Sunday, August 21, 2011

81811 21-year old man from Virginia was sentenced in February to 25 years in prison for publishing the home addresses of the "South Park" creators and urging readers to pay them a visit

about "peace efforts" “I condemn these appalling and senseless acts of
violence. As efforts for peace in the region continue, this brutality
has no place, nor its perpetrators any excuse-Social justice protests
have been canceled for the coming days, including a mass rally planned
for Saturday night in Jerusalem, following combined terror attacks in
the South of Israel that left seven I[s]raelis dead and over two dozen
wounded on Thursday
could simply be a group of "geography challenged"
t-partiers/"Which city in Palestine is known to be a
place of pilgrimage for the C.hristians, J.ews and Muslimes?" It is
indeed Jerusalem!/The Obama administration has a big idea to bolster
employment: a Department of Jobs. This isn’t a South Park episode
satirizing the White House but an actual idea floated by an
administration official in the New York Times. The irony of a
“Department of Jobs” is clearly lost on the hapless president. /so you'll just have to settle for a McVeigh/Breivik
attack on innocents instead?/some men just have a problem with women
who think for themselves and defend their ground. Maybe it's a
testosterone thing./Or, a problem with nutcases, as you may
DO/You are truly delusional and uninformed/Five loud explosions shook
the center of Libya's capital Thursday afternoon, possibly striking
near Moammar Gadhafi's compound in Tripoli, as rebels in the western
mountains claimed control of the Zawiya oil refinery/Rude co-workers
don't just affect everyone at the office — they also have a broader
impact on their community through a ripple effect that can even travel
to other businesses, new research from Baylor University, which
suggests that stress created by incivility at work can be so intense
that, at the end of the day, it is taken home by the worker and
impacts the well-being of the worker's family and partner/one of the
reasons police officers and prison guards can be some of the worst
wife beaters out there. They deal with the worst of the worst, and
many of them carry it home with them/other solution is to grow the f
up, shut up do your job well and not give a rat's arse if someone is
'rude' to you. And the pussification of America continues. You are not
special and not everybody wins at life -- that's why you need to fight
for what you want/mr tough guy, i take pleasure in eviscerating your
type/Your parents must have been diaper sniffers it you think that
being rude is a "right" that you have. You probably think it's ok the
steal, rape and murder because it's your "right" to do whatever you
want/"So the libtards are going to ban rude behavior and therefore
free speech, right?/Matthew 6:1 “Beware of practicing your
righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for
then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.”/if
you fear change, you fear reality/Common sense says there were WMD in
Iraq. The psychology and business departments at Universities like
Baylor study all sorts of things you probably would pooh-pooh. From a
scientific view, even the ordinary things need to be evaluated to
better understand them. Many things we think obvious are in fact dead
wrong. We just don't bother to look into them/Reality has taught us
over and over that "common sense" often boils down to wives tales,
brainwashing and superstition/Perfect example of Rick Perry and all
the world trouble making REPUBLICANS! Along with being a cancer to the
U.S./a cure for said rude virus, an industrial plant sized wood
chipper where RUDE bi-product it converted into green energy
bio-fuel./Republicans would love to do this all the time. I bet
they're the ones trying to ban 1984 from libraries. Or they wouldn't
appreciate me calling you out for the retard that you are. (But Palin
isn't going to see this, so she can't censor me./living proof of this
article. Shoot the messenger and ignore the message. This is what make
partisanship so ugly. Everyone should be an Independent and not have a
noise ring so they can be led around/"Survey’s surprising finding: tea
party less popular than atheists and Muslims"/Oh? And just who is that
surprising to??? Those who think CHRISTIANS are persecuted in this
country perhaps?/HOUSTON (Reuters) - The arrest of an American man who
broke into a woman's house and tried to suck her blood over the
weekend has sparked discussion about the impact of vampire books and
movies-French actor Gerard Depardieu outraged fellow passengers by
urinating in the aisle of an Air France flight as it prepared to take
off on Tuesday, forcing the plane to turn back to its parking
spot-James Murdoch did not try to cover up the truth by blacking out
sections of an incriminating letter written by disgraced News of the
World royal reporter Clive
/Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) sued the government  filed on August 12 in
the federal court in Lake Charles, Louisiana, said the decision
arbitrarily deprived it of rights under three of five leases for what
is called the Julia field. It said this took away Exxon's ability to
produce a reservoir believed to hold billions of barrels of oil.,
against the Interior Department and Secretary Kenneth Salazar comes
after regulatory scrutiny of drilling activities grew in the wake of
the April 2010 blowout of BP Plc's (BP.L) Deepwater Horizon well in
the Gulf of Mexico. government's initial rejection of the lease
extension came in 2009,the prospect of collecting millions of dollars
in bonuses and royalties on new leases gave the government an
incentive to single it out for "unprecedented adverse treatment" by
canceling the leases-apparently objection to the CNN host's questions
about gay marriage.  "I’m not being weird, you’re being a little
rude," said to the host, right before storming off the program's set.
“Ms. O'Donnell wasn't happy about me quizzing her re views on
witchcraft and sex. But really flipped at gay marriage Qs. Ripped mike
and fled,”-The militant called on Muslims in the United States to "cut
the tongue of this lowly Jew and shut it forever," the threat against
Letterman said, according to a translation by SITE. The popular
late-night television host is not Jewish. The FBI said it was taking
the threat seriously,  21-year old man from Virginia was sentenced in
February to 25 years in prison for publishing the home addresses of
the "South Park" creators and urging readers to pay them a visit, as
well as trying to help a Somali militant group/

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