Tuesday, June 24, 2014

62414/neocons they're back eraseing chalkboard of reality

62414/neocons they're back, trying to rewrite history and erase the chalkboard of reality-Hawks Push for Iraq War; the Rule of Law Prevents It- empowered to target citizens for investigation and potential punishment, brought down Eliot Spitzer and WikiLeaks. You could be next-Does Snowden Know Why the NSA Doesn't Need Warrants? He Might-DC Press Corps Part of Incestuous Culture That Worships Power-many signs indicate we are already past the point of no return, headed toward a dead planet-Exxon to Challenge Arkansas Oil Spill Fine at Hearing, but the Public Is Not Allowed to Listen-Protesting Youth in an Age of Neoliberal Cruelty-male entitlement has resulted in women often becoming the victims of gender violence and how young feminists are rebelling against having their voices silenced- 99 Rise on the Move-breaking through the illusion of powerlessness that plagues the American people Sacramento Occupation to get money out of politics are not met by June 22- What it needs now is a unifying revolutionary spirit-John Steppling's Blog: Even if there is a sense in white men, they are missing something, they can tell themselves, I am the creator of my own life. I must rely on myself, and not let this mob of complaining poor get in my way, The answer to those who threaten white privilege is to stomp them out-Guns, Denial and Insanity, Save for those directly impacted by the violence, the disturbing images of mass shootings begin to fade soon after the incident, and we return to business as usual. Until it happens again-Media Stokes Racism Everywhere-Now, it appears, I will spend a chunk of a second decade watching them run around trying desperately to wash that blood from their hands, news media, is all too happy to help them do it-death of a Pennsylvania mother in jail last week has once again highlighted the punitive cycle of criminal justice, debt and the depth of social change needed to reverse this trend- Southern States See Movement Toward Marijuana Reform-Skyrocketing Salaries for Health Insurance CEOs-California's marijuana industry is having a serious effect on wildlife and water, now aggravated by the state's worst ever drought- Men's Rights and the Septic Tank of History-Truthout/ ExCIA Spy: Open Source Revolution Is Coming and It Will Conquer the 1%Guardian/ US Cardinal Needs to Embrace Gay People, Not Shun Them- Erin Brockovich, Consumer Advocate and Self- Proclaimed Eco Warrior- kelly Grills Dick You Got It Wrong on Iraq-Menacing Signs for Democracy: Pentagon Researches Nonviolent Protesters as Potential Terrorists-the horror unleashed on the Iraqi people is once again opened, like an infected wound that never has healed- Al Qaeda Relaxes While Gun Guys Destroy United States From Within-Responsible for Biggest Oil Blowout, BP, Gets First FAA Rights to Use Military Style Drones-White, Racist, Anti-Semitic, Homegrown and Hell-Bent on Fomenting a Revolution- Want to Know the Truth About Charter Schools, Follow the Money to the Hedge Funds- Liberal Media Myth-Fracking Drives Farmers From Land in Illinois: Can We Live on Fossil Fuel Instead of Food?-Death of Another Unarmed US Citizen Tests Border Patrol's Use of Force-Corporate War Media's Cruel and Irresponsible Lynching Bergdahl-BuzzFlash/Inside the Koch Brothers' Secret Billionaire Summit highly secretive mega donor conference discussed strategy on campaign finance, climate change, health care, higher education and opportunities for taking control of the Senate. tn/Brat Who Beat Eric Cantor, Libertarian Doesn't Believe in the Common Good mj/DHS's Retracted 2009 Report Warned About Right Wing Extremism Again in 2011 bb/ Cronies, Corruption and Cash: Lawrence Lessig on Why We Need a Super PAC to End All Super PACs- Twisted New Heist of the 1%: What's Really Behind Privatization-The Despicable Return of Oliver North World's Worst Bergdahl Hypocrite-Salon/ GOP Considers Government Shutdown to Protect Big Oil, and More-Despite pretty solid evidence showing that conservative policies drive up suicides, lawmakers are just fine continuing to help big business and the wealthy elite, while screwing over everyone else. It's time to save American lives and stop the Party of Death-Cheney Should Be Rotting in The Hague, Not Writing Editorials-Intelligence Agencies Say They're Too Big to Follow Regulations-dark money machine that was the real force behind David Brat's campaign. The media making Brat an underdog, in reality he's strapped to the hilt with billionaire support and billionaire money-time for the media to start calling these attacks what they are: rightwing terrorist attacks-Hartmann/ Presbyterians Vote to Divest Holdings to Pressure Israel- Koch Cycle of Endless Cash-Texarkana Decides Who Has Health Insurance and Who Does Not in -nyt/Prosecutor Is Closing In on Governor Christie Esquire-/Politically Explosive Documents Show How NSA Wiretaps Earth Common Dreams/ Attorneys Have Lost Sleep After Watching Extremely Disturbing Force Feeding Videos-NSA Can Keep Deleting Data It Was Ordered to Retain- AJa/Newspaper Dumps George Will, Apologizes for Offensive Rape Column tpm/ Crosscut: Ocean acidification is turning phytoplankton toxic. This is bad news for the many species (humans included) that rely on them as a principal source of food and oxygen/NYC to Settle With Wrongly Convicted Central Park Five for $40M-When Drones Fall From the Sky-wp/ Acupuncture, Yoga and Massage: Not Just for Rich Peopleyes/Clueless on Israeli Occupation FAIR/Explaining the Science Behind Climate Denial EcoWatch/Cable Companies Are Astroturfing Fake Consumer Support to End Net Neutrality VICE/ 12.0 21.9yf/I really wish we would've smoked that joint and gone to the Mitt Romney documentary. I think I may have been the only person on Earth who really did want to get high with Maureen Dowd, but I had to fly out-I was focused more on the fun than the risks. In that sense, I’m probably like many other people descending on Denver. I take responsibility for not knowing enough about what I was doing, Dowd wrote TPM/I really wish we would've smoked that joint and gone to the Mitt Romney documentary. I think I may have been the only person on Earth who really did want to get high with Maureen Dowd, but I had to fly out/Good luck with that! Nothing but right wing desperation-If the many investigations PROVE unlawful acts by this president: Actual TV ad to impeach Obama-more proof that you shouldn't watch Faux News at ANY hour of the day-Everyone knows the threat of impeachment is an empty bluff. Why do you waste our time?, Go ahead and impeach Obama and you will turn him into a martyr. I would love for you to do that, fool-another scam fraud organized crime trading day in bac stock lol fake buyers n sellers. 90% of the volume daily is fake too same ole regurgitated shares for rebates back n forth, conspiracy to keep sp low who would invest in this action when its a rigged scam? hint they don't want you to invest at least over 5 minutes-Republican Party is Dead, both hate each other. The party should split, one could name themselves, Confederate Tea Party, the other keep the name, Either way, a two party system is certainly better than a one party system, which is what they’re heading, should the GOP continue the path. Bottom line: Our corporate tax rate is an absolute disgrace. It’s too high and just about everyone I know, both GOP and democrat, agree that it should be competitive with other first world nations. The loss of Cantor in a primary spells doom for the GOPers-depends when the bubble bursts, Did hillary demand the US boygott japan yet? All these good people turn into monsters once the holodeck collapses, since they are ignornat of the past they have no idea how to find better solutions and will quickly revert but at least they have a good base of maniplation skills in the new old zero sum game, It really does not matter which group of sociophiles get the money if the fraccing holes cave in and the crops fail and the foreign producers are tired of taking greats boasts as payment. Eventually the US needs to rely on the productive capacity of whatever equipment was put in place by the old evil people and the ability of the live-for-the-day flower children to use it. Cold hungry people may not care who is getting free birth control. Oh and you won't be able to afford the risk of diseases of indulgence killing off your field workers either, the liberals will not have AIS drug makers to protest to and guess what happens-ybac/all thanks to obammmmaaa and the stealth drones, war is over, peace in Russia, Ukraine, middle east, yellen and draghi pump-yellen loves mid east turmoil, more excuse to pump the American markets, how many more dounuts can she eat, bigger than most cops-nEW pApER kUrrEN SATAN at The cenTEr of the bill, WEnt 2 bED las nite in MonTana, woKe Up in NEWZONIA-keep your mouth shut this time and don't write anything down, get the pension poosies off their stupefied masonic as*ses and do what NEEDS to be done-Judge Who Sentenced Saddam Hussein to Death, Captured & Executed by ISIS- new id chubs? any improvement on your ex, heard satan thinks he is cool-ygs/Ocean Off Massachusetts Open for Wind Energy ABC- interactive Time-Lapse Map Shows How the US Took More Than 1.5 Billion Acres From Native Americans Slate-Arizona's Border Patrol Bullying Anger Grows-Free Speech Is a Bad Excuse for Online Creeps to Threaten Rape and Murder-Guardian/wealth gap? Danish welfare narrows disparity-Honda recalls 2m vehicles-ap/A handful of Wall Street firms are much more vulnerable than their peers to a type of bank run seen during the financial crisis. Unfortunately for investors Time to Fear the Repo Market wsj/ insider trading, A Huge Party Happening In The Market, Everyone On Wall Street Is Miserable-Pharmaceutical Company Allergan, leaked from Morgan Stanley Releases Embarrassing Banker Emails Trying To Buy It Out-Potential Hijacking Malaysia Missing Jet Pilot Considered Prime Suspect-bi/ Seeks Fair Negotiations bb/ Argentina notches victories in the World Cup, President Cristina Fernandez I can be the goalkeeper, truth is, given we're in a World Cup mood, they shoot penalties at me, free kicks, they score with their hand, referees screw us over two thirds of the time with terrible bias, grappling with a debt crisis and feels like a goalkeeper facing endless penalties and a biased referee-slams holdout creditors and court rulings Reuters/Won't submit to extortion on debt ap/ radio shack, family dollar, adt, dillards, jbanks, brookdale senior living, frontier comm, express scripts, million books- 24 7 worst companies r/Hannity Attacks Muslim Student Who Was Attacked at Racist Heritage Panel-Noonan Channels Alex Jones-cnl/ operation ignore clark, id mad pooper theif given ride home by cops-margerie kemp joan of arc 600 yrs rip, imus/fantasy w painting crypt keeper dick, better than dr laura, zygote listeners will never listen again listening and handing out cuddles 4 free, wingnutz gwat about bo's sneeze guard invasion, stephie struggling backwards from the cliff/fretting about syria iran russia wars, on geraldo/linzzy and mcstain behind saudi support of isis, hartmann/phony suicice at rikers prison spurs co raided yields drugs weapons-worried about mixing politics where lawn jockies are white trading kids idea- ccwabc/afraid of truth, after sending scathing mail, b0 asked if he plays golf to talk and playboy coverage, butthurt on savage/
62314/When Crimes Happen BURGLARIES ARE HOT RIGHT NOW, new government study finds that most types of crime are most likely to happen in summer. But you might be surprised by what sorts of crimes are summer crimes, and which ones are most common in other seasons, or aren't dependent on the season at all- You would think that being on Earth, all the experiment results would be close to the same. G would seem to have to be constant based on the measurement method used. The fact that this isn't true, tells me that we really don't understand gravity- if we did, we could perfect a gravity drive and surf the cosmos- Google error bars-vox/cloud atoms new measure gravitys strength value of G ends up being 6.67191 x 10-11 cubic meters per kilogram per second squared-You would think that being on Earth, all the experiment results would be close to the same. G would seem to have to be constant based on the measurement method used. The fact that this isn't true, tells me that we really don't understand gravity-Maybe if we did, we could perfect a gravity drive and surf the cosmos- Smack Fu Master, Gravity is very easy to circumvent, all that is required in order to fly is simply learning to properly throw yourself at the ground, and miss. I read it takes some practice to get it right- all good theoretical physicists put the value of the fine structure constant, 7.2973525698(24)×10^−3, on the wall of their office and worry about it. quantum electrodynamics predicts it, and the prediction agrees with the measurement to a fantastically good degree of accuracy, the best prediction in all of science. But we have no idea, Stars in other universes: stellar structure with different fundamental constants. Roughly 25% of the parameter space he worked with, messing with values of G, α, and c, allowed stars to exist-Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics Adams, F.C. (2008-arstechnica//Biofilm is your food's biggest enemy, and you may not even know it. Hebrew University Student Invents World’s First Bacteria Free Food Packaging to keep the bacteria that has been associated with chronic illness away from our fruits and veggies nocamels/ 12.3 22.3yf/gunut asks, should felon rights be restored after probation is complete? Banning felons from purchasing guns gives them 2 choices: Be defenseless or break the law again-blue texas it won't take 20 years, people like Cruz and Perry had embarrassed Texas in front of the whole world- new 30.5m$ walker investigation, like Benghazi, only they have proof & emails, They corner the market on outrage n scandal claims, anyone outside their cabal or cult are liars-Jindal: People Are Ready For A Hostile Takeover hp-issuing a fatwa on the US government in the name of religious liberty-the ones opposing the right to life for children. defaming the Tea Party falsely with the Crash the Tea Party movemen. spreading lies about Christianity. Democrats are the ones attacking religious freedom-Only the extreme ones...Both sides have them and take the focus off of everyone else-You steal liberties, harrass people who don't believe what you believe, slander, defame them, speed lies about other religions, no better or worse than your own, and when the others push back agains you, you claim that they're waging war on your religious freedoms. Republican Christians are xenophobic cowards-Religious liberty. Get off our backs so we can continue to oppress-Hilary said open carry activists are terrorists-malloy Plans to Do When He Sees an Open Carry Gun Owner, if he sees someone open carrying a rifle, he is going to Start screaming gun! gun! shots fired, Everyone get down! intentionally trying to get the police to shoot the guy-Who are the real terrorists here? I have never seen an open carry activist making death threats to anyone-Redefines Insanity, Not only is this crazy and dangerous- fb/ citibankrupt, no wonder the GOP is sooooo out of touch with Main street Cantor found a new JOB!! becoming a Bank lobbyist for Wall Street on Capitol Hill-ybac/Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel’s campaign purposely took a quote by opponent Thad Cochran’s daughter out of context and then mocked her with a #@@ Who’sYaDaddy hastag-Joplin, Missouri, a church is being criticized after raffling off two AR-15s during last week’s Father’s Day celebration in order to increase attendance-enduring potency Obama Derangement Syndrome, the condition reached new heights of shark jumping ridiculousness-Raymond Andrews, another person with a gun had it go off accidentally and cause great damage Good Guy With Gun Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Head-John Baylo, 35, Christian DJ Fired After Arrest For Sexual Assault Of Young Boy at a Christian music festival in Michigan, charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct-As Rand Paul Calls Out sensation Dick Blame Obama for my criminal mischief given a platform to purvey his trademark Neocon fearmongering-Kevin McCarthy newly elected majority leader of the House Blames Harry Reid, Not Congress For Dysfunction In Washington, never mind all that facty stuff-Fed Up With Obama Acting Like He's The President South Dakota passed a resolution to impeach-Francis Condemns Torture As Mortal Sin wanted to reiterate his firm condemnation of every kind of torture-Chrstie Stands Up For Embattled Walker- Classy Peeing On President They put a little Obama doll in the Faith And Freedom Conference latrines: -ll/firearm instructors promise armed Kansas teachers will have 90 percent accuracy- MN measles outbreak traced to single child in Somali community fearful of vaccine myth-Oath Keepers NY official calls on cops to disobey orders, join war vs. socialist tyranny-While church volunteer was molesting girl, TN pastor was diverting cops-Murdered Florida trans woman set on fire and dumped near trash bin-pro immigration MD Gov. O’Malley Hispandering to voters-Robertson those poor gays turn them to Jesus I’m just trying to help-Texas teen facing life in prison for pot brownies-rsy/
aca average pmt 82$ per mo 80% receive gov subsidies, francis hires faux pr? rand the teabag dove? it's just not that easy to pull out, fundamentally disagreeing dick no one can get enough of, emergency surgury to talk diverting voice from side, to front of mouth, bolton the voice of reason? evidence w actually deluded patsie 4 war, icing down after carlton groin kick, stephie paying anything to see hillary bachmann debate/prefering roll with lynn instead of vietnam hiding behind daughter/ militarizing police, fla swat attacks illegal barbershops jhpv/ koch fueled canadians vs russian resource flag contraversy, wtfaw/ radio new separated by advertising firewall mr corporation bring ndown that wall, reagan78 us iraq=china tibet-cambodia polpot=french revolution reset occupation woes, lbj clips vietnam worries about korea like actions-water wars detroit rights-hartmann/ criminals should be in jail instead of sunday talk shows dteradactyl/ shutdown plans, ominus twin tornadoes, kochtupuss encircles epa, encouraging students bo mocks deniers at irving, gnbb/faux snooze get inside imus/on syrian assad's side, giving bo slack? subway pervs, geraldo brainstorms gw bridge anti suicide ideas
62214/reprisals for the Syrian military's attack that killed an Israeli Arab and wounded his family. Israel treats it's citizens equally-ISRAEL STRIKES 9 MILITARY BASES IN SYRIA ygs/ inserting other foot mainstream media parades usual obvious desparate suspects cheerleading for wingnutz war nbc etc

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