Tuesday, December 17, 2013

121713/Fox News Ratings Champ

121713/Fox News Remains Ratings Champ As 2013 Comes to Close-Aussie Rupert Murdoch sure has made a fortune of the Ignorance of the American right wing-GOAL IS TO ENROLL TWELVE MILLION; TO DATE 360,000, Why do I get the feeling it ain't happening, That sucking sound you hear is OBAMACARE going down the schitter, healthcare ins. debacle, republican's have nothing to be proud of-pretty much explains the politics of healthcare ins. should be noted that big ins. 'lobbyist' padding the pockets of congress plays a major role also-Socialized Medicine: Members of New York's cultural elite who voted for President Obama are learning that their health insurance plans are being canceled because of ObamaCare. Forgive us for not puddling up-lib vermin try to spin but FOX NEWS WINS EVERY DEMOGRAPHIC IN AMERICA! libtards are brain-dead morons-Unions gave $200K to MSNBC's Ed Schultz-I see the two of your are MSNBC's lap dogs, reality is never a libs strong points, stupidity is-The world is a safer place since GW Bush killed the terrorist saddam and installed a US friendly democracy in his place-until the cowardly kenyan surrendered iraq to iran by removing all of the US military bases from the region-This MB is absolutely useless as a source of opinions about Hal. Nut jobs of both stripes, with no useful pursuits to follow, infest this MB with mindless pap. Yahoo could best eliminate the MB altogether. I still like Hal. The div could well be increased. Oil better than windmills and solar panels for the foreseeable future-while the anti american, anti west UN dawdled while authorizing the United States to wage war in Iraq. now Assad is using saddam's WMDs on his own people while the cowardly kenyan sputters and drools-WHERE'S THE LEADERSHIP? THE AGENDA? DEM WASHINGTON IS DYSFUNCTIONAL-seems like you have a man crush on me little guy! Why the stalking behavior? Or are you being PAID to bite at my ankles-pathetic. A temporary decrease and then restoration does not equate to your spew-Lame, Desperate and lame I know it is the truth, Or I wouldn't have posted it-FOX Appeals To The Ant Government Racist Filth!, The Lunatic Fringe Of The GOP! Thank Heaven Their Numbers Are In Decline!- Obama Doubles Social Security Taxes On Working Poor, It's the truth, not an expert, but i do see the ignorant lib-vermin posting hear everyday and as we all know libtards ARE subhuman feces, so there you go class, DISMISSED!-In California, if you're black you can slash people's throats and get acquitted. If a white did that he would be given consecutive life sentences- Bill Orielly said last night that MSNBC has been reduced to a substandard entertainment channel-The king has called out the jesters-Saint Nicholas Was A Greek Orthodox Turk! He Could Have Been A Mamluk, Got That Megyn?-FOX beats MSNBC in every demographic? Sure! So does '2 Broke Girls' and 'American Idol, CAPISCHE? Jay-sus!-demorats claim GM was a successful bailout yet it wasnt even close to a bail out, all shareholkders lost-their investment all vendors lost there receipts- and America lost 10 billion on that obamma share purchase-i guess stand your ground was not an option for the pedestrians-so a 16 year old mows down 4 pedestrians while 4x the legal limit and gets probation?- In Texas, imagine the 16 year old who did this were black. death penalty for a black 16 year old who kills 4 people while driving drunk. At least, 60 years in prison-Bush used NSA to listen to foreign calls to US from terrorist nations-Fox is Entertainment, Monday Night Football' and 'American Idol' beats MSNBC too. My gawd!-Take a bit of advice, DON'T apply to Mensa-some of saddam's WMDs were found in Iraq and destroyed by the US military the rest were shipped off the syria-right after you tell us how he lied to kill "so many innocent people-As a result of winning the "Right to Lie" in a circuit court of appeals (Akre/Wilson v Fox News), FOX started hiring ENTERTAINERS-It's the Australian model imported to our shores by foreigner Rupert Murdoch-LARRY CLAYMAN DUMPS LIQUID FECES ON BARRY'S FACE - MORNING IN AMERICA-some of saddam's WMDs were found in Iraq and destroyed by the US military the rest were shipped off the syria-Anything there about INVASION, dipschyt? Patsy the Puke", leading the charge for the Dims today-My #1 fan starts his daily leg humping,-As a result of winning the "Right to Lie" in a circuit court of appeals, FOX started hiring ENTERTAINERS-HAHA!!! Fox News WINS IN EVERY DEMOGRAPHIC = 18-29; 30-64; women, blacks; latinos-Msnbc targets the dunce youngsters who are easily manipulated and still loses lol!-Bush used NSA to listen to foreign calls to US from terrorist nations-HAL Board Conservative Prediction Newspaper Headlines That Never Were, Romney Wins in a Landslide, Obamacare Overturned by Supreme Court, Republicans Take Back Senate, George Zimmerman Wins Huge Settlement from NBC, Court Declares Obama Born in Kenya, Sarah Palin Takes GOP Nomination -Bush used NSA to listen to foreign calls to US from terrorist nations-Start impeachment proceedings in the House then, puke. What's stopping you? yhal/ another wingnut in la geraldo stirring the faux pot ,
121613/Israeli soldiers shot at two Lebanese soldiers across the Israeli-Lebanese border late Sunday, apparently killing one, hours after a sniper believed to be from the Lebanese Army shot and killed an Israeli soldier in the same area, put on heightened alert along the tense but usually calm border-Master Sgt. Shlomi Cohen, 31, was shot and killed while driving in a military vehicle close to the border, midnight, Israeli forces were patrolling the area where the shooting had taken place and identified “suspicious movements,” said Lt. Libby Weiss, a spokeswoman for the Israeli military. She added that “due to the perceived threat” that they posed, the Israeli soldiers had fired “precise shots” at two suspects, members of the Lebanese armed forces and that one was apparently killed who were believed to have been involved in the earlier shooting, in nobody’s interest for things to escalate but it is our right to defend our border, Last week, shots were fired toward an Israeli patrol from across the border, but the Israeli military said it may have been errant fire from Lebanese hunters, 2006, Israel fought a 34-day war with Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite organization. It began when Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers and killed several more in a cross border raid. That conflict ended with a United Nations-brokered cease-fire that has kept the border mostly quiet iapb/dailymail Judge lets spoiled rich teen DUI killer, previously boy 14 prison 10ys/The only color in play here is the color green, plenty of examples of black and white getting away with heinous crimes and they all had one thing in common. They were able to get top notch representation rather than some overworked and underskilled public defender, the judge in question wanted to send the black teen to a cushy rehab but they wouldn't accept him. not a racist judge after all-this judge should be removed though. 10 years probation is as ridiculous as the "affluenza" defense-I believe there is a "Blonde Hair Blue Eye Country Club" defense in Texas. There certainly is one in Mississippi- just admit you didn't know what the hell you were posting about and you just broad brush tried to paint a liberal judge as a racist without knowing jack shit- aibafs/ACA will, no doubt, be another Obama success, and the GOPs worst nightmare come true-You need to find another myth to pump-Wing ding liars are going to have to find another pet peeve issue to rage on and on and on about as their latest lies about the ACA turn into steaming piles of wing ding BS, It won't be long, and the benefits will far outweigh the negatives. The negatives are mostly noise from the lying haters. The problem issues will be dealt with-This time next year, after the ACA proves to be another Obama success, the mid terms will flush most, if not all of the teabag turds DOWN and OUT. Only a brown stain may remain- No doubt ! It's only a matter of time. Just like the very soon to be over Tea Party. They'll all be eating crow, among other things-Once it is functioning as intended, the benefits will be be greatly appreciated by those who need it the most-It WILL not only work, it will be a great success-seriously?-Who needed it besides Obama?-Free stuff is never 'appreciated-How ignorant and stupid are the Repugs? Ask them about Climate Change-not "many scientist open" to funding from the Koch brothers payroll, but a few have succumbed to their bribes, just like a few others who were paid well to disclaim the effects of toxic waste. The overwhelming majority of the world scientific community knows climate change is a threat to the planet's existence. Only fools and liars deny it- Republican Party suffering entropy-eating each other like dogs eating dogs just to survive. It won't work. They are DEAD MEAT-Business To Tea Party: Get Out Of Our Way!-Refusing to address the issue by changing the subject doesn't change the FACT that Republicans are ridding themselves of Teabag trash like YOU-Business To Tea Party: Get Out Of Our Way! Government regulations are killing business. And Obama holds the record for those, just like food stamps and unemployment. Of course they go hand in hand, you're a liberal idiot. ybac/wellcome down her chimney attracted to missletoe belt buckle, on stephanie
121513/slick willie fb/Scientists Discover New Greenhouse Gas Perfluorotributylamine is an unregulated, long-living industrial chemical that breaks all records for potential climate impacts. 7,000 Times More Powerful Than CO2' theguardian digg/
121413/Kerem Shalom Border Crossing was opened especially this morning in order to transfer gas for home heating. Additionally, as the day goes on, four water pumps will be transferred to the Gaza Strip due to heavy flooding. The additional activities at the Kerem Shalom Border Crossing, as well as the transfer of additional water pumps is being made possible by the COGAT, the Ministry of Defense and the company Mekorot, in coordination with UN agencies. COGAT is in communications with the Palestinian Authority and the international community, updating them on the situation. The IDF emphasizes that Israel will do everything that is necessary to assist the civilian populations in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria, with an emphasis on providing electricity to the power plant in Gaza. Furthermore, COGAT has opened a shared Israeli-Palestinian situation room with the goal of assisting Arab civilians in distress in Judea and Samaria, with an emphasis on transportation and electricity jewishpress-iapb
121413/If Kerry succeeds in forcing a PA, agreed "peace" plan on Israel, cheered on by the Left, the result will eventually be tragic, for the PA israelnationalnews- While Abbas works the UN, ‘unauthorized’ Arabs will fire rockets into Israel. The Israel Defence Force (IDF) will be banned from entering the new "Palestine, Therefore, Jews caught in homes now ‘behind the lines’ would be unprotected. They will be shot at and attacked without fear of IDF ‘interference, Hevron will be (G-d forbid) threatened with massacre. Jews in Ariel will be stoned. Jews in Jerusalem will be beaten, Israel will be cornered. When Israel asks for help, its allies will shrug and say, ‘what can we do? You’ve brought this onto yourself, as much as Jews and Israel will suffer, the Arabs may, in the end, suffer more. For in their new-found hubris, they will eventually shell Tel Aviv, the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. In this scenario, it will be shells falling on Tel Aviv as they did on Sderot, that will awaken the Jewish state, the IDF will not be gentle because it will be a fight for survival, UN will act. It will make speeches against Israel. It will condemn Israel. It will demonize Israel, But it will not send armies into Israel. It will not interfere, Palestine’ will crumble. Abbas’ dream will evaporate. Israel will become stronger than ever, Will this be the legacy of Israel’s Left? wtoped?-Violins and Gas Chambers, 1892, cofounder of the World Zionist Organization and social critic Max Nordau wrote his most famous work, Degeneration, which presented a scathing critique of European society as it devolved into what he described as a “horrible train of murder, incendiarism, rapine, [and] torture.” Nordau systematically analyzed and dismantled theories put forth by elite thinkers in his time, such as Nietzsche and Tolstoy. Specifically, Nietzsche’s premise, that, ‘there is no good and there is no evil,’ and his praise of sin as man’s ‘great consolation,’ was what Nordau found repugnant. The explicit approval of such notions was visible in European art and literature. In French society, for example, the “contempt for traditional views and customs of morality” led to conspicuous consumption and a devaluation of moral virtue, and by extent, a deterioration of societal structures which had till then promoted social cohesion. This was illustrated by the French’s inclination to imitate art which was inherently unrestrained and subject to fleeting passions as opposed to principles of decency. Nordau found the praise of such ideas and pseudo-intellectuals by elite society to be doubly offensive. In addition to advocating for morally bankrupt principles, calling such principles ‘enlightened‘ was a gross inversion of objective norms and values, a reflection of the degenerate state into which European society became immersed, within these two historical contexts, ‘Enlightened’ evil and Stockholm Syndrome-that the conundrum of the so called post  Zionist movement can perhaps be better comprehended. Post Zionism posits that the Zionist era has passed and is at best a historical era which had its run but is no longer in session. Generally Jews who belong to this camp are of the left wing progressive persuasion who also fail to understand what Zionism is. They usually understand Zionism to be merely a response to anti Semitism and thus no longer necessary. They are largely ignorant of the emancipatory nature of Zionism, which, must like the civil rights movement in America, was rooted in ethnic and cultural pride. Zionism, while it was indeed reactionary, was also proactive in its advancement of an indigenous people’s rights. The Jewish right to settle in its ancient homeland is not simply due to the spread of anti Semitism; It is a matter of fact, regardless of whatever political climate Jews find themselves in, in the Diaspora. Post Zionists also do not grasp the scope of anti Semitism, not in the Middle East nor its growth in Europe. Indeed, they often, through Stockholm Syndrome, contribute to it, this is a very hard pill to swallow. Nevertheless the symptom must be properly diagnosed if the patient is to heal. Perhaps no greater example of such a festering sore on the heart of the Jewish people can be found then in that of the political organization, J Street. Claiming to be pro Israel and pro peace, J Street is neither and advances no such policies. Founded in 2008, its major pronouncement is that a two state solution to the Arab Jewish conflict is what must be advanced both for the sake of Israeli security and American stability in the region. This of course precludes a detailed analysis of the situation, and a study into all possible prognosis to the problem. This premature announcement of an end, rather then examining the complexity of the situation and then coming to an educated conclusion reflective of those same complex factors, epitomizes J Street’s creed: The end justifies the means. while the prisoners were “the hardest of the hardcore,” it certainly was worth releasing them as they represent the “center of the sense of Palestinian dignity and respect.” Tracy presses him further, asking how can Jstreet support this and simultaneously claim it is pro-Israel security iapb/

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