Tuesday, April 16, 2013

41613/Margaret Laura Hager

41613/University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines. "They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it's just a training exercise ygs/Vaccines do not cause autism, they cause autism like symptoms.  Julie Gerberding, the previous CDC Chief, speaking to CNN.My mandate as I sit here in this group is to make sure at the end of the day that 100,000,000 are immunized. Dr John Clemens of WHO at the June 2000 Simpsonwood meeting of the CDC, despite knowing that the Verstraeten study being discussed originally showed that just 25 mcg. of thimerosal exposure from a vaccine would make a child 7.62 times more likely to get autism/sTATEMENT FROM THE TEA PARTY: "Dear Terrorists, and potential False Flag Perpetrators, we American's will not be intimidated by your despicable attacks on innocents in hopes that we will "submit" to becoming a fearful Authoritarian society. Your attacks merely strengthen our resolve. YOU WILL NOT WIN! Your hate and violence can not combat our love for our fellow man. Nor will be tricked into giving up our Freedoms by trading "Security" for "Safety". Find someone else to terrorize.... American's are made of the kind of stuff you will NEVER understand, and ALWAYS be defeated by... Sincerely, I AM THE TEA PARTY! USA, USA, USA!!! God bless those affected by this senseless act and may the real perpetrators be swiftly brought to justice wabc/
41513/Prominent attorney Martin Rothschild has pleaded guilty to promoting a sexual performance by a child. Law enforcement agents were tipped off in August 2012 He could face up to seven years in prison; and will be sentenced to at least three years in prison, also need to register as a sex offender WSYR-TV) . Ygs/W. has become a grandfather-Margaret Laura Hager pb/Corporate polluters are fracking our fields and forests using their profits to distort our democracy raises an important question, when dirty energy companies prop up politicians with dirty money, what are they expecting in return?- Utah first step to make Chevron accountable, issues violation notice to Chevron for last month’s Willard Bay diesel spill, (arkansas, houston, minnesota or canada, not so much)-not a word about it on the news-March 14th: Seven homes were evacuated as a FRACK Wyoming County PA. was releasing 100,000's of gallons of chemical FRACK waste at around 800 gallons per minute throughout the night and well into the day, March 11, 21: Gwagwalada Town, Nigera A week-long leak of Kilometer 407.5 NNPC (Nigeria National Petroleum Corp) pipeline. No official number of barrels spilled released, however the spill saturated a hectare (10,000 sq metres) of marshy ground near a major water source, March 15: Chippewa, Ohio FRACK well explosion and fire: “I’ve never heard an explosion that big in my life, ever!There was just smoke and flames everywhere. March 16th: Colorado.This is a MAJOR FRACK SPILL! 412,500 sq. feet. That's well over 1/10th of a Mile Square! But according to FracFocus.org, this well does not exist, or is simply unlisted there. Just 1440 feet from local Water Wells, April 4th: - 9:00 pm]: GUTHRIE, Okla. A MAJOR FRACK GAS COMPRESSION STATION EXPLOSION –israel want's 10.5M-srael gets more aid8M perday, 3.1B$ annually than all africa/-please name your benefits that you get out of Zionists in Israel except making the US the most hated country in the world for supporting an apartheid regime -Ifb/ Opponents of fracking have long documented the state's reluctance to step in and demand greater transparency and accountability around issues like disclosure of the chemicals used in fracked wells or more comprehensive studies of ground-water quality before and after an area has been fracked. And while opponents can't compete with the industry when it comes to gifts like the Super Bowl tickets Consol Energy provided to state Senate President Joe Scarnati or the $1.8 million the industry donated to help elect Gov. Tom Corbett postgazette-Total contributions from natural gas interests between 2000 and 2012: $8 million-Total lobbying expenditures by natural gas interests between 2007 and 2012: $15.7 million/NRA, following two months of being pummeled by the press and public for a tone-deaf response to the massacre at Sandy Hook decided to sponsor itself a race. So, this weekend we had the NRA 500, Texas Motor Speedway 500.First, to the death in the infield. At this time there are not many details, basics Kirk Franklin, 42, of Saginaw, Texas got into an altercation at the speedway during the race. He ended the altercation by shooting himself to death. Alcohol may have been involved. announcers have been particularly guilty as they work in any and all references to race sponsors, from the Sharpie500 to the Kobalt400 to the Budweiser Shootout. But it didn’t happen that way this weekend. This weekend, the name “NRA 500″ was not mentioned a single time. That extended to the pre-race, showing of logos and photo-ops. At least two of the drivers were told not to mention the sponsor and to not be shown by the logos.-Tennessee GOP’s Plan To Shove Jesus Down Our "Filthy Liberal Scum Throat Goes Hilariously Wrong, could potentially divert tax dollars currently allocated to public schools to Islamic private schools, and two Rutherford County senators are raising concerns about the legislation. “This is an issue we must address,” state Sen. Jim Tracy (R-Shelbyville) said. “I don’t know whether we can simply amend the bill in such a way, Sen. Bill Ketron (a staunch “anti-Shariah” idiot): “ What’s the rush? Do we need to send these proposals to summer study (committee)?-why don, t religions use there own money.or better why don, t the christians use Gods money to help the poor like jesus did..the vatican has billions and billions to do the work of Jesus.but no they want the tax payers to pay for the work that they r supposed to use..they take up collections for what to keep child mo;esters going in there lavish life style-Republicans are just Authoriatarian nut cases. They wouldn't understand peace if it were shoved up their asses with a branding iron.-cannot fix stupid and Tennessee , and the teabagging GOP as a whole , stunningly stupid- fb/the Pope Francis stated that greed those looking for easy gain, were the enemies of peace-Ryan got kicked out of his church in Janesville over his various versions of the budget, If true, loving the rippling effect of this pope and his views!-As the head of the Argentine branch, he did not protect the pedophiles, and turned them over to authorities. He even turned over an archbishop who was protecting them.-he’s going to liquidate the church’s assets and give them to the poor when?-Conservatives Laugh As Liberals Attack President Over Non-Existent 'Monsanto Protection Act'---Ayn Rand And The Sociopathic Society or 'How I Learned To Stop Loving My Neighbor And Despise Them Instead' -Tax cuts boatRepublicans Want To Slash Government Spending, Can't Name Anything To Cut- / Authorities are swarming to the finish line of the Boston Marathon to investigate reports of two loud explosions, according to wire and TV reports. successive booms went off shortly before 3 p.m. and there are reports of injuries. “People are hurt, they’ve stopped the Boston Marathon, CNN said there is a large police presence near the site of the reported explosions and it looks like patients are being treated on scene.-bet it was propane tanks, If it was terrorism it was a false flag event-You and your Lib cohorts sure loved to blame Bush for every little thing that happened on his watch aibafs/ in boston 2 or 3 explosions bm finish line & fire related jfk library bombing 3 dead, 6critical, 5 serious, 37 wounded 100 treated, nbc/ European profiteers and legalization on frontline euronews/vets day in israel? /A Bomb Next To The Sandy-Hook Delegation-whether it was a mechanical fire or another device-Confirmed As An Incendiary Device-Incendiary Device Went Off Inside The Library 45 Minutes After Boylston St yhal/
41413/glen told his flock jama would behead americans, not hawking gold anymore, he's hawking Bitcoins, drastic devaluation rife with theft and speculation, lacks any zero-proof legal system to enforce bitcoin contracts. :-( hysteria, to hawk snake-oil and drive and panic and hyper-speculation in the market, never been such a thing as the Free Market, ever, in all of recorded history, nor will there ever be. That is another load of crap the TeaBaglicans and Libertwats try to sell people/Former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. was sentenced Thursday to 28 years in federal prison for taking $1 million in bribes from the builder of a pair of juvenile detention centers in a case that became known as "kids-for-cash/IYou get the point For Teens Only -I LOVE JESUS WITH ALL MY HEARTDon't blow me up and we'll be friends. Deal?-Awesome! i love ALLAH don't pay hebrews to attack +g/

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