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31812/Fluke Is An Obama Plant/Obama administration is waging a devastating war against whistleblowers

31812/Scientists Warn EPA Over Monsanto’s GMO Crop Failures,
Dangers The experts are worried about the lack of protection presented by
GMO crops against rootworms Newspapers Are Censoring
This Week's Doonesbury papers have declined to show this week's Doonesbury
because of a controversial storyline tackling mandatory transvaginal
ultrasounds in Texas. intelligence reported in February
2002 that the Israeli Mossad ran the Arab hijacker cells that were later
blamed by the U.S. government's 9/11 Commission for carrying out the aerial
attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon/hundred Israelis working in
South Africa on germ warfare, nuclear weapons and poison gas, all war
criminals, all hiding in Israel, in itself a war crime, is Germany.
The conduits are two, Israel and an American family with two former
presidentsm we aren't referring to the "Adams" family. Real War Criminals.
to hunt down those responsible for mass killings and apartheid, a real list
would involve two dozen countries. The US would top the list, followed by
Israel. The real numbers would probably, uncounted and uncountable. "W"
Bush is the real Adolf Hitler. We know he ordered crimes, we can document
it, we have the victims, we know where to find him and yet, war criminal
though he is, we protect him. Others, many many more than said to be in
Germany live in Israel. We know many of their names too. Worldwide, we
could arrest a million or more. I am suspicious when a nation that uses
cluster bombs on its own civilians starts looking for war criminals
elsewhere it might just have something to hide/former DEA agent Cele
Castillo has blown the whistle on how the US government controls the Los
Zetas drug smuggling gang and uses it as the front group for their
narco-empire. protecting drug routes to keep the wheels of Wall Street
well-oiled. Castillo has gone on the record to state that the commandos are
working directly for the US government drug cartel in carrying out hits on
rival drug smugglers who aren't paying their cut. Fast and Furious may have
served a dual purpose for the Obama administration. Some evidence indicates
the program was a plot on behalf of the administration to discredit the
second amendment. While the feds were selling guns to Mexican drug gangs,
Obama was simultaneously blaming drug violence on the flow of guns from
border states to
However, since 2006 under Operation Fast and Furious, Operation Wide ....
"Gun-Running Timeline: How DOJ's 'Operation Fast and Furious' Unfolded"
31712/Don't forget that science is founded on Creation truth and that
Creation truth is supported by science--true science that is/Teach
Creationism in Public Schools Teenagers are NOT stupid even if Creationism
is. By all means, let's debate it in schools: that way we can prove that
science is a far, far better way of knowing the world. /Christian "Truth"
and Science are like oil and water. don't forget The Cat in the Fiddle
where the dish ran away with the spoon/Why waste tax dollars teaching it in
the public schools as well? And if that doesn't make you happy there are a
myriad of religious based schools and academies one can send their children
to if it's really that important to you. Of course, what you really want is
to get your foot back inside the public school system, I suspect that isn't
going to happen/Personally they should leave things just the way they are.
Let the schools continue to teach math and science and let the churches
continue to teach whatever it is they teach. It's a very equitable
arrangement/a section on how to make sacrifices to fertility goddesses in
birth control classes/Creationist birth control would probably involve
stork hunting season/
messagesview?bn=1605812966&vmode=1 / We republiCANT let them win.
OBAMA2012/Sachs: Making Money by Stealing It, Money power in private hands
and democracy can't co-exist. Wall Street crooks transformed America into
an unprecedented money making racket., an insurance
fraud investigator, not only found out that the paperwork to her mortgage
was fraudulent, she uncovered thousands of other fraudulent bank documents
that had been processed using robo-signers.-A willingness to speak truth to
power is an essential civic virtue for the well-being of a
democratic-republic. Equally virtuous and essential, however, are those
rare citizens willing to risk their personal well-being by standing up to
speak truth-America’s problem isn’t a breakdown in private morality. It’s a
breakdown in public morality-Republicans cannot shut down their
presidential nominating contest because the party is in the midst of an
upheaval wrought by the growing dominance of its right wing, its unresolved
attitudes toward George W. Bush’s presidency, and the terror that the GOP
rank and file has stirred among the more moderately conservative
politicians-The Belambai massacre, has shocked the world and intensified
the calls for an end to the longest war in U.S. history-At Last, Some
Decency on Wall Street so devastating that the 143-year-old firm might
actually, finally, be held accountable-The Power of Recall elections
looming against four Republican state Senators, as well as Governor Scott
Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, the state's politics
was thrown for another loop Friday when a targeted senator up and
quit.State Senator Pam Galloway, a Tea Party favorite. All of these changes
were made possible by the recall power, which allows citizens to petition
for new elections.  This old progressive tool of accountability was used
last summer to force a number of Republican senators who supported the
Walker agenda-If You Took the Greed Out of Wall Street’s shenanigans, All
You’d Have Left is Pavement-DHS) is set to begin construction on a new
high-risk bio-weapons research facility on the campus of Kansas State
University in Manhattan, though critics say the decision is fraught with
risk because of the potential for damage from nearby earthquake fault
lines. In a statement on its Web site, DHS said it needs the new facility
to replace an aging one located That facility, known as the Plum Island
Animal Disease Center, has been in operation since 1954- a wealthy donor,
if he or she wanted, could give $2,500 or even $5,000 to all 535 members of
Congress. Furthermore, that donor could also write $5,000 checks to each
and every challenger to “ensure access” even if the incumbents lose. And if
a wealthy donor gave millions of dollars to every candidate and
officeholder, “the public would most certainly be left with the reasonable
impression that the wealthy donor had all of Congress in [his or her]
-seek-overturn-donation-limits-1331907498 /Obama to Congress: “This would
surely undermine the electorate’s faith in our democracy,” he said. No,
it's too late. I have no faith in our congress to do what is right and best
for the people of this country. They were purchased a long time ago. The
recent laws just make it easier and more obvious. It even has gotten to our
supreme court. They can't be trusted to follow the true meaning of the
Constitution any more. Both parties are responsible for the attack on the
rights of the people with the Republicans leading the charge.  Kill
oil industry's tax breaks,  expected Congress to consider in the next few
weeks ending $4 billion in tax subsidies, a move he has failed to persuade
lawmakers to make during his term. put them on record on whether they
"stand up for oil companies" or "stand up for the American people." "They
can either place their bets on a fossil fuel from the last century or they
can place their bets on America's future," Obama said."
Julian Assange Running For Australia Senate CANBERRA, Australia, WikiLeaks
founder Julian Assange plans to run for a seat in the Australian Senate in
elections due next year despite being under virtual house arrest
huffingtonpost. /There's something so deliciously ironic, so perfectly just
in this. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that Rush Limbaugh has a
new sponsor anxious to buy up lots of ad space on his show: Westboro
Baptist Church. Is there anything more delicious than the idea of the
haters advertising on the hater's show?  Westboro spokesman Steve Drain
told Hatewatch today when asked if the church was seeking to advertise on
“The Rush Limbaugh Show.” “We’re preparing our first ad at this very
moment, and we’ll have a 30-second radio spot ready to go by Friday.
Westboro sees a natural affinity with Limbaugh, Drain said, but the first
ad won’t mention those commonalities. “The ad’s message will be that
America is doomed because Americans have cast aside the standards of God,
and won’t quit their proud sinning,” Westboro also agrees with Limbaugh’s
remarks about Fluke, Drain said, and will attempt to impart that message in
the church’s second radio advertisement. “That lady basically believes she
wants the government to pay to kill her babies,’’ Drain said in comments
that closely resembled those delivered earlier by Limbaugh. “That implies a
certain level of promiscuity. She wants to fornicate her brains out, but
she doesn’t want a child. Sounds like a slut to me, and God hates sluts.” -
Republican voter fraud is everywhere/ Agreed  Obama committed Voter fraud,
I would hope the Republicans would do better/Right up until Bush left
office in disgrace, hated by the world, Republicans were in total support
of Iaq and Afghanistan wars. Obama assumed the responsibility for all of
Bush's mistakes, Repubs did total flip flop on both wars. Pubs are slime-
Cumulus Media sent out an email blast to fellow radio station owners with a
photoshopped picture of former U.S. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee,
promoting him as the conservative talk radio host of the future/AIPAC
comiung to a pathetic cowardly lawmaker near you     17-Mar-12 08:47 pm  
Decline results when a nation is betrayed by craven leaders, who crawl and
humiliate themselves before a minority of thuggish mediocrities pledged to
a foreign state without scruples or moral integrity,75% of congress shows
up for this tiny little country ,and people dont think that is extremely
odd ,wtf!/if the presidential campaign hasn't been chaotic enough in
Missouri this year, the Republican caucus at a gymnasium in St. Charles
County was  down Ron Paul Supporter Arrested Outside St. Charles County,
Mo. Caucus
31612/people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is
easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and
denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to
danger. It works the same in any country.” ~Hermann Goering/Benito
Mussolini said: "Fascism is a religion. The twentieth century will be known
in history as the century of Fascism", he was right on. All though
technically this is the 21st C. Think about it/Greg Smith now joins a very
small group -- an absurdly small group -- of truth-tellers who seem to be
telling us that, for the most part, things still work the way they used
to, the market is still rigged and full of scams, Who to believe? I think
I'll go with Greg Smith over Gabriel Sherman. You can take that to the
bank-Why is it that nobody can call these thieves and scoundrels, thieves
and scoundrels?  All this pussyfooting around discussing "conflicts of
interest" are Newspeak for fraud and thievery.  These guys shouldn't be
getting bonuses, they should be getting jail time.  We ALL know it.  But
money talks and we have The Golden Rule-assuming there are ethical firms on
Wall Street-Smith thing has an odor of ridiculousness to it. I mean,
"bonfire of the Vanities" and "Liars poker" were published in the 80s. Did
he ever see "Wall Street?" Where in the world did Smith get the idea he was
joining some kind of noble public service outfit?-In order to get *our*
economy back, it's time to hang 500 bankers from
all accounts to be a genuinely ethical person caught up in what he
increasingly viewed as an unethical business. He worked at Goldman Sachs
through years of what had been called unscrupulous dealings, so why would
Smith leave now?, "Wall Street shoots its wounded employees and eats its
young," Hintz said. "No one gets a gold watch on retirement. Typically
partners are politely told that it's time to move on. No announcement; just
a reorganization of the company-Lawyer for 'Barefoot Bandit' Will Represent
Afghan Massacre Suspect-
woman-15935848 /Giant and colossal squid are the most enormous cephalopods
known. Their fully grown bodies — minus eight long arms and two tentacles —
extend more than 8 feet long, and their eyes, 11-inch-wide eyes, are the
world’s largest. We think giant and colossal squid eyes have enough
sensitivity to see them coming from 120 meters away, and maybe scoot to the
side to avoid being eaten/George Clooney has been arrested while protesting
against human rights abuses,in front of the Sudanese embassy in Washington,
DC./maximizing shareholder value is, as Jack Welch said, “the dumbest idea
in the world,” Sachs, by relentlessly and single-mindedly pursuing
shareholder value to its ultimate conclusion at the expense of everything
else, shown itself to be not merely corrupt but also unintelligent in the
extreme? if Greg Smith didn’t tell us much that we didn’t already know.
“Goldman Sachs, it turns out, is still evil, No real news on the ethics
front. The principal sign of stupidity is an inability to learn. Sachs may
be full of smart, sharp people, but they are still doing very unintelligent
things. Goldman shows no signs of learning.“Facts are stupid things.” -
Ronald Reagan,Forbes. /Advanced Israeli Drone May Spy on Mexican Drug
Cartels, Israel isn’t disclosing which “Latin American government” bought
an unknown number of unarmed Hermes 900 drones for $50 million. suspects
it’s Mexico, and has spotted documents from Mexico’s finance ministry that
might prove it. Dec. 20, 2011 and available on the ministry’s website,
sought to fill an order worth about $50 million for “unmanned aircraft,
ground segment and additional payloads for the Federal
Police.” on
Occupy: Prosecutors Subpoena Tweets, NYPD Arrests Protesters for ‘Thought
Crimes’ and it's only Tuesday – reveal the scope of the spying and
surveillance activities of the NYPD and DA's office Thursday March 15, 2012, a Deputy Sheriff in Saint
Louis, Missouri was sentenced in Federal Court to twenty-eight months in
prison for buying heroin while armed and in uniform
SCHOOL SUCKS: The American Way, Don't let the title fool you. actually
about how government-run schooling contributed to the rise of socialism,
imperialism and eventually fascism Global Illumination Council/Professor
Murray Sabrin spills the beans, admits Ron Paul is silenced by the media
because of the Federal Reserve on why Congressman Ron Paul is disregarded
by the Media Establishment /The
Christian Left, borrow from Al Franken: "lies and the lying liars who tell
them", Sorting through the deceptive attacks on health care reform gets
old, even for me. But on Wednesday the Republicans and their allies made a
claim so obviously misleading that they, and the media outlets parroting
them, must have known they spreading false information.-Obamacare’s Cost
Didn’t Just Double /Robertson: If You’re Not A Christian You Are A
‘Virus, today called people who are not Christian a “virus” and claimed
“our elites have turned against the founding principles” of Christianity
New Civil Rights Movement /The US government
has for the first time signed off on a large-scale experiment involving
genetically modified crops, which will lead to biotech big shot Monsanto
introducing an engineered corn seed across America from South Dakota to
TexasMonsanto plans massive biotech experiment in the US /Obama
is Most Pro-War President In History fighting wars in Afghanistan, Iraq,
Pakistan and Libya. He is spending more on the US military than any
previous president/The Army is pulling out of Rush. Meanwhile, they're
staying in Afghanistan to negotiate with the Taliban, who evidently have a
better track record on women's issues." -- Stephen Colbert
"Shadow CIA" Buys Itself a Big-Name Journalist Disgraced corporate spy shop
Stratfor aims to bounce back from its Wikileaks debacle by hiring Robert D.
The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has said that all churches in the Arabian
Peninsula must be destroyed. The statement prompted anger and dismay from
Christians throughout the Middle East
Robert Platshorn spent 30 years in federal prison for smuggling marijuana
into the United States. Now he's evangelizing the benefits of legalized pot
to Florida's senior citizens—and signing copies of his book Seniors 142 companies have indicated they do not want their ads
aired on his show anymore. Here are 10 companies that continue to advertise
on Limbaugh’s New York City affiliate (WABC-radio group head tells TRI that
Sileo’s apparent firing is “stunning, since it was a comment that came out
of enthusiasm" for a group of NFL free agents that he’s excited about. The
group head contrasts that with the support Rush Limbaugh’s getting from
Clear Channel-owned Premiere Networks. Premiere will go to the mat for
Rush. But for talents who aren’t Rush – this is a highly-charged time. And
you wonder if Clear Channel particularly is being careful. KFI, Los Angeles
afternoon talents John & Ken just served their first-ever suspension for
comments about alleged “crack ho” Whitney Houston - and that was before the
Limbaugh “slut/prostitute”. nyTimes had ads in all three hours of Rush
Limbaugh's Tuesday show, on Cumulus-owned WABC (770). Here’s a quick look
at some of the other ads heard on WABC – Amberen, a female hormone
balancing product. Winning Our Future, a pro-Newt Gingrich Super PAC.
Zyvestra, a homeopathic drug. General Steel (longtime radio user).
Hillsdale College (a Rush live-read spot for a conservative college).
Hoover business leads. Insperity (an HR company). A lawsuit attorney
specializing in mesothelioma cases. Tax Resolution Services (a Rush
live-read). Total Transformation (child-rearing advice). A kids-adoption
PSA. And the two so-called direct-response “P-I” clients-“Louie Louie” and
50 years- /garnering lots of attention on FacebookIs the
racist, “Don’t Re-Nig” in smaller print below, "Stop repeat offenders.
Don't' reelect Obama! anti-Obama bumper sticker real? /co-founder of Invisible Children, the group behind the
“KONY 2012” video on alleged atrocities by an African warlord, has been
arrested for being drunk in public and masturbating, according to the San
Diego Police/$25 billion mortgage deal. They were filed under the False
Claims Act.” Buried in the sweeping mortgage settlement with banks, for
which final documents were filed this week, are five whistleblower cases
that shed light on the litany of foreclosure abuses by the banks Four
Whistleblowers Who Sounded the Alarm on Banks’ Mortgage Shenanigans /Wisconsin Republicans Lose Majority Control Of Senate
On Friday, Wisconsin state Senator Pam Galloway announced that she was
resigning her post, which officially splits the Senate between Democrats
and Republicans 16-16 until recall elections are held in May /businessman and Virgin Group Richard Branson: I asked
for weed at White House. When you go to a White House state dinner and
you’re lucky enough to get some face time with the president, what do you
ask the president? “I asked him if I could have a spliff,”
artists were deeply offended when Republican State Rep. Steve Nass leaned
on the University of Wisconsin School for Workers - the nation's longest
standing labor education program - to cancel an art exhibition displaying
the enormous outpouring of creativity unleashed in artwork, signs, posters
and banners by last year's labor rebellion. With the School for Workers
funding always vulnerable to being wiped out by the Republicans, the school
saw no alternative but to cancel the exhibition truthout/Mississippi (MS)
'sucks up $2.73 in federal support for every dollar its residents pay in
national taxes.' In the dog-whistle language of the right wing, that makes
the state where 66 percent of GOP voters believe in creationism, an
official 'welfare state.' In short, the MS state government run out of
Jackson is a leech upon the US government, but try telling that to Mitt
Romney. BuzzFlash/Afghanistan: The Wheels Are Coming Off The Nation/
In the Absence of New Ideas and Intelligent Thought, the Right Tends to
Dredge Up Improbable Scenarios BuzzFlash/Our Immoral Drone War Salon/
End of an Error: The Car Century Begins to Wane Talking Points Memo/
"Deceased" the Average Age of a Typical White Male Rush Limbaugh Listener?
BuzzFlash/israel has no other allies other than the united states? every
other western orientated nation has multiple allies
31512/S.E.C. Defends ‘No Wrongdoing’ Settlements Ms. Schapiro said, like
a structured products unit, the mutual fund management area or the
brokerage firm. Sometimes the violations involve individual brokers or
branch offices having little to do with the parent company. ’These are
enormous undertakings and enterprises, we focus on different topics, we
find problems over and over again-Hey, Mary and you other sellouts at the
SEC, stop settling, force some prison terms and I guarantee you’ll stop
“finding problems over and over again” at the same darn banks. Here’s a
take of mine  Mary Schapiro: Either a Tool or a Leader of the Illuminati
Be-Settlement Fails to Address Banking Criminal Enterprise, not happy about
the proposed AG/Admin Mortgage Fraud Settlement, ‘The deeds tell the
story.’ Before the big banks took it upon themselves to corrupt the land
recordation system, the deeds used to tell a happy story, one in which
people purchased a home and lived ‘the American Dream.’ Today, however they
tell a different story one of greed, fraud, and forgery-JPMorgan, Citi,
BofA sued for $949 million by Sealink – JPM C BAC It’s still so depressing
to read how these banks have screwed over investors, homeowners, taxpayers /Limbaugh: Fluke Is An Obama Plant/Obama
administration is waging a devastating war against whistleblowers. Sources
I've spent years cultivating now fear they could face prosecution for
revealing details about governmental waste, fraud and even potential war
crimes.  risks they face are simply too great. Just last year, the Army
accused a reservist of leaking classified information to me and took steps
to bar him from reenlistment, because he dared to speak out about the
torture he witnessed at Guantanamo. What kind of country are we living in,
where no good deed goes unpunished? Truthout/agents are involved in
military violence in the Homs district, Syria Uprising: Mossad, Blackwater
And CIA ‘Led Operations In Homs’ /Judge with Monsanto:
Ridicules Farmers’ rights to grow without fear of contamination.
NationofChange: via /owsboston and elsewhere Vid: @OWSbus &
@OccupyBosDA use collaborative tech to flash-coordinate a nat'l response to
police violence vs. #OO #OWS
Here are 100+ real tweets who used the Twitter hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild to
tell the world that if their child turned out to be gay or lesbian they
would murder them-God Hates Fags is preparing an ad for Friday’s edition of
the Rush Limbaugh Show, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. /Sachs saw $2.15 billion of its market value
wiped out after an employee assailed Chief Executive Officer Lloyd
Blankfein's management and the firm's treatment of clients, sparking debate
across Wall Street./Price gouging is happening because of the people who
gamble on Wall Street to make their millions and billions so that they can
stay rich and so that we will always stay poor. They don't care about
anyone but themselves. They caused the Great Depression, the Great
Recession, and all the financial problems this country has had for the last
100 years/
The name "Amina" has become a rallying cry for Moroccan feminists after the
suicide of a 16-year-old girl who was reportedly forced to marry her
rapist. Activists argue the tragic death of Amina Filali should be a call
to end a law that allows some rapists to dodge punishment if they marry
their victim CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through
Your Dishwasher More and more personal and household devices are connecting
to the Internet, from your television to your car navigation systems to
etc /Kenya Next for ‘The Curse of Oil’?thinks it may also be on
the brink of discovering oil. Part of the underlying story of Kony 2012 is
the discovery of large oil fields in the region of Uganda that Joseph Kony
once dominated. Uganda hopes that the revenues from that oil can help
transform the country/researchers found that many of the women did make
noise, but not necessarily while they were having an orgasm. Instead, 66%
said that they moaned to speed up their partner’s climax, and 87% stated
that they vocalized during sex to boost his self-esteem/Police officers are
nothing more then paid goons fully equiped and paid with OUR MONEY by
corrupt global governments. The laws they enforce are a reflection of the
corrupt system screaming them commands from upon their pedestals/(IAP News)
— An Israeli professor Professor Martin Van Crevel said Israel had the
capability of hitting most European capitals with nuclear weapons and
military historian hinted that Israel could avenge the holocaust by
annihilating millions of Germans and other Europeans. “We possess several
hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all
directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our
air force, pointed out that “collective deportation” was Israel’s only
meaningful strategy towards the Palestinian people. “The Palestinians
should all be deported/The Samson Option is a term used to describe
Israel’s alleged deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear
weapons as a “last resort” against nations whose military attacks threaten
its existence, and possibly against other targets as well.[1] Israel
refuses to admit it has nuclear weapons or to describe how it would use
them. As early as 1976, the CIA believed that Israel possessed 10 to 20
nuclear weapons.[3] By 2002 it was estimated that the number had increased
to between 75 and 200 nuclear weapons.[4] Kenneth S. Brower has estimated
as many as 400 nuclear weapons.[5] These can be launched from land, sea and
air.[6] This gives Israel a second strike option even if much of the
country is destroyed/Occupy Movement should be surprised if it is not
infiltrated. Almost every movement in modern history has been infiltrated
by police and others using many of the same tactics we are now seeing in
Occupy."-As Obama Picks Up Union Endorsements, a Debate on Labor's Role in
2012 Campaign "We host a debate on Big Labor's endorsement of President
Obama's re-election, Communications Workers of America Local 1180, a union
that has pledged support of President Obama. This week the AFL-CIO, the
nation's largest labor organization, endorsed Obama following earlier
statements of support from several unions, including the Service Employees
International Union; the American Federation of State, County and Municipal
Employees; the American Federation of Teachers; and the Communications
Workers of America."-As more than 140 sponsors have fled the Rush Limbaugh
show, Rushbo is determined to put his game face on.... The most recent blow
was the defection of the US Army (which brings home the question of why our
tax dollars were going into Limbaugh's pockets via military advertising in
the first place? Note: US Armed Forces Radio is still airing the Limbaugh
show to GIs around the world, though. Truthout:) 

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