Monday, October 14, 2013

101413/cockroaches and zombies

101413/Americans can't think their way out of a Chinese fingercuff or get off their lardbutts off the couch to answer the door, never mind fix a broken political system or wage a revolution. Prayerful for a revolution"? There's the root of the problem, two major bum factories, the Democratic and Republican parties, and the crooked money that finances those criminal enterprises-Poll, Throw the bums out. 60 percent of Americans are sending to Washington in a new NBC wsj, 35 percent say they would not-Americans are paying attention to this fight and want it resolved before the debt ceiling deadline, isn't the calm before the storm, This is the storm before the storm-The hideous hate-mongering teabbager traitors will meet with a traitors end-28,000 Wounded all because of Bush's Liar ways. Laura Bush became a Drunk over the pressure caused by lies. Never will we see another LIAR Republican in the White house. He never cared about the military, just the companies with the military contracts. Tax dollars to Corporations and the Rich. $11 Trillion in Debt and the Liar Republicans never said to stop the spending. What a waste of life he was, we did not pay for the best bullet proof vests, Republicans said no, Republicans said no to extra combat pay, Republicans said Yes to cut benefits for Veterans-29 of 50 Democratic Senators voted for the Iraq War-wanted them to pay for their own injuries when they got back, after all, they signed up for it-shifting of Americans wealth to Corporations, we can shut down a big corporation, we don't need Low paying jobs with No benefits, those corporations that practice that should be closed down-ybac/pressure from Cruz, et al isn't going to give Boehner and McConnell any cover from Tea Party conservatives, the conservatives who shut down the government-investments in Virginia’s economy, affecting at least 1.8 million people and totaling $29,820,000,000 could be cut deeply, to protect Pentagon increased spending, already contributes $41,498,000,000 procurement contracts, 58 percent of the federal investments that Virginia counts on-your swift boat #$%$ lied and got bush the moron 4 more years so who gives a flying what vets think? are they better than anyone else you pukes have destroyed?-Spammed By Jobless Basement Communist Pinkos-Extortionists Leading Racists!, Racists Intimidating Extortionists!-asians look up to Confucius, whereas the Traygones admire rappers thugz progressivesheep The blacks of the world will STILL be the most impoverished, most incarcerated, least educated, lowest IQ, higest addiction rate, most diseased, shortest lifespan, highest infant mortality, most primitive, most violent, most powerless, and most unhappy race on Earth-fitlhy pukes cant help blackmailing others, explains the mess in washington-Lobsters have a higher IQ than Silverbacks-U.S. Risks Joining 1933 Germany in Pantheon of Deadbeat Defaults-Libs will still cheer!-Left Wingers live in fear of everything!-Do you have proof that Boosh spent most of the money?-Hairry Reid is busy attacking the t party with ad hominems-Israel deported the Traygones back to Africa-Naomi Judd says her daughter Ashley would crawl into bed with her and start crying about how mean Washington, D.C. is 45 she is still a hottie, as a potential politician, I do not think she has what it takes, too many nude photos of her-palin cried, they're so mean I QUIT, was she talking about the basketball team she was banging or those mean Ole Alaskans, so today it's Ashley Judd koch suckers are going to whine about-who does republican larry craig crawl in bed with?-lib_buggerer Craig is just another filth kueer-Always with the ghey themes-Would you eat her out?--quick perusal of the board indicates that the non essential gov't trolls are still furloughed-yhal/horrible deaths caused by medical radiation mistakes are uncovered, medical group issues (sort of) an apology, hospital didn't notice a computer error was directing a linear accelerator to zap Jerome-Parks 43 brain stem and neck with off target beams of high dose radiation three consecutive days, left deaf, almost blind, burned, and unable to swallow. His teeth fell out among the ulcers lacing his mouth and throat. He died, in excruciating pain, weeks after treatment, The very day a warning was issued to other hospitals to be more careful with radiation,a 32-year-old woman with breast cancer was subjected to a huge radiation overdose, three times the prescribed amount, went on for 27 days until it burned a hideous, open hole into her chest. The young mother of two young children suffered horrendous pain and then died a month after naturenews/red cow dr sez default will have soothing effect, economic colon cleanse, dealing with red losers not so good, cantor takeover, wingnutz stunned about insurance glut last 2 yrs, NMpayday loan senator sez get a baby seal loan to pay bills, red motherfuckers fuck their mothers that's what they do get their nose rubbed the doo they left at the capitol, lewis shows colburn and roarbacker how the cow eats cabbage dppv/ cantor bohner cage match, fighting about why, no favors do your job reid, and urtle turtle talks, gerrymander poll dancing, norquist pist, racist clown show cruz palin lead vets in song, koch bros discover they will lose most with shutdown default, rumsfieldism, automoronic neurotic aphaxiation, teaparty harmony, transforming gop more is always better, linsey vapors, car eleator shutdown probs for mitt, on stephanie/shutdown blues/larry talks sports worries about offensive behavior, on wkok/
101313/No One at Fukushima Seems to Have Any Idea What They're Doing Salon/Giant Banks Pay Fines, Where Does the Money Go? Does It Stop Crime? AlterNet/Carter: Middle Class Today Resembles Past's Poor ap/Consortium News Koch brothers' "Samson Option, pulling down the temple to destroy their enemies even if doing so is also destructive to them and their fortunes/North Dakota Waits 11 Days to Tell Public About Oil Spill-Aljazeera/Groups Declare Newtown Massacre Anniversary "Guns Save Lives Day-Gawker/How The Mighty Republican Party Became So Ignorant-BI/GOP Filibusters Debt Limit Hike As Anxieties Flare Over Default tpm/Budget and Debt Fight, White House Finds Unlikely Alliance with Business Groups wp/Pentagon's Italian Job fpf/ Care2-sandy 300 New York City residents have been living in hotels after their homes were flooded. funding from the federal government has dried up-Now we are seeing five major disasters the true impact of closing the government. From disease to poverty, it isn't pretty/Pressfreedom charge that the Obama is engaged in a war on "leaks" of secret information without parallel ips/ political elite, the wealthy and Corporate America only dislike government spending when they aren't the beneficiaries sw/Essential? Boehner’s Office Orders Exclusive Gyms for Congress Members to Stay Open During #GOPshutdown PoliticalCarnival/McConnell Wants America to Be an Oligarchy-bo Not Budging" on Debt Ceiling-Hartmann/Scheer: Racism and Cruelty Drive GOP Health Care Agenda/Web of Debt Blog: Reports are that the Department of Homeland Security is engaged in a massive, covert military buildup. confirmed an open purchase order by DHS for 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. Evidently somebody in government is expecting some serious civil unrest. Why?/Tea Partier With Ten Children on Medicaid Denounces Government Involvement in Health Insurance Why do so many people who oppose federal government programs accept money from them? Are they hypocritical, delusional, bigoted, tools of the Koch brothers, or a combo platter?-Hightower, Laugh Til It Hurts GOP Unhinged by Obamacare- Stock Market Soars to New Records, the 1% Pits the Crumb Rummagers Against Each Other-BuzzFlash/Chicago's restorative justice movement teaches schoolchildren alternatives "to the killing and shooting" and frames a future that is not solely about survival-Police Injustice Unraveled , a searing indictment of prosecution misconduct in the conviction of three poor white teenagers for the barbarous 1993 murders of three young boys. Three young men, vulnerable to prosecution because they were white trash, spent 18 years in prison-the current federal budget political context, with borrowing capped and taxing the super rich off the table, unnecessary Pentagon spending destroys American jobs-Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the invigoration of the Native Indian movement show that it's time to recognize their rights in the face of their ongoing struggle-Business of Thrift, may be the cheapest option for customers, but it's big business-placed in chains as a result of their attempt to cross the border for a better life, consigned to a private prison by a "judge" proves literally stomach turning for students-neoliberal prescriptions for Greek "recovery" that only deepen its economic crisis reveal the anti-democratic assault on the welfare state and the breakdown of social Europe- Despite dismissing force continues to ignore the situation in Guantanamo and has 18 prisoners-Tea Party alliance operates a weapon of mass deflection, protecting capitalism from criticism. Sadly, the Democrats neither expose nor attack the Republican project-Orwell's classic political thriller is more than just fiction for the writers, journalists and activists affected by intrusive tactics of the NSA program. to/Scott Johnson of Powerline has come up with a wonderful phrase to describe the public denial of the reality of healthcare, calling them "Baghdad Bobs, sums up the willful denial of obvious reality-I don't think anything should be censored at all on the internet-destroying "old school conservatism" suggests that prior to the internet, people only received conservative messaging in our culture and once exposed to liberalism immediately gravitated towards it, is laughable, brings into sharp focus, the lack of tolerance by the left. it's woefully lacking any truth to that phony mantra-Journalism doesn't even exist anymore, The internet is just liberal because people on the internet don't easily buy into the old school ways, I'm not in a hole, I'm just outnumbered as always. You're logic was completely wrong-No AntiChrist, your logic is just very lame aibafs/Grayson  Florida Democrat observed polling data within in the United State showed that “the dignity of the House has been called into question, pointed to a Public Policy Polling survey that found that Congress had an 8 percent approval rating. And to infuriate Republicans further, What do you have a higher opinion of, Congress or witches? Congress, 32 percent; witches, 46 percent, What do you have a higher opinion of, Congress or hemorrhoids? Congress, 31 percent; hemorrhoids, 53 percent. What do you have a higher opinion of, Congress or dog poop? Congress 40 percent; dog poop 47 percent, At that point, Womack cautioned Grayson to confine his remarks to an explanation But the congressman continued citing the poll, comparing Congress to toenail fungus, cockroaches and zombies-The only thing crazier than the shutdown is Fox News’ coverage of it Guardian.rbh/Yellen: Just another J** that will bendover for the money changers. Boring and predictable Confessions of an Economic Hitman Extended Interview 2008 Economist get paid to lie and repeat talking points for the real owners on this planet-Hussein codlickers game plan Continue to practice the ostrich head in the sand workout-One fourth of Mitch McTurtle's constituency getting fraudulent SSI disability checks-WhatthefuckHave You Racist Garbage Accomplished? Whatever Floats Your Boat You Sleazy Racist Filth!-Bush tax rates were allowed to expire and the sequester was put in. #$%$ walked away from those negotiations saying "I got 98% of what i wanted-ok i am confused, mitch claimed it today, too old for washington. the pukes first told us it was Obama's sequester, but now they want it back-cantor blew the big deal, not enough drama rbg/Without adding revenue to the federal government, it defaults anyway. Get those terrorists out of our house, Get the Nation back to normal, Cancel The Bush Years, Everything passed must Go ybac/'Black People Will Have Lost Ground in Every Single Economic Indicators, VOTED FOR  soetoro does them more damage than the kkk could have ever hoped to do! yhal//putin massive strike against saudi if west attacks syria eutimes/370,000+ people seen video of @GOP admitting on the floor that they rigged a prolonged #GOPshutdown -fb/

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