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32112/Obama to apologize

32112/How long will trhe ditherer take to go into Syria?-You are a perfect
example of an infinitely mainstream media manipulated dictatorship fodder
unit!, Investigate and prove me wrong!-"Condemnation without
investigation is the height of ignorance." Albert Einstein/Can't wait to
see how the GOP sells their budget to middle class, the elderly and the
poor. The campaign people are probably losing sleep trying to figure out
&ECONOMIC SYSTEM THESE DAYS-Evil prevails because there is no limit to the
crimes those in power are willing to commit! Good men are pulling their
puds instead of throwing punches at the New World Order! "All that is
necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund
Burke-I'd call it a Socialism/Capitalism hybrid.-it is common knowledge
that capitalism is a failed system. unless you call quantitative easing
american ingenuity. i call it the american scam. how many dollars were
printed out of thin air since 2007? american capitalism is a sham, a lie,
and a carnie shell game.-"Plutocratic corproate oligarchy" comes closest.
Serfs and nobles - we'll be lucky if the current system doesn't spiral down
into a corporate feudalism. Virtually everything is controlled by a tiny
minority of plutocrats operating through their rubber-stamp corporate
boards and using the power of their corporations to dominate, even in
politics now that the USSC has ratted us out.-We've successfully put
together a system of regulation, licensing, permitting, etc... that blocks
the little guy from entering the competition.-Inherently Corrupt/Marijuana
Must Be Legalized 25 militarized cops stream into the house, screaming
obscenities, shattering the terrified childrens' sleep and jarring the
scared parents awake. The SWAT team then literally destroys the home and
the furniture within, slashing couches, overturning bookcases, throwing
possessions all over the floor, carting the crying children off to Social
Services or foster care, and throwing the parents to the ground at
gunpoint, handcuffing them painfully before carting them off to the police
station. It is long past time for politicians at all levels to end this
bankrupt policy of prohibition, and stop breaking down the doors of
Americans who only want to possess a harmless plant in the comfort of their
own homes.
-job-bush-couldnt-be-bothered-with/ Canadian man who was texting with his
girlfriend minutes before she was killed in a car wreck has published their
final, heartfelt exchange on Facebook to speak out against
texting-while-driving.Canadian man who was texting with his girlfriend
minutes before she was killed in a car wreck has published their final,
heartfelt exchange on Facebook to speak out against texting-while-driving/
Limbaugh Backed Mass-Murdering Warlord Joseph Kony, head of the Lord's
Resistance Army (LRA), a militia group in Uganda responsible for mass
killings and mutilations in that country (often forcing children to perform
their atrocities), is the subject of a new film intended to promote efforts
to bring him to justice /only so much lift you can get
with motors that small. enough obviously to lift a human, but not enough to
lift a significant bomb-doubt it will be soon that it will be able to lift
500lb bombs or a rack of missiles
wings/Live your stupid words. Iraq was continually deemed the enemy because
they weren't good Christian men like Bush, Rumsfeld, et al. 500,000 Iraqi
corpses later, is your anti-rationalist, Christian bloodlust satisified
yet? PLEASE STOP USING medicine, trains, phones, tvs, cars, airplanes, air
conditioning, hospitals, electricity, batteries, lights, all audio
products, all mass-distributed products (no house for you) velcro, and
computers, Just sit there and pray your comfort and convenience into
existence, and that you don't get sick, science-hater. I'm sure Jesus will
get around to your prayers after he rigs the next sports game or reward
ceremony for a believer./Federal Bureau of Investigation warns account
holders of a new spam email scheme that involves a type of malware called
"Gameover." The scheme involves fake emails from the National Automated
Clearing House Association, the Federal Reserve or the FDIC. These messages
attempt to trick recipients into clicking on a link to resolve some type of
issue with their accounts or a recent ACH transaction. Once you click on
the link, Gameover takes over your computer, and thieves can steal
usernames, passwords and your money-find out everything you need to know
before putting your money into a bank that cares little for its
customers.-An LA business had $40,000 in a BofA account that was cleaned
out in minutes by a "bank in Croatia", but BofA refused to protect the
account or stop the transaction. Perhaps the banksters have "foreign
friends" working outside the US who are cleaning out our bank accounts and
giving the banksters a cut of the action?- Top Rabbi
believes Catholic Church is imposing Sharia Law on Americans over
contraception/Do you sometimes feel like the first mistake of religion was
to organize, and the second mistake was to enter politics?
encouraging-sterilization/ First, Pat Robertson and I see eye-to-eye on the
decriminalization of marijuana. Then doomsday prophet Harold Camping
concedes that his predictions for the end of the world not only were off
the mark, but actually were hubristic and sinful. Now spotlight-hungry
conservative bully Ann Coulter and I agree on the state of the GOP. You
guys keep this up and it’s going to be really hard to blindly stereotype
making-sense/imus questions leather chocolate wine, truck scandal impact"4
kidswcancer, hugh atkins utube romney rap, bernie cries about joe, overall
a gudday/Generic Drugs Prove Resistant to Damage Claims Lawsuits aimed at
generic drugs are being thrown out across the country in the wake of a 2011
Supreme Court decision favorable to the drugs’ makers-when it comes to
dirty tricks, nothing compares....big pharma should be in
porn/ Jon Stewart shames GOP & FOX on 9 11 Rescue Worker Bill-
EthicsCommission I have no evidence that non-fox sheep deny the bias of
other networks. Hell I hope not. However posting to the effect that fox
leaning right MAY be factual.  God damn. MSNBC certainly doesn't try to
hide it, or they would have to resort to some idiotic phrase about being
'fair and balanced.' If you have to systematically brainwashing USA by
telling them you're fair and balanced, then quite simply, it isn't true.
and others, conservatives are hypocrites ! 9/11 was their battle cry ! but
when it came to giving heathcare benifits for first responders the right
did not support. /1967. On February 10th,
around twenty-five members of the group, wearing black balaclavas and
carrying giant skulls, took to the streets of the financial district and
handed out this statement: WALL STREET IS WAR STREET The traders in stocks
and bones shriek for New Frontiers—but the coffins return to the Bronx and
Harlem. Bull markets of murder deal in a stock exchange of death. Profits
rise to the ticker tape of your dead sons. Poison gas RAINS on Vietnam. You
cannot plead “WE DID NOT KNOW.” Television brings the flaming villages into
the safety of your home. You commit genocide in the name of freedom. YOU
TOO ARE THE VICTIMS! If unemployment rises, you are given work, murderous
work. If education is inferior, you are taught to kill. If the blacks get
restless, they are sent to die. This is Wall Street’s formula for the great
society!-Sadly, these individual protesters see themselves as passive
victims. While they're right to experience frustration, what they should be
doing, instead, is spending their time on things they can control such as
improving job skills, eliminating debt and tax problems, and saving 20% of
their gross annual income. Events of 2008-2009 were scarey enough
street-1967.html#ixzz1pmLs1mim /Brazilian federal prosecutorEduardo Santos
de Oliveira, also filed criminal charges against 17 key executives and
employees at Chevron and Transocean, owner of the world's largest oil rig
fleet. Among the defendants is George Buck, a U.S. citizen in charge of
Chevron's operations in Brazil, the statement said. Sentences could reach
up to 31 years in jail for a November oil spill off the coast of Rio de
transocean-with-crimes-over-oil-spill/#ixzz1pmilvxo2/Thieves evade
lasers to nab Italian shipwreck's bell. Underwater thieves have evaded an
array of laser systems that measure millimetric shifts in the Costa
Concordia shipwreck and 24-hour surveillance by the Italian coast guard and
police to haul off a symbolic booty - the ship's bell./Gated Intellectuals
and Ignorance in Political Life: Toward a Borderless Pedagogy in the Occupy
Movement "A group of right-wing extremists in the United States would have
the American public believe it is easier to imagine the end of the world
than it is to imagine the end of a market society. Comprising this group
are the Republican Party extremists, religious fundamentalists such as Rick
Santorum and a host of conservative anti-public foundations funded by
billionaires such as the Koch brothers, whose pernicious influence fosters
the political and cultural conditions for creating vast inequalities and
massive human hardships throughout the globe."-"Anti-fracking activists
lashed out at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last week after the
agency released partial results of water tests taken from private wells in
rural Dimock, Pennsylvania-a series of corporate catastrophes, for which
the perpetrator companies have escaped any meaningful accountability. Big
banks and giant Wall Street firms tricked and ripped off homeowners and
investors, and crashed the national and global economy. BP's reckless
operations poisoned the Gulf of Mexico in one of the worst oil disasters in
history. Massey Energy's cost-cutting led to the Upper Big Branch coal mine
collapse that killed 29 workers-"The Justice Department has opened an
investigation into the fatal shooting last month of an unarmed black
Florida teenager by a crime watch volunteer, a case that has set off a
national outcry. In a statement released Monday night, the Justice
Department said its Civil Rights Division, in conjunction with the Federal
Bureau of Investigation, would investigate the death of the teenager,
Trayvon Martin-"Health insurers and supporters of the Obama
administration's health-care reform law are currently in the midst drawing
up possible contingency plans in case the Supreme Court overturns the
Affordable Care Act's individual mandate Health Insurers: We'll Deny
Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions if Health Mandate Is Repealed -the
News May Be Good, but Problems Remain Krugman 'There are some on the left
who also cling to the view that the economy is stuck in a depression - lest
it undermine their critique about the woeful inadequacy of fiscal stimulus
and the desperate need for more-Republicans in Congress released their
budget blueprint today, new bill in Florida would require all state workers
to submit to random drug testing, legislation introduced would bail out
students from their debt, and more.-McClatchy Newspapers: "The military's
embattled crime lab is trying to fire an outspoken whistleblower who's
spotlighted its problems. Earlier this month, the U.S. Army Criminal
Investigation Laboratory warned its firearms branch chief, Donald Mikko, in
a memo of its plans to fire him, in part for talking to a McClatchy
reporter-Let the Lizard Brain Bigots in Mississippi Start Their Own
Country, on Mars "You got to wonder what swamp fever can cause a guy to
claim, 'I don't care for the government, they don't show me anything,'
while admitting that he lives on food stamps. Of course, he's different
because he 'deserves' them. It must be because he's a white male and only
has a couple of teeth- Truthout/All Major News Outlets Cover Trayvon Martin
Tragedy, Except Fox News ThinkProgress/Archie Comics Defies Religious
Extremists and Celebrates Gay Marriage BuzzFlash/Job Seekers Getting Asked
for Facebook Passwords Associated Press/ In Carlisle's video, collarless
dogs pad down the middle of icy streets and roam with impunity through
decrepit buildings. In the most disturbing scene, a white pit bull tugs
long, rubbery strands from a bloody mass in the snow, like a magician
pulling handkerchiefs from a bottomless palm – the entrails, Carlisle
reveals in a voice-over, of a frozen puppy
=newsletter /The documents show that DHS alerted its agents to the Wall
Street protests — and specifically the involvement of the hacker group
Anonymous in organizing the protests — sometime before the Sept. 17 kickoff
of the protests in downtown Manhattan." Documents Show Homeland Security
Was Tracking Occupy Wall Street Even Before The First Protest. Anonymous
has DHS spooked. /
32012/The Duggar Family, everyone's favorite right wing nutjob family with
19 kids or greater is currently supporting Republican right wing nutjob
Santorum./leave the 1% alone. Sounds totally logical. House Republicans
Unveil Budget: Transforms Medicare; Slashes Food Stamps, Student Loans And
Support huffingtonpost./Bloomberg Strikes Again: NYC Bans Food Donations To
The Homeless, West Side synagogue on Monday to collect surplus bagels --
fresh nutritious bagels -- to donate to the poor, under a new edict from
the mayor's food police he can no longer donate the food to city homeless
shelters. /You want the Republicans back in charge?
Are you f-ing kidding me??? GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Wrote Book on
Soliciting Prostitutes A Republican candidate  for governor in Montana also
turns out to be an expert on 'illicit pleasures' like gambling, drugs an
prostitution, admitted. ‎"Do I know anything about finding hookers and
blow? Why, I wrote the book on it! Neil Livingstone, who bills himself as a
counterterrorism expert/Chevron, Transocean Execs Banned From Leaving
Brazil are among 17 executives at the two companies banned from leaving the
country pending an investigation into an offshore oil spill JP
Morgan Chase is closing the Vatican bank's account with an Italian branch
of the U.S. banking giant because of concerns about a lack of transparency
at the Holy See's financial institution, Italian Reuters/Republicans are
desperate. They can’t attack Obama on jobs because the jobs picture is
improving. Their attack on the Administration’s rule requiring insurers to
cover contraception has backfired. Republicans Argue When They Have Nothing
Left to Say to do now? What they always do when they have nothing else to
say? Call for a tax cut, of course /One day prior to his
arrest, actor George Clooney spoke to reporters outside the White House in
Washington, Thursday, March 15, 2012, after his meeting with the President/
Sultan Kosen because of acromegaly, a chronic metabolic disorder that
causes too much growth hormone to be produced. Because his skeleton
couldn't support him, he began taking medication and underwent radiation
was 8 ft 1 in at the time he was measured for the record and also holds the
record for the largest hands and largest feet at 27.5cm and 36.5cm
respectively. He is currently 8 ft 3 in tall, but U.S. doctors announced in
March that with the help of treatment, Kosen has stopped growing./Obama
Critic Named Archbishop, critic of contraception proposal named archbishop
of Baltimore, nation's 1st diocese-SHREVEPORT, Newt called on President
Obama to apologize for comments made by actor Robert De Niro at a
fundraiser supporting the president. “What De Niro said last night was
inexcusable and the president should apologize for him
/Mayor Defends Goldman Sachs in Resignation Flap endorsed an editorial
published by his media company, Bloomberg LP, that defended Goldman by
noting the firm is “not the Make-A-Wish Foundation — they’re a company
that’s here to make money.” defended Goldman Sachs following the scathing
public resignation of an employee who decried the firm's "toxic and
destructive" culture.-The ONLY way to stop Wall Streets Greed, and to
change the way they do business, is to DENY MONEY! The only thing they
understand is money, thTHEMey have no other feelings, none, you will never
be able to convince them to be nice or to serve humanity when all they are
concerned about is making more money. /Strong 7.6 earthquake
hits Mexico, shakes Mexico City. /March 21st is the UN
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Throw on
your hoodies and come gather in Union Square to show your support for
justice for Trayvon Martin! Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin Union
Square, NYC @ 6pm /Not only do the corporations BUY
GOVERNMENT through funding their campaigns and lifestyles, corporations get
a TAX WRITE-OFF for doing so...They BUY GOVERNMENT, then they GET THEIR
war is against the 1% and the Global Corporations, not their puppets. "As
the law puts it, companies are not allowed to deduct money, Could
Corporations Take Tax Breaks on Political ‘Dark Money’?
an end to his racist a--....just watched the whole thing on tv ...Poor fn
innocent kid and some wild puke &^& Racist FL shooter defines suspicious:
'just walking around looking about'-You should go down there and tell
Zimmerman yourself how upset you are. Face to face, at night. Show him that
rightious leftard indignation
presidentialelection2000 /(USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
(APHIS) does not even pretend to legitimately evaluate genetically-modified
organisms (GMO) before approving them anymore, having recently
green-lighted approval for a new variety of "drought-resistant" GM corn
produced by Monsanto that admittedly grows no better under drought
conditions than natural varieties do/Obama Faces Impeachment Inquiry?
Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force
by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress
constitutes an impeachable high (Introduced in House /Ohio, Berne Township
officials are trying to figure out who dumped approximately 3000 pairs of
panties along a one mile stretch of Crawfis Road. WBNS 10TV's /Michelle
Obama - Joining Forces *Interview Letterman joiningforces /In part two of his report on foreign aid,
John Oliver reports from Gabon, an African country that pledged $2 million
to UNESCO after the U.S. cut its funding. unesco problem as long as israel
will not negotiate with palestine, as per us law./there exists no credible,
scientific evidence for anyone having ever heard of a "Jesus the Christ"
before the end of the first century or early second. Hence, the "Christian
era" essentially did not even appear in the earliest places until the
second century./"To educate a man is to unfit him to be a slave.":
Frederick Douglass 1818-1895), escaped slave/Catholic Church is filled with
satan's minions, and any government, 'officials' whom protect it are
satan's supporters. /Government inspectors were aware that minors were
being castrated while being looked after in Catholic-run psychiatric
institutions, local paper reported on Monday. at least one boy under the
age of 16 was castrated to 'help' his homosexual feelings while in Catholic
church care in the 1950s. meetings held in the 1950s show inspectors were
present when the castrations were openly discussed, also showed directors
of the institutions did not think parents needed to be involved in the
decision-making process when minors were involved. at least 10 other boys
were also castrated, one confirmed case concerned a boy Henk Heithuis - who
reported being sexually abused by priests to the police in 1956. After
giving evidence, he was placed in a Catholic-run psychiatric institution
where he was then castrated because of his 'homosexual behaviour'.2010
after the sexual abuse scandal broke. It reported in December having
identified some 800 priests and monks who abused children in their care
between 1945 and 1985 the Limburger/gunned down by
self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman admitting to
following, confronting, and killing Trayvon, he has yet to be arrested or
charged with any crime.1 Just minutes before Trayvon was killed, Zimmerman
had called police stating that Trayvon looked "suspicious." Trayvon was
unarmed and walking back to his father's home in Sanford, Florida when
Zimmerman accosted him. At the crime scene, Sanford police botched their
questioning of Zimmerman, refused to take the full statements of witnesses,
and pressured neighbors to side with the shooter's claim of self-defense.2
As it turns out, Sanford' police department has a history of failing to
hold perpetrators accountable for violent acts against Black victims
peace/i think the next store person cried today after what miss
wolf and i done, there was 4grams of pot on desk i was clea
poem- "yonder wilders call me to her tawny peaks, rocks we
scale like piano keys and the Sun doth red our cheeks. i too once sensed
through your Primordial Goo. i peeked, and piqued, and peaked. and we heard
the speech of creeks. bodies boxes holding the spirit and still the spirit
leaks. forth. leaps. forth to reach and breathe and an yearn. from each to

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