halliburton and Blackwater rip offs?-Good to see you can admit the ACA is for many people a rip off, shouldn't be too long-high profits for others, and vice versa. And more and more we see a "tit for tat" effort at fairness from the government by extremist fanatics on the left and right-relevant? Such a sad justification for political corruption-any credible justification for the Halliburton and Blackwater rip offs?-course not. The Cheney Rumsfeld Powell, Rice, Bush, Wolfiwitz Cabal are war criminals, current interventionist Neo Con not any better aibafs/Cuccinelli, Va. Candidate for Gov., Brags About His ‘A’ NRA Rating At Site Of Mass Shooting Where 32 People Died thinkprogress tw/Ted Cruz Is Fighting Against Government Transparency because he doesn’t want you to know who the backers are of his effort to run for president in 2016 liberalland/off duty Cop hits girl with motorcycle, then shoots angry father dead, Be assured that the internal investigation will clear the officer of all wrongdoing in the shooting. As usual RawStory-He also thinks god speaks to him. He hears god’s voice, inside his head. That quote was from the delusional, prophetic evangelist’s own mouth. Oh yeah, and his delusional father believes Cruz will become KING of America-everybody knows Ted Cruz is a Kochsucker, a term as in the Koch brothers who are the REAL creators and FUNDING fathers of the Tea Party and their treasonous congress members- fb/

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