Sunday, April 14, 2013

41413/coathanger crew

41413/fear, damned hard to be a republican in the fifties it was the commies. sixties hippies and black panthers. seventies everyone young and old chilled from everything disco. eighties, it was heathen liberals and welfare queens. nineties it was the clintonistas. oughties muslims, the teens. commies, hippies, black panthers, liberals, welfare queens, clinton and the muslims again, no sense of shame or embarrassment. they remain oblivious to their foolishness and impervious to critical rationality. 'onward christian soldier' is their god command, for hell awaits all infidels/ CIA declines to comment publicly on the arms supply. US officials instead talk of its existence in a kind of coded doublespeak referring to "a maturing of the opposition's logistical pipeline. A conservative estimate of the payload of these flights would be 3500 tons of military equipment, Stockholm International Peace Institute-constraing personal behavior relating to how it affects society at whole. repubs concentrate on supressing the individual will. if you morons would ever knock off the morality angle, you might regain some power with a broadened base-RePOS are known far and wide as the "Coat hanger Crew" with their anti abortion agenda-texas killings 'fbi solved': wacked out liberal with a gun. Eric-William's, wife, Kim, 'I'm really tired. I was up almost all night. I'm not ready to talk.' A neighbor knew Williams to be a 'nice guy' who was known in the neighborhood for riding around town in his Segway. convicted of theft, taking computer equipment from a county building, by McLelland and Hasse two years ago after emails sent to other county officials were linked to him. DA Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia were at their Texas home last month, and ADA Mark Hasse was shot dead in January not the AryanBrotherhood. McLelland in particular was pivotal in the prosecution of a senior member of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas last year who received two life terms following a shoot out. In the months after Hasse was killed, McLelland began to carry a gun everywhere and took extra caution when answering his door- dm-is a Registered Republican....and a gun nut as many Texans are, and a secessionist nut and just a plain nut--Obama's never seen an Islamist revolution he hasn't liked. He is an agent, a facilitator of them, a Saudi patsy who is strengthening enemies of the free world. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia all falling to Islamists. He is consolidating their power pushing the evil empire. Let's hope they are not pushing the end times. Then, they are ultimately doing just that in terms of the survival of the free world. Both at home and overseas, the Islamist agenda moves forward. Who is driving?- So three years into a pay freeze and as furloughs under sequestration are starting, the president's budget has federal workers start paying more into their pensions and getting less out of them—but hey, he's proposing they get a one percent pay raise, so it's all good, right? As a reminder, federal workers are not especially well-paid relative to their high level of qualifications; the percentage of federal workers who have advanced degrees is more than twice as high as the percentage in the private sector, for instance, and federal workers are also significantly more likely to have attended college than private sector workers. Freezing or cutting their pay and cutting their retirement benefits will make government work less likely to draw the highly skilled people we want as air traffic controllers, engineers, tracking and stemming the spread of disease, keeping us safe on the job, keeping our air and water clean. The president's budget makes clear that he knows this. But on this, as on Social Security, he's preemptively compromising with Republicans rather than putting up a real fight- rbn/ Sore Loser Liar Tea Baggers cannot refute facts. No matter what the issure, they end up lying rather than accepting the facts. The election. Benghazi. The Recovering Economy. Repuplican Failure to do ANYTHING. Complete lack of Republican leadership. Tea Baggers abandoning their dozens of silly pathetic groups known by a hundred different names Just to name a few-No matter what the issure, they end up lying rather than accepting the facts-This is all a fraud and that is what you guys do. Call people liars when you liberals CHANGE the facts to suit your own agenda. Which is buying up assets for pennies on the dollar-Inability to deal with reality-Bush didn't have any regulations for the banks when he bail them out, so they saved themselfs and F*ed everyone else, got to love that free market-Tea Bag death knell is music to all of the patriotic Americans' ears ybac/When I put my head up my a**, I look like her!': Joan Rivers lets the zingers fly as she responds to Gwyneth Paltrow's Botox dig 'I would have written the response myself, but I have so much Botox in my thumbs, I can’t type, Go to Halifax!-Hags nagging eachother, how nice. Dm/18h Bill MaherJust arrived Topeka for show tonight, found out the 'GodHatesFags' people will be protesting Bon Jovi not me , something I didn't say?-outrage of the Cuban exile community over the Jay Z/Beyonce visit is counter-productive, antiquated and obsolete, In a nutshell in powerful terms Harris-Perry's corrupt communal parenting scheme defines why I would be a better senator than Mayor Booker, The destructive aspect of Harris-Perry's thesis of communal responsibility for child rearing is that it lets biological dads off the hookGeraldoRiverat tw/ FOLLOW THE JEWISH MONEY ALL THE WAY TO BROOKLYN WHERE THEY LIVE-Why does the USA have a circus Zoo clown for a President? BOBOBAMA is not even worth the shoes worn by Benjamin Franklin!-Are you so stupid that you think Ben Franklin was ever president of the USA? yc/WHY IS THE 123 TRILLION DOLLARS IN UNFUNDED LIABS THE U.S. GOVT. OWES NOT INCLUDED IN THE DEBT/GDP NO.? I WANT AN ANSWER!-Good Luck getting a straight one-anti-semitic-Take something creating something without any more, input. You just sell what you originally have without getting new money, since you have no means of new input. it's like writing smaller and smaller and smaller till what you write no one can see. That's the creative part. Than sell it till your ears turn purple. So how could it be back up. The insurance policy would have to be a mile long. All written to follow rules to exempt the seller of any thing that should happen afterwards. Now the delta configurations with input that would open anything, any angle the buyer wants,they would just have to sell it-since there isn't 123 trillion dollars anywhere. So it must be derivatives. The first rule needing to be established is all derivatives must be recorded. That insurance would only be another derivative. So there can't be insurance. It's got to be handled point blank but still need a market but than it would be bet on causing more derivative behavior. So it's being done in dark pools--US looted thousands of Iraq’s cultural treasures: Iraqi archaeologist ygs/JP Morgan Chase 21.2 billion net profit in 2102. Total outstanding shares 3.8 billion. Share price 47.9 $ Well Fargo 18.8 billion dollars net profit in 2012. Total outstanding shares 5.2 billion. Share price 37 $Bank of America, BAC, 4.1 billion dollars net profit in 2012. Total outstanding shares 10.7 billion . Share price 12 $ FNMA (Fannie Mae) 17.2 billion dollars net profit in 2012. Total Outstanding shares 1.1 billion. Share price .88 centsTHE THIRD MOST PROFITABLE FINANCIAL FIRM IN 2012.-Rethinking the Left's Positions on Violence and Gun Control, now concluding that a society awash in guns is more of a detrimentArun Gupta, Truthout/Thirteen Oil Spills in the Last 30 Days hp/ Arkansas TV Stations Pull Ad Criticizing Exxon After Legal ThreatsFacing South/Despicable, Blame the Violence Victims Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter BuzzFlash/Police Sergeant Fired for Trayvon Martin Shooting Targets Court Deals Blow to Secrecy-Obsessed Fracking IndustryA Pennsylvania judge in the heart of the Keystone State’s fracking belt has issued a forceful and precedent setting decision holding that there is no corporate right to privacy under that state’s constitution, giving citizens and journalists a powerful tool to understand the health and environmental impacts of natural gas drilling Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet/Time to Shine a Light on the Poverty Creation Industry, Think Africa Press: Poverty is human made. It is created, knowingly and with scientific efficiency, by a vastly sophisticated industry that includes private companies, think tanks, media outlets, government policies Joe Brewer, Alnoor Ladha and Martin Kirk/first family donated $150,034 to 33 different charities, representing nearly a quarter of their gross income. In addition to his federal salary, Obama made $258,772 from book royalties. The president's effective federal income tax rate was 18.4 percent twHill vfb/shumer, gun and immigration on abc (shows how teaching a child sessions without violence is a bad idea, they never learn, usually rude)- sunday morning rubio blitz- rove accepts guru tag on fn/
41213/dialogue with a teabagger is impossible-Pretty hard to measure, it started under Clinton" if you're talking about the deficit it was reagan, but stick to assertion , it started with bush- Joining the Senate, the House of Representatives approved a measure today that repeals a requirement that top government officials post financial disclosures on the Internet. The provision was part of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (Stock), which became law in March of 2012. intended to stop members of congress from profiting from nonpublic information The House, like the Senate, acted quietly without a vote. Instead, they sent it to the president's desk by unanimous consent. NPR it's 'funny, quite possibly the one issue teabaggers and demlibs could come to agreement on is to tar and feather these rascals and put them on a rail out of town, congressional corruption. why is no one in an uproar about this? this act gets repealed quietly and unannimously. where's all the congressional teabagger freshmen that promised a new way's voice? what happened to our investigative and activist press, famous in the seventies? why haven't the newfound rw press taken this issue up? stop with the constant deflections and (for once) answer the charges truthfully and directly rbn/lurker, have you kneeled on your Fox-rug and prayed to Rupert yet today?-you won but you are to brainwashed to see you are losing your country-Obama increases United Nations money to to the tune of $7.9 Billion for 2013-Moving the UN to China or Russia sounds like a good move-the republican message: guns for everyone, Now it's a dozen every day, Did fukking texarsehole The Texas Bell Tower Sniper, Charles Whitman, start this crap back in 1966? Or was it that day in May when Nixon turned the National Guard loose in Ohio?-- United Veterans Memorial & Patriotic Association replaced a tattered American flag at the New Rochelle Armory, flying the Gadsden Flag underneath it. The bright yellow Don't Tread On Me flag has been used by the Navy and Marine Corps since 1775. a city council member complained to the city manager that he found the flag offensive, the city manager initially decided to let the flag fly anyway. But the city council overruled him, and the flag was taken down, the council voted 5 to 2 to keep the veterans from putting the flag back up, a flag with historical roots dating back to the very beginnings of American independence, a flag which has been used by two of our nation's service branches for 238 years, is now deemed a symbol of hate. This all raises an inevitable question: what kind of person finds one of our nations oldest historical symbols, one which exemplifies resistance to tyranny and the defense of liberty, to be offensive? to paraphrase Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind, “socialists should be offended, and often, and by someone who knows how”, Socialists, by my reckoning-Lanza, Holmes, Loughner heard the message-already become known for his controversial tweet, If Obama gets any more bitter they'll bottle his sweat as tonic water, The best thing about the Earth is if you poke holes in it oil and gas come out, WhiteTrash Rep. Steve Stockman says If fetuses had guns, they wouldn't be aborted,believes that giving guns to fetuses could completely change the abortion debate-Anyone who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting~Jim Carrey-Why do most criminals seem to be liberals. Lack of a work ethic- Gosnel trial. The liberal LSM cares little about the mass baby killer- Rbg/ I helped paid for your surgery and I didn't vote for Obamacare, you are welcome, I think-Thanks unconstitutional Obamacare my insurance rates went up-Corporation s are just plain greedy, to pay there employers health coverage.It will interfere with there multi millions in profits!-Simple!!non for profit insurance-I MUCH prefer to pay more in taxes for obamacare then wars and other stupid stuff-Some comments here make me realize how ignorant and selfish people are-Obama care has helped so many people. What is wrong with Republicans?-live so fully westboro pickets ur funeral-Vote out obstructionists--ted (dead or in jail) made several "promises" made about leaving the country in 5 days-Dead works better, cheaper than jail-poop your pants again ?- another windbag, like Rush Limburger, they could relocate & be roomies!-fuck America its corrupt unjustified its not the land of the free its the land of the brain.washed and lazy mother fuckers white people took over it we indians were here first you white mother fuckers took it and fucked it up thanks crackers thanks fb/
41113-rip jonathan winters/

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