Wednesday, October 16, 2013

101613/Islamonazi jihadists

101613/Communism has NEVER worked; Socialism has NEVER Worked and you have NO empirical evidence to prove otherwise. Just the idiotic rantings of a senile old man-TEXAS BOOMING FOSSIL ENERGY PRODUCTION ON PRIVATE LANDS, unemployment rate plummeting as oil and gas production surges ahead, If only the princess would listen to the American people and not his tree huggers-search boxYahoo will guidfe you to see tha TX has generated more minimum wage jobs than any other state. A Person who has a Minimum Wage Job wll have no Savings, and he will have had no Health Insurance before ACA came into effect. He will always be on the Edge of Catastrophe. Socialists and Communists at some point in time The Leftists will start recruiing among the Poorest of the Working Class Proletariat-ANYONE who would still vote for a Republican after the FIASCO of the last 2 weeks is either mentally handicapped, willfully ignorant, hates the country, or is delusional-obamaisapeenlover sez What kind of non thinking sheep would not blame Obama for the shutdown? Libs-74% of America-hussein codlickers, the takers & the misinformed-How is that Obama Countdown going? Talk about misinformed. What a dumber than dirt puke riot-Wait for showdown around 12 noon and watch what OBAMA/Dems have taught the right wingers about good governance and rational behavior-why didn't he do this a long time ago and teach these loons the lesson they are just now learning, Reps don't want to mess with OBAMA, ever again after this-Yeah, everyone is scared of Barry now- yhal/ IDF blew up a terror tunnel reaching Israel. The problem is there are hundreds of others waiting to be found and blown up before terrorists blow up Israelis-Israeli Oxford student told virulently anti Israel British politician George Galloway, "I don't have a question for you sir, as you can see, because I don't debate with racists, Hunter opened the Israeli flag, hoisted it up over his head, and holding it aloft and streaming behind him, he strode, stiff necked, from the room- iapb/anti Israel ads distort facts. We encountered these particular ‘map’ ads in the U.S. They presume there once was an Arab country called ‘Palestine, (countering with a "map" of their own), campaigns began in the U.S. and for the past six years, StandWithUs has countered each one. SWU ran ads several times in San Francisco and New York City; Houston, Texas; Missoula, and Helena, Montana; Washington, DC; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Chicago, Denver, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina-Creating distorted propoganda of our own is not the answer. It only makes us more like them. The presence of a minyan of Jews for 2000 years to does determine where borders should be- Let's not forget shall we about the more than 900,000 Jews who were expelled from Arab countries between 1920 and 1970 whose homes were burned to the ground-jewishpress / boner can't control caucus, the whites of west virginia, houston cronical pulls cruz endorsments, on stephanie/irresponsible, selfish, idealogical, self defeating, sam quotes frenchie sez gawd will takes care of fools and the unitied states, rove critical of the defund gang adds his 3 cents worth sez bo did the same thing in 06 still holding him responsible and senate has no alternate plan to send to bohner onlyu concerned about the net negative bets wingnuts will pickup senate seats, on geraldo
101513/whistle blower action filed by another former Countrywide executive, Edward O’Donnell. Rebecca Mairone, 46, former executive of Bank of America Corp.’s Countrywide unit testified, There was no scheme, she wasn’t part of a scheme to defraud Fannie and Freddie, by selling them thousands of defective loans from 2007 to 2009 against Bank of America bb/Pretty Or Ugly? Exploring Unfortunate phenomenon of teenage girls discussing body issues on social media. wired/sitting in the box flying one of these things, you lose sense of the fact you are sitting in Nevada. FLYING THE UNFRIENDLY SKIES A Day In The Life Of A Drone Pilot bbc digg/ Israeli Claim of Iranian ICBM Exploits Biased US Intel ips/ Endorsement of White European and US Conquest of Indigenous Peoples BuzzFlash/US Court: TransCanada's Keystone XL Profits More Important Than Environment DeSmogBlog/ Columbus Raped the Redskins, Change Name Hartmann/ Thousands Rally in Tokyo No Nukes! Common Dreams/ Sneaky, Walmart: How the Mega Retailer Rolled Back California Regulations Salon/The Confederate Flag Won't Help Conservatives Win the Shutdown Atlantic/ I see. You are in the middle class, and you are hurting, and you wish the pubs would get control, so they could be kinder and help you out, OR, You are not in the middle class, in which case you can't wrap your arms around the problem they are having, or you don't choose to listen. I don't understand how you know democrats only care about people below the poverty line, that want to penalize the people below the poverty line. Do you think identifying yourself with a party is how you regulate your compassion for homeless people, republicans must really be mad at them for wanting a job. they must have a lot of anger built up. I am so sad for them-The hurt and pain inflicted onto the middle class both republicans and democrats. aca doubling and tripling premiums, Much higher taxes, much higher gas, job losses and full time jobs being reduced to parttime. The only people benefuting from Obama are the moochers on welfare that CAN work but REFUSE to do so/ OFFICIALLY A PLAGUE Obama zombies everywhere it's like the movie The Body Snatchers-bo is a Muslim Terrorists, fool-Cruz is a Canadian communist. His father supported and fought with Fidel Castro to over through Batista yc/mosourri rapest goes free, insideedition/ Obamacrats want to spend America into bankruptcy?-that's how much money it'll take to educate all the ignorant stupid trailer trash Republicans and bring them all up to high school level education- Cantor was also behind the mess in the summer of 2011 which is still having an impact on the economic recovery. This may end badly, Cantor doesn't give two chits, for him it's all about political gain. Does Cantor have a puppet master or does he think up these chits on his own-bocare WILL end white supremacist-To bad that it doesn't have a cure for your ignorance-wonder how us teabaggers got so bigoted, uneducated, fat, stupid, and ugly?-inbreeding-Are they Tea Qaeda? Pledged Their Allegiance To Grover Norquist, Spit On Our Flag-Cruz's POS wife still working at GS as a VP While one of her sex partners caused 800,000 Americans to be out of work. Call her at Goldman Sachs Huston-ybac/Holy Roller radio here dedicates entire broadcasts to bashing Obamacare. It's enough to make you sick /christian delusions driving gop insane, Pew Research shows that people who align with the Tea Party are more likely to not only agree with the views of religious conservatives, but are likely to cite religious belief, their prime motivation for their political views. White evangelicals are the religious group most likely to approve of the Tea Party. Looking over the data, it becomes evident that the “Tea Party” is just a new name for the same old white fundamentalists who would rather burn this country to the ground than share it with everyone else, latest power play, Republicans in essence, a move from that demographic to assert their right to control the country, even if their politicians aren’t in to all that any GOP/tea party member is pro America. There will be much to prove you wrong-Altogether, the top 1 percent control 43 percent of the wealth in the nation; the next 4 percent control an additional 29 percent-boggles the mind how average and even poor white people can vote Republican. ignorance?- and Identity, voters line up behind "small gov't" and pro corporate pols because the gov't protects and promotes minorities, Ignorance because the Corporate media doesn't cover the issues well, and most voters, about 70%, don't know their own party's positions on the issues-watch your beliefs, You'll recognize your self in Bachmann and Scalia-buchanan, Suicide Bomber better destroy country end antiaca drive rightwingwatch-has a following of Jew Israel hating left wingers-Far Left loons vote Democrat since there is no Communist or Socialist party in the US has a chance to win an election- Granted, Palis have not been much help but, in every arguement, one (usually the most mighty, Israel) must step up just like the Americans do to negotiate and bring peace. Otherwise, the most mighty (Israel) stands the chance of looking greedy and seen as taking all they can before anything is resolved-Israel has stepped up to the plate 'with new settlements'. How do you negotiate with that? should the Palis negotiate a 'piece meal' land with no necessary site management? You might as well call it Israel II since they will have nothing but piece-meal land with Israel making every decision for them. That isn't going to fly and all know it-I see you don't want to face the present. Not a shock, most don't want to explain why they are demented- as demented like Bachmann and Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia-GOP Extremists: p robertson-funny watching rich republicans, who have prodding up the era of the ignorant teabagger, now see their wealth endangered by the frankenstein they've created-iapb/ The Joker is back! Nugent Cuts His Hair, The Motor City Madman hinted at presidential ambitions CBSDetroit-palin using her “logic,” default is an impeachable offense and bypassing Congress to avoid default is an impeachable offense, went on to say that we won’t default by repeating the ridiculous right wing talking point that we can simply pay our interest and avoid actually defaulting on our debts, In other words, she’s a moron-in trouble for helping drunk friend get home north andover punishes teen giving pal ride from party bostoncbs-John McCain Threatens Revenge on Democrats if They Humiliate Republicans on Govt Shutdown-fb/zionist judeo-facist apartheid Israelis have hundreds of nukes and the Christians have most of the rest of them-we (America)should cut off the criminal Israelis at the knees and let them know if they start anything we will incinerate them and thankfully we currently don't have a christian president who feels the need to never let the sun set on the American empire-Israel is no threat to the civilized world,fool!!It's the radical Islamonazi jihadists that are the threat. rbh/ 

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