Friday, April 12, 2013

41213/just fire the shotgun through the door

41213/Why shouldn't teachers get fair pay? They are teaching our children, the future of America. That's pretty important in my book. -GOP wants God and guns in every class room ! , just like the Taliban! Fb/ Tired Of Hearing About New York Worker's Wages And Tax's, Leave If You Can't Handle Them, Quit Whineing , It also applies to those people living everywhere, in the USA, You Have A Choice To Either Move Out Or Stay. We have a "DEBT PROBLEM THAT NEED'S TO BE PAID DOWN", making spending cut's alone won't solve this problem, NOW FACE THE FACT ABOUT THIS ISSUE !It's About Time That Everybody Get's Reminded There's More To Life Than Money Let's bring this country back to what we "Stood For Before We All Got Lost", God Country Apple Pie Family is what we stood for just incase you forgot !!!!! You laugh maybe so, tell me what we stand for now and where that's got us !!!!! God Bless The USA-GS is very good to Israel -looting, pillaging all in the name of a stolen piece of useless land ygs/Pastor Rick Warren said his son, Matthew, purchased an unregistered gun over the Internet. It was that weapon that he used to take his own life last week after years of battling mental illness abc/5 of the Most Absurd Gun Comments from Joe Biden ..just fire the shotgun through the door. The Blaze/Fox Nation website has removed a column by conservative commentator Ann Coulter because it had a reference to killing Sen. John McCain daughter /Democrats Should Eliminate Social Security Tax Cap for the Rich: Stop CPI Scam on Elderly The chained CPI Social Security benefit cutbacks are a scam. Impose the austerity on the wealthy through increased payments by them to Social Security. That will fix the funding challenge right quick-Mitch McConnell's "Whack-a-Mole" Dirty Politics Campaign bf/Dan Loeb Simultaneously Solicits, Betrays Pension Funds rs/When we sequester cancer research, we are cutting off our nose to spite our face. Wp/Uber, the San Francisco on demand limousine service, said Friday that it plans to begin offering ride sharing in Chicago/Two women were wounded in a shooting on campus of New River Community College in Christiansburg R/Hedge fund king Dan Loeb can claim the World Heavyweight Championship of Balls, writes Matt Taibbi. He's simultaneously soliciting public workers' retirement money and lobbying for them to lose their benefits. In effect, he wants them to pay for their own disenfranchisement. Rs/I do understand how Islamists, or fundamental Christians, in their behavior and what they want of lord over others with in terms of what they allow or condone, can be anti-democratic.
41113/Which one of your Constitutional Rights are you willing to surrender FIRST? After you choose that one, then pick another you're willing to surrender SECOND. Then in sequence of least IMPORTANCE list all others, you won't mind being surrendered. In the end you and I will be told, what Rights / Amendments will be erased from America's Constitution. Get ready for the taking of your personal hard earned wealth and of your Real Property as well. It took ONLY 12 YEARS for the German citizenry to wither and roll over. 12 YEARS, How many years have we as a Nation, have left to go? America already has 5 years of withering stacked up. The present administration is setting America up for the Roll Over finale. Are you thinking about yet? Or have you forgotten already?- Crowne plaza conservative call to action. Mean old liberals are taking away our rights. They won't even let us have sex with young hairless boys anymore-We need to keep guns out of right wing pre criminals before they become right wing mass murderers-Thanks a lot for all you Coloradans, for not standing up against your State Legislators regarding your Constitutional Right to bear arms. What other rights are you willing to surrender, without your voices being heard in a very meaningful way? What is it with you people, not willing to stay abreast of the attacks on your freedoms, by the Socialists in your State and Federal Governments?  Colorado is becoming a HELL HOLE for those citizens of sane minds. Sane people would never let any of their freedoms be wiped out of existence. Unless of course, the dictatorial leaders ( thugs ) are in control of the citizens daily lives. THAT APPEARS TO BE HAPPENING! DOESN'T IT?- Ryan Paul Papke. running for the 2020 term, when he will be 37, His primary legislative goal is to legalize marijuana. His primary military goal is to achieve world peace Cl/ CBC in Toronto is going to air a program on the gold (and silver ) manipulation.  They are going to focus on the huge derivatives in gold where we have 100 oz of ounces of paper gold per one oz of real gold. Cyprus was told to sell 400 million euros worth of gold (10 tonnes). My bet is that this gold was already leased out and thus the country was just monetizing their "lease" lost a monstrous 16.84 tonnes gold  at the GLD today, this is no gold liquidation, gold that China is demanding in London. Haryeyorgan blogspot/Boner says the sequester cuts are here to stay regardless of the Presidents budget so this probably isn't gonna change. The right wing loons are probably cumming all over themselves in delight. Throwing folks like this under the bus is their victory- - Kid Rock: 'I'm F--king Embarrassed To Be A Republican' - Obama today, actually increases American military aid 3.4B$ to Israel. Taxpayers will also give Israel $220 million for its Iron Dome anti-missile system-Republican Uses Noah's Ark Myth To 'Disprove' Man Made Climate Change addictinginfo How to make the entire world laugh at the United States: 1. Open mouth 2. Recite Bible as science 3. Smile for the cameras. Ladies and gentlemen, your Republican Party!535 sequester layoffs in dc- with financial interests in the laws already passed and had the interest before and voted yes for it should serve life in prizon! -Habenero enemas for all. As their shown the DOOR!-billionaire sports team owner raised 1M$ for mitt, now wants over $250 million of public money to renovate a privately owned stadium-Escaped Mental Patient Glenn Beck Warns: U.S. 'Headed for a Monarchy' and Beheadings May Soon Commence -Don't worry, don't use yours anyway!- A total nut bag! He needs to be committed! -Karl Rove’s Group Tells FEC Where To Stick Request For More Disclosure In a letter to the Federal Election Commission this week, Crossroads GPS pushed back against the watchdog’s request that it disclose its donors. And it wasn’t shy about doing so. tpm

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