Friday, October 18, 2013

101813/razzle dazzle

101813/A young girl got drugged and raped by a high school football star in Maryville, MO. The locals covered it up, dismissed the charges, abused the victim and her family, and generally acted like the rape loving mother***ers that they are. Indeed, they got the victim’s mother fired, ran the family out of town, and burned down their house. When the family objected, the local pig lawman said that they should just “get over it”. Meanwhile, the scumsucking child molesting rapist s***head is off at college, making rape jokes on Twitter
101713/John Boehner Finally Agrees to Bypass the Tea Party on Senate Plan, Hartmann/GOP's Alamo HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE WINNERS, wasting no time in rewriting the history of their own defeat slate/ if US citizens had to pass a sanity test to vote? That would pretty much eliminate the Tea Party- Ted Cruz's America-California Wants to Protect Transgender Students; GOP Targets Them- Refusing to Make Peace With War-The Tea Party and the Economy: It's Like Putting an Arsonist in Charge of the Fire Department-Tea Party and House Republican caucus have caused devastating damage to the economy and decreased job opportunities. They are economic terrorists BuzzFlash/GOP Rep Looks to Next Showdown: "We're Going to Start This All Over Again tpm/NSA's Extensive Involvement in Targeted Killing Program wp/What reason could the mainstream media possibly have for prolonging the government shutdown and prolonging the suffering of the American people? Money. And lots of it Hartmann/Haters Holding US Hostage Embraced Denial, Resistance and Willful Ignorance BuzzFlash/Reign of Morons: Apotheosis, Starring Ted Yoho Esquire/Backlash for the GOP: Democrats Raising Big Bucks in the South NationalJournal/ Arizona Man Allegedly Kills Girlfriend in Attempt to Scare Her With a Gun tpm/Freeing Marissa Alexander, sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a gun at the ceiling to prevent her estranged husband from attacking her-America people still celebrate Columbus Day, showcasing the ongoing struggle for indigenous rights. But the future is in our hands/Protectors vs. Destroyers, Canadians Unite to Stop Fracking in New Brunswick WagingNonviolence/BP's Silent Disaster, Al Jazeera -The 2010 BP oil spill has left a legacy of psychological and social problems among residents in the impact zone as the corporate juggernaut continues to deny compensation to victims/Here Lies the Tea Party, Since the start of the government shutdown, the GOP has suffered from its lowest approval ratings in history. With Tea Party members at the helm of this hostile takeover, could this mean the end of their political reign?-Hartmann/Indigenous Nations Are at the Forefront of the Conflict With Transnational Corporate Power/Fast Food Giants Make Billions While Their Workers Use Billions in Welfare Benefits, AlterNet/Newsweek style is, apparently, disarming. The lumbering small town South Carolinian (listed at 6 feet, 2 inches and 250 pounds when he tried out for the Clemson football team in 1978), usually showed up with his tie askew and "his jacket was never on for long, CIA declined to identify Archibald when he was appointed head of the NCS. understated management of the agency's covert operation to undermine Milosevic during the Clinton administration, a blueprint for running a successful peaceful covert action AP, drew praise on Capitol Hill, where members of the intelligence committees were used to razzle dazzle "bullshit" from "CIA cowboys/I would really like to see the republcians work for the people again, but there are sure some ruthless people, with no conscious that don't hestitate to lie to the people continuously in the republican party in congress and there is no telling what they will pull next-we can all agree that John Boehner lied when he kept saying he did not have the votes.. Clearly he did. He and the radicals in his party held this country hostage in a shutdown without any good reason at all and they should be held accountable-These are the 18 Republicans who Voted to Crash The Economy By Causing a Default, Coburn, Cornyn, Crapo, Cruz, Enzi, Grassley, Heller, Johnson-WI, Lee, Paul, Risch, Roberts, Rubio, Scott, Sessions, Shelby, Toomey, Vitter. as luck would have it the butt hurt republicans had apparently gathered there to lick their wounds, Now they all want to fight and shit-braintrusts in that forum explained that Obamacare caused Rome to collapse, or maybe it was buttsex-Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst calls for bo's impeachment-Young conservatives. How cute. It's like this, raising the debt ceiling is what is done to pay for what was ALREADY consumed/agreed to. If either or both parties want to cut funding for any program, it has to be voted on separately. You can't change the REALITY that slightly more than half the county-Why don't we all just start calling our credit card companies demanding an increase in spending limit?!-you live in Texas now, Cruz is congressional diarrhea!-Texas drag performer dies in police custody Fernando Gomez, performed under the name Mercedes Demarco, acting irrationally when police arrested her and used a Taser to subdue her. died in police custody in El Paso, TX rawstory-Comedian Russell Brand interviewed leaders from Westboro Baptist Church fb/NJ Elects Failed Socialist Obama Mini Me Cory Booker to Senate-If you don't like a particular policy, then go out and win an election. Push to change it. Don't break it- tw/they lose another to smart black guy who is occupying their WHITEhouse, Teabaggers retreat in gated communities to plan their next terrorist attack on innocent American Taxpayers! ybac/Will the US continue to pay Israel's bills? How much longer can the US afford to pay the bills of a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world? DANCING IN THE STREETS of TEL AVIV, NINE BILLION a year helps build condos family assistance, great medical,education and bribe American politicians, Nearly $15,000 per person annually in US aid goes to Israel-What about the 5 Trillion Dollars Israel received since 1949 Did Founding Fathers approved this scam Everyone in the USA could have free medical for 100 years with this money-ygs/things that are very necessary for the rest of us. Like collect taxes, spy on us, raise the cost of all goods and services. we have elected idiots, crooks and perverts to ushouse RAISE THE CEILING, foreign countries need the money like Brazill almost a million to help women there quit smoking or almost a million to Mexico to build park benches or money to those countries that hate us. I bet you don't know the ones that hate us and we give our hard earned tax money too yc/REMEMBER BOYS & GIRLS bo JUST PROVED REPUBLICANS ARE THE DISEASE, NOT THE CURE-North Dakota officials are trying to determine if Tesoro Corp. knew about potential problems, including one deemed "serious" in documents with a pipeline that leaked more than 20,000 barrels of crude oil in a 7.3 acre wheat field spill- Chairman Of House Appropriations!Rogers(R) Ky. Prince Of Pork, -big business unhappy with this stunt, will move to primary OUT Tea Partiers-Pukes Cry About Spending, But Overlook McConnell $2.2 Billion Dam, When Pukes Do It!-homosexual airhead. Obama is my Mandingo Hero Stud God, Besides, a Welfare parasite-more likely you are an evangelical snake charmer that knows little more than what your gap toothed, slack jawed ,beady eyed internet approved minister told you-No surprise-Politics is a filthy business The Democrats offered McConnell a bribe and he took it-He Will Not Allow Another Shutdown, we have fully now acquainted our new members with what a losing strategy that is-Send the bill for the $24 Billion in lost revenue to the RNC-DUMBAMA SAID TODAY THAT U.S. CITIZENS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LISTEN TO TALK RADIO, TOO FUNNY-Actually Encouraging Texans To Enroll In Obamacare Texas Tribune reported that the state is shuttering a state based health care program, it undermines Gov. Rick Perry’s entire health care philosophy and contradicts the GOP’s claim that states are best suited to take care of their uninsured populations yhal/massive Olmsted Dam Lock in Paducah, Ky. nearly $2.9 billion-I am an old GOPer, voted for Nixon, Reagan and Bush-41. But today's GOP is not the one I used to know. It is full of cry babies who can NOT resolve anything with intellegence, dignity, power and wealth. The real GOP resolves issues during normal congressional sessions, not until the 11th hour. Only the Dems welfarers would behave like non educated mobs in the congress, Tea Baggers in this new GOP are worse than those non educated welfare mobs. They are like bunch of spoiled stupid kids sitting on the Wal Mart floor demanding 100 pounds of candy for each. They ended up getting spanked by their parents then left the store empty handed with tears in their eyes. If GOP wants to be a respectable real national political party, drop these Tea Baggers, NOW-an idea you low-thinking mental midget, when you get your ass handed to you just start repeating yourself over and over. Fucking moron. I've already been clear that they were opportunists in this and now you your liberal media are too. I'm sure you still won't get it and you'll just repeat yourself again. I don't get how an education system that spends so much money per student can turn out idiots like you. How is that possible? I'm serious about that. I'm not saying it just to insult you. I really don't get how adults are functioning in society as ill-equipped as you are-They were exploiting vets and made them look like racists by attracting the people THEY attract and now you're upset because the media was there to cover the story and those pictures got published aibafs/splcenter get informed hate map/the size of a sugar cube, the Irukandji is hard to see, and its stinger leaves no trace. Around 10 minutes after contact, victims suffer everything from excruciating lower back pain to incessant vomiting to constricted airways and the “creeping” skin frequently associated with methamphetamine usage. Unlucky victims sometimes succumb to brain hemorrhaging, extreme high blood pressure or, in 30% of cases, experience some form of heart failure, according to Scientific American. And one out of five victims ends up on life support. “It’s difficult to know how many victims the Irukandji have claimed, many deaths have doubtless been put down to stroke, heart attack or drowning- Australia and Southeast Asia share shores with the dread box jellyfish, whose sting “is the most explosive envenomation process presently known to humans,” wrote a team of scientists. Venom injected from its 10-foot-long tentacles ”turns the tissue into soup,” as one marine biologist put it, and causes the heart to seize. Death usually occurs within four minutes. In the Philippines each year, between 20 and 40 people die from box jellyfish stings-Ethically speaking, in most cases, were you to ask a sample group if taking away the natural right of a human to free will was an ethical practice, you’d receive a resounding ‘no’. But for some reason, an exception has been made for religion. Raising a child into religion is automatically programming them to view the world, morality, and ethics from a preconceived and biased standpoint that is not their own. More importantly, this practice eliminates the ability of a child to grow naturally, and decide for themselves what they think the mysteries of the universe are, considering their guess is just as good as any of ours. It promotes conformity, and teaches children to blindly and unquestioningly submit to a moral code that has already been drafted by someone else. Truly, the notion of instilling religious values in children would be much like expecting your offspring, a free thinking and genetically unique individual, to enjoy the same music, or recreational activities that you do. The effects of this kind of ethical programming ripple throughout our society nugate/Napolitano: Did You Know That We Still Owe Money for Fighting WWI?-That's a Lie!' Hannity, Williams Battle Over ObamaCare, Debt Dea-Cruz Calls Out Republican Colleagues for 'Attacking' House GOP-Debt Deal Pays Out 174K to Millionaire Senator's Widow fni/cruz kills baby jesus by ooreilly, birth control next wingnut shutdown talk point, on stephanie/ baffoonery, leading wingnutz by the nose, h8 4 cruz missle fruitless feasko gig pays 70$ per person x 300M, bigger than gop, stenographer flips out freemason cannot serve two gawd will not be mocked, bohner starts fluffing for next ceiling fight, ellis the elephant calistia, faux snooze newest star, megan kelly visits, on geraldo/144 traitors voted to close gov, windy has a real chance in tx gov race in two mos, on ed/ 

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