Tuesday, April 16, 2013

41613b/GOP Motto, Shoot to Kill

41613/(boston media blitz)/Worst raid in gold and silver in many years/gold open interest rises/silver OI remains elevated/Europes non performingloans plummet/USA empire index falls/ Also housing confidence numbers also falter/The second big story is Barrick as they announced that they are mothballing the big Pascua Lama project in Argentina and Chile due to environmental problems and ownership issues. You will recall that we strongly believe that he USA has a claim on Barrick's gold reserves coming from Pascua Lama as the Fed has changed its description of gold to "deep storage" gold. Due to the close relationship that Barrick had with the USA government Barrick probably made a deal that the USA would be shipped all of gold production from Pascua Lama and this gold would cover all the gold lost from leasing the yellow stuff from Fort Knox. No doubt the USA panicked when they realized that the gold form Pascua Lama will not enter official reserves of the USA.  On the following day we see massive relentless selling of gold. The USA desperately needs to obtain cheap gold to replace what it lost. The raid was extreme and we will provide for you many commentaries on how much massive shorting was orchestrated by the bankers gold: $1346.40 silver: $22.77 in trust Tonnes 1,154.34 Ounces 37,113,325.95 Value US$51.757  billion ho/Do you think that the recent bombing in Boston Marathon was perpetrated by any atheists' group ?/-earlier, and thought it was a little over the top... Starting to think it could be right on the money. If "we" are able to determine who are the perpetrator(s) of today's Boston bombings, I can almost guarantee you,If the person/people who did it were Muslim, that will become a significant aspect of the media coverage. If they were an atheist, the same, but less so; and mostly among "certain" sources - like Fox "news" and other right-wing media outlets. If they were Christian, the media will ignore the individual(s) religious beliefs entirely; and simply refer to them as "deranged" or "mentally ill." Caveats being: a stated manifesto of some kind is found with implicit Christian rhetoric as a motive, it's a Christian cult, I thought Americans were smarter than that/The Rich Get "Punished" Implementation of an austerity budget will widen the wealth gap as the overwhelming percentage of assets owned by the rich will increase.by Getting Richer: How Bush Closed the Gap Between the Ultra Rich and Ultra-Ultra Rich and Left the Rest of Us With "Austerity" Karlin, Looking for Cheats in Corporate Tax Filings: A Descent into the Circles of Hell BuzzFlash at Truthout: Supreme Court Wrestles With Right to Patent Human Genes The Hill/ Shoot to Kill the New Motto of the GOP? Republicans aim to weaken gun bill, focus on mental health Dear Reuters: If you are going to devote half your headline to the issue of mental health, it would be nice if you actually reported on it rather than tossing off one sentence in an article that really does nothing but rehash a situation all of us are familiar with. As that sentence says, this is one area where both sides of the political divide could work together. I doubt that even the NRA would argue that there is a constitutional right for dangerously mentally ill people to own firearms. There could be plenty of heathy debate about what constitutes dangerous mental illness, how to track it, and perhaps even how to treat it. Speaking of the NRA, the “nation’s largest gun lobby”: what is the nation’s second largest gun lobby? Whoever they are, they’ve certainly managed to stay under the radar through this whole thing.- no one will get their guns taken away if they flip over the rainbow (like the guy who shot/killed bus driver Charles Poland and took that kid hostage in a bunker). Nor would parents, with borderline psycho kids (like Nehemiah Griego), think junior capable of grabbing dad’s gun from the closet and shooting mom in the face while she sleeps, then killing his two siblings, and then ambushing daddy when he came home from work 4 hours later. And when did Republicans become willing to spend millions or billions on mental health care. What they need is a law requiring gun owners, whose unsecured weapons are taken by someone that causes a death (whether a 4-year old kid or a psycho like Adam Lanza) be immediately shot. If it doesn’t result in a death (like 6-year olds who takes daddy’s loaded Glock to school in their backpack), the slacking owner should go to prison for 10 years.-As always, the Republicans seek to make Americans less safe. Not even the next massacre of children will move them because they have no hearts and no humanity. One safe child is worth 1000 people being denied guns because they didn’t pass a background check. R /FDA Let Drugs Approved on Fraudulent Research Stay on the Market ProPublica/ Gitmo Is Killing Me nyt/Ethan A. Huff, Natural  News. Apparently discontent with billions in annual sales, Monsanto has been trying for the past four years to extract billions more from rival DuPont for alleged patent infringements involving its Roundup-Ready soybean technology. GMO/ Thom /The Dirty Wars. Tom Engelhardt,/ WILL THE FBI INVESTIGATE THE GS BOARD FAMOUS FOR WHITE SUPREMISTS AND MIDEAST RADICALS seem the perfect place to start looking for suspects!-You forgot to mention Mossaud, didn't you? Or are they included in Mideast Radicals? Regardless....I think its possible the FBI knew pre-event just who, what, when, how, why, where about the attack, You never know until you know-who said who it was? You did! Again i think yahoo should report all posts including mine to the FBI-Financial terrorists like Gs are responsible for ruining many peoples lives, round them up and take care of business-ALL you care about is your own pocketbook. have compassion for the dead children men and women!-WHINING AND WHINING HATE POSTING ygs/disgusting Rag Head and Indian sub-human animals that are working in here at Wells Fargo. You now know what the F you're dealing with as seen by the recent events in the news!!! Next time you see one of these sub-human Indian animals or the like in your office you now know you are looking directly at the enemy, disgusting Rag Head and Indian sub-human animals that are working in here at Wells Fargo. You now know what the F you're dealing with as seen by the recent events in the news!!! Next time you see one of these sub-human Indian animals or the like in your office you now know you are looking directly at the enemy-Crawl back under your rock, bigot. Your uncle Adolf would be proud of you. Your facts are as wrong as your bigotry. Wait until we find our who's to blame before you start pointing fingers and making threats. I've worked with a number of Indians in my career. And, I've found them honest, hardworking, friendly, respectful of American history and wanting to stay here in the land of freedom and opportunity to improve their life and that of their family. You, arsehat, are disrespectful, dishonest, foul mouthed and foul minded. I would not care to have you as a neighbor and I am ashamed to have to admit that you are a countryman. Leave now for Bigotlandia!-Why don't you read a little more and educate yourself about the evil your dealing with. Indians are evil animals, they are rapists and they murder innocent baby girls in there country because they cannot provide. You are dumb as dirt and have a low IQ ywfc/iman and ron joke about fat breit/slapfight, spitzer bowling equating selling couches to guns, and geraldo offended, bill calls g a moron and assorted weiner jokes, on wabc/GIULIANI THE NYC PIMP 2 WIVES 3 GIRLFRIENDS WHILE MAYOR OF NY ON CNBC/Pat Summerall, who worked a record 16 Super Bowls, is dead at the age of 82/BACHMANN: “When the White House conducted their armed drone strikes in North Africa, particularly in Eastern Libya, prior to the attack on our mission in Benghazi on 9-1-1 last year, did the White House notify the State Department of the armed drone strikes before they were made?” BRENNAN [visibly confused]: “Armed drone strikes in Libya?-Most people from Minnesota think she is just as crazy as the rest of the Country. She has a small district with some of the wealthiest people living there. She panders very intensely to their interests. I assure you that we are not all that stupid or dangerous-It blows my mind that she has no idea, I mean she's completely clueless, as to how colossally stupid she sounds. How can you be that unaware? She really, REALLY needs to get out of politics-Sometimes I think she is doing it on purpose, but then I think I may be giving her too much credit-So do I. Real Effin' CRAZY!-When you, as a party, run on "gubmint don't work" platform it is then in your best interest to make that happen. Appointing this imbecile to "any" committee serves that purpose. Sadly, conservative voters fail to see this as a problem as they're all busy staring at the sky in anticipation of the rapture-This post is genius. I've often wondered why individuals who hate the government would want to be a part of it, but they really are performing some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. The only questions is, knowingly or not?0She is a master of the obfuscattorial openmouth hooladoo chacha insignificato drool, a power among rightwing repo nonvertabrates-Rightwing Freaks Out and Thinks Obama Will Blame Boston Bombings On Tea Party because David Axelrod pointed out that yesterday was tax day.-I never suspected them. Not smart enough to pull that off politicususa.com-How did this idiot ever get named to the Intelligence Committee, fercryinoutloud?-would love to see Her and Sarah Palin as a team on are you smarter than a 5th grade-She outspent her opponent 12 to 1 in the last election (which had been gerrymandered to be even more republican than it was before) and (i believe) she only won by one percentage point-For some giggles, try discussing anything with Bachmann's minions on her facebook page. wow-I will be supporting him all the more. As for her facebook page, I've been banned from posting there-twice already. hehe ;) Yet, she is supposedly my voice in D.C -samwarde--Authorities trying to determine what charges a 12-year-old should face after he was accused of bringing a handgun to Liberty Point school-What about what charges his parents should face also? I agree that the kiddo should be charged however if the parents chose to keep a gun in the house, which is their right, they need to be responsible for where it is and who has access to it-Let's not ruin the kids life over this it but the parents deserve a good real spanking and a hefty fine. Who leaves a firearm laying around?- Rightwing Freaks Out and Thinks Obama Will Blame Boston Bombings On Tea Party because David Axelrod pointed out that yesterday was tax day.-I never suspected them. Not smart enough to pull that off-Uses Boston Bombing As an Excuse to Kill Immigration Reform Tea Party Republican Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said that there should be no path to citizenship, while trying to exploit the bombings in Boston to kill immigration reform. politicususa-this slug came out of Iowa? Shame on you, Iowa- unfortunately he represent my home town... Iowa is a pretty progressive state except for this guy. There is a high concentration of batshit crazy Christians in the area-The sad part Tim is they think they are normal while spreading their bigotry and intolerance- He probably organized it-Interesting given the fact that a racist, redneck, inbred, republican hick is likely responsible for the attack-Whitefolks let Arabs in by the droves...Hispanics need oil..Fucking puto-hey will always try to blame someone else. Wait till they finally find out it was one of their crazy white boys did this. I am part Native American and this is my land you stole from us. Now who is illegal?-racist? The Republican party pushed the civil rights; Democrats against. A Republican freed the slaves. The Republican party is much more racially diverse than the Democratic party. And that stupid NRA stood up for the blacks against the KKK in the Jim Crow days. There is nothing wrong with immigrating here. Immigrating here illegally & reaping the financial benefits without contributing & paying taxes like everyone else, is the priblem. Illegal immigrants also raise our crime rates. If they want to be here, they need to respect this nation and be a full part of it. Not just a leech. I have spoken to Steve King and he is definitely not racist! Quit twisting the truth.--Conservatives don't care WHO is responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing, as long as they can blame Obama-Does this idiot know 9 11 happened under Bush?-3, 2, 1 It's the Muslims' fault! Next up, gay marriage and abortion! Pat Robertson On Boston Bombing: "Don't Talk To Me About 'Religion Of Peace,' No Way-Westboro says it because Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage, plan to picket funerals of victims-it was also a holiday, Patriot Day in MA-the entire notion of "God's Retribution" weren't so reprehensible to me I would be asking why nobody has yet said that the reason is because we discriminating against each other, killing each other, starving each other, and just generally being uncivil to each other-how they forget the Christian crusades where they murdered millions on Muslims and others.. not to mention, Tim McVeh was a Christian-he is a dedicated follower of the republican holy religion which calls itself "christianity" in the hopes of deceiving as many people as possiblefb/

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