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82011 google Rumsfeld Disease you will find a lot of articles as we started doing that since he's responsible. However, then Dr. Roberts mentioned its an honor to be named for a disease. So we changed it to Rumsfeld's Plague because that's no honor and puts the blame where it should be

surprised, frightened, disgusted or simply say "we knew it", that in the informal mixer just after Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry spoke at a Politics and Eggs breakfast in Bedford, New Hampshire, an unknown gentlemen approaches a casual Perry like an Ian Flemming character, and proceeds to dead drop the following: "Bank of America... We will help you out"/    certain Christians—are destined to not just take “dominion” over government, but stealthily climb to the commanding heights of what they term the “Seven Mountains” of society, including the media and the arts and entertainment world. They believe they're intended to lord over it all. As a first step, they’re leading an 'army of God' to commandeer civilian government.up, without the Beltway media exposing who they really are/urban Outfitters Sued for $28 Million Parents of a 15-year-old model claim the retailer used 'X-rated pictures' of her on T-shirts
 and other merchandise/perhaps you can shed some light on why its costing TEF 2.7 billion Euros, which works out to around $3.82 billion USD, to layoff 6500 workers. That works out to around $588,000 USD per layoff... Jeezus are labor laws that crazy in Spain?/ Spain has some of the most rigid labor laws in Europe, which is why youth unemployment was a problem even before the crisis/We have the deadliest combination of inflation in the developing world and recession the developed world. What we have can be termed as recesflation, which will prove to be much worse than stagflation/each gold investor has to set the price to preserve his wealth, and the only thing important to them.
if what they say about the top 2% (keyword) control 98% of the the wealth, it will be interesting how far the price will rise, as compared to the amount of cheap labor they will squeeze, in short true valuation. the recession is a result of forgetting who the consumers are/were./Bachmann offered a "happy birthday" message to the late singer Elvis Presley on Monday, even though August 16 is the anniversary of his death in 1977/ the past two weeks, retail investors pulled $17.4 billion out of U.S. equity mutual funds, mutual funds and exchange-trade funds hold $4 trillion in U.S. stocks, or 27.7 percent of the total U.S. market capitalization. "If someone's idea of investing is sitting in front of their computer without a strategy, of seeking gains through trading against machines making millions of trades a second, that's a tough row to hoe," rich get richer and the company finances haven’t changed a bit. Yes there are rules to prevent
 that but remember you are dealing with the rich and they have no rules, they only apply to the little guy. Now add the media to the mix, the true terrorists in the world, who have nothing good to report – “the market closed up today, but it will crash tomorrow” news is not what we want to hear. I wish the “experts” had a bit of knowledge themselves but since they can’t even agree with themselves then I don’t think they are very expert at all/Denial of choice of counsel is automatic reversible error,Powell v Alabama, 287 US 45 (1932) & Bland v  Cal DOC, 20 F3d 1469 (9th Cir 1994 This seems to be the agenda-the Constn does not exist in the Land of 10,000 Lies-I foUNd that out June 25th, 1996 n went to prison for telling the Truth-the courts lied, over 300 coUNts of perjury induced by Polk Co, Mn & even judge JA crippen LIED in the appeal desion-that he did a complete review of the record-there is no record, the trial transcripts were
 falsified-T, 372 the appears to be a faulty casstte that "missed" the beginning of Petes testimony at aboot 11:00 am-1- I did NOT take the stand till 3:30 pm-this is how many hrs of deputy sonfrols lies were erased. 2. Minn Stat 484.72 Electronic recording shall not be used in any felony proceedings/Over the past six years, 41 percent of all children who died of abuse or neglect in Florida had been the subject of at least one prior contact with child protection authorities, the state Department of Health reports. The average for all other states: about 12 percent- an author who says you must spank your child and a
couple who killed their daughter doing it. _ According to Dr Kodama, the total amount of radiation released over a period of more than five months from the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster is the equivalent to more than 29 "Hiroshima-type atomic bombs" and the amount of uranium released "is equivalent to 20" Hiroshima bombs./$17.6 million --Xe Services LLC is USTC's parent company 17 Aug 2011 U.S. Training Center Inc. has been awarded a U.S. Department of Defense task order in support of counter-narcoterrorism activities in Afghanistan/powerful explosion has rocked a US military base in eastern Afghanistan and reportedly killed at least 27 American soldiers and left dozens wounded/We took control last night," Saleh Omran, a rebel fighter from Az Zawiyah told the Reuters news agency on Thursday from inside the refinery complex. [The 'rebels' are US taxpayer-funded
 mercenaries, fighting again for Exxon Mobil and BP/Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah says the US and Israel are trying to cause a civil war in /English courts are handing down prison sentences to convicted rioters that are on average 25% longer than normal/ 14-year-old boy and another teenager have been banned from accessing the internet until they stand trial accused of trying to incite riots on Facebook/Bachmann Staffer Arrested for Terrorism in Uganda in 2006 --Charges dropped in March 2006 after intervention by Bush regime --Man who knew Waldron in 2004 told The St. Petersburg Times in 2006 Waldron had told him he used to work for the CIA,  after being arrested along with six Congolese and Ugandan nationals for the weapons.  legitgov dot org/Allstate Sues Goldman For Selling 'Crap' Mortgage Securities/Iran seizes 6500 Bibles, citing rich missionary conspiracy, propagation of non-I[s]lamic faiths is forbidden
 under Islamic law, missionary work is banned. But that won't stop the mullahs from being paranoid about it, and taking the opportunity to remind the unbelievers of their place in the I[s]lamic Republic of Iran. Street Journal has confirmed that illegal aliens who receive deferred action or parole from deportation can apply for work permits allowing them to compete with 22 million Americans looking for full-time work. That's 300,000 illegal aliens who could potentially receive work permits/Love the Sneaky WAY Obama is Expanding the WAR in Libya with Armed Predators US launches air campaign against oil rich country under pretext of humanitarian intervention (while ignoring comparable events in Syria and Iran). US realizes it does not actually use Libyan oil, government runs out of money, hits debt ceiling, leading to decision to pull out of Libya after it is uncovered that CIA operatives had been laying the groundwork
 for a government overthrow for months,  no point to even comment on this increasingly more surreal chain of events. Warns on Cost of Obama’s Military Cuts's totalitarian rulers and their policies have killed 73 million of their own people since 1949. That is several times more than the human destruction wrought by Hitler's holocaust. The Chinese communist government detains between 250,000 and 300,000 human beings in "re-education-through-labor" camps "on vaguely defined charges having never seen a lawyer, never been to a court, and with no form of judicial supervision," according to an Amnesty International report. Communist China also slaughters Tibetan monks, kills Falun Gong practitioners so their organs can be sold to transplant tourists, beats and jails environmentalists, and imprisons or "disappears" people for typing the words "freedom" or "Dalai Lama" into search
 engines/new tirade by the Afghan president threatens NATO with the same fate as the Soviet Union/ Saudi King Abdullah Has Left The Reservation And Is Going After Iran's Son Warns of Libyan Civil War, Offers Dialogue the capital markets industry for over 20 years and it's far worse than most people realize or are willing to admit. It was permeated with a take no prisoners attitude with the incentive to find every loop hole to the benefit of Corporate management (not shareholders) and the transaction creators (not their employers). This was a fraud of epic proportions pushed on the world as a whole that will be an interesting tale in future college courses/Ark (Reuters) - "Three men jailed for the "Satanic" 1993 slayings of three 8-year-old boys in Arkansas walked free on Friday after nearly two decades of proclaiming their innocence,  Echols and Baldwin pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree murder
 while Misskelley pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree murder and two of second-degree murder, Despite the guilty pleas, the defendants maintained their innocence in a post-hearing news conference and said they would continue to seek justice for the victims and try to clear their names/Kentucky taxpayers to foot bill for creationist theme park. /One of the MANY wonderful things about realising that religious teachings are untrue and that this is the only life we have is that it makes every moment of this life MORE precious, not less, MORE meaningful and MORE worth living to the full-Religious people do not seem to be exactly calm when facing death, so does that mean they really are not believers? And that sentence is as inane as: So is it the fear of God after all?-Chinese Communist Party is challenged by two religions, Christianity and Falun Gong. Both are morally opposed to abortion, and both resist birth-control measures. Both
 suffer terribly from forced abortions and torture imposed by the CCP, in contradiction of official policies. Here I begin to speculate, despite being not particularly knowledgeable of Chinese culture: As a culture of death becomes more institutionalized among the atheist populations, I would speculate that the reversal of fertility declines would disproportionately emerge among religious and dissident groups; further, the end of the one-child policy would also remove a motivation for local officials to harass and persecute the I haven’t known most Buddhists to be oppressed overpopulation issues, or growing the way Christianity and Falun Gong are. Tibetan Buddhism is different from the Buddhism in China proper; the Buddhism of Chinese proper is more of a philosophy than a religion. Taoism ranges from a folk religion, to an irreligious philosophy. My understanding is that Chinese folk religion is precisely that which Chinese
 Communism has largely successfully destroyed. But again, I’m way outside my expertise with that assertion. By the way, the sparsely populated West in China is Islamic/“By the beginning of the 20th century, Taoism had fallen so much from favor, that only one complete copy of the Daozang still remained, at the White Cloud Monastery in Beijing.”/Yes, Christianity is tame, and yes, Falun Gong is a wierdo cult. That in no way contradicts my assertion that they pose challenges to atheism. Again, why the bizarre hostility, though?/Texas is a very influential state in the United States when it comes to biology textbooks.[1] A supporter of Creation Ministries International (CMI) with a large Christian YouTube audience has declared he is going to aggressively promote the CMI Question evolution! campaign in Texas in order to reduce the prevalence of atheism and belief in evolution in the United States-9.4.1 Atheism, pederasty and NAMBLA -15.1 Modern
 proponents of atheism and deception-38 Resources for leaving atheism and becoming a Christian38.1 Watch an online Christian church service38.2 Tips on choosing a Christian church38.3 Spiritual growth- In ancient times, for example, Christians were accused of being atheists because of their denial of the pagan gods, even though they believed in the Christian God.[7] Socrates was also accused of atheism, although references to God run throughout his recorded statements.[8] Also, Albert Einstein and Baruch Spinoza professed belief in "God," but they defined "God" as the cosmos as a whole, and without personality. two main reasons for their denial of the existence of God and/or disbelief in God: the conviction that there is positive evidence or argument that God does not exist (Strong atheism which is also sometimes called positive atheism), and their claim that theists bear the burden of proof to show that God exists, that they have failed to do so, and
 that belief is therefore unwarranted (Weak atheism)-Atheism is a religion and its legal implications relative to the teaching of evolution-"The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.' They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good." - Psalms 14:1- it seems, come only from a creator; and this idea of a creating hand that created me refers me back to God. Naturally this is not a clear, exact idea that I set in motion every time I think of myself. It contradicts many of my other ideas; but it is there, floating vaguely
 if drugs were involved in the death of a Florida
megachurch pastor who was found dead in his Times Square hotel room. There was an envelope filled with white powder allegedly inside the shorts of the Rev. Zachery Tims Jr, 42, the New York Daily News reported. Tims, who leads the 8,000-member New Destiny Christian Center near Orlando, was found lying face up on the floor of his room in the W Hotel by workers on Friday, according to The Wall Street Journal His biography on the New Destiny website said: "After Dr. Tims was miraculously saved, instantly delivered from drug addiction, and called into
ministry, he determined to make his young life count by simultaneously earning two Bachelor's degrees." Tims has four children from his marriage with Riva, which ended in 2009 after he admitted to having an affair with a stripper/Department of Homeland Security has released yet another PSA that depicts an attempt to bomb a subway station not by Al-Qaeda Muslims, but well-dressed white people-United States can no longer afford to pay for, polls show that Americans, and particularly Republicans, are losing their appetite for war.-Establishment Media Admits Conspiracy To Ignore Ron Paul "We are in the business of kicking candidates out of the race" Rumsfeld Disease you will find a lot of articles as we started doing that since he's responsible. However, then Dr. Roberts mentioned its an honor to be named for a disease. So we changed it to Rumsfeld's Plague because that's no honor and puts the blame where it should be/

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