Wednesday, December 11, 2013

121113/open sewer, radical left wing societal rot

121113/John Shimkus got incredibly frustrated with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius during her testimony, like talking to the Republic of Korea-Sebelius Flustered After Question About Obama Meetings-Dem Rep Tells Sebelius She Will Go Down In History As A Hero-Lying, cheating and stealing are traits of a hero to a Corruptocrat-Media Super Fail: Newtown Results In Surge of Looser Gun Laws-Guns don't kill people, leftists kill people-this time WITHOUT the Wild Propaganda- breitb/ id rather be killing commies grover norquist, preparation h wanted ring of fire as theme song, on ste/considering a war on pope fransis, upset about world leader selfie, trying to gin up trouble for bo, on geraldo as per rogerclearwire/
121013/Sarah Palin is a Traitor After the firing of Martin Bashir, Foreign Press Says What America’s Won’t: tw/bbc feminist punk band Pussy Riot to be freed from Russian prison-US Treasury sold its last shares in General Motors, took a loss of more that $10 billion on the $49.5 billion bailout, but said that saving the US auto industry, the jobs of millions of auto workers and the pensions of many retirees was worth it-spite, mean spirtedness, ugly sentiments and pure hatred directed towards Obama in the body politic, in the press, on the TV, exhibited at times on this board are all one needs to convince an honest person that the ugly forces that were at work in the past, back in the days of slavery here in the unUS of A, are STILL ALIVE and well, simmering under the surface. As a segment of the population in this nation is forced to accept DEFEAT to Obama not once but TWICE, their anger and angst wells up and they fall prey to the evil characterized by that era America has as a blemish in it's not so distant past rbg/I am so outraged by this,” Carlson told Catholic League President, Why do I have to drive around with my kids to look for a nativity scenes and be, like, ‘Oh, yeah, kids, look, there’s baby Jesus behind the Festivus pole made out of beer cans! It’s nuts! We don’t have to have the Klan out there on Martin Luther King Day with their monuments right next to a bust of Martin Luther King, We don’t want to have neo-Nazis out there to stick it to Jews on Yom Kippur. we shouldn’t have people out there ready to trash Christianity given that proximity-the religious right’s war on women, which—in case you haven’t noticed—has been turned up dramatically in recent years. I’ve done a lot of written and spoken work chronicling the war on women in that time rbh/promoted insider Mary Barra to serve as the new chief executive officer, the first female cnn/It seems that nuking Israel is the only option for the Palis-It seems like nuking the SFB is the only option for all of humanity-Do you have any polonium left over? iapb/everybody wants to be a cowboy, real clearchannel management skills, on imus/
12813/Fukushima Water Tanks: Leaky and Built With Illegal Labor r/NSA Morale Down After Edward Snowden Revelations, Former US Officials Say wp/How the Pentagon Fell in Love with Drones Salon/Gun Nuts Ready To Shoot Their TV Sets Over NFL's Rejection of Assault Rifle Ad AlterNet/United Nations draft document leaked last weekend has offered outsiders a rare look at longstanding disagreements between member states over the course of UN drug policy ips/Apparently the Konservative Kristian Klub is unanimous in their view that Africans need the iron fisted rule of an Aryan in order to prosper(?)-WOW! I haven't seen that shit in YEARS!!! "Konservative Kristian Klub"? Usually you used to spell it "KKKonservative KKKristian KKKlub", you ignorant Libpuke!-NOW do you know why you were flushed when you were born?-I present the Low Information, Modern Day Liberal Human Parasite. These people need to be exterminated from the face of this earth, along with their Modern Day Liberal Elitist Providers-but on the bright side, some new "games" have emerged from this horrible bottomless pit of takers, knockout game, polar bear hunting, get a jew, it's all the rage in certain non suburban areas of the country. in new york, a newly elected councilwoman says it's the jew's fault too!-Anyone else notice how Numary gets her panties in a wad any time a non Republitea says anything that might be misconstrued as racist, yet she is silent when racist bigots call the President's wife a whore and makes overt racist statements about Blacks? An astute observation.....very accurate. She states that it is best to ignore stupid attacks on the board. And that is in fact what she does . Somehow she is then criticized for being silent about such attacks?-accurate. She states that it is best to ignore stupid attacks on the board. And that is in fact what she does . Somehow she is then criticized for being silent about such attacks?-But she defends those cockroaches when anyone disagrees with them in debates..kind of like a nanny, attacks Brookboy for quoting lyrics to a song, yet totally ignores anti's racist slurs. She is very picky about who she criticizes, mostly anyone liberal or progressive. Wonder what church teaches that? aibafs/“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians Nelson Mandela-Rand Paul has a Christmas present for 1.3 million Americans: Cut them off from the “disservice” of unemployment benefits., threatening to leave town this week WITHOUT extending benefits. This callous step would leave 1.3 million long term unemployed Americans out in the cold at the end of the month, waged a war on working families all year (cutting food stamps, Their complete lack of empathy for the unfortunate is absurd and demeaning dccc- Hedge fund legend George Soros returned the remaining $1 billion of outside capital under his Soros Fund Management's care in 2011, but investors still carefully track his every move. Soros shorted the yen this year and went long Apple and Herbalife. The $25 billion in his fund belongs to Soros and his foundations, which have doled out billions in support of human rights, democracy and education. (key h8 notes 4 wingnutz) forbes-iapb/Supercapitalism, in recent decades the power of unregulated, unrestrained capital has increased to such an extent that it has outstripped democracy as a primary foundation of our society, Americans have become identified more as investors and consumers and less as citizens and members of a community-Sen Mark Kirk Get's his gallbladder out after voting against ACA 36 times, wonder how well Kirk would be doing after his stroke without medical coverage? Ruined?-admits to previously knocking out six or seven people on other days before targeting the man who shot him. Marvell Weaver, who is black, tried to knock out a father who was standing at a bus stop waiting for his daughter to arrive. Instead of simply punching the father, Weaver tried a variation on the "game" by trying to taze the man. The taser malfunctioned, and the father pulled a .40 cal handgun and shot the teenager twice, now serving one year in jail-learning to deal with their dwindling representation & relevance in American society, Your irrelevance is duly noted, right wingers, and we feel your pain. Since 1980 we've experienced the EXACT SAME THING you right wingers are now going to have to get used to-degenerated to an open sewer, radical left wing societal rot and it happened because of the unequal enforcement of the rules encouraging this playground bully mentality of alleged adults. Hundreds of posts attacking this Christian holy celebration are condoned and not seen for what they are, Infantile personal attacks because one sides political man-god is imploding and taking yhe party wiyh him, NO debating the issues, no "civility", just a bunch of foul-mouthed punk children-going to destroy this and any RB board he can't control. I know its him, this post in fact, and so should you by now. He's ALWAYS hated anyone who didn't submit to his control-the bias on this board precludes any meaningful debate, so at least end that perverts conservative filth orgy-When I was being questioned by police I felt very intimidated...I believe that the police misinterpreted me and that I may have misspoken about certain facts in my statement to police, Zimmerman "never pointed a gun at or toward my face in a threatening manner" and that "I want to be with George, and asked that the order barring contact between herself and Zimmerman be lifted-stooped to a new low¬ in their ongoing misinformation campaign to turn voters against Obamacare. Instead of sending constituents to––the official California health insurance exchange site, Republicans created which poses as a hub for health care information but just contains negative information about Obamacare-America’s Richest (and Poorest) States surprise anyone? Stupid, poor, unhealthy, uninsured, fat, unhappy and all run by republican policies for decades-Seven States Slashing School Spending-247wallst-18 to 29 yo's are fleeing the Dem party over this. Middle class, black will follow-Right wing fantasy and wishful thinking, as usual. Their alternate universe reality is alive and well- Republicans chicken out on tax reform, putting out a bill, They blinked because the math is hard, and the politics even worse, Ryan's handout to the top 1% would add almost 6 trillion a year to the debt, really stupid-if he pulls off this deal for peace in the Middle East, he will have more than earned his Peace Prize, Iran is starting to finance Hamas again. They can't stop being trouble makers-BOOOOOGA, Wall street NEVER reached the capitalistic heights and made as great increases in value as it has under the communist Obama....geeze. Who would'a thunk it?-rbg/Limbaugh saying that "American soldiers criticizing Dubya should be shot as TRAITORS" is good with you? FOXRADIo- yhal/ Socialism(capitalism?) fails when the 'makers' have no more to give to the 'takers'. At the rate U. S. is heading toward socialism, democracy is on its last leg. Representative believe that democratic and democracy are the same. They are not. Somewhere in gov't there has to be a big foot put down to stop 'gimmies'. They have to take about 95% of charity out of gov't.yc/by hacker_boob Way to go, obama! NYC has highest number of homeless children since Great Depression...

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