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121413/The sucky govenment and economy

121413/Dems say that the "junk" insurance policies are to be blamed for so many people losing their homes because they didn't cover enough of medical bills in the past. Well, a lot more people will lose their homes because people can't afford to come up with money to meet the high deductibles in the Obamacare policies. So what has been gained by screwing with the insurance industry?-Obamacare sucks. The current govenment sucks. The current economy sucks. America, vote like your life depends on it in 2014 and 2016. Demand a true election this time. Down with tyrany-we gotta stop tyrants from running why we get nothing but mobsters and elites to choose from-what's going to happen if someone loses their life because they don't have treatment or coverage? THEN WHAT?-Military has been purged of Patriots, mostly hand picked Obama suck ups left in control = Obama's Army-waiting for the day these democrats squirm and it will happen all these senators voted for OBAMACARE it will not be forgotten in 2014 we will make sure of that and we are making sure Hillary feels the heat after letting the brave americans DIE, her day is due-Greta can we get off this obama kick ? i for one am sick of all the pissing and moaning from America over this fked up health care sht, America pissed and moaned when congress would not pass it fast enough, and now the entire fkin nation is pissing and moaning cause there all getting fked long hard and deep, "STFU" AND GET YOUR OBAMACARE M FKERS YOU ALL VOTED FOR IT!!NOT ONCE BUT TWICE!- Boehner: It's one big sh*t sandwich and you're all gonna have to take a bite, Pelosi: My boots were made for walking, Obama: WHAT ME WORRY!- Judge Rules War Memorial Cross Must Be Removed From San Diego Mountain -not egregious, word of the day, to say ‘happy holidays.’ It is egregious to sue school districts and towns if they display the manger or sing Christmas carols. Are you getting this Stewart? It is quite clear to anyone with a brain that there is a war between traditional Americans and secular progressives in this country. explained that in order to remake the United States into a progressive nation, the left must diminish the Judeo Christian tradition. The left has to get the religious influence out of the way because it stands in opposition to them. O’Reilly- fni/ATF, interviewed several people, some more than once, no one yet that officials consider a suspect or person of interest. El Don Parham, chief of the Detroit Fire Department's arson unit, said it's far too early to speculate on a motive but believes that "someone is pinpointing" the Heidelberg Project, Guyton said he would "do it bigger and do it better than before" but needed financial help., a private donor is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for the fires. That's on top of $5,000 offered by the Michigan Arson Prevention Committee. Guyton, often out working or cleaning up the site, has declined requests to speak with The Press, offered no comment to other media outlets in recent weeks, told recently that he was following the advice of the Greek philosopher Socrates: Be quiet and listen ap/an understanding of this, there will be progressive elitism based off of it. Government will become better, people who are better will be known as the the better, and you smuts will remain the on the low level side of the conversation and history. Embrace the truth it is the superiority-fb
121313/obama Health Care Promise Named 'Lie Of The Year NBC, rapidly losing friends, Politifact has named their “Lie of the Year,” and it’s bad news for obama and obamacare. obama’s often-repeated assertion that “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” won the ignominious honor for 2013, the group announced-in matters of women's reproductive health if a blood bath is coming, birth control should hardly be considered the prime suspect. Have you considered miscarriage, abortion, childbirth, or ordinary menstruation? LMAO at armchair gynecologists and bloody neocons everywhere- ybac/visit boys town Jerusalem and make a donation- YOU NEVER PROVE YOUR FACTS, JUST CALL IT A FACT-Israeli animals & Deir Yassin,yadda yadda, Take the EU welfare check and make peace-Vatican: in the spirit of xmas open up ur ww2 archives and beg for forgiveness-you are the liar, the profiteer, accusing others in order to feather your financial circumstances ygs/wt Petraeus took that advice for the good of the service and the country. It was the honorable thing to do. It’s a shame that Clapper doesn’t possess a similar sense of honor. Clapper should have resigned when he was caught lying. Clapper, appeared before a Senate committee, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, arguing that he had, in essence, been blindsided by a confusing question and had answered it as best he could under the circumstances. He gave, he said, “the least untruthful” answer that he could lying to congress When he learned that Gen. David H. Petraeus had been involved in and tried to cover up a rather smelly, but objectively far less serious, domestic affair, went to Mr. Petraeus and advised him “as a friend, colleague and fellow general officer” that he should do the honorable thing and resign iapb/freespeechtv lives
121213/the battles are OVER. Now RePOS are simply mumbling they hope the damned thing fails. Republican politicians are finally getting the message that ObomneyCare is going to be a PART OF AMERICAN LIFE moving forward-yeah and now the latest news is marco rubio signed up for it-Girl-Injected-Flesh-Eating-Drug-Into-Genitalsbreitbart-are you the one who refused to back the opposition in Iran? Why does Obama support the mullahs in Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. Empowering Islamists seems to be the name of Obama's game. Why?-Israel has essentially turned the Gaza strip into a ghetto or perhaps the worlds largest prison. Israel has essentially created and followed a form of apartheid as it relates to the Palestinians. Mandela understood the similarities the Palestinians endured as did the Black South Africans under their brand of apartheid. A fitting reminder given today's most important international drama-11th will be 65 years since the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 194, which called on the newly formed Israeli state to repatriate the displaced Palestinians, "wishing to live in peace with their neighbours-Describe what you mean when you accuse BO of empowering Islamists. Seems to me that Bush greatly empowered the Iranians with his invasion of Iraq. That is generally broadly accepted as fact and Iran has moved to accept that gift from the US under Bush-flight 93 memorial was not built in the form of an outdoor mosque, 2005) was a crescent shaped wall following the contour of the land. it was later redesigned into a full circle after the designers took into consideration criticism of the symbology of the crescent form. it sits on national park land, therefore it cannot be utilized as a mosque. rbh/ Freddie Mac has paid the Fed. All but 6M, Paulson was the Bankers man whom Jr. appointed to orchestrate the wealth loot!-Bancorp (USB) announced a lawsuit settlement with Freddie Mac (FMCC) worth about $53 million. The settlement includes the resolution of all outstanding and potential repurchase claims related to misrepresentation of loans originated and sold by U.S. Bancorp directly to Freddie Mac from 2000 to 2008, will shell out the total amount in cash to Freddie Mac, including adjustments related to credits, along with previous buybacks. The settlement amount will be paid from U.S. Bancorp’s current reserves yfmc/U.S. production is roughly 8 million barrels a day, it accounts for less than 9 percent of a world-wide market that is close to 90 million barrels a day. Even if U.S. production could be increased by a third (an almost impossible increase) it would only increase world supply by 3 percent. This would lower the price of oil by 7-8 percent. This is not trivial, but it is not the difference between $2 a gallon gas and $4 a gallon gas.” Yes, more drilling could allow us to reduce our oil-import bill, and that’s no small thing. But drilling alone can’t bring back $2.50 gasoline-Democrat Union Teachers love rape the students mind & body, Masonic sodomy is popular in California yhal/It's true, you couldn't make this stuff up! GOP Raided for Child Pornography, They are trying to say it was just one staffer, but my insider sources are telling me it goes much deeper than that, possibly a systemic issue throughout all gop in Congress. Stand up and demand Darrell Issa to fess up! We need to know what he knew and when he knew it-teabaggers cry like biotches if Obama snaps a selfie, all the time they are supporting kiddie porn pervs-how they constantly preach from the bible, even want their own version of sharia law, but the minute they think nobody is looking, there they are spankin' their tiny little monkey to child pornography ybac/you have all that time just welfare. speaking of abortion, how did you survive your mothers'? regards to your fudgie savior and mary the ho, that's why your hubby was taken away because your a smug bigoted animal, filthy maggot, we are going to contact the welfare department so you cant waste taxpayer money on yahoo you filthy lazy goy-The White House is close to nominating Stanley Fischer, 70, headed the Israeli central bank until earlier this year. He is a former head of the economics department at MIT, former number two official at the IMF and former chief economist at the World Bank-100% of the Russian czars were Christian, worse than thieves, repressed their ppl kept them in poverty promoted Anti semetism, sent collectively 100's of millions to their deaths in needless wars-problem is as much as you want it to be true lenin was not Jewish, his maternal grandfather was Jewish-and his gang of Agnostic Jews (yes, cultural jews but agnostic) killed 2-=30 million in ten years. Butchers ygs/Wonder if he is planning to turn loose of the billions of dollars in artifacts, gems, precious metals and cash stored away in the Vatican to help pull off that proclamation. Sorry to read that he is that narrow in perception and perhaps should spend some time in Godly discernement-his first major written work to attack capitalism as a "new tyranny," while urging global leaders to fight poverty and inequality. In a document published Tuesday, Pope Francis denounced the 'idolatory of money' and "trickle-down" economic policies, as well as consumerism and a financial system which he says rules rather than serves. The Pope urged politicians to guarantee all citizens “dignified work, education and healthcare aibafs/ecologist says conditions such as bad backs and sunburn suggest humans did not evolve alongside other life on Earth, aliens put humans our planet as recently as tens of thousands of years ago, suggests the Earth might be a prison planet, since humans seem to be a naturally violent species and are here until we learn to behave ourselves cbpb/water supply shared by former enemies bbddpv/23b extortion coverup jpm, on geraldo/
121113/i love to listen to lies when i know the truth-One thing you need to realize, everything you post about the Arabs Muslims, there are numerous other cases of the same thing that either the Jews have done, or someone else has done, currently doing or whatever-I do realize it. What you don't, or pretend that you don't, realize is that everything that was described in the article I posted is a common occurrence in every country with significant number of Muslim immigrants-Shi'ite brain, how many airplanes loaded with jet fuel were driven by Jews into NYC skyscrapers? How many non Jews were beheaded by crazed religious Jews for God? Shi'ite boy, you need a Jewish md to sign you up for a brain transplant STAT! iapb/Mandela's GOP Bandwagon Fans wp/Call it Black Wednesday. Recreational marijuana goes on sale legally in Colorado on Jan. 1, and Denver officials are worried that the city’s retail shops won’t be anywhere close to meeting demand, Worried That It Will Run Out Of Weed nationtime/ DeSmogBlog Fort Worth Fracking knows no boundaries. Wells are drilled next to schools, parks and cemeteries/ Cell Providers Collect Mill from Police, for Handing Over User Information, received more than $20 million from law enforcement agencies in conjunction with more than 1.1. million user information requests in 2012, AT&T has a $10 million annual contract with the Central Intelligence Agency for access to its overseas call data a2zgrabs/ Truthout: A year after a French study appeared to link GMOs and cancer, a respected American journal has retracted the study under pressure, reigniting a global debate about biotechnology's affect on our food- Shooting the Messenger, a deeply misguided attempt to sacrifice Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Chelsea Manning and Jeremy Hammond on the altar of the security and surveillance state to justify the leaks made by Edward Snowden-in print a coloring book for children. It is called "Cruz To The Future," and that cover has birds and bushes and to be extinct monarch butterflies, and Ted, with a blue suit and a porn clown smile, shooting a Double Fonzie-The solstice isn't for more than a week, but the earliest sunset of the year is already upon us. How's that possible, Astronomical Hijinks Of The Shortest Day Of The Year theatlantic/

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