Monday, April 8, 2013

4813/North Korea Declares State of War

4813/America Gets Fracked by White House; MIT Professor Frackenstein Moniz, Oil and Gas Industry Favorite, to Become Secretary of DOE, runs a large energy research project at MIT. Its four founding advisory members are big oil companies. Imagine that. karlin bz/Ohio Supreme Court justice says problems with modern-day debtors' prisons can and should be addressed th/ Tom Diaz, The New Press: The number of people killed every year in the United States by guns is about five times the grand total of Americans killed in terrorist attacks anywhere in the world since 1969/Exxon Orders Sheriffs to Disperse Reporters at Scene of Arkansas Spill With Threats of Arrest InsideClimate News/Bailouts Taxpayers Seldom Ever Notice Sam Pizzigati, All across Corporate America, top execs are feathering their own nests at the expense of their employees/Inmates Can Get Lost In US Prison System NPR/Exxon Wins Safety Award as Mayflower, Arkansas Sees No End to Spill Cleanup RT/Sarah Lazare, Truthout: The use of "Made in the USA" (but no longer so-labeled) tear gas is an export approved by the US State Department in the violent state repression of dissent in Cairo/Daniel McGowan Jailed, Allegedly For Writing Huffington Post Blog/
4313/Daily Show' Clip That Sparked Twitter Ire Between Egypt's President And The U.S. Embassy  TechCrunch/Guest to Hannity: 'You've Created A Monster' with Ben Carson Crooks and Liars/U.S. wants to support fight against al Qaeda in Mali: senator World News/Windows Blue may be released this summer as Windows 8.1 Tech News/$2 billion experiment on the International Space Station is on the verge of explaining one of the more mysterious building blocks of the universe: The dark matter that helps hold the cosmos together, results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, flown into space two years ago, show evidence of a new physics phenomena that could be the strange and unknown matter. findings are based on an excess of positrons positively charged subatomic particles. "This is an 80-year-old detective story and we are getting close to the end, said University of Chicago physicist Michael Turner, one of the giants in the field of dark matter yn/Arkansas Residents Evacuate as Exxon Mobil Tar Sands Pipeline Ruptures Raw Story/North Korea Declares "State of War" With South Korea RT News/Bank of Cyprus’s Customers May Lose as Much as 60 Percent on Deposits Bloomberg-Assange Prosecutor Quits While Accuser Fires Lawyer Sydney Morning Herald-harvard Report: Iraq, Afghanistan Wars Will Cost US $4-6 Trillion Dollars Jim Lobe, Inter Press/Thom Hartmann: The Little-Known "Monsanto Protection Act" Shields the Company From Being Sued by Consumers Who Claim They've Been Harmed by Monsanto’s Products, Opponents are expressing anger not only about the "Monsanto Protection Act" content, but also about the secretive way the legislation made its way into the final appropriations bill, lawmakers in Kansas are close to passing a law calling for people infected with AIDS or HIV to be quarantined/Winship, Moyers, During Watergate, people went to jail, even former attorney general, John Mitchell. Today, we can't even get miscreant bankers to resign in exchange for their billions in bailouts, much less prosecute them for criminal behavior/Bruce Melton argues that it's time for the environmental movement and environmental journalism to state the full truth, loudly and often, to counter denialist propaganda dia/Taibbi says David Brooks' column on same sex marriage "is one of the weirdest, most mean spirited things, By petitioning for the right to marry, gays and lesbians are actually constraining their freedoms, taibbi sez Say what? rs/Noam Chomsky, Israel isn't Gaza's only adversary. Gaza's southern border remains largely under the control of Egypt's dreaded secret police, the Mukhabarat, which credible reports link closely to the CIA and the Israeli Mossad to/Inside the NRA's Koch-Funded Dark-Money Campaign Mother Jones/A federal judge finally decides to ask Wall Street regulators a common sense question. If you are assessing a financial firm a $600 million fine for illegal behavior, which they agree to, how can you allow them to deny guilt? mk BuzzFlash/Stacy Mitchell, AlterNet: Like Midas in reverse, Walmart extracts wealth and pushes down incomes in every community it touches/Salvatore Babones, Cypriot banks have failed because they have engaged in all the risky business practices that US banks taught them. It's no surprise that Bank of Cyprus is now going the way of Citibank. The surprise is that it took so long/purple crow butterfolies pass linnel closing roads taiwantv/ We ain't had no mass shootin in awhile...we best git buzy ! dumposukkkass-dumpobamie Welcome * to the ranks of the SW mimic aliases sounds exactly like one of SW's rectal drip aliases. Not very subtle, is it? ybac/
4213/Air pollution led to 3.2 million deaths worldwide, linked to 1.2M deaths in China in 2010-Pollution from making the junk we buy in the US, which puts our people out of work. We get junk and unemployment, they get pollution and worked to death. Somewhere at the very top in both countries, a few hundred billionaires get richer-explains why companies wants to move overseas because there are no restrictions and no restrictions = more money kept for the company. If they had to pay for a safe working environment, pay for waste management and etc... they wouldn't even make as much money as they would now. All the pollution are created by the greedy corporations, but also the country that lets them. China and India should have charged them waste fee and etc... In the end, citizens lose, business win. ynews/
33013/Achieving hope is not accomplished by becoming numb and voiceless. It does not arrive on a wing and a prayer. It comes from the hard work of ensuring accountability and providing positive alternatives to the status quo. to/LOON OKLAHOMA SENATOR INHOFE (R) - 'I'M PROUD OF DENYING CLIMATE CHANGE-Newtown Shooter Had Massive Arsenal at Home-If You're One of the 27% of Hispanics Who Voted GOP, Can I Ask You-FOX NEWS ALERTS ABOUND-I see the usual gaggle of liberal nut jobs ID's are at work this morning-JIM YOUNG (R) SPECIFICALLY REFERRING TO MARCO RUBIO (R) WITH HIS W~~E~~T~~B~~A~~C~~K S-pukes want more spending cuts-Sick ,and twisted. This is the face of conservatives. This is what they fight against-Pukes still can't afford vacations of their own and are jealous. ybac/disturbs me the most is how non-chalantly people seem to be taking what's going on in state and national governments, Oh, they'll overturn it, to be challenged in court, You're going off the deep end. our rights under the Constitution are being whittled away at an alarming rate and being adamantly against the liberties the Administration has decided to take with our nation "going off the deep end? Last year, when the Obama administration decided they could justify remote control hits on U.S. Citizens without ever charging them or any kind of due process-maybe You have heard people like Alex Jones[plant] or others like Jim Marrs. Fearmongering the nation. Shoving it down our throats. What they FAIL to provide are SOLUTIONS! This is what we need. Yes some are wide awake. some are jus waking up. But this doesnt help. We need ORGINIZATION, the same as our foe. Face the fact: We are too far gone. Sitting at computers bitching and moaning solves nothing. We need ACTION, When computers were introduced it gave them the upper hand. We can blog till out fingers fall off. But it solves nothing. People need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. [imguiltytoo] and create the desired result. I dont own guns, but I know the difference between free or slave. The writings of the founders of this country were VERY FUCKING CLEAR to me. Find what "allodial land" is. The monarchy staked a claim on this land already. They own this land and everything on it. It is a corporation called "The Virginia Co". And IT IS BANKRUPT! You me and our children are the only thing of value here. Reclaim your soveriegnty or you will be liable for this debt. The first way to fight to is to educate yourself. cl/cartoons humping gold coins fc/

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