Friday, August 26, 2011

82611 I am running for president of the United States," and then she added, "I'm totally serious."Roseann said that Sarah Palin running for President is what made her think she could do it

Gaddafi's sprawling Bab al-Aziziya compound have already made several questionable discoveries -- among them a photo album dedicated to former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice/ Ford was smart enough to pay his workers enough to buy the products they were making, and he was recognized as the entreprneur of the 20th century. But today's wealthy of the Tea Party mindset don't have this larger understanding that spending begets sustainable wealth/there are a lot of Latinos, a lot of Hispanics in America, that came here the legal way, love our country, and they followed the rule of law,” she said. “We are in big trouble and the president is feeding into it. I believe this is going to backfire on the Obama administration.” libtards leaned towards no God or Allah or really any entity which requires no measure of discipline any adult should have.....that way you can be "free" to subvert and steal through excessive taxation from those that have a meaure of discipline and responsibility/There should be a tax for creating a job overseas equal to one time the American salary of the job that should have been created here. if a job is offshored, since the multiplier effect of that worker's wage will be lost to the economy, the tax should be five times the worker's wage. taxes to compensate for actual damage to the economy. There should also be highly punitive fines for offshoring. ($1M/job? $10M? Plus threat of jail time?) And they should be levied and payable, and companies should have to prove that they didn't offshore, rather than the burden of proof being on the regulators. incentive side, if a company hires a worker here, they should get a corporate tax credit worth twice the worker's wage./ Obama the socialist and his gang are just putting us deeper in a hole NO MATTER HOW DEEP AS LONG AS HE CAN GET RE- ELECTED !!!! VERY SAD AND CRIMINAL !!!/Friends don't let friends vote Republican!  eight long years of Bush. Who is the next moron they want to put into the Oval Office. Dollar value fell by half. Jobs were being lost at a rate of 700,000 a month. Benefits for those losing jobs were on the chopping block. And the rich were getting tax payer dollars and tax cuts/Mississippi getting attention, we also may want to shed some light on Memphis City Schools. />>> > > /Now I know why the Bushes and others are trying to gain control of drinking water; it
looks like big oil's days are numbered. The program may have lost young earth creationist, but it could make an impact on most other
global warming/greenhouse gas skeptics. There's one problem though, many of these people don't watch PBS/The delegate from 1st District Civil Police of St. John Boa Vista, Fernando Zucarelli, said an investigation was opened and is already trying to identify the possible perpetrators. Homophobia, which is the aversion to homosexuals, although not listed as a crime in Brazilian penal code, but beyond aggression, young people may also respond to discrimination./absurd that, it looks like people are blinded by hate and faith. It is the
old style of being the American West, shoot first, ask later. If they show it to Miriam Rios can tell that it is the work of those who "do not have God in the heart."/ that time he beat a maid who was at a bus stop at dawn. The excuse: they thought was a prostitute. As if it was legitimate and permissible beating prostitutes .../In the end do not have passion for what is worth dying or killing. Viva gentle pride !!!!!/ portrays the struggle and hardship that befell New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Yesterday, a real-life tragedy struck 'Treme.' Michael Showers, who played New Orleans homicide Captain John Guidry on the HBO drama, was found dead in the Mississippi River Wednesday morning. The actor was 45 years old. A steamboat captain saw Showers' body floating in the river near New Orleans' French Quarter and called the authorities. The police told the New Orleans Times-Picayune his body had been in the water for nearly two days. No official cause of death has yet been determined eerily reminiscent of on-screen suicide that occurred in Season 1 of the show, when John Goodman's character Creighton Bernette killed himself by jumping off a steamboat into the Mississippi. also appeared on 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'Breaking Bad.' His film credits include 'The Tree of Life,' 'Traffic,' 'I Love You Phillip Morris,' and 'Colombiana.' Showers' death marks the second blow to the 'Treme' family in the past year-and-a-half. In April of 2010, writer David Mills died of a brain aneurysm while shooting the show's first season/Colbert announced that he's in agreement with "pundit, and part-time weather balloon, Rush Limbaugh", it's "manufactured by the government" to tell us what the temperature feels like (when humidity and other elements are factored-in to the actual air temperature Discussing the heat index, which is included in most weather forecasts in the US nowadays, Colbert said he and Limbaugh are "not buying the heat-steria."/that itsy-bitsy British Crown Dependency in the Irish Sea. To Stewart's amazement, the tiny island, famous for its tail-less cats, three-legged signs and dangerous motorcycle races, actually has a better credit rating than the US/Giuliani became so familiar with the so-called "Five Families" in New York and their habits, that he's uniquely qualified for yet another career: Mob Tour Guide. "Anybody want to take a tour," he joked, "I can take you on a Mob Tour of New York City."/ he tends to get very political and cerebral in his rants already. She's tailor-made for his point of view."I could not live in this world if I believed she was a real person," he explained of Palin. "And so, I have for the entire time that she's been around, treated her as a hallucination."/ "My announcement is that I am running for president of the United States," and then she added, "I'm totally serious."Roseann said that Sarah Palin running for President is what made her think she could do it/"No one understands the American Dream better today than an Indian, a Chinese or a Mexican as far as I'm concerned," Bourdain said. Would you have joined in with the audience, who started applauding after Bourdain's statement? facts are there. Either the books are cooked, which is extremely unlikely, or BAC is in great financial shape Re: $400,000,000,000 in Cash/1 Trillion in deposits/GOP Congress Directs $30 Billion 56 minutes ago REPORT: GOP Congress Directs $30 Billion For Struggling Homeowners Be Used To Pay Down Debt Instead/This fight is going to be the country music vs. country club, man vs. mannequin, attitude vs. platitude. A million stupid Aggie jokes vs. the only Harvard joke that really means anything — “You can always tell a Harvard man, but you can’t tell him much.”Rick Perry is a handgun, Mitt Romney is a staple gun. Gov. Perry is packing heat, Gov. Romney is taking heat. It’s Tea Party vs. garden party. Brigham Young vs. Faron Young./Went to the store to stock up for Irene, and the store had a whole pallet of water by the front door @ $9/bttl?! How absurd! 9 dollars! Profiteering?/ Obama and Joe Biden both claimed that if elected they would institute policies that make it cost prohibitive for coal-fired plants to operate in the United States. Looks like this is one promise they’ll keep./

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