Monday, October 28, 2013

102813/bo's meth war

102813/-WHAT HAPPENED TO THE $2,500 IN SAVINGS OBOZO PROMISED?? YOU NEVER REALLY BELIEVED THAT DID YOU?-THE POOR AND DOWNTRODDEN BOARD BOATS TO ESCAPE THE EVIL CAPITALIST AMERICA-They will NEVER taper, feds are addicted to cheap money-$24 BILLION wasted by the GOP shutdown DWARFS the $400 MILLION wasted on website obamacare-Wyoming, it will interesting to see if the 'lying stacks of cheney's' be by teddy cruzer-able to convince the good people of Wyoming to side with satan and elect satan's little helper lying liz-Only dying old white racist men primarily watch FOX NEWS, The rest of us want to watch a news program and not Right Wing lies and baseless propaganda-Middle Class Gets "Sticker Shock" from ObamaCare by whitehouse monkey- federal gov't needs to be slashed by 50%-As Right Wing Fear Mongers Go Apesh(*& Over Obamacare, My BlueCross Coverage Goes Up by george effin bush-a Whooping $4.43 every two weeks, from $138 to $142, How am I going to make it? Oh My! yhal/Right Wingnuts MUST be Executed for DESTROYING Obamacare-Desperate Neo-N@zi of the Day Award goes to the Teabagger troll "socialists for obama-Who is it you are attempting to fool with your pathetic troll ID? You will only dupe those who are just as stupid as you are-your making terroristic threats hey left wing radical, assume you been reported to eric holders police force!-a flaming anarchist and small minded conservative pretending to be some weird socialist that is not even in the picture. Obama is not a socialist and neither are his supporters. Socialism is just the boogie man of the radical cons and Tea Party crazies-Why execute them? That is so 19th century. Just beat them on ideas or join them if your ideas are not working- There must be Public Executions of these vile roaches. Torture should be there punishment-People have to be really stupid to believe that you are a liberal. You are just another fanatical right wing extremist who believes that violence is the answer to everything. Anyway, ObamaCare has not and will not be destroyed by anyone. Go whimper somewhere else, you conservative turkey!-People have to be really stupid to BE a liberal-not so secret longing of the neocon mind for sharia law with a 700 Club spin, Taliban-style due process and judicial restraint, and deliberative legislators who aren't afraid to do critical thinking without following prepaid scripts yc//Hamad said, "I want you to shoot in the head any person who comes out against our government. I do not want anyone injured so shoot them in the head-just over half of Israel's citizens think the US cannot be trusted in the context of security, after Washington backed down from striking Syria's chemical sites inn-Friendly Fire, An ally of the president begins to panic over Obamacare fallout Dem Party is F****d. consumers are staring at hefty increases on their insurance bills as the overhaul remakes the healthcare market. Their rates are rising in large part to help offset the higher costs of covering sicker, poorer people who have been shut out of the system for years Chad Terhune also quoted a letter sent to a California insurance company executive. "I was all for Obamacare," wrote a young woman complaining about a 50 percent rate hike related to the health care law, "until I found out I was paying for it We will own this problem forever nationaljournal-You can start to see the cracks in the democrat pundits. They've started to place blame on the Republican governors of states who opted out of forming their own exchanges-no wonder they are beserk, something big was going down at the Beirut shipping port this summer. How big? 5.5m white tablets, each embossed with an off-kilter yin-yang symbol and packed into 1,000 piece units in heat sealed plastic bags. “The boiler was made in Syria, and the way the tablets were hidden, it was clear that they hadn’t been just stuffed inside,” says Chams Eddine. “That unit was formed around the drugs, at the factory, A week later, Six Syrian made cargo trucks destined for Saudi Arabia from Lebanon were stopped just as they were about to cross the border. Each of the containers’ steel reinforcing ribs concealed a cleverly designed drawer packed with loose pills, 6 million of them in total. days later, a Syrian was caught at Beirut’s international airport with 11,000 tablets hidden in pastries. Then two more Syrians destined for Saudi were stopped at the airport with 8 kg of the stuff in their luggage, authorities confiscated more than $200 million worth of a potent amphetamine that is almost entirely unheard of in the West. But in the Persian Gulf, Captagon, as the amphetamine is known, is the most sought after drug on the street, and the conflict in Syria lawlessness, is making it even easier to obtain, the war drags on, yahoo syria breakingbad amphetamines funding war-drinking bad, chemicals good-iapb/
102713/tagged in a tweet, called a name-Liberal atheists are void of any purpose other than Gov tit sucking. Hence their anger-purpose is be compatible with nature's fragility & human rights as top priorities above profit. No dogma-waiting for some taxidermist to put a bullet in your birdbrain and stuff you for a wall prize Birdie-How Christian!- coupled to their personal insecurities and need to excuse their hypocritical existence of lies and delusions, hatred of successful-We're talking about your delusion here, kneejerk You're listed under Trigger 1. Typical con  douchecanoe-Tea Party flag at a KKK rally-Gadsen flag and long precedes the tea party. the KKK was funded by the democrat party right?-founded by the Dixiecrats. Right Wing Conservatives-Dixiecrats became Republicans-TEA party members, and we have yet to have any racism aimed at us-You've been lucky. Not all cons are racist, most All racists are conservatives Limbaugh Sponsor Uses the Bible to Take Money from the Desperately Stupid dailykos-so ur the nigger hating fried everything eatin drop bombs on iraqi schools, I have my own business so fuk your mother- guilty concious? I never said color ,creed or anything just entidalment crowd-Hey @rush HATES PEOPLE OF COLOR ya wanta see my Birth cert. ? I might be a Muslim. I might be a #FAT DRUG ADDICT?-I want my cancer vaccinations with mercury! I want my GMO's, I want to be Mentality lazy-snowden bull shit just keeps showing up Report says U.S. tracked Chancellor Merkel's phone since 2002-10,000 people line up in Dallas for information on Obamacare FreakOutNation- tw/one individual with uncommon opinions and multiple personalities, or multiple like-minded individuals sharing uncommon opinions with each other? Enquirer minds want to know. Plato's redheaded stepchildren and critical thinkers may actually be displaying spiteful brat unity, hoping a show of force will silence non-team players. ROTFLMAO either way, there appears to be little threat to their vast numerical superiority-show post', and POW! There it was....."pathetic", the refuge of a spiteful brat with a restricted vocabulary. Alas, poor *, I knew ye too well, now back in your cage. I'm pretty sure hear a triceratops howling for your favors-good news republicans, is that you are still not the most ignorant people on the planet! You do allow women to drive and vote, which puts you one teeny tiny step in front of the Taliban. We wont talk about the whole racist, religious, homophobic part....I'm sure your party will either figure it out, or implode on itself ybac/the worlds biggest con artists with their screams of bigotry while they steal and pillage, a thousand year record of perfecting the art of lying and thiever ygs/Citibank is Still Messed Up and Hiding Problems, I had a 100k business loan from citi that I haven't paid in over 4 years and they still send me statements like everythings normal... My business went under and there is no possibility of paying this back, but its still on their books. I wonder how many other bad loans they are hiding- Hard to see the 1770-80s folks as "right-wingers" since they wrote into the US Constitution that the first function of government is to tax its citizenry- but that's only if you by factual reality. I'm sure you go by right-wing mythology: you know, the founding fathers were Jesus and Ronald Reagan, that the motto "In God we trust" appears in the Constitution, that the Constitution is a Christian document, you know... all of your deeply cherished belief-yc/Best REALLY S-C-A-R-Y & REALLY (_o_) .U-G-L-Y Halloween Mask Poll, Nancy Grace, Sarah "Moose #$%$" Palin, Ted Cruz, Mark Rubio, Fat Governor of New Jersey, Governor JingleBalls of Louisana, arnOLD_Swatikanator, miley "no true talent" cyrus, senator mitch mcconnell, Flush BLIMPslob, Pat Robertson, Andrew Breitbart, Jerry Falwell, Hick Fairy (Tejas's Governor), mitt romney, hucklephuKKK (that idiot with a talkshow who use to fry roadkill squirrels in a popcorn popper while in college, john "walking dead" mcStain, glenn beck, ralph reed, ronOLD RAPEnuns, dumbya, death cheney, kindalesbo lice, woof blitzkrieg, marie osmond, oliver north, jack abramoff, snoot gagrich, paul ryan, Pat Buchanan, joe lieberman, tom "bugman" delay, a dog's (_o_) shaved, walking backwards-Red Staters Are OBESE and Unhealthy, should be paying FAR FAR more for healthcare- yhal/cruz Pre hunt prayer. OH "Don't get cheneyed-Cheney needs to be purged for NOT taking Ted Cruz hunting-Palinised. That's what they do with born fighters Ted. Enjoy hunting good luck-They realize everything we have been fighting for was justified. The only thing they have to report against us is this-what progressives do. Typical lefty crap if you don't adhere to their way of thinking you need to be eliminated or chastised. They (progressives) really do live a pathetic life don't they-through God's graces, will choose to reboot towards freedom, and away from the socialist one party state these asshats dream of, eat their failure raw, but only the good die young, so the top democrats should make it to a hundred-So anytime we see a Democrat woman getting into a car should we say, "Don't get Kennedyed- twitchy/they cling to a cartoon image of him on the political right. but, in this case, knowlage really is power, it led to soaring healthcare prices and rising health insurance premiums. the next natural step whould logically be making insurance available to those who cannot normally afford it. many on the right think if you cannot afford it, you deserve to die or go without treatment, which is the exact opposite of what ronald reagan advocated. that's the problem. to many people continue to forget the past and lead us in this circle in which we face the same economic and social crisis's every thirty years. look at medicare, for example. in 1960 ronald reagan called it a socialist experiment. by the mid 1980's he came around to not only liking it, he expanded it three times. the repubs of today are in favor of ending it. so, how can we move forward if people are so easily mislead to undo everything it tooks years to accomplish? this is why i hate fox news. to me, the are the rinos, and mislead the real rebulicans-cons think Obamacare is socialism, when in reality, the status quo they ardently defend forces every taxpayer to pay for the emergency room care of the uninsured through taxes and higher premiums-fb/man serving a life sentence for killing two other men outside a Florida strip club in 2011, then claimed stand your ground immunity, was killed in prison during a fight with another inmate. Campos, 28, was killed October 1st during an incident with another fla inmate obamacrat/RIP wildside Lou 71- evasive about where he gets his health coverage, Mrs. Cruz was blunt. Ted is on my health care plan, approximate valuation of $20,000 a year would put Cruz's coverage, at the minimum possible amount, on the highest end of average for employer provided family coverage. The average is $16,351 for a family plan -works in the shorting department? your surprised?- ygs/koch brothers beer offensive, even the Koch brothers have begun to realize that their attempts to stop the ACA are getting them nowhere. Last week, a representative of Koch Industries sent a letter to members of the Senate distancing the company from efforts to defund Obamacare, while still making it clear that Koch really does not like the law. Does this mean the Koch brothers are done with their various and multifaceted efforts to bring it down? Probably not, but if they at least scale back their efforts to just distributing free beers, that might not be such a bad thing. After what they have put us all through, we deserve one theguardian koch beer offensive-Cocks..I mean Kock's are slowly being exposed as the retards they are, good thing is they are bringing the Republican party down with them criticalbelievers/wnd bishop pope leading church to disaster/Fallon is professor of psychiatry and human behavior at the University of California, Irvine, author of the new book "The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey Into the Dark Side of the Brain, there's about 1 to 2 percent. About 2 percent of men, about 1 percent of women, in most societies. Once you go to the borderline people, the people who don't quite get over the test scoring for a full blown psychopath, then you start to get up to 5, 10, 15 percent of the population who may be near psychopath or pro social psychopath that can navigate their way very well through society without ever being caught, a psychopath overlap with the trace of somebody with malignant narcissism, or overlaps with somebody with these other disorder, they're very manipulative, and they don't show this sort of manipulation, because they're quite clever about it. So they know how to model or mirror behaviors very well. They can look like they're normal. That's what's so insidious about it- Ross Sea," Zuur If they can, that could also open the door to discussions about creating additional marine protected areas around Antarctica. CCAMLR's scientific committee has identified nine areas in seas around the continent as candidates for preservation, in Hobart, Australia. "I saw dozens of whales, hundreds of seals and albatrosses and thousands of penguins. And that was just the wildlife on top of the water. The wildlife on the seafloor rivals that of the tropics. This area is really the Serengeti of the southern seas, whether they can come to a consensus. These waters have had less human disturbance than any other oceans on Earth/ Instead of worrying about my tendency to defend obama, maybe you should consider why your ODS has you opposing everything he does? I know you also think crossing your arms and refusing to talk would make centrifuges stop spinning, but it's a premise not based in reality. Bush tried that, it didn't work-bO has fried your brains. That is the truth-The most ironic post pf the day-Jesus and Moses most likely never existed, and there is no evidence for any God. JINO Lobbyist. The less hair you have the more head you get-iapb/

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