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32012/President of the United States may have been murdering Americans

32012/Wall Street Journal is reporting that big banks are bidding on pools
of foreclosed properties being sold by Fannie Mae. In con artistry
parlance, write Matt, it's called the reload: it's like robbing your
house, then selling you a fancy alarm system. makes mortgage lending a
basically risk-free proposition: Banks get paid for creating home loans and
they end up owning valuable property on the cheap-If you are one of those
delusional or naive souls that still clings to the notion that we have a
functioning legal system, ignore this post and return to your beloved crack
pipe. foreclosure court, in a place that isn't really court, but a place
where systemic fraud is used to rip families out of homes-sounds similar to
many things done by incompetent, self-serving or blatantly corrupt leaders,
of which there are far too many. How about this one: invade an innocent
country and then bring in your filthy contracting firms to rebuild it. Yeah
nice one G.W.
The response by the industry and its political allies to the scientific
studies of the health and environmental effects of fracking 'has approached
the issue in a manner similar to the tobacco industry that for many years
rejected the link between smoking and cancer-Murder Is Not an Anomaly in
War, where the enemy is elusive and rarely seen, where the cultural and
linguistic disconnect makes every trip outside the wire a visit to hostile
territory, where it is clear that you are losing despite the vast
industrial killing machine at your disposal - feeds the culture of
atrocity.... Civilians and combatants merge into one detested nameless,
faceless mass. The psychological leap to murder is short-Police Arrest 73
in Occupy Wall Street Crackdown on Protest Movement's Six-Month
Anniversary, "Many people reported excessive use of force by officers;
several cases were caught on camera. In one widely reported incident, a
young woman suffered a seizure after she was pulled from the crowd and
arrested. Witnesses say police initially ignored Cecily McMillan as she
flopped about on the sidewalk with her hands zip-tied behind her back, but
she was eventually taken away in an ambulance-Why would corporations want
to influence elections? The answer is simple. It pays-With Larry Summers'
World Bank Bid in Trouble, Mexico Insists on Open Process-Geithner
calculated that if he presented President Obama with a 'short list'
consisting of Summers and two fake candidates, then Obama would have to
choose Summers-an old story about two men in a retirement home. The first
declares, 'the food in this place is poison.' His friend agrees and adds,
'and the portions are so small.' This exchange perfectly captures the
Republican approach to Medicare-Six Months, ows movement record of
achievement reveals that it has done more than spark conversation around
Wall Street's watercoolers. Occupy groups have shifted the national debate
on taxes and inequality, helped homeowners stay in their homes, forced
major policy issues to the forefront of debate at the state and federal
level, and gotten the attention of the institutions they've challenged most
forcefully-Assange will run for Australian Senate-"Librotraficantes" Bring
Banned Books Into Arizona, Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their
Say, a group that promotes Latino authors and culture. 'Latinos are not the
sleeping giant; we're the working giant. When any state in this nation
passes an anti-Latino law they'll know we'll respond together-Illinois has
been known to choosing Republicans of a moderate brand ... So for Mitt
Romney, with its large prize of delegates and the symbolism of President
Obama's backyard - would seem a welcome, natural fit. And yet ... Illinois
is not shaping up to be the effortless romp some had presumed-new law,
known as H.R. 347, expands the power of the Secret Service and police to
arrest protesters near a 'protected person' or at special public events
like nominating conventions.... Reflecting how dire the assault on civil
liberties has become: The aforementioned bill passed the House of
Representatives by a 388 to 3 margin (and was signed, shortly thereafter,
by President Obama- Break the Bonds of Injustice, Publix executives have
declined to meet with CIW representatives and have not answered a single
letter-The Unstoppable Legacy of the War on Terror, the threat of al-Qaeda
so diminished that it should hardly move the needle on the national worry
meter. You might think, in fact, that the moment had arrived to turn the
American gaze back to first principles: the Constitution and its
protections of rights and liberties-We're going to have our own tank.'...
[T]hanks to such richly funded boondoggles as the 'war on drugs' and the
'war on terrorism,' the federal government is throwing money at cities and
states to militarize their various police forces. The sensible people of
Keene, however, aren't swallowing the fearmonger pill, and they've forced
the town council to reconsider.-Truthout/a radio interview, Santorum would
not stand up on behalf of children - many of them now men and women who
have suffered life-long trauma as a result of institutionalized sexual
child abuse within his church. That's not a moral leader; that's an enabler
of vile and unforgivable violations of the youngest among us BuzzFlash
Krugman: Hurray for Health Reform nyt/Broadcasters Fight FCC Plan to Post
Names of Political Ad Buyers on Web Bloomberg-Bank of America: Too Crooked
to Fail Rolling Stone-Gore Endorses Eliminating the Current Obstructionist
Filibuster ThinkProgress/"The United States will continue to draw attention
to the electronic curtain that is cutting the Iranian people off from the
world. And we hope that others will join us in advancing a basic freedom
for the Iranian people: the freedom to connect with one another, and with
their fellow human beings."oja/United Nations called on Bahrain on Tuesday
to investigate reports of protesters and bystanders killed by security
forces. "We have been receiving worrying reports of the disproportionate
use of force by Bahraini security forces, including the excessive use of
tear gas, the use of bird shot pellets and rubber bullets, "The use of tear
gas in particular has reportedly resulted in a number of deaths of
protestors and bystanders -- and that number has reportedly risen in recent
months, concern about "the health of human rights defenders who are on
hunger strike in protest against their imprisonment for participating in
last year's mass demonstrations." Official media has been less hostile. But
still it's not over. There's no equal opportunity in the media, one side is
represented. They ignore Shia cultural activities in the country and
recognize Sunni culture only
cnn.com/2012/03/20/world/meast/bahrain-unrest-report/index.html /There's a
development from the shocking attack yesterday on a Jewish school in
southern France that killed three children and a rabbi,  if the attack was
recorded, the shooter could view it on a computer, and even upload footage.
But the interior minister says investigators haven't found any video. Nor
have they found the gunman, despite an intense manhunt, wsj, France boosted
its terrorism alert level for the Toulose region to scarlet. That's the
highest level-Something apparently went terribly wrong in the 38-year-old
Bales' life, and "friends, relatives and his lawyer say they have an idea
of what that horrible thing was: war, Three deployments in Iraq, where he
saw heavy fighting, and a fourth in Afghanistan, where he went reluctantly,
left him struggling financially, in danger of losing his home." He also
"lost part of a foot and injured his head ... [and] was treated for mild
traumatic brain injury and possibly developed post-traumatic stress
disorder, evidence presented so far, which includes video of Bales
reportedly leaving his base and then returning to surrender, "among Afghans
... there is a widespread belief that the soldier had companions, and
perhaps official sanction, on his shooting rampage-    "On at least two
prior occasions, the Sanford Police Department was accused of giving
favorable treatment to relatives of officers involved in violent encounters
with blacks.In 2010, police waited seven weeks to arrest a lieutenant's son
who was caught on video sucker-punching a homeless black man. "In 2005, two
security guards — one the son of a longtime Sanford police officer and the
other a department volunteer — killed a black man they said was trying to
run them over. Black leaders complained of a lackluster investigation. The
guards ultimately were acquitted." npr.org /India’s official poverty rate
stands at 29.8%, or close to 350 million people using 2010 population
figures, down from around 37.2% or 400 million previously. The announcement
was based on an analysis of data gathered from roughly 100,000 households
between July 2009 and June 2010, by the National Sample Survey
Organization. This was compared to data gathered by the same organization
between July 2004 and June 2005. Are these numbers for real? Some skeptics
doubt it. The Global Post said that India had lowered the bar for itself,
noting that the per capita spending numbers used to calculate the number of
poor were below “the poverty line of 32 rupees per day for urban India and
26 rupees for rural India ($0.64 and ($0.52)” that economic planners placed
before the Supreme Court in September. The Tendulkar committee tried to
look at actual spending on food, as well as spending on health and
education. That increased the percentage of poor in India to 37.2% of the
population for the same period. People spending less than 15 rupees ($0.30)
a day in rural areas and less than 19 rupees ($0.38) a day in urban areas
were counted as poor, everyone spending less than 22.5 rupees ($0.45) a day
in rural areas and less than 28 rupees ($0.56) a day in urban areas was
counted as poor this time around. That’s a pretty significant increase in
the cut-offs compared to 2004-2005. comparison, the United States, counted
a family of five poor if the household had a combined income of $26,439 a
year, which worked out to $14.5 per person a day, or $434 a month. 2010,
the measure for a family of five worked out to roughly $14 per person per
day. In 2012, it’s closer to $15 per person for a five-member family.
Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum Secret Service code names revealed by GQ as
‘Javelin,’ ‘Petrus’, 2007, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama's code
name was revealed as "Renegade," while Michelle Obama's was "Renaissance."
Daughters Malia and Sasha go by "Radiance" and "Rosebud," respectively.
George W. went by "Trailblazer," and his wife Laura chose "Tempo."
Daughters Barbara and Jenna picked "Turquoise" and "Twinkle," . Harry
Truman as "General," John F. Kennedy as "Lancer," Ronald Reagan as
"Rawhide," George H.W. Bush as "Timberwolf" and Bill Clinton as "Eagle."
Gore's daughter, Karenna, who went by "Smurfette." Then there's Meghan went
by "Peter Sellers."
1047423 /
31912/Israeli Rabbi plans to tap support of Sephardic Jews in US teaches
that "the sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews" Goyim were born only
to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve
the People of Israel/all of them long-time hubs for the military's
ongoing PTSD investigations. will study the effectiveness of D-Cycloserine
(DCS). DCS is a pharmaceutical thought to help extinguish fearful memories.
It's usually taken right before exposure therapy earlier research
efforts that tested supposed "fear-extinguishing" drugs, most notably a
series cutting-edge, controversial realm of treatment. One that'd see
military personnel popping a pill to wipe away the fear they associate with
traumatic memories. The Pentagon this week announced an $11 million grant
doled out to three research institutions, of much-touted, Pentagon-funded
studies on Propanolol at Harvard, have all been disappointments/stunning
revelation from our nation's premiere investigative reporter, Seymour
Hersh, that Vice President Dick Cheney was running an "executive
assassination ring" directly under his control and outside of the normal
chain of command has raised the specter that the Vice President of the
United States may have been murdering Americans like pat Tillman, paul
welstone..Lenin observed, "The best way to control the opposition is to
lead it"/Carasso set up the Young Turk secret society in the
1890s, Syncretism means a combination of different forms of belief or
practice; masonism fits that description. As the masons started the 1897
revolution in France with the cry "liberty, fraternity, equality," Young
Turks used the same slogan in their revolution of 1908. "the talmud
Satanic Bible of the Jews, which encourages Jews to kill, directly or
indirectly, by sayings like: "Every jew who spills the blood of the
godless, is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God, 1982, after the
Israeli army conquered Lebanon, they celebrated their victory
by massacring by proxy children and women in the Palestinian camp. Eighty
percent of the camp were killed. Nearly all of the dead were old men, women
and children and all of them had been unarmed. Not one gun, not one knife
was found in their possession, claims a Palestinian witness/Jared Lee
Loughner, said to be an MK-ULTRA-like trained assassin, is being
administered psychotropic drugs in his Kool Aid. In addition to receiving
drugs to fund its off-the-books operations, the CIA weapons smuggling
program is designed to arm the two main Mexican cartels, Sinaloa and Los
Zetas — in order to destabilize Mexico. youtube.com/watch?v=pu-7OTuwSts /
400 pages of interrogations, once closely guarded as secrets of war,
were supposed to have been destroyed as the last US troops prepared to
leave Iraq, 2005 massacre by marines of Iraqi civilians in the town of
Haditha, a Euphrates River town where marines killed 24 Iraqis, including a
76-year-old man in a wheelchair and women and children, some just toddlers,
whether it's a result of our action or other action, you know, discovering
20 bodies, throats slit, 20 bodies, you know, beheaded, 20 bodies here, 20
bodies there,'' Colonel Thomas Cariker, At times, he said, deaths were
caused by ''grenade attacks on a checkpoint and, you know, collateral with
civilians/TOULOUSE, France - A gunman opened fire outside of a Jewish
school in the southwestern French city of Toulouse Monday, killing a rabbi,
his two sons and one other child Fox News/Arizona digs out from mega snow
storm The winter snow storm forced Arizona officials to temporarily close
Interstate 40 and parts of Interstate 17 Christian Science Monitor/who the
hella re you to tell a woman what form of contraceptives she should use? if
most insurance carriers didn't cover b0ner pills women wouldn't be so
concerned about getting equal coverage under modern medicinal standards/
Fluke prostituted herself for political ideology/the one who wallows in
drugs and smut, denigrating minorities and women/all we can do is fertilize
the paranoia, sit back and enjoy the clown act/Taxpayers make $25 billion
on mortgage sale does CNN really think we are that stupid? The government
basically piles all of the losses on Fannie and Freddie in hundreds of
billions, which are paid for by taxpayers. Now it is making bogus claims
about making profits on the mortgage securities that Fannie and Freddie are
taking heavy losses on?-Stop living in your own anti-intellectual filth and
stop watching FoxNews. For now, it appears that the taxpayer has made it's
money back from this sale, AND YOU COMPLAIN? Conservatism, blinded by anger
and ignorance once again-
money.cnn.com/2012/03/19/news/economy/mortgage-treasury/Finra Orders
Citigroup To Pay $1.2 Million Over Bond Markups, Markdowns
-million-over-bond-markups-markdowns/#ixzz1pa31TyEu /Citigroup Sells Pudong
Bank Stake, Generates $349 Million-Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), which
owns about 8.5 billion shares in Industrial & Commercial Bank of China
Ltd., held informal discussions with institutional investors including
BlackRock Inc. (BLK) about selling part of its stake to raise more than $1
billion-Bank of America Corp. sold 10.4 billion shares of China
Construction Bank Corp. (939) privately in November for a profit of about
$1.8 billion, leaving it with 1 percent stake Bank of America/
bloomberg.com/news/2012-03-18/bank-stress-tests-don-t-end-the-pain. html,
Citigroup Get New Stress Test Math? Federal Reserve issued revised
estimates of loan-loss ratios for Citigroup(C), Bank of America(BAC) and
three other banks after the close on Friday, Fed to Monitor Foreclosure
Settlement Progress Bloomberg-The Federal Reserve plans to enforce remedial
action at mortgage servicing companies previously found to be negligent-
Wells Fargo Celebrates 160 Years of Service, a milestone anniversary of 160
years helping customers succeed financially and communities thrive with a
series of donations and volunteer activities/RP would be killed (either
literally or figuratively) before he'd be able to kill the fed. Ron has
talked about auditing the fed, which is a joke. The fed would bury him in
so much paper work his son Rand would pass away from old age before he got
to the bottom of it/successful bikini model also accused of international
drug dealing was caught in Australia last week. Simone Farrow, who once
posed for Ed Hardy's swimsuit line and was featured in Penthouse magazine,
was on the run after skipping out on $150,000 bailthat was paid in February
by two friends. The 37-year-old blonde's troubles began in 2009 in
Hollywood where Drug Enforcement Administration officials raided her
apartment, claiming to find evidence that she masterminded an international
crystal meth ring/Lugar (R-Ind.) has fired another round in his
increasingly bitter primary battle with Indiana state Treasurer Richard
Mourdock, calling his rival a liar in a new ad. "Richard Mourdock is
attacking Dick Lugar again, intentionally misrepresenting Lugar's record on
Obamacare," the ad says, referring to recent charges by Mourdock. "Typical
politician. Mourdock knows the truth. Lugar voted against Obamacare 32
times/supposed to be the gentler face of a would-be reformist regime. Now
Asma al-Assad has become a hate figure for many. Syria's London-born first
lady, once breathlessly described as a "rose in the desert", is ensconced
at the heart of the shadowy inner circle Crushed By Uprising Violence
(Reuters)/"Day to Night Barbie" in 1984 under the slogan "We Girls Can Do
Anything," drunk driving and sleeping around with married men probably
weren't what they had in mind. But that's the jaded fairy tale/Family Vs.
Wells Fargo Bank, year-long effort with Wells Fargo Bank to obtain a loan
modification on her mortgage failed/churches face foreclosure with debts
that fall beyond banks' graces, congregation losing its house of worship,
once a rare event, is now common in Colorado — part of a national trend of
record foreclosures on churches/Miss Universe Canada Appears To Have Banned
A Transsexual Contestant, Jenna Talackova was accepted
freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/china bootleg ciggarettes
bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-17380363 /Obama Quietly Signs Executive Order
For The Mobilization and Seizure Of All American., President Obama signed
an Executive order triggering provisions and posturing for the government
seizure of any and all private property necessary (including food) for the
war effort liveleak.com /It's Official! Obama is an Illegal President! Now
What? I believe this story is on the level of the JFK Assassination, and
even 9/11. This...is...HUGE! Obama is clearly destroying our nation
youtu.be/YVSqtMDFiY4 /Catholic Church is the biggest financial power,
wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. The Great Harlot (or
better yet, the Great Whore) is the biggest possessor of material riches
than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust,
government or state of the whole globe youtube.com/watch?v=FYseI73FjQM
pope with evil spider youtube.com/watch?v=c1c9K17Qi8c&feature=related /rp
slaps down the rnc youtube.com/watch?v=Dn5A3VhQI4U&feature=endscreen&NR=1 -
The war began on this day in 2003.
31812/gunned down as he and his wife, who was also wounded in the attack,
waited for their child in front of a kindergarten in Tehran…. Rezaeinejad
was the fourth Iranian scientist whom the Israelis had tried to
assassinate, but what was different about his assassination is the
subsequent effort by the Israelis to justify it after the fact-Occupying
Democracy: A Moral Revolution for Social Justice, There are many
philosophical justifications for favoring the wealthy and powerful. The
Gospel of Wealth, Social Darwinism, Manifest Destiny, God's Will and
‘trickle-down economics' are but a few of the rationales. These
rationalizations are a sign of pathological narcissism, i.e., the
overvaluing of oneself and the undervaluing of others springing from greed,
insecurity, fear and the lust for power. Such philosophies stand in stark
contrast to the teachings of many spiritual traditions and the dictates of
love, compassion and empathy-Frances Fox Piven has worked as a professor of
social sciences and activist far away from public notoriety. That changed
when Glenn Beck began obsessively attacking Dr. Piven in early 2011,
charging her and her late husband Richard Cloward with everything from
treason to causing the financial crisis themselves in an attempt to
‘intentionally collapse our economic system.' The attacks quickly led to
threats on Piven's life. Rather than flee from the public spotlight,
however, Piven seized it-story of Obama the diplomat standing up to
Netanyahu the bully omits some important information. During Netanyahu's
visit, the Obama administration reportedly offered Israel a package of
advanced military technology, including bunker-busting bombs and long-range
refueling planes, as long as it postponed any attacks on Iran until 2013-
Third Circuit upheld a long-standing consent decree prohibiting the
Republican National Committee (RNC) from engaging in underhanded campaign
practices aimed at depressing voter turnout in communities of color…-"The
mercury discharged into the sea by the Chisso factory in Minamata, and the
radiation released by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, are not
entirely different ‘accidents,' although one was the result of a ‘natural
disaster' and one not-NATO and the G-8's heads of state, intelligence
personnel, foreign ministers and generals, cabinet members and secret
operatives, advisors and bureaucrats will conspire to extend and defend
their obscene wealth, to exploit the remaining fossil fuels, natural
resources, human labor, and the living planet to the last drop, and to
dominate the people of the global majority-A new Pennsylvania law endangers
public health by forbidding health care professionals from sharing
information they learn about certain chemicals and procedures used in high
volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing ('fracking') ... The law is not only
'unprecedented,' but will 'complicate the ability of health department to
collect information that would reveal trends that could help us to protect
the public health-'With or without religion, you would have good people
doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to
do evil things, that takes religion-The Internet and social networks have
been conclusively established as tools for protest, campaigning and
circulating information, and as vehicles for freedom.... At the same time,
supposedly democratic countries continued to set a bad example by yielding
to the temptation to prioritize security over other concerns-the
unwillingness to impose serious penalties and the failure to adopt less
violent strategies say something else to many Afghans.... With the long
record of massacres that have gone unpunished or been treated lightly,
Afghans can be forgiven for demanding that the latest Son of Uncle Sam be
turned over to Afghan authorities for trial-Veterans For Peace from
Long Island will be lobbying members of Congress first to educate them
regarding what is problematic, irresponsible, and even dangerous about
Senate Resolution S. RES. 380 and its counterpart in the House H. RES. 568.
Then, we will encourage our Legislators to introduce and sponsor what I
perhaps hubristically term the 'People's Resolution' as a more sane and
efficient alternative response to the Iranian 'crisis-Arizona Senate
Judiciary Committee voted 6-2 on Monday to endorse legislation that would:
a) give employers the right to deny health insurance coverage to their
employees for religious reasons; b) give employers the right to ask their
employees whether their birth control prescriptions are for contraception
or other purposes-Truthout/ Obama, Politicians Decline to Return Stanford
Money Reuters/State Department Fires Iraq Whistleblower Mother
Jones/Documents Show Murderers Got Special Treatment From Mississippi
Governor, Wife CNN/Protests Shut Down Monsanto in Davis, California
Read the Article at the Huffington/Five Freedom-Killing Tactics Police Will
Use to Crack Down on Protests in 2012 Alternet/New Hampshire House Passes a
Bill That Falsely Claims Abortion Causes Breast Cancer ThinkProgress-
Brazil Bars Chevron Executives from Leaving the Country After Oil Spill CNN
War Is Brain-Damaging nyt/

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