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32212/bosco takes his orders from rothchild, zion, nazis

32212/Zimmerman knows a coon when he sees one, provided a statement
claiming he acted in self defense, which and was supported by physical
evidence and testimony,” the letter, signed by Sanford City Manager Norton
Bonaparte Jr., says. “By Florida Statute, law enforcement was PROHIBITED
from making an arrest based on the facts and circumstances they had at the
time.”-Too bad for him the 911 dispatcher told him to stop his pursuit and
Zimmerman ignored him and caught up with the kid and blew him away. Did you
hear the 911 tapes of the 17-year-old crying for help? -Skittles can be
dangerous for racoons, fortunate I dont eat sweets-SANFORD Police likely
got Zimmerman to Mexico, cops may look stupid, but they know how to put a
bullet in the back of a black kid's head, probably staying with Jeb Bush's
inlaws, Jeb signed a bad bill because he didn't have the guts to veto it.
Now his sorry assis in a sling.In any case, I doubt Zimmerman is in the
U.S. His parents own the Sanford police department. This spoiled, crazy kid
will need to be handcuffed and chained to get him back to the States. Jeb
is on the spot in this tragedy, he signed a bill no intelligent Governor
would sign will be sure to pay the Monterrey cops more than the drug
cartel-Armed criminals volunteering for Neighborhood Watch can be dangerous
to everyone. /Koch’s contango efforts to artificially drive down supply,
Fortune magazine writer Jon Birger noted they could be raising “gasoline
prices by anywhere from 20 to 40 cents a gallon” at the time. Speaking with
the Business Times, Koch executive David Chang even boasted that falling
crude prices in 2008 provided an opportunity remove oil from the market for
future delivery, .Big banks and companies like Koch employ a contango
strategy by buying up oil and storing it in massive containers both on land
and offshore to lock in the oil for sale later at a set price.
-Kochhhhhhhhhhhhhhh isn't think progress one o dem soros orgs? soros your
herder ahkmed?- While much of the attention on oil speculators has rested
on the backs of investors and commodity traders, the petrochemical
conglomerate Koch Industries occupies a unique role in manipulating the oil
market. Koch has little business in the extraction process. Koch focuses on
shipping crude oil, refining it, distributing it to retailers — then
speculating on the future price. With control of every part of the market,
Koch is able to bet on future prices with superior information, Koch along
with Enron pioneered a number of complex financial products to leverage its
privileged position in the energy industry-What Occupy Wall Street
Accomplished In Its First 6 Months-Ryan Budget Includes $3 Trillion
Giveaway To Corporations, The Rich-Spending Growth Slower Under Obama Than
Under Bush, Reagan-    Newspaper Giant Gives CEO $32 Million Severance
Package After Laying Off 20,000 Workers In Six Years-Growth In Government
Spending Under President Obama Slower Than During Bush, Reagan
Administrations-Faith Leaders Blast House GOP Budget As ‘Immoral Disaster’
That ‘Robs The Poor’-Mitch McConnell Votes Against Highway Bill He Said
He’d Work To Pass-blame Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, the
fact is we have doubled our spending per capita since 2000. That's not
sustainable, and Obama Care Is going to make it much much /Just some more
facts the right-wing can ignore. Oooo, those darn facts!-most of the
hijackers on the planes that hit us on 9/11 were from Pakistan(saud). But
Bush didn't go into Pakistan. Three guesses why...And Bush never found
Osama Bin Laden-that's something our current President did. Care to know
how much the war in Iraq cost, in trillions of dollars, or in American
lives? Didn't think so, Or care to get the estimates-done by conservative
economists-on what the 40 million uninsured will cost the country-It took
over 220 years to accumulate our first $5 Trillion in Debt. Obama has
increased the National Debt by nearly $5 Trillion in just 3 years, and you
call him a "small spender?" Wow-No matter how many times you repeat your
silly statement, it doesn't become any more true-.
?mobile=nc /Dear America: Let me back in office. I promise not to beat you
anymore. That other guy you've been seeing, the one who took you to see the
doctor, and who helped you get back to school? He's just setting you up.
Only *I* know how to love you. sincerly, any Republican-unfortunatlely many
people will refuse to believe this if they would even bother to
look-Another Republican talking point power point presentation down the
drain-fishy doesn't bite the bait that bullshit artists dangle in front of
me... and that's what most politicians are imo, bullshit artists/HOW The
KOCH boys manipulate the Oil market, 2008, Koch called attention to itself
for “contango” oil market manipulation. A commodity market is said to be in
contango when future prices are expected to rise, that is, when demand is
expected to outstrip supply, Currently, the public knows very little about
the oil speculation industry because a conservative majority on the CFTC
has refused to implement a mandate from the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform
bill to curb abuses. Koch boys have prodded the Republicans to block any
regulation on speculators., Meanwhile, Republicans are pushing steep cuts
to the CFTC, hampering any new rules on oil speculation that may be
released later this summer, both the Securities and Exchange Commission and
the CFTC have so far survived the latest round of budget cuts. CFTC is the
"Commodity Futures Trading Commission", Koch Brothers have targeted the
CFTC for annihilation, Gensler, the chairman of the financial regulator,
told members of the Senate Appropriations Committee that the CFTC is "not a
price-setting agency, argued that a sufficient budget would allow the CFTC
to ensure futures markets are free of "fraud, manipulation and other
abuses." /David Koch and his gang of
thieves about to blow a hole in your head..-
23fuce66&tid=1165711&mid=1166375&tof=36&frt=2#1166375 /Hamas wants not just
fuel: It hopes to leverage the crisis into getting Egypt to open a direct
trade route with Gaza. Such an outcome might stabilize the Islamic
militants' rule over the territory they seized in 2007 from Western-backed
Palestinian in the West Bank. Egypt refuses, wishing to keep Gaza at arms'
length, and to avoid absolving Israel from continuing responsibility for
the crowded, impoverished slice of Mediterranean coast. Israel withdrew
soldiers and settlers from Gaza in 2005, after a 38-year military
occupation, but still controls access by air and sea - and, except for the
several mile (kilometer) long border with Egypt, After the Hamas takeover,
Israel and Egypt imposed a border blockade on Gaza to try to dislodge the
new rulers. Since the fall of Egypt's pro-Western President Hosni Mubarak
last year, Cairo has eased restrictions on passenger traffic but has
refused to open a cargo route, The Gaza power plant shut down on Feb. 10
and has been mostly offline since. Depots of fuel for transportation
gradually ran low, and major gas stations in Gaza City closed several days
ago. ap/It is better 2 have an enemy who says :" I Hate u" than it is to
have a friend who secretly spreads lies and attributes falsehoods about
you. Islamic quote/"Fox News says marijuana is good for the brain. It isn't
April 1st already, is it? another agent in cannabis that is getting more
attention now, and that is called cannabidiol. And this is something that
you can swallow by the bucket-full, and it won't get you high at all. But
it appears to have profound nerve-protective and brain-enhancing
properties. And interestingly enough, it also induces an anti-anxiety
effect. appears to be a very important agent, perhaps useful in the
treatment of neurodegenerative disorders." NORML/Ann Coulter, a
controversial backer of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney,
suggests that conservatives should begin attacking President Barack Obama’s
two young daughters"Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail,"
Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi chronicles the remarkable history of the
rise of Bank of America — an institution he says has defrauded "everyone
from investors and insurers to homeowners and the unemployed./Facing direct
opposition from the public, biotechnology giants like Monsanto and Dow are
now making a disturbing attempt to brainwash developing minds into
accepting their genetically modified foods/student loan debt in America has
passed the $1 trillion mark—meaning that student debt is even worse than we
thought just weeks ago—it's reassuring to also learn that this massive,
shaky bubble is perched on a firm foundation of complete financial fraud/
outrage in the Fox News comments section. Outrage that Trayvon Martin is
being treated like a victim
-monkey-fox-news-readers-set-new-high-water-mark-for-racism/ Why Do
Gangster Banks Keep Winning Public Business? that have incurred the most
penalties for rigging bids, bribery and other sordid misdeeds keep winning
the most public business, Apparently, our public officials aren't concerned
about who they hire as the people's investment bankers, if a bank pays a
$150 million settlement to the federal government for this sort of
activity, one can guess that the bank probably made ten times that amount
in profit, at least. And there are at least a dozen major banks. pretty
sad. It tells you that the system works fine for state officials and banks,
and no one is representing the people who actually lose out.
winning-public-business-why-20120322#ixzz1pswQNvkg /imus humping newt palin ticket-trevon and dirty harry zimmerman juan
blaming kids, crazy rap lyrics-bartlett eviserates santorum's no porn plan/
32112/apparently Tebow made a pass at John Elway's wife or keyed his car or
kicked his dog or something because Elway is hell-bent on putting all his
eggs in Manning's basket and getting Tebow on the first flight out of the
Mountain Time Zone /An law
school professor and former criminal defense attorney tells you why you
should never agree to be interviewed by the police.
031408_DontTalktoPolice.wmv /Democrat vs Republican (Liberal vs
Conservative) is a well crafted diversion to distract you from what's
really going on. Look to the world banks (fed. reserve, IMF, ECB, Goldman
Sachs, JP Morgan etc...) for the truth at what's happening to this country
and to the world at large. The World banks control the media, the
Government (s) in all countries, They control everything. They have had
over 300 years of unfettered access to newly created "Money". Money they
create out of nothing, but lend to us at interest. But they have a problem
right now, the system is breaking down and collapsing in on itself./
Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in which she had been asked
how an independent Scotland would have coped with the banking crisis, said
Scotland could have coped with the situation and explained that the
countries within whose jurisdictions the bank conducted business, including
Scotland and England, would have contributed to any bailout.However, within
hours BBC Scotland reported that Ms Sturgeon had admitted an independent
Scotland would have “relied” on England in order to save RBS from collapse.
in response to furious complaints by members of the public the BBC has
admitted its claims were “inaccurate”. The article remained unchanged for
two full days despite complaints from members of the public, it was
eventually corrected on Monday 12th March. hours later the BBC published an
article with a headline claiming Ms Sturgeon had admitted that Scotland
would have “relied” on the UK to save RBS.
scotland-to-admit-bank-article-claims-were-false /DHS Turns Over Occupy
Wall Street Documents to Truthout "Did the Department of Homeland Security
(DHS) advise local law enforcement officials on how to respond to the
nationwide Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest movement and/or play a hands-on
role in the dismantling of more than a dozen Occupy encampments last year?
The answers to those lingering questions may be found in the first official
release of government documents related to OWS since the launch of the
movement last year. DHS turned over hundreds of pages of documents to
Truthout Wednesday morning-Talks With IAEA Belie Charge Iran Refused
Cooperation "The first detailed account of negotiations between the
International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran last month belies earlier
statements by unnamed Western officials portraying Iran as refusing to
cooperate with the IAEA in allaying concerns about alleged nuclear
weaponization work, talks in February came close to a final agreement, but
were hung up primarily over the IAEA insistence on being able to reopen
issues even after Iran had answered questions about them to the
organization's satisfaction-Health Insurance Companies Are Charging Women
an Extra Billion Dollars Annually, Health insurance companies are charging
women in America an extra billion dollars annually, the backlash against
Paul Ryan’s radical budget plan continues, the DOJ says Florida is
discriminating against minority voters-A Colossal Mistake of Historic
Proportions: The "JOBS" Bill From the 1970s until recently, Congress
allowed and encouraged a great deal of financial market deregulation
allowing big banks to become larger, to expand their scope, and to take on
more risks.... With the so-called JOBS bill, on which the Senate is due to
vote Tuesday, Congress is about to make the same kind of mistake again -
this time abandoning much of the 1930s-era securities legislation that both
served investors well and helped make the US one of the best places in the
world to raise capital-"Only two years ago, civil protests would have been
of marginal interest to most Russians.... The full sweep of these
nonviolent actions has embraced all the major population centers, having
been initially triggered by numerous reports of vote-rigging in
parliamentary elections.-Thom Hartmann's Enlightened Journey, I came of age
in a world that was fundamentally different from the world in which today's
young people are growing up. Student debt? The idea was alien to Americans
for most of our history, until the predators got into the system It's
creating a generation of serfs for the multinational corporations kids so
afraid to challenge or leave their employers that they are little better
off than the indentured workers who came here in the nineteenth century
from Europe.-SUV Burning Spurred Internal Debate at DHS on Its Role
Regarding Occupy, First Amendment Activity: "On October 24, 2011, a
domestic terrorism analyst with the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS)
Homeland Counterterrorism Division emailed colleagues an article he or she
had come upon in Grey Coast Anarchist News ... 'I'd like to know what
objections CRCL [the department's Office of Civil Rights and Civil
Liberties] might pose to such a product concerning the Occupy movement -
which has thus far been nonviolent'-Wall Street Confidence Trick: The
Interest-Rate Swaps That Are Bankrupting Local Governments "For more than a
decade, banks and insurance companies convinced local governments,
hospitals, universities and other nonprofits that interest-rate swaps would
lower interest rates on bonds sold for public projects such as roads,
bridges and schools. The swaps were entered into to insure against a rise
in interest rates; but instead, interest rates fell to historically low
levels.... The banks got in trouble, and the Federal Reserve and federal
government rushed in to bail them out, rewarding them for their misdeeds at
the expense of the taxpayers."-A Seven-Day Plan to Finally Hold Wall Street
Accountable Since the start of the financial crisis, federal and state
officials have been struggling to change Wall Street behavior. To date,
every effort has failed miserably, and the weak enforcement provisions of
the robo-mortgage settlement are unlikely to meaningfully change this
dynamic.... The greatest moral hazard now confronting the nation is what
appears to be increasingly brazen criminal activity by financial industry
executives. With each decision not to prosecute, Wall Street executives
justifiably conclude that they are immune to the rules."-Department of
Homeland Security's Office of Intelligence and Analysis submitted a Support
Request Form to the DHS ... Coates requested: 'Any DHS products identifying
and/or describing criminal activities and/or potential civil disobedience
associated with the Occupy Wall Street protests nationwide. How many
arrests have been made, type and number of weapons confiscated,
communication used to plan these crimes, etc?'" Truthout /Hagee's Christian
Zionist Enterprise Hits One Million Member Mark BuzzFlash/Florida State
Workers Face Random Drug Tests Under New Law Chicago Tribune/The GOP Body
Count BuzzFlash/Women Give Rick Perry the Facebook Backlash Washington Post
How long will trhe ditherer take to go into Syria? He is avoiding his job
and embarassing our country by showing weakness.-Fools like you who believe
everything they see on TeeVee are so easy to manipulate! The real enemy of
mankind are those you have unwittingly come to trust the most. You have
been deceived! an example of an infinitely mainstream media manipulated
dictatorship fodder unit! Investigate and prove me wrong! "Condemnation
without investigation is the height of ignorance." Albert Einstein-
warmonger you need to enlist like all warmongers should, You want war you
need to fight in them until they are over or are you a coward and a
armchair warrior. -Warmonger make sure you enlist and ask to go there when
the war starts, You warmongers need to start putting you money where your
mouth is.-Only a warmongering, keyboard commando, fool would want to invade
Syria. Any country invading Syria would have to invade Iran at the same
time. And only warmongering, keyboard commando idiot would want to open two
more war fronts. If you want a war so badly with Syria, make sure
you are the first one to enlist. Even better, and faster, get from behind
your keyboard, buy a plane ticket to Turkey right now(one way to show your
commitment), and walk across the border to Syria to join in the fight with
the rebels against Al-Assad. You should be able to find weapons in the
area, when you get there. Show us how tough you are-
2#1937233 /Other leaked stratfor emails have confirmed that Special
Operations Forces from numerous countries have been on the ground in Syria
as of December, the US government was covertly involved in training and
equipping Libyan fighters, many of whom were connected to Al Qaeda
affiliated terrorist groups, they proudly flew the distinctive black
Al-Qaeda flag over courthouses in Benghazi and other centers of power. On
the orders of Belhadj, the puppet National Transitional Council then
announced that Sharia law would be reinstated. rebels have since imposed a
reign of terror over the country, incarcerating and torturing black people
and anyone suspected of supporting Gaddafi in concentration camps and
cages-Absolutely … Bosco ( that’s the monkey nickname I gave him ) and
their ( not his ) cabinet, is a filthy little commie teleprompting puppet,
who takes his order from the ROTHCHILD ZIONIST NAZIs-lets see the
terrorists get through the Russian fighters protecting Syria-

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