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102013/obliviama Self Ordained Messiah

102013/Time suggests that Cruz leader of the effort to tie a curtailment of Obamacare funding, may have violated ethics rules by failing to disclose during the 2012 campaign. his relationship with a holding company based in the British Virgin Islands, the surviving entity of a private equity firm founded by his college roommate in 1998 under scrutiny for failing to disclose ties to a Caribbean private equity fund r/House Reds got next to nothing from their extortion strategy of taking the government and the economy hostage, but they are sure to continue obstructing programs that could create jobs and start rebuilding the middle class Consortium/Self Ordained American Messiah, Ted Cruz, Holds Wheeler Appointment Hostage to Protect #Koch Money-fb/ posters that represent your party. Are you okay with the way they represent the right as a racist, sexist, homophobic party? If you HONESTLY dislike that kind of language, do something about it. Help clean it up. *, *, * and * are your people. Tell them what you think of their vulgarity and maybe, coming from you, they'll change (although I doubt it, vulgarity is encoded in their DNA-There are reports that people opposed to Obamacare are logging onto the Government website to repeatedly open up accounts and then cancel them and perform other functions for the purpose of tying up the system or otherwise creating issues that the ACA help office has to resolve. This is creating a situation where more resources are needed to resolve these false issues and putting an unnecessary strain on the system. Authorities investigating the issues are seeing a definite pattern of fraud and deceit in many of the customer actions and accounts ap-desperation of a dying party-condone their actions to defraud the government and prevent Americans from getting health care? Hmmm speaks volumes about your integrity, These are your people commiting these crimes and you're okay with it?-My people? You don't even know me so how could you possibly know who "my people" are? You are pathetic. You continue to let me know who YOU are by your continuing attacks on me personally with your name calling, you generally speaking use a talking head from the Left to be your FACT giver yet a talking head from the Right is immediately dismissed as lying or wrong-some kind of fucked up personality disorder, really cannot even have a slight agreement with anyone, even if the reasons for agreement are greater than the reasons for disagreement. You're like a hardcore Zionist or a hardcore anti Zionist Palestinian- Aibafs/ Immigration from Somalia just got even more horrifying. If it’s not gang violence, genital mutilation and terrorism… it’s cutting up a little girl for her organs. with the intention of removing her organs and selling them on to those desperate for a transplant. victims in the UK has risen by more than 50 per cent last year and reached record levels. That’s one of the “benefits” of an immigration policy oriented toward parts of the world where human slavery still exists. Am I exaggerating? No. It’s not Modern Slavery. The only modern thing about it is that people from the non-modern world are entering the modern world and bringing slavery with them-The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite Tennessee Williams-carry the water for the hypocrite and liar in chief- iapb/80 light-years away from Earth and has a mass only six times that of Jupiter cb/Coryell study, 45% of bipolar patients ended up divorced compared to 18% in the control group. In the Drieling study, 12% of bipolar patients ended up divorced cl/always been the American way, remind each other of our neglect, we ignore the less fortunate, especially when we deny the Savior, being a long time sinner I have taken, hopes my dead heart will live again. for Americans only, and it's good intention is not directed toward you. so rest in peace...literally-How Christian of you, up to the last paragraph. A small lesson in how life is an exercise in hypocrisy-, why is it since his only son's life was cut short by his 'chosen' he hightailed it out of here, never to be seen again? we've debunked santa claus and the tooth fairy,so why do we let this myth of an omnipotent god to persist and interfere in the natural progression of our collective fate? the faster we relegate this fractured fairy tale of god to the annals of comic book archives, the better we'll advance civilization, religious zealots want to wallow in your vision of the universe, do so after your dead and not on time given to the living, future civilizations will know us as god. peeps like * will subjected to vivesection to determine the biological cause of their dementia, life on earth as we live it was bound to find it's way.-rbh/for syrian prostitutes, bibi involkes 20 yr wmd boogieman 2005 iranian statement inforline will izzy get into syria? amid unual dribble, maria elequently draws the picture everybody loses, kick by the mule twice mitchism, wing war talk, sequester blues, on mtp/keep ur foot on their throat, on fns/ 101913/armstrongeconomics banks manipulating markets end of era The UNTOUCHABLES have started to lose their standing because they constantly blow themselves up and turn to government to save them whenever they lose money, Club” that has been targeting market after market to make a quick buck. The LIBOR Scandal has caused the tide to turn as well as having to bail out the banks in 2008 that has fundamentally altered the course of everything. Now the Swiss regulators said they are investigating several Swiss financial institutions for possible manipulation of foreign exchange markets, which is a dramatic expansion of the latest probe into potential rigging of widely used market benchmarks. The Swiss have come out and stated the they are now cooperating with authorities in other countries very closely. They have also stated publicly that “multiple banks around the world are potentially implicated, the bankers will find that they are the escape-goats for politicians and will most likely be imprisoned- Unions give workers more POWER and generate better lives , with improved quality of life for the family's of union workers, AGAINST that, reds are a clear and present danger to the American People-I'm all for more power to ALL of the people...unions are for selected people. Lost a lot of jobs over seas because of unions and cities going bankrupt because of unions rbh/Upset over his ability to govern properly and frustrated over the severe glitches at the Obamacare websites, President Obama has ordered The Secret Service to round up puppies for him to throw against the wall in the recreation room at the White House some morons onthissitehopethisistrue-supports the murder of post birth fetuses-called babies, fuqqing moron. a pathetic meiskhe-Whitewingers really care about babies. That's why they don't care about Obamacare-he and Tina have been paying a little over $800 a month for their plan, about $10,000 a year. And the ACA-compliant policy that will cost 50-75 percent more? They said this information was related to them by their insurance agent. Had they shopped on the exchange yet, I asked? No, Tina said, nor would they. They oppose Obamacare and want nothing to do with it, the recent shutdown was based almost entirely on a small percentage of Congress’s belief that Obamacare, Ted Cruz puts it, “is destroying America.” Cruz has rarely given us an example of what he’s talking about. That’s because the best he can do is what Hannity did exploit people’s ignorance and falsely point to imaginary boogeymen. salon fox_news lie machine fact checked hannity-lying pieces of shit that frequent the sean hannity variety show are part of the problem-Funnier yet, doc in his imaginary world, seems to think he is a standard bearer of jewish thought and politics, musings seem more fit for stormfront-Maybe you can quit breaking diggs multiple ID rule so he could have only one ID to ignore-Since 2001, the US Government has dumped staggering amounts of money into Manas Air Force Base, a critical Air Force outpost in Kyrgyzstan. The base costs US taxpayers 60 million dollars each year in rent. 100 million dollars a year is siphoned into the country through USAID. 300 million plus dollars are sunk into fuel contracts, with fees for each takeoff and landing. Finally, there are the millions more spent each month on the mundane services of the base: food, cleaning, construction, garbage disposal. The United States has reason for the billions it has dumped into the base. It is a critical supply point for the war in Afghanistan. 97% of troops going to the Central Asian war pass through the base at least once, as well as the vast majority of fuel and huge quantities of goods. It is also where the Air Force stations its “super tankers,” vital to extending the range of warplanes on long sorties to Afghanistan, contract extension having been denied by the Kyrgyz government because of intense political pressure from Russia forbes-There really is nothing mysterious about America's decline American political and business elites have not only let their countrymen down, they have been steadily robbing them blind. It really isn't too surprising that this has happened, Corporate raiders (modern day pirates) are held up as marvellous models for other business people to follow. To big to fail bankers are not only not punished for crimes of biblical proportions they are left to move on to their next gargantuan working and middle class destroying scam, government itself, which are supposed to be used to protect the interest of the people have been turned against them. Data is turned out that is far removed from reality, government departments are used to attack those not in agreement with the administration and the long-term good and stability of the nation is ignored in favour of acting only in the interest of the term of the administration, as it determines its interest. Everything else is left for the next administration to deal with, instruments of kicking the can down the road! To the foregoing one can add the militarisation of American society and the general ravages of the military industrial complex. Some of these thief's are even praised by their president as examples of smart and how to bankers of the first order-Mufti Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, was “one of the initiators of the Holocaust of the Jews of Europe,” and that he was constantly encouraging the Nazi leadership to annihilate the Jews, throughout the war. He cited evidence that the Mufti even visited the gas chambers at Auschwitz with Adolf Eichmann, still a greatly admired figure in the Palestinian national movement," said Netanyahu. "These are the weeds that need to be uprooted," he said. "The root of the conflict is the deep resistance among a hard core of Palestinians to the right of the Jewish people to its own state in Israel iapb/damn right, Dick Cheney’s heart’s a political football. We ought to rip it out and kick it around and stuff it back in him. angry Ed Schultz-thanks for making my point, both extreme talking heads that will say what ever it takes for ratings-rarely if ever, have anything nice to say about someone who doesn't drink the kool aid from the socialism fountain. they contort their sentences into barely coherent thoughts and when they are confronted, even nicely, like the veteran who called into schult's show, they hate them. immediately. there's absolutely zero tolerance. they hate you if you disagree. their hatred is multiplied 10 fold, they attack mercilessly. but it's their condescending, disrespectful tone that rats them out-reds turned a blind eye to the millions coming across the border to work cheap and now the Republicans wish to put on a grand dog and pony show to denounce the illegals and affect the appearance of wanting to deport them. It's all a phony act, shout about guns and right to life. The Tea Party won't stand up to business owners who profit from cheap, docile labor- aibafs/Did Microsoft contract to build-out ACA website? Perhaps, Oracle, maybe IBM. I am sympathetic to the software wienes that code these types of sites. Most companies can't even launch a website internal to their own firewalls without the inevitable crashes, ever hacker in the world is taking a shot disrupting aca-Microsoft has a problem with software, by the time any program is complete there is another program to fix most of the problems, Updates are constant for all users of Microsoft programs. (all of them junk) Too many people making changes to software makes programs longer and slower than a few people who know what they are doing-top contractor has been paid more than $200 million despite being fired by a Canadian province for botching its medical records database-officials are tight lipped about why CGI was chosen or how it happened. They also refuse to say if other firms competed with CGI, or if there was ever a public solicitation for building aca, the backbone of Obamacare’s problem plagued web-ybac/Wall Street’s culture encourages fraud. It’s rewarded handsomely practically risk-free. The price for getting caught is chump change. It pales compared to fortunes stolen. Betting against Goldman faces long odds. Casino ones pay off better ygs 

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