Wednesday, October 30, 2013

103013/no negro dialect, liar

103013/in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj attacked by a large group of extremist Sunnis believed to be Salafis. 10 American Shiite Muslims identified themselves, and further said they were Shiites, the armed men began attacking them with knives and other weapons. The Americans reported that the men shouted at them, We’re going to do Karbala all over again, where the grandson of Mohammed was attacked and killed after being made to watch the killing of his family, Our [holy pilgrimage] will be complete once we have killed you, ripped out your hearts and eaten them, and [then] raped your women. a dentist from Michigan as saying, “I personally thought it was the end,” he said. “You always hear about how nice [the Hajj] is supposed to be but wasn’t the House of God, I would say that I never want to come back. witnesses refused to identify themselves fearing reprisals by Saudi authorities, Americans escaped the attack alive, but suffered broken bones, bruises and black eyes. One American reported an attempted strangulation. Complaints to the Saudi police were met with indifference, laughter and a refusal to take action, showing the police footage of the attack taken by cell phones, the Americans reported that the cell phones were confiscated by an officer, the incriminating videos were deleted in front of them and the phones were returned without a word, previous years, Shiite Americans as well as Canadians and other Westerners also reported being assaulted, with some saying they were arrested for reporting the incidents wt-Known in certain circles as (the Puppet Master). Dick Cheney pulled the strings in the majority of the Bush Administration’s dirty deeds. The plan to invade Iraq well before 9/11on a mission to rewrite history cheney claiming obama thinks bush overreacted-oil plan iraq war-12 Billion dollars they “lost” in Iraq-345 Billions given to his buddies at Halliburton-USs halliburton_1_KZP.htm Billions more to Enron-Billions more to Blackwater-the best defense is a good offense) strategy. Constantly attacking & smearing to change the subject. And it has clearly work on some. But not on us. We see you Dick, for who & what you truly are- fb/Snowden, lead to the conclusion that the US diplomatic mission in the German capital has not merely been promoting German-American friendship. On the contrary, it is a nest of espionage. From the roof of the embassy, a special unit of the CIA and NSA can apparently monitor a large part of cellphone communication in the government quarter. And there is evidence that agents based at Pariser Platz recently targeted the cellphone that Merkel uses the most-Israeli agents are behind a cyber attack against the communications networks of the Elysee Palace, intercepting more than 70 million calls and text messages per month. France had initially accused the US of hacking into former French President Nicolas Sarkozy's communications network during the 2012 presidential election- horse breeder 62 barely registered that his farm was just 25 miles north west of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. But two and half years after the accident, Iitate has become a nuclear ghost town, this year, he noticed that several among the 30 horses that remained, mainly foals, had become unsteady on their feet. Within weeks, 16 had died in mysterious circumstances clg/ carr already met our knucklehead quota bostonherald/We’re seeing more and more of this victim mentality in America,” said Doocy on the settlement. “60 million dollars for 26 victims of sexual assault comes out to just under 2.3 million per victim. 2.3 million dollars just for being sexually abused? It’s excessive and embarrassing/BATR No one can reasonably deny that the major Insurance Companies were the driving force behind the writing of the Affordable Care Act legislation. "The health care industry spent nearly $500 million lobbying for health care issues in 2012, and $243 million so far in 2013." Obamacare or Corporate-care: The Writing of the Affordable Care Act, sums up the process. /Will the New Not Sees, i.e., Teabaggers, finally shut their blow holes after losing in 2014?-No way. They'll keep up a steady stream of stupidity just like they did before the 2012 election. They lost HUGE in that election. They will lose even more in the 2014 election. But, they will continue to spray down the message boards with "waste." Goebbels Rove hate spewing is all they know ybac/You can keep your health plan if you want-Another ignorant troll for the ignore list. THREE YEARS and they know NOTHING about Obamacare-michelle "corndog" bachmann, still under investigation for campaign fund fraud-libs trying to divert from Obama's fake scandals again. Are people this stupid, guess them people that voted for Obama and the Libs, dumb down America ruled by demographics ignorants-I'd blow a homeless man if he was black, But, I'm too heavy to leave my trailer, so have have to try to lure them in yhal/Pounding the golden boy continues, Poor Bobo. He's not used to this. You'd think the president was a Republican with all the incessant hammering on pretty much every news story. They're just keeping teleprompter boy on the ropes because with worst thing for a marionette is for him to presume he's actually president and start thinking, or acting, on his own yc/ Since when do Medicare people (67yr) get insurance from Obamacare? Answer, THEY DON'T! LIE,LIE LIE, LIar, your pants must be on fire. rbh/
Praise Barack Obama, for he is saving America-let us bask in his light for three more years, the dawn of the golden age for soonafter comes the godess hillary, glory hallelujia! Thank Universe for Barack!-rbg/That's still a white wing conspiracy theory, and cancellations are a transition to better policies. Unless of course you think the Health Insurance Industry is fixing to turn down the subsidies and throw in the towel. And if you believe that you'll buy a bridge, What we do know is that people will receive better coverage, eg, lifetime max and pre existing are about to disappear, and tens of millions more people can have it-cnn commandos poised raid benghazi suspect-You show that it is possible to be of the Jewish faith without being completely disgusting, Standup comedian Sebastian Thoen introducing Elie Semoun on Canal Plus TV. When a leading Jewish organization complained about "a dangerous trivialization of anti-Semitism," the President of the TV channel responded by saying that the Jewish community had "no sense of humor, Seven decades after Auschwitz, the oldest hatred is slowly regaining its place on the continent, and it is no laughing matter, I'm sure when the French collaborated with the Nazis it was because we didn't have a sense of humor-Do you feel the same way when you are making jokes about other people? Why is it ok to make fun/jokes of other people and get so upset when Jews are done the same? Kimmel just got into trouble for having a skit about killing Chinese, but carpet bombing gaza is acceptable. Where does stop? What about your constant 'shitting' on 'Barry', that's acceptable but, we 'shitting on Bibi' is not acceptable-Sounds like you got it pretty good in Canada, what's your problem with the US? Why do you hate the US; what did the US ever do to you?-We don't aid Israel enough, so Jews are having a real tough time robbing and killing people over there, all on account of us, problems just keep on coming. First it was Hitler, then it was Barak Obama-We don't aid Israel enough, so Jews are having a real tough time robbing and killing people over there, all on account of us, problems just keep on coming. First it was Hitler, then it was Barak Obama-complaints about obamcare have nothing to do with being Jewish or Israel. It's politically based, you're just jealous because arab citizens of Israel have healthcare options that you can only fantasize about-iapb/ho did the teabaggers align with? why, none other than their founder and financier, the koch bros, about to go up in flames because they wouldn't listen, you'll disappear when the koch money disappears, just like the right wing evangelicals did, the only question is what form they'll take when they reimerge in three years aibafs/ pepetual game of gotcha, omg, on stephanie/ texas methhead kills 5, on geraldo/
102913/ California. Of course the oarfish had parasites living off it. Why should the fish be any different from the rest of us, supporting a bunch of parasite Californians? In LA right now. Obama and Hillary stickers everywhere and Prius's and "Smart Cars" everywhere. Lots of parasites-They found democrats inside of a sea serpent?-turducken" comes to mind. Watch the parasite sh(i)t out a tea party member-you sure you're not confusing California with Congress?-they suck the cash from others!- some Fukushima nuclear waste-Look for more things to surface, the world's trash emptying into the oceans causing these creatures to try to find clean water. Even if it means coming to the surface-I just *knew* the crazies would spew their political comments, wasn’t disappointed (except by their ignorance--Five dead at four locations after shooting spree in TERRELL, Texas, Charles Everett Brownlow, Jr 36, released from prison in the last few months, suspected of shooting to death his mother, aunt and three others in four locations was charged with murder on Tuesday after a manhunt and high speed car chase had changed since his brother was killed a couple of decades ago in a robbery r-maybe alive because he's not a minority. Usually. texas lawmen don't mess around with their kind..they will blow them away at the most convenient opportunity in order to save tax payer money on an investigation and trial, But on the other hand..if this killer is a minority and he's still could be due to Political show the rest of the country and the world, they don't always shoot or beat the #$%$ out of minorities in a standoff as what often will happen. yippi kai yea!-I think you have it backwards. he's alive because he is white. nothing gives a texas lawman more pleasure than snuffing a black or Mexican--Reds targeting young Americans in the Washington area who watch "The Daily Show, in its latest assault on the Affordable Care Act. to air anti Obamacare ads during 'Daily Show' csm--At least 2,150 US military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001 abc--Paul Ryan, the Republican Party's fiscal visionary, faces a major test in budget talks starting this week: Can he move from ideology and theoretical blueprints to practical deal-making?-California man shot dead after breaking into a young family's suburban home over the weekend had ranted about zombies hours before he showed up screaming threats in their backyard and smashed into their house-ending a 20 month boycott of the Geneva forum which it accuses of bias against the Jewish state-r--Israel defending its treatment of Palestinians and others submits to human rights review by UN body AP-From this we conclude that the oarfish's diet consist of lawyers and politiciansresponse to the DOJ's challenge of Texas's redistricting plan and voter ID laws, Texas AG Admits If Minorities Voted For Us, Republicans Wouldn’t Have to Suppress Votes Gregg Abbott admitted what we already know-#Obama: I came, I saw, I conquered. #Cruz: I blame, I stall, I squandered. #Palin: I shame u all, I'm bonkers. #Boehner: I stayed in & drank.-Not too shabby for a train wreck: 700,000 Have Already Completed #ObamaCare Applications- tw/Did Obama Admin Know Millions Would Lose Their Health Plans-Fireworks at Capitol Hill ObamaCare Hearing-Girl 8 Snatched From Bedroom By Kidnapper, But Escapes-Casey Anthony Lawyer Defending Accused Bully After FL Girl's Suicide-Black Boxes Proposed to Track the Miles You Drive-Feds Raid Reporter's Home Over Potato Gun!-Classmate Linked to No Bid ObamaCare Contract-Cheney: 'What Did We Gain From Iraq, Afghanistan Wars?-policies turned the United States into a welfare state? Krauthammer and Carville-fni/you think the US government could cover up their role in 9/11 if they'd been behind it?-obama's ass is in a sling, funny how the teflon coated, light skinned black, with no negro dialect, liar in chief finally gets tripped up with his own words?Cons have thought that before, sometimes even afer reality dashed cold water on their wishful thinking-this insurance lie? well, it's a whopper and on video, going to be difficult for him to squirm and squeal like the pig he is, with that one-not like everyone didn't know President Obama is a liar. We just have concrete proof-cons were out there the whole time saying this was going to happen. This won't be the last time we were right about this steaming pile of crap-nothing more than the Con faux outrage du jour-he safe, He's being a good puppet and doing what his elitist masters tell him to-wittle" 49% Lib Retard Excrement, I can easily dismantle your latest, pathetic "Grope" to defend the Nanny Entitlement State you "want free stuff" from at the expense of others, GREED, SELFISHNESS, AND YOUR CONTINUED CORRUPTION-uncivil tough guy on an internet forum, hurray for you, 4488, their blood was spilled for lies-Poor greedy doctors. They get upset when they aren't able to overcharge and do unnecessary tests and procedures to pad their bills/ income at the expense of their patients. I might shed a tear for them-You can lead a Right Wing Nut Job to the truth, but you can't make them believe it, They are far too brainwashed and partisan for that-
aibafs/The father of chemical warfare At the Second Battle of Ypres during the First World War, German troops released chlorine gas onto the front. A northwestern wind pulled the pale green pineapple-smelling vapor into the trenches of the French army. The chlorine cloud mixed with the water in the soldiers’ bodies, becoming hydrochloric acid. Six thousand soldiers died in 10 minutes, drowning as fluid filled their ruined lungs, Three years later, amidst allegations of war crimes, Fritz Haber discovery that allowed ammonia to be pulled from the air led to a revolution in agriculture. Ammonia makes a great fertilizer, was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry-medium boring war/in Iran Sentenced to 80 Lashes for Drinking Wine During Communion, effectively criminalize the Christian sacrament Blaze/ newt robo calls reagan reds to save america from textbook socialism

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