Saturday, October 26, 2013

102613/liberal filth

102613/FLUSH COWARD TEABAG FILTH ▇ ▄ ▃ ▂ Where are the gutless, threatening POS hiding? Under a hundred different IDs? Isn't it getting unbearably sticky, stinking, and crowded under that sweaty filth covered rock? That's the way you like it? The worse the stench, the more the bagger perverts like it. Figures.are you the Mason that is the gerbil that is stuck up fevoter's chute? -or, maybe you are just an ordinary rancid tea bagger turd. squat and squirt and maybe he can pop you out-Reply to Was Ted Cruz rigth ?- Who asked you, ya rump swap? Don and I can and will resolve our differences one way or another without your 'assistance'. Get back under YOUR rock-The problem with ACA is tht it does not go far enough. We must nationalize all healthcare and ensure that no one is denied healthcare because they are poor-What about if they''re poor, because they are lazy. Should they still get handouts? -that is, "FAR rigth", clueless, and wedded to a strategy of obstruction that can only undermine his objective, not to mention tactics that have the world laughing at the counterproductive results. ROTFLMAO. You're winning! Keep it up! Can I buy you a microphone and some air time?-You sure roll around on the floor a lot. Are you always drunk, or epileptic? ybac/
102513/folks at NASA in the 1960s werer hardly liberal. Vast majority directly involved were military and ex-military. Many many defense contractors and subcontractors and sub sub contractors involved as well-private insurance premiums will cost more and more each year-what INSIGHT. That's NEVER happened before! teabaggingtrash-Progressives gave us third rated government healthcare. You collectivst #$%$ are stupid, You just cheery pick one line and rant a dumb talking point feralprogressive-Pukes Have Been Crying About The "Big Dig" For Years Costing Taxpayers So Much! Cruz Tea Klux Puke Shutdown Cost $24 Billion!-we spent that much in one month just in Iraq for several years in a row not too long ago. All for nothing-Vengeance! pukesaresleazy-ratchetmaddog been busy, detailed how Obongo's hero, FDR allowed 3400 Americans and the Pacific Fleet to be destroyed, and you have no rebuttal, detailed the case for war crimes charges, civil rights crimes charges, and treason charges against Obongo, and you have no rebuttal, going out to work on my very sophisticated robotic imaging device (with 584 high energy IR lasers), WHILE YOU PERUSE THE HABITRAIL TO DETERMINE WHICH GERBIL YOU WILL SMOTHER IN YOUR DISEASED RECTUM, have a nice day-Lowlife RODENT, You're a LIAR. I have no use for LIARS (aka, "Democrats, Don't bother-Words that start with the letter "R" Rodent. Republican. Redundant- yhal/US debt problem, including the off balance sheet items and future obligations in addition to the sovereign debt load on the book, has probably become too big to save. Given the intention of the policy makers demonstrated in the recent "shut down" drama, the debt problem will get bigger and bigger. Someday, it might get too big to be fixed by men. So why worry?-we shouldn't. We can always print more and give it to the Chinese. I just can't figure out why they keep taking it as if it was real money. They can't be possibly that stupid-Can Japan refuse payment of USD for its exports?-The only thing that the recent fake drama in DC has achieved is to have provided the folks at the Wall Street to execute a massive global short squeeze on the equity markets, US will not resort to austerity to solve its debt problem. The favored solution is to engage in demographic engineering to boost the GDP faster than the Debt load, an apparent PONZI approach. Fed might pump more fantasy money. The stock market might jump more. So have a good time while you can-yc/why do NY parrots fly in circles? because they only relate to the left wing-the right winged owls fly anti clockwise, but you can't see them, they sleep during the day, hoot!-GS TERRORIST POSTERS LEAVING WORK EARLY TODAY-the Juliar support your people go to starbucks you Julying fiend we are all complicit by doing business with sbux, supporting apartheid-schultz ceo big zionist, big donor to israel-cohen goes to prison, makes a joke of the entire financial system, steal a coffee from sbux go to jail, steal millions on wall street and shake hands with the president-HAL There appears to be an earwax buildup in DC, downstream. It's very unattractive to see such debris in so many ears. Cotton swabs get the job done. My sister left her's on the bathroom counter early this AM, Happy Halloween! czarinaofcamelyacht-ygs/G W Bush record = Failed to stop 9-11, Took us to war with wrong country for no WMD's, w lied and 4000 american soldiers died by teabagsonscrotum-Obama Should be Impeached-People Didn't Realize Voting for Obama was dangerous to their Health, Kaiser Health News that hundreds of thousands of United States citizens who had purchased policies already are having their plans cancelled by health insurance companies because the Affordable Care Act mandates that providers offer customers specific policies that some groups currently don’t offer, Florida Blue terminated 300,000 policies just recently. or around 80 percent of its individual business in the Sunshine State. Independence Blue Cross, the major insurer in Philadelphia, Penn, is canceling about 45 percent of its policies, and others across the country are following suit, Insurers say the cancellations are necessary because the policies fall short of what the Affordable Care Act requires starting Jan. 1, Most are ending policies sold after the law passed in March 2010. At least a few are canceling plans sold to people with pre existing medical conditions, What Moron would still be whining about George horsemanure- $1 Billion to build that Obamacare website vanished too!-althcare that lasts 1 Day!-On the bright side it only cost $1 Billion. How is that Communism working for you BO?-Jobs Vanished and Now Health Insurance Vanishing-Is this a nightmare?-that will make 2008 look like a party compared to what's comin-Yes, and Fox News was the Bush,Cheney news machine for the factually handicapped!! They even lying about France giving Saddam and family French passports. This prompting "Freedom Fries" in the Congressional cafeteria. Turns out the only yellow cake that is or every was in Iraq is in the pastry shops!-Taxing Situation for U.S. Youth, Currently, on average within the 18-35 age group, $854. annually is what is spent on health care .Based on non partisan, Ever see a liberal confronted (adversely effected) "head on", particularly financially, by his or her political principles?, estimates, state exchanges need at least 2.7M signed up in the 18-35 year old category and spend a minimum of $5800. on average. If not, the state exchanges will FAIL!-Why don't YOU tell it to those nice 'people' that more rational adults still refer to as 'corporations'? No firearms have been needed to persuade THEM to abandon their lofty principals and caring programs, a few bucks more bucks in THEIR pockets is all it took-You can fling all the BS horror stories and made up numbers you want against the cyberwall, You better hope you never make the mistake of laying your spiel on her, you'll be looking to recover some of the costs incurred when the nice folks in the ER finish extracting HER knuckle sandwich from YOUR bleeding trachea, I have an idea for a collaborative research project joint presentation flim flam hustle that I'd like you to review and consider. I shoved it under your reply on last evening's national debt' thread. It satisfies our high ethical and professional standards as guest lecturers (a gullible, solvent audience; a subject that allows most of the prepared material to be extracted from previous speaking engagement notes; and of course no heavy lifting is involved). It even includes a few nice perks (the chance to see viewer and vie for her affections; free booze and grits, and an opportunity to sell the same BS over and over to other fools, I mean academics and industry leaders, with only minor re-packaging). Lemme know if you can find time in your busy schedule to prepare it: I think an hour would suffice (15 minutes to lash it together, and 45 minutes of rehearsal time to get the harmonies, choreography and arrangements swinging; you know, the all important 'song and dance' that makes or breaks any production or scam. Thanks in advance-no one trusts the sophisticated indian killers? what has the king got against the elegant and simple hick?, barbarians and french anyway seem united. but there will be no spying on the socialized medicine site once you login because the system will crash, health insurances could you pay for with 85 billion per month? That would create lots of jobs in health insurance and make people feel secure and then the health insurarance workers could actually buy mcmansions. Affordable homes had to be relative to what the consumers of those homes urned. Mortgages just create obligations based on great boasts about future income ybac/Dutch scientists hidden away in a top-security laboratory create mutant flu viruses, prepare the world for a lethal pandemic by beating nature to it. The idea of engineering viral pathogens to be more deadly than they are already has generated huge controversy, Or, you can just watch 'V for Vendetta' to see how this all turns out-death penalty to be eliminated as a possible sentence in light of alleged torture the inmates had undergone while being held by the US, before their 2006 transfer to Guantanamo. Detainees-false flag completely unravels: Slain Boston Marathon bombing suspect Ibragim Todashev, 27 linked to triple killings [How convenient!] 23 Oct 2013 Slain Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev took part in a 2011 triple homicide in a nearby town, himself killed when approached by investigators for questioning-Flu Virus H18N11 Found in Peruvian Bats-Flu fascism: New ultimatum for Central NY health care workers this flu season: get a shot or wear a mask-A third scientist who headed an advisory panel on nutrition and dietetic products presided for years over the management board of an industry-backed research group. Nearly 60 percent of the scientists used as consultants by the European Food Safety Authority, or E.F.S.A., have direct or indirect ties to industries regulated by the agency-Texas voter ID law may disenfranchise a third of female voters- Psychopaths asking murderers to fix over funded contractors' failed projects, at US taxpayer expense! tech founder, murder suspect McAfee GOP asked to diagnose Obamacare-Barneys and nypd have been slapped with a lawsuit by Trayon Christian, a college student from Queens, who was arrested at the l*xury department store in April. "His only crime was being a young black man-nsa contractor, had done huge damage to British security. He warned that by disclosing information from Mr Snowden about secret surveillance methods, the Guardian had "given away how we catch terrorists" and "put people in danger police searched David Miranda partner Glenn Greenwald who was found carrying 58,000 highly classified British documents through at Heathrow airport-Sonoma County sheriff's deputy while carrying a pellet gun that resembled an assault rifle was shot seven times-Ramsey contends he is campaigning on local issues, particularly job creation, voters will choose a GOP nominee from among six hopefuls. Ramsey tried to run again in 2008. 'Alleged' child abuser, killer, sociopath, predator, contractor and anti gay candidate-clg/GOP governors are refusing to participate. They'll screw over their people to make an ideological point. Your state may be one of those. Sucks to be you. But before long, the sane people in your state will wake up and demand the same discounts that the rest of the nation gets, the positive thing about Kochsucking, low information Teabaggers. They're loud and wrong, but they're a minority-Under ACA, insurance companies in the future will have to justify rate increases. No more raising them willie-nillie like we've been subjected to, helps explain why the GOP bet everything on killing this law-rbg/Brad Blog: One of the world's largest ATM manufacturers and, formerly, one of the largest manufacturers of electronic voting systems, has been indicted by federal prosecutors for bribery and falsification of documents/How the Wealthy Wage War on Democracy Itself Truthdig/Trans Pacific Partnership Legalizes Corporate Rights Prevailing Over Human Rights, government is negotiating a major so-called "free trade agreement" that will sell workers down the river, sacrifice human rights and endanger the environment-Activist Silenced for Doing EPA's Work BuzzFlash /You'll Need A Ph.D. To Fully Appreciate These 'Adult' Popsicles, debuting Kyl21, a vegan-friendly, alcohol infused popsicle intended for adult partygoers wired-Emoji As I write this, a drug dealer wants me dead. Death Threats And Instagram's Codeine Kingpin-What Makes A Boomerang Come Back?-Brief History Of 'Dude-Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Gansler is quite the party crasher At Wild High School Party Digg/w contributed $5,000 to Mr. Graham’s 2014 re election campaign-Liberals think they have discovered the 21st century version of the Ku Klux Klan. According to many left wing Democrats, the Tea Party is now the home for white supremacists and rabid racists. In the wake of the partial government shutdown, the liberal ruling class is determined to permanently smear, and destroy their conservative critics. Their weapon: The ugly politics of race, bizarre, bordering on the perverse, that a movement that believes in limited government, individual rights, equality under the law and a colorblind society is called racist by the very party and ideologues responsible for the most heinous sins in American history. Liberals are resorting to slander and crass emotionalism because deep down, they know one simple truth: The Tea Party is right wt- Teabaggers are Garbage!-who will throw their own Granny under the bus will throw ANY1 under the bus. Just like people People who will snoop on their own citizens, will snoop on ANY1, National Security Agency has been snooping on the phone conversations of 35 world leaders, according to the latest leak passed on by NSA squealer Edward Snowden nypost-tea party is a far right group who tried to bring down the US govt-projecting their hateful KKK and black exclusionary union roots onto the innocent. It's part of their mental illness-a sign of desperation. Progressives are unable to use logic or evidence to defend President Obama. Hence, the left can only do one thing: rage against his critics. Mr. Grayson and his ilk embody the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of modern liberalism, Being called a racist by liberals is a badge of honor. It means our ideas are winning-The president's health care law [is] supposed to apply to everybody, now Management has decided that Congress and their staff will receive extra benefits that no other American gets. How fair is that? HASSELBECK-Applauds Sen. Cruz's Defunding Effort, Hannity, I'm With You In This-What will all of you have to talk, complain, cry, joke about once aca site is fixed?-algemeiner lionel richie performs, simon cowel pledge in the region of £150,000 $243,000 shoveling destructive trash idf fundraiser- iapb/newsbusters matt hadro team obama can be quite nasty to deal with, Given Costello's propensity to be a bleeding-heart liberal-What? Obama people use threats to control things? a shame these zealots didn't apply the same tactics to managing the launch of the national embarrassment called ACA-usatoday buffalo muslim guilty beheading wife-the quote referenced by Durbin, he replied, “There is no way.” Growing agitated, he even suggested the White House had taped the meeting without Republicans' knowledge or consent. Still, he denied insulting the president, an absolute denial, and I already told you I didn’t say it, Sessions said before walking away-as more and more of the truth comes out, Sessions made an ass of himself and the rest of the GOP made themselves look foolish by defending him, Poor GOP, and you did it all by yourselves-either provided false testimony, if accurate, is inexcusable and demands accountability from your department, Issa and Alexander threatens obamacare subpoenas, unacceptable that you are providing information to numerous other outlets, but not to Congress, huge” and costly “failure” If you do not comply with the committees’ requests, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will be forced to consider the use of compulsory process-GOP precinct chair North Carolina resigned over a racially charged interview on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show, said North Carolina's new voter ID laws will "kick the Democrats in the butt, If it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it aibafs/sexy shower with wife, halfway up say, oh hi rabbi!, more aca fun facts, on stephanie/nigerian jackers negotiate for 2 american oily hostages in the east atlantic, paula getting cooking gigs in the south didn't wear a kkk hat, (don't worry about the food people have to eat?), chinese dog treats killing pets, website debacle 3m signup 40% never had insurance befor lenny don't underestimate cruz private aca web ownership needed and jennifer shutdown stupidity contractor resigns, too busy buffing and protecting sen thomson repeating wingnut talk points humping gig (long term and at the end of the day paradox) to take callers with issues, 136 page decision reversal rfkjr groggy from gma working to free aleged murder, on geraldo/ 

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