Tuesday, October 15, 2013

101513/Gaza FREAK SHOW chokes

101513/The Dark Side of the Nobel Peace Prize Winning Chemical Weapons Inspectors Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW part of CWC Chemical Weapons Convention not all that squeaky clean when it comes to this organization. The group is not all that effective, it serves as a get out of jail card for the worst chemical weapons offenders, and it is even a likely conduit for spies seeking access to the world's chemical manufacturing plants, the fear is that the OPCW serves as an easy way to conduct espionage on the United States and Europe. This is not an idle fear. There's been at least one fox found in the henhouse: Iran is a member of the OPCW. It joined in 1997, and since then has been accused of failing to disclose its full chemical weapons arsenal. Nevertheless, Iranians sit on the council and offer support staff to serve as investigators. Even worse, the Iranians have tried to slip in staff members who previously have been sanctioned as chemical weapons proliferators. In 2009 the French discovered that one of the Iranian OPCW inspectors was employed by Melli Agrochemical Company, a pesticide maker that is under United Nations sanction for buying nerve agent precursors on behalf of Iran's defense ministry-about something very small that makes all the difference, he means very, very small. nicknamed the “God Particle” because without it, atoms, stars, and people couldn’t exist PopularMechanics/Gaza chokes as Egypt's economic garotte tightens/nationalpost churchstate rome refuse nazi captain notorious massacre funeral-alqaeda taking root syria wp-
iapb/wt frying eggheads fraud and misrepresentation recognized years ago by Joe Sixpack and his buddies is writ so large now that even an egghead can see it. approval ratings have dropped into the 30 percent range. aca now frightens most of us Fortunately for all of us, the working class stiffs, often untutored and even crude in their impolite and impolitic curiosity, continue to “glom” onto the holes in the story, uniting hope and change president- intellectuals of today have robbed us of that peace within with their constant attack on everything holy-illiberal left is engaged in unprecedented attempts to shut down the exercise of free speech in this country free speech rights dont apply wt-I don't have a need to make people who believe the Biblical version of creation to be stupid and absurd. Most of them hurt no one in their belief and therefore are likely to be more in God's favor than those that find it necessary to make them feel stupid and as your belief evolves it seems to be heading there and that is not like you.-just explaining away the unknown by invoking God is intellectually lazy, add that the biblical version of creation is absurd-science is partly based on "faith" when they run out of scientific data to explain things away. a scientific copout, it pisses people off when they run out of racetrack. scientists are hell bent on proving there is no higher authority. i think it would be much more intelligent for them to work with each other, instead of opposed-scientists all acknowledge our science does not have an explanation for everything-Something did happen. They just don't know what yet. That doesn't require faith, no scientists are demanding their findings be taught in your Sunday school, but the believers are demanding their beliefs be taught in our science classes-God did not reveal the Method of Creation only the Order of Creation. In those days, according to the stories handed down-I attended religious school as a child and learned pretty much the same thing you're posting now (except the part about Jesus). But I grew up and figured out that it doesn't make any sense. So why might it matter to me in the future when I know it makes no sense now?- National Association of Realtors "We have transactions canceling right now. We have people not being able to get loans. We can't get beyond where we are at. It's going to go backwards very, very fast Senate Banking Committee-what you are doing is so inappropriate, asked her if she was putting her objections to the new health care before her love for the country Ms. Blackburn, said Democrats were the ones responsible for the government shutdown and that Republicans didn’t want to let a law they view as harmful, aca to move forward and wreak havoc with the health care system wt-aibafs/almost 800 tunnels have been destroyed by his troops this year. Hamas is coy about the number of tunnels put out of action. But Hatem Owida, Gaza's deputy economic minister, said activity had been reduced by 80-90%, Egypt's military has tried to destroy or seal off most of the smuggling tunnels under the Gaza Egypt border, A kilo of tomatoes used to be one shekel [17p]; now it is five shekels. Most prices have gone up 50 or 60%," said Hilis. "Why? Because of the costs of transportation, because there is no power to pump water to the fields, because there is no water. So people buy less." As a result, his wages have slumped from 30 to 20 shekels a day, playing its small part-As the Middle East's power blocs fracture, so do hopes of stability-IDF claims was built by terrorists. Gaza relies on a network of underground tunnels for black market goods but they are being closed by Israeli and Egyptian forces who say they are security threats-How does Palestine's economy work?-Gaza's first 'prison baby' on way after jailed Palestinian smuggles out sperm-Israel's West Bank control 'costing Palestinian economy billions-I fantasise about group sex with old, obese men-Belgian sting nets suspected pirate leader Big Mouth-So what's the big deal about this sd blizzard? It's not really winter yet, cows don't have their warm jackets on. The cows are still out eating grass in the big pastures. Atlas wasn't just a snowstorm, it was the kind of storm that can destroy the ranchers that have been caring for these cattle for hundreds of years-The Land of a Million Addicts-theguardian-Saudi Man 70 Divorces HisWife 15 elitedaily/msnbc A Tea Party leader of Freedom Watch told a rally of war veterans and other protesters, put the Qu’ran down, get up off his knees and figuratively come out with his hands up. fb/Every bluefin tuna tested in the waters off California has shown to be contaminated with radiation that originated in Fukushima. Every single one.wsj reported on a Stanford University study, We were definitely surprised to see it at all and even more surprised to see it in every one we measured half life of cesium 134 is 2.0652 years. For cesium 137, the half life is 30.17 years-Americans are exposed to seven times more radiation from diagnostic scans than in 1980, doctors are overusing the tests for profit and raising health risks for patients r/After the meltdown of Chernobyl in Russia, clay was added to chocolate bars and distributed to the masses to reduce the effects of the nuclear radiation. In addition, the scientists who went in afterward painted their bodies with a layer of clay mud before donning their radiation resistant gear to absorb any radiation that might have leaked through their suits and render it essentially harmless, detoxify your body of harmful chemicals, radiation, heavy metals, and bacteria, strengthen your immune system, purify your blood, heal ulcers and wounds internally and externally, dissolve tumors, cysts, age spots, keloid scars, normalize your pH clayadvantage/new poll commissioned by the British media watchdog group MediaLens exposed a startling disconnect between the realities of the Iraq War and public perceptions of it: Namely, what the Iraqi death toll was. When Britons were asked "how many Iraqis, both combatants and civilians, do you think have died as a consequence of the war that began in Iraq in 2003?," 44 percent of respondents estimated that 5,000 or fewer deaths had occurred, , of course, way off the mark. Estimates of the death toll range from about 174,000 (Iraq Body Count, 3/19/13) to over a million (Opinion Business Research, cited in Congressional Research Service, 10/7/10). Even at the times of those U.S. polls, death estimates were far beyond the public's estimates-Incidentally, the British media are now routinely reporting that the death toll in Syria exceeds 80,000. fair/stupid looking in mirror, and asking opinion about feces, 'mirror mirror on the wall, what is the best feces, of them all-your hubby said mirror mirror on the wall, how many women did my hubby commit adultery on and then suicide himself-EXPECT A 750 POINTS DROP-two congress members having lunch, It's not my (de)fault! It's yours! parrots chattering incessantly just want the unlimited supply of peanuts to continue forever ygs/ Does anyone really think that with the Gridlock in Washington that Congress and the President will agree to ruin the housing market?-meantime, the government is recklessly ignoring the rights of shareholders-yfnm/The Dims have overplayed their hands. Seriously overplayed-Barack and Harry pretending they are in that car in "Blue Velvet, playing "Chicken with our remaining freedom-in many ways are much more like Hitler's N.azis than they are Bolsheviks-Pukes think this is a game-Just got back from the range, Those new Hillary targets are great-Did you shoot yourself?-in the urinals at the VFW-Supplied by the Koch brothers free of charge?-Redistribution of Wealth. It's what it's all about. The Communists came up with the idea-the wealthiest few have made out like bandits for the last 30+ years, GOP House proposal would forbid the Treasury from taking extraordinary measures to prevent the government from defaulting, ANTI AMERICAN and UNPATRIOTIC!-it's a tie, most ignorant post of the day-you seemed to like spending my money to fund a war in iraq, didn't you? and you certainly liked using my money to give a fat tax refund to the wealthiest americans, didn't you? and you clearly wanted to use my money to fund medicare part d, didn't you? not to mention all the roads you drive on and the generous give aways you get every day from police protection to crossing guards watching your kids. you never complained before-chicago Tribune devastating report on the true costs of husseins hc-The Tribune Group!, WT nyPost Is For Liars!, Like You- the freedom to go bankrupt from medical bills!-Are Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow identical twins? yhal/noonan on mtp is like elmo on the security councle, teaparty presses for default, on stephanie/gerrymandering locks the house, shooting for 46 bbpv/larry blames do nothing senate, on geraldo/
101413/us joining 1933 germany pantheon of deadbeats bloomberg-Krugman stated chances of US defaulting is 50:50-Arafat's dildo..radiation experts confirm polonium arafats clothing france24-European auditors after a lenghty investigation find billions of Euros missing, aid money intended for Palestinians. They conclude it was used "Not for it's intended purpose". Abbas is worth hundreds of millions. Anyone know how this man made his fortune? Anyone think these animals will make peace and give up the source of their wealth? a massive mile long tunnel, 60 feet below ground is discovered by the IDF, running from Gaza into Israel, apparently intended to use to kidnap Israeli's. It's clear that the project took longer than a year, and an estimated 1,000,000 lbs. of cement was used by the monsters who claim they don't have building supplies, With each passing day the buffoons who defend these people look increasingly foolish-since attempted to keep a low profile on the conflict, seeking to avoid clashing with either of its major patrons, Qatar, which supports the rebels, and Iran, which supports the regime. However, reports soon surfaced of Hamas fighters training rebel fighters in urban warfare, including the use of tunnels to launch attacks and move equipment, a tactic which the group has carefully honed over years of conflict with Israel, asymmetrical warfare is nothing new, as well as the fact that the skills necessary for such an operation would require significant training from somewhere, means that the similarities between the two cases may be more than a coincidence, Hamas' own tactics, sponsored by the Assad ,to murder Israeli civilians, now being utilized in the battle to oust its former ally, bears testament to the unpredictable nature of the Middle East's patchwork of competing and ever changing alliances, the similarities between the two cases may be more than a coincidence, southeastern suburb of Damascus,close proximity to the Al Mazza military airport, 10 meters deep, 250-300 meters long and was equipped with lighting and openings for ventilation israelnationalnews-Keep this under your hat when you get to Abu Dhabi-Keep pretending that Palestinian leaders would choose peace over the millions flowing into their pockets-You can't have peace with Zionism, unless everybody's a fuçking Jew-Israel's 1.2 million Muslims have peace-What about the other 4M?- Jordan's Muslims have maintained peace with Zionists for several decades. Egypt's non-Jewish population has maintained peace with Zionists for 30+ years, Maybe if Sergey Brin walks away from Google, and Larry Ellison gives away Oracle, Mahmoud Abbas might follow suit and give the Palestinian people back the billions he's already stolen-iapb/ Once upon a time journalists were hard hitting, truth seeking individuals, who investigated the issues of importance, and did not hesitate to call out a politician who was trying to get away with using the press to spread mis-truths. they knew their subject matter and did not allow a politician to go unquestioned on a matter. one of these alleged truth seekers recently stated that it was not his responsibility to question the truthfulness of the politicians he interviewed. What a crock-the woman who pointed her finger in the face of President, brewer az, was an outspoken opponent aca, Breaks From Republicans, Wants To Keep ObamaCare occupydemocrats-fb/Christian teaching of turn the other cheek, has caused gays to view Christians as chumps and suckers-idiots and even a pathetic minority of self-loathing Jews actually believe jimmah cawtah and his blatant hatred of Jews in Israel and prefer the Palestinians. why, you ax? simple, liberal democrats "need" victims. victims can and will be exploited for their political outrage du jour and eases their simple minded guilt. like reverse bullying-aibafs/smell of Revolution wafts over Socialist Europe, America will not be far behind. A third party candidate will emerge and will revolutionize the American politic. Republican and Democratic parties have morphed into the same animal bent on destroying America from within. They managed to destroy Ron Paul but the next American to go up against them will prevail even with the media's complicit chicanery yc/semitic people are indigenous to the region. semites include both palestineans and jews who share a common ancestry. european jews are not semites by scientific definition- jews did not flee... the un carved out a patch for them in what was palestine because nobody in europe much cared for the jews-Thank you RePOS for throwing an ObomneyCare hissy fit, throwing an epic tantrum and shutting down the government, Obamacare’s fiercest opponents have sucked media coverage away from all the glitches and screw ups that marked the first two weeks of enrollment. In fact, the showdown has had a “boomerang effect,” raising the law’s popularity by seven percentage points and prompting one liberal group to send Ted Cruz a lovely fruit basket and a warm note of thanks-if I were a Demscum leftist ,I'd be worried,as this same crap caused the GOP landslide in 2010!-a FREAK SHOW created by fear and loathing supported with Repo LIES, now playing out. Little did we know at the time just how freakish, ALTERNATE REALITY it would be. The RePOS have now significantly become a CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER to the AMERICAN PEOPLE-Hannity is SICKENED by Moderate Republicans, Listening him berate the moderate Republican politicians and lionize as principled and stalwart the likes of Rafael Cruz, Mike Lee & Sarah Palin, he is suggesting the wackadoodles he ascribes to form their own REAL political party-Hannity, SUCK IT UP, America is moving LEFT for at least a generation rbh/ 

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