Wednesday, October 23, 2013


102313/Right wing Tea Party trash squeal like rats trapped on a sinking ship- coming together, I could be back in time to attend were it not for certain minor legal issues. Ouch, I just felt a twinge of kinship with the Shrub! Domestic warrants are keeping me from getting back into the US to visit viewer's Rancho Pharma, and international warrants are keeping him from leaving the US to visit his Rancho Republico in Paraguay. Be strong, Brother George! ROTFLMAO who knew Yin & Yang could look so ugly? All praise the tampons & ball smugglers-upset that the guy who ignored her all night wanted his cover charge back since she was the only girl there. ROFLMFO. Viewer, how is the al bundy kyle dube economics conference coming together? Hopefully no attendees will want their admission charge back. Can we get schuey to handle that part? I'll get Kevin Riley from star trek to advise the staff on how to deal with attendees, can we have double portions of ice cream for all? The innate goodness of humans means that gov attracts people who care about a working product. When a private company makes a product that does not work, the customers go away. When you try to escape from a dynfunctional government, the company that makes the non working product gets more money to fix it and the indian killers send people with guns to come get you to make sure you use the product regardless of how well it works. Would you like to give a talk at the al bundy kyle dube economics and social development conference? I would like to know the details but this sounds like a text book case of tampon praise. The product was tested and known to quickly drop in value once people tried to use it but they thought they could just ignore it afterall this is about medicine and helping people and who wants to be critical of that? And maybe they wanted to be able to go to ASCO without gettting body guards. the only evil was wingnutz, In the grand scheme of things a website is not a big deal, it should have been easy to make but in any case it should be easy to fix. The real problem will be the health care part. I guess the communists were right all along, ameruca was so peculiar how could they be right when everyone else was doing things differently? No kind words for the bullying victim in NV who sought justice? ROFLMFO. The emapths are starting to see that no one wins an emotional war when all the fundamental products start to fall apart. and the handicapper general can no longer keep the holodeck running. All praise the humans ybac/Seems To Me That Every Republican Has Become A Blatent Liar Over Obamacare!, They Go From Myth To Myth Shamelessly As If They Haven't Been Outted For Lying Last Time!-they were already blatant liars-We Know That, But Now Suddenly Independents Are Realizing It!-Saul Alinsky obozoscarenightmare calls his opponents, "liars" that's novel yhal/ siri lady visits seriouslysusantw, smog visibility 30',on s/imf 85b$ monthly transfusion jhpv/
102213/Should Severe Premenstrual Symptoms Be A Mental Disorder? SEEING RED Psychiatrists, slow to formally recognize PMDD as a disorder, but that's changed under the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the DSM-5, which lists PMDD as a distinct mental disorder. npr-If Beer Ads Were Forced To Be Honest, This is what beer ads would look like if they reflected reality digg/bell tracking customers tv viewing history yfinance/Religion's doctrines carry with them the stamp of the times in which they originated, the ignorant childhood days of the human race." Freud should quit targeting the Republicans. When is Barack Obama going to tell the Middle East to stop clinging to their guns and religion?-tw/If the web site is a tardian scale fuster cluck can you imagine how eff'ed up bonobocare will be?-Standard libtard resentment ploy. Day one: kill the goose that lays the golden eggs and serve goose for dinner. Day two: demand another goose. This is why libtards won't allow all those old stories like the Grimms Brothers. Most of those stories tell of the folly in liberal government. All childrens stories now have an environmental (marxist) theme-THE UGLIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD, Are lib chicks and canadians. there are a few exceptions to that rule, but for the most part they are gross. why is that?-Reply to Obamacare to outlaw Nose Picking!-I hope they dont outlaw ball scratching!-one news source says it took 200 million to build the website and another says 600 million-that means it took at least a billion. dont listen to those fawkingLiars- Why do tards encourage their male children to play with girl's dolls? if you can convince a boy it's ok to prefer to play with dolls and dress up, rather than playing with toy guns, cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, when they're young, then they'll be less inclined to question insane tard policy when they're older, We can only conclude the tards on this board had their childhoods filled with dolls, tea parties, and dress up-they all have #$%$ in them. Theh also have sever mommy daddy issues yc/ SHUT UP!" he howls in the woman's face, as Rockefeller Center passersby stare in disbelief. "I'LL CALL THE POLICE RIGHT NOW! SHUT UP! Could this be the next governor of New York? Impossible; electing Lewis is a trick that would turn Houdini vampire pale. But the unrepentant, unexpurgated Lewis is a real treat. Lily Munster's blood sucking dad is now the Green Party's nominee to replace GOP incumbent Pataki-Another Mexico Weapons scandal on the head of Obama and Holder, DOJ knew Jean Baptiste Kingery was smuggling explosives into Mexico to the cartels, 2 times declined to arrest and prosecute him, Mexico finally put the guy in prison-Texas Klan On Cruz Control!, How Stupid Can The Collective Mindset Become? They Gave Us The "Village Idiot of Crawford" Now They Want Us To Abide The D.C. Stepson Of Houston!, One might think it’s common knowledge that in order to negotiate, you need to be willing to give up and give in, but that is not how these people work. Their understanding of compromising apparently means that the other side gives up everything and the Right gets everything they want- Why are the Pukes complaining? Freddy Cruz said 99% of the Republicans already had GREAT healthcare-Big Bird's WORD OF THE DAY is "CRETIN, replaces "RODENT" from yesterday, When they do the remake of "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest has just confirmed-Is ted cruz really sarah paloon in drag?-Something about the shrill voice?-Weirdly, the people complaining about the healthcare website not working after three weeks, were quiet about the Iraq war not working after eight years- libs FUNCTIONALLY RET@RDED and or MENTALLY UNBALANCED, NO PERSON worth more than a bucket of spit would comport themselves in such a manner. Definitely, lower class-yhal/AP Uruguay's drug czar says the country plans to sell legal marijuana for $1 per gram to combat drug-trafficking-Visibility 500yds Super smog hits north BEIJING. flights canceled-John Arthur, who with his longtime partner helped lead a legal challenge to Ohio's ban on gay marriage, died-Ark girl 14, from Oklahoma City has unearthed a 3.85-carat diamond at Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park./convicted Iranian drug trafficker who survived a botched hanging has fallen into a coma, the IRNA-traditionally been low in Israeli local elections, with only 51.85 percent participating in the last vote in 2008, to be lower still because of a series of corruption scandals plaguing several local authorities, In Jerusalem, the figure was only 18 percent and in Tel Aviv, 15 percent, revelations continue to emerge from the trial of former premier Ehud Olmert, who is fighting bribe taking allegations in a massive property scandal from his time as Jerusalem mayor, four mayors have been arrested in the past year and four others indicted for serious wrongdoing, leftwing Arab Israeli party Balad, Zuabi is a firebrand critic of the government in the 2010 flotilla of activists in a bid to break Israel's naval blockade on Gaza that ended in a deadly Israeli raid. AFP-It is not the first time Israelis will ask for the US workers to pay for all the moneys the CORRUPTED ISRAELI POLITICIANS STOLE-no nation on the face of the earth that faces such difficult security challenges and yet has such a vibrant democracy as the nation of Israel. and the consistently biased Israel bashing articles- article is anti Semite, its author knows nothing about holocaust and god's chosen-If Palestinians want Jerusalem, they can try to take it, like all the others before them. And, if they try, one good thing will come of it: The will lose and there will be no more Palestinians. That solves the problem since no one else claims Jerusalem except Israel-Zionist are gearing up to throw the Jews under the bus. Orthodox Jews will feel the shaft on this one-Israel has been built a long time ago. there is no such thing as Zionism. idiot, stop using words you have no clue of-Do you mean the orthodox jews that just want to "study" all day while everyone else supports them?-Yahoo is racist. With a couple hundred countries on Earth you'll notice we have to hear about Israel multiple times a day EVERY day-It's not an important place-because Jews own and control the entire media, that's why-Just do not read the articles. Problem solved.-Because arab league pays for articles to slander Israel-What kind of a man would let the women defend the country, while he stays at home reading old books?-An Israeli apparently, go figure-ultra orthodox idiots make up about 8% of the country (this stat includes men+women). The ultra orthodox women don't enlist in the army, but most Israelis do-also big time pedophiles-neoconservative-Racist Nation of Apartheid-I know, when will those arabs learn to get along with civilization-whatever you smoking, you are really stoned-its a two way street-You cannot get along with uncivilized imported Jews-we are headed down the wrong path in the U.S.A. And we need to do something about it-start by getting AIPAC out of our government- AIPAC is not the problem. Not even close. We have multitudes of political action committees (including pro Arab committees-When it comes to Israel, a whiff is all you can handle-no more than a frustrated little man with a urinary tract infection-The smell of Jewage in American politics given off by AIPAC is bad enough. I can't imagine the stench over there-Good call, filthy parasites are trolling in here too-Zionists are like weeds in the beautiful garden of Palestine-Indeed. Unwanted Khazars-means hatred and terrorism, Israel is a monster-will they vote for the Zionist United Terror Party or the Terror party of Israel. a tough call for our terror loving Israeli chums-same as in america, unfortunately-someone found out to be honest? That would be very bad in israel. Honesty is scandalous-What do you call the people of israel without the American given handouts? yamaka wearing imported losers-Jews invented corruption-Israeli account using Arabic as cover-if you don't like Jews so much, never turn on your television or go to a movie again. Now close your trap and dump the trash-Oy vey! questioning, disagreeing with, or criticizing Israel is like a second holocaust. You goyim should just feel guilty about that and shut up. don't forget to give is jews our sheckles!-isolate and enslave all on the West Bank that they did not kill or drive out in their war of "Independence." Wake up, you idiot Americans, to who really controls Washington, it isn't you-Zionist using a gentile name to drum up support for international terrorism-Kill all the jews, they do this all the time-put some FBI tracking on this fool-Japanese stories are to be believed, the aquatic giants, which usually live more than 3,000 feet below the surface and away from human eyes, come up to the surface and beach themselves as a prequake warning bell, months after an 8.8 magnitude quake in Chile in 2010 and a year before the giant March 2011 tremor that rocked Japan, several oarfish, called “Messenger from the Sea God's Palace, were either beached or caught near the quake’s epicenter off the coast of Honshu-y/Tim Tebow to the Rams? Cue the Tebowmania St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford injured his knee Sunday in a 30-15 loss to the Carolina Panthers.csm/to Bust Pot Garden Oregon police say they used Google Earth to bust medical marijuana garden with too many plants ABC/WFC) has announced to further lay off 925 employees ws/r$13 billion jpm settlement comes out to more than one seventh of last year's 2012 revenue of $99.9 billion-Kurdish rebels threaten new fight in Turkey as Syria clashes intensify/Israel awards Bloomberg $1 million 'Jewish Nobel'ap/Vicious Babushka Tea Party Jesus tw/Maybe you think it makes you look mighty to be able to talk the way you do. It doesn't, it makes you look uneducated and childish. I address people in the way they deserve to be addressed. You have a problem with that, I cannot help you. If you're a respectful and respectable person, I'll address you accordingly, addressing the stupid fat bitch in his low language, you dumbfuck bitch. He was addressed accordingly. Why TF do you care? If you're a POS anti Semite, you'll be addressed like I address the stupid fat bitch-Your snoutabulary is "according" to your low class, maggot-It is bizarre that peaceful members of the Tea Party are considered more subversive than the terrorists who actually plot to kill us, De Blasio is promising to do for New York City what the progressives did to Detroit, high crime and bankruptcy. But the more immediate danger is terrorists being given the edge if his anti police procedures, policies, and practices are put in place. De Blasio is running against Republican Joe Lhota, who is under fire from the “progressives” because of his reported backing from fiscal conservatives, also known as the Tea Party-his open sluicegate of playground jeering attempted jabs, despite already repeatedly answered main taunt, making a fool of himself infront of anyone who bothers to pay attention, he's doing it without provocation, he is self trolled. owned-iapb/w SIGNS AMERICAN DREAM DOWNPAYMENT ACT in 2002-Mussolini took over private companies just like Obama's doing-what about the Citadel in Idaho? Neo conservatism meets neo communism and find they are one in the same-aibafs/ hiv preacher presents penis to undercover park ranger bohner barely functional alcoholic, on ed/well known gov snoop varizon handling aca, wingnut rand crying equal treatment, kentucky kickback half done, donald gives web site basics 101, on geraldo/

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