Tuesday, October 29, 2013

102913/bo lied, people died

102913/Republican passed bill cuts will end food assistance for 1.8 million low income seniors and people in low income working families, 170,000 veterans, 210,000 children will loses their school lunches, and, “2 million to 4 million poor jobless individuals who live in areas of high unemployment, even if they want to work and are willing to take a job or participate in a training program- Senate already promised to kill this bill. Democrats in the body refuse to consider these inhumane cuts- teddy cruzer hope this hits the teabaggagers hard if it passes-are labia enlargements covered under obamacare, i need crotchless panty new look-Rand Paul discusses movie "GATTACA, the pursuit of selective breeding and abortions-what if he copied the words, point is made-First Selective Abortion, Next Selective Breeding to create a Master Race-Once trust in the GOP was lost, it cannot be purchased at any cost-Gone the way of the Whigs and Know Nothings. Quite sad end-I have a HARDON for koko. I crave koko's attention, you know. It's a gay thing. That's why I had my Britcan penile implant, others troll for koko earlier. I crave koko's pecker.Last night I dreamed that I was blowing Kingsy while koko reamed by poop shoot with his massive, 10 inch salami DOCTORS ARE CALLING OBOZOCARE A JOKE president foodstamps-from the new england journal of medicine: Dead Man Walking, patients, poverty alone limits access to care. We recently saw a man with AIDS and a full-body rash who couldn't afford bus fare to a dermatology appointment. We sometimes pay for our patients' medications because they are unable to cover even a $4 copayment. But a fair number of our patients, the medical “have nots, are denied basic services simply because they lack insurance, and our country's response to this problem has, at times, seemed toothless. 70% of our clinic patients have no health insurance, and they are all frighteningly vulnerable; their care is erratic, they are disqualified from receiving certain preventive and screening measures, and their lack of resources prevents them from participating in the medical system. And this is not a community or state specific problem. A recent study showed that underinsured patients have higher mortality rates after myocardial infarction, it is well documented that our country's uninsured present with later-stage cancers and more poorly controlled chronic diseases than do patients with insurance. We find it terribly and tragically inhumane that Mr. Davis and tens of thousands of other citizens of this wealthy country will die this year for lack of insurance. The American College of Physicians, endorsed the principle of universal health care coverage Lack of insurance can be lethal, and we believe our professional community should treat inaccessible coverage as a public health catastrophe and stand behind people who are at risk-President Obama Is Pouring brillions Into The Economy- I Would Hit You With Ashitpie Filth!-Nobel Winning Chemical Weapons Org Confirms Syria Destroying Its Stockpile-2nd Nobel Peace prize methinks. Saved Trillions plus thousands of GI lives-"Once trust in the system is lost, it cannot be purchased at any cost- signalled the death of the GOP. Very sad-that visit really cost an arm and a leg-THE UNITED STATES AS PAPER TIGER, THE PAPER PRINCESS, a red line in Syria, Putin comes along and kicks the sand in his face and makes a fool of him in the Middle East where "face" is critical to stature, ALL OPTIONS are on the table, including military, to assure the world that Iran does NOT develop a nuclear bomb, Iranian regime is working with Russia, building even more reactors and everyone agrees that Iran is within shooting distance of the bomb, negotiating with the same Iranian who vowed to destroy the United States....as they openly build 34 new reactors. How can ANYONE take this man at his word? Its meaningless-DOCTORS ARE CALLING OBOZOCARE A JOKE! by president foodstamps- 9 or 10 years ago, I had to bring my father to the ER with some symptoms of stroke. But he couldn't get treatment right away and everything hit the fan (and triaged) when an uninsured diabetic was brought in, needing an emergency amputation. It took us 7 hours to get some treatment and get out of there. I asked two of the doctors if this is was unusual and they said unfortunately NOT, it was pretty common. Heart disease and diabetes is pretty common and there are MILLIONS UNDIAGNOSED AND UNTREATED in the US. I knew then that this was unsustainable and something had to happen-Former Illinois U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has reported to a North Carolina federal prison to serve a 2 1/2 year prison term for misusing campaign funds-the greatest actor that ever lived-corey feldman, imo-2016 Dream Team; Paul Ryan and Rand Paul-T Boone Pickens (Plan was brilliant but Obama wouldn't even meet with him-yhal/it's time to stop hitting the snooze button on America's budget problems-fb/Jon Stewart ‘apologizes’ for the NSA’s global spying: sorry that you forgot that we’re kind of dicks rbh/girl after being raped, buried alive crawls out nypost-Funny how things change, It was you who told me that things change. Your people lost their lands and have been moved to reservations. Right, wrong or otherwise. You are the original North Americans but you were NOT the first Americans. You guys were tribes, Now, you're a bunch of drunks who have lost their honor even among each other- Obama Gestapo Raids Reporter's Home, Takes Notes, Maryland police and federal agents raided Wt reporter Audrey Hudson's home, they were supposed to be looking for guns but wound up taking her personal notes and papers she had obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, previously Homeland Security's Federal Air Marshal godfather politics iapb/the night texas turns blue with karls face, newsbusters 10 most hated candies, on stephanie wine shortage hoarder/corp welfare jhpv/8 of 10 10m no limit etc substandard policies dropped, g & nome wonder why bo wouldn't know that, palone monkey court revaserating senate wingnut points, on geraldo/
102813/One Of The Strangest Parasites Ever Recorded In An Animal THE HEART EEL a huge animal, nearly 900lbs, and during necropsy, as they say in the paper, they “were astonished to find two anguilliform fish in the lumen of the heart deepseanews/Moyers: As the mainstream media continues to censor itself and back big banks like JP Morgan Chase, the entire country suffers from our own ignorance/High Incidence of Blood Cancers Among Men" Near Canada's Main Oil Sands Site PCarnival/Poverty Measure in California Finds 2 Million Additional Poor/Colombia: Paramilitary Group Threatens Indigenous Protesters With "Social Cleansing Ai-Most Beloved War Criminals, How is it that those who serve as secretary of state are given a free pass by the mainstream media and the public for their roles in the foreign policy disasters of the administrations they served?-The dumbing down of America is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the enormously influential media, the 30 second sound bites (now down to 10 seconds or less), lowest common denominator programming, credulous presentations on pseudoscience and superstition, but especially a kind of celebration of ignorance Carl Sagan-Truthout stands against the lies told by cynical politicians and greedy corporations, and repeated by too many media pundits, from lies encouraging cuts to the social safety net, to lies justifying mass government surveillance/Antiquities Authority announce arrest of three Arabs from the Hevron area who were involved in the theft of antiquities, important historical dig, and contains the remains of a large town that was built during the Hellenistic period, approximately 2,300 years ago. It was inhabited until about 1,400 years ago. Among the important finds at the site is a well-appointed mikveh (Jewish ritual bath, Police Sting Op Nets Arab Car Thieves, Stolen Laptop Highlights Ongoing Sharon-Area Property Crime, Havat Gilad Residents Thwart Attempted Sheep Theft inn/GOP senators balked when Democrats proposed delaying a new temporary fee on everyone covered by health insurance, to pay $63 a person next year for everyone who has coverage. The temporary fee covers all workers, spouses and dependents covered by health insurance-the headline is a complete lie vs what the real story is-insisted on approving the Keystone Pipeline; expanded oil drilling; blocking Net neutrality; Tort reform; fewer regulations for coal fired power plants; tax code changes; stopping EPA coal ash regulations-The GOP was rightly blamed. We have letters dating back to August where 80 republican House members pushed the shutdown strategy. Quiot pretending they wanted compromise-aibafs/low wages and few benefits come at a price for taxpayers. Workers at a single location can consume about $1 million in public benefits because they need help to make ends meet-CEO of Walmart U.S. Bill Simon included the fact that over 475,000 of its associates, what it calls its workers, made more than $25,000 last year. Given that the company employs about a million hourly workers in its stores, according to a company spokesperson, that means about 525,000 make less than that- McResources Line comes a week after a report found that more than half of fast food workers have to rely on public assistance programs since their wages aren't enough to support them, The report estimated that this public aid carries a $7 billion price tag for taxpayers each year- rbh/tax increase republicans support-Reds aren't for the $63 tax, they simply want the people to feel the full effect of Obamacare, and to know it for what it is-Vote out teapublican obstructionists 2014!-you're an idiot if you think the democrats have your best interests at heart. very gullible is what you are-its #$%$ like you that makes me sick. You stupid dunces have ruined this country-We need a third party but not these teabagers-quit voting, It's a waste of time, They all lie, They lie to their own family, So what makes you all think they care one bit about us-yahoo ap/The Pukes Were Thrown Out Because They CAUSED The Crash-running out of ganja inspired posts are living in the past and dreaming of when you were an "iron worker" no doubt-Do You Wonder Why U R Called A Puke?-Actually in your case, you can address me as Sir....as I am your better both socially and intellectually, plus I ain't some old geezer spending his day in a drug and booze filled haze posting insane drivel on a stock msg board as you do-why does he have a new ID every day?- Somewhere around $14 billion is spent annually on UNINSURED diabetics getting emergency amputations- please provide link to your "fact" cuz I'm calling you a liar moreover, husseincare will not fix any such issue-I like to masturbate while I fantasize about koko-I hear that red state men have real big d ks-Good thinkg the #igger Obama is not enforcing the law. Looks like a rich #$%$ want to kill an endangered species-And your weekdays posting on the HAL board. Interesting-And Reagan never lifted a FINGER to help the 271 Marines in Beirut or capture the terrorists who killed them, too busy selling cocaine in the US and giving arms to IRAN!! Google Iran Contra-Snowden knew about NSA spying but hussein didn't hilarious-I'd eat her out-Google the conservative HERITAGE FOUNDATION for more details, pukes, they said it better than I can-Good enough to convince MITT to implement it in Massachusetts and for OBAMA to implement it nationwide. Capische?-Dallas Safari Club auctioning off permit to kill an endangered black rhino-Sounds like something Cheney might be bidding on. Somehow they have twisted this behavior to be to "help" the black rhino because some of the proceeds will be used for conservation. Hey, how's this for an idea, donate the f'n money without killing something in return. What a bunch of sociopathic creeps-USA in collapse with corruption and financial ruin but democommies on the board are concerned about-Colbert: They should hunt the Safari Club members instead, They'd raise MILLION$-tranquilize it, then shoot it. real sportsmen-like the "sportsmen" who blast away at birds as they are let out of pens-cheney keeps it real. he hunts lobbyist-FOX NEWS POLL: 53% of FOX VIEWERS believe Ann Coulter was born a male-the sex of ann coulter, weak, extremely weak minded creatures  repubs grasping for straws OMG ! GAY!-koko would tongue Coulter's adams' apple?- Ann Coulter? That Horse Faced butch-MSNBC- Abby Huntsman vs FOX NEWS Ann Coulter ?Princess vs her horse?-Obozo didn't know about website or NSA- The Loons From The Left Were Busy This Weekend!- change shelters? yhal/ is an evil man for eavesdropping on private phone calls, say employees of Rupert Murdoch at Fox News John Fugelsang-judge in Texas on Monday blocked an important part of the state’s restrictive new abortion law, which would have required doctors performing the procedure to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital- fb/

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