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12813/bo's low life filth

12813/horrific acts being carried out in the Syrian civil war know no bounds. The war has seen more than 120,000 people killed in just under three years, with many mass executions documented, thousands of women and girls, and torture of prisoners, sometimes ending in their death. A new book currently on sale documents close to 3,000 victims of execution, who were killed by forces loyal to Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad, videos show entire families, from babies to old grandparents, who had their throats slashed with knives. But Islamist rebels are also involved in mass atrocities. Over the last few months, pictures have been published showing rebels literally slaughtering Assad's soldiers. They even go a step further, often beheading their victims and showing the head to the camera, as a sign of victory over the Alawites and Shiites, video, made by an organization identified with Al Qaeda, terrorists proudly demonstrate what they call "the fastest way to behead Alawites, captive is seen kneeling, his hands tied behind his body and his eyes covered with cloth. In front of him is a pickup truck equipped with a heavy machine gun. A member of the Islamist organization points the gun to the victim's head and fires, as cries of "Allahu akbar" are heard, latest footage comes on the heals of a call by the Islamic State of Iraq and al Shams (ISIS) for the systematic killing of Shia Muslims. ISIS is one of two Al Qaeda-linked groups operating in Syria, and those comments among others illustrate the sectarian nature of the civil war, as the mainly Sunni rebels seek to oust the regime of Bashar al Assad, who is a member of the Alawite offshoot of Shia Islam al Qaeda vows death to Shi'ites for 'cursing the prophet Mohammed'; urges terrorists to keep fighting in Iraq, Sinai peninsula israelnationalnews-Sounds like a "Civil War" to me. The American Civil War killed more people than all the rest of our wars put together. Viciousness hasn't only happened in the ME militaryfactory-War is bad enough. How many beheadings during the Civil War?-I don't know if there were any, knowing some Americans there might have been some. But, it was a very bloody war and in the South, it still simmers, no matter what anyone says-Israeli soldiers shot dead a 15-year-old Palestinian boy in the West Bank, Wajdi Ramahi from the Jalazoun refugee camp near Ramallah said his son, Wajeeh, was killed by a shot to the back. Ramahi said his son was playing football on school grounds and then went to a nearby grocery store to buy something to drink ap-clash Arab rioter in Jelazoun refugee camp in Ramallah AFP israelnationalnews-most of taxi cabs in israel are mercedes benz-guess that means Israel has forgiven Germany for the Holocaust. In the 60's and early 70's many Jews wouldn't dream of buying a Mercedes Benz or VW-Republicans were the racists?- 148-years-ago republicans outlawed slavery-You didn't know that Lincoln was a Republican? He used to sleep with men, but it was OK because he was a Republican-amazing that the ACA site works as well as it does right now, considering the limited budget and bull-headed efforts of republicans to block affordable healthcare to anyone who does not make as much as they do. Republiteas? You might want to work on that one a bit. That one fell flat. What specific funding was blocked? Please provide links. No one is denying it was a large undertaking. The problem is that after sufficient time and funding it was launched without being complete. It still is not complete. The problems go far beyond just being able to access the site itself. Sufficient funding?" ROTFLMBO. So you don't think "rebubliteas" has a nice ring to it? It is much more civil than how democrats and progressives are referred to on this board. Not going to bother with links because you and I both know you would not read them-Mandela did not free South Africa’s blacks and establish equality for all. He created a society of racial retribution that has been hidden by international presses. When I heard that President Obama ordered American flags to be lowered to half mast, it turned my stomach. There is nothing to praise or honor this man for other than he reversed the roles of apartheid, making white South Africans the oppressed and fair targets for black vengeance. Godfather politics/if THAT is the case, why is 80 percent of the farmland still owned by whites, the fact is, godfather is guilty of not doing any real fact checking before running with one of their typical stories... what the story refers to happened in Lestotho, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland-Juan Williams argues that the Tea Party movement emerged from the "ashes" of Ron Paul's 2008 presidential primary campaign.[66] Others[who?] have argued that the Koch brothers were essential in fostering the movement.[67][68] In 2013, a study published in the journal Tobacco Control concluded that organizations within the movement were connected with non-profit organizations that the tobacco industry and other corporate interests worked with and provided funding for, including groups Citizens for a Sound Economy (founded by the Koch brothers). Al Gore cited the study and said that the connections between "market fundamentalists, the tobacco industry and the Tea Party could be traced to a 1971 memo from tobacco lawyer Lewis F. Powell, Jr. who advocated more political power for corporations. Gore said that the Tea Party is an extension of this political strategy "to promote corporate profit at the expense of the public good-iapb/We conservatives don't have to stoop to MSNBC's Martin Bashir's low life filth to show how full of s**t Barack Hussein Obama is, He's doing a fine job all by himself!-Palin is a treasonous small minded, shrill piece of work that doesn't deserve the attention she receives. As anti-American and as obvious as her use of FALSE PATRIOTISM is, her TABLOID Patriotism makes her one of the most repulsive public characters in the unUS of A-Yourself, the devil, another lying religion, the ghost busters, who?-so many people from all religions capitulate into the mental illness of their cultures' verbal religion addiction claims, hanging on to them for dear life and never letting go. For once again, what is there to let go to if you let go? Nothing!- you can continue the lie though, and say evil and lies are the way god processes us, till we break through them and win the gift of good existence and eternity in the next life. Where the real religion is the world republic, shamanism, science and now Tesla, which got robbed by the strong men elites of the world and their made up state religions over their people. Who keep the old lies front and center, which unfortunately keeps the process of their motto that 'their can only be one elites' state religion and world empire from that, left standing, requiring constant lies, evil and wars till it is achieved, That has to be fought with the new lie of the world republic religion, and standing up to god devil like it wants us to, against the old lies it allowed, and then win the good gift of good existence and eternity in the next life, when it has been won by fighting the old lies and god's allowances of that. Then no more reincarnation coming back to this reality till we get it right-Nice lie or nicer lie or lie of last resort, in order to keep us sane, hopeful and meaningful? Maybe?-I was surprised by the hostility and vehemence of some of the people who reacted to me saying a kind word about a unique historic figure. So let me say to those conservatives who don’t want to honor Nelson Mandela, what would you have done? Mandela was faced with a vicious apartheid regime that eliminated all rights for blacks and gave them no hope for the future, if you had been imprisoned for 27 years, 18 of them in a cell eight foot by seven foot, how do you think you would have emerged? Would you have been angry? Would you have been bitter?-I bet the race baiters wont have much to say about that. For once I totally agree with Newt! The venom against him just showed the inherent racism within the Teabagger extremists! Of course, we have always known this was the case. I guess it is just beginning to dawn on Newt and other more seasoned Republicans-Conservatives seem to always find themselves on the wrong side of history. Apartheid was evil in S. Africa, and it's evil in Israel-Gauck had visited both the Olympics and the Paralympics in London last summer. The boycott is the first by a major political figure. So far, it has mainly been artists and activists such as Stephen Fry, Harvey Fierstein and Lady Gaga, who have called for a boycott of the Sochi Games in reaction to a new Russian law which criminalises gay “propaganda”. In an open letter to the British prime minister and the IOC in June, Fry said “an absolute ban on the Russian Winter Olympics of 2014 in Sochi is simply essential”. David Cameron has ruled out a boycott, arguing that anti gay prejudice would be better tackled by presence rather than absence-the highest number of tropical storms, 10 have been since the year 2000. Records go back a hundred years. We are having busier hurricane seasons period. Steer has been refuted but of course he will not admit it because this right wing propaganda is his religion-wunderground hurricane top10-the last 162 years the ten busiest hurricane seasons have been in the last 13 years-must be a coinkydink-what does the KKK site or John Birch Society have to say about it? Dat's de only source dat matter-a cautionary message: austerity does have a tipping point. Ratchet up the budget cuts a few notches, and sparks will fly-yes indeed, one might reasonably ask with the economy going the way it is, with the unequal economic playing field, with the unequal banana republic type of wealth distribution, with the social safety net under attack by austerity sharks in the right wing ...."Why Don't American Cities Burn?- Corporate conservatives want special rules that let them privatize profits and socialize losses. Religious conservatives want special exemptions from civic duties and laws that apply to everyone else. Libertarian conservatives simply believe they are special—that 4,000 diaper changes and university educations notwithstanding, they truly are self-made and don’t owe anything to anyone, past, present or future. It’s time we challenged the notion that the Republicans are the party of responsibility. rbg/Fox News Editor Declares War on Pope Francis, Calls Him the Catholic Church’s Obama people flock to Walmart for perceived bargains and convenience. Here are some facts that might keep them from adding their hard-earned cash to the profits of a company that's squashing lives and worker rights worldwide/Hypocrisy, Stupid: Fundamentalist Christian Bullies Running Amok in America's Military, AlterNet/ Bankruptcy or Bunko? The Right's War on Detroit's Public Pensioners-purposeful, ideologically driven assault on democratic government orchestrated by ALEC and forces in Michigan's Statehouse has starved already ailing Detroit of revenues. Through the emergency financial manager, they will continue to redistribute public assets to corporate pockets/Agency Proves That Some Bankers Aren't Too Big to Jail/"Do What Thou Wilt," or Who Imagined Ted Cruz Into Existence?-Walmart Is Not the Bargain You Might Think-The closer your political platform gets to allowing everyone to do as they want and at the same time pointing out and berating what's interfering with this, the better your chances are to get elected to national office in the United States/Agency Proves That Some Bankers Aren't Too Big to Jail wp/ Vermont Approves Single-Payer Health Care: "Everybody In, Nobody Out, will be fully operational by 2017, and will be funded through Medicare, Medicaid, federal money for the ACA given to Vermont and a slight increase in taxes/Hartmann: The Fossil Fuel Industry Is Refusing to Accept Defeat in Colorado Fracking Bans, filed a lawsuit in two cities claiming that voters violated a state law by banning fracking-workers and activists delivered a petition to the Massachusetts State House to put paid sick time before voters on the 2014 ballot-Mandela's life long work as a political activist; and more/
12713/How to Keep Your Personal Information Safe Online-Author Stirs Controversy by Claiming That Women Need a Husband to be Happy-Listen: New Yorkers Say Eerie Sound Is Coming From One World Trade Center-5 BILLION Records a Day: Judge Nap Takes on NSA's Massive 'Dragnet-Is Organized Crime Moving Into the Legalized Marijuana Industry? fni/
12613/Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies Nelson Mandela/Conservative Movement's Long Time Hate Affair With Mandela-Like Pavlov's Dogs When the Corporate Bells Ring BuzzFlash/ Krugman Obama Gets Real nyt/Matt Taibbi Another Batch of Wall Street Villains Freed on Technicality rs/Another Shutdown? Conservatives Push to Scuttle Budget Deal tpm/Holiday Lunacy: How Americans Are Conditioned to Buy-Bye-Bye, Fake Liberals: The Warren Democrats Are Winning Salon/Twelve Years a Slave: Kidnapped Into the Horror of Slavery published in 1853, about the business and culture of enslavement in the South. Solomon Northup's memoir offers a vivid, horrifying account of the abominable practice/Truthout: Given that neocons are agitating for new Congressional sanctions on Iran now in the hopes that this will sink recent diplomatic success, shouldn't Sen. Elizabeth Warren be speaking out now?

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