Tuesday, October 22, 2013


102213/Consumer Reports says to "stay away from gov Healthcare for at least another month ybac/has not had any relationship with the private equity firm since he cashed out an initial investment of $6,000 for a total return of $100,000 a decade ago, a former lawyer and magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, lists a wide variety of assets held jointly with his wife, including mutual funds and blue chip stocks totaling between $1.5 million and $4 million. Heidi Nelson Cruz is now an executive at Goldman Sachs nothing unusual about their doing so in the case of Cruz’s May filing. But ethics experts and Cruz’s staff agree that the nature of the relationship Cruz disclosed is unusual, remains one of four preferential shareholders in Caribbean Equity Partners-Google for "Time left until Obama leaves office. 1185 days and 15 hours/Obama hasn’t budged, and neither has Oprah,” the adviser said. “She’s hurt and angry, and I seriously doubt that Oprah will ever make up with the Obamas. She knows how to hold a grudge wt- iapb/ bill has stand in wingnut radio on pv/ 102113/OboungoCare help line: Don't forget you can always call 1-800-F U-CKYO for advice marxist1 deadbeat- 1 person in Delaware signs up for Obamacare lobstersforkenyans- NOTHING BUT FAILURE FROM THE GOP SINCE 2001 blackhannity-It's a shame that one can not find more than a handful of Democrats in this country-message board RODENT certainly does no favors for her fellow Demo Rats with her never-I can't wait until March when open enrollment closes and Obamacare becomes an issue-Update: still no evidence that George W. Bush ever reported for duty at Dannely AFB in 1972. What WAS the alcoholic chimp up to, while the less fortunate without powerful daddies came home from 'Nam in body bags?-no reason to criticize anyone for having done anything to avoid serving in Vietnam. It wasn't worth a single American life-bubba.fudgie Then why do you bring up w? What branch did Obama serve in?, slick willy said he could serve coffee-Obama served in the same branch as John Adams and many of the Founders: Community Organizer with law degree-Frankly I prefer my presidents without military experience of any kind-The best thing to be said for military experience is that it gives one an appreciation for the limits of military power-snowbilly agree with that. Also, I prefer my Presidents to grow up WITHOUT A FATHER. It instills resourcefulness and independence- you have no problems with a SCOTUS appointed Commander in Chief, who didn't even bother to show up for National Guard duty in Alabama after his daddy pulled strings to keep him out of 'Nam, Obama was 12 years old at the time when Booosh was avoiding service and spending his days as a fall down drunk Bob Mintz and Paul Bishop were looking for Boosh after being told that the son of bigshot poppy was coming to their unit. Boosh was a no show-Is that the evidence Dan Rathers manufactured? Nothing about the liberal take on GWB in the Guard is credible-Not one person at Harvard Law School seems to remember Barack Hussein Obama-odd, charlie. Obama was elected President of the Harvard Law Review Keep dancing, li'l fella-When you tell obvious lies like this are you trying to fool yourself, you're not fooling anyone else?-If Racist Republican Pukes Said Something Nice A Bout Obama I pugsley_dimwitty'd leave this BOARD! snitchesareevil-GOP wants "PLUGS back to negotiate at the table pugsley dimwitty-Somebody that will forfiet money? Looking for somebody like that might take a while-Here’s everything you need to know about Obamacare’s error-plagued websites-boCare Registration Passes 1 Million Mark-Medicare Part D, Tax Cuts For The Rich(Cap Gains) + Two Wars = $10 Trillion Deficits!-If Racist Republican Pukes Said Something Nice A Bout Obama I'd Be Shocked!-He makes good speaches-what's a speach-how can you say anything nice about a communist who supports terrorists and lies every day- Time to use the Zen training, so you want me to stay?-I Come For The Fight!,. Pity They're Not Armed!-Said He Would Make Health Insurance Affordable-r definitely has a MENTAL PROBLEM....Hysterical-If no one signs up Taxpayers will have to fund it lobsters forkenyans-yhal/stinking obama libs let our boys die in Benghazi, Liberal with multiple ID's Do you really think you're influencing anyone-CGI Federal...please see the POTUS for an #$%$ chewing!-Get back to work Teabaggers Get over it There will never be African Slaves again to do all your work I can understand Teabaggers wasting employer time on Yahoo MSG board bashing Obama but on your own time during the weekend?-Libscumbag, get off your lazy butt and the public dole and get a JOB! And clean up your filthy mind! dumbama.sucks #$%$ PERVERT-legal in the south and without slaves or farm animals whats a tea bagger to do, mate with family and farm animals are Teabagger favs-stinking obama causes a budget debt crisis to get eyes off Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, fast furious, Syria, Egypt, Libya didn't work did it you #$%$!-I have all far right and far left simpletons on ignore. Now you made the list too, Obama on TV blowing smoke about ACA, everyone's clapping. There's no hope-Reply to Donna Ryan, President, CGI Federal...please see the POTUS for an #$%$ chewing!-You really should try to find some easy, flat trails or even a fire road. Way more adrenaline rush than the road and you don't have to worry about cars-FLUSH TEABAGGER FILTH-A Libfag calling some a pervert. dumbama.sucksLMAO!-6 Billon fine-BAC PPS is being manipulated by HF Trading. Onlwy way tp stop this is a UPTICK RULE put back in place with maybe a .15 limit,..and we suggest a 1% tax on all short selling. This will ALLOW a stock to at leat get close to its' REAL VALUE. BAC Stock is being "HELD" in a channel whereas hedgies can accumulate more shares. BAC is buying their shares cheaper as well, so they may have "shill traders buyers" in play-ybac/Presdent Obama laffing at dumb republicans havens to pay 400 cent more monies for there healf care richies deserve to pay for them poor folk healf cair. Next up confistacations of rich monies and thens reparcations to African Ameracans do to slavrey and whatnot-heard that your daughter laFawndisha is pregs again? that true? I lso heard she had about 13 SSN numbers and gets EBT cards on all of them. Is she still seeing Tyzel or is she with Mofungo?-we were in trouble when we voted to allow our reps to give them selves raises and benefits with out the consent of the voters. When the hogs feeding at the trough tell the farmer what kind of slop to feed. we are in big trouble, laughing at all of the idiot American voters that elect egotists, crooks and perverts. With this level of intelligence of the American voter, America will surely go down the drain. Yes, we are in big trouble. We send our reps to DC, but they do not rep. us, they do what the party leader ship tells them to do. As one rep told me, I don't have to read any thing, I just do what the leadership tells me. And we pay big bucks for this representation? We are idiots yc/some of the world's creepiest parasites, Most Horrifying YOU DON'T WANT THESE LIVING INSIDE YOU-The Ocean Is Broken KILLING THE SEA theherald-digg/Lobbyists Ready for a New Fight on US Spending nyt/"We Say No to Shale Gas": World Unites in Protests Against Fracking rt/Seven Horrifying Things About the Chicken You Eat AlterNet/JPMorgan Said to Reach Record $13 Billion US Settlement With US Justice Department bb/InsideClimate Behind Russia vs. Greenpeace Furor, Unreported Oil Pollution of the Arctic/The US Government's Secrecy Problem Just Got Worse Al Jazeera/student apparently opened fire at a Nevada middle school Monday, killing a teacher and wounding two boys, shooter dead tw/McMillan Firearms and McMillan Group International have been banking with Bank of America for 12 years. But no more, the mega-bank told the firearms company that its business is no longer welcome, at the bank’s request, he said, the McMillan group of companies would soon be paying off its credit line and closing its accounts, What was originally scheduled as an “account analysis” meeting, however, quickly became a political smackdown, “spent 5 minutes talking about how McMillan has changed in the last 5 years, become more of a firearms manufacturer than a supplier of accessories cp/ After the attack, the kids left the scene, but two teens were arrested minutes later. Authorities also arrested the girl 12 and boy 14 for assault and robbery theblaze in apparent racial assault, Get those crackers!” some of the youths shouted, court papers reportedly said. “Get that white whore! White motherf—-r!” others reportedly shouted.-PA TV broadcast a crudely anti Semitic program legitimizing violence against Jews in Judea and Samaria, stereotyping them as violent thieves. The end of the program glorified the humiliation of a religious Jew by cutting off his peyot side-curls, in a scene chillingly reminiscent of Nazi antiJewish propaganda, after a knife wielding Arab attacker assaulted a hareidi Jew on a bus, cutting off one of his peyot, broadcasts included a music video encouraging violence against Israelis, glorification of the murderer of 61 Israeli civilians on the official Facebook page of Abbas' Fatah party-Some people really seem to dislike Jews-Apparently they dislike Christians more, as Christians are being ethnically cleansed from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestinian territories, Pakistan-only because they worship a Zombie Jew- iapb/ top executives more than half a million dollars per year in total compensation, while simultaneously paying some of its employees earn just 22 cents per hour, Is now a good time to mention that this corporation also doesn't pay any taxes? Goodwill Industries is charitable organizations in the United States, but most members of the general public are unaware that Goodwill exploits people with disabilities, President of the National Federation of the Blind, offending Goodwill, We are conducting informational protests to make the public aware of this practice that, although sadly still legal, is unfair, discriminatory, and immoral. Nationally, more than 300,000 workers are subjected to the law. Goodwill uses the special minimum wage exemption to take advantage of 7,300 of its 105,000 employees. Goodwill International, Inc., defended the practice as one of Goodwill's "tools" to help the disabled hp-an overwhelming crush of users, 8.6 million unique visitors r/The heritage table is based on bullshit. I pointed that out with the politifact piece yesterday, Heritage, once reputable, is now a haven for tea mongoloids- aibafs/Koch brothers' beer offensive against Obamacare loses its fizz. A Koch-funded front is using free beer to entice students away from health exchanges. But Obamacare is made of stronger stuff theguardian-slowly being exposed as the retards they are, good thing is they are bringing the Republican party down with them-britishresistance national service bill canon fodder needed- criticalbelievers/COREY FELDMAN DETAILS child star opens up about the abuse he and Corey Haim YEARS OF SEXUAL ABUSE/Presidential debates R going 2 B entertaining 2 watch! Palin, Paul, Cruz, Pawlenty, Bachmann, Brown, Bush, Christie, Perry!-man secures health insurance for $1 per month through Obamacare Al Jazeera tw/Utah! A former beauty queen found dead. did her doctor husband kill her in cold blood?-VP previews his new book and looks at the ObamaCare disaster and future of the GOP- fni/Pro-gun activists in Colorado say there is a third state senator who needs to get the boot. Evie Hudak, who represents Senate District 19 that covers most of Arvada and about half of Westminster, located north of Denver, has been targeted Petitioners have 60 days to collect the required 18,900 signatures. The deadline is Dec. 3-Rape victim sentenced 200 lashes by Saudi court- examiner/ Census Bureau shows that the country is now more divided than any other time in history since the Civil War era, 20 states including Texas, Georgia and Louisiana have threatened to secede, despite a recent Supreme Court ruling making Obamacare the law of the land, only 24 states are moving forward with a key aspect of Obamacare- the expansion of Medicaid. the rest, 21 are opposed and five are deadlocked in debate-Obamacare Could Mean Big Losses For American's Middle Class- Countdown to Disaster: Janurary 1, 2014- The Truth Behind America's Future In An Obamacare Era- mm/ HANDCUFFED is how I feel from reading that. When I have been persecuted here, sexually, citizenshipery, lack of regligiously, baited, taunted.... I have found it sharpens the mental acuity, speds up the nerve synapses, creates a pleasurable adrenaline rush and generally prepares me positively for battle. It in short.... make a person feel more alive. WHY is there this incessant move towards pussyism on these forms. You r3ealize of course you run the risk of turning the nation into a bunch of weak-kneed pushover citizen/residents unable to stand up for themselves and for what they believe is right without cowering in the corner and crying like John Boehner? NO LYING! WTF? How can these boards even remain open then? fbh/Al Jazeera The ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico is still suffering massive damage three years after the major oil spill caused by BP in 2010. From oily debris washing ashore on beaches to a major decline in daily catches/ 20m signup, gypsie abduction story flares, fla turning red despite loss, cochinelli and issa on the block, on, geraldo sez bolling smoking crack, while encouraging wingnut hackers to dos attack aca/50k aca, accepting trolls, on hartmann/

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